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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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BetsYJfanofdavid~Together in New Albany With Finally, TheFunnyGirl :)

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Good Place

We began our trip to Ohio at noon on Saturday.  (A bit early, but we planned to let nothing get in our way, lol) FG, Rebecca and I sang and laughed the entire drive South. We made up dance moves (mostly FG) in the car.  As we arrived closer to our Hotel, we started seeing tweets about the soundcheck in progress, and quickly reprogrammed the GPS to take us to the venue.  It wasn’t easy to find, but find it we did.  The gates were all locked, but we were glad we went.  The area is beautiful, very pastoral.  We left and found our hotel, checked in, and went to get some early dinner.  Everyone was meeting up at a Japanese steakhouse later but we couldn’t wait to eat.

Later on, we showed up at the restaurant and people were starting to pour in.  I can’t begin to guess at the number of fans from all over.  We couldn’t move.  Mike was there and told us that the whole band was coming too.  We met them all.  They were fun and the young drummer Ben was teased quite a bit.  It seems he has a few nicknames.  Ben Jonas, Ralph Macchio, Mario Lopez, LOL, he’s a darling and a good sport.

Fast forward to the next morning.  Parked outside the venue, talked to a man who drove his daughter here from Niagara Falls.  What a good daddy. ♥   It was interesting to see the police cars going into the venue, 30-40 cars.  Security was tight.  After going through the metal detectors, we ran to the front.  There was no seating and we ending up against the rail, front row.

Then David.  He came out.  His presence is so strong that he is all you see on that stage.  His voice was strong and beautiful.  He didn’t appear nervous.  He had a new dance move during TOSOD.  It was adorable.  Falling Stars was amazing.  I know that could be a radio hit tomorrow.  My Kind Of Perfect had everyone in tears.  That song is so David, and deeply personal.  It IS him.  The last verse breaks my heart.

The show was over far too soon, as they all are.  I am left with beautiful memories of song, peace, love and friendship.  A mini 2010 Woodstock.  We are in a good place.    David has truly written his masterpiece.


My Kind of Perfect is a Concert in New Albany

Since when is waking up at 4:00 am to drive to a concert the most logical and sensible thing to do?

Is it wrong to make a mad dash to the stage immediately after you enter so that you can be right behind the rails?

Why do you hug perfect strangers who introduce themselves with their cyber names like they are long-lost friends?

Is it a collective gasp I hear from the crowd when the first few notes of TOSD roll off his lips?

Why does his hopping one foot in front of the other make you forget all the soreness in your own feet from standing for hours?

Why can’t we take our eyes off this little guy in wrinkled T-shirt and over-sized jacket?  Why does a vocal genius disguise himself an unassuming, adorkable young man?

Why is he asking us to sing along on a yet-to-be released song and why do we know its every word?

Can you hear a pin drop when he sings the Love Song Of all Love Songs that is MKOP?  Why does the way he sings Maaayyy Beee make your heart ache with a yearning that you don’t know is still in your heart?  Why do a few notes induce an urge to weep?  How does he make his vocal cords vibrate pining and longing?  Does he realize how vulnerable we are?

If hearing one new song live overwhelms your senses and emotions, what does hearing THREE do to you?

How do you give a standing ovation when you are already standing on your feet for hours?

Does he really need to ever so politely ask his security guy if he can high-five his fans who have been patiently waiting for him to come out?  And why is it funny to see him outrunning his security and touching every outstretched hand down the line?

Credit AndreaFOD

Finally: Why do we feel a part of us is ripped from us when the black van finally drives him away?  Is it wrong to want to be reunited with it right away?


New Albany – A Mindful Madness

My head is still not clear and I can barely string two words together. And Angelica wonders where my recap is. LOL! So do I, my friend, so do I. Perhaps it lies somewhere in the salty tears brought to the surface by My Kind of Perfect. Or maybe in my quivering lip or pained heart upon hearing Falling Stars live in its perfect painful glory. Maybe it is hiding behind my larger than life mountain of pride as TOSOD bounced its way into my tired soul. My fellow David friends and I were witness to an evolution of sight, sound, and surrender; confidence, courage, and charisma all wrapped up in light, love, and longing. It is never long enough, he is never close enough, and I cannot ever hear enough to quench my thirst for The Voice and the feast it provides me with.

I got to touch his arm and hand as he ran past and gave us high-fives. It made him seem real for those few seconds. His skin is so soft and perfect, like a rose petal. He is so lovely, radiant, sweet, and precious. I’m going to Grand Rapids on Saturday to see him again. My love and support for him is as limitless as his talent.



143 Responses to “BetsYJfanofdavid~Together in New Albany With Finally, TheFunnyGirl :)”

  1. annmargaret said

    Two perfect descriptions and each makes me feel like I was right there with you. It sounds like you all had a blast. MKOP makes me weep too. So beautiful, wistful. Whoever that “Perfect” girl turns out to be is gonna have her own little heaven right here on earth. Thank you ladies for your great reporting.


  2. Pabuckie said

    David is worth everything to see and hear him. His voice is a gift and he is the messenger so it is no wonder to me that he touches so many people’s lives.

    Funny and scary that I know exactly where that screencap is from. I made a comment on Muldur’s Youtube video of TOSOD that at 1:17 I loved the way David throws his head back and what ya know there it is.


  3. betsy said

    Yj – What a beautiful recap.
    To think we were afraid we would get squashed like bugs up against the rail. I want to do it again.


  4. nanaweize said

    I’m glad you all were in a good place and that you shared it with us!

    Loved the articles. Wonderful words about a wonderful guy!


  5. Angelica said

    Betsy and YJfanofdavid,

    Thank you so much for taking us with you to New Albany! What a rush seeing and hearing David up close and meeting up with so many fans and the band as well! I don’t suppose you got video of you guys making up dance moves in the car? Pity. 😛

    YJ, Love this (and all the rest)

    “Why does his hopping one foot in front of the other make you forget all the soreness in your own feet from standing for hours?”

    “Why is he asking us to sing along on a yet-to-be released song and why do we know its every word?” <<<LOLOL!


    Busted! That IS funny and scary and you are good! Yes, those screen caps are from Muldur's videos.


  6. skydancer1x said

    BetsYJ…love your recap.
    Since when is waking up at 4:00 am to drive to a concert the most logical and sensible thing to do?
    where David is concerned…. makes perfect sense to me!
    Beautiful piece BetSYJ
    “Then David. He came out. His presence is so strong that he is all you see on that stage.”

    So true. It is amazing how everything and everyone else fades away, and you find yourself focused in on David like a laser beam.

    2.Pabuckie —“David is worth everything to see and hear him. His voice is a gift and he is the messenger so it is no wonder to me that he touches so many people’s lives.”



