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D Squared = A Winning Combination

Posted by Abrra on Monday, August 16, 2010

In 2008 for David Archuleta and David Cook it was a friendship born in the chaos that was American Idol.  Bonded by the experience of surviving the pressure, it remains today a brotherly connection.  According to them, seeing a friend do well meant more than being the winner.

“I could talk about him for days.  (laughs)  You know Archie’s probably one of the most genuine, stand-up people that I’ve ever met.  And to be able to share the stage with him anytime is great.  I joked with him last night that it’s a shame we have to travel halfway across the world just to see each other.  But, he’s a good guy and an amazing talent.  And as far as supporters go, I think I’m probably right up there when it comes to Archuleta.”

~ David Cook  2009

“I actually think I would’ve felt horrible if I had won, because I deeply felt that David Cook was the one who deserved it.  Here was this amazing singer and  all-around musician, someone I really looked up to and admired not just for his  music side, but also as a person.  I really respected him and the way he acted throughout the whole time we were together; I have to be honest and say that he  was the person who, in my view, showed better than anyone else in the season that he should win.”

~  David Archuleta  2008

Whether it’s passing briefly in an airport

Saw @DavidArchie at the airport! Awesome sauce!     6:19 PM Jun 8th ~ DC tweet

At the airport now. Just ran into @thedavidcook and his crew haha. Hope they  rock it out tomorrow at the Rio Tinto! Go support! 🙂     6:29 PM Jun 8th ~ DA tweet

or hoping to meet up for a meal

Hey @DavidArchie… How long are you in town? DM me or text me and let me know.      5:44 PM Apr 7th 2009

The chemistry of the two David’s, whether they are in close proximity or tweeting over cyberspace, is charming.  The vibe is always supportive between them.  I grew more fond of David Cook since watching the behind the scenes footage from Idol.  He wasn’t my favorite from season 7, yet Cook is the person I think of first when David talks about how he admires the other Idol contestants to this day.

What has endeared him to me is the big brother role he displays when ever they have been together on stage during the Idol’s Live tour or appearing together in interviews.  They had shared the spotlight after Idol with several press appearances.

“I consider it a huge honor to share the stage with the kid. He’s the real deal,” Cook says.  “All the buzz coming in, he deserves.”

Ford Day Shenanigans

TRL Singing the phonebook!

The Davids at the TCA’s

Witnessing the friendship built on mutual admiration and respect for each other’s given talent, you can feel the love.  In the world of music stardom they both find the time to stay in touch.  The two David’s are great fans of each other.

The friendship and career support continues to flourish.  Last June Cook asked about an audio version of Chords of Strength.

@DavidArchie saw your book in borders today. Looked for the audiobook version that you narrated, but to no avail… Lol congrats man.

@thedavidcook Oh really?  I guess some stores released it a day early haha.  I’ll  have to keep an audiobook version in mind for you!

This past week when David’s new video Something ‘Bout Love debuted, Cook was on twitter.

RT@DavidArchie Hey guys, the video for “Something ‘Bout Love” will be premiering tomorrow on Vevo!  Excited for you guys to see it! 4:05 PM Aug 4th

Cook paid tribute yet again to David by wearing a too small David Archuleta shirt on stage.  He offers to trade one of his own tour shirts to the fan in exchange.  His reaction to the rejected offer is priceless.

My wish for the two Davids going forward is a continuation of this kind of “real deal” friendship that finds genuine happiness in each other’s success.

184 Responses to “D Squared = A Winning Combination”

  1. Mary Susan said


    Thank You! Thank You! – “Double TY” for your “Double D” article. You amaze me with your insight of subjects that encircle David to write about.

    I do truly believe that their friendship is genuine. They -together- survived the AI finale. They both won that Season 7 – DA was picked by the Judges – DC was picked by the American public (the last time that DA’s fans will ever let him down).

    I did not follow closely enough to know if prior to DA & DC if the #1 & #2 traveled together to media events just subsequent to the announcement of the winner. I think everyone felt that they BOTH won.

    I want to say more but the photo on the left side of the post distracts me and I cannot focus anymore.

    I LOVE The Voice!!!!!


  2. tracewillow said


    I was drinking a bowl of chicken soup placed next to my computer while going through your article. Before I knew it, when I saw the vid of DC patting David’s back while sitting on the AI stage, (David was looking nervous and helpless and DC was giving him confidence).. I was sobbing. The tears fell into my soup and I drank the soup with the tears in it.

    This site has made me cry more than any other. Maybe this is one of the reasons I come in so often – to have a good cry – and a good laugh.

    My confession is – I hated DC. I hated him for having taken the title from David which I felt was rightfully David’s. It took me 2 years to get over it and face reality. Whether David won or DC won (officially!) is immaterial now. (well, not really; in my heart, David won)

    Abrra, this is a tear-jerking article for me. It is sad that true and genuinely pure friendships are so rare. Envy and jealousies always get in the way, even amongst supposedly close friends. It is admirable that both D’s share such a genuine friendship that they look out for one another and are proud participants of the other’s success. I am touched by all the pics/vids you posted – having them put together in one single post makes the whole episode even more apparent.

    I may not listen to DC’s music but I will love him because he loves David. I cannot help it. I am happily burdened by my love for David; I will love he who loves him.

    Abs, thank you so much for the tips for my Ipod. You are one sweet gal! (Just stop making me cry!)


  3. Pabuckie said

    Thanks Abs! I always love whenever the two D’s are together! They are funny and witty and it is so much fun to see them together! I wish they would do something together, even be on TV together. I love how they joke around with each other and David Cook can bring out David’s dry wit even more!! It always makes me smile when they’re together!


  4. SandyBeaches said

    Do I dare say that opposites have attracted even though they have so much in common?

    The pictures are all awesome and bring back big memories of great times for all of us. We had the best of times in season 7!! My favorite picture is picture (including vids), #5…both so handsome and accomplished.

    Thanks Abrra, this article has been a long time coming. Just when I thought that we have said it all for now, I see that it may be never ending…

    Most enjoyable…



  5. Jane said

    Thank-you for another great article. There will never be another season like their’s. It was the Best American Idol every…Great friends all of them….Makes me cry….Love our David.


  6. Pabuckie said

    Wasnt sure whether to post this video or not…may make some sad. But, for me it was the BEST season of American Idol and I’m glad that they have remained good friends and supporters of each other!

    This is one of my favorite videos of them:


  7. FG said

    Thanks Abrra! I never really gave much thought to Cook until the finale when he treated our David so well. I did notice that Cook couldn’t keep his hands off of David the whole season (who can blame him lol) and they were so sweet together at Ford Day which I was so blessed to attend. There are some fans that have not and still cannot watch the final moments of the finale. I wish them peace and closure with that. I still have trauma sometimes over watching David’s Idol performances. I can’t really explain that because they are each so wonderful but they moved me so much and the whole season was just very traumatic for me. As fulfilling and awesome as it was, I honestly never want to be that out of control again. All I ever wanted was for him to be in the top 3, so I was thrilled. I never thought he’d win and I was fine with that. The finale just made me fall more in love and beam with pride that he did so well.


  8. FG said

    pabuckie – that video is very sweet!

    There is no room for hate in your heart when it is full of love. 🙂


  9. tracewillow said

    The vid is beautiful and touching beyond words…it has actually made me cry again. Thank you for posting it.

    You are right.
    “There is no room for hate in your heart when it is full of love”.


  10. betsy said

    I love these two together. That big brother vibe feels like the real thing.
    Pa – there are so many moments to talk about in that video – I will choose only one though.
    That comforting moment at 2:39. ♥


  11. stenocruiser said

    Then there was the Davids together in Manila, just days after the passing of Adam Cook. One can only speculate what much-needed words of comfort David might have provided to his good friend. How fitting that David would join Cook during the final song of the concert “A Daily AntheM”, and their hug and Cook putting his arm around David as they left the stage. True friends indeed.


