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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Review: Something ‘Bout Love, The Video

Posted by djafan on Saturday, August 7, 2010

There is so much I love about the new Something ‘Bout Love music video.  The first two videos he did for Crush and ALTNOY were fine, but they didn’t move me.  This video does.  It expands my heart.  It has depth and meaning and subtle messages to intrigue and make one ponder and wonder.  In a world of videos that are shallow, empty, and heartless, I just find that altogether wonderful.

The video begins with the camera taking in just his shoes as he strolls a sidewalk littered with crushed petals.

We are invited to walk in his shoes, to understand a little more of who he really is inside.  The next moment reveals a full-on face shot and it’s not the smiling face to which we have become so accustomed.  It is the face of a man who is intensely engaged in a purpose.  The stride is confident and relaxed but very deliberate.  It is as though David is saying right from the start…“I will be taken seriously as an artist and I am not all rainbows and sunshine.  Deal with it.”   Yet despite this, light refracts into rainbows before him even while shadows play against his face and the tera cotta wall beside him.  This kind of subtle dichotomy is present throughout the film.

Before the video was made his answer to a tweet requesting he make this into a dance video was:
“The message in the song isn’t really about dancing though lol.  It’s more heartfelt.  Kind of odd how they are different.”

It is odd and he plays on this theme of dualism, light/dark, left/right, pain/pleasure, despair and yet the over-riding truth that love is worth all we suffer for it.

“The video and the song are about people who are feeling a little down and a little alone … and just feeling a little frustrated with love or their situation in life. Even though you might feel down with love, there’s something about it you shouldn’t give up on.


The camera soon pans to a wide shot and there is a huge white arrow painted on the wall beside him that is pointing in the direction he is walking.  The message here is that moving forward is the only way past the pain.

A boy meets the barrier of a tall fence, and without hesitation, surmounts the obstacle and moves on.  A train speeds forward.

David wears his watch on his left wrist when he is outside alone which he  curiously switches to his right wrist when we see him later that night at the party.   He is asked about this on twitter and replies “Yep it actually was intentional.”

It is interesting that in his seven minute Ramblin’ Man vlog, posted shortly before the release of the video, David is wearing a titanium bracelet, called an Equalibryum.  On the website it claims these bracelets are more than a silicon band but, “like armor for the soul,” designed to “regulate the body’s bio-electrical energy flow giving you an edge.”


I wonder if his wearing the titanium bracelet in the vlog was a clue to the meaning of the intentional switching of the watch across the body.  To clue us in to the message that positive energy has a healing effect.

From an article by Victoria Anisman-Reiner, “Wear Your Watch on the Right Wrist
Protect Your Heart: Common Sense and the Left-Handed Heart Meridian”  dated Apr 4, 2007:

“If you’re right-handed, you probably wear a watch on your left wrist. You might consider switching, however, when you consider the impact that your watch’s battery can have on the health of your heart meridian and, ultimately, on your heart.  The heart is one of the 14 major organs and systems in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each of these organs has a corresponding meridian, a line of energy flow through the body that becomes strong or weak in tandem with that body part. In healing a weakened organ, the energy of the related meridian is used both to diagnose the health of the body and as a means to begin to strengthen it“.


Perhaps these two events are unrelated and as someone later tweeted to the person who received the reply from David that it was “intentional,” it may simply be that “my guess about @DavidArchie and the watch switch – He always Chooses The Right – like CTR”
Yet it is telling that immediately after we see the change of the watch to the right wrist, there follows a girl painting a heart on paper that, with the addition of time and help, becomes by its very largeness, a strong visual statement, the image of a strong heart.

It is at least a possibility that in a video about strengthening weakened hearts and spirits that these “intentional” symbols are meant to convey the message that healing can occur if one avoids negative energy and stays positive and hopeful.

At any rate I love that he has made a video that encourages this kind of thoughtful speculation.  I love that the video is not all romantic, bubblegum fluff.  When I read the advertisement for the cast of the video: roller bladders that are capable of astounding feats, an ethnically ambiguous, edgy girl, I thought it would be just that.  Somehow I think David may have exerted his will a bit to make this video reflect what he feels about the song, which is quite different from mere youthful, summer fun.  I have noticed that in his own quiet way he gets respect, simply because he won’t give or accept anything less.  It was only a matter of time before this same quiet insistence on validation, on being valued and respected, would carry over to his vision for his work.

Two examples that have David’s signature all over them is the scene with the small, lonely boy who is invited to play basketball by the bigger boys.  The other is the young girl stooping to help an elderly woman who has dropped her belongings.  Romantic love is not the only kind that is missing in people’s lives.  Loneliness is not confined to only those who have loved and lost romantically, but is a daily part of many lives and if you are human you have experienced these feelings at one time or another.  The moral is clear:  It often takes very little to gladden a heart.

Poof made a very insightful comment about the video:  “To me, David is not looking sad, but intense.   He seriously wants us to listen to the lyrics and his mood fits the lyrics.  The contrast in the happiness and pain in relationships goes back and forth quickly in this song. I think David does a great job of expressing those two sides. I especially love the “look straight in your eye” when he is talking about the “scared in the night” part of the song. (One my all time favorite, IMPORTANT, lyrics I have ever heard) David was, I say it again, stunning.”

There is so much more.  The light bulb at the end of the dark alley, the alleyway itself where he stands alone with one hand on a ledge, the exuberance he displays when hope rises in the end,

the celebration and finally, a smile when someone hands him a cell phone that literally delivers “Joy” in the form of his dear friend.  The smile makes its return and is more welcome for being lost to us for a little while.  Only for a little while.  That is the real message of the song, that our joy will be with us “in a bit” if we will only hang in, hang on; it’s gonna be alright.  From those first slow steps to the ramped up passion in his expressions and movements to that last heart-stopping smile, he takes us with him for the ride of our lives.

235 Responses to “Review: Something ‘Bout Love, The Video”

  1. Pabuckie said

    Angelica: WOWZA! I have nothing to add — you ticked all the boxes!

    David is truly gaining respect each and every day!


  2. Pabuckie said

    Angelica Nice slideshow – so does that mean slideshow has fixed their problem with the music and you can now add music again?


  3. Pabuckie said

    His video on VEVO now has 334,078 VIEWS!! 🙂


  4. Abrra said

    “We are invited to walk in his shoes, to understand a little more of who he really is inside. ”

    This was a great image.”Welcome to my world”. I only wish it had been repeated at the end. Him walking away, follow me “for the ride of your life”.

    Smilebox was used for this slide show. The Slide program still has no music, “whimper”. But there is news that makes me hopeful.



  5. Jane said

    Angelica, You made me cry….What a wonderful way of describing the video. WOW, The walk was what got to me and drew me into his world…..I love the song and the message that the video says…Great job David….I only wish that all the Sites could read what you have written about the video…Beautifully written….Thank-you so much…I play the video every morning to start my day.


  6. tracewillow said

    Double WOW Angelica!!
    What a review!
    What a wonderfully insightful mind you have!

    Darkness to Light
    Down to Up
    Despair to Joy
    Left to Right
    And may I add: Yin to Yang.
    Yin is considered to be Darkness, Melancholy
    Yang is …………. Sunshine, Light, Joy

    A musical vid, seemingly simple with its message, for us to enjoy listening to (or dancing to) has so much profundity of positive ideas, inspiration and encouragement hidden under the folds of a piece of beautiful music and brought to us by a voice gifted by God to His favourite son.

    His depth of character and mind continues to astound me. I am filled with gratification for loving someone so worthy of my eternal admiration, respect and love.
    In short, I am reduced to a heap of tears and sighs….

    After the first few viewings of the vid, I thought there was “too much dancing”. I now understand it to be “a celebration of love”.
    More sighs….more tears…

    SB#166 (from the previous thread)
    Thank you so much for sharing your Moment with me. I could feel it – it was magical!


  7. Emi said


    Thank you.

    You pointed out many things that were just lost on me, an I am so glad to see them. You “out taught: any English teacher I have ever known in your analysis and presentation. Such an analysis makes me see David’s loveing heart wrapped up in his creative genuis, Maybe it’s ok he skipped Sr. English afterall …
    Love love love love
    and now, off to watch the video with your commentary! Have a good day everybody!


  8. poof said

    Good morning Angelica,
    I was sipping my coffee being blown away with all that you noticed and interpreted in the video, when I saw my quote. I am so pleased you too felt what I felt. And now, like Emi, I am going to go back to the video with your notes and see what I didn’t see. Hugs


  9. YJfanofdavid said

    Angelica, Brilliant deconstruction of the video! You don’t miss a thing, do you? The crushed petals, the reflecting rainbow, the white arrow, the bright light bulbs at the end of the dark alley… While the rest of us only know we love the video, you tell us why and how. Wow!