  7. YJfanofdavid said

    Angelica, I love how you joined our names. That’s exactly how we looked like standing next to each right up against the rail. My left arm and her right arm were squished together, fighting for a space that only allowed for one arm. And, you should see us running through the grass toward the stage the moment we were let inside the venue. We ran like some mad, I mean, determined women. I was laughing so hard at the absurdity of it all that I wasn’t able to keep up with Betsy as she sprinted. And, while we were waiting to be allowed inside, we saw one llama after another being paraded around and led into the fair ground. We almost wanted to steal one of them so that we can sneak inside with them. LOL.

    Last time I heard the Voice with Betsy (and Angelica!), we were sitting in velvet-covered seats in the majestic Palace Theater decorated with gold and marble. The less-than-majestic setting in New Albany did not diminish one bit the luster in his voice. He sang his heart out as always. And we enjoyed every note as if we were in the grandest of theaters.


  8. djafan said

    Betsy, Love it, Love this.

    “Then David. He came out. His presence is so strong that he is all you see on that stage. His voice was strong and beautiful.”

    He always seems like a giant to me when he’s on stage, larger than life and that’s before he starts singing.

    YJ, Beautiful!

    Is it a collective gasp I hear from the crowd when the first few notes of TOSD roll off his lips?

    I cannot wait to see and hear this live, the dancing.

    “Finally: Why do we feel a part of us is ripped from us when the black van finally drives him away? Is it wrong to want to be reunited with it right away?”

    Why YJ?, why?


  9. djafan said

    I’ve added a link to the AOL free listening party of TOSOD and the right sidebar, click on picture to go there. Make sure to streeeeeeam.

    David giving high fives!


  10. skydancer1x said

    #7 YJfanofdavid LMAO just picturing you guys…so funny.

    I JUST received notice from the David Archuleta store that The Other Side of Down is on it’s way. They shipped it out today!SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


  11. bebereader said

    Betsy, our sleuth reporter! I didn’t know which line from your recap to quote because I love them all!

    This one: “We are in a good place. David has truly written his masterpiece.”

    This one young man has given us so much and it’s not all music. It’s friendship, joy, hope, love…it’s so many things rolled into one. It’s an incomparable feeling of peace that is hard to find, let alone describe. I’m overjoyed that you shared this with us. Thank you!

    YJ, So glad to read a recap from you! Been missing your writing!

    “Why does a vocal genius disguise himself an unassuming, adorkable young man?”

    I suppose his humility is part of his genius. Idk but we could probably write a whole novel on this subject alone.

    “How do you give a standing ovation when you are already standing on your feet for hours?” <<<< This made me laugh!

    Ladies, thank you both for sharing your experience with us.


  12. xaris said

    “Why is he asking us to sing along on a yet-to-be released song and why do we know its every word?”

    LOL–We are all busted! He KNOWS how bad the ODD is and is OWNING it!

    My current favorite is whichever song is blasting out of the speaker–I cannot decide. I had not expected to like Look Around much, but I love the message. So many young people out there need to hear these songs.

    Here’s a For What’s It’s Worth observation. I played Elevator some time ago for my country music loving teenage son (who likes David and has seen him in concert but never listens to pop music). He said it was fun and that was it. Last night I told him I would gift him his own copy of TOSOD from itunes and he said, “Yay! Will it have Elevator on it? That song has been stuck in my head since you played it for me. It’s really cool.” Now if we can just get radio to play it….

    Cheers! Off to listen to another favorite!


  13. xaris said

    Yep. That should be For What It’s Worth.


  14. xaris said

    And before Abrra can smack me with her wand, have y’all seen this article? David talks about wanting more control in production and putting together a SPANISH ALBUM. Yes, I am shouting.

    Thank Snarkies for the link!


  15. bebereader said

    Xaris#14 Thanks for the link. Loved the article when I read it this morning. I took the liberty of posting it here. It’s that good!

    “Interview: David Archuleta’s ‘Down’ with new album, plots Spanish-language album
    Sep 28, 2010 10:10 AM Katie Hasty

    The first time David Archuleta released a full-length album, he’d co-written two of the 12 songs. For his newest “The Other Side of Down,” he’s credited for 10. The result, he says, is a set of songs that lift the veil on some of his quirks.

    “This album is about personality,” Archuleta says in a phone interview. “It’s embracing that I’m not perfect, but I have to be the way I am or I’m not gonna be happy.”

    One fair example is “Elevator,” which was recently added at radio, as promoting the single “Something ‘Bout Love” winds down. The 19-year-old former “American Idol” star describes how the track is about “a dream I had. It’s kind of dumb,” he says, laughing. “Its just kind of a goofy, quirky song, just the kind of thing I’m wanting to show people this time around. It’s just kind of my dorkiness.”

    Dork or not, Archuleta is pleased that he achieved his songwriting goals with “Down.” Next stop: production. A handful of producers like S*A*M & Sluggo contributed to this effort, but the 2008 AI runner-up sees himself running his own show from behind the decks on a follow-up.

    “Production is so influential. I think it’d be good to… have a more cohesive sound. The first album [his 2008 self-titled set], was a huge learning experience. This album, the biggest thing is the lyrics. Especially with songs from ‘American idol,’ those served a different purpose. After this, I want to make every song my own.”

    And that may even mean making them his own in another language.

    “I really wanna do a Spanish album,” the Utah native mentions, noting that his mom is from Honduras. “I have that Latin culture background. It’s a part of me. I’m not the best Spanish speaker, but I have a longing to connect with that. I just think how supportive the Latin community has been, even during ‘Idol.’ I’d like to give back with something like that.”

    He says he hasn’t laid down any tracks for the project yet, noting that it’s all about “the right time. I’m just focusing on getting this project together and stuff.”

    Archuleta says he appreciates that “AI” producers went with Jennifer Lopez as a new judge on the show considering the pop star’s Latin background. But no matter who judges, he says, it’s ultimately the crop of contestants and finalists that will keep the FOX singing competition fresh. “It’s always best when you’ve got a lot of personalities.”

    David Archuleta’s “The Other Side of Down” hits shelves on Oct. 5.”


  16. Suzy-Q said

    Betsy, do you know why David was wearing a black band on his right wrist? Just curious.


  17. Angelica said


    Idk, but I thought he just rolled the jacket sleeve up differently on one side. 😕


  18. Suzy-Q said

    Your beautiful article hits the bulls eye. Everything you said is so true and what we all have felt during a concert. You are so right about the focus is entirely on David during a performance. You can’t take your eyes off of him. I didn’t even notice Alex or Eli (?the base player) jumping around the stage at the Arizona live concert in 2009. It was something that I only noticed on the videos. Thanks for sharing with us.


  19. archiesfan4life said

    skydancer #10 – I got my notice too!!!!! Once the UPS site has the delivery date listed I will be sitting outside that day watching and impatiently waiting for that UPS truck:). Sooooooo excited!


