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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Radio Rant

Posted by Abrra on Monday, July 26, 2010

As I read through my regular route of fan sites recently, I saw an all to familiar trend. Fans being anxious over the fall in numbers on iTunes pop chart for David’s new single “Something ‘bout Love.”  I will be first in line to say that I know very little about how artist promotion is supposed to function. That being said, I do know how David’s past promotion worked for him. Crush was promoted in stellar fashion on Z100, the largest pop radio station in New York City. The Crush video made it to number one on VHI Hits on television mainly due to fans voting on their website. It remained there for a record-setting five weeks in a row.  Without listing the many appearances and opportunities that he had since Crush and the first CD came out, David has been VERY busy in his career.  He has worked constantly since the Idols Live! Tour ended in 2008.  I am not going to make final judgment on the promotion of Something ’bout Love until it gets to radio on August 2nd.

We, his loyal fans, support David by purchasing multiple copies of anything he puts out. We distribute his music and book to anyone who we think might have an interest. At the risk of heresy, I think there has to be a limit to what we do.  Do we not want David to gain new fans who will buy his music? How can the initial climb on the iTunes chart be real if it is composed of die-hard fans buying 20 copies at a time? Propping up sales doesn’t give a true accounting of how an artist is selling.  At some point his management has to take the lead in further promoting his new material. The promotion, marketing, and sales are handled by the label. The marketing department creates advertising and publicity for the CD, album artwork, promotional videos, t-shirts and posters to support the CD. Promotion is responsible for getting the song played on the radio.  Sales reps get the song into stores or iTunes for digital music.

The availability of only the most costly CD package being marketed to international fans is unfair in my judgment. When the shipping cost is added in, the cost can nearly double, not to mention the increases over all due to money exchange rates. Why not offer all the packages? Is it not called the world-wide web?  Would they not sell more by opening up the full store to all the fans?  It smacks of a wrong-headed greed that fails to view the big picture. That short-sightedness is costing them sales on a global scale.

I also have questions about how management has handled his official site store and the fact that they released the song via streaming online. It is a double-edged sword when artists material is released to the net before it can be purchased legally.  Releasing Something ‘bout Love for streaming is asking for piracy. Why give a head start to the illegal download pirates? By the time the song is released to iTunes, we have an initial #21 pop song placement that drops to # 64 in a matter of days. There is something to be said for containing the release closer to the actual time of radio air play, so that when we hear the song we expect to hear it on the radio soon afterward. That’s not how it works unfortunately.  Labels hire “independent promoters” called “indies,” who then guarantee a fixed annual or monthly sum of money to the radio station group or individual station. This is a side step around the perception of “pay for play.”

“An indie approaches a radio station manager or group owner about becoming their exclusive representative.  In exchange, the indie will pay the station an annual payment of $75,000 to $100,000 per year (for medium-sized markets) for “promotional support.”  This means the indie gives the station money, vacations, or gifts in other forms (often gift cards or American Express money cards) that they can use for their promotions, or for whatever use they choose.  Because the “gifts” are to be used for promotions, the pay-for-play is side-stepped.  The station’s part of the deal is to add songs the indie recommends to their play lists.  These are called “adds” in the business.  Most stations have an average of three adds each week. ”

On the surface it seems the higher fee paid, the more play for an artist. This is a clue as to why we hear more of  some artists than others. Gone are the days when radio program directors choose a play list based solely on listener input or sales.

At the end of the day, I am a die-hard fan of David Archuleta. I will do anything possible to support him. I have a selfish interest in seeing him continue to make music that reaches all the world.  Having him in my life, for the rest of my life, is all I ask. I yearn to see him succeed beyond his own, and even my, far-reaching expectations.

164 Responses to “Radio Rant”

  1. Marciami said

    Good Morning Abrra –
    By the way, I am only first because I am up in the middle of the night playing with David stuff, and I heard my email bell ring. Obviously, Abrra is up in the middle of the night working hard for us to enlighten, entertain, inform, and stimulate chat and excitement about David. Thanks so much Abrra for the fun new slideshow, and article that is informative but a realistically painful look at the industry.
    I have no answers or revelations or magic dust, so I have found that instead of making myself crazy and depressed and upset (I have learned from a lot of experience in this matter), I muster faith and hope and trust that David will continue to be more and more successful and for as long as he wants to sing and perform (forever). “I have a selfish interest in seeing him continue to make music that reaches all the world. Having him in my life, for the rest of my life, is all I ask.” My sentiments too Abrra. I actually think about his age and mine and try to see how this is going to work! What an obsession.

    I am feeling brave, so I want to share that I have outed myself. I did it yesterday. I even did it without a moments hesitation or concern – rather automatic. I did it in a fairly public format where nothing ever really goes away or is lost in the tech world. I decided to jump into facebook for no apparent reason other than friends keep requesting it and I was weak. Under my profile I wrote two things: I am retired. I am a fanatic fan of David Archuleta. Well, there it is, out there in neverland. And you know, I am kind of shocked that I am happy and don’t care who sees it and have no intention of taking it down. I love David and whoever looks at my facebook will know it too!! And they will be seeing lots of David on my facebook, so let it begin. Happy Monday to all! I will be sleeping in.
    ps – don’t let anyone ever talk you into playing farmville. com – it is guaranteed to ruin your life. Sorry for the long post.


  2. Like many, been away & unable to post a comment to the great articles of the past week. Loved the smile article – could have lingered there forever….

    abrra – this info frustrates me. Almost seems futile for the fans to try to attempt to support him. Doubly frustrated because musical interests in this area are not pop but rock & hard core rap – edgier the better. This is the garbage that drove me away from enjoying music on the radio in the early 90’s. Ohhh, must be more positive. Sorry.


  3. SB – THANKS, for the smile article. It’s my happy pill.

    Bluesky – loved your moving comments on the past articles – esp. this: “….the sum of resistance is always equal to the capacity for change. I both drown and am born in the sensory tsunami that is DA. Because DA keeps his conduit open to the roots of life, I can safely die. Release becomes reception, and I once again find home.” Oh my…..

    gayle122890 – thanks for sharing the Frank Yerby poem – almost as if it were written about David. So cool, love it.

    abrra – the gif at #90 (smile article) – never saw that one. Agree, it is so elvis like.


  4. SandyBeaches said

    David has been saying in interviews that he is more deeply involved now in his career decision making than ever before. I know that his fans have bought multiple copies of his single on itunes, but that has been their decision in wanting to be supportive and if the sales have noticeably dropped then possibly multiple sales are finished in the early flurry. Jive will have people (fans) work overtime as long as they, the fans want to and that is wonderful assistance to them. But there I must stop myself with speculation because I am going to leave the decision making to the amazing guy who visits the White House and sings to the sick children and to the President and to the people on July 4th…

    The fans who make up ‘Team David’ are remarkabe, dedicated people. Perhaps it is because of their presence in so many places that people such as the djs and television interviewers become more acquainted with David than for any other reason. It is because of the internet that we can voice our support and that is being done as long as it is needed. This route with David is a different one than with any other singer.

    I don’t believe that David would have his new CD packaged for sale without his approval. I have bought the package, but I will be buying the CD from itunes and that is how I will be listening to it. For many fans itunes will be the way in which they obtain the new album. The package is an early promotional fan deal with the sale of the CD by itself to follow. Correct me if I have made a mistake on that.

    In general, it takes huge happenings to have people become true believers in just about anything from religion, medicine to politics. I believe in David and his plans and decision making, so that makes it easy for me.

    gayle122890…your poem is very much appreciated.

    Abrra…please don’t have the gif at #90 very far away for our repeat viewing…

    Thanks fandaforeveri48, I am pleased that you enjoyed the article! Now for a happy pill made of David’s music as Monday unfolds…



  5. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I am anticipating good discussion from the opinions expressed here.

    Work calls, back later!



  6. bluesky said

    Dear Abrra…

    What I don’t know about all this is – a lot.

    What I do know is that DA got to where he is after dealing with multiple challenges most of us had no idea were going on. I don’t really know if I know more now than I did then. It seems so, but I wonder.

    Speaking for myself, if I try to think about which decisions he is making, has influence over, knew and agreed to perhaps under duress, knew and agreed to by compromise, are out of his control entirely… etc. – I would absolutely drive myself crazy (okay, so I AM crazy, that is one thing I am pretty sure about!!)

    I just know that DA does not feel that he got to where he is on his own. He trusts his purpose is something he can accomplish with help from a higher source and I just think maybe “These are not the Droids we’re looking for.” My worry (I guess I am saying) will not avail him. My trust in his trust will.

    There are forces these forces know nothing about.

    And (blessedly!) there is DA.

    Your concern and love is mine. I also wonder about all these things and your saying them gives me catharsis. Thank you. You have given me the chance to listen to you/myself and figure out what to do:
    Live and let live? Keep the stars in my eyes?

    Perhaps I can trust the message, the messenger, and the “way” it came to bless my life in the first place.



  7. FG said

    “Having him in my life, for the rest of my life, is all I ask.” Please God let this be.


  8. bluesky said

    #3 fandaforeverti48

    Consider yourself hugged.


  9. I said

    I Do Not like the Article. Sorry


  10. bluesky said


    Dear Admins:

    Are we REALLY supposed to stay on topic when a certain white t-shirt and squinty-eyed smile is right next to the comment box?

    Just sayin’.


  11. emmegirl said

    Bluesky, lol. I think they are testing us.


  12. tracewillow said

    This topic is really serious, Abrra, and it has made me withdraw into bewildered silence all evening. I am useless here – this whole thing is a mystery to me, something I really cannot fathom:

    -Leaking the whole song
    -Waiting and waiting to release it offcially

    I guess I’m just repeating everything that has been said. No help.