  10. pattiNC said

    Angelica…wow! Thanks for you great interpretation of the video…sometimes I need help figuring out I was on FB chatting with my concert buddy Amy, and asked her if she noticed the watch switch (I noticed it on my second viewing..I have a thing for men’s watches and eyes)..she hadn’t. At the same time she said David was having a twitter party, and my daughter showed me her phone that showed he answered Amy…I was so excited for her, asked her what she said to him…she told me she mentioned what I pointed out! haha Big twitter discussion about my little observation. I like your take on it…also I hadn’t noiticed the arrow on the wall either.
    It’s a great video and a great song…and the people I have met because of David has been the “ride of my life”! 🙂


  11. Aishwarya R said

    Angelica, this is the best review of SBL ever! It’s so touching and very true indeed. I’m so glad that David is setting things his own way with his music now. I like the Crush and ALTNOY videos too, but SBL is on a whole new level. It’s very emotionally stimulating. When I watched David’s expressions in the video, it was almost like I was feeling the emotions of the song.
    This video is altruism personified. I remember David once saying that “it’s so cool to see people help other people”. This part of David’s personality is definitely portayed in the video, as you mentioned, the younger lady helping the older lady and the teenagers playing basketball with the little kid. I was incredibly moved by this.
    I could feel David’s intensity and seriousness in expressing the underlying message of this song; which is to believe, and not give up even though we face tough times with love or with any difficulty in life.
    Thanks so much for this amazing review 🙂 It certainly made my day!


  12. Joycie said

    This was just beautiful and heartfelt. I understood the meaning and the reasoning behind the video, but this is so deep and it made me think a lot more about all the different scenes and how much symbolism is used throughout. And to think that this video was made in only a day. David had a clear vision going into this of what he wanted it to be, and I’m so happy that he got to say what he really wanted to say. This article is love! Thank you for this.


  13. SandyBeaches said

    I think that we all have a place in the scheme of things in this life of ours. I have always known that Angelica comes the closest to seeing the depth of David’s artistry and it goes deep.

    So here we go again, the video has to be watched now another 100 times! I missed the arrow, I missed so much. It is amazing…

    I had the feeling almost right away, that the young child represents all of the children from all of the countries that David is reaching out to. Definately, he is a man on a mission and being wonderfully successful.

    His complete CD will be awesome and it will be the articles and writings like Angelica’s, that will open the eyes of many people.



  14. ray said

    this vid is total david, he is in charge


  15. emifriend said

    By the way
    Ya’ll happy with that shot of David and the camera and those beautiful hands? Have we talked about that yet? Beautiful!


  16. emmegirl said

    Wonderful, don’t know what else to say. Great insight Angelica. Every word, perfect. And thanks for the educational info, love that, so interesting, and so him, that zen-ness.

    He’s kinda like a compass – gives you a reference point… the rest is up to you.

    In everything he does, he invites you to ponder, contemplate, examine, yet it is so subtle you don’t even realize it.

    He works so incredibly hard for the fans. He has received thousands of letters about how he inspires them and helps them through tough times and he does not take this lightly. As he said in his last vlog, the fans are what this is all for. Just love him. Love thevoice.


  17. grasshopper said

    Awesome write up Angelica, I am speechless,well done 🙂


  18. Abrra said

    David Archuleta – Something ‘Bout Love
    From: davidarchuletaVEVO | August 05, 2010 | 413,754 views

    Music video by David Archuleta performing Something ‘Bout Love. (C) 2010 JIVE Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

    Amazing numbers in such a short time!



  19. bebereader said


    You’ve given us a feast to think about!
    Your comprehensive analysis of the SBL video was very thought-provoking!

    There’s a lot more to it than a beautiful voice and a handsome face. Have to agree with Bliss’ comment on the last article. When David’s in the picture, everything in the background seems to disappear. That’s why it took me about 20 views in The Voice Unplugged the other night (Bless Abrra’s heart for putting it on repeat) to take my eyes off David for a few seconds and notice that there was actually a story being told. I caught the rainbow but missed the white arrow. I caught the switch of the watches but wondered why. This video makes you think! There’s no cheesefest here; it’s symbolism at it’s finest. My heart swells with pride at David’s genius and that he dares to be so vulnerable.

    Speaking of the man himself, I wish he could read your review and see that he more than succeeded in getting his message across.

    Tip of the hat to you, Angelica!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  20. djafan said

    Angelice…I believed I understood and connected with the video, from the the first listen to SBL and knew it was heartfelt and deep. I saw the video and it made perfect sense to me. But wow your insight, your sensitivity to the genius that is David has made me look deeper than I thought was possible. Thank you for this, I knew David was amazingly gifted but he just blew the roof right off for me. And to think we have a whole album of this David very soon with more music videos to ponder.


  21. stenocruiser said

    Angelica – “I especially love the “look straight in your eye” when he is talking about the “scared in the night” part of the song. (One my all time favorite, IMPORTANT, lyrics I have ever heard) David was, I say it again, stunning.” “

    When I first heard this song (and every time since) that part just pulled at my heartstrings and brought me to the edge of tears. It makes me think of my four-year-old great-grandson who sometimes has nightmares. He phones his granny (my daughter) every night at bedtime so she can give him some happy thoughts to help keep the bad dreams away. I wonder if David has had those same fears – note the cry in his voice when he sings the words ‘to make it right’. So poignant.

    I absolutely love your amazing analysis of the entire song – so many things to think about in each and every line and in every scene of the video. Thank you.


  22. prd9601 said

    Great job Angelica! I really loved this! Some ideas I had not thought of. Thank you so much!


  23. Abrra said

    This is so fun!

    David Archuleta fans poking fun at themselves while celebrating David’s new album, The Other Side of Down, due out on Oct 5th

    credit lioneljwilliams



  24. ram said

    Angelica- I was fascinated by this analysis of David’s video. You are so in tune with David it is scary sometimes. Your writings are so thoughtful and have such insight I am left astounded. As to David, he is unreal in his ability to bring such depth and feeling into whatever works he creates. He is divinely inspired and so focused and courageous. I can’t wait for the album to see what else he has created for us.

    Now look what you’ve made me do. I have to go watch it a gazillion more times. 🙂


  25. Blisskasden said

    Angelica, WOW. I’m blown away by your dissection of the video, and the loving way in which you did it. Like everything about David, there is much going on under the surface in this video, and you have done a top notch job unearthing the many subtleties and nuances that only a trained and caring eye could detect. Standing O.


  26. jackryan4DA said

    YTvevo views on SBL is now over 450K, about 17 hours after tweeting, texting & posting the alert availability to international fans in almost all fansites I could think of – woo-hoo!

    That’s about 445 views per minute!

    Way to go Archies. Now if those numbers can only translate to sales…

    Now for some interesting stats:
    #49 – Most Discussed (Today))
    #3 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Music
    #59 – Most Discussed (This Week)) – Music
    #7 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Canada
    #7 – Most Viewed (Today))
    #84 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Poland
    #3 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Canada
    #3 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music
    #11 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Poland
    #25 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Russia
    #24 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Hong Kong
    #10 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Sweden
    #11 – Top Favorited (Today))
    #3 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Music
    #41 – Top Favorited (This Week)) – Music
    #46 – Top Rated (Today))
    #2 – Top Rated (Today)) – Music
    #14 – Top Rated (This Week)) – Music

    According to rince @ IDF, David is “even beating Kanye in some stats. that’s pretty much amazing.”

    Now consider this:
    This video is most popular with:
    Gender Age
    Female 13-17
    Female 45-54
    Female 55-64

    Interesting eh?


  27. djafan said

    JR…thank you for those stats.

    Very interesting indeed. Hoping the powers that be are watching this unfold and get behind it full force!


  28. djafan said

    Most viewed today…#6!!!!


  29. Marylee said

    “From those first slow steps to the ramped up passion in his expressions and movements to that last heart-stopping smile, he takes us with him for the ride of our lives”.

    Just beautiful, Angelica! As always, you brought me to tears. It’s truly amazing how you described so many touching/meaningful scenes that could easily be overlooked otherwise. This incredible video goes so much deeper than one might imagine. I know it has touched me to the core & gave me reason to re-think “love” in all its many forms. Isn’t it just like David to remind us of this in his song & video. Thank you, David with all my heart.


  30. djafan said

    Sign up for survey at Z100 for who do you want to see the Jingle Jams! David not listed but has fill in area!


  31. Yvette said

    Wow. This is seriously marvelous. I actually understand the real meaning of the video. Thank You so much for taking your time to write this. It helped me a lot and I seriously cannot thank you enough.


  32. ray said

    hello; just thinking of when i first met david it was in orlando at a raido station,i was talking to jeff,about what a great job he had done raseing david ,he said david came that way, and it was all the man up stairs.


  33. emmegirl said

    Ray, his is one of a kind.


  34. djafan said

    Livestreaming from TCA’s backstage today at 5:30pm pacific time…


  35. SweetOnDa said

    I am in awe of you Angelica.

    This is beautiful post and very thought provoking.

    I just gifted the song to all my sisters,(6) who are not David fans and sent the link to your post along with the link to his video. I want them to see why I am so invested in David and his wonderful fans. I don’t understand why they don’t see what we see.

    Must go watch the video another couple dozen times.


  36. djafan said

    Hi SweetOnDa!

    Wanted to share…my granddaughter, 13, loves David, loved SBL from the get go and immediately put SBL video on her ipod. She loves the video more than the Crush and Altnoy videos and can’t stop watching because this shows who David is and this video makes her want to be nice and to do good. Can you believe that?! Made me teary.

