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Recap and Reunion in New England

Posted by Abrra on Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ah! Where do I begin?

I invited Sandy Beaches to fly down  and attend the show on Friday at Six Flags, to see David.  It was a pleasant ride up to the park.  We weren’t quite prepared for the daunting task ahead of us.  Six Flags is a bit like a mini Disneyland.  Everything is bigger and farther away than you realize.  There were trams that shuttled us from the parking lot to the main gate.  We had vouchers to turn in to get a VIP wristband.  Long walk to the building, only to wait 30 min for an updated name list so that we could be given out wristbands.

We had River and TrudyFOD waiting in the line at the entrance to the area where the stage was located.  The path leading to our destination was a maze of humanity that we had to weave through.  We were about 75 deep in the line, with several hundred coming in later after us to wait for the 3 pm opening of the gate.  Djbell arrived and our group was complete.  There were mostly teens in the line around us.  They are so resourceful!  I enjoyed watching then make their David posters to hold up at the show.  Bringing rolled poster board, day-glo markers of all colors and printed pictures, they decorated each one to have a high visibility from the stage.  I am sure they all hoped David would see theirs and give his classic wave!  Part of my mission was to share Cd’s I had made as well as some pins that declare “The Voice.”  I do try to spread the word about our site to as many fans as possible.

Next came a quick lunch of fresh pizza served to us by TrudyFOD ( our brave waitress who went to stand in a 30 min food line) and we were ready for the gate to open.

This was a general admission venue.  Our wristband gave us “up front” standing spot at the stage.  We were led in slowly with the warning not to run so that no one would get injured.  Seriously!  Once through the gate the 5 of us made a human chain and scooted as fast as we could to keep up with the teens  who had a faster scoot rate than us,  haha!  One of us had a tumble ( all is ok, not to worry) on the grass, but we made it to the 3rd row.  Djbell had center position.  I told those around us to give her room if they wanted primo video on youtube.  She did an awesome job!  I was able to meet Niki from Snarky’s and Rach from ArchieRx.  I handed them some Cd’s and a “The Voice” pin as a keepsake.

I discovered :

1. I can’t text/tweet in the hot sun.
2. I can’t take pictures/videos in the hot sun.
3. I have a 2 hour limit standing in the hot sun.

The show started with a young female singer named Auburn. She is a hip hop singer.  She performed rather mechanically with rehearsed moves as she sang.  Her voice was very good. Watch Auburn here

But she was not David.  So we waited.

They announced David Archuleta and then we waited more.  Tick- tock.

Twenty-five minutes later David appeared on the left side of the stage, poised to go with his hand on the railing, ready to run up the steps to the stage.

Dressed in a white cotton tee shirt with baby blue horizontal stripes, new dark hip hugger jeans , sassy leather belt that peeked out from under his front tucked shirt, David shot up to the stage!

He led off with Touch My hand, with a music track behind him.. Full of energy with a strong voice!  Lots of waving to fans, and a generous number of look aways.  He sure likes getting the ladies screaming.  Next was Something ‘Bout Love.  He had a pounding beat musical track accompanying him.  It was a departure from what we have seen up to now on this promotional tour.  I see great things ahead as we see him evolve with this song on his  solo tour.  It will be his new “jump”  song no doubt.  Mike came out for the next number “Elevator.”  There were a few new hand movements during this song.  As he sang, “Go with the flow..”  he bent his arm out in front in a serpentine wavy motion and “a box with no air” he drew a square out in midair.  David said this is a favorite of his.  Dreaming a song is very special indeed.  He is truly living his dream.  With sweat rolling down his sideburns (yes, I said sideburns) he mopped his brow and stepped up to the microphone on center stage to sing Crush.  The crowd noise went up 100 decibels.  Everyone sang along and David had a HUGE grin on his face the whole time.

I could see a new intensity in his performance.  He has missed the energy the fans bring in a live show.  Lots of clenched fists, hunkerdowns, head whips, plus new ending notes to all the songs.  It’s obvious he is bursting with pride over this new album.

When his set was finished, he turned to his right and ran off the stage, down the steps, then out of sight.