    My confession at this moment of time is: I can’t think. I can only feel. Alot. I feel for David. I feel for all his loyal fans who do so much to show him love. I feel for Abrra and everyone here. I feel for myself. And I am upset. I can only keep on loving him and supporting him and respecting him, which, without doubt, will be forever. You can’t fight this thing which used to be a “music world” that seems to have turned into a “money world”. Frankly, I don’t know how to handle it.

    Me too – I want to have David in my life the rest of my life. Whatever he can give me: Less or More, Chart or No-Chart. Numero 1 or Numero Nothing, Radio or No-radio Play, I’ll lap it all up……..and more. At the end of the day, the Voice will triumph.


  13. desertrat said

    abrra, your post describes a lot of what i’ve been thinking and feeling. i’ve been reading many of the fan sites and some believe that radio airplay for sbl is critical for david’s future. i disagree. artists like katy perry, rihanna, christina aguilera, jesse mccartney, etc., have to have radio hits in order to tour. fortunately for david, imho, he’s more of a “john legend” type of artist. all he needs is new music mixed in with a few covers for a sold out tour and periodic guest tv appearances. many musicians would love to be in that position and have the relationship he has with his fans.


  14. SandyBeaches said

    At this moment in time…let it be. Celebrate with enthusiasm the long awaited for (not that long but we like to be spoiled) new music and songs that we already have, with the prospects of concerts in the fall! David is so far ahead of us in his business that we are really left in the clouds of dust and that is the wonderment of David.



  15. Abrra said

    I am at work so am unable to address all posters at this time.

    These are my thoughts about some of the business side of music. Please go not take my opinion to heart so that you are upset. Things are this way and despite the challenges David perseveres in his career. Thinking out of the box sometimes can make one dizzy.

    Thank you for seeing the point. I agree and will go so far as to look to the day when David produces and records on his own label.

    This discussion is healthy Back later to jump in with you all.



  16. ascphil said

    #10 Bluesky,

    Mwahahahahahahahahahaha! Say what you will. I feel the same way, too!

    I also love the comments you wrote in the past article and in #6. Gosh, I wish I could express myself as well as you do!

    I must admit, I also know little about how songs get to be chosen for play on the airwaves. My husband used to be a DJ right after college, but maybe things were different then than now. He said that there was a time when a set playlist was given to him, and sometimes he is given the freedom to select songs from particular albums pushed with some form of payment (‘payola’ is the local term) from the music label. (Nowadays, the ‘payola’ is no longer allowed.) He could play one particular song in rotation once every half hour or once every hour, and that would give it a lot of exposure. He remembers very well that during his time, Sting’s album was being heavily promoted, which is why the songs remain to be some of his favorites.

    Anyhow, I was in high spirits the day the official DA site opened it’s on-line shop to international fans. Finally, I was able to pre-order the fan package! You guys don’t know how liberating this feels, especially since we could not purchase from Itunes and Amazon, being non-US entities. I decided not to avail of the gifting campaign since I could already pre-order David’s music myself with my own credit card. The only downside was that the pre-order did not include the free download of SBL’s mp3. I don’t know if this is true for other non-US countries, because when I clicked “show” on the SBL purchase page, the screen automatically showed “Philippines” on the upper right hand corner.

    Somehow I feel guilt-ridden that maybe this is the reason for SBL not doing as well as Crush did in 2008. The sales in Itunes and the official DA site were split up last July 20th. The difference during Crush’s launch was that all the fans were very gung-ho about multiple purchases and gifting ONE song, the very first non-AI song, the debut single of David. It was like all the energy of Archies all over the world were focused on David’s first original commercial pop song. I recall that international fans were asking to be gifted like crazy, and there were cries for help from TeamArchie for more gifters since the demand was more than the supply. But recently, the requests for gifting were not as rabid as before. Although there are a lot of positive reviews from different internet sites, the sales conversion was satisfactory at best, although we expected so much more. It actually reminds me of how David was so pimped up to be the winner by Simon in the AI7 finale (“It was a knock-out.”), only to be disheartened with disbelief by the vote numbers during the finale result show. Some have surmised that it was because most of the viewers felt David had it in the bag and didn’t bother to vote anymore. While the other side voted like crazy for their David. (If only Asia had been allowed to vote, tsk tsk!) And the rest is, as they say, history.

    But, as they say, history repeats itself. And I’m afraid that SBL fell into the same situation as David did in his finale performance. Did we become complacent with our support of SBL, anticipating that the positive reviews would convert significant numbers of non-fans to purchase it? There are a lot of factors behind any fan’s answer to this question. In the end, the important thing in all this is David’s gratefulness for any show of support from his fans. And we should continue to show him how much we appreciate anything he does for us, in our own little but significant ways.

    To top this off, I am happy to report that the Pinoy Archies have been relentlessly requesting for SBL, and it is currently #1 in two of our top Manila radio stations! Yippee!!!


  17. djafan said

    Abrra…In reading various sites I also get the sense of angst mixed in with trust of the archulator knowing that he is not in control of everything, there has to be compromises made.

    I very recently started listening to the radio and there is nothing but crap playing. I don’t understand it but in looking back to him being on that Forbes list of top ten earner without any radio support first time around I’m in the same thought of desertrat, he doesn’t need it to make a living like he has but I do want him to have radio success just so he doesn’t have to work so hard, Jive has done so much better so far that it’s a wait and see time now, like David says patience is a virtue.

    Bluesky and Emmegirl…you noticed…lol

    In the mean time here is a hug from me to all of you.


  18. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you for the ((Hug)) Djafan, one can not have too many of those! Your video made me 😉 and LOL !!

    As David’s fans, please with great respect, let him have the time to present his single and new CD in his own way…



  19. emmegirl said

    “when David produces and records on his own label.”

    Gads, if I only had a few million laying around!

    (dja, how can you not notice)


  20. djafan said

    Abrra…It’s good to look at both sides of any given situation and you’ve started a pretty healthy discussion…kudos to you.

    The radio adds haven’t even started so I’m very optimistic even though the state of affairs in the radio business make me sick. It’s all about the might dollar.

    I don’t believe that SBL is going to have the same start as Crush did, those were very different circumstances. I think SBL is going to have a steady climb, here SBL is charting pretty much on it’s own. So,

    Hang on
    Hang in
    For the ride of your life
    It’s gonna be alright
    Hold on tight

    Here are some numbers

    David Archuleta’s new single, Something ‘Bout Love, makes its Idol airplay debut this week at No. 90, thanks in large part to the add from Salt Lake City, Utah, Top 40 station Mix 107.9 (KUDD-FM).

    No. 41 – David Archuleta, Crush (408 spins)

    No. 90 – David Archuleta, Something ‘Bout Love (20 spins) — [slowly, steadily, it will rise – not shabby, b4 the official adds date]


  21. bebereader said

    Abrra Well-researched article! Thank you! Maybe I’m delusional but I’m not worried. David’s fans have been down the worry road before and it turned out to be for nothing.

    “There is something to be said for containing the release closer to the actual time of radio air play, so that when we hear the song we expect to hear it on the radio soon afterward.”

    So true, Abrra. “Something ‘Bout Love” should be on radio by now and not just by stations who are streaming. It needs real radio play, and it needs it NOW! August 2 is one week from today and it can’t come soon enough.

    “Hold on tight”, as David says. I firmly believe that after it’s on radio, he will make TV and radio appearances, the ball will start rolling and things will pick up.


  22. refnaf said

    Seems a bit disheartening when you learn a bit more about how the industry works. Thanks Abrra for bringing this up… I myself am not worried….David will have the career he needs, perhaps not as huge as some may dream, but it’s all good IMO. The business is what it is…. and I wonder if Davids happiness and satisfaction with his career may well be increased if he remains an artist on a smaller level…like what deserat suggests in comment #13. IMO getting our panties in a knot about things we can not change or control just causes more useless stress. Trust the Archulator. Bigger is not always better.

    (((SB))) loved your smiley last post!!! I didn’t get a chance to respond earlier> It was great 🙂


  23. djafan said

    Please vote here!


  24. ray said

    ABRRA do not worry trust the archulator.o yesterday the brighthouse tech was here he asked me if david was my grandson( i wish)because of all the pic of david around the house.he had never heard of david well he has


  25. ray said

    oops thats now


  26. SandyBeaches said

    …….Twilight In Forks/Real Town…….

    This story/documentary was recorded here at home and I was called to watch it. The story is about the making of the ‘Twilight’ series in a small town, the actual town. Different people from the town described the real houses etc. Some of the music for the movies was talked about with Mitch Hansen who does the vocals for the Mitch Hansen band. He spoke about John Hancock who helped produce their music. He was introduced like this…”John Hancock worked with us in production, he also helped produce the debut album for David Archuleta”…(spoken with pride and excitement).

    It was ‘David Archuleta’…not runner up David Archuleta or American Idol star David Archuleta…this guy David Archuleta has arrived… The following reminds people who just may not believe it yet, but…David is a much loved, popular star:

    …and this…The First Download Site (For Mitch Hansen’s band) is Live!. Saturday, February 14, 2009.
    They just happen to be the firstsite to get the album posted for download. There will be other to follow, like iTunes. But if you can’t wait to download the album, go check it out! They also sell other popular artists like Faith Hill and David Archuleta, too. Have a great weekend!

    Other popular artists…hmmmm, not to shabby and that was 2009.

    Thanks refnaf on the ‘Every Time you Smile’ comment. It was a wonderful post to take part in. 😉



  27. Abrra said

    How nice you have “come out” into the daylight!

    It frustrates me as well. To see the honest motivation of fans with all the buying before the song is played on air, only to realize that maybe it’s not in the hands of the people who care very much for David to succeed.

