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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Is Fifteen Too Young?

Posted by bebereader on Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recently American Idol lowered the age requirement from 16 to 15.  This was the first change since 2005, when the age limit was raised from 24 to 28.  If anything, I expected the age requirement to be raised up two years from 16 to 18.

David auditioned for American Idol when he was 16, requiring a tutor each day to work with him on schoolwork.  He also needed a legal guardian since he was a minor.  Clearly the producers realize that younger contestants on American Idol undergo the most pressure and are thrown into an adult world before they’re ready.

In “Chords of Strength”, David speaks candidly about the grueling demands placed on the American Idol contestants and, for those who were minors, the pressure was even more intense with the addition of three hours of school.

“The very thought of being on live television every week was incredibly stressful for all of us.  No one…was ever relaxed.  I know I constantly had that tense feeling in my shoulders.  It was a lot of work and every day felt like a series of hurdles to get past with next to no time.”

“After that rehearsal, most people got to take a load off and have a rest, but of course I’d still have to go back to school.”

“Throughout all of these months, it seemed like we often times didn’t even have enough time to prepare for that week’s music, and the various random tasks that got added to our already crazy schedules made it very difficult to juggle everything….Most days started as early as five or six in the morning, and wouldn’t end until ten or eleven at night.”

“I felt like I was completely overwhelmed.”

“There was so much emotion surrounding these few last shows that between the crazy schedules and the levels of hysteria in the air, many times I didn’t know how I could possibly juggle it all.”

“From the moment I was announced as one of the Top 24, I went from being just David to David-Archuleta-on-American Idol.  It felt like such a massive responsibility.  All of a sudden people expected me not only to perform, but also to continually outdo myself.”

“You had to be ready for anything, and the one thing you knew for sure was that your life was completely dedicated to the show.  It didn’t matter what the schedule was, you had to do what ever they said and be wherever they wanted you.  There was not much wiggle room for anything, and because we were all committed, we just played along and did what we were told.”

“Things were moving so quickly and unexpectedly all the time, there was hardly ever any time to think.”

“Sleep had become scarce and I was exhausted all the time.”

“…there were many moments when I didn’t know if I would be able to handle another minute.”

“I spent all of my time between my hotel, the room where I studied and the studio.  That’s it.  I got so pale because I never saw sun.  I started to forget what normal life felt like, and sometimes even got scared that I wouldn’t know how to readapt when it was time to go back.”

Besides David, there are just a few other teenagers who made it far in the competition; Jordin Sparks, who won the title at 17; Allison Iraheta, who made it to Top Ten at 17;  and Fantasia Barinno, who won the title at 19.  But they are the exceptions; most teenagers are not able to last very long.  Unable to handle the pressure, we learned that often, some of the younger contestants burned out.

There are several possible reasons for this change.  With failing ratings this past season, this change may be a way to make the show become relevant again and to get more young people to tune in.  Or, maybe it’s an attempt to find the next great talented tween.  Whatever the reason, I am opposed to this change.  The pressure of standing in front of 30 million people and being judged is hard at any age, and has to be that much harder for younger contestants.  Let kids be kids for as long as they can.  Agree or disagree?

139 Responses to “Is Fifteen Too Young?”

  1. betsy said

    I am in agreement 100%.
    I remember that beautiful smile after David sang Imagine. He was so happy. So serene. That was the last time on that show that I saw that look.
    I don’t want to see them beat the joy of singing out of a 15 yr. old. David was only a year older when he auditioned, but he is much stronger than most. Even stronger than most adults.
    As we’ve seen.


  2. emifriend said

    Bebe .. I could not agree with you more and for lots of reasons… I don’t care how musically talented a minor is, I believe he/she needs to finish High School– where students are exposed to literature and history, which makes them better writers down the road, and math, which will help them manage their mega bucks and the logic required in running an enterprise. Plus, they just need to finish High School and not have it dogging them all their lives that they didn’t.

    If AI is going to change this rule, I hope they make other changes to accommodate the younger students– especially with the tutoring requirement. It’s not really fair to the contestants or to the tutors and probably puts them all in a bad situation. For example, when the tutor is supposed to be teaching them English literature, but they agree to do song lyrics instead. Nobody wins in that compromising situation. It’s basically dishonest and not a good role model for the youth.

    I’d be for another show that features teen students and gives them a scholarship to a NY school of performing arts or something like that… AI is not the right venue for younger teens though.

    Congrats on another thought provoking and well researched article!


  3. Abrra said

    Thank you, Bebe for bringing up this topic. I agree that putting the young ones under such pressure is not in their best interests.

    “All of a sudden people expected me not only to perform, but also to continually outdo myself.”