Sandy beaches and I left right after he was gone and the rest of the group stayed till the end.  It was a grand time.  We reconnecting with friends we had not seen since the CFTH tour.  But best of all, we reconnected with the one who connects us all to each other___David.

68 Responses to “Recap and Reunion in New England”

  1. Tawna21 said

    What a fun day! The pics and videos are awesome. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I really think you’re right on when you say that he has missed the energy of live shows. He feeds as much off of his fan’s energy as we do off his. IMO. He looks absolutly stunning in that shirt!

    So glad you made it home safely.



  2. I said

    Abrra, great summary…thanks


  3. Angelica said

    Abrrraaaa! Thanks for sharing the details of your amazing trip to 6 Flags to see David! You don’t know how much it means to all of us who couldn’t actually be there. So thanks again for taking us with!

    It was a grand ole time last night in chat as well. I lost track of how many times we watched this video from of SBL from Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Epic, tremendous performance and the best vocals on this song yet!

    Uh…just an aside and not to take away AT ALL from David’s insanely amazing performance but….WTH is that new guitarist doing? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙄


  4. betsy said

    Thanks for the recap. Reunions ftw!
    He was in fine form. 🙂 So glad you ladies went.

    Chat was hilarious and so much fun last night.
    Twenty eight minutes till AAKD.


  5. Abrra said

    Ty for the nice comments! He was freaking gorgeous!



  6. Angelica said

    All of Crush from Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Televised and livestream starts in 7 minutes!!


  7. Abrra said

    Why do I have a strong urge to eat Skiddles when watching this ????




  8. Angelica said


    Taste the rainbow.

    rainbow Pictures, Images and Photos


  9. emmegirl said

    Skiddles? or Skittles, lol! Or chewin through a piece of raw steel.


  10. Abrra said


    Pro tennis players throwing the match = Lame

    Autographing a HUMONGOUS tennis ball while singing “Autograph” Lame x 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000



  11. Abrra said

    # 9 I am not a sweet eater. I had to spell it phonetically 😉



  12. Abrra said

    GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    They showed David’s new video!!!!!!!!!!



  13. djxox said

    Just watched AAKD SBL




  14. djafan said

    Abrra…so glad you all had the chance to go and see David. Thanks for the recap and chat last night was just what the Dr. ordered!

    Just watched David on my tv…he sounded and looked amazing, loved the introduction…best singer on the planet!


  15. betsy said

    Omg he looked great and sounded even better. He’s in a different league.

    p.s. I was just dancing like a wild woman in my living room. Am spazzing all alone here.



  16. betsy said

    Hahaha so glad others are spazzing.


  17. betsy said

    Dear David,
    You are amazing.


  18. Angelica said

    Spaaaaaazzzzinnnnng!! Did they really introduce him as the best singer on the planet? I missed that and had to run into the room to catch his performance which was infreakingcredible!!

    Luckily I’m recording it. 😉


  19. djafan said

    Intro and SBL from yesterday…while we wait for video of TV performance.

    Betsy…you’re never alone when spazzing!

    credit 8throwcenter


  20. stenocruiser said

    Well, it was fabulous seeing David on my TV screen and his performance was equally fabulous. But why, oh why, did the CBS camera keep panning the crowd and filling the screen with the bass guitar and such instead of concentrating on the beautiful performer on the stage — nary a close-up of that handsome face. Talk about lost opportunities.

    Abrra, thank you so much for your recap — you paint lovely pictures in our minds of David and his performances. Thanks also to DJBell for her outstanding job of videotaping — so appreciated.


  21. djafan said

    Abrra…I almost spit out my coffee when I saw SBL video! I was so freaking excited!!!

    Hubby was wondering why we were watching demi and jonas brothers because they can’t sing, David must be there…lol


  22. River said

    I’m watching the broadcast on CBS and what’s really clear is how much better a singer David is than any of the JB… just sayin’


  23. emmegirl said

    Spazzing here, awesome, he was amazing! Agree Steno about the close-ups but it was still great! He sooo shines!

    “one of the most gifted performers on the planet”

    US Open has had him 2 years in a row, and they too have fallen under the magical spell.


  24. emmegirl said

    River, yep.