    By the looks on vevo and youtube it is having an impact.


  37. SweetOnDa said

    Hi Djafan, Your granddaughter is a true David fan. I’m hoping that my nieces will watch the video that I sent to their mom’s and put the song on their ipods from the gifted copy. We will see.

    I just love David and all he is accomplishing with his music. I love watching the views going up on his video. Now they just all have to buy the song on itunes. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

    Are you ready for a tour in CA? I can’t wait for this new album. I just know it’s going to blow us all away!


  38. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Queenielyn, Queenielyn and Mary Lee, Mary Lee. Mary Lee said: <–this is a must read…oh, so good! Beautiful, Angelica! […]


  39. raelovingangels said

    Amazing review Angelica! Loved it all! How did I miss that arrow? I had not noticed it until you pointed it out. Also I had been struggling to connect the dots with the young man jumping the fence. What you said makes perfect sence and fits with the next shot being the train. What about the girl on the motorcycle/bike. I had pondered that also meant- ready to go- but was not sure- but it would seem be be consistent with the train and the guy jumping the fence.

    I have to also admit- that I like this video better than Crush. In my opinion it has more substance. That is not to take away from Crush- because it was also very nice. My favorite scene in that is David playing the piano on the dock by the lake. Not sure what my favorite scene in this is yet. Gotta think on that a bit. Guess that means I need to watch it at least another 25 times.


  40. djafan said

    Angelica…from twitter!


    @TheVoiceDA FANTASTIC post by Angelica. I need 2 be hit over the head in order to “get” the symbolism so I appreciate the interpretation.


  41. emmegirl said

    After watching David move with both of his hands free to express himself, I’m gonna lobby for one of those head microphones.


  42. MunkFOD said

    Thanks Angelica! Wonderfully insightful thoughts! I wonder if David ever felt like the guy alone at the party. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has felt that way. He has been very shy and he refers to himself sometimes as weird. ……wonder if he ever felt that way……..And even tho girls are all wanting him now, you can feel alone in a crowd….wonder if he still feels alone sometimes….wondering who really likes him for him and not for the David that is portrayed by the media. “your day will come, the past is gone, so take your time” Isn’t that what he said in a magazine article somewhere…take your time in relationships…..”Live and let live”………..I LOVE THIS VIDEO! There is so much of David in it! It has his signature all over it!


  43. betsy said

    Dear Angelica,
    Thanks for finding the things I miss.
    Thanks also for capping my favorite moment in the video. We’ve seen a million pictures of him with every kind of emotion on his face, but I swear I have never seem that amazing head throwing letting go thing before.


  44. betsy said

    or *seen* 🙂


  45. I said

    Angelica Fantastic…beautiful review SBL

    David proud of you.


  46. bebereader said

    I sent this to David a few hours ago on Twitter:

    @davidarchie You are an amazing storyteller! Your message came through crystal clear. Read this review:
    about 4 hours ago via web

    Maybe he’s been here to read it!
    One can dream! 😉


  47. River said

    Indeed I missed the white arrow. Even after watching a zillion times there are still so many things to ponder. Thanks Angelica.. your perspective is so helpful.


  48. silverfox said

    Angelica, as always, as standing-O to you!

    You are “ON THE MONEY” and like David’s “Something ‘Bout Love” single & video, a “MASTER CLASS” of your minute by minute breakdown. No doubt you have interpreted perfectly what David wanted to personally convey in both the song & video. Such genius in this fan site. David deserves no less than the love & respect shown here always.

    Now for my inner excitement which is hard to contain no matter how hard I try, even though there are some issues I am having under the surface. 😦

    You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard David would be appearing HERE at the WDJX Annual Birthday Bash in two weeks! First thing I did was confirm his appearance, then I purchased tickets for my daughter, grand-daughter (both non-die-hard fans) & myself. They both know how much I adore David so there was no question they would go with me. I will make myself as inconspicuous as I can among the tweens/teens. Believe me when I tell you, this is NOT a gig where you would normally see people my age. This is strictly an under 20-25 type gig. I think the only people older than 30 will be parents of the young’uns or older fans of David coming in from out of town. And David’s set may only be a few songs. I’m happy David will be here, but not so happy he is still having to perform at radio events like these just to have his music played. Problem is, I have yet to hear SBL on WDJX. Instead, they play snippets of Crush for the Bash promo! **sigh**

    Anyway, I still feel unbelievably lucky that I will see & hear David very soon!


  49. Abrra said

    So you are bringing a “beard” ? 😉



  50. BJC said

    Wow, what an article. I thought of some of these things, but wow, You have great insight. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I have watched and watched this video over and over again. I get something new each time. I hope someday David will explain what his thoughts were. He may not, he may want us all to figure it out ourselves.
    David has become a great performer as well as the best singer around. He is not your typical 19 year old. He is wise beyond his years.
    Thank you again for this article


  51. TOfan said

    Angelica, wow, just wow. Your writing is pure poetry. Beautiful observations of, to my mind, David’s most personal video yet.

    SF, as soon as I heard the location for that show, I was immediately thrilled for you! That magnet’s still working I see. 😉 Say hello for me, will ya? 🙂 🙂


  52. ascphil said

    Oh, my dear Angelica. What you just did with two articles in a row is like what Tom Hanks did with Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. (Btw, Tom Hanks is one of my most favorite celebrities in the world, just a few paces behind David. Aren’t you glad to be mentioned in the same breath? Lol!) Maybe you should teach humanities as an alternative profession. Your artistic taste and creative instincts are admirable. Two consecutive notable creations! Bravo!

    I have attempted to comment especially when the SBL video came out. But due to the hectic past few days that kept me on the road for most of the day, I’ve been too tired and sleepy to post anything. Nonetheless, my enthusiasm for anything David gives me the will to stay awake long enough to read up on the latest just before my eyes succumb to my body’s call for sleep.

    I’m ecstatic to find out that David’s SBL video is doing so well after being opened up for international viewing. Jive should know by now that he should not be confined to the boundaries of the US. He is a truly global artist and should be marketed as one. The stats that show the age group he attracts confirm that he is being taken seriously by the older age group, not just
    female teens. I think the SBL video is paving the way for him to be given more artistic freedom in his career choices. It’s the greatest means for him to completely connect with his listeners and viewers, especially those who do not follow him closely or watch him perform live in his concerts. I agree that David is intentionally trying to overturn misconceptions about who he is and what the song is about in this video. He is as deep as any seriously talented artist can get, only in young, sweet sheep’s clothing.

    May I just say that the video confirmed how I felt about the song the first few times I listened to it, and it is how I imagined him performing the song in my head. I saw glimpses of ALTNOY (the angst in the video, and again the camera!) and the intensity of DLG performed live. I got teary-eyed the first few times I watched it, re-living how it had affected me and how I thought David must feel singing it. However, I marvel at how he, thru his director, was able to convey subtle messages thru a myriad of images which, Angelica, you picked up quite instinctively. It’s as if you both think and create in the same fashion. I was also puzzled by how, in his last vlog, he would brush his hair with his right arm with the wristband when we all know he is left-handed. I was thinking it was a discreet advertisement for Equalibryum. But it could have also been intentional as a hint at what will be shown in the video if anyone was observant enough to notice. But other images in the video were puzzling as well but filled with symbolism, like the large arrow on the wall, the guy jumping over the fence, the moving train, the girl in a motorbike, recurring close-ups to the party lights, etcetera. Apart from wanting to watch David’s emotion-filled but handsome face over and over, it’s also the little details in the images which make you want to watch the video several times. And the discussions across the fansites are helping the video get multiple hits. More please!

    Ray #32,

    I was hit hard by your comment. I cried almost instantaneously when I read what Jeff said to you about David. He is undoubtedly Godsent.


  53. dakgal said

    Angelica– Well, I feel like you took me by the hand and walked me through the video, pointing out all the attractions and their meaning. Well done!

    Does the phrase ” Was blind , but now I see” work as an excuse? The very best thing would be if David were to take all of us through the video and give us his take on every scene. Explain to us what he was trying to convey with every facial expression. For that I’d pay big bucks!

    I saw a few things you pointed out , but very few. My take on the guy jumping the fence and the train–symbolizes a love getting away or a missed opportunity for love.

    Like so many others here , I had a hard time seeing anything but David at first, then after the twentieth time watching I started to see more, but nowhere near what you saw.

    Fess up, you put that video on super slo-mo , didn’t you? Then you took it into your lab and analyzed every frame.

    In the future, I’ll try to keep my head out of the sand–well halfway maybe.


  54. silverfox said


    No, no beard. But there are other ways…hats, sunglasses, wigs, etc. 😉

    And besides..doubt there will be M&G’s with David. Heck, even though he will be superior to the others at the Bash, but who knows if he will open, close or be the in-between performer? And still trying to figure out who the AI guest is..perhaps Kris, or maybe Cook or Jordin? I just know it has to be one of the AI winners, otherwise why keep it under wraps? Just a guess.

    TOfan, 😀 Magnet? Very doubtful. David may be wondering “Where’s Louisville?” 😆


  55. dakgal said

    Angelica— did you or anyone else happen to catch sight of Viajero? He was in the video!!


