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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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A Giving Heart

Posted by betsy on Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some people were born to give. I believe there are more people in this world with a giving heart than those without.  And relatively late in life, it has been proven true to me.  Like is drawn to like.  David gives.  His fans give.

He gives smiles, love, music and from the beginning, before we knew his name, he gave to the causes he was drawn to.  Visiting hospitals, nursing homes, heck__dropping in on lonely widows.   He encouraged others to do the same.  His sincerity and genuine belief in service to others is all people need to see how it is done.  How life is done.

Please listen to his words at the beginning of this performance of POTC.

And within his fanbase, a revolution of giving has been started.  I have never seen anything like this.  I’m pretty sure it’s not the norm for a fanbase.  The time, the money, the encouragement – it’s all a beautiful gift.  A chain.  Whether it’s a donation to a cause, a gifted song, a seat at a show, a live cd burned out of love, or simply words of encouragement, it all matters to someone.

David has been on a mini tour of late.  A lot of these appearances are actually benefits.  He is raising money and awareness for children, animals, and with the upcoming New Albany Classic, domestic violence.  He is an inspiration for others and with Pecan Pie’s Crush Kids Cancer, team David Archuleta’s Angels moved into first place and stayed there, making them the top fundraisers for Stand Up 2 Cancer.

It is becoming so clear that when David sang the song “You’re the Voice,” it had real meaning for him.  His type of protest song.

“We’re not gonna sit in silence, we’re not gonna live in fear”

He is the Voice.  But we have voices too and choices.

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”

~Edward Everett Hale

I am so proud of this entire fanbase.

167 Responses to “A Giving Heart”

  1. gladys said

    In the beginning was not the cause which awakened my sympathy, was David. Or at least I thought so. But one night I saw myself coordinating with kids from different places in my country, Argentina, how to raise money to send Rissing star. Finally, the money was sent. All situations were taking it slowly but surely.
    My admiration for David woke up a nobility that I did not know I had. Learn to help people is not usual in me, but I have done almost without realizing it. I, unlike David, did not know it was to give, I learned now.
    Maybe it’s like I say sometimes things happen in a given time.
    Now is the time.
    Sometimes it is not material aid, sometimes it’s about being there and holding a hand and eye contact and be willing to listen.
    And if the situation allows it, smile.


  2. Abrra said

    Before we knew much about David and how he lives his life in service, he was telling us with his music. Prayer of the Children, Another day in Paradise, and You’re the Voice are his way of communicating who he is, as well as what we all need to pay attention to. Many of us have been on this earth twice as long as David. But I am willing to bet he has given 200% of himself more than we have in service to others.

    He is a teacher. We are the students.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  3. poof said

    Thank you Betsy for your great post and putting the song “The Voice” up. It has been a long time since I listened to him sing this, and I certainly see the song and David with a different perspective than I did two years ago. (Chokes up)

    It just amazes me. If you look at “any moment” watching and listening to David, you see a person actively “teaching” us, even at 17, to find “our voice” and make a difference in the world. And, of course, the first way to do that is to make a difference in ourself. I am trying. I guess I will keep watching and listening to David for my daily lessons :).

    We sure picked a great name for this fan site!


  4. Marylee said

    “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” ~Edward Everett Hale

    ~Words to live by and David has taught us well through his example. Thank you, David with all my heart!


  5. River said

    I can only speak for myself, but since David came into my life I believe I have become more generous, more tolerant and more intent on following his amazing example. It’s never too late to start and to change. The fan base pulls me along with their tide of great heart and sensativity. Looking back is impressive but the future will be more so. We, and he, have only begun.


  6. KH said

    I love this post and I, too, am proud of this fan base.


  7. I said

    Betsy, beautiful article.

    David is:



  8. nanaweize said

    #2 Abrra..some of us have been on this earth 3x as long as David and still need to work harder to serve as well as he does.

    #5 River said…”We, and he, have only begun.”
    I love this!

    Thanks Besty for this post. I will try to always remember that “He is the Voice. But we have voices too and choices.”


  9. emmegirl said

    Betsy, thanks for this lovely article – he has brought together an amazing fanbase, incredibly supportive of not only him but each other and those in need. Now there’s a success story. Seems he was just born with the knowledge of “how life is done” – and then given this incredible gift of voice to communicate that to others.

    And thank you for the YTV reminder. As Poof said,
    2 yrs later, that performance comes with a more profound understanding, and it couldn’t be more him.

    *I love that Edward Everett Hale quote.

    {GRANDE HUG} to David’s entire fanbase.

    We are awesome! 🙂


  10. cb said

    Such a lovely article Betsy! When I read COS, I understood better where David was coming from on AI. He wanted to sing songs that had meaning before he got sent home. (so humble) He wanted to share a message of love and compassion and hope through music. I and so many others felt it even though he hadn’t yet explained it. He has a remarkable voice that gives me chills and touches my soul and is a truly exceptional human being. It blows my mind that he was barely seventeen then and is only nineteen now. He has been a blessing in my life and given me motivation to try to be better and give more. His fans are some of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I want to thank all of you and especially David Archuleta for enriching my life more than i could ever have imagined just two and a half years ago. I am truly thankful for this experience. He is a blessing. I know this has probably all been said before, so forgive me, I just needed to say it again. Love to all of you, Claudia


  11. TOfan said


    Such a beautiful post. I had lunch with a friend who lost her mom to cancer and she brought up the SU2C telethon, which she watched and since she knows I’m a David fan 🙂 she mentioned she saw David on it. She had assumed that David was the one in charge of his team’s fundraising and when I told her that it was 100% fan-initiated and supported, she was so surprised. And I too felt so proud of this fanbase I could burst.

    Emme’s right, we are awesome! After all, we learned from the best! 🙂


  12. betsy said

    Thanks for all of the lovely comments.
    Gladys – Sometimes it is not material aid, sometimes it’s about being there and holding a hand and eye contact and be willing to listen.
    You are so right about this.

    Abs – His protest song. 🙂 You are the one who made me see it that way. Over a year ago.

    Poof – Yep! The Voice means many things! It’s perfect!

    Marylee – He has taught us well, and I can see it happening for generations.

    River – A more tolerant world. I like that. 🙂

    KH & I – Thank you. You have no idea how nervous I was and still am about writing.

    Nanaweize – Thank you. (And Angelica for finding that Edward Everett Hale quote!)

    Emmegirl – Thanks. Isn’t it the best fanbase? It’s actually more than that. Just didn’t know what to call it!

    CB – What a beautiful comment. “He touches my soul” I can never hear that enough.

    TOfan – Loved that SU2C story!

    By the way, I was moved to write this a couple of months ago. I thought I hated it, but saved it and when SU2C was a couple of days away, I went back and finished it. Since then, he has done even more. The MDA telethon. I cannot keep track of his and the fans good works!


  13. bebereader said

    {{{{{Betsy}}}}}}} Thank you for a beautfiul read! I can’t even imagine how proud David was when he found out that because of him, his fans raised the most funds for SU2C.

    I’m aware that many celebrities support charities but I wonder how of them many do it because it’s expected of them and how many, like David, actually started before they became famous. I think I know the answer. The world needs more people like David Archuleta.


  14. djafan said

    betsy, thank you for writing this beautiful article giving David and his fans props. Having never been a fan I am so glad that I contracted this ODD affliction for David. He gives me so much pride and leads by example on how to give and live. And you all are the best go getters.