  12. blisskasden said

    Unlike so many other Show Biz “relationships” the one between the 2 Davids rings true and has a very good feel to it. Cook’s affection and respect for David is genuine and based on what he personally experienced while on American Idol. Cook is also “man enough” to show his love for David in an affectionate and physical way, something I have have great respect for. American Idol Season 7 was like a petting zoo, with David being the “pet-ee” for Cook, Seacrest, Brooke, Natasha, Alexandrea, and anyone else that came within 2 feet of him. How many of us wanted to reach into our TV screens to give David a hug of support or just to express our affection during his “tour of duty” on AI.

    David admires Cook and has defended him at every turn when asked about the results of the show. Although I disagree with David that Cook deserved to win, and I truly believe that Cook himself “knows” he was not the best singer that year, I also feel that the result, ironically, has elevated both David and Cook. American Idol hit the jackpot when they got the 2 Davids going head to head on Season 7.

    BTW, it seems that David has become THE go-to former contestant on all questions from the media regarding the show, the judges, etc. All the other former contestants appear to want to distance themselves from the show, while David shows genuine appreciation for the opportunities afforded him as a result of his being on the show and doing so well. How about an award called “Classiest Former American Idol Contestant”?


  13. bebereader said

    Nice article and pics on the two Davids, Ab! 😀

    David might disagree with this but despite their age difference and big brother relationship, I think Cook learned and continues to learn more from David than David can learn from Cook. JMO.

    Bliss#12 “…David shows genuine appreciation for the opportunities afforded him as a result of his being on the show and doing so well. How about an award called “Classiest Former American Idol Contestant”?”

    Hear, hear, Bliss! Class and respect. That’s our David, who teaches us life lessons every day.


  14. Mary Susan said

    Bebe #13

    Lesson for today,

    “The greatest gifts are the lessons you learn while waiting for the answers”.

    How can this child be so wise at 19 – he has “the gift from God and a Mission in Life” and we all must listen.


  15. skydancer1x said

    hahaha! Blisskasden, you are so right!
    “American Idol Season 7 was like a petting zoo, with David being the “pet-ee”
    That is so funny, and so true!
    And,for me…. it was the special bond between Cook and David that surfaced on the show, that made the results, a little (as in teensie)easier to accept.
    Like all things concerning David, I believe David was where he was supposed to be,at that particular time…with those particular people, especially Cook.I think their paths, though different, were completely destined to intersect.

    Pabuckie! OK, that video did me in! So sweet.


  16. ray said

    mary susan how true ,yes we must listen,trust me,ray


  17. Dakgal said

    Abrra–Great article No matter how hard the media or fan bases tried to perpetuate a rivalry between the two Davids, it just would not work. Those two just would not stand for it, they had nothing but kind remarks for each other.

    I shutter to think of how it could have been if they were two different guys. They both took the comment ” you’ve got to hate your enemy” and threw it out the window. They will forever to me be “Big David” and “Little David”, no matter how “big” either one of then gets.

    If they wanted to give AI a big boost to start off their season, they should have “The Two Davids” perform. WOW! In fact “The Two Davids” should have an annual show at MSG, and because it would be sold out–pay per view for the rest of us poor people.
    Maybe, some day it will come to that.

    Can you tell I hold then both in high esteem? Another lesson learned from David.


  18. poof said

    Last summer my daughter and I attended David Cook’s concert at the Oregon State Fair. She loves “Cook” and appreciates our David. It was a great time.

    Sitting in the concert, I was thinking how in many ways the two Davids are alike. I think for both, the music, not the attention and fame, is what matters. Friends (Cook’s band is comprized of his band mates from way back) and family are key and essential to both. Both are smart, self proclaimed “Geeks”. They are good people that can appreciate the talents, the similarities and differences in people.

    They are both unpretentious. David’s concert was so low key, half of us in the audience didn’t realize the concert was over until he just walked off the stage. It was just good music, a few wise observations, easy going jokes and chat with the audience. Sound familiar? David and David are smart enough to know a good thing when it bumps into them; a lifelong friendship. Yes, Season 7 did hit the jackpot.


  19. Suzy-Q said

    I almost didn’t post this but I will and if anyone knows the exact words or can correct me if I am wrong, do so.

    A while back, an interviewer asked David Cook if he still looks out for David A. Cook responded that David A didn’t need him to look out for him because David A is doing very well on his own. Then DC said something like, I could learn from him.


  20. goodkarmaseeker said

    Abrra, Thanks for the article and helping me further my relationship with David Cook. I’ve been working towards being more accepting and seeing him separate from
    “beating” our David when our David was clearly the better singer or so I’ve always thought. Reading this and seeing the pix and the great friendship between the two
    has helped me go one step further in opening my heart.

    I really appreciate the list of all the mp3 and mp4 offerings that you have shared!!!!! Do you have or do you know of an mp3 of Not a Very Good Liar and Be Still My
    Soul? I know they are included in the Rexburg concert but I was looking for those songs solo.


  21. Dakgal said

    Note to self—proof read before submitting– “them” instead of “then” in two places–geez.

    Bebe– thanks again for posting the place where you can find your local stations. I was able to request SBL on the phone and inform the DJ that their list had Crush as a new song and didn’t have SBL listed. He told me he didn’t have SBL yet. BAH Oh well, that will be another phone call in a few days to find out why not and to refer him to you-tube. I’d send the video, but they have no e-mail address listed.


  22. River said

    I recall near the end of the Idol serier that Cookie said something to the effect that in the future, if his name was mentioned in the same sentence as David Archuleta, he would know he’d become a success. Loved him then and still do. He’s a stand up guy, the same term he uses for David, and the affection between then is genuine and clear.

    btw Angelica ck my comment at the end of your SBL vid article)


  23. bebereader said


    Tweet from Jive:

    David Archuleta fans! I’ve got some @DavidArchie #TheOtherSideOfDown news but can’t tell ya’ just yet…stay tuned 😉 25 minutes ago via web


  24. djafan said

    River I hope you don’t mind but just had to bring over…

    River said Monday, August 16, 2010 at 3:44 PM

    Angelica. I was cruising thru earlier comments & I came upon your classic “wasn’t that the shirt made of gossimer & the finest frog hair” and I lost it. the dogs are wondering what is so hilarious. it’s the visual. . hahahaha. thanks for my chuckle today.


  25. Abrra said

    “both won that Season 7 – DA was picked by the Judges – DC was picked by the American public (the last time that DA’s fans will ever let him down).”
    Very true! Thanks for posting on the Voice. We just love it!

    You gotta get a GRIP woman! David tells us there is a reason for everything. He is happy.

    I think David will inspire us to keep writing. We would LOVE to have more readers submit their thoughts in the form of a short article and send to Angelica

    Thanks for the video. Its a classic.

    I hope some day you will relax and watch David on Idol. Next to my doggie, my Idol DVD’s are my prized possessions. I thank JR for the gift!

    Betsy & Steno
    It’s heartwarming to see 2 men embrace in friendship.

    “David has become THE go-to former contestant on all questions from the media regarding the show, the judges, etc.”
    It might have something to do with David being a popular performer who gets invited to so many events.

    I agree. That rivalry thing was so negative. David shut them down with his smile.

    I did my job, if what you say is true. 🙂

    They look happy here in one of the many Idol Tour group song shenanigans.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  26. djafan said

    Abrra…Good one!!