  56. djafan said

    Funny SF! I’m so glad you’re going!!!!

    I think the magnet is at work like Tofan says…and I think I saw something about a meet and greet, need to find it.


  57. Abrra said

    I was referring to taking a younger person with ya to the show. “Like you have to be there cuz of her” 🙂 /teasing



  58. Suzy-Q said

    Hey Everyone, I am in the BBQ Bash video taken at Karin Carlson’s house in Mapleton, GA. Karin is such a sweetheat and makes everything fun. We all had a blast!

    I got Meet & Greet passes to the Greenville, SC zoo concert on August 21st. Is anyone else going?

    Wonderful review of the SBL video, Angelica. You did a beautiful job and I really appreciate what you said. It brought so much more meaning. David is something else!


  59. bebereader said

    Welcome to all new posters including: Aishwarya R, Joycie, Yvette and BJC. If we missed anyone, please let us know. 😀

    SF: So happy David’s coming to a place near you! Perhaps the AI guest is Kris Allen? Here’s the list of performers: David Archuleta, Kris Allen, We The Kings, Hot Chelle Rae, The Ready Set, Iyaz

    djafan: I saw something about a M&G for the upcoming event in OH and the one in SC. Hope you also find one for the Louisville event, too.

    Suzy-Q: Congrats for being in the video! Can you bring the link here?


  60. Abrra said

    Bebe the video is post #23



  61. bebereader said

    #59 Abrra Gotcha! 😉


  62. Tawna21 said

    Angelica….I have no words to express my feelings other than a very heartfelt Thank You. Your deconstruct is perfect. I caught a couple of things that you pointed out, but I’m so glad that you have such insight to the whole thing. Thank you again.


    btw–this is great! (click play all and it will play over and over..I’ve opened other windows and have this in the background)

    Abrra–that fan video is Karin, aka zerogravity. I’ve met her a time or two and she is just like that non-stop. Cah-ra-zee!


  63. silverfox said

    Angelica, I had to go back & read your insights into David & the deep meaning of the video. Your insights are so intuitive it’s chilling. In a very good way! 🙂

    Thinking back to the Crush video…

    I always thought David’s “acting” was so good & right on especially at the end when he & his “crush” are on the porch. The way he looks at her, his expressions. Wow! He was perfect.

    Then ALTNOY. Now here, David was acting as if his life depended on it. I really believe David was uncomfortable with the whole experience but did what he was contracted to do because at that time he just didn’t want to make “waves”. In the “Making of ALTNOY” video you can almost “feel” his discomfort in some parts. But that is the beauty of the video. His acting was so believable. His expressions of angst, despair, pain & acceptance and his gestures & his pacing back & forth were so right on even though his character was far from the real David as we know him. IMO, first rate acting in the interpretation of his song.

    I can definitely see David as a first rate actor in the future if he so chooses. 😀

    Now with SBL..again David expresses perfectly with his face & gestures what he wants to convey to his audience. I think though, that in THIS video, much of what David is conveying here is NOT acting. He is serious. He is telling us what he believes, what he knows “love” is all about in his heart & and he’s telling us the best way he possibly can…through music.

    I’m so anxious to see & hear The Other Side Of Down. I have a feeling SBL is not necessarily the most poignant or expressive song on the album. I have a feeling we will be even more amazed at the depth of David’s genius than we already are. 😀

    Good night all & sweet dreams.


  64. djafan said

    SF…I believe so.

    “I’m so anxious to see & hear The Other Side Of Down. I have a feeling SBL is not necessarily the most poignant or expressive song on the album. I have a feeling we will be even more amazed at the depth of David’s genius than we already are. :D”

    Tweets from Mike K, Dave, Claude Kelly, Eman, have said that the rest of the songs are amazing, that we are going to be blown away. I’m so excited!


  65. Suzy-Q said

    It’s already posted in #23


  66. Tawna21 said

    speaking of rainbows (hope this link works)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This is what an @davidarchie song looks like!
    posted by @EmanuelKiriakou from Twitter for iPhone 1 day 22 hours ago


  67. Lizzybee said

    What an AWESOME review. Thanks for taking the time to analyze and write this so beautifully!


  68. Shawna said

    Angelica, you are truly amazing. I just love the education I get here. Some of the things you wrote I had caught, but not all of the them. Thank you so much. All of the comments today have been so awesome. It was so nice to come home from a long day today with my mother to this. So beautiful. I too feel so much with this video and this song touches me so deeply. It has really helped me through a real tough time lately. I could listen to it 24/7 and never be tired of it. This album is going to be something, isn’t it?

    This 80th birthday thing I took my mom too I of course had to bring up David in some context, and did it by showing my pictures on my phone to a cousin I hadn’t seen for years of my grandchildren. And of course, there are tons of David pixs intermingled among them and she saw them and told me her daughter just loved him on idol. So I told her to get on YouTube and look at his new single, and to get his book for her for her birthday or Christmas. She had no idea he had written a book and then of course I proceeded to tell her all about him and anyone else who wanted to listen. And now I think all of them are so impressed with what I told them, they are all going to buy his book and all his CD’s now. I just love opening up other people’s world to what an amazing person he is still and continues to be even being famous. I also told them to go to UTube and listen to “Be Still My Soul” from Rexburg in June. Told them they would be blown away and that I was there and as I told them about my feelings and all, they said the hairs on their arms stood up and chills went through them to know that he could make that kind of impact on his fans. Just me telling them about it impressed them. Got all their emails so I could keep in contact with them and keep telling them all my experiences I have with fans and his concerts and all.

    Well gotta run and put three little grandsons to bed. Love it here.


  69. rarchiefan said

    Hand to ♥ Beautifully written. I stand and applaude you, bravo well said. I struggled with SBL at first hearing it then forced myself to listen intently to the words, I had a WOW moment one night just concentrating on the feeling the words brought to me. However, this video, I was out on the floor bawling, smiling and feeling uplifted all at the same time, I got it I finally got it. Pure Love the Love Our Maker has for us and we need to have for each other. Something Bout Love that makes it all worth it! I may not know my left side from my right sometimes, but life moves forward there is no stoping it, keep going in the right direction, conquer your fears/barriers & dont be afraid of the dark or to try new things, see the light be the light & have joy~ because there is love out there in small ways and/or big ways. It it ALWAYS Worth it! Thank you again for your amazing review!


  70. ascphil said

    Wow, I just checked the SBL Vevo video and it now has 666,818 views! In just 4 hours it doubled since I last posted. WTG, SBL! And have you guys tried clicking on the number of views? Scroll down and it will show the map of the world where the views are coming from. US tops it with the most views, then followed closely by Canada, then wesetrn parts of South America, Southeast Asia and Northern Europe. The rest are from Russia, parts of Northern & South Africa, Australia, China, India, Brazil, UAE, and some European countries. I’m not so good in geography, so pardon me if I couldn’t identify some countries in the map. But just knowing how the video is helping David’s SBL reach his fans globally in just a couple of days is totally amazing.


  71. ascphil said

    Oh, and before I leave for our usual Sunday family activities, I also wanted to point out that some of the views SBL got were referrals from Justin Bieber videos and Shakira’s Waka Waka Fifa 2010 video. This just shows that it helps to promote David anywhere possible. And the popularity of the video now includes females aged 18 to 24. Great job, Archies!


  72. djafan said

    Ascphil…that is amazing!!!!!

    Here is the map and stats

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This video is most popular with:

    Gender Age
    Female 13-17
    Female 45-54
    Female 18-24

    Honors for this video (3)
    #17 – Most Discussed (This Week)) – Music
    #41 – Top Favorited (This Week)) – Music
    #12 – Top Rated (This Week)) – Music

    And this is only for the official vevo youtube video, there are others youtubes out there.


  73. Angelica said

    It’s late but I just want to say thank you to everyone. For the love of David, I don’t know what possessed me to decide to write a review with illustrations and accompanying slide show just yesterday evening and get it posted by morning. I just feel so strongly about what he has accomplished with the single, this video, with everything up to this point. Can I just tell you how proud I am of him? But you all know how I feel because you feel it too.

    Spent most of the day sleeping and then went to dinner with my very dear, sweet husband to come back to all these generous comments. Thanks and God bless you all for every thoughtful word you have taken the time to express.


  74. bebereader said

    Ascphill and djafan! Thank you for the info, statistics and map. I. AM. BLOWN. AWAY!!!!


  75. kristian said

    I have to thank SB for posting this link on FOD. I now have a new, deeper view of the music video. Angelica did awesome in unlocking the symbolisms within the video.

    I remembered this tweet from David on Jul 30th: “If all you know is what you see, then you don’t know very much.” He wants us to look closer and think. This does not only apply to the video but to everyday LIFE itself. Thanks David! 😉


  76. FG said

    Angelica!!! There is so much to take in from your amazing article. Thank you! I need to reread this! Gosh the views on the video are just soaring! WOOOO!


  77. Pabuckie said

    Good Morning!

    DRUMROLL: 852,962 views on Vevo!!