    Most grateful to you for adding insider info on the radio play issue. I think today it seems to have gotten less personal towards an artist and and more about bottom line dollars. We can look at song ” leaks” for the main reason sales decline so fast.
    Many thanks to the Pinoy Archies for making SBL and David # 1 in your hearts. I will be emailing you a gift copy I paid for on iTunes. I am glad to send a gift mp3 of SBL to any international fan who asks.

    If you have interpreted my article as “blaming” David for how the Official Store has handled sales, you would be incorrect. I realize he has a say in some decisions and that he may not even agree in how they set up the availability. I have gotten emails from those who can’t ever imagine affording the “fan ” edition. I am gifting the Deluxe version. I put up the GIF you requested 😉

    I would like to hear more from you.

    You are not crazy ! Love your slant on life.

    ref,djafan, bebe, desertrat
    My wish for today was to have a good discussion here. This all started yesterday when I got curious about how a song makes it to radio air play. Coupled with the dissatisfaction with the Cd pre sale options , I knew there was something I wanted to say.Once I began digging into the material it was too much to keep to myself. Having an informed perspective is healthy . Questioning how things are done is healthy. I know this cus my momma told me so 🙂

    I am not worried one bit. David will succeed in spite of the suits! When will you tell your David story? I will never stop asking. I have heard it and it’s touching beyond words.


    In case anyone forgot, please donate to the fans who want David’s music and are shut out?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  28. djafan said

    David on Promo Only!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  29. Marylee said

    “Having him in my life, for the rest of my life, is all I ask. I yearn to see him succeed beyond his own, and even my, far-reaching expectations”

    At the end of the day, that’s all I ask as well, Abrra. It’s the most we can hope & pray for.


  30. joymus said

    Hi Abrra,
    Great article!

    Like you I was disheartened at the initial rise then freefall of the single on the iTunes chart. I felt impotent but then had to come to grips with the fact that we really do not know all that transpires with David’s label or management.
    Despite this – we do as fans have the right to rant at something we view as somewhat irresponsible on the marketing front.

    Desertrat was absolutely on point. We as David’s fans will continue to love and support him regardless and that is OUR right as well.


  31. Abrra said

    So true!

    Thank you for that. You get it. Some things are a bitter pill, but in the end we are better for knowing. I named my draft file Trust the Archulator and I see a few have expressed this very sentiment. I might be psychic 😉 I want success for David on his terms, whatever he desires.



  32. Abrra said

    This link was on Snarkies

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Looks like a magazine article.

    There is a cool main page(wave your mouse over the images) BUT be sure to click Archive in the lower right. I think this person has as many pictures as me!



  33. Angelica said


    Thanks for a good read and the info into the workings of radio these days. It explains a lot. I don’t listen to radio anymore. Perhaps that’s where we’re headed. Times change and when an industry fails to listen or care about the opinions of its market it will suffer.

    I don’t think what happens with radio or jive or the mothership will ultimately have much effect on David’s trajectory. I believe a great many influential peeps in the industry and in the world of music are watching him closely. He has earned a lot of respect from these titans, respect that many singers/musicians who get lots of airplay will never be granted.

    I also don’t mind the falling chart numbers for SBL. The initial boost was diehard fan induced. SBL or Other Side of Down will rise or fall on its on merits. And that’s how it should be. You are right to say that we, as fans, can only do so much. We can support him in every way possible so that he knows he has a base to stand on that will stand by him. The rest is inevitable. He will succeed as you say, “beyond his own, and even my, far-reaching expectations.”


  34. I said

    # 27: Abrra!

    Name: I
    Age: 39
    Country: Venezuela
    Fans: David Archuleta
    COS Favorite Chapter: Careful What you Wish
    Favorite Moment: laugh with my son

    Abrra, sorry, excuse me.


  35. djafan said

    I….you had me laughing out loud. “I” think you have a dry sense of humor, the kind I like…sorry abs, but so do you…lol

    I, I enjoy your short posts, #34 was the most words I’ve seen in any of your comments. 🙂

    A little about me…

    Name: djafan
    Age: 50
    Country: United States
    Fans: David Archuleta
    COS favorite Chapter: Divine Frequency
    Favorite Moment: My kids decided to stop at 4 kids a
    Y tambien hablo espanol.


  36. Abrra said


    Another international fan from below the equator! I hope you make it over to chat when we are there. We have Argentina & Columbia , now Venezuela.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    That is my favorite chapter as well. I really felt David’s stress and anxiety about doing his personal best, regardless of what the judges said.

    I have purchased copies of SBL from iTunes. Please let me know if you would like a gift?



  37. Abrra said

    Nothing to be sorry for! I have accomplished the improbable. I have gotten her to converse 🙂 I am thrilled to have “I” post.



  38. I said

    Abrra: SBL given by Canada friend…Thanks…I love you.

    Djafan: Gracias eres un amor y comica.


  39. ascphil said

    I, Abrra & Djafan,

    Am LOLing at your exchange of comments! I, you are something else! Abrra DID the impossible and made you write more than a phrase, ha ha!

    Abrra, just wanted to acknowledge the precious gift you sent me via email. For me it was your thoughtfulness that touched my heart deeply, from one devout David fan to another. The joy you gave me is as immeasurable as the joy David constantly gives me by being who he is. Thank you so much!

    I share the same sentiments you just wrote. I also do not listen to radio that much, but am just happy to vote on polls about David or send texts or re-tweet anything to promote David. The digital age is making anything worth selling highly competitive and so much tougher to do well. I think that David’s SBL debut peak at #15 on Itunes is a pretty good number considering that it hasn’t been officially released for radio play. I am also convinced that radio hits are also helped immensely by the music video of a song that is so memorable or controversial that people get curious about them.

    A day ago, my daughter and I were working on her project in front of the local MTV channel. It was a countdown of current hits, and when it got to the number 1 song, the VJ was talking about David Archuleta’s no. 1 MTV, which of course got my full attention! My daughter laughed so hard and told me that it was just a flashback to last year’s no.1 MTV for the same weekend. It was Touch My Hand and it stayed at No.1 for 7 weeks! Wow, I knew it was no. 1 in our radio charts (just like Crush and ALTNOY were) but I was pleasantly surprised that it also did so well in the MTV Top 20. Maybe the VJ’s were also seeing a pattern that the AI runner-up’s songs were doing better than the winner’s. (Because it was Adam’s If I Had You that got the No.1 slot.)

    So here’s looking forward to David’s SBL music video and hope that it will bring out David’s magic the way we diehard fans see it.


  40. johnchang said

    I think Jive / David’s management team seriously needs to get David singing SBL on all the important shows like Ellen, Today, Tonight, SNL and radio stations like Z100 etc. Get him out there singing SBL at EVERY opportunity. Maybe then radio and non-fans will take notice and request, request, request. We may all love to hear David sing SBB but now’s the time to get SBL on the airwaves in a major way and that takes promotional muscle and resources that only Jive can muster. Fans can only do so much. I sure hope Jive has some strong and effective promotional drives planned for David in the coming weeks.

    I read that Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’ had over 13000 spins weekly on radio at it’s peak! Wouldn’t it be grand if SBL had that many spins?


  41. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Promotion on a national scale is the best way to get SBL heard of course. I wish the time span between the single and the Cd were shorter. It seems to me that an appearance for the Cd where David sings SBL is more promotional “bang for the buck”.



  42. SandyBeaches said

    Toronto, two years ago tonight, July 26, 2008

    This video is brought over from FOD of Angels and Apologize – two for the price of one. And it’s free, just for you! Thanks FOD…



  43. tracewillow said

    Your Free Hug vid made my day. Thanks so much!

    Thank you for your kind words. It’s definitely silly to behave like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. I use my heart more than my brain(if any) and it has gotten me into trouble many a time haha. It is such a heart-breaking shame though that David has probably to be subjected to all this when all he wants is to sing…. and to touch people’s lives, in a profound way, with his singing.


  44. angelofdja said

    I am enjoying the subject and the “fun” between I and Abrra! You guys and gals make this quite the place to find a laugh and share in all things David! 😀
    Just like the rest of you, I have concerns for David and his future. I can’t help it. In loving him comes worry…
    What I feel is that he has shown us a level of smarts that has been nothin’ short of brilliant. I have to trust he is moving at the best pace the situation-at-hand allows him.
    Meanwhile…I’ll just be here. Supportin’…lovin’…and listenin’!!!
    P.S. I wanted to let the admins know I get such a big smile on my face when first signing on here. All the wonderful pictures of David and immediate connections to his music. THANKS


  45. bebereader said

    SB#42 Has it already been two years? Whoooosh! It flew by. One of the reasons I appreciated that video is that I never had the pleasure of going to the Idols Tour so I have an insatiable appetite for all tour videos. I liked that one especially since it didn’t break between Angels and Apologize.

    JohnChang#40 Welcome to The Voice. I agree with you about David making appearances on TV shows and radio programs. I’m hoping it will come sooner than later.

    It would be a pleasure to gift the three extra copies I have of “Something ‘Bout Love”. If you’re interested, please contact me at


  46. bebereader said

    Don’t forget to watch or tape David’s appearance tomorrow morning on “The Balancing Act” on The Lifetime Network at
    7:00 AM Eastern Time.


  47. Angelica said


    Hey there! Of course you are dead on about the need for promotion of SBL on major TV shows and appearances everywhere. Here’s hoping they have something like that in the works. Welcome!


    Oh you went there! I am so convinced that if someone would put David in a killer music video it would be a HUGE vehicle for promotion. HG on Soul David recently had an article about just that and showcased several examples of really well-done music videos. One of them was one I had never seen before and it is, to me, an exquisite work of art. Once they are done marketing David exclusively to teens, and when he is able to be more involved with the making of his own videos, I hope to see as HG hoped, not just the song but his IMAGE promoted with this medium. Anyway, here is the video I had never seen and am so glad I found. Michael Jackson’s, Stranger in Moscow.