  20. djafan said

    Part 4!!!!!!

    Someone convince me David is a 19 year old earthling, because he doesn’t sound like one.

    He talks about PandA and LA and they have completely sucked me in.


  21. Heidijoy said

    Just got my notice that the album has been shipped. anxious to have my own copy to play in the car etc. Aol streaming has helped as have all your reports, reviews etc. Love David’s explanations of how each song came about. He is Amazing.


  22. nanaweize said

    Happy Birthday Angelica…sure wish I was there to share a cookie, cake or ice cream with you…or maybe even all of the above with some David music thrown in! Have a lovely day!


  23. skydancer1x said

    awww, it’s your B-day??

    Happy Birthday, Angelica


  24. Abrra said

    What an epic day to be at a David show! OK So who was not there? 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing the details of a wonderful appearance by the BEST Singer in the world!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Found this at AFS. 😉

    I don’t want to disappoint you so here you go :

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Consider yourself an official spammer 🙂



  25. YJfanofdavid said

    ♫ Happy Birthday ♪ Dear Angelica!

    Annmargaret, Pabuckie, Nana, Skydancer, Dja, Bebe, Xaris, Suzy, Abrra, Glad you enjoyed our recap of New Albany 🙂 Heidi, his explanations of the meaning of Look Around made my day!


  26. bebereader said

    Happy Birthday wishes to Angelica!
    May your day be filled with all of your favorite things!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  27. xaris said

    Angelica! Happy Birthday and Many, Many More!!

    Thanks for the smack down, Abrra!! Now I feel loved. 🙂


  28. djafan said

    This from Idolchatter…Oh David!!!!

    David Archuleta gets rattled by fans’ response to new music.

    David Archuleta’s The Other Side of Down may be streaming now on AOL Music, but don’t think that David is at his computer this week, scanning message boards and comment threads to see how his fans are reacting to the album he’s been working on since last summer.

    In fact, the idea that people can finally hear his new songs rattles him a little bit.

    “It’s so weird to know that people have actually listened to what I’ve been working on,” says David, who’s at home in Utah for a couple days. “It’s not just in my own little cave anymore.

    “I do hear what fans say when I see them at events and when they write me. And, on Twitter, I look at the @ replies, too.”

    Still, David says, the new music is still so fresh and so personal that he feels uncomfortable getting too much response too soon: “It’s good to know what people think and their opinion, but it freaks me out at the same time. I’ve been working on this all year and now people can listen to it in, like, an hour.”


  29. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  30. bebereader said

    Happy Birthday to Angelica from David!

    Angelica, just insert your name at the proper moment…


  31. djafan said

    A review by The Dam Nation.

    Let me go straight to the point: The Other Side Of Down is seriously a solid sophomore album for David Archuleta.

    This, to me, is exactly the type of artistic progression I was hoping to hear from David. Sure, he is still in a growth arc musically, but this album is solid enough for him to differentiate himself further from other teen singers he is so casually lumped in with.

    The album, I must say, is surprisingly diverse, and yet cohesive, mix of songs for the young David. He covers a very youthful sound and manages to include enough maturity to show us where he’ll end up.. eventually. I also think that this sophomore effort achieves a really good balance between the singer-songwriter vibe and the heavy production sound that is, arguably, so popular in pop radio today.

    You know what? I’m just really happy for David.

    There is a song by song review, go to link.


  32. djafan said

    Happy Birthday Angelica!!!!!

    myspace codes
    Myspace Glitters

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit djafan


  33. djafan said

    Mucho buzzzzz!

    Burger with Relish: Music

    David Burger is the pop music/pop culture writer at The Salt Lake Tribune.

    A chat with David Archuleta

    Published on Sep 28, 2010 02:55PM 0 Comments

    I was able to talk to David Archuleta today, who was in Utah for only one day before jetting off somewhere else to do more publicity for his forthcoming album “The Other Side of Down,” which will be in stores on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

    When his first album came out, David co-wrote just two of the songs. On this album, there were only two songs that he didn’t have a hand in writing. He said that despite his busy schedule — he released a memoir this past summer — he relished being able to have more time to spend on writing and recording this album. “I was such a difference,” he said. “I was able to experiment more.”

    A writing stint in Nashville was a pivotal time for what the album became, he said. “I focused on what I wanted to say, and allowing me to show who I am.”

    The full interview will appear in Sunday’s Salt Lake Tribune.


  34. Abrra said

    #28 djafan
    I found this a most interesting article.

    “Still, David says, the new music is still so fresh and so personal that he feels uncomfortable getting too much response too soon: “It’s good to know what people think and their opinion, but it freaks me out at the same time. I’ve been working on this all year and now people can listen to it in, like, an hour.”

    Let me get this straight.

    He wrote a a book about his life up to now. He talked about the gut wrenching experience of being judged each week on American Idol and how he got through that and came out just fine. Any feedback from the book I have not seen him comment.Yet he has worked all year on these songs and he is nervous now that they are actually being heard by fans who love him unconditionally.

    Lets review how excited he was to have us hear them?




  35. archiesfan4life said

    Happy Birthday Angelica! I hope your day has been wonderful!


  36. djafan said


    Maybe that’s it, he’s feels the most vulnerable with “his” music out there, open for all to see a little bit of his mind.

    Is it good enough?

    Will it be liked?

    And so far it is liked by even some of the biggest naysayers out there. Some will never come around and open themselves because there cynicism blinds them and the world they see is a drab gray. They’re used to sex/violence/drugs in there music.

    David is the direct opposite of that, he infuses a spectrum of color, light and hope into my world, a brightness that sometimes overwhelms me, hence the tears I assume…lol


  37. djafan said

    Beautiful pictures here from @cathy__kay


  38. Suzy-Q said

    #17 Angelica, That’s what I thought at first too but then I took another and another look and it looks like something on top of the rolled sleeve. You can see that it has edges IDK

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGELICA!!! You’re so nice to spend part of the day with us. 🙂


  39. silverfox said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELICA!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a most wonderful day! 😀

    Betsy & YJfanodavid..what can I say? Both of you made me feel as if I was there experiencing David’s magic with you. And YJfan, love how you used questions to describe your experience and feelings…and how right on each one is especially the last one. Thanks to both of you!

    I also received an email from David’s “store” telling me my TOSOD has been shipped! **GULP**


  40. stenocruiser said

    Hope you are having a wonderful birthday Angelica with David’s songs playing every minute (of course they are).

    Why is he ‘rattled’? My goodness, such a dork! lol. David, you are incredible and so is your fantastic and beautiful album.

    Hurray — got my e-mail to say my CD is on its way! Happy I am.