    The two videos you selected are perfect.


  15. Angelica said


    Thank you for this beautiful article celebrating the constant example David is of good works and compassion.

    “His sincerity and genuine belief in service to others is all people need to see how it is done. How life is done.”

    And from Emmegirl,

    “Seems he was just born with the knowledge of “how life is done” – and then given this incredible gift of voice to communicate that to others.”

    It really is so simple isn’t it? How life is done is by doing unto others. I too am so very proud of this fanbase who are some of the best people I have ever met or witnessed in action. You are right that we are more than an ordinary fanbase. We have evolved into a community motivated by the desire to support him, each other, and those in need.


    I was so moved by your comment about working with children in Argentina to raise money for Rising Star Outreach..which as you said, was something “not usual” for you. Then you said,

    “My admiration for David woke up a nobility that I did not know I had.”

    That is beautiful.


  16. Tawna21 said

    Betsy, thank you!! I have a hard time sometimes to put myself in an “out of my comfort zone” situation, but David’s ways and his words have taught me that this is what life is all about. Give what you can. Like Gladys said, ‘Sometimes it is not material aid, sometimes it’s about being there and holding a hand and eye contact and be willing to listen.’

    I really do appreciate everything about David’s fanbase–especially this particular group of fans. (I so wish we could all meet in real life–how cool would that be?!)

    {{{{{{hugs to all of you}}}}}}


  17. jana said

    David had the gift of leadership..he inspires and we trust him. He is so unique. He is so young to understand what he does…

    How blessed we are. 🙂


  18. Angelica said

    This goes with this thread, doesn’t it?


    I just came from Twitterland. I tweeted David. I tweeted Eman. I tweeted the world at large. 3 whole tweets in one month all in one day!! It was strangely exhilarating…


  19. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy, thank you for writing about David the young man, who thinks about everyone else long before himself.

    I lost my mother on December 25th many years ago and since that time I have been actively involved in the Cancer Society on most levels. I believe that so many of us become involved in helping others once we are face to face with illnesses in our families, or face to face with a natural disaster that leaves people in need. For many, helping others has been a part of their family life for as long as they can remember thanks to the mothers and fathers. I believe that the world wars left people with hearts ready to do whatever was needed and that reaches into todays same situations. From the wars and from heartbreaking illnesses there is a clairvoyance that is always remembered.

    We, the Baby Boomers, quite possibly gave to our children more excessively to compensate for all that we did not have. As a result, generations following our children, lost the concept of giving freely to others of their time and money. David has brought back into the spotlight the acts of giving and helping, when some were losing sight of it all.

    There are a great many charities these days always in the midst of fundraising and I know that the young fans will give when they can and that is appreciated.

    At this moment it seems that we are looking at David’s songs for the messages and for the meanings. It is good to see that songs like “Elevator” are lighthearted and cheerful to give a good mix and balance, or to simply be fun loving. I commend those for requesting David’s songs on radio and commend those who vote diligently each day. Fans may not be able to keep up this pace for ever although I believe that Jive may think so. It is a known fact that the managements of stars in todays world, look to the fans do as much work as possible to keep the stars in their rightful places, when most of the responsibility should rest on them.

    My only concern and disappointment, is that there are no statements given at present for solo concerts (big or small) in the near future. Christmas music is David’s most special performance (my husband said that!!) that combines so nicely with his own pop music. Will we be passing by these concerts this year?

    You see, whenever I write in length about my concerns, and the sites are quiet (it is not Sunday yet), almost the next day there is an announcement or rumor of some kind!!! I am trying for that, so let’s see what happens!!



  20. River said

    Thank you Angelica for my new wallpaper. Every nite I have a new photo of David to greet me the following morning. The supply is endless & they’re all fantastic. The camera truly adores him. As do we.


  21. betsy said

    Yes Angelica, that goes with the thread and I thank you for that. I may or may not have been looking at that very photo earlier today. 😉
    This goes with the thread as well. maybe. lol


  22. djafan said

    Betsy, please keep writing 🙂

    SB, I sometimes wonder why hadn’t anyone before David motivate me to give, to care, to live in the way David has. Not that I didn’t, but it all seems so magnified since David. IDK if this makes since…lol

    Hoping your theory comes to be SB!

    Well we know David is eating Filipino…chilipadi anyone?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  23. djafan said

    My granddaughter just brought this to my attention.


  24. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan…You are the same special person that you have always been.

    A fishing vessel disappeared in the waters not far from our home a few days ago, just days after a huge celebration in the seaside resort town. The search has just been called off. Four young men (each with families at home) have been lost at sea. We went to the shores in different places today to see if there was anything that we could do. I believe that we all do whatever we are faced with even though we may not see that we are helping, but we are there to offer our support.



  25. bebereader said

    dja#23 Cute video! Thank your granddaughter, please! 🙂

    SB#24 How awful for those men and their families! I pray that there is a miracle and that they are found and brought to safety.

    I understand what you mean about showing up to help even if there isn’t much you can do. Sometimes just being there, and offering support means a lot.

    Since David entered our lives, we have been made more aware of what we can do for other people. What a blessing he is!


  26. Betsy – I loved your writing. As SB said …”thank you for writing about David the young man, who thinks about everyone else long before himself.”

    This somehow is therapeutic for me – a clarity thing. Always
    FELT the message in the songs David sang during AI. It moved me to tears but not in a depressing way. Just didn’t understand the message at first, if that makes any sense. It wasn’t until I started visiting the fan sites and started listening (not just hearing) his music. For me, the message was about giving of yourself and making a difference. It restored hope.

    SB#19 – spent most of my life after graduating from college, just giving of my time through volunteering (schools then coaching – not just my kids). Loved it as it was so fulfilling and felt I was making a difference. Became disenchanted 10 years ago when alot of the youth I was working with started displaying self serving behavior, lack of honesty and no sense of responsibility to others. So 5 years later I moved on….. then AI7 brought David. Thanks to him, I’m giving it another shot.


  27. YJfanofdavid said

    Betsy, Love this article. You are absolutely right. “You’re the Voice” is HIS type of protest song, in his very gentle and determined way.

    If he just sang with that magnificent voice, that would have been enough.

    If he just looked like the golden boy (Angelica #18!) with hair the color of midnight, that would have been enough.

    If he was just a young man quietly dedicated his life to making the world a better place, that would have been enough.

    Instead, God makes him all of these. And more. Ahh…we are so doomed. 🙂


  28. Abrra said

    From our mailbag, quiet blanc sent along a collage from the FRED orange carpet.

    Dear The Voice Admin,

    For dear emi!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit quiet blanc



  29. emmegirl said

    18, it goes with every thread.


  30. emmegirl said

    fandaforeverti48, thanks for sharing your story. Glad to hear you are giving it another shot, as it is obviously something you love.


  31. bebereader said

    Good Morning!

    #26 Fanda “Thanks to him, I’m giving it another shot.” Was happy to hear you say that. Along with everything else David gives us, he also gives us hope.

    #27 YJ Very well said! And so true!

    #28 Quiteblanc/Abrra Awesome collage! That first pic on the left is doing a number on me! Check out dem eyes! Quiteblanc, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU! 🙂

    Busy week ahead for David! For all those going to events, have a blast, stay safe and please bring us details! We love details!

