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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Archive for August, 2010

We Concur, He Conquers: Bebe’s Recap

Posted by bebereader on Monday, August 30, 2010

Get out your sparklers; there were fireworks at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium on Saturday as David struck the stage to perform his two singles.  One, a double-platinum hit and the other, by all indications, will one day reach multi-platinum.

I bought tickets for this event early, but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to attend due to other commitments.  I was ecstatic when those other plans fell through.

Mr. Bebe and I, in our General Admission seats high in the sky, sat through a few other acts before the STAR came onstage.  I have wondered what all the hoopla was about the Jonas Brothers.  Clearly, the kids in this New York City crowd love them and the people running the show took every opportunity to mention their names to get the crowd roaring. However, let it be said that at the mention of David’s name, the crowd went wild with excitement, too.  The Jonas Brothers, up first, are nice guys who sing a generic blend of mediocre pop songs.  They sound good onstage but are not outstanding in any way, in terms of talent, in my humble opinion.  Take each bro singularly and they don’t come close to being in David Archuleta’s ballpark or in this case, tennis stadium.  When you can have filet mignon, why settle for ground beef?  But kids love McJonas burgers; that’s why the fast food industry does so well.  Demi Lovato’s turn was next.  I enjoyed her but truthfully, I was too busy admiring her hair and boots to pay attention to her songs.

It felt like forever but finally it was David’s turn! Although it was 95 degrees on Saturday, I got the chills when Adrienne Bailon introduced him as “one of the most gifted performers on the planet.”  You ain’t kidding!  Make sure you check out David’s modest smile, in reply, on the video.  He looked beautiful in khaki pants and a blue plaid shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

“Something ‘Bout Love” took on new dimensions as David led the crowd to a more stepped-up version of the song as he instructed us to jump with him.  Keywords: LED THE CROWD.  Clearly this was no American Idol runner-up; this was an artist with stature, charisma, stamina, talent and enough experience to lead a stadium packed full with 24,000 people.  This song is an epic arena song and conducive to audience participation.  It is magnificent LIVE.  David lived and breathed SBL as if his life depended on it.  He stepped up the beat and flew across the stage with confidence and made people believe the song.  I was watching the audience.  Most didn’t know the song but that didn’t stop them from participating and trying to follow the lyrics.  The audience was transfixed on this young singer, and seemed very interested in hearing his message about love.  “Crush” was done a little differently this time. David stood and played the keyboard, then walked away with the mic, each time to sing the chorus. Very fresh and new.  The song was well-received and much of the audience sang along.

It dawned on me that David is now a businessman.  This was a huge deal; the beginning of the US Open.  There were thousands there who probably were exposed to his music for the very first time.  Well aware that the show was being taped by CBS for airing on national TV the next day, he was out there to share his music and to gain new fans.  It was evident that he accomplished his goal.

I find it remarkable that, although in his memoirs, he claimed to be painfully shy, in a very short time, David has now come full circle, and is able to take full command of an entire arena.  I was filled with pride as he had that audience in the palm of his hand.  We sat in the sun for three hours, after having walked a few miles from the parking lot to the stadium, then another half an hour to find our seats, only to do it all backwards again.  Does that make me crazy?  Does that make me cray-zee, cray-zee, cray-zee?  Possibly.  But, oh my stars!!!  What a wonderful time we had!  David sparkled like a jewel on that stage and I was there to witness it!  I’d do it again in a New York minute!

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Recap and Reunion in New England

Posted by Abrra on Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ah! Where do I begin?

I invited Sandy Beaches to fly down  and attend the show on Friday at Six Flags, to see David.  It was a pleasant ride up to the park.  We weren’t quite prepared for the daunting task ahead of us.  Six Flags is a bit like a mini Disneyland.  Everything is bigger and farther away than you realize.  There were trams that shuttled us from the parking lot to the main gate.  We had vouchers to turn in to get a VIP wristband.  Long walk to the building, only to wait 30 min for an updated name list so that we could be given out wristbands.

We had River and TrudyFOD waiting in the line at the entrance to the area where the stage was located.  The path leading to our destination was a maze of humanity that we had to weave through.  We were about 75 deep in the line, with several hundred coming in later after us to wait for the 3 pm opening of the gate.  Djbell arrived and our group was complete.  There were mostly teens in the line around us.  They are so resourceful!  I enjoyed watching then make their David posters to hold up at the show.  Bringing rolled poster board, day-glo markers of all colors and printed pictures, they decorated each one to have a high visibility from the stage.  I am sure they all hoped David would see theirs and give his classic wave!  Part of my mission was to share Cd’s I had made as well as some pins that declare “The Voice.”  I do try to spread the word about our site to as many fans as possible.