  41. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gabrielalulaa, TheVoiceDA. TheVoiceDA said: New Post!!! BetsYJfanofdavid~Together in New Albany: @davidarchie […]


  42. djafan said

    Any singers here?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  43. FG said

    Happy Birthday to you Angelica! 🙂


  44. Abrra, maybe David’s feeling rattled not so much by his fans, but more about what the critics think. These are very personal songs for him. It’s normal to feel protective of your babies. Or could it be that what freaks him out is the haste at which these new releases are reviewed and rated.


  45. SweetOnDA said


    djafan love this, “And so far it is liked by even some of the biggest naysayers out there. Some will never come around and open themselves because there cynicism blinds them and the world they see is a drab gray. They’re used to sex/violence/drugs in there music.

    David is the direct opposite of that, he infuses a spectrum of color, light and hope into my world, a brightness that sometimes overwhelms me, hence the tears I assume…lol”

    So true.

    Betsy and Yj, thanks for sharing with us. Wish I could have been there.

    email received 🙂 *doing happy dance*


  46. FG said

    Betsy and YJ! I had soo much fun with you guys and the others fans we got to see!

    “Why do we feel a part of us is ripped from us when the black van finally drives him away?” THIS

    “I am left with beautiful memories of song, peace, love and friendship.” THIS



  47. Abrra said

    #43 Gayle
    He does mention this
    “I do hear what fans say when I see them at events and when they write me. And, on Twitter, I look at the @ replies, too.”

    So its the fans responses he seems most interested in.



  48. I said



  49. ram said

    Angelica- Feliz cumpleanos! Sorry to be so late but heartfelt wishes for the Happiest of Birthdays. Hope David’s music has continued to work its magic for it is the next best thing to the fountain of youth. *)*


  50. VLM said

    Happy Birthday Angelica! Wish you all the best.

    I am having a good time here – with all your wonderful articles and comments –
    I love all the songs on the new cd. I can’t wait for my cd to be shipped (nephew says WAIT, do not pester me or I won’t send it to you 😦 )
    Back to lurking!


  51. Heidijoy said

    Happy Birthday Angelica!

    I think David’s reaction is understandable and sweet. He’ll be fine and pleased with the fans positive response.


  52. YJfanofdavid said

    “I don’t understand what people are into. There is not a lot about me to be into…”

    Oh David you have no idea! 🙂


  53. River said

    A big Happy Birthday to Angelica!! I’ve been listening to the AOL Stream all day but I keep going to the video of My Kind of Perfect. It may well be the most emotional performance I’ve seen from David. It goes straight to the heart, the soul. It touches me so. I had that Perfect for 12 years and lost it quickly so this song reminds me of what we had. I just can’t stop listening to it. Would that he could really know how he affects his fans.I’m just so grateful that his music can do all these things.


  54. palmtreephan said

    Haaaaappy Buuuurthdaaaay Toooooo Yoooooooou!
    Haaaaaappy Buuuuu-uuuurthdaaaaaaayyyyyyy Tooooo Yooooo-oooou!
    Haaaaaapy Buuuuurth-daaaaay, Annnnngeliiiiiicaaaaaaa!
    Haaaaaaaaaaapy Buuuuuuurth-daaaay Tooooo-ooooo-oooo-ooo Yooo-ooou!! (supposed to be my bestest David impersonation…lol)


  55. palmtreephan said

    Does any suppose my UPS man will be weirded out if I give him a huge hug when he shows up the end of the week?


  56. Angelica said

    Thank you all so much for the Birthday Wishes!! I had a great one!!

    {{{hugs to every one of ya!}}} XOXO


  57. Angelica said

    PS: FG’s recap has been added to the post. 😆


  58. SandyBeaches said


    I just made it into the party before the doors closed!

    I was on my iphone all day and just arrived home!

    Thank you for taking us to the performance BetsYJ and FG!! Just imagine the empty feeling we would have without the recaps!

    The pictures are paintings…

    The album has been with me all day and is so amazing…

    Good to see that we haven’t lost the ‘wand’!



  59. poof said

    Happy Birthday Angelica! Hope you know what a “gift” you are to all of us!


  60. Bydesign said

    Happy Birthday, Angelica. Hope your day was filled with happiness and David songs!


  61. SweetOnDA said

    FG, “It is never long enough, he is never close enough, and I cannot ever hear enough to quench my thirst for The Voice and the feast it provides me with.”

    Spot on my dear! Thanks for your recap and have a great time in Grand Rapids on Saturday.


  62. emmegirl said

    Thanks you guys for a great article of fun observations and truths, and loving the part about running to get close to the stage, lol! David’s fans are the best, and the funniest!

    Dja 36, 🙂

    Palmtreephan 54 lol! It just might make his day!

    Love the “Jeff Fenster” line in WIA! (just heard it in my earbuds)

    Angelica, Happy Birthday!Hope it was the best!

    FG, your heart really shows in your writing, which always tugs at mine. Hope to get a rundown of Grand Rapids, have fun!

    Appreciating P&A more after listening to Part 4 and hearing it on the album.

    The pic of him in the shades on red pants day..never thought I would like those eyes covered but…

    Gifted Christmas From The Heart to local nursing homes and assisted living centers, got some really nice thank yous. Thinking I’ll gift TOSOD to some local schools, elementary on up.


  63. betsy said

    Happy Birthday Angelica:)
    Sorry so late to the party, but I feel like I’ve been gutted. I am sure you know the feeling, so I won’t go into it.

    FG (((HUGS)))


  64. jackryan4DA said

    HAPPY BDAY ANGELICA! Isn’t it great that you are celebrating your day amidst celebrations over David’s masterpiece?! Enjoy your day 🙂


  65. jackryan4DA said

    YT version of TOSOD PREVIEW P4


  66. betsy said

    Why am I up at 1:30 a.m. listening to every song? Oh yeah, it’s because I HAVE NO CHOICE>
    I have been ruined. I cannot stop. I blame David and his magical voice.
    thank you,
    aka Ms. sleep deprived


  67. djafan said

    Betsy, David is full control!

    I’m up…need to go to sleep!

    SF, Praying your prayer for David!!!


  68. jackryan4DA said

    BETSYjfanofdavid – thanks for sharing your Albany experience. Yeah David puts us in a place of wonderment, always w/ questions… never enough answers, LOL

    yet with David, even for a moment, every concern seem to fade, eh?


  69. YJfanofdavid said

    Here is Mrs. Sassy in AInow interview: 🙂

    AINow: How is ‘The Other Side Of Down’ different from your debut album?

    David: The first album was definitely put together a lot more quickly and so it was all about finding good songs generally. Where as this album, I wasn’t really focused on that…This album I’m really focused on my personality. I asked, ‘how do I want people to view me right now?’ … I wanted to show people I have a lighter more fun side…I think the fans who have seen me at shows know that I am very clutsy, dorky, spacey, and things like that. I just want to be myself with this album. I just want it to be real and true. And I tried to stay focused on that…I felt like the best thing to do was make this album me…That includes being more involved in the writing. I was involved in [writing] 10 of the 12 songs this time. Being able to write that many songs was really an accomplishment and I feel like it really helped with the concepts and what the songs are saying.