    I think 18 is the lowest age AI should allow for competition. Having to be tutored and lose precious time to devote to the task at hand is unfair to the younger contestants.

    ““There was so much emotion surrounding these few last shows that between the crazy schedules and the levels of hysteria in the air, many times I didn’t know how I could possibly juggle it all.”

    Serving two masters is not a good thing for the student nor the singer. I predict much emotional drama on AI next season. Will this outweigh the point of the show which is to find the next American Idol? Stay tuned.



  4. Abrra said

    I wanted to respond to #157 Xaris from the previous thread. There will be a gifting program for international fans. Anyone who wants more information can go here:



  5. Pattirae said

    #1 Betsy I had always wondered what happened to David after the first couple of shows because like you, I noticed that the “sparkle” was gone. Where, oh where, had it gone? And why? I even made up reasons—and stuck with the made-up assumption that “someone” had told him to act more grown-up or something to that effect. So I was relieved, in a way, to read from his own words that after the impact of “Imagine” on everyone he felt such pressure to surpass that performance. It made perfect sense to me then why he acted “differently” after that. When I saw David in the SLC Idol tour (and yes, I still watch his beautiful rendition of WYSYLM where he cries and I am bawling my head off!) I saw that sparkle again and was so relieved. Then to see him in many concerts after that with the genuine, happy, glorious, David intact, well, let’s just say that I have been so happy that the Idol machine had not taken the joy out of him. Lowering the age limit is not a good idea and for some of the reasons I have mentioned here. Just too much pressure too soon. I really wonder what the show is going to be like next year.


  6. SandyBeaches said

    Perhaps with Simon gone, the fears and torments will be gone as well. I am guessing that they have had enough of using torment as a way of catching the eye of the viewers and it will become a more gentle show like some of the other talent shows in other countrys. Simon was on-stage torture and they could not continue with that.

    When asked who he is more nervous to be in front of, David said Simon over President Obama and that is a huge statement. Therefore, let’s see what the whole new show is about. I believe that it will be a show that is re-designed to be more compassionate towards the young singers. I believe that American Idol will have other changes besides Simon and changing the entry age may just be something that will fit the show quite nicely…

    Losing Simon may not have been all about a single decision to leave but had with it the reason that it became time to rethink the ideals of the show. Ratings dropping can bring re-designing to the table…



  7. SandyBeaches said

    In addition…Millions have watched David and the nervousness that was brought on to him by Simon. David may be once again in his own quiet way influential because of his own morals, standards and ethics…



  8. SandyBeaches said

    The release of David’s single brought tremendous excitement everywhere last night. I heard it many times!! Any thoughts on how this happened or is it just the sign of the times?



  9. archiesfan4life said

    Bebe – I also agree 100%. Young people today are forced to grow up so quickly and the pressure that David described is a lot to handle for people of any age, but especially ones so young. I also think what emi said is true – these kids need to finish school. I felt so sorry for David when he wasn’t able to graduate with his class.

    SB – I join you in hoping the show gets a little less stressful without Simon, especially now that the age has been lowered.


  10. goodkarmaseeker said

    Good article and I agree that the age requirement should not be changed…16 is young.

    Have to share about the new single…..Last night both Maddy and I had to quell our excitement as the house here has been overflowing with family returned for visits. I was quite hyper and stole away to listen on my ipod connection. I was kind of concerned that I didn’t see much response from Maddy. This morning as soon as things thinned out here, she ran to the computer,
    blasted the volume, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room to dance wildly about (jumping, hands in the air, etc.). She smiled so big and said “this is just my favorite. I love it”.
    So there we are. An honest, from the heart review from a 14 year old. She also loves the lyrics.
    I know there are so many sounds and songs we can get from David. It’s hard not to want something that showcases his beautiful, soulful VOICE but this is just FUN and it will get some new listeners and bring them to an album with hopefully more dimensions.
    I sooooo hope this song does well. It should if Jive promotes it well.


  11. betsy said

    Jive has tweeted that they have put the song up on David’s site already. I thought this would happen. Now that a few radio stations have played it, it is silly to wait two more weeks to release it on the Official Site. I bet I-Tunes is next, and very soon.


  12. djafan said

    Bebe…Will comment on your thought provoking article in a bit.

    The best audio!!!!! OMG


  13. emifriend said

    That audio is fabuloso! Listen with headphones! oh myyyyyy!!


  14. Angelica said


    Thanks for an article that should make us all pause to reflect on a (WTH were they thinking?) moment. Why are they now rummaging deeper into an even younger talent pool? You say,

    “With failing ratings this past season, this change may be a way to make the show become relevant again and to get more young people to tune in.”