    I’m one those that has had a hard time watching that final moment and since Cook was never one of my favorite’s I didn’t pay attention to him and what he had to say. But it’s been interesting that as much as the media has tried to pit them against each other it’s never worked. The pictures, videos, and comments they make show that the “proof is in the pudding” like David says…lol

    Bliss…”American Idol Season 7 was like a petting zoo, with David being the “pet-ee” for Cook, Seacrest, Brooke, Natasha, Alexandrea, and anyone else that came within 2 feet of him. How many of us wanted to reach into our TV screens to give David a hug of support or just to express our affection during his “tour of duty” on AI.”

    lol…so true! Everyone, even now in interviews have a hard time keep themselves from giving a hug, a pat on the back, a handshake, anything to have contact.

    Suzy Q…I remember that!


  27. River said

    Remember the hilarious tour performance closings that got funnier each nite. Loved the whack a Cook with the flowers, the stuffed toy rabbit exchange, the panties flinging and best of all the butt kick from Archie to Cookie who was kneeling in homage. great stuff.


  28. blisskasden said

    The bottom line on David is that he is, without question, the most endearing and appealing person I have ever encountered in my lifetime. His smile has more voltage than Times Square on New Years Eve, and his heart could warm Siberia in winter. Everyone he comes in contact with knows that they have had a unique and special moment.

    Most of us have had a taste of being with David, and we can’t wait to do it again. David Cook is the luckiest guy in the world to have had such a personal and
    profound ongoing relationship with David. What I love about Cook is that he knows it and will say it every chance he gets.


  29. Dakgal said

    #25 Abrra I want David to go into his closet and find that belt he has on in the video and wear it again. Course along with the church pants and white shirt. Is that to much to ask?


  30. Enyz said

    I love to read posts when they are talking about how both David respect each other, instead on focusing their idol battle. The fact that they support each other and being fans to one another are never fail to amaze me. Those are some reasons why i love American Idol season 7 the most. The 7th season of the show had helped to built such a dearing friendship by two talented singers. And also gave the chance to ppl world wide to have such amazing ppl to be looked up to. I am a fans of David Archuleta and I love David Cook. Their musics have their own message and they have their own way to deliver them. Can’t wait to see more from them in the future. Good luck for both David 🙂


  31. SandyBeaches said

    May I interrupt our time with ‘David & David’ to once again mention that David will be performing a Christmas Special with two singers from “Celtic Woman”…David is going on to the stage of classical singers. Now if we count, how many different stages has he been on? This will be wonderful, and the word extraordinary has been used in the write-up. I am so overjoyed for him to see the respect that is felt for him in the world of classical singers. He has been so noticed and the Christmas tour may have been the place…perhaps it was in Ann Arbor or Salt Lake City. David is held in such high esteem…

    We are getting familiar with Christmas in the summer so here is one of David’s Christmas songs sung by Celtic Woman…we can just imagine how David will fit in with these artists…

    So call on your imagination and let your mind wander to take you there with David…



  32. emmegirl said

    Great article Abrra. Their affection and respect for each other is genuine and apparent; it’s funny how it blesses me just to witness it. You can’t help but think they will always hold a special place in each others hearts.


  33. skiffrower said

    Thanks Abbra for the post, I really like thinking back on this topic.

    I think one of the things that helped establish the relationship between the two Davids as genuine was the hands-off approach taken by TPTB during and after Idol. Whether they didn’t see the friendship or, more likely, they didn’t want to draw attention to it (like they did with Adam and Kris the following season) the fact that we discovered this friendship for ourselves, without Idol producers drawing our attention to it helped give the friendship credibility and a genuine feel. Of course the brotherly love between the Davids was confirmed many times over after Idol when they traveled together. But it was nice to discover its origins own our own

    There is a moment at the finale, just after the confetti starts to fly when, if you look close, David A is leaning over talking to Cook’s mom. Of course we have no idea what’s transpiring between the two but it ends as we come to expect from DA. A big smile and thumbs up in the direction of Cook’s family. Knowing this moment exists has helped me


  34. FG said

    Abrra – sometimes I can watch the Idol stuff and sometimes I can’t. I’m getting tougher. It is not that it makes me sad, it is just too much sometimes. I never got my DVDs but I hope to one day. When I watched Season 7 it was on an old TV. But then again, seeing him in HD on my awesome new TV may be ill-advised. I’m willing to take that chance. 🙂

    Bliss #28 – yes!!
    SB #31 – I am all a-flutter about the PBS special. It is so very awesome!

    I am stoked beyond all reasonable bounds of stokedness for what the future holds for David and I feel blessed to be able to witness it. I am honored and humbled to be on this journey. If only I could hear SBL on my local radio station I’d be floating around. At least there are 2 stations here in MI playing it. It takes time for the cream to rise to the top, but rise it will.


  35. betsy said

    So sorry that this is offtopic, but I have to do it. Something is forcing me to post this, lol.
    p.s. If you watch this in full screen, it is almost like a David movie.


  36. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy…That is a beautiful video…I believe that he is most appreciated by fans who adore this David…



  37. SandyBeaches said

    FG…When we see David in this concert there will be a lot of pride going around. One more step in my dream for him…



  38. Angelica said

    River, You’re welcome!


    Enyz, Photobucket to The Voice!


    Thanks for bringing this twosome together again in your post. I’m glad David had someone like Cook to share the trials and tribulations of idol, especially when they were the last men standing. I think they’ve been good for each other and have proven that it was never a zero end game. The fact that someone won, didn’t mean someone else lost. David lost nothing and they both gained a good friend for life.


  39. River said

    tonite my Zumba class cooled down to Eva Cassidy’s Songbird. Of course I thought of David and that I might not have appreciated her pure voice had he not told us all about her amazing legacy.


  40. Angelica said

    A few more pics.




    I never saw that last one until tonight. Does he have a license to wear that vest?


  41. Diana said

    Great post Abbra! I love the two David’s friendship. In all honesty I used to be a bigger Cook fan then David A’s because everyone in my school loved
    David Archuleta and it was like the Bieber fever pandemic. (Of course now I still wish it was like that) but then I took time to listen to David A’s singing and fell in love with his voice. But everything about them is truely genuine and I hope their friendship could last a lifetime.


  42. djafan said

    Angelica…I think he may be breaking some laws wearing that vest!

    Betsy…that video is pure love!

    SB…Love that David was invited to the PBS special.

    tweeted by pastelpastel

    Very cool that @semicolon09 will be talking about @SU2C ’s @DavidArchie Crush Kids’ Cancer team. Watch CBS Early Show 8 am + EST!


  43. djafan said

    This tweet from @pecanpie:

    Watch CBS early show 7-9am EST Aug 18. Marge’s story & Crush Kids’ Cancer David Archuleta’s Angels SU2C 8:30ish


  44. Tawna21 said

    Abrra, thank you for reminding me of how precious the feelings are between these two. I have never really not liked Cook. I haven’t enjoyed his style of music, but I have enjoyed and appreciated ‘him’. I think he and David have shown us what a true friend is. A true friend will stand up for, stand by, and stand behind his/her friend. Another lesson learned from two people much younger than me.


    btw–Cook’s newest song ‘Come Back to Me’ isn’t too bad, really. It kind of has a Daughtry vibe to it.

    oh yeah, and I guess they played SBL on my local radio station this afternoon, but I was still at work. Bummer. At least it’s on there.


  45. Tawna21 said

    Holy Smokes! Angelica! Do we need to show ID to see him wearing that vest?!


  46. emmegirl said

    THANK YOU, I have been yearning for some pics, big beautiful pics!

    LadyV tweeted she ran into him and Mike K at lunch today.
    Wonder if he stays with Mike sometimes. The other day he tweeted about a cartoon, Mike does have a toddler. Just wonderin’, just wonderin’ because, well, idk, just wonderin’.