    AINow: Did you have a favorite collaborator who you worked with on this album?

    David: It was great working with all of the people but I really liked working in Nashville. I really liked what they focused on…It was more about bringing out the idea of the song and identifying with the artist more than just ‘we need to write a smash song.’ That wasn’t my focus. I just feel like what I needed to do this time was make it so that people could relate to me and to the music. I wanted to say, ‘hey, I’m a normal person.’ I’ve been able to do what I’ve wanted to do but I’m still growing. I wanted to show people that I’m not this perfect superhuman and I’m not this super cool super hunk. I just wanted to show people I’m not the coolest person out there, I am kind of dorky, but I’m still able to do what I love to do. When you work hard on things you can really do what you want to do.

    AINow: [Laughs] To a lot of your fans you really are a super cool guy.

    David: I don’t understand what people are into. There is not a lot about me to be into…All I’ve been is myself. It’s interesting how you don’t have to try and be certain things to impress people. All you have to be is who you are…It’s really interesting to me. People can just be themselves and still do what they love. And I guess that was surprising to learn. Because I guess I thought that I cannot be someone else. I must be who I am. And that made me think that I’m not going to succeed or go much further because who I am is not that great and not very impressive. I’m not very skilled in a lot of things so I thought not a lot could happen. But I was wrong. By being who I was, that is what allowed me to be where I am today. That is what I wanted to show with my music. And I want to help to encourage people to do the same thing. It’s like, just be who you are. You may not be perfect but if you’re still willing to work hard and be passionate about something, then go for it. You still have to be respectful, but you don’t have to act cool or talk ‘this way’ to succeed.

    AINow: What made you and the label choose “The Other Side Of Down” to be the title track?

    David: Well actually I chose it because I felt like that song represented everything about me in this stage of life that I’m going through right now. And I just felt like it represented it perfectly. I wanted to have an up beat and positive kind of vibe. I want people to be in a good mood. The message about this song is that I get confused a lot, there are a lot of times where I’m not sure about what I am to do. But things are still good and I’m going to keep moving forward…It’s about looking at things from a different perspective. You can look at things like ‘gee this is rough’ or you can look at it and be like ‘wow, I have a lot of opportunities right now.’ … It’s about looking at things in a positive perspective. And I feel like the way I’m singing it, the whole vibe of the song and the lyrics really represent this idea of how I’m feeling right now about life. I feel it would be a good song to represent the rest of the album.

    AINow: What is going on with your first single?

    David: “Something ‘Bout Love” was released first for the fans. I guess it was the song that was the most radio sounding. “Elevator” has just recently been released and it’s not a typical song to be on the radio, but it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. I just feel like it shows that personality that I wanted to show in this album. It’s kind of a risk but I feel like it’s about supporting something that you believe in. And it’s more goofy, so I don’t know exactly how it will come across. It’s about a dream I had. It’s a song about in life where you don’t know what you’re going to get, what’s going to happen, what floor you’re going to get off on and what the floor is going to bring when you get off of it. It’s like that Forrest Gump thing, ‘life is a box of chocolates.’ I wanted to do something that was more fun and more about light heartedness that makes you feel good. I love getting to perform it live too. That has been really fun.

    AINow: Are you planning to make a video for “Elevator”?

    David: I sure would like to. I think it’s a song that needs a video. I’m actually trying to figure that out right now. When will be the best time to do it and just kind of the concept of it. Yeah, I’m excited to make a video for it. We’ll see what happens.

    AINow: Other than “Elevator,” do you have any other favorites on this album?

    David: I like the title track. I also really like a song called “Complain.” I also like “My Kind Of Perfect.” I’ve become pretty close with all of them after writing them because you know what went into them. And you know what they are about. And you know what triggered the songs to be created. They are your babies. You put love into all of them and you worked hard to bring all of them into existence.

    AINow: A lot of fans are guessing that “My Kind Of Perfect” is about your perfect girl. Is that true?

    David: Yeah. A lot of people have asked me that, like ‘what do you see in the perfect girl.’ I don’t think a girl really has to be perfect. It is the imperfections that make us unique and who we are…They don’t have to be this perfect, cookie cutter type of person.

    AINow: Do you have anything special planned as far as a promotional tour or TV appearances?

    David: I am going to be doing that kind of stuff. Some TV. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing but I will be in New York. I was in New York during the release of the first album. But I’m not sure what exactly will be happening…Everything has been kind of last minute, like everything in my life. [Laughs]

    AINow: What was the most challenging thing you encountered while working on this album?

    David: The most challenging thing might have been having the courage to know what I wanted to say…I just felt like I wanted to sing about something I believed in and something I can back up. When people say, ‘no you can’t do that, you have to do it this way. This is the way you have to do it.’ It’s like well…it’s up to me what I want to say with my music and the kind of artist I want to be. I felt like the best way to keep that in check was to make the album about me. It’s like I may not know a lot, but no one knows more about me that I do. You know? So when people argue and say ‘that’s not the right way. That’s not how you’re supposed to do it,” it’s like well actually yes it is because that’s who I am. That is something I was able to stick up for and stand my ground. No one else can tel me who I am.

    AINow: Are there any ballads on the CD?

    David: There is a song called “Falling Stars” that is a power ballad sort of thing in a way. And then “My Kind Of Perfect” is kind of a ballad too.

    AINow: Are there any duets on the album?

    David: Not on this album, no. I thought about it, but it’s like are there any songs that really make sense or any people that make sense to do a duet with. That was the only thing. If I was going to do a duet I wanted it to make sense and it just didn’t at the time. So I’m just going to hold off a little while longer.

    AINow: Is there a message you have for your fans?

    David: I just want to say that I hope they enjoy [the album]. We put a lot of work into it and I hope that they are able to connect to what I was trying to do and what I was trying to say. I hope that they are just able to understand more of where I am coming from and hope that they just enjoy the songs. That was the purpose of making it. So that they can have something fun to listen to.


  70. pocoelsy said

    Happy birth day Angelica, sorry I’m late. Hope you had a really good time and thank you for the recaps (everyone’s too) so nice and funny and happy for you girls who attended “The David experience”, he really is somthing isn’t he!!! Love all the songs on TOSOD cannot point finger to the one I like most cause each one has it’s own “personality”. Hope you guys get to go to his concerts as many as possible and write, talk, ramble………. about your experience in every single details. I love your adventure and count on you guys who have his best interst at heart and love him as much as you do (as I do) it warms my heart that he’s in good company, his fan that is. THANK YOU..