    But I thought that’s why David was hobbled by a judge who dissed him on national TV right before the finale and then declared him the winner of the finale…(which galvanized the Cook vote.) Because they didn’t feel that a 17 year old would give them cred with adult viewers and they wanted the show to be more relevant?

    “Or, maybe it’s an attempt to find the next great talented tween.”

    This is the more likely reason in my opinion. Do they think they will find another David Archuleta? Do I even need to ask anyone here what the answer to that is?

    Fifteen is way too young to be put through the AI machine. It is unfair to expect a teen to be handicapped by 3 hours of school work every day and still compete with much older, experienced contestants, contestants who have had 3 hours additional rest and time to work on their songs. David was a very emotionally mature and well-grounded 17 year old. We all realize how exceptional he is after the fact and even he relates how it was often more than he could take. This latest tactic is just another in a series of wrong-headed moves.

    What hurts me is that all the while I was going through so much anxiety and angst for him during season 7, he was experiencing what I felt to the 10th power. At the time I thought he must surely be nervous or stressed about an upcoming week, but I had no idea at all what he went through. But he made it all the way to the finish and WON! Yes. He did. He won.


  15. txbilslp said

    I generally think that lowering the age limit is not a good idea. As so many have stated earlier it’s hard on the young ego being thrust into the limelight only to be pummeled by negative reviews. I’m not just talking about the AI judges but media critics and the everyday Joe Shmoe who leaves ugly comments on message boards. Not to mention the rumors and having your family and whatever skeletons dug up for all to examen and pick at. It takes an extraordinary young person to come out of the process still in tact. The more I think about it the more I am convinced that David for all his humility is mentally and emotionally stronger than we can ever imagine any person to be.


  16. txbilslp said


    I concur he did. He won. He conquered. I get teared up thinking about all that he had to endure and the triumph of who he is today. When I listen to SBL I hear that happy David who started the AI show with Shop Around.


  17. txbilslp said

    #15 I meant examine not examen…thinking in Spanish.


  18. Angelica said


    “The more I think about it the more I am convinced that David for all his humility is mentally and emotionally stronger than we can ever imagine any person to be.”

    I agree and you said it so well. His quiet grace and shy humility conceal chords of strength that are welded out of pure titanium steel.


  19. Blisskasden said

    Djafan, thanks for the link. The song is, how do i say it, fantastic!!. They should release this puppy immediately. What are they waiting for?

    Bebereader, very interesting and thought-provoking article. I always felt that is was patently unfair that contestants of high school age had to “go to school” for 3 hours a day during the course of the show. It serves to add another level of stress to an already nerve wracking experience, and tends to make the competition unfair. The show is 6 months long. Let he kids take a leave of absence from school as long as he/she is on the show. The Pythagorean Theorum can wait a few months. As for lowering the age to 15, it seems like another desperate attempt to bolster sagging ratings.

    David hasn’t finished High School because he is too busy being a superstar singer and humanitarian. On the show, you could see the joy draining from his face on a weekly basis due, in part, to the extra burden of having to go to school while he was competing. I mean, did they make David Cook tend bar for 3 hours a day? Of course not, He took a leave of absence, as did Lee Dewyze, from his paint store job, which he has kissed goodbye forever.


  20. txbilslp said

    “I mean, did they make David Cook tend bar for 3 hours a day?” LOL This made my morning.


  21. Abrra said

    The cynic in me says that if the state did not require the minor contestants to attend class, AI would not care. More time to exploit them to the press and lead them around to events like show horses.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sometimes I do GO there.



  22. bebereader said

    Thank you all for your replies!

    My friend called from the hair salon while waiting for her appointment. She said she heard David’s new song on the radio in the salon! She didn’t know what station was on but that’s okay; I’m doing the happy dance!! New York Radio is playing “Something ‘Bout Love”!!!! 😀

    Be back in a bit.


  23. Blisskasden said

    Abrra, agreed. AI has no real vested interest in providing education for their contestants. Because of the scandalous exploitation of minors in all areas of Show Biz over the years, the law has had to step in to “protect” them. In the case of AI, however, I feel it is unnecessary and works against the younger contestants. I do think, however, that having a parent with an underage contestant, acting as a buffer, is probably a good idea.

    As for the pic you posted, why is that no matter how many people are shown, I can find David in the pic in 1/2 a second, and everyone else is just kind of “there”.


  24. bebereader said

    Video from this morning!


  25. djafan said

    Bebe…After Shop Around and then Imagine that joyous young man stole my heart, but after those performances something knocked that joy and it broke my heart. Having read is book twice now I understand the pressures he was enduring and it still tears me up. David may have finished high school if his school did not have such stringent ridicules rules (IMO) unlike Jordin’s high school which allowed her to finish. These two are an exception to the rule. So all being said, it’s a horrible idea in my opinion.