    Been doing a little reading, Mike is quite accomplished, and he is only 28. Another good friend.

    **and the vest… yeah.


  47. ram said

    Abrra thanks for the reminder of how great those two are together. I can imagine that they will be friends forever. Who knows maybe they will someday collaborate, you just never know.

    Ditto on the vest. 🙂


  48. Mandi said

    Awwws. The two Davids do like each other and respect each other as artists. But I don’t think they are the best of friends like some people believe. I’m sure you’ve read COS. David said Jason and Kristie Lee were the ones he hang out with the most and never mentioned hanging with Cook. So yes, David and Cook respect each other a lot but I don’t think they have the same closeness that David and Jason have. I love Jason too. I think his talent was overlooked because the two Davids took most of the spotlight during their season. I never liked Cook even before I started liking David, or I should say, loving David. I thought Cook was smug. But I actually changed my mind on him. I think he is a nice guy, after all and I wish him success.


  49. bebereader said

    What is it about vests on David? He just wears them so well.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  50. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  51. Mandi said

    Bebe, what on God’s green earth are you trying to do to us with those BIG pictures?


  52. bebereader said

    Mandi#51 Just showing you the assortment of vests David has in his wardrobe. haha

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  53. emifriend said

    Thank you for this article. I have hoped to see one like this along the way. I have always liked David Cook and appreciated his love for David Archuleta. He seemed to “get him” from the start…. Cook was tickled at David’s “dang that grape skin” and “what is dry wit?” comments, and the skits with Guillermo. His sitting next to David in the middle of the stage was to me an immediate act of support and kindness to Archie in light of Seacrest’s cruel challenge to DA.

    David Cook has a measure of grace and kindness himself. His poignant song “Permanent” is so amazing to me. I don’t know how he could even write that song much less get thru singing it. I still cry whenever I hear it, and my brother passed away over fifteen years ago. I love that Cook is not afraid to show his emotions and as Bliss noted perfectly ,” Cook is also “man enough” to show his love for David in an affectionate and physical way, something I have have great respect for”

    I also like David Cook’s use of language. He is a “wordnerd,” as he called himself, and I love his search for the exact word in his communications. He uses language beautifully; Cook values language, and I think has given his enthusiasm for words to his young fans.

    As a musician, I know David Cook has worked long and hard at his craft, yet I believe that David Archuleta sang in that AI competition in ways that challenged and taught David Cook –and stretched him to reach his full potential. ( Like taking on songs sung and written for women) I think Archie made David Cook a better singer and a nicer person, all by his example; just like he is doing for the rest of us.

    And lastly, I think perhaps the Cook/Archuleta friendship will remain so important to both men because it is the last friendship they made before that devil FAME turned their worlds upside down. Like “Frat boys,” they are bonded for life having survived the hazing of AI together while they were still just guys trying to win a contest, as opposed to being superstars, touring around the country to the screams of all their fans. I am glad the two David’s have each other and their friendship as a reference point and a grounding point.

    Isn’t there a music tribute video to the two David’s friendship? I have seen one, I think, and it is very endearing… anybody know where it is?… wondering…


  54. Pabuckie said

    There are no coincidences in life I always say!

    @mikekmusic What are the chances @DavidArchie , @thedavidcook and @DavidOsmond1 are all at my house today? LOL


  55. Pabuckie said

    So I tweeted him this article — hope you don’t mind! 🙂


  56. FG said

    The vest pics!!!! *runs out for more fava beans*


  57. SandyBeaches said

    Oh Pabuckie…she minds!! haha…I hope that they both see the collection of pictures…Tshirts, plaid shirts, but the best of all (and is a must to be presented in some artistically prepared picture)…is the picture of the incredible, handsome young man in comment #40…



  58. betsy said

    I am celebrating today. The one year anniversary of my first David concert. 🙂


  59. FG said

    Betsy! I can’t believe it has been 1 year. That was THE BEST DAY wasn’t it? Gosh!!!


  60. emifriend said


  61. Pabuckie said

    Emifriend – I posted that video at #6! 🙂

    I thought perhaps you were referring to another one…haha…guess not!


  62. aKang said


    A good article reflecting of a good friendship. I, too, have liked David Cook and find him sexy (after the make-over) when he sang “Always be my Baby”. I really enjoy seeing the two Davids together displaying their respect for each other. Agreed with Emifriend #53’s comments on David Cook. 🙂


  63. emifriend said

    oopsie… Sorry ’bout that! I see it now..


  64. djafan said

    David’s performance of Oh Holy Night video by our emilylusarchie is featured on Celtic Woman site!

    JiveMusic tweets…official cover

    @DavidArchie fans! Go to to see the news & don’t forget to leave your comments!

    Please vote for David on Portrait most beautiful person…

    link is also on the left sidebar.

    I’ve also added a link on the left sidebar to the radio stations by state….request! request!


  65. djafan said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  66. emmegirl said

    dja – deja vu

    emifriend 53 – you have a way. 🙂


  67. djafan said


    Betsy…I love that performance…please remind me the time.


  68. Pabuckie said

    65. Djafan: I posted it at #54 – and also sent them this article! 😉

    Regarding that Beauty Poll – if half of his fanbase COULD VOTE ONCFE PER DAY — DAVID WOULD BE WINNING BY A LANDSLIDE!

    Unfortunately, a lot of fans cannot – for whatever reason!

    Whoever does make it on the COVER – not sure I’m going to feel it was very honest…unless of course it’s David! 🙂


  69. Pabuckie said

    And now it’s time to celebrate because Jive has officially announced the new photo cover – haha – it’s pretty much the same as the other one! lol

    But it’s still time to celebrate! 🙂


  70. djafan said

    Ooops Pabuckie…missed it.

    Is this a Cook brother? Wonder if David saw this tweet…lol



  71. Pabuckie said

    Did everyone see the video of SU2C from the CBS Early Show where David was mentioned?


  72. bebereader said

    SB #31 Thank you sharing that stirring performance of “O Holy Night” by Celtic Woman! It was so moving that my husband looked up from reading to ask who was singing. David’s “O Holy Night” is equally if not more exquisite. Glad to see they posted it on their site.

    Betsy #58 Happy One Year Anniversary! Time just flies in the ArchuUniverse, doesn’t it? 😉 Where is the spot on that video that you made eye contact with David?

    Found this while looking for something else. It’s a Star Search clip that I’ve never seen. David’s not singing but he’s at 3:30 to the end. And so adorable, I might add!


  73. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe…Please ask your husband what his reaction is in regards to David’s invitation to sing at the Celtic Christmas concert! They are seeing his wonderful musical abilities and charisma and of course impressive on stage presence…I am mentioning your husband’s views because he is musically involved and because he is not one of us…you know what I mean! My take on it is that it is a wonderful acknowledgement of his classical singing talents…

    …and yes Mr. Bebe, they actually sang David’s ‘O Holy Night’…I am looking forward to a quote!



  74. emmegirl said

    bebe-love how in that vid before the break as soon as the music starts playing he starts movin’!

    Great promo for SU2C. Will be time for all of us to do our part and support this cause.


  75. djafan said

    4 new adds!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  76. Heidijoy said

    I think the DublinCook is David Cook’s dog and he has his own account. (his master’s way of sending a message not quite incognito,Me thinks) Ha Ha! as David A would say. thanks for all the info and updates and videos etc. (and pictures)


  77. silverfox said

    Off topic, which BTW is very entertaining, & I’m sure the David’s appreciate their “competition” has been laid to rest. And thanks much for all the great photos & vids!