  78. betsy said

    “There’s something bout power grabs” LOL


  79. pattiNC said

    Just watched SBL video again…at 3:44 the girls it just me or does that look like a Lupe move?? I went and watched a video of her and her sisters here

    and kind of think maybe that was “her touch” on video? am I crazy?


  80. Pabuckie said

    Betsy: That is the best thing I just read right now! LOL

    Also, the girl who makes the “heart” in the video looks like the girl from ALTNOY!


  81. Pabuckie said

    PattiNC – yep, looks like a Lupe move to me too! lol


  82. SandyBeaches said

    GOOD MORNING AGAIN KRISTIAN…and welcome to the home of ‘The Voice’ especially if you have not been here before!

    Pabuckie keep us informed of the VEVO view numbers…they are climbing!



  83. Pabuckie said

    SB 🙂

    892,742 views now! LOL


  84. silverfox said

    This video is most popular with:

    Gender Age
    Female 13-17
    Female 45-54
    FEMALE 18-24!!!!!!!!!!

    That is what I’ve been waiting for! 18-24 year olds are David’s target age group! 😀

    It appears SBL has been played on WDJX here at odd times. I still have yet to hear it, but one thing is for sure…when I do, my neighbors will hear a scream so loud coming from my house, they will be calling 911! 😀

    Time for a walk to contemplate life & how lucky I am to be on this journey with David, even if I get frustrated & impatient at times. David would be the first to say “Good things come to those who wait”. 🙂

    I’m still finding it hard to believe David is coming HERE. I keep thinking there’s a mistake or something! It’s almost too good to be true. 😆

    Have a great day, & SYL.


  85. djafan said

    Good Morning!!!!

    Views as of now….931,494 !!!!!!!

    Todays mediabase numbers..steady climb!

    90 71 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 158 69 89 0.548

    From left to right:

    90 = chart position last week

    71 = chart position this week

    DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love = artist, title

    158 = total number of spins in the last seven days

    69= the number of spins it had in the seven days prior

    89 = difference in spins from this week to last week ( aka the ‘bullet’)

    0.548 = audience impression in millions for the last seven days

    Today’s appearances…

    Pigskin Pro-Am on NBC 7pm eastern time.

    TCA’s Green Carpet from 3:30 – 5:00 pm PDT (6:30 – 8:00 pm EDT) Livestream on link below.


  86. jackryan4DA said

    as of this hour: 931,494 views 🙂


  87. ram said

    I know at times it doesn’t seem like there is a plan for David to move forward, but if I have learned anything is that David in spite of everything finds a way (his way and His Way)to accomplish his mission. I am just AMAZED!!

    I like the idea of David having a global presence because his message is for everyone. It is not at all out of the question for him as we have only seen a smidgen of what he is capable of.

    David mentions how he is impressed by the talent of Michael Jackson in making videos and I can see David wanting to grow and make equally creative and meaningful videos. My heart races when I think about this happening in my lifetime.

    SF- I hear ya. I find that I have to talk myself down from wanting to see everything right now that we know David is capable of. I am thrilled for you with David’s upcoming visit to your area. Please send a vibe out for me when you see him. Amor y paz.


  88. davidstopsmyaging said

    Angelica—a late but heartfelt THANKS for a beautiful review! I, like so many others, went and watched the video numerous times again after reading your review, and each time I saw something different, too. It really is a very deep video–full of meaning. I am so excited for David’s journey, too, and so glad I am jumping that fence and getting on the train!


  89. dakgal said

    I e-mailed my son who in the Air Force the video of SBL–

    This was his response:

    “Holy crap…awesome’s going to be a huge hit…huge!

    Thanks for sharing.”

    Love, Scott

    He made my day! I’m sooo haaaaappy!


  90. bebereader said

    Dak#88 {{{hugs}}}} I’m so happy for you!!

    djafan#85 Slow and steady!!


  91. emmiegirl said

    Dakgal, wow, love hearing that from your son, he obviously knows his music, lol.


  92. djafan said

    So who is watching the livestream???

    So far many adults…lol


  93. bebereader said

    djafan: I am!

    Here’s the link:

    David hasn’t come on yet.


  94. betsy said

    Caught my husband watching the video this morning. I never even told him about it. (guarded lately)
    But someone posted it to my Facebook page and he picked it up there. (thank you, my pretty voiced friend!) 🙂
    He is sooo not into videos, but likes the song.
    Makes me wonder how many other people have watched it from my page.


  95. bebereader said

    Also remember to watch David at 7PM Eastern Time on the Pigskin Pro-AM game! It’s starting now on NBC.


  96. Abrra said

    David Cook on stage at Busch Gardens today wearing his David Archuleta shirt!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Credit: LaverneTX



  97. Susie said

    Madden Game just started and no sign of playing the National Anthem.


  98. silverfox said

    David’s NA was not televised!!

    Could be why David hadn’t mentioned it. He probably figured his performance would not be televised. I’m hoping someone at the game taped it though. 😦


  99. betsy said !!!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Credit HerNameIsDeidre


  100. betsy said

    I love Cook for that.


  101. Abrra said

    It’s a taped show. Nothing has shown up in 2 weeks since the performance. I am thankful we got the hottie pictures 🙂



  102. djafan said



  103. silverfox said

    Abrra, I know it’s a taped show, but surely SOMEONE has a tape of his performance!

    He sure looks lovely (holding back the OTT gushing) at the (what color?) carpet, though! 😀


  104. bebereader said

    Can’t wait for the youtube to watch it again. I’m soooo impressed with how David handled himself. He’s a star! He said “we” are respectful, go-getters and supportive! 😀 Oh, he also said he feels blessed!!


  105. dakgal said

    Lookin mighty good there fella!


  106. emmegirl said

    just what dja said.


  107. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  108. Abrra said

    The regular video rotation is back up.



  109. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  110. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  111. emmegirl said

    enough dja

    *waving the white flag*


  112. djafan said

    Sorry Emmegirl…he’s killing me!


  113. dakgal said

    DJA—I’m with Emmegirl——I’ll give you 12 hours to knock it off.

    That black and white pic is a killer.


  114. djafan said

    Something Bout Love views….1,010,795!!!!!!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  115. SandyBeaches said

    Way to go with the interview David!!!

    That black and white picture…thanks djafan #109…needs to be studied for a long while!! 😉



  116. ram said

    I don’t know what it is about David in black and white pics. Maybe it’s his gorgeous features thrown in relief-light and shadow. And for some reason I like to see him squint his face. Somebody venture why that would be cuz I am puzzled by that.

    For those who like to follow music charts, I found this article on my homepage and these chart numbers very interesting. See below Chart Watch by Paul Grein:


  117. Abrra said


    I found this blog from last year. He is doing promotion for the iTunes fan pack. The comments say it wasn’t on his official site, so I wanted to share it in case anyone missed it.



  118. nanawezie said have done it again. What a very insightful review. I loved it and I love the video and the song. I am so glad I have places to go and people to talk to about David James Archuleta. I think I would just wither up and die if I couldn’t read about and talk about this fine young man!


  119. bebereader said

    I find everything I want to know from Twitter!


    RT @Monica2112: He won the idol award! it was announced as he was gonna present best male and female hottie 1 minute ago via dabr


    RT @ MarthaZZ David just presented award for best hottie, and he RAPPED!!!!! Haha he was GREAT!!!


  120. bebereader said

    “Archuleta accepting award for Best American Idol Alumni”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Credit snarc

    WTG David!!


  121. Angelica said


    Way to go, Go-getters!!!!!!!!!!


  122. bebereader said

    David in Press Room talking about his new album

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit alisonmcnamara


  123. bebereader said

    Someone said they liked black and white pics of David. Here’s another.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit alisonmcnamara


  124. Suzy-Q said

    Angelica, have you ever wondered if there is symbolism in David’s randon tweet? For instance when he mentions food, traffic, weather, pets, etc.? Just interested.


  125. ram said

    Thanks Bebe. That smile is just … well you know.


  126. Suzy-Q said

    Also, why is that outfit that David is wearing, at the Teen Awards, my favorite ever?


  127. bebereader said

    David Archuleta & John Cena presenting at the Teen Choice Awards 2010

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit moumantai


  128. emmegirl said


    mine too! 8)

    bebe – adorable/hottie

    “the left side or the right”


  129. gladys said

    ok, david just won a surfboard, the good thing about all this, is that David is losing his shyness and we will have many more concerts.
    His fans know who we are and most importantly he also knows.


  130. djafan said

    I found this over at the official vevo youtube video in the comments! YAY Angelica!!!!

    10 minutes ago

    great explanation of this video. Everyone should read the whole thing. w w w . t h e v o i c e d a v i d a r c h u l e t a . c o m

    Another picture of Mr. David Archuleta…and this to is may favorite outfit… 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  131. djafan said

    And another

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  132. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit MarthaZZ


  133. bluesky said

    I have no comment to his looks: neither the WAY he looks nor the way he LOOKS.

    (You just resuscitate me long enough to take the air out of my lungs, DA. Of COURSE we respect you! We respect all earthquakes, tsunami’s and hurricanes ((erm: himmicanes)). It’s just that there is not enough duct-tape on earth to withstand your: clothes, smile, laugh, charm, sound, deliberately delivered delicacies of Persephone-binding love.