  26. emilyluvsarchie said

    Oh my gosh…there is something ’bout david!
    Today is my 16th birthday guys 🙂 When I woke up, and was served my homemade pancakes (thanks mom) I went to my parents room where my mom and dad just proceeded to tell me my family is going to D.C. to see a certain singer for my bday!! AHHHHH! I looove loove looooove my family! ❤


  27. Angelica said

    View Results
    Review from Idolator

    Music NewsDavid Archuleta Grows Up With New Single “Something ‘Bout Love”

    David Archuleta premiered “Something ‘Bout Love,” the lead single from the Season 7 American Idol runner-up’s forthcoming second studio album (not counting Christmas From The Heart), today on his official site. And gone is all the teen whimsy and “Crush”-ing David did on his eponymous debut. This time around the 19-year-old Utah crooner is showcasing a more adult sound. Listen below!

    Now, sure—David is still treading down the pop trail, and unabashedly so. But with all the swirling synth loops, the dance beat and lyrics about broken hearts and being brought to your knees by the world, we can’t help feeling that—sniff!—our little Archie is all grown up. This is the type of soaring jam we can picture UK group Take That having a field day with, so naturally it gets our stamp of approval 100%.

    Archuleta is still working on his new album, which is due out sometime this fall. Earlier this week he tweeted, “In Nashville! Going to work on some of the songs we’ve written here.”


  28. Abrra said

    Screencap from the video #24

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David did great talking about all he has been doing lately.

    PLEASE take many pics and vids???? We CRAVE them!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  29. emifriend said


    Happy Birthday! And Happiest of trips in store for you. I am already looking forward to your recap! Your parents must be amazing! Have so much fun and remember EVERYTHING!!


  30. djafan said

    Happy Birthday Emily!!!!

    Have the greatest of times!

    And thank your parents for me for being so wonderful!


  31. Angelica said


    Can I be adopted by your parents? You think they would be interested in a middle aged woman with no bad habits, (except a slight addiction to a certain singer)? Nah. I guess not.

    So happy for you!!! You go guurrrlll!!! Sweet sixteen and going to DC to see DA!!! (((hug)))



  32. goodkarmaseeker said

    Happy 16th Birthday Emily,

    What an amazing birthday gift you have to look forward to!!!!!!!! It feels so good to have you there for all of us. Can’t wait to hear about it!


  33. djafan said

    A french tweet!


    Le nouveau single de David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) est en ligne en intégralité sur son site
    3 minutes ago via web


  34. emilyluvsarchie said

    Aww thanks everyone!! and angelica, as long as you are addicted to a certain singer you’ll fit in here quite well! 🙂


  35. bebereader said

    It’s hard to concentrate this morning. I’m so happy for David that I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. Sounds like a crazy person, huh? haha

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the topic discussed here. Even if many no longer watch American Idol, most of us watched during Season 7 when we discovered David and are fans since the early days of his career.

    The decision on the part of the AI producers to lower the audition age to 15 proves that American Idol is a self-serving money making machine with no regard for human life other than to bring in the big bucks. Thankfully someone was watching over David at the tender age of 17 and he was able to withstand the pressure and come out of it intact.

    Betsy – “David was only a year older when he auditioned, but he is much stronger than most. Even stronger than most adults. As we’ve seen.” <<<< I believe that's partly what kept him going during AI.

    Emifriend – I love your idea of offering teens a scholarship to a performing arts school. At least they can finish high school, while learning their craft.

    Pattirae – Yes, I saw the sparkle come back during the Idol tour when David sang "WYSYLM". I watched on youtube, tho.

    SB – "Simon was on-stage torture and they could not continue with that." I totally agree with this statement. Even though Simon's criticisms may have been beneficial, many times they are one step away from sadistic, IMHO.

    AF4L (my Bookends buddy :D) I agree with you about teenagers finishing high school. Education should be top priority. AI should find a better way to fit school into the schedule. How can contestants learn anything with three hours of school, while their minds are on their performance?

    Goodkarmaseeker – "…and pulled me into the living room to dance wildly about (jumping, hands in the air, etc.). She smiled so big and said “this is just my favorite. I love it”. <<<And this is one of the many reasons we are fans of David's.

    Txbilslp – You brought up good points, especially this one: "It takes an extraordinary young person to come out of the process still in tact. The more I think about it the more I am convinced that David for all his humility is mentally and emotionally stronger than we can ever imagine any person to be."

    Bliss – "Let he kids take a leave of absence from school as long as he/she is on the show. The Pythagorean Theorum can wait a few months." <<< Great idea!


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    What a gift! WOWSA!