Next came a quick lunch of fresh pizza served to us by TrudyFOD ( our brave waitress who went to stand in a 30 min food line) and we were ready for the gate to open.

This was a general admission venue.  Our wristband gave us “up front” standing spot at the stage.  We were led in slowly with the warning not to run so that no one would get injured.  Seriously!  Once through the gate the 5 of us made a human chain and scooted as fast as we could to keep up with the teens  who had a faster scoot rate than us,  haha!  One of us had a tumble ( all is ok, not to worry) on the grass, but we made it to the 3rd row.  Djbell had center position.  I told those around us to give her room if they wanted primo video on youtube.  She did an awesome job!  I was able to meet Niki from Snarky’s and Rach from ArchieRx.  I handed them some Cd’s and a “The Voice” pin as a keepsake.

I discovered :

1. I can’t text/tweet in the hot sun.
2. I can’t take pictures/videos in the hot sun.
3. I have a 2 hour limit standing in the hot sun.

The show started with a young female singer named Auburn. She is a hip hop singer.  She performed rather mechanically with rehearsed moves as she sang.  Her voice was very good. Watch Auburn here

But she was not David.  So we waited.

They announced David Archuleta and then we waited more.  Tick- tock.

Twenty-five minutes later David appeared on the left side of the stage, poised to go with his hand on the railing, ready to run up the steps to the stage.

Dressed in a white cotton tee shirt with baby blue horizontal stripes, new dark hip hugger jeans , sassy leather belt that peeked out from under his front tucked shirt, David shot up to the stage!

He led off with Touch My hand, with a music track behind him.. Full of energy with a strong voice!  Lots of waving to fans, and a generous number of look aways.  He sure likes getting the ladies screaming.  Next was Something ‘Bout Love.  He had a pounding beat musical track accompanying him.  It was a departure from what we have seen up to now on this promotional tour.  I see great things ahead as we see him evolve with this song on his  solo tour.  It will be his new “jump”  song no doubt.  Mike came out for the next number “Elevator.”  There were a few new hand movements during this song.  As he sang, “Go with the flow..”  he bent his arm out in front in a serpentine wavy motion and “a box with no air” he drew a square out in midair.  David said this is a favorite of his.  Dreaming a song is very special indeed.  He is truly living his dream.  With sweat rolling down his sideburns (yes, I said sideburns) he mopped his brow and stepped up to the microphone on center stage to sing Crush.  The crowd noise went up 100 decibels.  Everyone sang along and David had a HUGE grin on his face the whole time.

I could see a new intensity in his performance.  He has missed the energy the fans bring in a live show.  Lots of clenched fists, hunkerdowns, head whips, plus new ending notes to all the songs.  It’s obvious he is bursting with pride over this new album.

When his set was finished, he turned to his right and ran off the stage, down the steps, then out of sight.

Sandy beaches and I left right after he was gone and the rest of the group stayed till the end.  It was a grand time.  We reconnecting with friends we had not seen since the CFTH tour.  But best of all, we reconnected with the one who connects us all to each other___David.

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Arthur Ashe Kids Day

Posted by djafan on Saturday, August 28, 2010

David will be performing at the Arthur Ashe Kids Day today sometime between 1pm and 4pm est.

Click here for more info.

It will be televised Sunday on CBS 12pm to 1:30pm est.

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Ticket to Chat, Ticket to Ride!

Posted by djafan on Friday, August 27, 2010

In anticipation of tomorrow’s David events we’re reserving space here.

There will be a live chat with David at

3:00pm est.

Click here if you want to sign up for chat.

David will performing at Six Flags Magic Mountain “Ticket To Ride”.

The concert  is from 4:00-8:00pm est.

Click here for more information.

Have a great time!


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Hurricane David Season Approaching

Posted by dakgal on Monday, August 23, 2010

From remarks made here at The Voice and in chat, it appears we are headed into another Hurricane David season.  Judging from the early information coming in, it could be a Category 5.  So I thought it was time to post some emergency preparedness information.


1.   Have paddles fully charged and at the ready.

2.  Check oxygen tanks.

3.      Check supply of smelling salts.

4.      Have anti-spazz medication re-filled for extreme attacks.

5.      For THUD protection-have pads and pillows handy on the floor. Helmets only if needed.

6.      Older fans might want to check their Depends supply.

Alert family members or a friend what to do should they find you exhibiting any of these conditions.