    Just an FYI about the WDJX Bash this Sunday, Kris Allen will be the Guest Host/Emcee, so it sounds like he may not be performing, but who knows…Anyway that is the latest for anyone interested. 🙂

    Also, is David in Nashville? Doesn’t Mike LIVE in Nashville or has he relocated to LA? Anybody know? I wouldn’t be surprised if David IS in Nashville finishing up the last recordings for the album. Just speculating…

    Mandi #48, I agree with you. The David’s have always had a big brother/little brother thing going with great respect & a deep affection for each other, but it’s true that David spent his leisure time-off with Jason & Kristie Lee. 🙂


  78. betsy said

    This is an amazing vlog. He sings in it.


  79. djafan said



  80. silverfox said

    OH David..You make my heart SING!!!


  81. silverfox said

    Now if I can just keep it together til Sunday. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Ahem..didn’t mean to do that! 😆


  82. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy…OMHeavens!! WOW…

    Thank you for this fabulous treat…Was David just here in this house??



  83. djafan said

    SB, SF, can you BELIEVE him!!!!!!


  84. River said

    This vlog is beyond classic David. Rambly, hilarious, genuine and totally endearing. I love the musical tangents and the singing along to Jill Scott. Could he possibly be more adorable?? of course he can. just can’t wait for Six Flags. This vlog is such a keeper, but aren’t they all??


  85. SandyBeaches said

    Where is everyone? In a state of glorious shock?? You have to have some strain of ODD to understand…



  86. betsy said

    Yes SB, in a state. 🙂
    I can’t even take it another second. That singing.


  87. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  88. djafan said

    I want to scream and cry simultaneously, does that make sense?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  89. betsy said

    Did ya’ll notice all the tags he’s put on this? He went wild with them!

    * David
    * Archuleta
    * album
    * The
    * Other
    * Side
    * of
    * Down
    * Something
    * ‘Bout
    * Love
    * Radio
    * stations
    * Jill
    * Scott
    * Golden
    * Lovely
    * Day
    * Mike
    * Kromp


  90. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan I am blown away!

    He warned us, you can never say that he didn’t!

    “Hang on, hang in for the ride of your life”…no kidding David!



  91. betsy said

    Dja it makes perfect sense.
    And Idk why I said ya’ll. Sometimes I yearn to be southern. 🙂


  92. betsy said

    And this:
    eofficialarchuleta | August 17, 2010

    I’m a space cadet today. Stoked about getting all these songs for the album finalized! We’re sooo close. Going to be doing some radio station visits this coming week. time to introduce some new David music :). Jill Scott is awesome.

    (the “time to introduce some new David music” part is killing me)


  93. Heidijoy said

    Mike K has been living in LA lately and I think he lists both La and Nashville as his residence and studios. It seems he and David F do gigs together periodically in LA. Love the new Vlog and the song David is jamming to @ the end. It sound like David will be in Nashville for one gig and then recording the PBS special. My hunch is he will be practicing with the Celtic girls prior to the recording.


  94. SandyBeaches said

    I will be composed, but I have to say…Where in the world did that lovely chin come from? ;()

    Pressing replay now…



  95. River said

    I think “Livin my life like it’s Golden” is the perfect lyric for our guy right now. This is one super happy dude.


  96. bebereader said

    So many good things in this vlog!

    But most of all, David’s joy in living comes through loud and clear. If anyone wonders why we love him like we do, and why we crave to see him, to be in his aura even for a minute, all they have to do is watch this vlog. His joy is contagious and it makes us love him more and more each day.


  97. bebereader said

    Here’s the song from the end of David’s vlog:


  98. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe…My husband just stopped by the computer so I showed him what has me glued to my location! I don’t think that he gets it, haha..

    We need some kind of picture here…where is Abrra? A colorful pic. showing excitement, maybe the stars and the man in the moon with a smile!…



  99. SandyBeaches said

    OK…to help us celebrate the near completion of David’s new album and also his getting back to performing, I have called up one of his good friends to entertain us in the celebration…and it is colorful! Take it away Jason stage right…



  100. River said

    In regard to the comment above about TheDublinCook, indeed Dublin is Cook’s Scottish terrier and is voiced by the irrepressible Andrew Cook. In scrolling down I was reminded again how much David has matured since those Idol days. No longer a teenager indeed. Wow.


  101. Pabuckie said

    Lovin’ David’s new VLOG! So cheery and positive and upbeat!

    I need a “Merry-Go-Round” of 5:00 – 5:30! 🙂

    Those “eye” expressions and him ‘jammin’ to the song’ can’t get much better than that!


  102. River said

    PaB for SURE we need a merry go round of his Jill Scott sing along expressions. My favorite par of the vlog, guaranteed to make us grin.


  103. Pabuckie said

    Back to School Brunch at Ladder 133! David will be singing 5 songs in a top-secret showcase in Providence, Rhode Island.


  104. SandyBeaches said

    Pabuckie…David reminds me of someone else (quite famous) when he is speaking and singing at the same time…his moves, his expressions, his passion for singing…Can you guess?…while you wait fot your MGR…



  105. Pabuckie said

    Hmmmmmmmm. not sure? WHO? haha


  106. djafan said

    Can you SEE his eyes? lol

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  107. SandyBeaches said

    Pabuckie…One more hint…also the similarities are in the smile while singing and talking and the sparkle in the eyes…and one more…a very famous person!



  108. emmegirl said

    His joy and love of life is irrepressible.
    “Golden” couldn’t have been more golden to end this vlog!

    Betsy, I like that too,”time to introduce some new David music”


  109. Pabuckie said

    I can’t THINK!!! I know I will be bangin’ my head once you tell me! LOL


  110. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan…only David could be that close to his fans…yes he was amused with the state his eyes were in!



  111. SandyBeaches said

    Pabuckie…maybe it is me but the deep passion for singing, the love he showed for his fans…the word here is ‘showed’…my final hint this time and then I will tell…



  112. Pabuckie said

    Elvis or MJ? lol That’s my guesses!


  113. bebereader said

    SB Who is it? I’m tearing my hair out! haha

    SB#73 Mr. Bebe isn’t surprised at David’s invite to the Celtic Christmas concert. He said: “Like goes to like.”


  114. Pabuckie said

    Sandybeaches: I think you’ve caught the EMAN Bug!


  115. Angelica said

    He is freaking adorable.


  116. River said

    Not to mention adorkable. I think his word was “spazzy”. He also seems to like “goofball”. I prefer to think he’s just “for real”.


  117. SandyBeaches said

    Pabuckie…It was MJ that passed by my mind…just something about the way he was speaking, smiling and the gentleness I guess!

    Bebe…Tell your husband please that what he said sounds perfect to me! I knew that he woould say something rather prophetic…


  118. Pabuckie said

    MJ FTW! 🙂

    Back to watching the vlog! haha


  119. Pabuckie said

    A special opportunity for Celtic Women and David Archuleta fans!


  120. SandyBeaches said

    Pabuckie…He does know his shirts and probably who gave most of them to him…on the quiet though. So, do you know who gave him that shirt? Do I have to guess now, haha??



  121. Dakgal said

    So good to hear from David he sounds happy upbeat and worn out at the same time. Love the way he puts his hand up to his chin in contemplation, like a old man stroking his beard in deep thought
    ( for a couple of seconds that is) then on to the next subject.

    Why must he be banished to a dark room for his vlogs. Let there be light! Wonder if the song we’ve never heard him sing before is new or a cover.

    SB—I can feel your vibes of excitement and pride for David singing with the Celtic Woman from thousands of miles away.
    Question is that pronounced KELL-tic or SELL-tic?