  36. emilyluvsarchie said

    BTW, you didn’t hear this from me, but my dad heard the entire song, Something ‘Bout Love, for the first time this morning, and cried. He is very proud of David, he snuck to the bathroom, but we saw him! 🙂 He is a big, tough former elevator constructer, but he’s a softy at heart!


  37. emifriend said



  38. emifriend said

    David missed his prom and he said that Sr year was “overrated.” He has done things in the last year, and traveled more across the country and the world (which is an education in itself) than many will travel in a lifetime. And this is all great, and great for David. David loves to learn and he will be “ok” in all of this… but we all know that David is exceptional.

    I just hope he will read a few more Shakespeare plays and John Donne, Tolstoy, Jane Austin and William Faulkner even. I just remember how my head and heart and world view grew when I read those authors, as well as my love of language and the poetry and drama of life. (Tho if David’s heart grew any bigger we would not know what to do with it! ) Mark Twain once defined a classic as ” a book everyone likes to have read, but no one likes to read.” and these days,I don’t know that those books are read much outside of school days.

    I agree with Bliss on the leave of absence during the show– but will a winner go back to school? Can a winner go back to school?

    Younger contestants are good for AI.. they bring a fresh, new breeze within the sea of the “lost 20 somethings ” But in the long term, AI is messing with contestants very LIVES, and I sure hope the producers will ask themselves:”Are we good for the younger contestants?” and make some changes.


  39. Marciami said


    Have a blast at the 4th and scream for all of us.
    Happy 16th – what a special time in your life – breath it all in Emily.
    SBL – what a great Birthday Present from David!!!!


  40. Marciami said

    I received this in an email and thought some of you might like to read the quote:
    Quotation: ”May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others…May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are.. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.”


  41. bebereader said

    Another really good interview from this morning, via satellite from DC to Hawaii!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  42. Blisskasden said

    Is David the single most interviewed person on the planet? Pretty soon he’ll be giving regular press conferences. It seems that every TV station wants to display his handsome mug and charming personality on their station. Even when he looks half asleep, David is , by far, the most engaging and enjoyable person to show up on your TV screen.

    Emily, have fun in DC. I remember being 16. I think it was during the Bronze Age.


  43. bebereader said

    Bliss, you’re right! The smiles on the faces of the TV news journalists while they’re interviewing David tells the story!


  44. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  45. bluesky said


    I am wishing a VERY Happy Birthday to you and a really fun trip for your whole family. Family is the BEST!

    Tons of love,


  46. bebereader said

    beebee strikes again! She expresses just how we feel about “Something ‘Bout Love”!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  47. bebereader said

    In a tweet today, David confirmed that he co-wrote “Something ‘Bout Love” with Sam and Sluggo.

    claudette4u@DavidArchie You wrote the song , right?? about 3 hours ago via web

    DavidArchie@claudette4u Yep 🙂 With Sam and Sluggo

    Sam and Sluggo are the writers/producers of the DOUBLE PLATINUM HIT, “Shake It” by Metro Station, another catchy tune.

    In fact, haven’t we heard David sing a few bars of “Shake It” on a youtube?

    *looks for video now*



  48. Shawna said

    I so agree with you here, bebe. Much too young for these kids. I would much rather see the age changed to 18 so they have at least graduated from high school. So many people ask me if he ever graduated and I know it is important to him to do so, but heck, when does he have time to do any kind of school work with the schedule he is on.

    I have streamed “Something ‘Bout Love” all day today here at work. So luv it!! Can’t even describe how much and I love the message in it!!

    Happy, Happy, Birthday, Emily dear,
    Happy days will come to you all year,
    If I had one wish than it would be,
    A happy, happy birhtday to you from me!!!
    Wow, the big 16! Have so much fun and enjoy Washington DC. You have the most awesome parents in the whole world. Can I join Angelica and be part of your family too, but I am past middle age, sorry?

    Back to work now!!


  49. embe said

    “He is much stronger than most. Even stronger than most adults.”

    “David was a very emotionally mature and well-grounded 17 year old. We all realize how exceptional he is after the fact and even he relates how it was often more than he could take.”

    “The more I think about it the more I am convinced that David for all his humility is mentally and emotionally stronger than we can ever imagine any person to be.”

    “His quiet grace and shy humility conceal chords of strength that are welded out of pure titanium steel.”

    David is serenity. Even I, a borderline ADHD case, find my inner peace when I listen to David or when I look at him engaged in the intro of Ave Maria for example. He can endure anything – but it is wrong that he had to. Luckily, those days are over and I can hear it so clearly in SBL. David has been set free, and it is beautiful.


  50. dakgal said

    Bebe- Thanks for bring this subject up–AI’s age change has stuck in my craw ever since they announced it..Will post my thoughts later–must get my scattered thoughts pulled together.