.1.  Babbling incoherently-only able to point.

2.      In a stupor- unable to speak-only point.

3.      Have face lock—unable to close mouth and eyes bug out.

4.      Weeping uncontrollably.

5.      Weeping and smiling, babbling, and pointing all at the same time.  (BAD)

6.      Having an ear to ear smile that lasts for 4 hours or more.

7.      Look like you stuck your finger into a live light socket.

8.      Are sitting or laying in the fetal position with a blank stare stuttering D-D-D.

9.      Have uncontrollable chair dance spasms.


Have the responder gently remove you from in front of the computer and guide you to a darkened room where you can lay down- play some soothing David music, i.e. Fields of Gold-Somebody Out There and quietly close the door and leave you alone!


It is important that you DO NOT do any of the following:

1.      Criticize.

2.      Make snide remarks.

3.       Roll your eyes.

4.      Attempt an intervention.


1.      Try to sleep the night before  (good luck).

2.      Stay hydrated.

3.      Remember to eat.

4.      Try to remember who you came with (in case of a stupor or separation).

5.       If you are meeting David –expect to get hit with Archuheimers disease (you will not remember your name or that you can say anything that makes sense.

6.       That disease will wear off in a couple of days –to be replaced by a feeling of sadness and melancholy that your experience was over too soon.

7.      That feeling will wear off in a month or so and you will be plotting and planning and conniving ways to attend another concert.

8.      Then back to the computer and all the wonderfulness it holds.


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The Other Side of Dull

Posted by highervibe on Friday, August 20, 2010

My bling__

It isn’t a thing.

It doesn’t ring-ring

And it comes with no strings

It’s not just another little fling.

My bling, he the real deal.

The way he makes me feel,

I know my heart’s sealed

Locked up tight and all healed

No more playin’ the field.

My baby, he da bomb

‘specially when he pops a stick of lip balm!

He’s on just about every dot com.

This guy, he can do no wrong

He got nothin’ but aplomb.

I always wonder

How he keeps it at a hundred

Never slips up, no! nary a blunder.

He just slays me, puts me asunder

All the others are way way under.

This guy, he’s a double rainbow

Skin for the win, he’s always aglow

Makes me think thoughts that aren’t apropos

Pedal to the metal, heart on overflow

Yo!  Bro!  He’s my musical Van Gogh.

Can you guess who?

Think you got a clue?

I’ll bet my guy’s got you too!

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D Squared = A Winning Combination

Posted by Abrra on Monday, August 16, 2010

In 2008 for David Archuleta and David Cook it was a friendship born in the chaos that was American Idol.  Bonded by the experience of surviving the pressure, it remains today a brotherly connection.  According to them, seeing a friend do well meant more than being the winner.

“I could talk about him for days.  (laughs)  You know Archie’s probably one of the most genuine, stand-up people that I’ve ever met.  And to be able to share the stage with him anytime is great.  I joked with him last night that it’s a shame we have to travel halfway across the world just to see each other.  But, he’s a good guy and an amazing talent.  And as far as supporters go, I think I’m probably right up there when it comes to Archuleta.”

~ David Cook  2009

“I actually think I would’ve felt horrible if I had won, because I deeply felt that David Cook was the one who deserved it.  Here was this amazing singer and  all-around musician, someone I really looked up to and admired not just for his  music side, but also as a person.  I really respected him and the way he acted throughout the whole time we were together; I have to be honest and say that he  was the person who, in my view, showed better than anyone else in the season that he should win.”

~  David Archuleta  2008

Whether it’s passing briefly in an airport

Saw @DavidArchie at the airport! Awesome sauce!     6:19 PM Jun 8th ~ DC tweet

At the airport now. Just ran into @thedavidcook and his crew haha. Hope they  rock it out tomorrow at the Rio Tinto! Go support! 🙂     6:29 PM Jun 8th ~ DA tweet

or hoping to meet up for a meal

Hey @DavidArchie… How long are you in town? DM me or text me and let me know.      5:44 PM Apr 7th 2009

The chemistry of the two David’s, whether they are in close proximity or tweeting over cyberspace, is charming.  The vibe is always supportive between them.  I grew more fond of David Cook since watching the behind the scenes footage from Idol.  He wasn’t my favorite from season 7, yet Cook is the person I think of first when David talks about how he admires the other Idol contestants to this day.

