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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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International Supah Stah!!!

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let’s talk about something.  How bout LOVE!!!!!

And 2,000,000 views!  Click on video and go get him some mooaar!

Or stay here and watch my happy dance.

Or these guys.

Your choice.  What the random?  lol

It’s all good.

66 Responses to “International Supah Stah!!!”

  1. Pabuckie said

    WTR = What the Random! lol Love that phrase from David!

    Getting close….1,924,499 views this morning! 🙂


  2. Pabuckie said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Credit: Zully


  3. Pabuckie said

    Up waaay too early today and I am assuming this is a random post so WTR right?

    Saw this on twitter this morning! RT @ArsenioOFFICIAL To my new friend from UTAH … THIS is when I first met David Archuleta. GREAT KID!


  4. Abrra said

    Haha! Michael Buckley (long time Archie) asked a few stars on the blue carpet to open his video with a greeting ” What the buck!” David is at :12.



  5. SandyBeaches said

    The twitvid is priceless Pabuckie…

    What’s with the guy giving him 4 out of a possible 5? I believe that he was scolded for that…

    The growl is still there, just a little tamed!

    Some great tweets coming his way…



  6. Abrra said


    “The two teen singing sensations were having a good time throwing the McNuggets into each others mouths. David did not miss hitting Demi’s open mouth once. Demi missed David’s open mouth four times, the last time striking a little blue haired old lady in the next booth.”

    Remember it’s a SPOOF!!!! All in fun.



  7. betsy said

    Abrra, I loved that spoof!


  8. tracewillow said

    Are you drunk? Lol

    Before I realise it was a spoof, I thought to myself…….hmmmm.. that doesn’t seem to be very David! Lol

    Haha You guys crack me up!


  9. betsy said

    from the video comments, edited a bit. (from a new fan)

    “I think I just fell in love. OMG his voice is so beautiful.”

    Yep, it is. Pretty sure I’ve said that same thing about 957 times. At least.


  10. pocoelsy said

    Angelica, you’re “high” on the mv. or what , hee hee!!??

    🙂 Yeah international supah stah is right!!!

    the cat is funny LOL.. look like one of my cats ha ha…crazy


  11. I said

    I’m a puma, not a cat..LOL


  12. djafan said

    International? You better believe it!

    Something ‘Bout Love vevo youtube view count now….1,938,706

    Honors for this video (20)
    #76 – Most Discussed (This Week))
    #11 – Most Discussed (This Week)) – Music
    #45 – Most Discussed (This Month)) – Music
    #5 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Canada
    #5 – Most Viewed (This Week))
    #31 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Poland
    #16 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Sweden
    #4 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Canada
    #3 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music
    #8 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Poland
    #17 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Russia
    #23 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Hong Kong
    #4 – Most Viewed (This Week)) – Music – Sweden
    #63 – Most Viewed (This Month))
    #22 – Most Viewed (This Month)) – Music
    #22 – Top Favorited (This Week))
    #8 – Top Favorited (This Week)) – Music
    #33 – Top Favorited (This Month)) – Music
    #8 – Top Rated (This Week)) – Music
    #84 – Top Rated (This Month)) – Music

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  13. Angelica said


    For you my puma.



  14. FG said

    You guys did see the HD Director’s cut of the video didn’t you? It’s been nice knowing you.


  15. Susie said

    Has anyone noticed that David’s SBL Vevo/YouTube count seems to be “stuck” at 1,938,706? It’s been at that number for at least an hour.

    Help! Anything we can do to notify someone or get the tally working again?

    We’re all too anxious to reach that 2M mark!!


  16. Angelica said


    We are just waiting for YT to update their stats which could come at any time.


  17. Pabuckie said

    #12 Djafan – Hey! What happened to that demographic of 18-24 year olds?? Did they just disappear I noticed?


  18. Susie said

    Thanks Angelica!

    Anxious to see the new numbers!


  19. Pabuckie said



  20. Suzy-Q said

    #5 SB I was wondering the same thing. What’s with that guy calling David a future super star and then only giving him a 4?
    I hadn’t seen that video before and it sure was a masterpiece of perfection. Lupe was sure into it!