    I got a big kick out of this: Jimmy Smits on the A Capitol Fourth—everyone loves David!

    “It takes your breath away!” Smits said. “Hearing the 1812 Overture and our NATIONAL ANTHEM, ‘The rockets’ red glare,’ makes me remember those in uniform who make it possible for us to eat hot dogs on this day.”

    The event has been “a whole family thing for us,” he added, and his kids, grandchild, dad and others plan to join him Sunday in Washington.

    “All the kids are especially excited this year; DAVID ARCHULETA is performing,” he said.


  51. Abrra said

    #47 Bebe
    Hah! On the first try I found it. What does that say about my ODD?

    Listen for it at :42



  52. kaycee said

    The interview with the station in Hawaii made me all the more excited about the album. Although I really do love the new single, David mentions that it’s not really a good representation of the rest of the album–that the other songs are even more “him”.


  53. I said

    Happy Birthday Emily!


  54. kaycee said

    Happy Birthday, Emily! Have a great one! Aaaahhh…to be 16 again–enjoy it! Sounds like your family is taking good care of you!


  55. bebereader said

    Marcia#40 Thank you for the beautiful quote!

    Shawna#48 I agree with you. A high school diploma or equivalent should be a requirement to get into the audition. But I doubt that will ever happen.

    Embe#49 Thank you for this comment:

    “…I…find my inner peace when I listen to David or when I look at him engaged in the intro of Ave Maria for example.”

    His voice sure does have a calming effect, no doubt about it.

    Dakgal#50 “All the kids are especially excited this year; DAVID ARCHULETA is performing,” (Jimmy Smits) said.

    Mr. Smits, the grown-ups are excited too! 😉


  56. Abrra said

    I just took a survey for WPROFM in my area (Providence). They played David until the last 6 months or so. David has been in studio and by phone with them several times, including at WDW for the AI Experience opening.
    The asked me to listen and rate (if I liked or not) the song and if they played it enough or too much. Maybe this is the list that will change when David’s new song drops? Move over Usher and Ditty, here comes David Archuleta.

    1 i never told you – COLBIE CALLAIT
    2 i run to you – LADY ANTEBELLEM
    3 need you now – LADY ANTEBELLUM
    4 omg – USHER
    5 impossible – SHONTELLE
    6 billionaire – TRAVIE MCCOY
    7 rock that body – BLACK EYED PEAS
    8 california gurls – KATY PERRY
    9 break your heart – TAIO CRUZ
    10 find your love – DRAKE
    11 alejandro – LADY GAGA
    12 somebody to love – JUSTIN BIEBER
    13 if i had you – ADAM LAMBERT
    14 Nothin on you – B.O.B
    15 diary – TINO COURY
    16 cooler than me – MIKE POSNER
    17 your loveis my drug – KESHA
    18 i like it – ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
    19 bulletproof – LA ROUX
    20 airplanes – B.O.B
    21 hello-good morning – DIDDY
    22 gettin over you – DAVID GUETTA
    23 the truth – KRIS ALLEN
    24 hey soul sister – TRAIN
    25 We’ll Be A Dream – WE THE KINGS
    26 ridin solo – JASON DERULO
    27 today was a fairytale – TAYLOR SWIFT
    28 this afternoon – NICKELBACK
    29 breakeven – THE SCRIPT
    30 kissin you – MIRANDA COSGROVE

    I am sure this is standard air play material which will soon change when Something ’bout Love arrives!



  57. djafan said

    This from Jive on the mothership! What could be next?!

    A Quick Re-Cap
    Jul 01,2010

    Wow, what an amazing two weeks this has been right here on Lets re-cap so we can keep it all together.

    First, David’s official online store opened for business. Then, we announced the release date for David’s brand new single AND showed you some behind the scenes shots from his photo shoot. After that, we posted a preview of the new single, “Something ‘Bout Love” on his mobile hotline.

    Finally, today, we posted the full song for you to hear in all its glory.

    Whew, that was a lot of great news, but we’re not done yet. Stay tuned for even MORE amazing David news, and make sure to buy “Something ‘Bout Love” EXCLUSIVELY on on July 13th. You wont be able to get it anywhere else until July 20th!


  58. archiesfan4life said

    Happy Sweet 16th Emily!!!! What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy every single second. And I also want to be adopted by your family:)

    Shawna #48 Just today Zoe said something about being middle age and I said I am past middle age, AND she informed me that middle age is now until we are 86!!! We must listen to Zoe:):)


  59. tessielynn said

    I am excited for David this weekend!

    I live in the area and have attended this event before. The great thing for David is they do a dress rehearal the night before and I have heard he will be there. Sometimes they have stand ins. The last time I went Il Divo wss performing on the 4th. At the dress rehearsal they were not there but a local group stood in for them and they were amazing! I almost did not realize it wasn’t Il Divo. I know that could never happen with David!