  71. FG said

    The pic in #24 is all I ever need to see for the rest of my life.


  72. jackryan4DA said

    Excuse me for being anal but I made an adjustment in one word w/ Complain so I updated the lyric sheet – why I bother – I dunno LOL

    PDF version –
    DOC version –


  73. YJfanofdavid said

    Thank you JR for the lyrics!! UPS says my CD is in Nashville now. Scheduled arrival date is TOMORROW!


  74. betsy said

    This video – tears.
    Get out the kleenex ultra

    video credit to Elena of Golden Archies/Archsupporter


  75. betsy said

    Current state of mind:


  76. Suzy-Q said

    I just have to say this, David is my kind of perfect!!!!


  77. djafan said

    @DavidArchie you are unreal.

    “One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it. We are made wise not just by the…
    22 minutes ago via txt
    Retweeted by you and 100+ others


    …recollection of our past, but also by the responsibility for our future.”
    22 minutes ago via txt
    Retweeted by you and 100+ others


  78. betsy said

    Angelica – Thank you for titling my recap “A Good Place.” I love that. 🙂
    Interesting, because that is my very favorite song.


  79. TOfan said

    Betsy & FG! So awesome to see you guys in New Albany! (& so sorry to have missed you, YJ!) The recap I want to read most is about your dinner at the band’s table! 😯

    Thanks for your wonderful post, guys, what a glorious weekend it was (I feel so blessed that mine started on Friday in York!). I just got an email from Ticketmaster (where I bought my tix) asking for a review of the event, so of course I did, along with a 5-star rating (no brainer, lol).

    Belated Happy Birthday to you!!!! Hope you’re celebrating all week with TOSOD! 🙂


  80. Angelica said

    YJ#68 Thanks for bringing that AInow interview here. Love it when he gets sassy. You tell ’em Mr. Archuleta sir!

    “So when people argue and say ‘that’s not the right way. That’s not how you’re supposed to do it,” it’s like well actually yes it is because that’s who I am. That is something I was able to stick up for and stand my ground. No one else can tell me who I am.”

    Betsy#77 Your welcome! I did not know that “A Good Place” was your favorite.

    FG#70 You lie!! 😛

    Djafan and Betsy, Can I join the sleep deprivation club? I qualify. Could not stop listening last night to the AOL stream. sigh…………the more I hear, the more I love. My favorites as of this moment are__The Other Side of Down, Falling Stars, and Look Around. Who I Am was jockeying for position last night so that could change. This morning MKOP was the one that was stuck in my head. A Good Place is good too. Oh, who am I kidding, I love ’em all!! This album is sooo good and you know what else? It’s pretty. The music he has created is so pretty! What a novel idea for music to actually be!


  81. bebereader said

    *Yawn* Was up way too late again, streaming TOSOD.

    The chorus of Stomping The Roses”, “I cannot carry on this way….” is awesome!!! Have you heard it? Of course you did. haha

    I have a weird system of listening to the songs. Until I absorb the first few songs I can’t let any other songs in. Obsessive much? Otherwise it’s overkill for me. So right now, with the exception of MKOP, the second half of the cd is still a little ‘new’ to me because I’m focusing on the first half. “…carry me away…”

    Betsy#73 That video is heartfelt and so well-done. Thank you!


  82. SandyBeaches said

    The performances, whether they have been on an outdoor stage or in a theater, have brought so much joy to those who were there. The stories sound glorious, but I hope that for all of you from around the world who have not had the same opportunities, that we have brought a little of David to you from each of his performance locations. I feel badly sometimes because it seems that it is some of the same people (such as myself) each time, but with the upcoming tour(s) in the near future, I hope that many more will be telling us an exciting~first~time~story.

    I remember from years ago, time spent with Kevin Lowe of the Edmonton Oiler’s hockey team. Kevin had met our son at a game and a long friendship had developed following their meeting. Kevin once said that for a star, some of the greatest moments is to meet and spend time with people who have never had the opportunity before. I watched Kevin after that and saw how much it meant to him. So, hopefully in the near future there will be many new stories to tell from people everywhere who have just met and spent time with David.

    After the taping concerts in Nashville, I stood back with SF and we watched David as he met and chatted with people and signed autographs from the stage. It was rather strange that we just stood there and did not congratulate him, but perhaps it was because first time people were excited and having so much fun meeting him. A good number of longtime fans watched as well.



  83. Angelica said

    Guess what’s on its way to me right now! Gotta get up and do my happy dance!! Oh yeah.



  84. djafan said

    If anyone one would like to bid and gift the prize you can!!!!

    K92’s On Stage Seating with David Archuleta

    K92’s Up Close And Personal with David Archuleta

    Time left: 23h 58m 36s (Sep 30, 201010:43:50 PDT)

    Bid history:
    4 bids[Refresh bidhistory]
    Current bid: US $107.50
    Your max bid:
    US $
    Place bidPlace bid
    (Enter US $110.00 or more)

    Two questions regarding bidding!

    Q: can i bid on this and if i win, give it to someone else? i don’t live anywhere close to there but i’d like to bid. i’m a fan and it’s a good cause and there’s enough fans going to the show that would love… Continue reading
    A: If you win the auction, and it is paid, you can put it in anyone’s name you wish.
    Sep 28, 2010

    Q: does this auction include tix to the event? or just on stage appearance? if includes tix, how many?
    A: Yes, it includes 2 tickets to the show.
    Sep 28, 2010


  85. djafan said

    I went to sleep listening TOSOD on repeat and woke up with Stomping the Roses dancing in my head…lol

    This album is driving me insane!

    SB, That is going to be some nice reading, fans and new fans that have never been in the presence of the Archuleta. The stories they will be telling to us Archuveteran’s as we knowingly smile, yet I’m so ready to be in his presence again.


  86. refnaf said

    Finally getting my “real life” in order after my amazing trip to Spain with a David concert chaser!!!! eeeppp what fun!!! I am blessed.
    Love your recaps, all three of you> FG and Betsy is was fab to see you again, but how the heck did I miss YJ???? Next time better!

    This cd is all I want it to be and more.

    As I said on snowangelz the ainow
    interview has helped in my resolve to never worry about him and his career again> He knows who he is… and I know he will be all that he is meant to be.

    ps> Happy Belated Birthday Angelica!!!


  87. Abrra said


    If you DO NOT want to see the contents of the CD before you get yours, do NOT click this link.

    If you want to see what’s inside, some fans sent pictures to Snarkies.

    Abrra /looked


  88. Angelica said

    Angelica/ did not Cover Eyes Pictures, Images and Photos


  89. Dayzee said

    Dayzee/looked and looked and looked


  90. SweetOnDA said

    SweetOnDA/looked and…


  91. SweetOnDA said

    …is now camped out on doorstep 🙂


  92. djafan said

    hahahahah sweetonda!!!!