What has endeared him to me is the big brother role he displays when ever they have been together on stage during the Idol’s Live tour or appearing together in interviews.  They had shared the spotlight after Idol with several press appearances.

“I consider it a huge honor to share the stage with the kid. He’s the real deal,” Cook says.  “All the buzz coming in, he deserves.”

Ford Day Shenanigans

TRL Singing the phonebook!

The Davids at the TCA’s

Witnessing the friendship built on mutual admiration and respect for each other’s given talent, you can feel the love.  In the world of music stardom they both find the time to stay in touch.  The two David’s are great fans of each other.

The friendship and career support continues to flourish.  Last June Cook asked about an audio version of Chords of Strength.

@DavidArchie saw your book in borders today. Looked for the audiobook version that you narrated, but to no avail… Lol congrats man.

@thedavidcook Oh really?  I guess some stores released it a day early haha.  I’ll  have to keep an audiobook version in mind for you!

This past week when David’s new video Something ‘Bout Love debuted, Cook was on twitter.

RT@DavidArchie Hey guys, the video for “Something ‘Bout Love” will be premiering tomorrow on Vevo!  Excited for you guys to see it! 4:05 PM Aug 4th

Cook paid tribute yet again to David by wearing a too small David Archuleta shirt on stage.  He offers to trade one of his own tour shirts to the fan in exchange.  His reaction to the rejected offer is priceless.

My wish for the two Davids going forward is a continuation of this kind of “real deal” friendship that finds genuine happiness in each other’s success.

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David Archuleta – The Early Collection

Posted by bebereader on Friday, August 13, 2010

I was in the Voice Unplugged a few nights ago, watching old videos of David’s first tour, when it dawned on me that with the release of “The Other Side of Down” on October 5, there will be a whole new set of songs.  I am more than ready for new music and I wish David the best of luck with the release of his new CD, especially since he had a hand in writing most, if not all the songs.

Yet, as a hardcore fan of The Voice, who attends multiple concerts, I will always yearn for David to sing the songs from his first, self-titled CD, the songs which will one day be referred to as ‘The Early Collection.”  These songs are dear to my heart because I have come to love them not only for their merit but because they are the original songs David sang on his first tour.

Video credit chicagoarchie0000

I realize that the new setlist will be a combination of old and new songs but I can’t help but feel nostalgic because I won’t hear my personal favorites,  “Barriers”, “My Hands” and “Waiting For Yesterday” like I did before.

Do you feel like I do?  Are there any “must-have” songs from David’s “early collection” that you hope he includes in the setlist for his next tour? Now is your chance to voice your opinion.  Please choose three ‘must-have’ songs from David’s early collection.

We will tally up the votes and present them to David at an upcoming M&G, the top three songs that we can’t live without.

(Crush is not listed because it’s a given that David will sing it since it was his first hit.)

Which three songs are your must-haves?

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International Supah Stah!!!

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let’s talk about something.  How bout LOVE!!!!!

And 2,000,000 views!  Click on video and go get him some mooaar!

Or stay here and watch my happy dance.

Or these guys.

Your choice.  What the random?  lol

It’s all good.

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Review: Something ‘Bout Love, The Video

Posted by djafan on Saturday, August 7, 2010

There is so much I love about the new Something ‘Bout Love music video.  The first two videos he did for Crush and ALTNOY were fine, but they didn’t move me.  This video does.  It expands my heart.  It has depth and meaning and subtle messages to intrigue and make one ponder and wonder.  In a world of videos that are shallow, empty, and heartless, I just find that altogether wonderful.

The video begins with the camera taking in just his shoes as he strolls a sidewalk littered with crushed petals.

We are invited to walk in his shoes, to understand a little more of who he really is inside.  The next moment reveals a full-on face shot and it’s not the smiling face to which we have become so accustomed.  It is the face of a man who is intensely engaged in a purpose.  The stride is confident and relaxed but very deliberate.  It is as though David is saying right from the start…“I will be taken seriously as an artist and I am not all rainbows and sunshine.  Deal with it.”   Yet despite this, light refracts into rainbows before him even while shadows play against his face and the tera cotta wall beside him.  This kind of subtle dichotomy is present throughout the film.

Before the video was made his answer to a tweet requesting he make this into a dance video was:
“The message in the song isn’t really about dancing though lol.  It’s more heartfelt.  Kind of odd how they are different.”

It is odd and he plays on this theme of dualism, light/dark, left/right, pain/pleasure, despair and yet the over-riding truth that love is worth all we suffer for it.