  25. djafan said

    Just watched three more times…NO MENTION OF AI! No runner up mention! Jive recording artist!

    River and Emmegirl….heck yes!


  26. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Great pictures from Arthur Ashe event!


  27. emmegirl said

    River, even to a non-fan, it’s too obvious to ignore.

    dja, yeah… no AI! I liked that too!


  28. bebereader said

    I can vouch for it….BEST PERFORMANCE of “Something ‘Bout Love” thus far!

    Dear Dear David, May your star ALWAYS shine!


  29. YJfanofdavid said

    Abrra, What a fun recap!

    A different angel and including the introduction (from Muldur)


  30. djafan said

    Can I just say David was also rocking that outfit…ok I said it 🙂


  31. YJfanofdavid said

    A different “angel”? lol. Same angel but a different ANGLE!


  32. bebereader said

    Abrra: It’s all in the details! Thank you for a detailed-filled recap of the Six Flags event. So glad you got to connect with other fans; it’s all part of the ArchuMagic.

    Angelica#3 “Uh…just an aside and not to take away AT ALL from David’s insanely amazing performance but….WTH is that new guitarist doing? Inquiring minds want to know.”

    It looked to me like the new bass player was having fun. The acoustics in the arena were so bad yesterday, it was really hard to hear any of the musicians alone. If I hadn’t seen the youtube videos or the special today, I’d have believed they were mannequins, holding instruments. LOL


  33. djafan said


    Love the slip!


  34. djxox said

    dja~ the outfit?? Now I need a replay to check it out….be right back… 😉

    Bebe~ ya think?? 🙂


  35. betsy said

    Yes dj, I concur. He was rockin’ that outfit.

    Loved the lower change up.
    I can’t say enough about this.


  36. emmegirl said

    Betsy, I concur everything you just said. When djxox gets back we’ll see if she concurs.


  37. betsy said

    LOL emmegirl 🙂
    Am quite sure she will concur.


  38. betsy said

    YJ – freudian slip FTW!


  39. djafan said

    I’m glad we’re all concurring!


  40. djafan said

    Some new videos of the Zoo-A-Palooza performances from Justin Vaughn…great videos!

    Here’s a link to his blog.



    Something Bout Love



  41. djxox said


    How.Does.He.Do.It ???

    The AAKD version of SBL is pure LOVE

    *chairdancing*. *arms flailing*

    ….and Yes! I concur. 🙂


  42. betsy said

    Great find Dj. That version of Crazy is officially my favorite. And that video is the best one of that performance – it’s a few seconds longer in the beginning.
    1:08-1:22 could be the best thing I’ve ever heard – it rivals the In This Moment moment.


  43. vee from Sydney and still roaming the US said

    One of the most gifted performers on the planet. Sorry if this has been posted before. Thanks to Mjsbigblog (andreasc47). TV version.

    Love all the posts and love you guys, Ms Abbra,Ms Angelica,Ms bebe and Ms Djafan.
    David is really the VOICE. He makes my day .

    Thanks Vermeer and again Shawna. David does attract wonderful people.

    A MAGNET …..the most powerful

    Back to my real life… Miss you guys

    By the way I concur to you all. He is something special, just like you guys…

    Vee 🙂 3>…I am still here, just lurking


  44. vee and lurking now in Sydney said

    sorry back now here in Sydney. With my two boys. My early breakfast, Something bout love , Arthur Ashe version



  45. YJfanofdavid said

    Djafan and Betsy, Freudian slip? Maybe I do desperately want him to be his old angelic self. But angels don’t dress like that. Or do they? 🙂

    Hi Vee!


  46. bebereader said

    Count me in with the concurring clan. I’m so tongue-tied now I can’t see straight! haha


  47. emmegirl said

    bebe, lol! Counted. The consensus – we all concur!


  48. Angelica said

    Thanks Vee. I know you’re glad to be back in Australia with your boys. We have missed you! Did you know that lurking is bad for your health? I didn’t either but we still love seeing you!

    I concur with the general consensus.

    Outfit + AAKD SBL performance = He totally rocked it!



  49. bebereader said

    SBL made it to the top 50 in mediabase! It’s 48 now!