  48. Tawna21 said

    abrra– “Having an informed perspective is healthy . Questioning how things are done is healthy. I know this cus my momma told me so”. My momma felt the same way–she bought a 33rpm album that was titled “Why Mommmy?” It had all kinds of kid questions and answers. My sis and I loved it. Anyway, yes, being informed is a good thing, and I thank you for all the information this article has led to.

    I’m sad that I haven’t heard SBL on the radio, but I’m pretty sure that the station that I listen to will play it when it hits the radio for realz because they play Crush several times a day. In the meantime, I continue to listen to my mp3. Which reminds me, I had the thought when reading your article, that maybe the SBL sales aren’t huge because of the free download when the album is pre-ordered. I can’t say that I totally agree with all that has been done with this pre-order situation and the huge costs, (I ordered 2 fan pkgs and the shipping is a huge killer!).



  49. emmegirl said

    Ascphil, when I hear about the support David receives from the Phillipines it always touches me how you embrace him and seem to really appreciate him as a talent and a person. I would love to visit someday.

    SB 26 – Wow, I love those two stories. Thank you for that. I agree about the respect the industry has for him. It is exhibited over and over by so many in just these little incidents like you described.

    Many of you have probably already seen this but will post in case. (Again, I have borrowed from another site.)

    @xMelliie: Luis Fonsi just said in his live chat that @DavidArchie is a shy guy but super talented and he’d like to work with him wahhh

    Angelica 33 – “I don’t listen to radio anymore. Perhaps that’s where we’re headed. Times change and when an industry fails to listen or care about the opinions of its market it will suffer.”

    Me neither, and I continually marvel at how willing they are to bite the hand that feeds them. I do not understand it, and I too rarely listen anymore…only when it pertains to David.


  50. bluesky said

    #17 LOVED the Hug Video!!! Thanks. <3<3<3

    And…. because I have been waiting for ANY excuse to post this video (and imagine DA singing this song….. ((oh. my.— that. is. all.))

    Here is Luis Fonsi (and friends) with "Auie Estoy Yo" ("Here am I" *sigh*)


  51. bluesky said

    Here is a fairly good translation.

    (Then I just may repent and get back to topic. Hum, Luis Fonsi and DA? The world would explode.)

    Here I am

    I’m here to make you laugh again
    trust me, leave your fears behind you and you’ll see
    here I am with a kiss burning my lips
    is for you, can change your life, let me in
    I ask to the sun that a blue star
    travel until to you and his light made you fall in love

    Here I am, opening you my heart
    filling your lack of love, closing the path to the pain
    do not fear I will take care of you, just accept me

    I am here to give you my strength and my breath
    and help you to paint butterflies in the dark, will be real
    I want to be the one who revive in you a new feeling
    and teaches you to believe and surrender again without measured the hugs you give
    I pray to God, a touch of inspiration
    to say what you hope to hear from me

    Here I am, opening you my heart
    filling your lack of love, closing the path to the pain
    do not fear I will take care of you, just accept me

    Give me your wings, I will heal ’em
    and in my hand I invite you to fly

    Here I am
    (here I am)
    opening you my heart
    (ay, my heart)
    filling your lack of love
    (your lack of love)
    closing the path to the pain
    (to the pain)
    do not fear I will take care of you
    (I will take care of you)
    I will love you always



  52. bluesky said

    Busted! I got so excited I misspelled the title *_*.

    Aqui Estoy Yo.



  53. emmegirl said

    bluesky, goodness that is beautiful.

    **Self-combust might be more like it**


  54. dakgal said

    Thanks for your article and research. I’ve been thinking of this for a while now, and these are only MY thoughts as a fan.

    I’ve been doing some soul searching about David, and have come to the conclusion I’ve been a bit selfish in my thinking.

    I don’t want David to have the feeling of “can you top this” from his fans, as he felt from the judges on Idol. I know he likes to please his fans, but I don’t want him to feel undue pressure to have a hit every time a song is released, or that it needs to go Gold or Platinum. Sure I would wish every song he does would be a huge hit—but it’s unrealistic and unfair to him.
    I want David to get the recognition and radio play he deserves—but as long as the stations play their “games” that’s unrealistic also.
    I want him to have the very best management and promotion possible—but when you have to fight city hall all the time (who are still deaf, dumb and blind) it’s frustrating.

    I hope,beyond hope,that David knows his fans love and support him for all kinds of reasons- unconditionally.

    Why is it that some very talented artists can work their ever lovin tail off to achieve success and others just fall into it, without lifting a finger—I’ll never understand.


  55. bluesky said

    #49 Emmegirl

    Thank you for your summary of the comments. When I read it I really did think, wow, great job.
    But then I had a Fonsi/DA blow out.


  56. bebereader said

    Another TV appearance for David on October 10 to be televised
    on January 16:

    A nationally televised ice-skating show at Covelli Olympians, ‘Idols’ team up

    Joannie Rochette, a bronze medalist in the 2010 Winter Olympics, has been added to the line-up of Skate for the Heart, which will be at 5 p.m. Oct. 10 at Covelli Centre. The live skating show — which will also include unique vocal group Straight No Chaser — will be taped and then nationally broadcast Jan. 16 by NBC from 4 to 6 p.m.

    Rochette, a Canadian, won over the hearts of millions with her emotional performance at the Olympics just days after her mother’s untimely death. It was one of the standout moments of the Winter Games and earned Rochette a 2010 ESPY Award nomination from ESPN.

    Rochette will join a Skate for the Heart cast that includes Olympic ice-dancing silver medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White; 2006 silver medalists Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto; three-time U.S. champion Johnny Weir; 2010 U.S. champion Rachael Flatt; two-time U.S. champion Jeremy Abbott; 2010 U.S. champions Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett; 2006 silver medalist Sasha Cohen; and 2007 U.S. National silver medalist Ryan Bradley.

    Skate for the Heart will be hosted by gold medalist Peggy Fleming, a strong advocate for heart health. Fleming’s father died of a heart attack one week before she won the gold, and her sister recently died of a heart ailment.

    The event aims to link the passion of the Olympics with heart-disease awareness. It is being produced by Disson Skating and is sponsored by Youngstown State University, Youngstown/ Warren Regional Chamber and The Ice Zone/Mahoning Valley Phantoms.

    The a cappella group Straight No Chaser will perform several of its hits live while the skaters perform. Also performing will be “American Idol” season 2 winner Ruben Studdard and season 7 runner-up David Archuleta.


  57. Pabuckie said

    Sorry I haven’t commented on your article Abrra, but I tend to shy away from any articles when it comes to either management labels, record labels, radio stations because I feel I know nothing about these industries. I have no knowledge in these areas.

    All I can do is support David to the best of my ability by buying his CDs and going to his Concerts! I believe he will be around for a very very long time and that he is just beginning. His music is timeless and he is timeless and that’s how I really feel. Whether he becomes a huge megastar, has #1 hits….it doesn’t matter for me….because I just love his music and actually prefer for him to sing in more intimate places where he connects with his audience.

    So, I just hope David is around for a long time continuing to enjoy what he loves…..singing and connecting to people 🙂


  58. Pabuckie said

    Perhaps this video expresses how I feel and the song:

    “It’s the Climb”


  59. embe said

    I’m glad that you, I, decided to post more than one sentence 🙂 You’ve been awesome towards me always. Here’s a list of facts from me too!

    Name: embe (real name is Emmi)
    Age: 24
    Country: Finland
    Fans: David Archuleta FOREVER
    COS favorite Chapter: Every chapter has something special to me ❤
    Favorite Moment: going to the gym with my friend who has just recently seen photos of David and thinks he's hot 😉 And I love when my band has a gig – David has influenced my singing tremendously

    Y yo hablo Español tambien, pero no conozco alguien que sabe hablar Español conmigo 😦 So that's why I'm not that good anymore :/


  60. I said

    Buenos dias Fans de David Archuleta!

    Levanten la mano los Fans que hablan y escriben en el idioma español. LOL


  61. Abrra said

    Thank you for your support. I am in agreement that David will be successful regardless of the “industry”. On a human level ( how many times do we hear “he is the nicest person I have ever met” ?) he has connected with all the right influential people. This will carry him to where he chooses to take his career.
    You are most welcome.
    Getting radio play is a step along the way. Surely SBL is a song that can fight its way to the top!

    “Why is it that some very talented artists can work their ever lovin tail off to achieve success and others just fall into it”
    You have described my definition of Success vs Fame. I’ll take the former.

    I had the hound dogs out looking for you on twitter! Thanks for commenting. I admitted I do not know much about promotion of a song, but I sure knew that I could find something out. I agree that is seems David is taking the ” Climb” to heart. He is using every opportunity to improve his craft. Making his way to the Latino market is a huge step and will launch his career globally when he makes a Spanish language CD.

    I hear it’s gonna be HOT today!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  62. Pabuckie said

    Did you guys see? David’s interview from the Balancing Act. For some reason I guess I was thinking I was going to see something “new” but this interview is from his COS tour. Still good to see him on the big screen though.

    FanScene: @DavidArchie — America’s Inspirational Idol


  63. FG said

    Rexburg Closeup of Imagine. Bad audio, GREAT visual. You can almost see his vocal chords. LOL


  64. FG said

    Abrra – that looks like DTE Clarkston shirt/vest! LOL
    Who else looks that amazing while sweating? Geeeez


  65. tracewillow said

    “I believe a great many influential peeps in the industry and in the world of music are watching him closely. He has earned a lot of respect from these titans, respect that many singers/musicians who get lots of airplay will never be granted.”

    I do so love this comment and feel greatly comforted. Thank you.