“The video and the song are about people who are feeling a little down and a little alone … and just feeling a little frustrated with love or their situation in life. Even though you might feel down with love, there’s something about it you shouldn’t give up on.


The camera soon pans to a wide shot and there is a huge white arrow painted on the wall beside him that is pointing in the direction he is walking.  The message here is that moving forward is the only way past the pain.

A boy meets the barrier of a tall fence, and without hesitation, surmounts the obstacle and moves on.  A train speeds forward.

David wears his watch on his left wrist when he is outside alone which he  curiously switches to his right wrist when we see him later that night at the party.   He is asked about this on twitter and replies “Yep it actually was intentional.”

It is interesting that in his seven minute Ramblin’ Man vlog, posted shortly before the release of the video, David is wearing a titanium bracelet, called an Equalibryum.  On the website it claims these bracelets are more than a silicon band but, “like armor for the soul,” designed to “regulate the body’s bio-electrical energy flow giving you an edge.”


I wonder if his wearing the titanium bracelet in the vlog was a clue to the meaning of the intentional switching of the watch across the body.  To clue us in to the message that positive energy has a healing effect.

From an article by Victoria Anisman-Reiner, “Wear Your Watch on the Right Wrist
Protect Your Heart: Common Sense and the Left-Handed Heart Meridian”  dated Apr 4, 2007:

“If you’re right-handed, you probably wear a watch on your left wrist. You might consider switching, however, when you consider the impact that your watch’s battery can have on the health of your heart meridian and, ultimately, on your heart.  The heart is one of the 14 major organs and systems in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each of these organs has a corresponding meridian, a line of energy flow through the body that becomes strong or weak in tandem with that body part. In healing a weakened organ, the energy of the related meridian is used both to diagnose the health of the body and as a means to begin to strengthen it“.


Perhaps these two events are unrelated and as someone later tweeted to the person who received the reply from David that it was “intentional,” it may simply be that “my guess about @DavidArchie and the watch switch – He always Chooses The Right – like CTR”
Yet it is telling that immediately after we see the change of the watch to the right wrist, there follows a girl painting a heart on paper that, with the addition of time and help, becomes by its very largeness, a strong visual statement, the image of a strong heart.

It is at least a possibility that in a video about strengthening weakened hearts and spirits that these “intentional” symbols are meant to convey the message that healing can occur if one avoids negative energy and stays positive and hopeful.

At any rate I love that he has made a video that encourages this kind of thoughtful speculation.  I love that the video is not all romantic, bubblegum fluff.  When I read the advertisement for the cast of the video: roller bladders that are capable of astounding feats, an ethnically ambiguous, edgy girl, I thought it would be just that.  Somehow I think David may have exerted his will a bit to make this video reflect what he feels about the song, which is quite different from mere youthful, summer fun.  I have noticed that in his own quiet way he gets respect, simply because he won’t give or accept anything less.  It was only a matter of time before this same quiet insistence on validation, on being valued and respected, would carry over to his vision for his work.

Two examples that have David’s signature all over them is the scene with the small, lonely boy who is invited to play basketball by the bigger boys.  The other is the young girl stooping to help an elderly woman who has dropped her belongings.  Romantic love is not the only kind that is missing in people’s lives.  Loneliness is not confined to only those who have loved and lost romantically, but is a daily part of many lives and if you are human you have experienced these feelings at one time or another.  The moral is clear:  It often takes very little to gladden a heart.

Poof made a very insightful comment about the video:  “To me, David is not looking sad, but intense.   He seriously wants us to listen to the lyrics and his mood fits the lyrics.  The contrast in the happiness and pain in relationships goes back and forth quickly in this song. I think David does a great job of expressing those two sides. I especially love the “look straight in your eye” when he is talking about the “scared in the night” part of the song. (One my all time favorite, IMPORTANT, lyrics I have ever heard) David was, I say it again, stunning.”

There is so much more.  The light bulb at the end of the dark alley, the alleyway itself where he stands alone with one hand on a ledge, the exuberance he displays when hope rises in the end,

the celebration and finally, a smile when someone hands him a cell phone that literally delivers “Joy” in the form of his dear friend.  The smile makes its return and is more welcome for being lost to us for a little while.  Only for a little while.  That is the real message of the song, that our joy will be with us “in a bit” if we will only hang in, hang on; it’s gonna be alright.  From those first slow steps to the ramped up passion in his expressions and movements to that last heart-stopping smile, he takes us with him for the ride of our lives.

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