    Monday, 9/20 97.1 ZHT exclusive VIP rooftop Archie Patio Party, UT

    Tuesday, 9/21 B98.7 LIVE in Studio B at 1:30pm Salt Lake City, UT

    Thursday, 9/23 4th Annual Pink Ribbon Performance, Wichita, KS

    Friday, 9/24 Birthday Barn Dance, Penn State York, The Pullo Center, PA


  32. emmegirl said

    Already know it’s gonna be a good week – more song snippets, performances and maybe pics. 🙂

    Putting off the inevitable(laundry,cleaning), and watching David vids. Life is good. (I am taking my cue from him and enjoying the moment. No guilt)

    Noticed how he’s always encouraging audience participation, “come on you guys, jump” or “clap,” or “sing it” or “whistle.” You can tell he receives so much enjoyment from seeing the audience involved and really enjoying themselves and the music.

    But hold on nellie, with him, audience participation ain’t so easy. You are so mesmerized by what you are hearing and seeing you can’t move, don’t wanna move, just wanna absorb. And, if by some freaky form of unbelievable willpower you do move, it is only to whip out your camera to video – so you can watch it over and over and over for all of eternity.

    So, this time around will work on my audience participation David, just for you…but it ain’t gonna be easy.


  33. emifriend said

    #29 Quiet Blanc!! Thank you for creating my wish! I love it! Something about that teal shirt really brought out the pretty color in David’s beautiful eyes. Thanks Abbrraa for posting it– my new screen saver!

    Betsy– Great article! Keep writing! I have always enjoyed your comments.
    I love how David started using his fame from the “very start,” deliberately, to encourage giving and service to others. It was as if David had been thinking about it a long time beforehand, and knew exactly what he would do if he ever had the chance, Then, when the chance came, he made it look easy… easy enough for all of us to want to try too. David deliberately sang the melody for both his giving and his positive relationship with his fans. He taught it to us and now, we can teach others. He lead the way, and continues to lead the way. It is so beautiful how David’s melody of kindness and love is infused into all of his actions and is now woven in and out of all of our days.


  34. djafan said

    YJ, “Instead, God makes him all of these. And more. Ahh…we are so doomed. :)” 🙂 🙂

    Most Wanted Hits

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Fred the Movie commercial, David at about 6 secs.


  35. MunkFOD said

    Betsy! I love this article! and thanks for the great quote by Angelica at the top. Success isn’t measured in worldly “things” …in fame, in worldly honors. I think success is measured by how one lives their lives, and how they touch people’s lives for good. David is a success. He is making a huge difference, quietly, by being his wonderful self. He is making the world a better place. I get kinda frustrated when people are so worried about how many #1 hits David has on the radio and they don’t see all that David is doing to make this world a better place. He is a leader for good and we follow. Thanks so much Betsy!


  36. Abrra said

    I watched Fred the Movie, well 1 hour is all could take! That kid has a “unique” voice, I will say that !

    I am watching the Something Pitchy interview from AOL. The elven king hair is to die for. He is talking as much with his large man-hands as his mouth in this one. Its a great video!



  37. Angelica said

    Thank you for the collage Quite Blanc! I love them all but the 2 pics on the left you chose to make larger are my favorites!

    Fanda, Glad David restored your faith to give it another try. Hope it works out and you and the kids are blessed because you did.

    Emmegirl, re #18 That can be arranged. 😉

    River, re #18 You’re welcome!


    “Instead, God makes him all of these. And more. Ahh…we are so doomed.” 🙂

    Yes, any one of them would have been enough but all of them = unfair stacking of the deck. I fold. 🙂

    SB, loving all your thoughtful comments lately. Good stuff!


    “It is so beautiful how David’s melody of kindness and love is infused into all of his actions and is now woven in and out of all of our days.”


    Busy week ahead for David and company <(that's us) Bring it!


  38. betsy said

    You are all so nice. Thank you 🙂

    Bebe – I bet he is very proud of his fans. ♥

    Dja – Thank you. Go-Getters ftw!

    Angelica – You just might make me believe.

    Tawna – Wouldn’t it be grand if we could all meet? We are doing pretty well so far!

    Jana – We are very blessed.

    SB – Good thinking! Here’s hoping for news today!

    Fandaforeverti48 – “He restored hope” I love this ♥

    Yj – “Instead, God made him all of these” That is so beautiful. sniff*

    Emifriend – “David deliberately sang the melody for both his giving and his positive relationship with his fans. He taught it to us and now, we can teach others.”
    I’ve never thought of it that way. Thank you. So amazing, that chain.

    Munkfod – “He is making the world a better place.” Yes, he is. He knows what is important – at such a young age.



  39. betsy said

    Abrra – I’ve decided that that interview is in my top 5. Love that Gaby Dunn. And even seated, David was in constant motion.


  40. skydancer1x said

    let me add my thank you also, Betsy! “A Giving Heart” You can just look at the picture posted at the top, and see the kindness and sweetness of this beautiful young man.

    “Visiting hospitals, nursing homes, heck-dropping in on lonely widows.”

    I remember a video of him doing just that. He went to a nursing home, in some city where he was performing that night, and sang for the residents Christmas songs I think…and a fan visiting her grandmother caught him on video. When I saw that video, it just melted my heart into butter. There are so many “extra special” things David does for others, that we will probably never know about.
    He is inspirational. He motivates me by his sheer goodness, and gentle ways.

    “God Bless the Broken Road”
    It’s all part of a grander plan, that is coming true….


  41. Abrra said

    Skydancer, here you go:



  42. Angelica said

    Abrra, thanks for bringing that video here.

    And Skydancer, thanks for inspiring her to do it by mentioning it.

    “When I saw that video, it just melted my heart into butter. There are so many “extra special” things David does for others, that we will probably never know about.
    He is inspirational. He motivates me by his sheer goodness, and gentle ways.”

    My heart is a pool of melted butter now too. That video is such a beautiful visual of him giving of himself with no thought of reward, just to bring a little joy into someone’s life.

    Yes, Sky, God bless the broken road that led us straight to this sweet young man and his loving example.


  43. blisskasden said

    Abrra, when people ask me why I love David, I always think of this video. (#41). The look on the faces of these wonderful folks, so moved by David’s kindness and warmth given so naturally and openly, says everything one needs to know about him. It is no accident that David picked a song that they would remember from their younger days, and could sing along with him.

    There is a wonderful Yiddish word,”mensch”. It means “a person of integrity and honor, someone to honor and emulate, someone of noble character.” I find it so ironic that the finest example of this Yiddish concept is a beautiful Mormon boy from Utah.


  44. betsy said

    Abs that video always makes me cry. Thanks for posting it.
    How sweet and gentle he is, noticing the woman singing and “You know this song”

    He never alludes to his celebrity.
    But he does tell them who he is.

    David, from Utah.
    With 3 sisters and 1 brother and the kindest heart I have ever seen.


  45. bebereader said

    I just watched it too.
    He’s comfortable singing for a crowd of 24,000 and just as comfortable singing for a crowd of 24.
    And he treats everyone the same.. “Come on, join me, you guys.”

    Bliss #43 “There is a wonderful Yiddish word,”mensch”. It means “a person of integrity and honor, someone to honor and emulate, someone of noble character.” I find it so ironic that the finest example of this Yiddish concept is a beautiful Mormon boy from Utah.”

    If you open a Yiddish dictionary and look for the word “mensch”, you’ll find a picture of David. 😀


  46. skydancer1x said

    Love you Abrra!!! Thanks for bringing that video over!!
    He is just so sweet, it makes me want to cry!