    Just not enough tape.)

    So. This is just to thank Angelica for the great article and to share some of the stuff I have noticed. Arrow: with love there is only one way to go: forward.
    1. The first two depictions of “love” seem “perfect”.
    2. Life is not like that: daily challenges to young and old
    3. Some hurdles we can take in our stride (fence)
    4. Some are big and we have no control over: like a train = someone leaving us or us them – no goodbyes
    5. Love can tear you up: like the torn paper – barely painted heart – one person
    6. A new heart, glueing the paper together, bigger than ever dreamed of – two people
    7. “Joy” will see us in a bit – joy gets passed to us from one person to the next, comes from connecting with people
    8. He (love) is always there in the background trying to reach us. We do not always notice love, but it calls to us

    Thanks for your great site.


  134. Angelica said

    I will enjoy watching him rap his presentation for the hottie award. I hope they don’t cut that part out. Isn’t that the shirt made by elves from gossamer and the finest frog hair? I’m pretty sure I recognize the workmanship from the photo shoot.



  135. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit AP


  136. bebereader said

    Angelica #134: Looks like the ‘said’ shirt to me. 😀

    Fingers and toes crossed that part doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor.


  137. DAfan4ever said

    Just found this site today. I love it! I was the one who left the comment on youtube about this site..AIfan18. I saw some people were asking questions about things in the video and I thought this might give them the answers they were seeking, and also give some insight as to who David and his fans are. It’s so funny that I had never noticed the arrow above his head after watching it like thousand times lol.


  138. djafan said

    Hollywood Life:

    David isn’t sure Idol will last – especially now that it has stiff competition from Simon Cowell’s new show, X-Factor!

    After the recent American Idol shakeup, the show’s future seems slightly uncertain – and former contestant David Archuleta thinks it mayjust may cave entirely with the presence of former judge Simon Cowell’s competing show, X-Factor!

    “We’ll just have to see what happens. X-Factor is coming out too, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. Simon is joining that. Simon isn’t going away,” the season seven runner-up told exclusively at the Teen Choice Awards August 8. The deciding factor? “The X-Factor,” the 19-year-old joked. “We’ll just have to see how this new vibe comes with a new set of judges, the new dynamic between them, how it all works out. We’ll just have to see!”

    As for whom he’d like to see fill Simon, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres’ seats on Idol, David tells us, “It’d be interesting to have someone like Madonna or Elton John that’s very iconic and seems like they’d be very opinionated about what they think. We’ll just have to see who’s set in stone at the end. It’s hard keeping up.”

    We’re with you, David!


  139. Angelica said


    And thanks for mentioning us on YT!! Hope you’ll visit often and join in the conversation!


  140. bebereader said

    Pics from ArchieRx

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    (David w/ McHale from “Glee”)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David w/ Zac Efron and John Cena)


  141. Angelica said

    I have discovered le arte de collage.



  142. bebereader said

    Angelica…Oh dear! Just bee-you-tee-full! Thanks!

    I just put up a short backstage interview but it was removed by the user. Hopefully it gets put back on youtube. David was oozing with confidence, all 31 seconds!


  143. bebereader said

    Okay…that 31 second tease of an interview was replaced by the full one! I didn’t watch yet. Brought it here first!

    credit eksnead


  144. Angelica said

    Thank you Bebe! I see your video and raise you these screencaps from the above interview #138.



  145. bebereader said

    Spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..Squeeee…..gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh my!

    Can you tell that I watched it? haha


  146. bebereader said

    Angelica: I don’t think I can take any more tonight! 😀
    Your screencaps are amazing!
    David is getting more beautiful by the second!
    I give up; I’m fresh out of pics and videos.

    I surrender! 😉


  147. Angelica said

    good night Pictures, Images and Photos


  148. bebereader said

    Okay so I lied. I’m back. LOL

    Here’s the article from Zap-2-It, that went along with the video in #143.

    “‘American Idol’ Choice Idol Alum winner David Archuleta walked into the Teen Choice Awards press room Sunday (Aug. 8) just as the Choice Smile Award was being shown on the TV screens.

    The volume on the press room TV is always turned down when winners arrive so the reporters can concentrate on what they’re saying. David, acutely conscious of what a monumental TV moment he was interrupting, smiled as he asked the audience, “Can you let me know who wins Choice Smile?”

    Seconds later, Taylor Lautner jumped up to get his Smile surfboard. “Taylor Lautner,” remarked David. “That’s fun. He’s a cool guy.”

    Then Archie talked about upcoming album, “The Other Side of Down,” and how he wants this record to be more in tune with himself as a person.

    “I’m kind of a dork and I just wanted to show that … I’m not trying to be something cool and impressive…. When just be yourself, that’s what people connect to the most.”

    More reasons to love Archie:

    On “Glee”: “We finally have someone to relate to, people who didn’t quite fit in but who love music. ‘Glee’ represents all of us geeks.”

    On rumored “Idol” judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler: “They are really interesting choices. They need to give ‘American Idol’ a new face. I feel like it’s time for ‘American Idol’ to have a complete facelift.”

    On rumored “Idol” judges Elton John and Madonna: “They are reallly experienced and people will really listen to what they have to say because they have a lot of cred.”

    On fave books: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ Also the Dr. Seuss books ‘when I was little.’ …”My favorite book is ‘The Alchemist,’ about someone who is trying to follow their dreams and their heart but being unsure of what that is.”

    Video credits: Elizabeth Snead



  149. bebereader said

    Can I sneak in another video from the TCA’s?

    credit mamezamd


  150. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Spread the word about The Voice! We are quite unique in what we offer. We encourage commenters to submit articles. Angelica has a way of dressing them with images so they shine!

    Thanks to the late shift for the lovely pictures!
    Video in #149 Haha Was John Cena (:44) pulling a string to turn David’s head every time they flashed a face on the screen behind them? Too cute. He is Mr. Distracted. Taylor Lautner (?)can’t wait (:24) to shake David’s hand. He knows who the real hottie is!



  151. SandyBeaches said

    Good morning…How does David get more handsome overnight?

    Great to have a friend in the business who is rising with you…



  152. emmegirl said

    What a glorious way to start the day. Those videos at 138 and 143, sheesh! LOOOOVE him.

    One of my fav tweets ever:


    @juliadrab so nice and warm. I Love @davidarchie

    bluesky, loved your additions to Angelica’s amazing article.


  153. goodkarmaseeker said

    Good Morning, Back in town and back to computer and the glorious pictures and news from the weekend. It is indeed the way to start a day with a smile and great feeling.
    That interview at #143!!!! I mean how can he get more adorable yet hunky (is that a word?) at the same time? We certainly have picked the best guy to be our VOICE out there.

    Angelica, your article was beyond awesome. I loved reading it and all the keen observations you had, plus all the others that followed. This video does have me mesmerized for some reasons that I haven’t yet put a name on. Mostly it’s the depth of what’s coming from David himself. I keep wanting to go back for more. When I look in his eyes, I get what he’s saying. I think we all do. It’s a connection to something really essential about life and love.


  154. djafan said

    Moving up!

    88 66 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 174 75 99 0.578
    88-chart position last week
    66-chart position this week artist/title
    174-#of spins last 7 days
    75-#of spins 7 days prior
    99-difference in spins ‘bullet”
    .578-audience impression in millions, last 7 days

    A closer view of the backstage interview…


  155. djafan said

    Views as of now….1,350,799 !!!!!


    “Mostly it’s the depth of what’s coming from David himself. I keep wanting to go back for more. When I look in his eyes, I get what he’s saying. I think we all do. It’s a connection to something really essential about life and love.”

    I’m addicted to the video and it seems that the spell is falling on many non go getter types!


  156. palmtreephan said

    Angelica….thank, thank you and thank you! Brilliant! I never fail to be blown away by David’s ability to “tell it to us” and “make us understand”. I wasn’t quite sure about all the subtle nuances of why this video makes me feel the way I do when watching it and your synopsis makes it all crystal clear.

    …..and Bebe? Just gotta say….that first photo at 140? Sheer perfection from the uppermost jet black spike on the top of his head to the tippy tips of his black suede clad toes! 🙂


  157. emmegirl said

    gads, gotta go….thanks for those stats dja….wooot!!


  158. ascphil said

    OMG! Calling Djafan! Please post the latest stats for the SBL Vevo vid! It now has a new audience popularity: Males aged 35 to 44! It got new referrals from the hit Taio Cruz video. WTG, David!!! Our Choice Alum Idol!!! Wheeeeee!!!


  159. Angelica said


    Just read your comment. Nice insights. Especially like these…

    “Love can tear you up: like the torn paper – barely painted heart – one person
    6. A new heart, glueing the paper together, bigger than ever dreamed of – two people
    7. “Joy” will see us in a bit – joy gets passed to us from one person to the next, comes from connecting with people.”

    Thanks for your positive review of my review and also thank you Goodkarmseeker and Palmtreephan and anyone else I may have missed.

    Well it’s official. He is performing at the DeltaFest in Memphis on September 12th at 7pm. Interestingly, the Latino News Festival, apparently a huge event in itself, “the biggest Latino event in Greater Memphis” the site says, will also be at the DeltaFest on the 12th. Hoping he will sing something in Spanish cause being the “go-getter” that I am… I’m going to Memphis, baby!!! 😛

    Ascphil, that is great news!!


