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Archive for September 22nd, 2010

Snippets? Bring ’em!

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Screencap by Djafan

Confession.  I was opposed to the release of snippets from “The Other Side of Down” but I changed my mind.  You see, when snippets were released from David’s first, self-titled CD, I was disappointed because after all the anticipation, I felt they didn’t do justice to the most beautiful voice I had ever heard.  The snippet for “Touch My Hand,” for example, was a let-down for me, and the rest of the assortment, except for a few, was not much better.  I thought, was this the best the writers could do for such an amazing voice?

I later learned that snippets are not necessarily taken from the final cut of the song nor are they likely the best part of a song.  They’re used to tease the fans into buying the album.  When “David Archuleta” was finally released in November 2008, the full tracks sounded 100 times better!  Fast forward to the present and I am head over heels in love with all the songs on David’s first CD, including the bonus songs.  Odd that when I listen to the old snippets now, I find nothing wrong with them.  But had I been an almost-fan at the time, instead of a full-fledged fan, I could have had second thoughts about buying the album.

This time around, Jive is singing a whole other tune, pun intended.  We’ve been treated to two full songs, “Something ‘Bout Love” and “Elevator”; heard live versions of two others, “Parachutes and Airplanes” and “Things Are Gonna Get Better.”  In addition to snippets from the tracks of “The Other Side of Down” and “Stomping The Roses,” “Who I Am,” and “Falling Stars,” we even got to hear a bit of an unnamed track in a bubbletweet.

With the album release date approaching, David has been spoon-feeding us previews of the songs from TOSOD in a guided tour of the album while very comfortably riding in a hansom cab through Central Park, munching on what I am guessing are New York City’s famous honey roasted peanuts bought from a vendor right in the park.  An ingenious way to introduce fans to his new songs with David explaining the meaning behind each track.  TOSOD has an eclectic mix of songs: pop, soul, country/pop, sassy vibes, all infused with David’s personality.

Video by Angelica

Recent tweets show that fans are happy with what they’ve heard from TOSOD, so far:

refnaf@davidarchie kinda think I am going to love your new cd… so far I love everything I have heard!!! snippets FTW! 🙂

thebeebee@DavidArchie We’ve all G.O.N.E…B.O.N.K.E.R.S… over “Elevator” and allll the snippets so far! I’m WILD for ELEVATOR!!! Wooooot!

frogcooke@DavidArchie Awww yay!!! I’ve heard it on the radio a few times! I’m excited to hear more of the song clips! Sounds great so far!

Joy4archie@DavidArchie I love all the previews. Everytime I say I have a favorite, the next one sounds even better. I love them all! haha! 😀

amy_inVA@DavidArchie I CANNOT WAIT to hear “TOSOD” and “Stomping the Roses!” Dang the previews are KILLA! You nailed it David – thanks so much! 🙂

Picture credit: Rebecca on facebook

This time, I’m not disappointed in any of the snippets.  In fact, I’m loving every single one of them.  The full songs not yet heard will be the icing on a very delicious cake.   Although I’m not always in agreement with Jive’s promotion policies or lack thereof, they’ve shown they have faith in David’s abilities by giving him over 70 writers with which to work, resulting in his  authorship on ten of the twelve songs.  His genius will be all over this CD, showing up in lyrical phrasing and musical passages.  We will see it in subtleties and nuances in the words and melodies, a dream come true for diehard fans.  His creativity and storytelling skills will be apparent in these songs which will soon become woven into the tapestry of our lives.  Touching a wider audience, more people will be affected and changed for the better.  It is the power of The Voice and he is unstoppable.

David is standing on the threshold of something magical.  We know how healing his music has been to people and the many lives it has changed.  I just know it will happen again, with this new dose of music, as the CD makes it’s journey through the world.  Given the opportunity to grow and stretch as an artist and to learn from seasoned writers and producers, I can only imagine what more is in store for us.  This time, however, I cannot get enough snippets, bubble tweets or any other morsels thrown my way.  In fact, they can’t come soon enough!

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