  66. MunkFOD said

    Good morning everyone! After reading COS more than once, and seeing how David has been prepared all his life for this time, I truly believe that he and his career are going to be fine and do well. We just need to keep supporting him like crazy and sit back and enjoy how everything unfolds. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I trust it will continue to be exciting, thrilling, full of passion and hope. He is having great impact on many people professionally and personally. Probably more than we know. I am excited to see how things unfold these next few weeks and months. This may sound crazy, but I feel like there is a greater power at work in David’s life. There is a purpose for all that he is doing, professionally and privately as he goes about lifting others thru his music and his daily life. He is the greatest! and I will support him forever!


  67. emmegirl said

    Tracewillow – 65

    Thanks for bringing up Angelica’s quote again, it bears repeating.


  68. […] are Archies ranting about lack of radio play, as was recently exhibited in Abrra’s “Radio Rant” over at The Voice, or as I experienced in a private conversation with a fellow Archie?  Why […]


  69. tracewillow said

    Something really amazing is happening between me and the Malaysian radio (Fly FM) and David:

    I hardly turn on the radio, but because of SBL I have been randomly turning it on the past 4 days and……

    EVERY single time I turn it on, 2-5 minutes later (no more than 5 minutes) SBL comes on!!!! And this same thing had happened 4 times in 4 days! It’s beyond belief!

    I had just turned off my computer half an hour ago and went upstairs to get into bed when this happened again – the 4th time. I just HAD to come downstairs again to type this.

    Either the DJ’s are victims of ODD and really pushing SBL and spinning it every 15 mins (Heaven bless them) or my spiritual connection with David is so strong that I know when to turn the radio on. Or both!

    Call it coincidence if you like. But FOUR times in a row everyday?! Whatever it is……YAY!!

    Last weekend SBL was No. 8. I am sure by now, it has gone up.

    Ok going back to bed. Nite!


  70. Angelica said


    You’re welcome. I’m sorry that Abrra’s Radio Rant upset you. She means well but she is evil. I refer you to exhibit A in post #61 submitted by her own hand at 5:45am today. I had not even had my diet Dr. Pepper yet.


    “This may sound crazy, but I feel like there is a greater power at work in David’s life. There is a purpose for all that he is doing, professionally and privately as he goes about lifting others thru his music and his daily life.”

    This is not crazy. There are other Titans, not of this world who are watching him closely and guiding his destiny. I believe this with all my heart.


  71. MunkFOD said


    @DavidArchie manager (?) Irving Azoff talking about the future of ticket sales (charismatic dude)

    Have you guys seen this this interview with Azoff? It is very informative!

    Angelica, Thanks for helping me feel like I am not crazy! LOL!

    Hope everyone has a happy day!


  72. Abrra said

    Angelica!!!!! Exciuuiudsseeee. ME??

    Is it NOT hot?

    Abrra. 😉


  73. TOfan said


    Such an interesting post thank you. I’m disturbed that “payola” in any form still goes on… and they wonder why radio’s in such a sorry state.

    I found this article also provides some info on the “album cycle” (from Steve_seb on Twitter):


  74. Angelica said


    You’re exciuuiudsseeeed. Are you typing on your phone again?

    And yes it is Photobucket


  75. tracewillow said

    Oh Lordy, they played it again!!!!!!!!

    I had gone upstairs again after my last post preparing to go to bed. And there it went again!!!!!!

    And it’s now at No. 3 !!

    Yes Angelica, I’ve noticed. The Whip Lady IS evil! She whips out all these devilish-looking pics from nowhere without warning to deliberately turn us into zombies and mush without even batting an eyelid! Haha….we love your harsh treatment of us, Abs! Please keep up with your adorable diabolic work. That pic, I tell you, can turn stone into juice!

    Back to bed.


  76. Pabuckie said

    Bebe I posted the interview from fanscene at 5:45 a.m. when everyone was sleeping…haha!


  77. Abrra said

    I am!! But then I claim the title of Queen of typos most proudly!



  78. bebereader said

    Pabuckie#76 I fixed. Thank you!!


  79. FG said

    Abs – the airplay games are disturbing. If I don’t hear SBL on the radio it will be an epic fail. Your comment about gaining new fans is a tough one. How can he if he is not on the radio? Your point exactly I’m supposing. LOL People want what they are told they want. It is so very hard to market him, to be sure, but yes, put it out there and if folks don’t want it – fine – but at least they had a chance to hear it. Based on all the research that has been done by Archies it seems as though Jive is a very ‘frugal’ label. We can’t expect them to change that just for David. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I have full faith that the future looks bright.


  80. gladys said

    *60* hola I
    *59* hola embe.
    Yo hablo español y a veces trato de escribir ingles.

    name: gladys
    age : 49
    country: Argentina
    fans: David Archuleta for ever.
    COS favorite chapter, all book
    Favorite moment: I raise the volume on youtube for my coworkers listen to David singing Contigo en la distancia and started dancing all embraced. I felt like a tribute to me and to the wonderful voice of david.


  81. archugeezer said

    Abrra, this piece was both interesting and disturbing. Thank you for such a well-written explanation—very informative for me.

    I remember many things about the Payola scandals that began in the 50’s, including one that nearly ruined Dick Clark’s young career. Prominent DJ’s and other music promoters were actively prosecuted then for the very practices that continue today, albeit down a more deceptive route. “Pay for Play” is still illegal, but the loophole using “indies” is like “getting off on a technicality.”

    I do feel that David’s hard work and immense talent will eventually get him to a place where he simply cannot be denied. However, I agree that the pace of all this is incredibly frustrating for devoted fans who already know just how good he really is, and then have to watch while he is forced to navigate through a greedy system (and some really awful music) in order to be heard.

    In the late 50’s, satirist Stan Freberg did a popular parody about the Payola scandals. (“The Old Payola Roll Blues”) He hated the Elvis-era shift from swing (Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, etc.) to the up and coming “rock and roll,” but Freberg’s song/skit smacks of some of today’s practices. Not to be mean-spirited, but if you listen to this and substitute Justin Bieber for Clyde Ankle, you get the idea.

    Let’s see if I can embed correctly. If I fail, the link is:


  82. blisskasden said

    Abrra, I enjoyed your thought provoking and timely article. The business side of the music business has been a cesspool of greed, exploitation and corruption since time immemorial. The stereotype of the cigar chomping promoter or agent is actually a true depiction of the slobs that have controlled the business for decades. The horror stories by some of the most “successful” artists in music history are jaw dropping. Times have changed, however, and, although the corruption continues, the shameless, total, robbery of these artists is, I believe, a thing of the past.

    As I get older, I sound more like my parents. I remember, as if it were yesterday, sitting in the backseat of my father’s ’58 De Soto, begging him to turn up the radio so I could hear “At The Hop” or “Get a Job”, and having him bemoan the demise of popular music. “How can you listen to this crap” was the adult mantra of those days. Fast forward 50+ yeras, and I’m saying the same thing about the “crap” I hear today. I say to myself “What ever happened to the great music of my younger days”.

    Enter David Archuleta. David is a mix of the very best of the “old days” along with adding some desperately needed class, warmth, and actual talent to modern music. The industry has not yet figured out how to market him since his talent transcends the couple of categories that “sell” in today’s dumbed down marketplace.

    David is, by far, the best singer and most dynamic performer on the music scene today, and it ain’t even close. Every time he performs, he gets rave reviews about his singing and his character. That great philosopher, Paula Abdul, nailed it early on when she dubbed David “A gem, for the whole world to see. I can’t wait”. The good news is, David, himself, can wait, and as his loyal and loving fans, so must we.

    I believe that the impatience among David’s fans, who are waiting for his inevitable mega-popularity, is based, in no small part, to his having been robbed of the American Idol title that he so obviously deserved. We need to have our “I told you so” moment. In the meantime , let’s enjoy David’s journey with him, and let’s “hang on for the ride of our lives”.


  83. Suzy-Q said

    OK, Sermon time.

    I am not worried about David’s future in the music industry. Why? We have all had set backs in our private lives and professions but if we follow our hearts and have the Spirit of God with us then we can not fail. Many times I have wondered why a particular event happened in my life that challenged me and it made me wonder if the Spirit had left me. Later, I could see how it guided me to do better and bigger things in my life that I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t taken on the challenge. We actually learned something valuable that took us to the next step. Everything has a purpose and often times we don’t see it until we look back in time. David knows that he is guided to be successful in his journey as long as he keeps the Spirit with him. The Spirit will never leave him as long as his heart is pure. In David’s book he talks about this but also he tells us that he is no more special than any of us. We can all have that Spirit as much as he if we are willing to listen to what He says. We can’t hear Him if our hearts are full of hate and negative thoughts. David is such a loving example of what the power of prayer can do for all of us. David has brought God back into the lives of many fans and is there anything more successful than this? God is love.

    We are fans of David because we trust him with our love.

    We come to this fan site because we trust each other with our love for David.

    Love you all!!!


  84. Shawna said

    Love all the info and all I learn from here. Thanks, Abrra! Great job! And some of the comments are so hillarious. This is my favorite place to spend an hour each day reading. The Voice is the BEST!!!


  85. FG said

    Bliss I love you! I also love Paula, always have, always will. As much as I’d love David to fill stadiums and have mega-superstardom so I could say “I LOVED HIM BEFORE IT WAS COOL!!! I have my doubts that will happen and here is why: Our society (at least here in the U.S.) does not value anything that he stands for or is. Without a major philosophical shift, he will gain some new fans with each album, and enjoy a successful career. There are countless other musicians that have very successful careers and tours but no real radio play and album sales much lower than David’s. Take Jack Johnson for example. Or Jason Mraz. Mraz’s song “I’m Yours” was a bonus track that ended up being released years later and finally he got on the radio. But prior to that, he toured extensively to sold-out venues, and was always signed to multiple album deals. Same with Jack Johnson and many many others.

    I’ll all for more promo – get his face and voice in front of as many people as possible! But in the end, somehow I feel at peace about the future. 🙂


  86. #60 I: Yo!