  21. Angelica said



  22. A while ago I saw on Snarkies that there is a separate view count for the video. One for Vevo YT and one for Vevo. With both counts it added up to over 3 million! I wish the count wasn’t split up like that. That was like yesterday or the day before.
    And what the random-I haven’t been getting Twitter updates from David for almost 2 weeks! I’ve tried everything to try and fix it. 😦


  23. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    SBL video on demand on z100!

    Moving up! More radio station adds too!

    83 65 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 206 91 115 0.669

    From left to right:

    83 = chart position last week

    65 = chart position this week

    DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love = artist, title

    206 = total number of spins in the last seven days

    91= the number of spins it had in the seven days prior

    115 = difference in spins from this week to last week ( aka the ‘bullet’)

    0.669 = audience impression in millions for the last seven days


  24. bebereader said

    Woot woot! SBL is nearly at 2 mil hits and Z100 has it on demand! Was waiting for Z100 to pull through!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    MoroccanOil Gives Back at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards

    “At the 2010 Teen Choice Awards, the MoroccanOil Celebrity Retreat by Backstage Creations proved that not only do famous folks love snapping up the latest and luxurious as it pertains to beauty, fashion and gadgetry, they’re also a philanthropic bunch eager to help give back to the community.

    MoroccanOil, the argan oil-infused styling, finishing and conditioning line of haircare products, is known not only for keeping Hollywood’s elite frizz-free, but also as a company that doesn’t test on animals. Because of their love for our furry friends, they pledged to donate $10,000 divided up among three charities as voted on by awards show attendees.

    Pressman Toys also lent a compassionate hand to the retreat by donating toys to City of Hope’s children’s hospital for each star that played their iconic Mastermind game, which “American Idol” alum David Archuleta and R&B crooner Jason Derulo dominated.”


  25. bebereader said

    Teens Stand Up to Cancer

    David at 2:04!

    credit SU2C


  26. djafan said

    Here are the radio’s that have added SBL!


  27. djafan said

    Vote for David! He’s number 19.


  28. djafan said

    This is interesting…found this on twitter.

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – (Business Wire) Arthouse Entertainment, co-owned by Bug Music, published seven of the top-100 singles on iTunes, with five placing in the top 50. Arthouse Entertainment Co-Presidents Stephen Finfer and Kara DioGuardi, and Bug Music CEO John Rudolph, made the announcement today.

    “Arthouse continues to be the sure hit maker in the music business,” Rudolph said. “For five years now, no one has put up as many hits as Arthouse writers on a consistent basis.”

    DioGuardi co-wrote two of the seven songs: Carrie Underwood’s “Undo It” (#1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs, #23 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #5 on Mediabase Country) and Colbie Caillat’s “I Never Told You” (#48 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #65 on Mediabase).

    “I am so proud to be a part of a company whose diverse writers, producers and artists are at the forefront of shaping today’s popular hit music,” DioGuardi said.

    Writer/producer Ari Levine co-wrote three of the seven songs, including Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” (debuting at #36 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and at #29 on the Mediabase Top 40); Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” (explicit and clean) ft. Bruno Mars (currently #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #6 on the Mediabase Top 40); and B.o.B’s “Nothing On You” ft. Bruno Mars (which peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100).

    “I love working with Ari, Kara and Bug,” Mars said.

    KC Livingston co-wrote Flo Rida’s “Club Can’t Handle Me” (charting at #2 in the UK, #33 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #33 on the Mediabase Top 40). The song has also been featured in the trailer for Step Up 3D.

    Signed to Warner Brothers’ by DioGuardi, recording artist Iyaz rounds out the seven with Auburn’s “La La La” ft. Iyaz (#51 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #30 on the Mediabase Top 40). He previously had a #1 on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart with his own co-write, “Replay.”

    Upcoming Arthouse single releases include Carrie Underwood’s “Mama’s Song,” Mike Posner’s “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” and David Archuleta’s “Elevator.”,1419683.html


  29. djafan said

    And it gets more interesting…Mike K. is part of this group.

    About Arthouse Entertainment:

    Arthouse Entertainment, a multi-faceted entrepreneurial music development, management, publishing, production and branding company, currently boasts on its roster a diverse cooperative of songwriters and producers including Kara DioGuardi, Ari Levine, Mike Elizondo, Marti Frederiksen, Kasia Livingston and Iyaz among others. One of the music industry’s most prolific songwriting and producing companies, founded by GRAMMY Award®-nominated singer/songwriter Kara DioGuardi and Arthouse President Stephen Finfer, and co-owned with Bug Music, Arthouse is committed to the development of new artists and creative productions across new media platforms.