    42.(angelica, guess there’s nothing left for us to do but find some lobster tails to hang out with!)


  47. Abrra said

    I have a 91 yr old client in a senior living facility. She is always excited when there is an entertainer scheduled to perform in the “Great Room”. There are many who never see an outsider except for the times when there is a show. It means the world to them to have someone care enough to come and sing or play music for them.

    I am sure David got as much from this visit as the folks in the audience. I love when he is finished singing he begins to talk as if he is the grandson updating the senior family members on his life. He has the gift of the common man.

    It was at your prompting! All I did was Google search 🙂

    /hands Betsy a hankie 😉



  48. emifriend said

    Bliss and Bebe:

    Ya’ll just made me smile so big. Thank you for the Yiddish education! I am so glad to know there is even a word like “mensch” for us all to aspire to or at least look for in our lives. It is wonderful and beautiful that these attributes are revered across cultures. Maybe, we really are all more alike than we are different in both simple and complex ways…

    Bliss #43 “There is a wonderful Yiddish word,”mensch”. It means “a person of integrity and honor, someone to honor and emulate, someone of noble character.” I find it so ironic that the finest example of this Yiddish concept is a beautiful Mormon boy from Utah.”

    If you open a Yiddish dictionary and look for the word “mensch”, you’ll find a picture of David. 😀


  49. djafan said

    Watching that video choked me up again. He is more than I ever imagined a person could be. We all know good people but in all honesty I have never encountered anyone with all those special attributes wrapped in one person. Amazing.

    SB…Thank you, I’d like to think so.

    Seems like they’re getting ready for tomorrow!!!


    Doing photography at a private David Archuleta concert/performance tomorrow. Should be fun.

    6 minutes ago via Facebook


    Night all! Long day tomorrow getting ready to hang w @davidarchie

    41 minutes ago via MOTOBLUR


  50. bebereader said

    I have an announcement to make. I’m officially obsessed with “Stomping The Roses”. It is slowly becoming the new “Barriers” for me. And that, from one little snippet!

    credit grapexmagoo

    “Wasting time just
    Going mindless
    Watching your charades
    When you were younger
    Did it occur to you
    Ten years from then
    You’d act the same age?

    I cannot carry on this way,
    Although I’ve carried all your every little thing
    Carry me away
    Did you feel like stomping the roses?”


  51. djafan said

    Bebe…I know what you mean, here’s a mgr of STR. Much longer…lol


  52. bebereader said

    Oh sure djafan, make me overdose.

    (Thank you!)


  53. betsy said

    So it looks like David is at the Jonas Brothers concert in LA with a Melinda Bell, according to her twitter Melindaweg.

    She is with WEG (Wright Entertainment Group)


  54. Angelica said

    I googled. Seems Melinda Bell is Senior Vice President of Wright Entertainment Group that lists clients, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Janet Jackson…


  55. Angelica said

    Found on FOD who doesn’t know who sent them to them so can’t credit anyone but thanks! From Nashville Concert.

    Sideburns and sharpie, and hand, oh my!




  56. betsy said

    The photographer that will work with David today.

    So excited!! Music all week!!



  57. emmegirl said

    Let’s not be talkin bout those sideburns(or the curled upper lip) 😉

    …but we can talk about the flutterby eyelashes.


  58. xaris said

    Hi Everyone! I haven’t posted for a long time, but I do keep up with the articles and as many comments as possible. My son is a senior this year, and all this college stuff is a bit overwhelming. I also did not realize that Homecoming at the high school meant that all these massive Homecoming decorations would be coming into my home.

    Betsy-Great article! I also “believe there are more people in this world with a giving heart than those without,” because I read their comments on blogs like this one every day.

    Angelica-I loved your Delta Fair recap. I want to sit next to you sometime at a David concert. Please?

    Djxox-I am so sorry for your loss. I hope both your heart and your knee heal well and soon.

    #18 photo-I was wondering when that would find its way here. It needs a permanent posting on the left side bar, but not directly under the photos from the Madden football thingy. I’m distracted from the comments as it is when those appear. When I saw photo #18 the first time, I thought WOW. That’s WOW spelled oooooo-la-la.

    Cheers everyone! I’m calling in sick everywhere on Oct. 5th.


  59. djafan said

    Good Morning ALL!!

    @melindaWEG who was with David last night at the jobros concert is tweeting with David Fans…It sounds like she wants us to mobilize and make NOISE!

    I wanna see if all David Archuleta fans tweet me… Love talking to passionate fans!! He needs more followers too, let’s get him a million 15 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter Retweeted by you and 7 others

    # @LizzyDizzy88 post them on a site and start a campaign… 25 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to LizzyDizzy88

    *haha couldn’t agree more* RT @freetodream5: @MelindaWEG radio hasn’t played good music since 2001-2002 when (cont) 36 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    @keepmenear hahaha no sorry but I can tell you major stations off the top of my head 😉 go to Jive it should be (cont) 37 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to keepmenear

    @Galuv4u it went to radio last week, it isn’t jives call to add it, jive sends it out. The stations choose what they play stations add 38 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    @Galuv4u I didn’t say you weren’t, I am saying there is power in numbers and you guys can have it 🙂 40 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    @janey79 it went to radio if enough ppl request they will add it…if they don’t they are stupid, shouldn’t turn off your listeners 41 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to janey79

    @ShellDAfan also david has over 400k followers…ya’ll need to unite and make yourself heard. Time to tell radio (cont) about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to ShellDAfan

    @ShellDAfan then write to jive and tell them to send it to that station- power of the people- people! Let’s go about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to ShellDAfan

    @keepmenear gotta keep doing it and doing it and doing it about 2 hours ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to keepmenear

    Sounds like the archie fans need to unite and start calling radio stations and requesting RT @suttygal: need it heard on more radio stations about 2 hours ago via ÜberTwitter Retweeted by you and 4 others

    Request it RT @ShellDAfan: @MelindaWEG love @davidarchie’s song Elevator, but radio just doesn’t play good music, wish they would about 2 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

    You have to call/email request it! Fans must make some noise!! RT @Galuv4u: @MelindaWEG We have heard Elevator, (cont) about 2 hours ago via ÜberTwitter


  60. ram said

    Betsy- I so appreciate“We’re not gonna sit in silence, we’re not gonna live in fear”
    He is the Voice. But we have voices too and choices.


  61. ram said

    Sorry, computer issues (well to be completely honest more like ME with the computer) :\

    Betsy, I so appreciate your article and your understanding of what David is all about. “We’re not gonna sit in silence, we’re not gonna live in fear. He is the Voice. But we have voices too and choices.”

    He is one of the bravest people I have ever seen. Thanks for reminding me about David’s fearlessness in doing the right thing. He inspires me to try new things and in trying to be a more tolerant and giving person.

    Djxox- I was very sorry to hear of your Father’s passing. I hope you are mending well in heart and after your surgery. And especially with David’s voice that he gives you that extra helping hand while on the mend.


  62. Angelica said

    Hey Xaris! Good to see you! Of course you may sit next to me at a David concert anytime! Calling in sick October 5th, huh? hmmmm…

    Party on the roof tonight in Utah!! Should be lovely at night with all those lanterns. Who’s going? No one listed on the sidebar for this event.