  122. goodkarmaseeker said

    This just has to be the BEST vlog ever!!!!!!!!!
    It just has to make you abut explode with joy. That happy, happy face and then bursting out in song with the dance moves at the end is pretty much the greatest feeling of the day, week, etc. He’s the best! And now how much more excited are we about the album and new songs????
    Wish I lived closer to all those spots he will soon be visiting but will count on our fantastic fan base to report back and spread the joy.

    SB: Yes, MJ FTW!!

    Angelica: “He is freaking adorable” You bet.

    River: “Not to mention adorkable” That too.

    Bebereader: I’m working on my husband to get to Mr. Bebe”s appreciation and slowly I’m gaining.

    Pabuckie: I want an MGR of 5:00-5:30 as well


  123. SandyBeaches said

    Dak…I was trying to figure out where he was doing the vlog…I rather like the effect…

    Celtic is pronounced with a K actually…It is like a whole other world in music wants David to sing with them and they are singing about as classical as it gets. The surprising thing to me is that I would never have guessed that right now it would be Celtic musicians looking and admiring David. Hearts will swell with pride as we watch that Christmas Special…and I would never have guessed that he would be a guest at the White House twice this year.

    I have one of my favorite Celtic songs here for you from the Rankin Family archives…they hail from our province.



  124. djafan said

    I think the shirt was a gift from SF.


  125. Tawna21 said

    SB–The video in #123 is amazing! Thank you for posting it. I can’t really put my finger on what it is about Celtic music that intrigues me so much. It must be the purity of it. I am so excited to be able to hear David on this PBS special. If ever there was a ‘pure voice’, it is certainly his.


  126. Pabuckie said

    djafan. I think the shirt is blue and a lot of ppl are debating if it is the one from the SBL video.

    Can’t really tell the vlog is so dark but he is fiddling with a button.

    I say ask him. haha


  127. SandyBeaches said

    Tawna…The music is pure and every word is sung from the heart which is in keeping with how David sings his every note…

    I am pleased that you enjoyed it, I had to google the lyrics once because I could not hear some of the words. They have heavy accents…



  128. Dakgal said

    Thanks SB–took me a while to get back– wanted to save that video to my favorites on You-tube and we did battle cause it wouldn’t let me sign in–don’t know how I got signed out in the first place.

    Anyhoo–really liked that song –their music is so haunting and beautiful–I’ll have to Google the lyrics also.


  129. SandyBeaches said

    Dakgal…to finish my Celtic favorites I would like to give you this one from the Rankin Family as well. It is a favorite of mine. I believe that the words are quite clear and the verses say something rather wonderful to think about…The Celtics sings with messages, sound familiar?



  130. Pabuckie said

    @DavidArchie Made it to the Idols Live concert in Anaheim tonight!! Brings back memories. Big Mike is on killin’ it!

    @TimUrbanMusic: Me and @davidarchie Awesome guy!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  131. Pabuckie said

    RT @ToriKelly: RT @DeniseJanae Welp! We had a bit of a reunion! <—STAR SEARCH BUDDIES!

    NICE PIC!!!!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  132. Pabuckie said

    DAVID ARCHULETA and AARON KELLY backstage at the AI live tour tonight in Anaheim CA:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  133. Pabuckie said


    Hey alot of you are asking me if I got a pic with @DavidArchie, Here it is

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  134. Pabuckie said

    Dont know what this is but it was posted TODAY?

    “Beneath the Surface”
    “Escaping the Pain”



  135. SandyBeaches said

    I just received an early Christmas present…two tickets to Nashville for September 2nd!!!



  136. betsy said

    Oh SB that is just wonderful!


  137. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy…I am kind of shaky at the moment…I had this little beep on my iphone and what an email!! But please let there be others from this site who have requested tickets!!



  138. Angelica said

    Congratulations, SB! Very happy for you!


  139. SandyBeaches said

    Thanks Angelica…I was reminded to dress colourfully for Christmas! I am hoping that there will be others attending from here, just have to wait and see…



  140. Pabuckie said

    Congrats! SB! Did you win them?


  141. Pabuckie said

    I’m lovin’ the way David looks in all those pics! Doesn’t matter who he stands next to! And the SBL shirt he wore in the vlog!! He is so handsome! Glad he got to go to the concert last night and have fun!


  142. SandyBeaches said

    Pabuckie…You just have to email them and say that you would like to have two tickets…or one…and the deadline is August 25th…they probably sent out the first responses today…They just request that you dress colorfully for the filming…



  143. Pabuckie said

    Well I am absolutely thrilled you get to go to this event. Especially with your love for Celtic music! 🙂


  144. blisskasden said

    Pabuckie, thanks for posting those great pics of David at the AI concert. David has become a sort of “elder statesman” (LOL) of former AI contestants, and a pic with David provides a bump in stature to the contestant. It’s almost as if you haven’t “made it” unless you’re packing a pic with The Archuleta in your resume. Read what Katie Stevens says in # 133. That about sums it up.


  145. SandyBeaches said

    Pabuckie…The Celtic music is part of our east coast heritage. Nova Scotia actually means New Scotland so there you go. Much of the music sings about the sea and the highlands and we have lots of that…BUT…to have David amongst them is still a bit of a surprise to me…but then, he loves to surprise us every chance that he can.



  146. dakgal said

    Congrats on your up coming very exciting event–not only do you get to see and hear David–you get to enjoy some music you love.
    Is there such a thing as Celtic Christmas music? Some old hymns?
    Try not to spazz yourself into a frazzle between now and then.

    Wonder what he will sing!And how many?


  147. djafan said

    SB, Congratulations!!!!! Oh to be there…so happy for you, you’ll need to absorb it all for us.

    Emi, have you heard yet?

    And for all us west coasters, A Cellcast!!!!!

    Zoo-A-Palooza Cellcast with Snarkies and ArchieRx!
    Come join Rach from ArchieRX and Rachel from Snarkies (CONFUSING MUCH?! CALL ME QUEENIE. OR SOMETHING.) for the lovely underwater soundings of the Archuleta on Saturday, August 21st at 7:30pm EST! David goes on at 8! You can find the blogTV channel here:


  148. djafan said

    This from jim at MTV on mjsblog….I hope soon!!!

    08/18/2010 at 12:00 pm

    Archie’s vid should be on MTV/Vh1 soon. I think the label had to make some edits and blurs to make the video acceptable to MTV’s standards. (You can’t show logos. There are a lot of cell phones in Arhcie’s vids. And there’s that one shot where the girl takes her top off. Just kidding.)


  149. djafan said

    For those ipod, iphone, and ipad users.

    Music video site Vevo has released a free app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch—but a similar treatment for the iPad and Google’s Android is still in the works. The launch of the app is done with sponsorship from AT&T (NYSE: T), which is placed prominently on a social net series called Ask:Reply. This series involves artists answering questions from fans submitted through Vevo on Twitter and Facebook. The first installment of Ask:Reply, is starting with Ke$ha, with other artists such as David Archuleta, Ciara, Kelis, Maroon 5 on deck.


  150. djafan said

    Please vote for David on Portrait…

    and here…Best new idol single…


  151. djafan said

    vevo youtube views…2,198,667!

    David is moving right along…WEDNESDAY UPDATE:

    40 51 LADY ANTEBELLUM I Run To You 463 694 -231 1.615
    54 52 JESSIE JAMES Boys In The Summer 430 441 -11 1.091
    52 53 KANYE WEST Power f/Dwele 404 454 -50 1.126
    60 54 DAUGHTRY September 362 266 96 1.197
    55 55 IYAZ So Big 354 364 -10 1.071
    56 56 T.I. Got Your Back f/Keri Hilson 324 349 -25 1.283
    64 57 NEW BOYZ Break My Bank f/Iyaz 319 219 100 1.423
    62 58 BURNHAM Catch Me If You Can 302 260 42 0.51
    65 59 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 276 206 70 0.852
    70 60 USHER Hot Tottie f/Jay-Z 256 155 101 3.614

    Here is another great source of links of where to request SBL!!!!