  30. djafan said

    David has writing credits for Elevator and Good Place,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=25&start=1

    For Den Brother (film)

    Showing Fri. Aug. 18:00 PM DISN

    Movie scores?


  31. Pabuckie said

    Wow, djafan – sounds interesting and David has the credit for BOTH songs: Elevator and Good Place!,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=25&start=1


  32. djafan said

    Think we need a picture…David arriving at the TCA’s

    tca arrival


  33. Pabuckie said

    Well I guess I know what we’ll all be doing this Friday.
    The movie premiers on the Disney Channel on Friday at 8:00 pm.:)


  34. djafan said

    lol Pabuckie….as soon as I get home DVR time!!!!!


  35. SandyBeaches said

    So I go out for dinner with my husband…and I come home to this??

    All this news, song titles, videos…MOVIE SCORES? I guess when he talks about going to meetings and then more meetings and days later more meetings perhaps we have to wonder just a bit more about what he is up to!! David wows me again… 😉



  36. Pabuckie said

    I find it odd how no one including David has mentioned any of this? Wouldn’t they want us to watch it especially if 2 of the songs are co-written by David? Who knows if the songs are in the movie or not and I guess we’ll have to watch it to find out! lol


  37. I said

    Angelica! #13 haha….beautiful.

    Djafan #32…Me encanta ver a David con jeans sueltos, se ve muy bien. Thanks.


  38. SandyBeaches said

    In the mean time…here is the trailer for “Den Brother”…no signs of the songs “Elevator” and “Good Place”…but it is short…



  39. SandyBeaches said

    That is quite lovely isn’t it? Anyway I saw it and it will be a good Disney film! Admins. I believe that a delete or two may be a good thought…unless you have some magic…


    Edit–SB, The embedded code won’t work, but url works fine. Thank you.
    Edit- Fixed it!


  40. Abrra said


    Is this movie an OFFICIAL leak??????? 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  41. bebereader said

    So exciting!!!

    TV schedule for
    Den Brother (2010) (TV) USA

    Next US TV Airings:
    Fri. Aug. 13 8:00 PM DISN
    Sat. Aug. 14 7:00 PM DISN
    Sun. Aug. 15 7:00 PM DISN
    Tue. Aug. 17 9:00 PM DISN


  42. betsy said

    The whole movie is up on youtube. I just grabbed a random link and I think it’s part 6.


  43. Angelica said

    Hello, what’s this? Writing movie scores now? Wonder who will be performing the songs if indeed they are featured in the movie?

    He is…




  44. bebereader said

    For a quick route to Angelica’s Review of “Something ‘Bout Love” click David’s pic at the top of the right sidebar.


  45. bebereader said

    What the random, join me in The Voice Unplugged.


  46. bebereader said

    1,975,520 views on SBL vevo!



  47. Pabuckie said

    Fantastic article by Pamela Pike:

    David Archuleta – True to Himself!


  48. Angelica said


    Thanks for bringing the link to Pamela’s article here. I really love this:

    “His recent music video “Something ‘Bout Love” reveals how his level of love reaches out to many and gives promise of hope for the future.

    We love you David Archuleta, not only for what you are, but for what we are when we are with you. We love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of us. We love you for the part of us that you bring out. You have inspired us, and we are the better for it.

    To reveal ones true self, is to reveal God.”



  49. SandyBeaches said

    Pamela Pike’s article starts off with a quote…

    “To thine own self be true………..Shakespeare”

    It just crossed my mind how many famous quotes have been used to describe David and who he is as a person. The old masters speak of his old soul…



  50. djafan said

    Live and Let Live…

    live and let live

    Still holding strong on itunes

    #9 overall
    #3 pop

    View stats as of now…1,987,017

    sbl view stats


  51. djafan said

    I’ve put the article by Pamela Pike on the right sidebar, you may click on the picture above it and go leave a comment. She really seems to get David.

    I’ve also added a link on the upper right sidebar to Angelica’s Something Bout Love video review for quick access (thank you SB for the suggestion). I have seen it linked to The Voice on many sites and comments. It’s the go to read for understanding, I’m not in the least surprised.

    Thank you and congratulation’s Angelica!