    I had a dream last night after reading that David attended a Jonas Brothers concert with one of the CEO’s of Wright Entertainment who I guess manages them and Justin Timberlake, Britanny, etc.. I dreamed he was walking down the sidewalk of a city with several big wigs from WEG, dressed in black with a black hat like a Spanish dancer. I happened to spot them and was just walking along behind, not stalking, just observing like you do in a dream. Anyway they had just been rehearsing him in those uber choreorgraphed dance steps used by the entertainers they represent, you know, the routines that are something like a cross between an advanced aerobic work-out and cheerleading? So they all suddenly stop and want to make sure David has the choreography down and he gives them a little demo on the street of a quick dance move. They seem satisfied and continued walking with him, while I stood there rooted to the spot with a little fear gnawing at my heart. I’m not sure if it was because I liked what I saw or didn’t.

    I guess the dream was triggered by a little anxiety I have over this type of management handling him. Photobucket


  63. bebereader said

    Xaris#58 Welcome back! I think we will take your great idea and post pic #18 on the left sidebar!

    djafan#59 So MelindaWEG suggests that fans take an aggressive approach with respect to the radio stations. Not a bad idea. Didn’t we do this once before with ALTNOY?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  64. djafan said

    Please submit your questions for David here…Last time AI interviewed him they had close to 400 questions, now we’re a little over 200 and they interview him tomorrow.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  65. SandyBeaches said

    Pictures #55…Why so handsome?

    The handsome face you see, the charm of a young gentleman, the peacefullness, the majestic look overall appears when David is singing what he loves spiritually. This is David in an ultimate setting with ultimate musicians who know and appreciate every beautiful note that he sings. Together with all of the other fantastic artists, David shone that night just as he was born to do.



  66. djafan said

    High Ram and Xaris!!!

    Bebe, To be totally honest I never did much requesting of songs. I read that Carrie Underwood said that fans requested and requested her music and it seems to have worked 🙂 I don’t know what the answer is but I’m requesting. Uf any one is up to requesting here is the link of radio stations by state. It’s also on the left sidebar under the vodpod videos.

    Angelica, David and choreographed dance moves…lol, not that I don’t think he can’t do them, as a matter a fact I’m sure he could but I doubt he’d want to. Good sign is that the jobros don’t do any choreographed moves and WEG represents them. Interesting dream though, the hat.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  67. djafan said

    Not to be a downer but this guy has been getting mega radio support and now this. Just needed to get it out.

    Popular singer/songwriter Bruno Mars was arrested in Las Vegas early Sunday on suspicion of narcotics possession, this according to the Las Vegas-Review Journal.

    Mars was busted, the paper reports, after security at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino confronted him in a bathroom and allegedly found him to be in possession of narcotics. He had performed Saturday night at the Hard Rock.

    It was unclear what type of narcotics he allegedly had on him.

    Mars is best known for writing songs for for B.o.B, Cee-Lo Green and Travie McCoy, as well as for his own song, “Just the Way You Are.”


  68. Angelica said


    The Jo Bro don’t dance? Then what the heck?…nevermind.

    Anyway, it looks like it’s a done deal if he was at a Jonas Bros concert with her last night and she is, the very next morning galvanizing his fans on twitter. At least she’s not dragging her feet in promoting.

    My anxiety is not excessive. I trust him.


  69. bebereader said

    Angelica: This is the opening number from last night’s Jonas Bros show at the Verizon Amphitheater. It’s called “Feeling Alive”. See? No dancing. Just a lot of screaming from fans. I could handle that!

    credit aarikabari


  70. Tawna21 said

    Angelica #62–Party on the roof tonight in Utah!! Should be lovely at night with all those lanterns. Who’s going? No one listed on the sidebar for this event.

    you had to win tix to this—lots that I know tried, but couldn’t get in as the right caller. I tried for the one tomorrow, but couldn’t get it either.:( *sigh*


  71. djafan said

    lol The jobros don’t dance. It looks like WEG might be it.

    My anxiety is mild, my excitement is over the top. I want to do all I can to support and promote him and I trust him too 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  72. djafan said

    Is it to big???


  73. Angelica said



  74. bebereader said

    MelindaWEG seems like a go-getter, just like David calls his fans. It was a smart move on her part to go straight to Twitter and communicate with us. She has to realize how passionate a fanbase we are and how far we go to promote David’s music.

    dja you’re killing us with that collage. Just sayin’!


  75. djafan said

    Isn’t he something?! I’ll leave it alone.

    Twitter is all a tweeter…lol


    @jenleighbarry My radio station told me to get more people to request @DavidArchie<< straight from the horses mouth 5 minutes ago via web in reply to jenleighbarry Retweeted


  76. djafan said

    Seems like maybe we’ve been to complacent with the radio requests?


    The DJ at WFLY Albany NY said I was the ONLY person that requested SBL. Now why was that?? 6 minutes ago via web Retweeted by you and 1 other

    USA Today Idol Chatter

    While David Archuleta’s Something ‘Bout Love seems to have stopped its chart climb well below the top 40 in any format, another song from his forthcoming The Other Side of Down, Elevator, makes its debut on the Idol airplay chart this week at No. 80.

    44 46 David Archuleta, Crush (317)

    47 45 David Archuleta, Something ‘Bout Love (234)

    80 NA David Archuleta, Elevator (44)

    I say we start requesting all three daily.

    SBL may have stopped but it could get re-started, not unheard of.

    Call, tweet, text, email, be heard! Let them know that David has fans, just don’t be obnoxious.. 🙂


  77. bebereader said

    The heat is on!
    Melinda Bell, Senior VP of an entertainment company who accompanied David to a concert last night recommends that fans unite and call local radio stations to request SBL and Elevator. This just might work. I like her style and she wants us to communicate with her on twitter, per her tweet:

    “I wanna see if all David Archuleta fans tweet me… Love talking to passionate fans!! He needs more followers too, let’s get him a million”

    Here’s her twitter page if you want to follow her:

    Continue to request SBL at musiqtone, too. Link below:

    With respect to the fires in Utah, prayers go to our Utah fans, hoping they are safe.


  78. Angelica said


    Bummer about the VIP miss x 2. (((hug))) Guess you’ll just have to hang out here with us and hope someone takes video.


  79. tessielynn said

    Great Post!

    If I remember correctly, that week on AI, Simon implied that the song was not Davids choice but that someone else infuenced him to choose it. I remember David looking so confused and saying that it was his choice.

    I wonder if Simon get’s it now, not that it really matters.


  80. djafan said

    No Video but here’s the first twitpic by @mixdjjared who says he’ll be twitpicing for the duration.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  81. djafan said

    The Roof top patio!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  82. bebereader said

    Whoa! From mixdjjared on Twitter:

    Having issues uploading twit pics… @davidarchie practicing unreleased stuff and I have permission to film it 8 minutes ago via MOTOBLUR


  83. djafan said

    Warming up

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  84. bebereader said


    Sound check with @davidarchi soundin good for you few special guests live with us today. 23 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter


  85. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David and his brother, Daniel


  86. djafan said

    being interviewed.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  87. dakgal said

    Been away from here for 2-3 days, so I’ll try to catch up.

    djxox–my sincere condolences to you on the passing of your father and a purple heart to you for your injury received in the line of duty.

    I have always wanted to thank:

    1. David for the inspiration to do good.
    2. Those who go above and beyond by taking action and leading the way for us to contribute to Davids many charities by setting up sites and organizing everything. I have one burning question to ask Pecan Pie tho–has she ever let David give her that hug yet?
    3. All the wonderful David fans with big hearts who are generous with their farthings and donate.