    I looked and looked, now staring…lol


  93. bebereader said

    Bebereader/hasn’t looked yet but probably will 😉


  94. djafan said

    The vested one…..


  95. bebereader said

    Stop that, dja! 😉


  96. djafan said

    This from embe,

    2) Remember that twitpic of David sitting in front of a mirror, looking fiercely serious, wearing a see-through shirt? Well, that’s probably the last thing you will remember before passing out after seeing the version that made it into the cd-booklet.



  97. ram said

    I would say this constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” and I won’t stand for it (just gonna take a quick peek) 8)


  98. djafan said

    Ram, nothing quick about it, it’s impossible 🙂


  99. djafan said

    He’s there safe!


    David Archuleta has landed safely in Roanoke.
    35 minutes ago via web


    I recently got to meet one of my own music heroes, and wanted to share it. You can go to and check it out tomorrow!
    1 minute ago via txt


  100. betsy said

    Looked/that’s all folks…


  101. Angelica said

    I caved and looked. Photobucket


  102. Abrra said

    There is no email to me saying The Cd is coming. I have ordered 4 from his site. I am worried just a bit. Seems like they have been sent to many places, but not my place.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra /sniff


  103. bebereader said

    /Looked. I’m done.


  104. betsy said

    Abrra – maybe they just sent the fanpack ones out so far.
    Have a kleenex, dear one.


  105. silverfox said

    I came home tired & just wanted to take off my shoes, change into something comfy & just sit back relax with my laptop. I walked in & the first thing I saw on my desk was a box from UPS & I swear…I gave a shriek & perked right up! My son looked at me & said, “Must be something from the Archuleta. Geesh mom, you act like you’re 15!” I said, “Yeah & so? What’s your point?” He just walked away shaking his head. 😆

    I ripped the box open in the privacy of my room & just sat staring at the photos completely hypnotized & I was glad I didn’t open it in front of my son. He would have thought I had lost my mind sitting there with a silly smile on my face. Lord help me!


  106. djafan said


    Please tell us all about it, starting with the silly smile!!!!!


  107. Nancy L said

    #102 Abrra – I felt the same way when I did not receive an email from the OS so I emailed them and got a response back that it is coming from Nashville and is on its way to me in California to be here on Monday, Oct. 4. I have no idea why it’s coming from Nashville other than that David likes it there so his CD is happy there. No idea why some people are getting their CD today or tomorrow or Saturday or Monday and the official drop day is Tuesday. But run and email the OS and get your tracking information. Then you too can do the happy dance!


  108. Fanis Archangelicus said


    I’m worried too! I haven’t received an email let alone a package. Boohoo.

    I’ve been permanently linked to AOL since Monday streaming the album. Love, Love, Love it!!!!!!


  109. bebereader said

    Abrra: Betsy’s right. They’re probably sending out the fanpacks first. I ordered my fanpack a few days ago and received a notice today that it’s on it’s way.

    Nancy: Good idea to email the OS.

    SF: So happy for you! I know the scenario you mentioned very well. My daughter saw the wallpaper on my cell phone and said “I don’t believe you, Mom. David’s face on your wallpaper?” I said “Yes and do you have a problem with that?” She walked away shaking her head. Funny.


  110. Abrra said

    I would like an email at least. I didn’t order any fan pack. I ordered 4 Deluxe CD’s.



  111. silverfox said

    Oh David! Such a sweetheart & so grateful…

    He gave “Thanks” to everyone in the world who had even a small part in helping him with this album, after God & his family, of course!

    And he loves Nashville!

    And I’m loving..Look Around, My Kind of Perfect, Stomping The Roses, Good Place, Who I am, Things Are Gonna Get Better, Falling Stars, The Other Side Of Down, WAIT! I guess I love the whole album…it’s hard to pick a favorite. Really!

    I must say I would never insult David by saying “I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM” just because I’m one of his die-hard forever fans. If there were some songs I loved & some I just liked & some I didn’t like much, I WOULD SAY SO! It’s just an amazing work of art and it’s David, his heart & soul laid bare and I love & admire him more than ever.

    This gift-boxed album will be saved along with my most treasured possessions. Anyway, I pre-ordered TOSOD from iTunes, so THIS album will stay in pristine condition until I’m 90! It’s THAT special to me. Because it’s David.


  112. Fanis Archangelicus said

    Hmm, I ordered the fan pack. I hope it just shows up tomorrow and surprises me. I forgot to do my iTunes pre-order. I’d better get that done tonight ’cause I don’t want to miss out on the extra track!


  113. Abrra said


    These pics are bigger

    On the basis of those pictures. I CAVED!!! I bought the fan pack LOL I am sucker for a pretty vest. 😉


  114. djafan said


    This critic gave him a respectable B, but not before some underhanded sarcasm and then he recommends STR and E.

    What caught my attention was that he gave Sara Bareilles and Shontelle’s albums a B-.

    Is this what we call someone liking in spite of themselves?

    Music Review
    The Other Side of Down (2010)
    David Archuleta
    Reviewed by Mikael Wood | Sep 29, 2010

    Judging by the metaphors David Archuleta employs on his sophomore studio disc — see ”Falling Stars,” ”Elevator,” and ”Parachutes and Airplanes” — life after reality TV has been an up-and-down ride for this fresh-faced Idol finalist. Yet his vocals still gleam with so much dewy naïveté that the music never succumbs to the bitterness it seems to circle. Maybe state-fair meet-and-greets are what the kid was born to do? B

    Download These:
    Stomping the Roses
 a spunky robo-garage jam at
    Easy-grooving Elevator


  115. Abrra said

    I went over and left a comment. Seems some fans are being combative. This isn’t helpful. It makes the fan base appear defensive. David needs positive support. Being negative back to the reviewer is unproductive. IMHO.



  116. djafan said

    Abrra, you caved? lol, I like vests tooo!


  117. Abrra said

    I caved like a house of cards.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    In a strong wind 😉



  118. silverfox said

    Why post the negative reviews? Why give them space in one of David’s fan sites? Who cares what these critics have to say. As for the combatative replies/responses to these reviews, if David’s fans MUST read the negative reviews, instead of a nasty retort, why not just say what they like or love about the album? I just steer clear of them. Why make myself sad…sad for those who do not or maybe cannot see & hear what David’s fans do. The album is all about Happy & nothing is going to spoil it for me. But to each his own. 😉

    I am a fan of David & I refuse to read negative reviews. I don’t even like when David disses HIMSELF!


  119. djafan said

    Hey SF,

    Since I posted that review, I didn’t think it was negative, a B is very respectable and in looking at some of the other grades to the likes of Sara B, Derulo, Maroon 5, all in the C’s I thought it was dang good. The guy just seems to be a little cynical. But I loved the B. 🙂 🙂

    “I don’t even like when David disses HIMSELF!”

    lol, Me either!