    Sunday evening mb update:

    54 48 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 323 294 29 0.823

    54-chart position last week
    48-Chart position this week
    323-#of spins last 7 days
    294-#of spins prior 7 days
    29-difference in spins “bullet”
    .0823-audience impression in millions


  50. dakgal said

    I second the general consensus of the cuncurance!

    Has anybody mentioned that they said “One of the most gifted performers on the planet” I didn’t think so. We’ve known this for 2 1/2 years now, bout time the rest of the world wakes up and smells the coffee.! It’s truly undeniable–bet the are a few hundred people going home with that song stuck in their brains.

    Thanks abs for your recap-interested to know who you gave your CDs to–teens? adults? fans of David? or brand new fans?


  51. dakgal said

    Oh Bebe–that’s great news! I think it’ll be just like “Crush”

    ” The little song that could”


  52. bebereader said

    Dak: I’m banking on “Something ‘Bout Love” surpassing “Crush”.


  53. pattiNC said

    Evening all…there’s a comment on the video posted at #29, that concurs with you all too…it’s the 8th comment when u go to YT. 🙂 Abrra, loved your post..made me feel like I was there!


  54. Abrra said

    I gave some to my group, some teens around (didn’t ask if any were fans, they liked the cd’s) me and the 2 girls I met from Snarkies and ArchieRx.



  55. djafan said

    I continue to concur…lol

    David leaving Arthur Ashe..


  56. goodkarmaseeker said

    I’m like way hyper!!! The amazing performances we’ve had recently, topped off by our most beautiful, sweet, adorable (hubby said, “how could anyone not like this guy?
    David on national tv today. I was so proud of him and how he once again stood out in character, ability and did I say he was way gorgeous? I can’t say too much more about how he’s been looking cause Maddy may be reading and I’m a Mom you know. Any way, I’m also hyper that SBL is #48 on the pop list. Hopefully this means that the song will get more play and recognition.

    I’m so happy for all of you that have been able to see him. Abrra, thanks for your recap. What a great time for all of you.


  57. emmegirl said

    As do I.

    *cooome on SBL! Woot!


  58. jackryan4DA said

    Finally found the time to upload: from CBS HDTV footage

    SBL with intro & interview

    I wanted to add CRUSH so we just have 1 continuous file but it is taking too long LOL

    Enjoy the gloriousness of SBL!


  59. SandyBeaches said

    You may have seen the following picture or you may have not but it is a rather handsome and proud looking picture…yes, dot, dot, dot

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Edit: Added pic


  60. emmegirl said

    SB, I thought that pic showed genuine reciprocal affection too.

    ~Seems he leaves this vapor trail of love wherever he goes~


  61. SandyBeaches said

    Nashville is getting near and I think of it as going from the ridiculous (Six Flags or any fair) to the sublime.



  62. Tawna21 said

    What an amazing performance today (yesterday)! David just keeps raising his own bar. The thing of it is, no one else can even hope to reach it, let alone go over it. All they can do is limbo under it.

    Bebe, it looks like it was kind of warm there yesterday. I’ll bet it was like a really cool drink of water and a refreshing breeze when David came on–probably completely forgot about the temps. How exciting for you to have been there.

    Abrra, thanks again for your recap. Your details had me strolling right there with you and standing in the heat and humidity. Then, when David started his set, completely forgetting all about the above. Thank you for ‘suffering’ thru it for us. I know, somebody’s gotta do it. Anyway, so glad you had a good day.



  63. Abrra said

    I do not see a picture. Only a partial link. Can you email it to me and I will post it?



  64. jackryan4DA said

    Anw, here is a short vid of David pix-posing & signing autographs w/ fans before & after the AAKD show


  65. jackryan4DA said

    SB, are you referring to this pix?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  66. jackryan4DA said

    More gaaaaaah-some pix here:


  67. nanaweize said

    Abrra….Thanks so much for sharing. I am so happy you could be there and enjoy David!
    How did Elevator sound live????

    Boy…Life is good when we can hear, see or read anything about David!!!


  68. jackryan4DA said

    Some archies were asking whether I captured the intro to David’s segment where the SBL MV clip was shown so I uploaded another vid that included that part:


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