  152. Pabuckie said

    Tori Kelley and David reunited!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  153. emmegirl said

    How many times did he have his pic taken last night?

    *and everyone of them is gorgeous


  154. blisskasden said

    What the random:

    I just voted on that Portrait Magazine poll. Good to see David in 1st place and pulling away. Is it just me, or has anyone else never heard of 90% of these so-called “beautiful” people. In 2010 there is only one “most beautiful and wonderful person” out there. For example, Tim Urban is a great looking guy with a warm smile and pleasant disposition. However, in pic #130, he’s reduced to being the guy who is standing next to David Archuleta. In # 131, David is with 2 very attractive young women, yet it’s the same scenerio.

    In David’s Vlog, he seemed very anxious to get his new songs out there and start singing them. I hear ya, Big D. I can’t wait to hear them and to see you owning some more stages.


  155. Fanis Archangelicus said

    Hello everyone,

    I haven’t posted in ages but visit several times daily to read the consistently praiseworthy articles by gifted admins and other writers as well as the wonderful comments that follow. You are all lovely, delightful people and I wish I had time to participate more in this very special community.

    I just have to comment on David’s upcoming appearance on the PBS Christmas special. I cannot quit spazzing about it. I discovered Celtic Woman a few years ago (before David) and have been lucky enough to attend their last two concerts here in Salt Lake City. Fabulous!

    Anway, this last time around they sang both Fields of Gold and When You Believe! Of course I was especially affected by those songs as they made me think of David. I said to my daughter that I wished that David could sing with them. And it’s sorta gonna happen, albeit not with the current ladies who make up Celtic Woman. Spazz!!!!!

    Additionally, on Celtic Woman’s Christmas album, A Christmas Celebration, they sing Panis Angelicus. It is absolutely gorgeous and ever since I heard it I’ve wanted David to sing it. It is also the inspiration for my present screen name. Now I’m hoping that somehow, someway, David will sing this on the PBS special. I’m already over the moon about his appearance and if he were to sing Panis Angelicus I would…would…well, there are no words for how I would feel.

    Back to working and lurking and spazzing.

    Hugs to all!


  156. emmegirl said

    bliss, lol, hear ya. He is a magnet, the force is strong and virtually irresistible.


  157. bebereader said

    Fanis #155 So good to hear from you!


    SB: I’m so excited for your upcoming Celtic/David event!

    Here’s this:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  158. Pabuckie said

    #144 Bliss and #153 Emmegirl – Thanks! Glad you liked the pics!


  159. betsy said

    How many people, after reading the article and seeing the picture on top, went back and rewatched the handstand video?
    *raises hand*


  160. Tawna21 said

    SB!!!!! I’m so excited for you!! Oh to be able to make it to Nashville. That great city is on my list of places to visit, but it just won’t be now…dang it! We are just going to have to rely on your great writing talents to enlighten us about this GREAT event. Maybe we will even see an audience shot of you–I’m lovin’ that thought. Have a great time!



  161. jackryan4DA said

    I lightened up and improved the grain of David’s latest vlog – not just TheVoice, we should also see TheFace better, right? 🙂

    TheVoice, TheFace and TheCharacter – truly perfect combination!

    ps: Am sorry if I always make a hit and run here, not commenting on the many fabulous write-ups. But I adore everything that you guys post here. I will always be a fan of TheVoice.


  162. Tawna21 said

    SBL!!! it’s playing on my radio station from SLC right now!!!! Chair dancing!!!


  163. jackryan4DA said

    The Early Show features SU2C – David & Crush Kid Cancer mention

    A clip of David is shown at 3:43 mark 🙂

    Great, great work archies! Congrats Pecan Pie, Marge and the 1,000 or so archies who participated in Crush Kid Cancer.


  164. jackryan4DA said

    REMEMBER: Over 50? Know someone who’s over 50? Get the screening scheduled. You have nothing to lose and everything to win!

    For more information, visit: or call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636). For TTY, call 1-888-232-6348.

    For Brochures – Click on: Colorectal Cancer Screening (English)


  165. silverfox said

    Just a word about David at the AI concert…isn’t it JUST LIKE DAVID to show his support to the Idols? This AI Tour is really struggling with some venues being cancelled due to low ticket sales. How many other alums make it a point to show their support? Not any that I know of…

    Paula hit the nail on the head when she said David is a GEM!

    Have a great day everyone!


  166. betsy said

    JR – thank you for enhancing the vlog. Your hard work never goes unnoticed. I probably watched it ten times last night.
    What a sweetheart you are. ♥


  167. Angelica said


    Thanks for all you do. The Voice will always be a fan of YOU!


    You are so right. He has remained AI’s staunchest supporter out there. When everyone hoped he would distance himself from the show, as so many others have, he has not forgotten where he got his start. You can agree or disagree with whether this is the best decision for him career-wise, but you can not dispute that he is one classy guy.


  168. jackryan4DA said

    Awww Betsy, that’s very nice of you to say [[hugs]]. Am slowly re-building my YT channel. Hard to keep up with TheArchuletor. Am only 1/5 done with the previous vids and he is soon to do his promo rounds! Yikes, LOL

    SF – so true about David lending moral support to the new members of his Idol family. In good and in bad times, Idol has gotten a de facto Idol ambassador in David. I don’t see the day that David will shake off the Idol connection. Personally I believe he doesn’t want to. By how he behaves and declares, he gives Idol a lot of props for whatever success and opportunities he has gotten so far. Now I recognize that some of us feel that that is unwarranted. Some of us may agree with David’s predisposition towards Idol. In any case, I just hope that the Idol machinery puts more value of the gem in their midst.

    Now, are you excited or what re seeing David soon?

    For others who will have the chance to see him in this round of SBL promo, have a blast! New vids and pix soon YAY!


  169. djafan said

    JR…Thank “you” for all you do!

    SF…So excited for you and the others getting to see and hear David in the coming days. I hope some appearances are in the plans for my neck of the woods.

    The Alma’s are in the planning stages, would love him to be invited to perform! I’d have to find away for tickets!


  170. dakgal said

    Brought this over from Snarky’s

    This is like one of those games—how many errors can you find–to me it is fraught with them. There will be no prizes rewarded. Just test your skills.


    Losing adolescent years to a great music career is something a lot of people frown upon, but I say that if it will do something good for the world, then what’s the big deal!? David Archuleta broke into the music world in ­2002 through his appearance on the world hit TV show, American Idol. Although very much a star, Archuleta still realizes the importance of assisting the less fortunate and coordinates with Do and Dunkin’ Brands Community Foundation to liven up the lives of homeless teenagers worldwide. He also participated in efforts to raise money for the Haiti relief, partaking in a Telethon and a recording of We are The World 25 for Haiti. Now would you still say that Archuleta lost out by achieving stardom at such a young age? Because I certainly don’t! I say that it’s great that such a young star is still able to acknowledge and help the less fortunate even once he’s achieved stardom. If you haven’t heard his music get some music downloads and I am sure you will enjoy his sweet styling.