    #83 Suzy, Even though I always include David in my daily prayers, I said a special one for him in regards to the present topic. I trust that God will guide David and be with him always. Of course, I will do my part too. Good Sermon. 🙂


  87. FG said

    Hola I: ‘yo tambien!’


  88. Abrra said

    “I believe that the impatience among David’s fans, who are waiting for his inevitable mega-popularity, is based, in no small part, to his having been robbed of the American Idol title that he so obviously deserved.”

    You are on to something with that statement. I have some who leave the chat room when the Idol videos come on. They are still holding the pain they experienced when the winner was announced. Being a mega-star may well not be what David wishes for himself. He already feels the sting of losing his anonymity in public. Being forced to hide in limos and behind body guards is not something anyone would want.
    Fame is a double edged sword.

    At the point when there were 5 left on Idol, my opinion was that David did not need the title to be a success. I had confidence that he would be swept along in the afterglow as we all witnessed.The media invited the two David’s to most shows and we still got our chance to see him on national TV. The idol tour itself was the clincher. Reports that I read from fans around the country confirmed that David Archuleta got the BEST reception. Cook got his too , but the intensity was overwhelming for DA. Today his career is on track.

    If anyone ever thinks that it made much difference who won, I will suggest you add David Cook to your Google alert list. Then come back in a month and report how many times he got media attention vs the notices about David Archuleta. Bebe did this when I mentioned it to her and she has told me its true.

    I remember Stan Freberg as a satirist/comedy performer. Thank you for that video.


    You are so right about David’s influence in bringing God back to the lives of many fans. *raises hand high*

    You have been missed! Glad to see you back from the boondocks!

    My friend. I want you on my side always! 🙂

    We’re having a HEAT wave!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  89. djafan said

    Busy day at work today…just popping in to say hi and dang it got hot…lol


  90. Abrra said

    Before this article is replaced by a new one, I want to reflect on the last two days at TheVoice. I want to acknowledge that this was a departure from what is the standard fare of articles.

    This article came to me in minutes. It began with a single question that I had, ” How does a song make it to radio play? ” What I found was that its not always as simple as buying the artists song on iTunes then see it climb the charts. I was miffed at the unfairness of a few other things, such as shutting out the international fans from the choice of less expensive Cd packages and streaming ( before release date) on the official site. I looked into the radio play issue and found a tie in that streaming a song also subjects it to piracy. So many things go against a song before it can even be released to radio for play.

    It was not surprising that a few readers took umbridge or felt upset at this topic. Its not something I set out to do. My intention was to inform. I am so pleased to see that overall my piece was met with understanding and support. There will be times again, when I will write from my heart on topics that may not be on the lighter side. Now I know it will be accepted in the spirit for which I wrote it.

    Back when we 5 ( now 4) admins got together, I was the last hold out to join in. I knew that the things on my mind are not always how most fans think. I was not sure I had what it takes to write articles that would be interesting to fans. I have said in meetings several times when we discuss who is working on an article or who has an idea, ” I can’t write about topics that I think about”. I was concerned that I would turn fans off with my perspective on some aspects of David’s journey. I am relieved to find acceptance.

    We wanted TheVoice to be a place to come to celebrate David’s music, and career in general. We hoped that fans would come to read, then comment. More than that, we hoped that fans would jump in and write articles alongside us. We hoped to create a new fan community. I see we have met those goals. Thanks to all who read and discuss the material here at TheVoice.

    One last thing, if you have something you want to say from your heart, you can pick the topic, please send a draft to Angelica at It would be so wonderful to have more voices in the writing pool.


    It’s a Tropical HEAT wave!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  91. rena said

    Thanks for the article and insights. Thanks also Bluesky #6 for reflecting my sentiment with “your concern and love is mine” and I too think of this article as almost a catharsis.


  92. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you!



  93. dakgal said

    Trace–I have a question about your post—#69

    “Something really amazing is happening between me and the Malaysian radio (Fly FM) and David:

    I hardly turn on the radio, but because of SBL I have been randomly turning it on the past 4 days and……

    EVERY single time I turn it on, 2-5 minutes later (no more than 5 minutes) SBL comes on!!!! And this same thing had happened 4 times in 4 days! It’s beyond belief!”

    Can you buy the single in Malaysia? If you can’t, I find it ironic that the song is played where you can’t buy the music–and we can buy the music but they won’t play it on the radio.

    “I believe a great many influential peeps in the industry and in the world of music are watching him closely. He has earned a lot of respect from these titans, respect that many singers/musicians who get lots of airplay will never be granted.”

    Angelica -thank you for this- it somehow gives me great hope.
    I think I’ll print it out and hang it on the wall as a daily reminder of “Your day will come” “Hold on tight” “It’s gonna be alright”

    Abrra–it seems to get a whole lot hotter in here after you post- let me see now where did I put my fan?

    Pabuckie #58–that video had me running for the Kleenex– Lord my heart aches for him.

    Off topic question–Where is Silverfox?–hope all is well with her–I miss her and her soothing prayer.


  94. Abrra said

    Is this what you were looking for? 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  95. stenocruiser said

    When I first read your article this morning I had such a sinking feeling about the state of the music/radio industry and what it could mean for David’s career. Surfing other sites, I found similar concerns and discussions. As the day progressed, it seemed there began to be more positive input and I certainly welcomed the better feeling I was getting. At the end of the day (my gosh, where did that phrase originate anyway), the consensus seems to be that all will be well. After all, how can it not be? The musical genius/performer and all-round beautiful, caring, human being that is David Archuleta will be recognized by all on this planet. We just can’t wait I guess.

    Abrra, love your slideshow – Brooke’s voice and those deadly David close-ups! Thank you!


  96. Abrra said

    From ArchuletaFanscene

    Hi, my name is Ali with the USTA. It was recently announced that American Idol finalist David Archuleta will be participating in this year’s Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day on August 28th. The annual event kicks off the 2010 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, New York. Tennis aces including …Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer, the chart-topping Jonas Brothers, pop sensation Demi Lovato, and rising star Shontelle will also be performing at the full-day tennis and music festival. If you can’t make it in person, the event will also be broadcast nationally by CBS on Sunday, August 29, from 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m (EST). For more information and tickets please go to

    They have a twitter for those wishing to follow :

    This is the day after Six Flags!



  97. rena said

    Thank you for the welcome.
    And may I add that some reflection on such a topic is quite helpful to those of us who are watching Something ’bout Love go down the charts (currently 143).
    I welcome reading points of view that may not have occurred to me and consequently ease my fear/pain. When I am looking down I like help looking up and some comments here did exactly that.

    I also keep reminding myself that a few recent idol songs have started out so very slowly but are now platinum. That thought is a good picker upper, so I keep the faith and hope David’s song starts climbing soon.


  98. dakgal said

    Abs — must be a trick fan– I don’t seem to be getting any cooler–you’re adding fuel to the fire, and the heat is getting intense.


  99. blisskasden said

    FG #85, your point is well taken. David does not represent the norm in our jaded, “it’s all about me ” society. David is grounded in his core values, and nothing, certainly not the dual imposters of fame and fortune, will undermine those values. David has the welcome mat out to any and all who wish to join him on his journey, but, as he has said before, “there is never a reason to lower your standards”. Most 19 year olds wouldn’t know a standard if it hit them in the face. Mega-stardom comes with a mega-pricetag, and I’m not talking about money. David is way too smart to be seduced by what he knows is worthless.


  100. Angelica said



  101. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  102. Angelica said

    You,re Welcome Pictures, Images and Photos


  103. dakgal said

    You two are a hoot—showing off your infinite capabilities of producing beautiful pictures–Davids included!


  104. dakgal said

    Abrra–sorry spaming—about this:

    It was recently announced that American Idol finalist David Archuleta will be participating in this year’s Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day on August 28th. The annual event kicks off the 2010 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, New York.

    Someone humor me and tell me he’s not going to just sing the SSB.

    I know we have to wait for more information.


  105. Abrra said

    It seems to be a concert/festival David will be participating with:

    “the chart-topping Jonas Brothers, pop sensation Demi Lovato, and rising star Shontelle will also be performing at the full-day tennis and music festival.”



  106. johnchang said

    dakgal #93

    I believe Malaysian radio was the first radio station in Asia to play SBL and we were so excited when they aired the song! You can go to this link to listen to the exchange between a fan and the dj when SBL premiered:

    We can buy the single in Malaysia through iTunes and in fact we have been gifting the song to fans since July 20th.


  107. Abrra said

    I just noticed that “distressed jeans” are not a new item in the Archu-wardrobe.

    Exibit A
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  108. dakgal said

    Johnchang #106–thanks for the answer–I went and listened–exciting times.

    Abrra–there’s something about that young man and fences. Yowza!


  109. SandyBeaches said

    Dakgal #93…It ios kind of you to ask about our frined silverfox….Sometimes we forget about our friends and get carried away with discussions, the particulars on everything and time goes by. Wherever I travelled to see and listen to David, I would hear people at the VIPs or the concerts say…Is that Silverfox?…She is a most admired fan that is certain.

    I sat by Silverfox at a concert last fall in Providence I believe…We sat off from the right side of the stage. I honestly forget what song David was singing…(I will remember after a bit), but when he came over to where we were, he looked directly at her every time, smiled a huge smile at her, sometimes pointed to her and then later came back and did it again. I do remember that smile. When the song was over, he waved to her as he left the stage. It truly was memorable. There is a wonderful connection between them and I know that he has appreciated her support so much.

    All young people appreciate support given from older people as they make their way in whatever they are doing. If we think back to our young lives perhaps we can think of people who were there for us.