  160. djafan said

    Acsphil…here they are!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  161. bebereader said

    Who’s obsessed with pics?
    Not me.

    Lots more here from David Archuleta Vietnam:


  162. djafan said


    David singing the NA from the pigskin pro-am game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  163. Angelica said

    Djafan!!!!!!!! What!!!!!!!! One has surfaced???!!!!!

    How did he do? I can’t see it at work! Waaah.

    But so much to look forward to when I get home. The NA from the pro-am and then get to see him making a “idiot” of himself at the TCA’s. That is his word not mine. Ah…life is good.

    Go ahead, David. Act a fool for us. We do it all the time for you.


  164. ascphil said

    Thanks, djafan! I was so excited to see adult males in the audience popularity stats. Couldn’t help myself and had to share it.

    Angelica and SF, I’m so happy for both of you that David will be going near you guys. Must be the good vibes you’ve been emitting that is ‘magnetizing’ him to ya. (I wonder when Manila will get lucky again?)


  165. djafan said

    Angelica…here are some screencaps for now…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  166. beebee said

    {{{{Angelica}}}} This review “is altogether wonderful” ❤ You did it again. 🙂


  167. ascphil said

    Djafan, you’re the best with screencaps. Don’t know how you do it. Am jelus!

    Just watched the vid on HD coz for some reason in ordinary mode it stops just before David reaches his singing position. It was pretty amusing to watch David walk from behind – he walks like a gawky kid. You couldn’t tell by that walk he’s the same guy with those gahh-ful photos about 2 weeks ago. But I was particularly disheartened by the booing at the start. Felt it was rude. Why would they do that? Anyway, I’m glad that they started applauding after David had that long, soulful note at the song’s climax and at the end. He definitely wowed them and showed them how the SSB should be sung. So there!


  168. Angelica said

    Thank you Beebee of the awesomage PlanetHunkerdown!

    And thank you Djafan, for this. He is the face of love.



  169. pabuckie said

    Well I seem to be the only person who can’t view that video of David singing the National Anthem? Is there anyway someone can convert it to youtube so I can? Oh well. bummer.


  170. betsy said

    The face of love.

    Everyone sees it.


  171. SandyBeaches said

    Picture bottom far left of collage…#165 Djafan

    This is a first with the fist?

    Don’t boo the guy he is a powerful singer!

    Thanks for the vid, we are always excited to see him sing…



  172. bebereader said

    Everytime I see a video of David singing the SSB it becomes the best one E-VER! A voice like that should be bottled and packaged up and sold. Oh wait, that’s exactly what we’re getting on October 5 in “The Other Side of Down”. 😉

    Djafan: If I haven’t said it before, I’m loving your screencaps all over this site, in comments and in articles. You’re like a photographer with a keen eye who knows exactly when to snap the shutter to get the best result from your subject. It doesn’t hurt that the ‘subject” is so photogenic. Thanks again!


  173. betsy said

    WOW!! He killed it once again!! Nobody can sing the NA like him. Nobody.
    The comments are so-so. It IS a football FB site. But I love the men defending David, saying he should’ve won AI and the show is fixed.
    Glad I got past that a long time ago. 🙂
    Pa – was wondering about this. Maybe you need a facebook page to view it. Unless you have one, then I don’t know what’s going on.


  174. bebereader said

    Did someone mention “Face of Love”?

    This is djafan’s video and one of my all time favorite tributes to The Voice!


  175. betsy said

    Now you can watch it. 🙂


  176. ascphil said

    SBL Vevo vid now has 1,410,170 views! Woohoo!!!


  177. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe…Here are some pics. for you…



  178. djafan said

    Acsphil…thank you! I am so mesmerized by him, his expressions, my son says I have a quick reaction when hitting the pause button…lol

    Awww …thank you bebe!

    SB..thanks for this link….isn’t he stunning?!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  179. bebereader said

    SB: Thanks for the link to the pics from ArchieRx!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  180. pabuckie said

    Betsy 🙂 Bless your heart! Hugs! Thank you so much! I finally can see it!

    My he was fantastic and those “booers” weren’t booing at the END!

    Loving all the pics, screencaps, vids, of David! He’s GORGEOUS!

    Betsy – Mwah!!


  181. pabuckie said

    I dont think I’ve ever heard David sing the word “streaming” like he did there and loved when he sang “night”. Also loved when they panned in on the guy in audience lost in the song (or perhaps David’s singing!) 😉


  182. Angelica said



  183. bebereader said

    haha Angelica! Nicely done! 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I just called this number and heard David’s message…in my ear, speaking directly to me.


  184. Angelica said


    I don’t know what he’s doing here…(and I don’t CARE) heh.


  185. SandyBeaches said

    Hey …you just have to screencap the…MORROCANOIL…pic…

    He belongs on TV…



  186. pabuckie said

    184. Beautiful hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, skin, hands!


  187. SandyBeaches said

    Just have to correct that…MOROCCANOIL..Anway, yes he is phenominal in this one.



  188. dakgal said

    Happy 8-9-10 Day to all–

    Anybody with kids got any idea what that LOOPZ? thingy is –like a game?

    Small notation–happy to see David alone–without any Dad–Mom Aunt– in the background–nice for a change.

    Thanks for all the gorgeous pictures–#186 couldn’t agree more!
    And people wonder what I do with myself all day! Tee Hee


  189. silverfox said


    I finally heard SBL on the radio while driving on the EXPRESSWAY! It was SO exhilarating! I was literally afraid to breathe! What a joy-ride! Even though it was too hot to roll the windows down & turn up the volume full blast! Well I DID turn up the volume though! 😆

    Then I came home to all these screen-cap photos, a video of the TCA & David singing the NA! After a so-so day at work, listening to & looking at David just made today a great day! **sigh**


  190. bebereader said

    SB You mean this one?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  191. bebereader said

    #188 Curious about that Loopz thing too. Alas, there’s a website for everything!

    “Loopz™ is a memory game that challenges you to repeat patterns of light and music. Get ready to rock your reflexes, tune up your timing, and have a blast!

    When Loopz™ plays changing patterns of light and music, all you have to do is repeat them by waving your hands through the matching loops – you don’t need to touch anything! In certain game modes, you can even create your own music!

    Think you’re ready to rock? Make your move with Loopz™!”


  192. Angelica said


    Loopz reminds me of the old game Simon. Remember that one? 4 colors and 4 notes..kept us entertained for hours. lol!


    *A-note (red, upper right)

    *A-note (green, upper left, an octave higher than the upper right)

    *D-note (blue, lower right, a perfect fourth higher than the upper right)

    *G-note (yellow, lower left, a perfect fourth higher than the lower right)

    I got all this from Wikipedia, David’s favorite website. 😆


  193. poof said

    I just saw the post by NeonLimeLight showing the pictures (#140) of David with Zac Efron, John Cena and Kevin McCale. It says those fellows are trying to be “just too cool”, while David, on the other hand, is “keeping it real.” Hmmm, could this mean it is happening? Could it be? Could this be the start of David being the ” THE new,improved cool”?? Works for me.


  194. SandyBeaches said

    I keep going back to the picture where David is walking under the White arrow…the white arrow that points towards the two barred windows. The windows are large as life and centered in the shot.

    I know that everything may not have meaning but they stand out. Does going past the barred window possibly relate to being set free??

    Well enough of my imagination…nearly time for TCAs and tomorrow we download on Itunes…



  195. SandyBeaches said

    #193 Poof…without posing, without doing anything at all, David is cool…others will have to follow! But, they are all handsome in that picture.



  196. pattiNC said

    Poof…I thought David was standing next to a cardboard cutout of Zac the first time I saw that picture! 🙂


  197. Angelica said


    OMYGAWSH it is now OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL!!! I panicked today when we got word that the Latino News Fest had been canceled and still no listing of David anywhere on the DeltaFest site. But hallelujah! He is there at last just posted tonight and well I just had to make a screen cap of it. BTW, this is my concert buddy who’s email was posted on FOD a few days ago of her call to the festival.

    Bizmom43 called the Delta Fest and reports back with a confirmation on David’s appearance. Best email ever.

    “I just broke down and called the Delta Fair in Cordova, TN and politely asked them……”I know about a gazillion David Archuleta Fans from Texas, Louisianna, Mississippi, etc yada yada…. who hear DAVID ARCHULETA IS COMING TO YOUR FAIR!!!! Can you tell me when???? “ The nice young southern accented rep stated….”David is performing Sept 12th at 7″. I spazzed and said “Yank Thou!!! I mean Tank Hugh!!! I mean THANK YOU!!!”

    Spazz. haha.


  198. bebereader said

    Angelica #192 I had that Simon game. I think we had the travel edition. I played it until it drove me crazy. Then I through it in the garbage. LOL

    David’s coming to TN! So excited for you and everyone else who’s getting a chance to see him.

    Love this!

    credit thop1984

    Do you see acting in his future like I do?