  120. silverfox said

    Sorry, Djafan, it was JMHO. Didn’t mean to sound negative myself. My bad 😦

    I just hate that some critics listen to a couple of songs on an album & think that makes them an expert on a whole album. It’s always been my personal thing. I just don’t read reviews, not even for movies, TV shows. I’d rather form my own opinion. 😉

    Peace & happiness for all! 😀


  121. SandyBeaches said

    Ah djafan, the reviews. They have to be more talented than David for me to respect whatever they give him and that isn’t going to happen…We are the givers of the reviews and they are fabulous. That is just me being a bit of a rebel.

    SF…how exciting!!! 😉

    I can imagine how it must have been, but we are 15 aren’t we? Well, for now.

    I received my email a few days ago so here’s hoping for an early delivery…who am I kidding it has to come to Ca-na-da…!!!

    Can you tell us anything more? Any little story at all…



  122. YJfanofdavid said

    Abrra #113, Thanks for the enlarged pictures. The picture of David in the pretty vest. Wow. His smile is as enigmatic as Mona Lisa’s.


  123. silverfox said

    FG, I could FEEL the ache you felt when you wrote your recap. Especially…”It is never long enough, he is never close enough, and I cannot ever hear enough to quench my thirst for The Voice and the feast it provides me with”. I know only too well how you felt. You will be in his presence again soon just to go through the same ache all over again. But so worth it! 🙂

    Everyone who caved in & looked at the album photos want to know if there’s more to the “vest” one. Well I wish I could say…wait & find out, but no, that’s the whole pic. Now my question is why? 😦

    David is traveling to VA tomorrow (or maybe he’s already there) for the sold out Up Close & Personal cancer benefit show. Should be a fabulous concert! Hope David is no longer “antsy” about us listening to TOSOD. He should know by now he created a Masterpiece! For David…

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him, protect & keep him safe from harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with people who will love and support David unconditionally as his Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he’s weary and stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt and give him joy when he feels sad.
    Keep him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey.
    And please Lord, give us and his new management the wisdom to do right by David always.
    Help us and his new management in the way we support David so that it’s in his best interests.
    May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness wherever his journey takes him.
    Most of all, keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny.
    Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray.

    David, Buenas Noches! Sleep well with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! Please TAKE CARE.

    Good night. ya! You too SB! You too David!


  124. Suzy-Q said

    OOOOOh MYYYYYY Gooooosh!!!!!! That picture of David in the vest just blew me away. David, just so you know, your face is a generic of Elvis, Tyrone Power, Christopher Reeves as Superman all put together. That’s not a bad thing,is it? Actually, I don’t think that David has a generic face. Does he think that he has a plain or a common face? Who is he kidding? Now, I am looking forward to getting that picture as much as the CD. Just call me “Lady GAW GAW”


  125. skydancer1x said

    I peeked.
    When it comes to pictures of David,I have no will power…

    I have to have my daily dose of eye candy.


  126. SandyBeaches said

    SF…Thank you for David’s prayer, I love to read it…{{{Hugs to you & sleep well}}}.

    Isn’t there always excitement when David is around?!



  127. djafan said

    hey SF and SB!

    No problem 🙂 I’ve always been a review junkie, books, movies, tv shows, music, though I’ve never been swayed by in anyway by them, just find it interesting how there are so many different opinions about the same subject. And since David is my favorite musical subject my curiosity about what is said has me reading everything that is said about him.

    SF love you bunches and thank youuuu so much for the prayer, so glad it’s back!


  128. emmegirl said

    113, thanks Abrra. I peeked, and then I prayed.


  129. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…you may not have received notice of your cds being sent but my guess is that you will still receive them before me!! The tracking # wouldn’t even track!! A young nephew in his 20’s was talking about our recent trip to see David and it sounds like fun to him. I think that they will be going to a concert with us, he is so curious about who has his aunt’s undivided attention. He said, “I suppose that we will all receive his new CD for Christmas this year?!”. Wow what a great idea newphew and I wouldn’t want to disappoint!! That means I order 8 special Fan CD’s tomorrow!



  130. bebereader said

    Speaking of reviews, there’s a good article called “On Writing CD Reviews – For Dummies”, written by Kizzi at Archuleta Fanscene.

    Something ‘Bout Love is still in the lead at musiqtone. Let’s keep it there, where it belongs! 100 votes every 12 hours


  131. SandyBeaches said

    #113 Abrra…I peeked and then I gasped!



  132. djafan said

    Red pants spoiler, I found on twitter. WARNING!


  133. emmegirl said

    djaaaaa, been waiting for red pants pics! 🙂


  134. djafan said


    Can you believe the nerve of him to look like that?!


  135. emmegirl said

    sensory overload.

    listening to MKOP, the voice, the yearning..

    and then the red pants pics.


  136. emmegirl said

    dja, nervy, yep.
    I know mine are a little frayed.


  137. Angelica said

    Hot mess HAIR!!!

    There oughta be a law against him wearing suspenders. 8)

    Judge: Mr. Archuleta, you have been warned about wearing suspenders in the past.

    David: Sorry, your honor. It wasn’t my idea. I was doing a photoshoot and…

    Judge: That is no excuse for disturbing the peace. I sentence you to 100 hours of charity work.

    David: OMGOSH! Thank you, your honor!!! Thank you very much.


  138. emmegirl said

    Please let there NOT be a pic of him wearing said red pants with suspenders, and the shades…

    Angelica, lol


  139. bebereader said

    Please let there be a pic of him wearing said red pants with suspenders, and the shades….

    Emmegirl lol


  140. gladys said

    I think the topic of my thesis, jeans, has been suspended because I can only think of red pants and suspenders.
    David, my sanity is at risk. Please if there are more photos, let me know.


  141. Tawna21 said

    What a super recap from the New Albany group!! You had me laughing and then feeling very sad with David leaving. Thanks for sharing your excitement with us.

    I finally caved in a couple of hours ago and clicked on the AOL link! 😉 Had to do it!! Now, what time am I going to get to bed?! Oh well, I had to get caught up with the last two days of comments–life has really been in my way.

    Abrra–thanks a lot! Not only did I break down and listen to the album, but now I’ve peeked at the fan pack!! I can’t even think of going to bed now–I probably couldn’t sleep with the visions of David in my head. It’s a good thing I have tomorrow off! Now, if I could just get an email about my fan packs 😦 real life would be seeming much better. *sigh*

    And Angelica–a very late Happy Birthday to you!! You deserve to have had the best kind of cupcake day possible. ❤



  142. Angelica said

    New post guys.


  143. jackryan4DA said

    OOT but this may interest you:

    David Archuleta’s Karaoke Challenge – Sing, Win & Hangout w/ David!


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