    On to another subject— What I know about the music/recording business you can put in a thimble— Well OK half a thimble– In a nutshell can anybody tell me what Managements duties are and what Jives duties are? I’m too lazy to
    Google it, and probably wouldn’t understand it anyway.


  88. Angelica said


    Whoa! From mixdjjared on Twitter:

    Having issues uploading twit pics… @davidarchie practicing unreleased stuff and I have permission to film it 8 minutes ago via MOTOBLUR

    Welcome back, Dak!


  89. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  90. djafan said

    So I’m confused,

    Are the radio promo and the patio performances two different events?


  91. Nancy L said

    I love him. David is the only super star who would keep it real eating celery during an interview that will be seen and heard worldwide. That’s our David.

    I lurk all the time and was laughing so hard at that pic #86 I had to comment. Thank you to this wonderful site for all of your great posts and caring fan family.


  92. Angelica said

    Nancy L,

    LOL! I didn’t notice the celery in his hand till you pointed it out. He is an eating machine and yes, he sure keeps it real.

    Thank you for the sweet words and for delurking!



  93. djafan said

    Ok, seems like there are two events, patio party next!


    On our way!! Ahhhhh!!! See you soon @davidarchie
    14 minutes ago via txt
    Retweeted by you and 1 other


  94. betsy said

    from Twitter:
    TAGGB has a full gospel choir. 🙂


  95. betsy said

    Ok that was from his Amazon bio!


  96. betsy said

    Timely 🙂

    When you give, you show your appreciation to the source of all things. The joy + enthusiasm you can feel for spirit reflects back onto you.

    From Deepak Chopra’s twitter and Facebook accounts


  97. Abrra said

    Here is the copy of the Amazon bio:
    With budding maturity, David Archuleta captures two years’ worth of introspection and reflection, dozens of songwriting sessions, long days spent in the studio and nights in the air, all leading to The Other Side of Down, his highly anticipated second album.

    Not only the follow up to David’s 2008 self-titled debut, it’s a reintroduction to the American Idol runner-up with the angelic voice who 30 million television viewers fell in love with during season 7—now older, wiser, with faith still on his side and an eternally optimistic wide-eyed outlook. Hence, the album’s title. “For me, it’s about moving forward and making progress,” David explains. “I’m heading towards ‘the other side of down,’ which is ‘up.’”

    Actually, there are many sides to David Archuleta, all of which find a place on the record. There’s the youthful David, affectionately known as Archie, who often emerges on TV in the form of a mid-interview giggle; You can find him on the title track whose bouncy, island vibe vows that nothing’s going to break his pop stride.

    Then you have David the inspiration and role model, who looks deep inside and up above for guidance on how to navigate the world around him—much as he describes on the track “Things Are Gonna Get Better,” which spots a silver lining in the darkest of clouds and enlists a full gospel choir to drive the point home.

    And there’s the insatiably curious David, who doesn’t have all the answers but is resolved to keep searching for them. Look no further than the sugar sweet S*A*M and Sluggo-produced single “Something ‘Bout Love” for the sound of reach-for-the-sky bliss, and the hard-driving big chorus of “Complain,” written for David by EMan, David Hodges and Claude Kelly, which, despite its title, is an encouraging song beckoning the listener not to take anything for granted.

    It’s a sentiment David is all too familiar with, not just from having reached second place on Idol, but seeing massive success straight out the gate with the song “Crush,” which charted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 the week of its 2008 release and has since sold two million downloads. “I wasn’t expecting to be in the finale and I wasn’t expecting to get a record deal right after my interviews that night,” David admits. “My plan was to go back to school after the Idol tour so I wasn’t entirely prepared to make an album, which is why I was really surprised that it did as well as it did.” David also released “Christmas from the Heart” which debuted at No. 2 on the seasonal chart behind Bob Dylan.

    While no stranger to pressure—he did sail through three months’ worth of intense competition on TV’s biggest stage—having a hit record under his belt meant defining his place in music beyond being a pop culture footnote. “I don’t want my music to have boundaries,” David declares. “It was so neat to see how positive fans were about ‘Crush,’ but with this album, my participation in each of the songs ties them together and they’re all me.”

    Indeed, David had a hand in co-writing the majority of the album’s tracks, including two of its quirkier numbers, the bouncy “Parachutes and Airplanes” with Matt Squire and Lindy Robbins, and the irresistible ride that is “Elevator,” written with Shelly Peiken and Mike Krompass, whose lyrics—“Elevator goes up / Elevator goes down / Just go with the flow / Until your feet hit the ground”—literally came to David in a dream. “I had this visual in my mind of all these elevators going up and down and I’m trying to figure out which floor to get off on,” he explains. “The next day, we wrote it in, like, 30 minutes, not thinking anything would happen with it.” But proving that age-old musician’s adage that sometimes the best songs come out in the shortest bursts.

    “A lot of writers say ‘dare to suck’ and you have to,” David continues. “Because not everything that comes out is going to make sense. That’s not how it works. You pay attention to how chords make you feel or you see a picture and you just start writing about it. I love when things are emotion-driven. It’s not always about how hooky it is. There are songs like that, but it’s not what I’m trying to do.”

    Feeling a greater sense of purpose is nothing new to fans of the now 19-year-old Murray, Utah native who overcame vocal cord paralysis at age 13 while competing on CBS’s “Star Search.” The trying experience was chronicled in David’s 2010 book “Chords of Strength” and resonates in the overall message of The Other Side of Down. “Instead of acting like everything in life is so hard and confusing, look at it this way: the only way you can go from here is up,” he says. “It’s our decisions and how we handle things, even when they get rough. If we keep holding on, looking at things positively and working hard, we can improve our lives, help ourselves, and even help the greater good.”

    Of course, with inspiration comes aspiration and David isn’t lacking in that department, either. He aspires to find everlasting love in the ballad “My Kind of Perfect,” assured that his time will eventually come but wondering when. “It’s about waiting and knowing that they don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be my kind of perfect,” he explains. And going beyond his world to address the harsh reality of war and natural disasters, David offers the hopeful “Things Are Gonna Get Better.” “It’s what people need to hear right now,” he says.

    To that end, David’s current musical tastes run the pop-rock gamut, from acoustic guitar-driven singer-songwriters like Jason Mraz to the electronic sounds of female innovators like Imogen Heap and A Fine Frenzy. Surprising? Hardly if you consider David’s appreciation for the beauty of melody, a trait he displayed time and time again while performing on Idol. “It’s amazing how one song can change someone’s life,” says David. “It’s been done for me so many times and I want to give to my fans the same thing those artists have given me.”
    This biography was provided by the artist or their representative.



  98. djafan said


    That is what a call a bio!

    From Kudd radio station

    Elevator snippet

    Crush snippet

    SBL snippet

    ATM snippet

    credit gommez7


  99. Abrra said

    Here is an older in studio video from Mix 107.9 from march 2009.
    Very sweet ! This was before his last show on the solo tour.



  100. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  101. Abrra said

    For the record, I find @MelindaWEG’s tweets annoying.