    I know that I always appreciated her prayer for David as we ventured along with him in his travels and often worried about the unknown that he was faced with. Just as we continue to worry here in this article about radio play and if he is being treated fairly to ensure his success, her prayer did the same and gave us a comfortable feeling that if we read it we were putting it out there for all to be well. The prayer for David reached our spiritual side and was read by fans from everywhere…

    SF is great and busy, but hopefully we will all get together in the fall…



  110. SandyBeaches said

    My typos make me shake my head…gotta check things over better!



  111. River said

    OK what’s going on with the band? MikeK and Dave are tweeting. something about being replaced and not being told by David. Info?


  112. tracewillow said

    My dear Abrra

    Have I told you lately that I love you?

    What I want to say now should have been said 2 days ago.

    I am very glad that you wrote that article. It gave us information which revealed alot, and thought-provoked us to realising that everything behind-the-scenes is not hunky-dory and that everything is just “yay!” and “go David!” You spoke from your heart and made us sit up and understand things on a deeper level, for which I am truly grateful.

    What you told us is not something that we, as supposedly “mature” beings, cannot take or will “take umbrage over”. I think all of us here have been speaking genuinely from our hearts, and that is why we are here everyday, every night. We love what you and the admins say, what you post and appreciate all the fantastic work you have so tirelessly been doing.

    I personally was upset because of what I realise now, what David is up against. While he is working so hard, some of us are ranting and raving about not sufficient exposure, no radio-play, which I am guilty of sometimes. I understand now that this is the way the commercial part of the music works and I can now remove my ostrich-head from the sand. I guess we are just too impatient to see David doing really well.

    On no account was I upset with you, dear Abrra, for putting up that article.
    If I have the know-how, I would send you the most beautiful rose (more beautiful than the one Angelica sent you!). So I guess I’ll just have to settle for something I know how to do……………



  113. Abrra said

    My comments were not directed to anyone in particular but everyone in general. I wanted to express how I came to write such an article. I trusted that over time it would be taken as informative. We all want the best for David. But to get a better understanding of how that can happen, we need to know what he is up against to better support him when he needs us.

    Thank you for your kindness here and in chat. Having you as a friend from half way round the world , means everything to me.



  114. Heidijoy said

    #111 River-check @davidfmusic for updated info in which he is clearing up the confusion about he and @mikekmusic. They never mentioned David but were reportedly talking about another artist. conversing on twitter can cause problems.


  115. Shawna said

    Oh my heck, Abrra. My two favorite artists in one place. Love that you had Brooke’s song and those pictures–I am spazzing here. You are amazing, woman!!!!!


  116. djafan said

    Davidfmusic…clearing up things…hopefully they don’t do that again.

    # PA Seeing that we both have played for a particular artist that many know on here that is a fair assumption but not the case about 1 hour ago via web in reply to jennyG_PA

    # Mike K. and I work with a lot of different artists together and have been for a long time. Sorry it created so much confusion!!! about 1 hour ago via web

    # Really need to clarify something!! The artist most people thought Mike K and I were referring to earlier was not who you all think it was.


  117. bebereader said

    djafan #116 *sigh of relief*

    Niters 🙂


  118. Diana said

    “I believe a great many influential peeps in the industry and in the world of music are watching him closely. He has earned a lot of respect from these titans, respect that many singers/musicians who get lots of airplay will never be granted.”


    “This may sound crazy, but I feel like there is a greater power at work in David’s life. There is a purpose for all that he is doing, professionally and privately as he goes about lifting others thru his music and his daily life.”

    I agree with all of that and it brings me hope about David’s career. Abbra can I tell you how greatful I am of you writing this article? It helped me understand Airplay and the music biz alot more. I know we all wish for David to have unworldly success he oh so deserves and for more people to hear The Voice, but in the end I realized that David knows what he is doing. I trust that God has a huge plan for David and Archie himself knows to follow the spirit. I have no worries about him having a succsesful career.
    “Having him in my life for the rest of my life is all I ask”
    As do I, As do I. He has changed my life for the better and I know there is a reason The Lord put this precious young man in our lives. Honestly I probably wouldn’t even be who I am today if David hadn’t inspired me to be different. I’m proud to be a young female fan of Davids!


  119. Diana said

    Oops sorry Abrra I spelled your name wrong haha writing on your I phone is hard lol.


  120. Angelica said


    You seem like such a mature, wise young woman. I wish I had had David’s example and influence in my life at your age. On the other hand, I had much better role models than todays’s youth has. He has certainly come at a time when his influence is needed most.


  121. angelofdja said

    I will second that statement “I had much better role models than todays youth has”.
    Way back then…ha ha! I had my grandparents and 2 parents to look up to, also many teachers and Aunts and Uncles who helped to guide me. My heart swelled when Diana spoke of David in that way! My feeling is the same…David was sent from Heaven above to touch those of us willing to see/hear the VOICE!


  122. bebereader said

    Goooood Morning!
    This is encouraging:

    ‘Idol’ track sales: David Archuleta debuts with 21K

    David Archuleta’s new single, Something ‘Bout Love, makes its debut on Nielsen SoundScan’s list of top-selling digital tracks this week, with 21,000 downloads. The only two Idol tracks that had better weeks were Carrie Underwood’s Undo It and Adam Lambert’s If I Had You.

    Carrie Underwood, Undo It (39,000, -6%, 629,000)
    Adam Lambert, If I Had You (29,000, +10, 152,000)
    David Archuleta, Something ‘Bout Love (21,000, debut, 21,000)
    Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (18,000, -5%, 1.428 million)
    Carrie Underwood, Cowboy Casanova (7,000, -6%, 1.435 million)
    Carrie Underwood, Temporary Home (6,000, -6%, 552,000)
    Carrie Underwood, Before He Cheats (5,000, -9%, 3.047 million)
    Kellie Pickler, Makin’ Me Fall in Love Again (4,000, +8%, 60,000)
    Carrie Underwood, All-American Girl (3,000, -8%, 1.239 million)
    Bucky Covington, A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How) (3,000, -12%, 31,000)


  123. bebereader said

    KC101.3 interview from yesterday:

    Stand up and shout if this puts a smile on your face! 😀


  124. bluesky said


    “Back when we 5 ( now 4) admins got together, I was the last hold out to join in. I knew that the things on my mind are not always how most fans think. I was not sure I had what it takes to write articles that would be interesting to fans. I have said in meetings several times when we discuss who is working on an article or who has an idea, ” I can’t write about topics that I think about”. I was concerned that I would turn fans off with my perspective on some aspects of David’s journey. I am relieved to find acceptance.”

    Thank you so much for this, because this is how I feel most of the time. My ‘sideways’ brain seems to work like a skipping rock: touching down once in a while, but generally up in the air. It means a lot to me that I feel like I can write and not be ‘blamed’ for being …. “up in the stratosphere?” Sometimes I just want to say a paragraph and sometimes a word and sometimes nothing. (‘course there ARE those times when it seems that only hemorrhaging will do. *_*)

    Thank goodness the Voice is here to be our very own DA-ICU!


  125. Angelica said

    *standing and shouting*


    I’m sure Diana has those same kind of role models in her life too in family and extended family. I was really referring to the role models in the entertainment/music industry, which is not like it was in my youth. It’s really sad.


  126. djafan said

    Luis Fonsi spanish singer from Somos El Mundo is asked about David during an interview….

    Translation from sandritaangel in comments

    “If I know David Archuleta? Yes I know him. I’ve read many people want me to work with him. He is very talented, He has a pretty voice, a color, a tone of voice, very polite. I wish him a lot of success. I met him several times specially in the recorded of Somos el Mundo. He is very shy but very, ridiculously talented.”


  127. FG said

    #107 Abs you should be ashamed of yourself for posting such an illegal photo. That photographer is still in jail and her camera is a permanent part of the pavement. Word on the street is that it melted as soon as it took the pic. Someone thinks they heard it giggle then sigh before it liquified. The photographer swears she was told that he was already 18. She claims she had a signed document from David, but that she can’t prove it because she accidently ate it with some fava beans.


  128. grasshopper said

    Abbra thanks for doing all that research, I knew it was a “pay-for-play” but I had never heard of the tern “Indie” before. Either way you look at it, seems like bribery to me, forget what the people want to listen too. If the radio station won’t play his music, then I will no longer listen to that radio station.

    I don’t understand either why they released his single for streaming before it is officially released for airplay, you would think that they would do all they could to prevent illegal downloading.

    I think part of the solution would be for JIVE to sent him on a tour with someone who is VERY POPULAR and increase his fanbase. I would love to see him tour the International Market as well, he needs more fans. I know we have be spoiled here in the USA, but our man needs for fans!

    I don’t understand why JIVE chose to allow an instant download on their site with the preorder of his album. Was this counted as a single I wonder?


  129. ascphil said

    #47 Angelica

    I just watched MJ’s Stranger In Moscow video. Gosh, that was very beautiful and well-made! I also checked another video with the lyrics of the song, and it made me tearful because it is a pretty sad song. I could really feel Michael’s pain of loneliness. I also am in the middle of watching a fascinating series of YT vids on the making of the music video (9 videos by speechlessable1). Oh, if only David could be given the caliber of the creative team that worked on it! This is the first of a series of 9 vids if anyone has the patience to check it out:

    #49 Emmegirl
    Of course, you should come visit the Philippines if you can! We welcome you with open arms!

    Why do we love David so much? I don’t know how to explain it, but let me try. There is this common notion that all Filipinos love to sing, and maybe that’s why we can immediately recognize great vocal talent once we hear and feel it. We grew up on sob stories (especially movies, radio and tv soap operas) that champion the underdog and turn them into heroes. We are also known for keeping close family ties and for our warm and hospitable nature, innately finding humor in the direst of situations. And we are such a God-fearing race, that even in the toughest of times, we do not dwell in our misery but would leave our fate in God’s hands, best exemplified by a common local expression “Bahala na” which is derived from an ancient word “Bathala” or God. David embodies all that we are passionate about in life, and it comes as no surprise that he is dearly loved by us.