    Though the crowd is not near as big, there is still a great crowd the night before so David will get double exposure!


  60. bebereader said

    Abrra#51 I knew you’d find it!!! Thank you!

    There are a few more videos floating around youtube, of David singing the chorus of “Shake It”. It usually happens when he’s around fans, signing autographs. No doubt he’s prompted by fans saying they’re shaking when he’s nearby. 😉


  61. SandyBeaches said

    Happy 16th Birthday Emily on Canada’s 143rd Birthday today!! Well…we were here before that but became the Dominion of Canada way back then….actually our queen is here celebrating with our contry right now…

    Have a great time in Washington and we look forward to your on the scene report!!

    Now back to …Something Bout Love…



  62. bebereader said

    Tessielynn #59

    Welcome to The Voice! If you’re going to either the event or the rehearsal this weekend (or both), have lots of fun! Please report back here to us; we will be waiting (im)patiently for any tidbits.


  63. bebereader said

    Fox 31 Interview via satellite from DC to Denver, CO

    credit JR


  64. bebereader said

    *********************12 MORE DAYS************************


  65. Tawna21 said

    great article, bebe! I so agree with your thoughts. I mean look at David now at 19. In the video from the interview this morning (#24) he looks so tired. I so hope that he can get some good rest and some really deep sleep time soon. There’s the mom in me coming out–I can’t help it. Like has be stated, David is strong, and was able to handle the AI stress, but too many kids aren’t made that way. It could really ruin their health and their self-esteem if they can’t handle it. I think I’m just ready for AI to go away. Just my opinion.



  66. Dayzee said

    Sheesh!! Had to leave work early today. SBL was not available at my desk. Not sure whether to put that down as “sick” time or “time off for fun”.


  67. rarchiefan said

    I am in complete agreement. Seems like youth is being taken away from kids faster and faster these days. They all want to be grownups and not kids. Being a kid is such a short time of your life, if your lucky to live into your 80’s or 90’s as a alot of people are these days, your only a kid for less than one forth of that time. Since the legal age of adulthood was lowered to 18, still think 21 is better. Be a kid, with so many years to live as an adult and have those pressures and responsibilites thrust upon you, waiting is not a bad thing. David handled himself so well, but still I remember watching AI and sometimes crying because I felt as good as he was doing his youth was being spent doing that and away from his family, friends, normal school (which he never got back) no one can. Take the pressure off, finish high school, then tryout for AI. Look at all the past teen idols that didnt make it for the long run. They never got their youth back and their lives were turned upside down. I’m not sure they were ever old enough to understand the long term effect it can have on their lives. That is why I try to support David the best I can and let him know he is not alone; for all the hard work he does we, his fans, are there saying good going and we love you we will always have your back! Sorry this is long.


  68. djafan said


    Hi Rarchiefan!

    That is why I try to support David the best I can and let him know he is not alone; for all the hard work he does we, his fans, are there saying good going and we love you we will always have your back! Sorry this is long.

    Love this and no apologies needed, take as much space as you need.


  69. emmegirl said

    bebe – great article. I am pretty much in agreement with the masses here. But I think Tawna21 says it best for me, I am ready for AI to be done.

    Dayzee LOL!

    Emily, HAPPY 16th! Sooo happy for you! You’ll have to hold up a really really BIG DJA sign so we can spot you and your family, haha! (And I think your sweet Dad and Mr Kizzi need to get together!)


  70. emmegirl said

    Dakgal,#50 thanks for bringing us those quotes!!

    and still jammin’ to SBL!


  71. Amb4dja said

    Wha oh oh ohhhhhhhh!!! What a happy day!
    Just sayin’ “hi”, David peeps…on this momentous day. 🙂
    Love the song…like I said on his site and elsewhere…the melody feels like a wild carnival ride to me (hence the David pic poppin’ baloons at the carnival? hmmm???)…the ups and downs of LOVE UH oh oh ohhhh. Catchy. Cool. And the joyous, youthful, positive free-livin’, ever-lovin’ spirit of David in it. I loved it instantly.
    Sigh…and that quiet bridge. faint. David’s baaaack! And he brung us some music to LOVE….uh oh oh ohhhhh.
    ok…had my silly moment. Tks for indulging me.
    Love the SBL pic Bebe. 🙂
    Agree about Idol btw too.

    and Bliss..once again that dry humor just made me laugh out loud…”the Bronze Age.”

    Happy B-day Emily, ulucky girlu…have fun!!

    ok. I guess I’m done gushing for now…but had to have a little DA burst-a-joy.