  52. djafan said

    8,125 views away from 2,000,000!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  53. djafan said

    David is now eating!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  54. djafan said

    It did it!!!!!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  55. Pabuckie said

    Hey! What happened to my post!!! With the 2,000,327! LOL

    DJAFAN: What do those letters mean?


  56. Pabuckie said

    why did it disappear….that’s weird.


  57. Angelica said



    He did it!!! We did it!!!



  58. bebereader said

    Congratulations, David!
    We are behind you all the way!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  59. djafan said

    Hey pabuckie,

    I don’t see another post from you. In all honesty…don’t know what the letters mean…lol


  60. Pabuckie said

    Djafan, Bebereader or Angelica: I posted the view count. Why did it get deleted? Just curious 🙂


  61. djafan said

    pabuckie, I checked the backroom, there aren’t any other comments from you pending. Might have been wordpress, it’s been acting funky due to them doing some updates.


  62. Pabuckie said



  63. silverfox said

    I’m SPAZZING!!

    WOW! David!!!!

    SBL has over 2 million views in 8 days? Amazing!! 😀

    David’s official “Crush” video has over 22 million views after 18 months. At the rate David’s SBL view count is going, it will surpass the Crush video view count by the time or before “The Other Side of Down” is released!

    WOW! David!!!!

    10 days & counting for David’s appearance HERE! Gahhhhhh! It’s unbelievable! After all my complaining about the WDJX dj’s not giving David respect, now due to the poll they have on their website showing David IS the artist listeners are most anxious to see at the Bash, they mentioned that fact yesterday morning on the air! It was GREAT!!
    David will be doing a short 30-40 minute set but who cares..IT’S DAVID! Looks like Iyaz is the featured performer. He’s OK, but he’s no David Archuleta! AND they are playing SBL…not as often as I’d like though, like 3-4 times every half hour! 😆

    Angelica, the Memphis Delta Fair is going to be AWESOMEAGE! I’m not sure David will have a band for his appearance here. I think he may use a music track although I’m hoping for a band, BUT he most likely will have a band for the Delta Fair. Sounds like he’s doing a full set there. I’m so happy you will be seeing David there! 😀


  64. bebereader said

    Silverfox: So excited for you and everyone going to a show this summer. A 30-40 minute set is no small change. That’s like 8-9 songs! Woot!

    David had a mini-twitter party. I missed it but saw this:

    mavARCHIE@DavidArchie DAVID! did you know SBL passed 2million views today!?????? about 1 hour ago via web

    davidarchie@mavARCHIE No way that’s awesome!!!
    about 1 hour ago via web


  65. SandyBeaches said

    I think that it would have been a good idea to have started a ‘view count’ for Angelica’s review of David’s video ‘Something Bout Love’…It is more of a translation to me that opens the door to the fact that this video is full of symbolism…and that gives huge depth to the song/video unlike most videos today.

    If there is an announcement for Providence, RI then that means I have to see him twice?? Haha…let’s see I don’t know!! Yes, probably twice. It may be too close to home to miss.



  66. djafan said

    SF..I’m so excited for you! Keep an eye out, the radio station there announced meet and greet oportunities, they’ll announce next week.

    Here’s a mexican magazine blog showing Something Bout Love and asking who’d like to see more of him!

    Another performance for charity!

    David Archuleta to perform at Mentors’ 20th anniversary gala

    Attending a David Archuleta concert and dinner on Oct. 8 could be one of the most charitable acts you’ll perform all year.

    Those familiar with Mentors International (Mentors) already know of its the impact on impoverished families in third world countries. The cycle of improvement is never-ending with our simple but profound model. People who might otherwise be resigned to begging on the streets are now self-reliant. They are able to feed their families and send their children to school. As people work hard and learn to be accountable, they lift and employ people around them.

    We are excited to announce the 20th anniversary year of this great work. Please join us at our annual gala on October 8, 2010 to celebrate.

    In addition to an evening meal, the gala will feature a special performance by American Idol star David Archuleta and an awards ceremony honoring John Hatch, microfinance pioneer great. It will be an exciting evening, and those interested in making the world a better place won’t want to miss out.

    Mentors is pressing forward and bringing some exciting new programs to the table. Come see for yourself how Mentors continues to lift more and more families from poverty. Register for the gala at or call 801-676-7776 ext.10.

    For more information about Mentors International, call the number above or visit See you in October!


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