  102. Tawna21 said

    Abrra #101– so glad I’m not the only one


  103. silverfox said

    This is kind of, is such a stupid question, or observation would be more like it. David used to always wear great sneakers when he performed, but for the all these radio promos, fairs & other small appearances he’s done he is wearing the same sneakers which look comfortable for sure, but well worn & not at all like the great spotless sneakers David used to wear. He used to wear a different pair at every appearance. Now he wears the same ones over & over…Lucky Sneakers, perhaps? I’m so lame! 😆 (sorry, David!)

    He was his usual awesome self tonight. So awesome in fact, that he was inappropriately touched on his face by one woman & even kissed on the cheek by a girl who just could not help themselves I guess! Seems some over-zealous fans need a leash and David needs a bodyguard. No doubt!


  104. Tawna21 said

    Now, Utah, please let David go home, be with his family and SLEEP!!!


  105. Abrra said

    We are on the same page tonight. I don’t spend much time on twitter. Now I recall why. I read things that I find a bit upsetting and annoying. The reports of David’s reaction to having his personal space invaded made me downright angry. His fans have always respected him. So whoever is acting inappropriately is giving all fans a black eye. Cut it out! The last thing he needs it to be nervous around his fans.

    While I am on a rant. The MelindaWGE person has some NERVE to tell fans how to support David. Where was SHE the last 2 1/2 years? HMMMM? I think we have helped him and supported him just fine. How about the “professionals” that surround him doing more on their end? HMMMM????

    /rant off



  106. djafan said


    I’m going on that record too, at first they seemed ok, now not so much.

    What’s strange is that she seems legit on WEG.


  107. nanaweize said

    #70 Tawna..I tried too but no luck in winning a special spot at the radio station concerts. I feel a little sad but am happy for the ones that won. I have at least met him and many fans have not! Okay the smile is coming back…just had to vent a little!


  108. djafan said


    credit 15263457689


  109. bebereader said

    David’s arrival and SBL

    credit pattycake04


  110. djafan said

    That #108 Elevator is yummy


  111. nanaweize said

    #108..Djafan…thanks for posting the video…doesn’t he look like he is enjoying singing the song. Entirely to much fun for that boy!


  112. Abrra said

    Elevator video in full screen ! So lovely he is 🙂
    Screen caps please?????????? Especially the end silhouette 😉


  113. bebereader said

    SBL Part 2


  114. djafan said

    Nana…way to much fun…lol And getting better and better with each performance if that’s even possible.

    Things Are Gonna Get Better!


  115. djafan said

    Something Bout Love…scrumptious!!!


  116. Abrra said

    haha All 3 of us posted TAGGB at once! I removed the one I posted.

    Off to bed I go.


  117. bebereader said


    credit 15263457689


  118. djafan said

    Oh my gosh….Things Are Gonna Get Better..delicious!


  119. bebereader said

    Another TAGGB–clearer. Notice the slight change in lyrics from the MDA version, which was a demo.

    “Your luggage arrived!” Apparently David’s luggage was lost. I heard about it on Twitter.

    credit pattycake04


  120. bebereader said


    (David explains about his lost luggage…so cute)

    credit pattycke04


  121. emmegirl said

    dja, yummy and delicious…couldn’t have said it better.
    Love the changes in the SBL, wow! And that TAGGB, sing it David!

    SF lame, no way. Have to admit, I been kinda wishin’ he would go with something else for a change in footwear too.

    Stubble alert…(I know you all saw it), must have been a rushed mornin.


  122. bebereader said

    Silverfox#103 This is a longshot but maybe the sneakers he wanted to wear were in his “lost luggage”. Just a thought. Okay I’ll go back to my little corner now. LOL


  123. bebereader said

    David talking to fans:

    credit pattycake04


  124. djafan said


    I’ve noticed the shoes. I’ve also wondered why he has just been wearing those ones, compact? IDK

    I heard that the radio station was saying to the winners to give him a kiss. Those dang dj’s.

    But a bodyguard sounds about right.


  125. djafan said

    Matt Clayton sneakpeek???? JUST WOW!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  126. bebereader said


    credit 15263457689


  127. kaycee said

    Love all the new videos! Love the new Matt Clayton picture too…can’t wait to see the rest! If you go to that picture on his site and then scroll down a bit, you’ll see David’s future girlfriend…haha, in her dreams at least! Matt did my daughter’s senior pictures last month! He was great to work with and so much fun. Sandy Beaches will recognize her…she so generously gave her a VIP ticket to the SLC CFTH concert and was her concert buddy!


  128. bebereader said

    A Thousand Miles (Love the banter before the song!)



  129. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning…

    Hi Kaycee!! I am hoping to be at a concert in SLC in the near future and to get a chance to say hi to both of you!! That is my wishful thinking kicking in…



  130. FG said

    Betsy! I have been so busy that I never told you that I love your article! Thank you so much.

    I am officially afraid of Matt Clayton. Daaaannggggg.


  131. skydancer1x said

    125.Djafan “Matt Clayton sneekpeek???? JUST WOW!” (you got that right!) Double WOW!

    130.FG…”I am officially afraid of Matt Clayton.Daaaannggggg!” haha!yes, be afraid, be very afraid!

    I love the pairing of David/Matt when it comes to photo’s.
    Just something he does with David, I don’t know…so crisp, clean,colorful,(that beautiful black hair,black tie(he likes black ties on David I noticed.)
    Matt’s photo’s are just so sharp,they just reach out and grab you. I can’t wait to see more!
    Thanks for posting Dja!!


  132. Angelica said

    From Celebrity BuzZ:

    “David Archuleta ‘s latest music video– Something ‘Bout Love –beats Taylor Swift ‘s “Mine” to capture lead on MYX Daily Top 10.”

    I am officially afraid of Matt Clayton too. He has wrecked havoc with my serenity too often. That sneak peek photo up there is so clean! David himself looks so freshly scrubbed and starched and is in such sharp, crisp focus against the blurred, muted brick wall in the background. The colors in the plaid shirt pop and that black tie is such a strong focal point, evening coming to a point against the dazzling white of his pants. I like the mystery of not knowing exactly what he is doing, like a tight rope walker precariously balanced. (Don’t even get me started on that visual)


  133. bebereader said

    I was online last night when dja posted the new Matt Clayton pic! Wasn’t expecting to see something new at that hour! Matt Clayton sure has a keen eye for capturing David and he always leaves us wanting more. David casually mentions a photoshoot in a tweet and has no idea that he sets his fanbase on fire. It’s all in a days work…LOL

    I’ve really been enjoying the videos from yesterday’s shows, especially the closeups by 15263457689. It was nice to hear David sing ATM again.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit IDF


  134. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit IDF

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit IDF

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Melissa on facebook


  135. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit djafan 🙂


  136. djafan said

    David’s bio

    “A lot of writers say ‘dare to suck’ and you have to,” David continues. “Because not everything that comes out is going to make sense. That’s not how it works. You pay attention to how chords make you feel or you see a picture and you just start writing about it. I love when things are emotion-driven. It’s not always about how hooky it is. There are songs like that, but it’s not what I’m trying to do.”

    This statement from someone who doesn’t think he’s interesting or complex, well I beg to differ. David is the real deal, while others who are given all the attention are out kissing in backseats or getting busted for drug possession don’t appreciate the opportunities at their feet. Not that David is perfect, he does spill his lunch on occasion. David is going to continue to do what feels right to him, he talks about it, he writes about it, and he lives it.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit djafan 🙂


  137. djafan said

    Something Bout Love

    credit justinclaypool007 with 107.9


  138. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit ArchieRx


  139. bebereader said

    Entire show!

    credit mixdjjared


  140. FG said

    Bebe #134 the last pic! OMG! what even?