  199. bebereader said

    Look for David at about 1:00



  200. bebereader said

    Go to ITunes to purchase the “Something ‘Bout Love” video!
    It’s available now!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  201. djafan said

    The view count now is…..1,543,587!!!!!

    itunes stats in just a little over an hour!!!!

    # 15 on pop videos
    # 29 overall

    The views on Crush, Altnoy, TMH, and many others have increased by the thousands!


  202. djafan said

    Now on itunes!

    #16 overall
    # 8 on pop!


  203. jackryan4DA said

    SBL Video update — iTunes: #17 overall; #8 Pop
    Hope this bodes well for the single, too.

    Meanwhile, I have 2 more interviews of David on TCA’s Blue Carpet and 2 from the awards show.

    1st – At the TCA Blue Carpet, David chats with Access Hollywood on the new album and the Idol shakeup

    The rest are still uploading


  204. jackryan4DA said

    Another Pre-Show Interview by RedCarpetRewind/Fox News


  205. lct said

    Good morning Voice. We are commenting and including the direct link to David’s video, emailing our contacts, buying/gifting the video, requesting over at your local stations, and twittering. Don’t forget to include david’s/Jives in your twitter …. Thanks!


  206. djafan said

    Thank you LCT!

    SBL youtube view count….1,773,147


    #5 overall!
    #2 pop!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  207. SandyBeaches said

    Love that picture #205… 😉

    I need a little help from the computer wizards here…I have downloaded the video on my iphone, unplugged the connecting cord and plugged in again…but, I have not been able to sync. it to my phone. I am missing a move here so if someone can tell me what to do to finish the downloading I would appreciate it…Please don’t say grab a clue because I have tried that and it is still not working!!




  208. SandyBeaches said

    No, no no…I have downloaded the video ‘for’ my iphone! I need more sleep!



  209. Angelica said


    Gooooooooood Morning The Voice!! Beautiful day to wake up to those numbers! I stayed up late ordering the video and monitering the climbing stats. When I finally went to bed the video had made the front page of itunes. But #5 overall and #2 pop!! with soon, (very soon) 2 million views in a few days is amazing! 😯

    Thanks for that info dja!


  210. gladys said

    I always wanted to know how was the future, but now I want to know the day to day. It’s so interesting to an artist like David, I must confess that sometimes I am impatient. Also, sometimes I get angry, to see other singers who have more diffusion and belong to the same company of David, but then, as I think David would think, give thanks to God for what we have.
    Sometimes I tell myself that my heart will not be as great as david, I can not be as comprehensive as the injustices me very angry.
    The industry promotes singers, who fill a stage with lights, dancers, flashy clothes, many instruments, fire, acrobatic dance and ultimately far beyond one song. David always starts with this last and not need much more than that.
    But as David says, we must thank God for all we have, I give thanks to God for putting david in my way and I ask God for patience, patience


  211. Tawna21 said

    Gladys #210—AMEN!! to what you have said. I agree with you on how you think about all of this.



  212. davidstopsmyaging said

    #209—That has got to be my most favoritest picture of David EVER!! Talk about—um—dare I say “it”—-hot and sexy! Anyway, I couldn’t help myself—had to share!!

    The last few days have been so fun—full of David! So excited to see the video doing so well—now, can’t wait to hear SBL on the radio—I haven’t yet, (grrrr). SF, I’m so glad to hear that you did.


  213. djafan said

    SF…yay for you! I have yet to hear it…I so want to. You’ll have to tell us all about the Louisville event, it’s not a dream…lol


    “But as David says, we must thank God for all we have, I give thanks to God for putting david in my way and I ask God for patience, patience”


    Angelica…nice picture.


    “Talk about—um—dare I say “it”—-hot and sexy! Anyway, I couldn’t help myself—had to share!!”

    Share away!!!

    David on!


  214. ram said

    Angelica- #209 I have to thank you for cropping and blowing this up. His genes are killing me. He looks so handsome.

    Fab pics I saw at David Archuleta Vietnam site? Looks like credit to Disney Dreaming and Jim Alden and others.


  215. ray said

    hello all, i watched the teen choice awards last night,it was like watching a cross between so you think you can dance,and american idol auditions,called so you think you can sing and dance LOL.if they call what justen b did last night talent, and singing ,!!!!!!! then shoot me


  216. ray said

    and that goes for the other acts too,


  217. djafan said


    I taped the TCA’s and tried to watch with an open mind, didn’t last, fast forwarded to David….

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  218. djafan said

    Here’s a youtube of David on WWE.COM


  219. djafan said

    Hi Skydancer1x!

    Bringing this over from previous thread.

    2010/08/10 at 2:50 PM

    haha! my first visit to the VOICE, and I love it here! Love your article! Gosh ya’ll are such beautiful heartfelt writers. What a special place to visit.
    think I was 13 when my girlfriends and I would spend endless Saturday mornings cutting out pictures of “Dr. Kildare”,from every teen magazine we could get our hands on. (actor Richard Chamberlain) and pasting them into a scrapbook.Gosh, he had a hit song, and album out too then. Anyone want to take a stab at that one?He was “dreamy”.
    NOTHING like David…think I prefer finding my real go getter inner “fan girl” at this stage of my life.allows one to fully appreciate EVERYTHING about David, and the exceptional young man that he is at his age. His voice takes me to a place I have never been before, inside myself, down deep into the heart,while he’s dialing up the soul…”hello? yes I am here and I am singing to YOU!”
    I find that incredible. Can’t ignore something like that.what is that?!It’s such a gift this guy has, that he is sharing. How can you ignore it., or turn your back on it, something that beautiful?
    I can’t wait to see where this wonderful ‘being’ is going to take us next! I just want to “hang in/hang on for the ride”


  220. betsy said

    Dja #219.
    Ummm. Nice hankie, David?
    Words fail me.


  221. Jen A said

    David Archuleta, my virtual Prozac.


  222. djafan said

    SBL vevo youtube count now….1,871,161!!!!

    Hi Jen A!!!! I hear you…here is some more medicine…lol

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  223. pocoelsy said

    Hi! Angelica picture # 209 and Djafan #222 BAM, this guy is getting more and more dangerous to look at ha ha. Thank you so much for posting and have me staring at them and can’t get any work done, go back to stare, have to stare, have to stare. Man somebody please knock hard on my head need to get some sense back here, never mind…:)

    Oh just to let you guy know David and his something bout love was (is!!?) #1 on fly fm. Malaysia radio – hot 10@10 last night and they played it this morning too …yeah sweet..


  224. Angelica said


    Malaysia rocks! Someone tweeted David this afternoon that SBL was #1 there and he tweeted back, “Really? Where at?” Don’t think he got a reply but maybe the tweet came from Malaysia.

    A trifling little over a hundred thousand views before the video passes 2 million in less than a week!!


  225. pocoelsy said

    #224 Angelica, Oh yeh and Oh no I should have tweeted him ha and then got his reply and then I’d flip and gone ha ha. By tomorrow morning the view’ll be 2 million I’m sure of that, I make sure I’ll do my part so diligently and willingly.

    I need to let this out, I have to confess!!!! Down side of being international fan, I cannot down load his song and his mv. I don’t have itune account and such, fail… I make it up by asking my relative who lives in the Us.(and he runs a Thai restuarant in Florida!!) to pre order the fan pack and deluxe version(s) for me and when it hit the store here I sure buy a few more cds. and I vote for him in anything and everything I come across like a crazy cat woman, so I feel a bit better that I can contribute just tiny bit for our man. There I said it (again).


  226. bebereader said

    Skydancer1x #219 Welcome to The Voice! Hope you come back. I guess you could say I was the original fangirl. I was a fan of Richard Chamberlain’s, “Dr. Kildare”, too. I was very young but loved the show and even bought his album. If memory is correct, that was my first LP. The song you referred to is “All I Have to Do is Dream”. I actually liked the flip side of that 45 better, called “Hi Lili, Hi-Lo”.

    Just for the record, the pic in #217 is killing me, but in a good way, of course. 😉


  227. bebereader said

    David is in here twice: 1) the beginning 2) 5:57



  228. jackryan4DA said

    If anyone is interested, I clipped all of David’s scenes from TCA 2010 (HDTV format) from opening, intro & actual presentation PLUS extra takes showing him singing “Am So Excited”. He really cannot help himself! Enjoy 🙂


  229. jackryan4DA said

    Sorry, wrong video! This should be the one:


  230. jackryan4DA said

    For those out who have been out the Archuloop since this weekend, here is a TCA 2010 playlist – eight HD vids from Pre-Show to Backstage Pressroom


  231. Angelica said

    1,910,391 views now!

    Crazy cat woman happy dance!!!

    Cat happy dance Pictures, Images and Photos


  232. Angelica said

    Can’t stop me.


  233. djafan said


    Should hit 2 mil real soon!!!!


  234. River said

    Angelica. I was cruising thru earlier comments & I came upon your classic “wasn’t that the shirt made of gossimer & the finest frog hair” and I lost it. the dogs are wondering what is so hilarious. it’s the visual. . hahahaha. thanks for my chuckle today.


  235. new concept yachts | sport cruisers | motor boats…

    […]Review: Something ‘Bout Love, The Video « The Voice[…]…


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