    #51 Bluesky

    Aqui Estoy Yo is such a beautifully, heart-melting love song! I can understand where you’re coming from about Luis Fonsi. It would be heavenly if David covered that song and collaborated with Luis. Dreamy!

    I hope you heed Abrra’s invite. Please pursue writing your thoughts from the male fan’s perspective in response to FG’s Dilemma of Acceptance. Please?

    Goodness, you’re so lucky in Malaysia! You can purchase and gift from Itunes. I’m also ecstatic that SBL is doing very well there. Go Asian Archies!!! BTw, SBL is now on it’s 3rd day at no.1 in a top Manila radio station. Woohoo!


  130. Abrra said

    I love how your brain works. It makes my brain do push ups and jumping jacks to keep up with yours.

    I know that is your fav picture. I simply wanted to show the distressed jeans were not a new fashion statement for him. But maybe they are as he actually owns them now.

    A belt you say? I shall have go investigate further!



  131. bebereader said


    Luis Fonsi called David “…ridiculously talented.” Music to my ears. Paula Abdul also referred to David’s talent as ridiculous.

    I had never heard of Luis Fonsi until David’s connection with Somos El Mundo. Likewise, I’m sure there are fans of Luis Fonsi who never heard of David Archuleta until Fonsi’s connection with Somos El Mundo. David’s popularity is growing each day. We’re getting more international fans in The Voice Unplugged. It’s sheer joy to meet new fans in chat!

    I hope to be spending some time in chat tonight.


  132. bebereader said

    I met jennyG_PA (her twitter name) at the Bookends signing in Ridgewood, NJ. We’ve been keeping in touch since then. Today she sent me these two pics with this note:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Hi Bebe!

    Thought I’d pass these on to you. I wish they were better but I found these 2 pics on a professional photographer’s twitter page. His work is outstanding! Yay for David! Finally! To me, they both look like they were taken during the music video shoot.

    Gotta run!


    Thank you, Jenny!


  133. FG said

    #129 ascphil – I love how you described the love for David. What I especially admire about the international fans is how well the media there have treated him. Also, it seems from youtube song covers and tweets that he has alot of international male fans. I think that is awesome. 🙂


  134. Diana said

    Angelofdja I do have my parents and grandparents as influences too but I get what Angelica means about there not being Role models in the Entertainment industry. The only other person that I look up to is Selena Gomez. I’ve met her and she’s such a sweet girl!

    Bluesky: A mi se me encanta la cancion Aqui estoy yo. Luis Fonsi is a huge talent. My mother and I listen to his music and a duet with the both of them would be the end of me lol.

    BebeReader: Oh my! Those pictures are gorgeous! Is it me or is he getting skinnier and more handsome everyday?

    FG: #129 ascphil – I love how you described the love for David. What I especially admire about the international fans is how well the media there have treated him. Also, it seems from youtube song covers and tweets that he has alot of international male fans. I think that is awesome.

    I agree I love when David has male fans it goes to show that voice has no boundaries on fans 🙂


  135. angelofdja said

    Angelica, OUCH! 😳 I never meant to imply that Diana’s childhood and those family members involved in her life were any less than what mine was. So sorry Diana if that is what I sounded like.
    I usually am so dilligent, (write, re-write, then send) in making sure I am careful. One can’t be too careful when amongst so many intelligent and (hopefully)forgiving David fans!


  136. FG said

    #132 the tweetpics from the video – BRING IT ON ALREADY!!! geeez. HOW LONGGGGGG must we sufffffferrrrrr! ok, I feel better now lol


  137. #127 FG: I’m ROFLing (learning from my kids) And what can be said about the pic on #90?? I can’t stop staring at it! How many times can you fall in love with the same person? 🙂

    I’m really liking David’s new hair did in the album art and video. Hope he keeps it.


  138. Angelica said


    I knew you didn’t mean it that way. I just wanted to make sure Diana knew it! lol


    No more pics for you until you finish your fava beans.


  139. Abrra said

    #128 grasshopper

    This is a comment from a poster violet on

    violet’s comment:
    Re: David Archuleta: Something ‘Bout Love
    « Reply #1158 on Jul 21, 2010, 5:01pm »
    When asked, Sony explicitly said the free single downloads count towards sales. And I guess permanent sales because their 3 preorder versions all have the album as a CD so people will be getting the track again on the album. And the official shop album preorders are the only album preorders available yet so a lot of fans were waiting for the Sony store. Yeah it probably did hurt the iTunes and Amazon single sales (and make Sony more money for themselves, but what the heck – maybe they’ll use it to help a good start for this single and album)
    from this thread

    I hope you find this helpful.



  140. FG said

    LOL Angelica. Hi Gayle!

    *goes back to thinking about how to connect fava beans to a new article*


  141. FG said

    Don’t read the comments on this video and please substitute fava beans for errands:


  142. bebereader said

    Slow and steady wins the race, folks.

    From IdolsNow twitter page:

    DAVID ARCHULETA’s “Something ‘Bout Love” debuts at #4 on the Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart. 5 minutes ago via web

    From Wikipedia:

    “The Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles is a chart released weekly by Billboard in the United States. It comprises 25 positions that represent songs that are close to charting on the main singles chart, the Billboard Hot 100, acting as an extension to Hot 100.”

    Looking good to me! 😀


  143. djafan said

    Gayle #137….

    “How many times can you fall in love with the same person? :)”

    Every time I look at look and hear him I fall in love all over again…I’ve lost count…lol

    Bebe…do you have a link for #142.

    Trace…Something magical at work for you!

    Bluesky…You got me working out along side Abrra…very much enjoying the workout!


  144. Abrra said

    #141 OMG! My first time seeing a SpongeBob MGR!



  145. bebereader said

    djafan #143 Sure!

    Wikipedia link:

    Idolsnow twitter page link:


  146. emmegirl said

    FG 127 – lol! Thanks, I needed that today.

    Ascphil #129, lovely post… “David embodies all that we are passionate about in life, and it comes as no surprise that he is dearly loved by us.”

    bebe #132 love ya babe, been desperately waiting for another morsel of anything from that photo shoot!
    (in my pleading voice… is it possible for anyone to make those just a little bit bigger?)

    Final edit on video… could the release be near, say next week?


  147. bebereader said

    Emmegirl#146 Regarding the twitpics, I tried to make them larger. Failed. Perhaps someone with ninja skills can take a stab at it. 😉


  148. Diana said

    Angelofdja no no I got you trust me I wasn’t offended or anything. I got what you were saying haha


  149. Abrra said

    I found this posted by desertat over on Soul David.

    credit WSTR94



  150. poof said

    All you lovely people.
    I am sitting here just “full” of something I can’t put my finger on..(I have been sitting here a few minutes.) I am thinking of all I have learned from all of you. I am amazed by the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, personality and age on this site, yet all I see and hear is the commonality of support, love, kindness and acceptance. It is so fascinating to read a post from someone, not knowing if that person is oldish, youngish, from the US or any number of other places, a man or woman, thinks of herself/himself in certain ways (such as “up in the stratosphere”),,, the list goes on and on.

    An yet, the same anxieties for David, worries, awe, puns, jokes, love, look and sound a lot alike no matter who is speaking. I think I should have already known this, and maybe I did, but routinely reading everyone’s thoughts here has sure hightened my awareness. Perhaps the old saying is true, “The more were are different, the more we are the same.” (She goes back to thinkin’ and staring out the window,,, it’s all good :))


  151. Abrra said

    I am sitting right beside you. It’s a great view, eh?



  152. poof said

    Yes indeedy do. Would you care for a cup of tea??


  153. bebereader said

    Poof, Abrra…Is there room for one more? 😉


  154. Abrra said

    How about a tall glass of lemonade for bebe and I? Pretty hot these days I hear. 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  155. bluesky said

    Diana & Ascphil:

    “A mi se me encanta la cancion Aqui estoy yo. Luis Fonsi is a huge talent. My mother and I listen to his music and a duet with the both of them would be the end of me lol.”


    Poof & Abrra (admins)

    This may seem redundant after all of the other comments but: You (plural) have done it.
    It is no small accomplishment to put the greater and greatest good above ego. The greatest
    gift one can bring to the group is their own individuality. And it is also the most vulnerable.
    Thank you for “the Voice”.


  156. Abrra said

    Will this do?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  157. poof said

    I feel like there is always “room” for one more here.

    Bluesky #155 Have you been lookin out the window tonight too?

    Okay all,,, I’m heading out to the lemon tree. Be right back.


  158. Abrra said

    Paging Highervibe! Where have you been?

    I came across this poem you posted 2 years ago in another place. It’s worth repeating here for all to see and enjoy. Did you write it? I am betting you did. It is so David.

    “You Breathe, Not With Your Lungs”

    You breathe not with your lungs,
    but with your heart
    which beats to music flowing from your soul—
    a total work of art.

    You hear not just with ears
    but with your eyes
    and with that clarity of vision,
    bring each being along to see.

    We feel not with our senses,
    but with our spirits, flying
    when—hearing your voice—
    we hear your heart reply.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  159. emmegirl said

    Abrra, guessing too she wrote that… that poem fits him like one of his tees.

    Can you scooch over bebe? Thanks poof.


  160. bebereader said

    Emmegirl: I sure can! There’s lots of room.

    I’ll be in The Voice Unplugged if anyone asks. LOL


  161. bluesky said

    # Abrra


    Just instead of electricity run some “No Me Queda Mas”. Yeah, right through the thorax.
    That should do it. ^_^


  162. djafan said

    Poof…could I have a tall glass of lemonade too? No ice please.

    Bluesky…thank you.


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  164. hillarykm1 said

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