    David Archuleta on American IdolAs with any star, there has to be a story behind David Archuleta’s fame. The celebrity grew up in a musical household with a father, a jazz musician and mother, a Latin singer. The American pop singer started singing at the young age of 6, and by age 10 he performed publicly at the Utah Talent Competition. He immediately captured the crowd and received a standing ovation following his rendition of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You which won him the award for the Child Division. At 12, Archuleta sang on several episodes of the TV series Star Search, becoming the shows Junior Vocal Champion. It was only five years later, that Archuleta made his second appearance on Hollywood’s American Idol show, having already appeared on the shows first season in 2002, performing John Mayer’s Waiting On The World To Change at the final audition. David took advantage of the piano and played it as he performed some other songs on the show including the hit Angels. Unfortunately, the minor didn’t win the show, only receiving 44% of the votes. Could that have to do though with people not wanting such a young teenager to take advantage of the music show? After all, being so young, a minor in fact, he was required to have his parents act as his guardian at the show. Well anyway, that’s what I thought until I read that Billboard created a poll to find out the favorite American Idol male and female contestant and saw that David Archuleta won. He even won the poll between him and female winner, Carrie Underwood by a whopping 92% of the votes!

    David Archuleta was quoted saying about the poll:

    “I guess the fans I have are just really supportive. I think it’s cool that people consider me their favorite, especially because it’s Billboard. I check Billboard every week and I’m starting to get the magazine more, and I have a Billboard book, so it’s just funny that this is from Billboard, too. It’s not just some teen website, you know? It’s Billboard. I think that’s cool”. [Disney Dreaming]

    David Archuleta doesn’t just stop at singing. The young star is also a songwriter, best selling author and an actor. Now how’s that for someone so young! That’s what I would call an unfair advantage! Earlier this year, Archuleta released a memoir Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance, a book inspired by his nearly fatal partial vocal paralysis which he experienced in 2004, but has now recovered from. In past years, Archuleta has also written some songs including Dream Sky High and Don’t Tell Me.

    Some of David Archuleta’s top songs include Crush, Angels, Zero Gravity, Let’s Talk About Love, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, In This Moment and Imagine with the latter three reaching positions on the Billiboard Hot 100. Angels and Zero Gravity are my personal favorites, perhaps you’ll love these tracks too!

    Check out this music video of his latest single Something ‘Bout Love.

    Archuleta released his self-titled album with hit single Crush in 2008, following his signing with Jive Records. The single positioned number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the best chart debut in more than 18 months. Some of his other albums which you should listen to are Christmas From The Heart, Somebody Out There and his just released single Something ‘Bout Love, which you just heard in the music video above.

    The young star has already gone on tour many times. In 2009 alone, he went on five tours, two of his own and on the others he came on the tour to perform the opening act. His own tours were the David Archuleta Solo Tour and Christmas From The Heart Tour, performed at the beginning and end of the year respectively, to promote his self-titled album and Christmas From The Heart album. The tours showed at clubs, bars, theatres and civic centers, all in the USA.

    David Archuleta has won quite a few awards during his short time in the music world. He was listed 2nd on Forbes’ list of Breakout stars of 2008 and received the Teen Choice Award surfboard for Most Fanatic Fans. In 2009 he won won three Teen Choice Awards for Breakout Artist, Love Song, the Music Tour category with Demi Lovato and Year in Music – Rising Male Star award at the ALMA Awards. He has also had some of his songs chart on the Billboard’s Bubbling Hot 100 Singles Chart.

    David Archuleta is set to release another album, The Other Side of Down this year on October 5. He has already released the single, Something ‘Bout Love earlier this year. We’ll have to wait and see what the new album has in store for us. Let’s hope his new album charts. We wouldn’t want such brilliant talent to go to waste!



  171. bebereader said

    JR #161 That face, that face, that beautiful face! It needs to be seen! Thank you for your TLC on the newest vlog!

    djafan#169 Another Alma performance would be awesome!

    Dak#170 That article is so riddled with errors, it’s not even funny! haha

    The Vevo Question and Answer video is up on youtube, but marked ‘private’. What a tease, since we’ve all been waiting for this!

    Here’s Vevo’s reply when asked about it, on Twitter:


    @cassiearchuleta We’re keeping it exclusive to the App for a short period of time. Sorry for the tease! less than 20 seconds ago via web in reply to cassiearchuleta


  172. Abrra said

    Hi all 🙂
    Sorry for being so absent. Love seeing the new pix of David backstage at the Idols Live show.
    SB, SF and emi so happy that you can meet up in Nashville.

    By the way keep an eye on the side bar here at the site. Bebe is working on compiling names of folks going to various shows. Sb and I will be at the Six Flags Aug 27 if anyone wants to hang with us that day send email with your cell number to me at I will call you and tell you where to meet up with us. Also we are staying over at the Comfort Suites hotel. Love to spend time after the show with some fans.

    I am working on my World of Warcraft game. I need to get my character up to level 80 ( at level 79 so far) before the new expansion comes out. I am playing as much as I can. Love it!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    She is a vicious monster blaster!



  173. bebereader said

    The “Must-Have” Songs Poll from the previous thread is still going strong! If you have not yet voted, have no fear. There’s still time. We’re leaving it open until we’re ready to give the results to David at an upcoming summer/fall event.
    Here’s the link again:


    Your “Must-Haves” from David’s Early Collection are:

    1st Place – “Zero Gravity” with a whopping 114 votes

    2nd Place – “Barriers” 80 votes

    3rd Place – “My Hands” 68 votes

    “Works For Me” and “Somebody Out There” are creeping up.


  174. bebereader said

    Found this info on Idol Forums, from someone who already saw the Vevo Q&A video:

    “He said he has a favorite song on the new album but he won’t give away the title. It’s a more “ballad-y” song and it’s really personal. He’s been enjoying the Imogen Heap album and the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. He can’t wait to sing Latin music. He’s kinda nervous about singing SBL live because it’s so high and he was like “ughdgfnjjk” in the studio so they added key changes for him to rest his voice.”

    credit: HiyaArchie


  175. bebereader said

    We’ve got audio for the Vevo Q&A interview, thanks to @iammykei who sent it to Snarkies! <<< Audio on Twitter <<< Snarkies


  176. djafan said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  177. Tawna21 said

    dja #176…Holy Guacamole! is right! I’m gonna add red hot chili peppers to it!!
    That pic is a heart stopper…oh my!


  178. ODDMaddy said



  179. dakgal said

    Add some Tabasco to those red hot chili peppers and guacamole and it still isn’t hot enough!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  180. kaycee said

    Haha! You guys are making me hungry!…I love spicy mexican food! But you’re right about the picture! Gotta love that smile. Can’t wait to see the rest!

    A bit off topic, but still a bit David related (OK, it’s a stretch), my daughter got her proofs back from Matt Clayton last night (he took her senior pictures)–and they are amazing. Of course, I think she’s beautiful, but he was really able to catch what I love about her in the photos. She hates every picture of herself normally, but after viewing the proofs for what seemed like hours, she announced that she had narrowed the choices down to her favorites…30 of them!!


  181. Angelica said

    Nice pic! I’m making guacamole tomorrow. I have all the fixins, cilantro, onion, garlic, tomato and limes, and the avocados are just at the perfect state of ripeness. And now, I have the spicy inspiration! Holy hijoles!



    How exciting to have your daughter’s photos done by Matt Clayton! I’m sure she looks just beautiful!


  182. djxox said

    Hi all! Just popping in to comment on the latest lil pic o’D …
    All I have to say is….

    Head, shoulders, knees and boots
    knees and boots

    Head, shoulders, knees and boots
    knees and boots

    Eyes and ears and mouth and nose

    Head, shoulders, knees and BOOTS!
    Knees and BOOTS!!




  183. emmegirl said

    #176 – deeeeeviiiiine!


  184. pocoelsy said

    #176 who ever involved in the process of making this deadly picture has no mercy, ha ha and the guy smiling at the camera is the worst, who does he think he is, flashing a dashing smile like that….can’t look away have to er need to get some work done, never mind. Man he’s grrreooogeousss it’s not even funny.


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