  141. bebereader said

    FG #140 Tell me about it! The first pic too! *spazzz*


  142. FG said

    oh and #135 BLUE NOSTRILSSSS are my faaavveeee. Gahhh gak squeal eeek wooo and daaaanggggg. Pretttttttty. 🙂 I hope he isn’t lurking.


  143. djafan said

    Snippets Part 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  144. djafan said

    Who I Am

    Falling Stars


  145. bebereader said

    Thanks for posting those, dja!

    I love every song, so far…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!


  146. djafan said

    bebe…me toooo!


  147. bebereader said

    Videos from today’s radio interviews/performances:

    David Archuleta B98.7 Q&A Part 1

    Part 2

    David Archuleta Playing Around on the Keyboard

    credit 15263457689


  148. bebereader said

    David Archuleta Elevator B98.7

    David Archuleta Something ‘Bout Love B98.7


  149. bebereader said

    David Archuleta A Thousand Miles B98.7

    David Archuleta Crush B98.7


  150. bebereader said

    Does anyone else feel like they’re drowning in ArchuGoodness?
    Oh man, what a day!!! 😀


  151. bebereader said

    Q&A Part 3


  152. bebereader said

    Part 4 (I’m really enjoying these!)


  153. Nancy L said

    #150 Where did he come from…and are there any more like him a little (lot) older? LOL How did he get so genuine and sensitive? I know he came to the world that way, but can you imagine what we still have to look forward to as he gets older? If we can live through it? Wow. I love the things he’s saying about wanting music to be genuine so we can feel the melody and emotion of songs. I love what he’s saying about not wanting to hold hands with someone he just met just because she’s cute but he doesn’t have a reason to hold hands yet. The world needs more people like him in it. You guys are better at expressing yourselves and writing wonderful comments. I just wanted to say how much these interviews have touched me.


  154. Dayzee said

    OMYGOSH! I accidentally got to go to David’s concert today. I had everyone I knew with a cell phone texting to win tickets, but no one did. Today a coworker came in and told me she had won and was covering my desk while I went! I had an hour to get there and it was an hour away. I was shaking!!
    I took her cell phone because that is how the tickets were won. They checked it and I was in!! Then they said to turn off all cell phones for David’s performance. I had no clue how to turn it off. I sat on her phone for the entire time!
    As you know, David was awesome. He talked more than he sang and he was thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time.
    The DJ’s, Todd and Erin, were as much in awe of David as the rest of us. Especially Erin, who mentioned David’s “amber eyes”.


  155. Abrra said

    Oh! Dayzee!
    I am so happy for you! I loved watching these videos ( ty Bebe for posting). They are so good. Can you tell us any more details of the event?



  156. emmegirl said

    There is not a shallow, superficial or contrived bone in his body. (I do not know how to do one of those itty bitty hearts or I would. He is love.)

    and I love this album, period


  157. Abrra said

    What you wrote here is just perfect! After watching all the videos from today, I agree with what you said. He is a rare gem in the music business. Some one like David comes along once in a generation. Its his time now to make his music.



  158. Angelica said

    Nancy L,

    You expressed yourself very well. Thank you!

    Dayzee!!! So happy for you! Details please when you come down to earth. 😆


    Amen to everything you said.


  159. djafan said

    Nancy L,

    “You guys are better at expressing yourselves and writing wonderful comments. I just wanted to say how much these interviews have touched me.”

    You expressed yourself perfectly, every observation you made is the truth. An older more mature David is going to take us leaning on each other to survive, and I’m not even talking about his looks. Please continue to comment!

    Dayzee, I’m with Abrra deets please!!

    Emmegirl, I don’t know how to do the hearts either and I love the album, I don’t even need to listen to another snippet, not that I don’t want to.


    Who I Am

    Days like these,
    It’s hard to breathe.
    I’m gonna take this moment that I’m in right now,
    Stop the craziness some how.
    Leave it all behind me,
    I know it’s gonna find me.
    I got nothing to win and I got nothing to lose,
    just trying to walk in my own two shoes.

    Falling Stars

    I’ll always love you, oh,
    Believe it or not, baby, that’s not enough to,
    Not enough to stop these falling stars over your head.
    We were bound to burn up alive.
    Crashing cars I’ll never…


  160. Dayzee said

    Angelica, how did you know I was still floating? Oh yeah. You’ve been there. Don’t know what else to tell, the videos are so great. The venue was very small. I saw the list of winners, it was about 15-20. Each one could bring a friend, but I had no time. That is my only regret. It would have been so nice to go with someone who appreciates David.
    Jeff sat by me. I did not see any other of David’s family there.
    David played the complete “Chopsticks”. Sang a snippet of a child’s church song. When he started to tell us he would sing “Elevator” the music cued up too soon and he said, “Oh, there it is” and took right off singing.

    You may have seen Erin’s (the DJ) quote on twitter. She said in 20 years in this business she had seen only 5 people willing to sing unaccompanied. She praised David’s talent. He responded (rambled, I will paraphrase)he thought it was better to have the raw earnestness than a perfect pitch.


  161. bebereader said

    NancyL#153 The interviews from today touched me, too. I hung on to every word of David’s replies because I know he speaks from his heart. The djs were very considerate, too. Please comment more often here on The Voice; I enjoyed reading your words and understood exactly what you meant. 🙂

    Dayzee#154: I’m sitting here with a frozen smile 😀 on my face for you! So excited to hear more about your day when you get a chance.

    Emmegirl#156 I’m loving all the songs and snippets we’ve heard so far! October 5 is in 14 days….and counting!


  162. Search the Web on said

    Dayzee!!!! Good for you girl! I tried to get tix for today, but just didn’t have a winning text! I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason….I’m thinking this one is that the only person I could have traded shifts with today more than likely wouldn’t have done it (her dad is in town). Sooo, I’ll just be sad 😦 and wait for concert time. I love Todd and Erin in the Morning. They are such cool dj’s. Hopefully now they will get David’s songs on a regular rotation ’cause B98.7 is my fav station to listen to. *crosses fingers*



  163. Search the Web on said

    okay, somebody tell me where that ‘search the web on said’ came from??!!
    I’m still just me, tawna21. I should just call it a night I guess and go to bed.


  164. archangel48 said

    Emmiegirl, Djafan, (Tee Hee LOL!)…♥♥♥ Hold the alt button down while hitting the number 3 on the number pad on your keypad.
    I was pretty excited when someone showed me how to make the little heart thingees! In many ways, David has us going outside our comfort zones and it has been very refreshing/cleansing for me.
    COME ON OCTOBER 5th! 😀


  165. Tawna21 said

    okay, someone explain where ‘search the web on came from’ ?! on #162. It’s just me Tawna21. I’m so confused–heading to bed would probably be a good idea.



  166. palmtreephan said

    142/ FG, I don’t suppose I need to inquire whether you noticed the flaring nostrils in those close-up B97 videos, especially during ATM… 🙂

    The interview was outstanding….many thanks to the videographer!!


  167. bebereader said

    Tawna#162 I rescued your comment from spam and wondered why your login name was different. I have no idea how it happened; it’s one of the mysteries of the web. Djafan calls them hiccups. LOL We’re just glad to see you, in any way, shape or form. 😀


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