  72. dakgal said

    Why doesn’t AI face it , there aren’t many 21yrs- thru- 28 yrs old that can handle that kind of pressure and schedule, let alone a 15yr old. In fact, I’d like to see if a few of the Idol peeps could handle it themselves. They should make it a requirement that the person have a high school diploma or the equivalency.
    Aren’t there some kind of child labor laws in this country, from 6AM until 11PM every day seems a whole lot of too much to me. Most teens can’t even get a part time job until they’re 16 and I’m sure they are restricted to how many of hours they work. What the AI kids go through is a thousand times worse.

    And — the esteem issue and their tender(at that age)physiques.
    The only thing I can equate that with, is watching my kids and their friends bust their butts trying to make the team, in what ever sport it may be, the worry and self doubt of- am I good enough- cause like David it’s squarely on their shoulders to prove it. Some kids really get beaten down from it, and it stays with them , tucked away in some corner of their mind for the rest of their lives.

    That’s where my heart breaks when I think how of that happy , smiling, eager 16yr. old David had all that robbed from him by AI, and their insensitivity. I saw the worry and pressure set in on his shoulders.
    And– if that’s not enough , he was missing out on all the things he should have been enjoying–care free days with friends, dances,weekends at a lake and dates. That’s where having that diploma is essential, at least they get to have their high school days- a once in a life time experience.

    So this is where I say–are they out of their minds?

    David has my utmost respect and admiration for making it through such a trying time and coming out whole, and he continues to have that admiration , because after two years his feet still haven’t touched the ground. And, I worry about that.


  73. sweetonDA said

    Emily, HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

    You are much more lucky than your adopted Auntie 🙂 I had to share my Sweet 16th with my brother. He was turning 17 ten days after me. Wasn’t too happy about that but if I remember correctly I got my first kiss that night. 😉

    You are a lucky girl and your parents ROCK BIG TIME! Have a wonderful, fun-filled time.

    Can’t wait for your recap of this adventure!

    Looks like I’ll be going to Las Vegas for his book signing. Wouldn’t it be great if he sang a bit of ‘Something Bout Love’? It doesn’t matter what he sings, the 5 hour drive will be so worth it to see his smiling face up close and personal.

    Bebe, I agree that 15 is just too young for going on AI. The 15 year old’s I know wouldn’t last on week. What are they thinking?


  74. farida said

    Hey guys, just wanted to share that Sony Malaysia has premiered SBL exclusively for 24 hours on Flyfm ( one of our local English station)It started at 4 pm yesterday and SBL has been aired every hour of the hour . Other stations will play SBL thereafter. Oh glorious glorious day :).
    I often lurk here and you guys completely rock my world !TQ for doing what you do !


  75. Abrra said

    That is GREAT news! Nice to see new faces come out from the shadows of lurkdom!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  76. dakgal said

    This was posted by Embe over at SnowAnglz on June 29–don,t recall seeing it here–so I thought I’d bring it over–I think Bebe and Abrra are to modest to–but I’m not–here’s to Bebe and Abrra and their big hearts. Wonder what goodies were in the brown bag? Inquiring minds want to know.

    From Embe
    “I love the snippety snippet! It’s so joyful and the melody is in contrast to the lyrics – love breaks your heart but you can’t help wanting love anyway. I especially adore David’s voice after the second whoa-oh-oh thingy, when he sings those pure, high notes. His voice is out of this world.

    Now, what I really came here for is to express my gratitude to Abrra and Bebe. This morning I received a brown bag filled with LOVE. I opened it laughing and crying at the same time – now that’s a sight. In all my excitement I tried so hard not to scream too loud I now have a hernia. Word of advice people – just let it out.

    Bebe, Abrra ❤ ❤ The true (arch)angels. I cannot thank you enough." ❤ ❤


  77. Zoe said

    Bebe, I’m so glad you’ve addressed this topic, because I’ve always had issues with this age thing. I’m totally in agreement with the masses here. Seems everyone has pretty much said it all – under 18 is too young in my book, too.

    As a mother of a teen who’s a month younger than David and who was passionate about performing in all the school musicals, I often wondered how he was coping with it all, and how my daughter would have fared in a similar situation. As confident as she is in many aspects of her life, I doubt she would have coped very well under the weight of the judging and the juggling of all that was required of those kids.

    David’s got a titanium core (to paraphrase Bliss?), and his passion for music and steely resolve saw him through the trials and tribulations of AI. And I believe he has said that he is stronger now for having gone through that boot camp experience, even at the tender age of 17.

    But I definitely think he’s the exception to the rule.

    I also remember being a bit concerned and disheartened to learn he was not finishing high school. He was obviously a bright and conscientious student. I wanted him to walk with his classmates and accept his diploma with pride. And thinking that as much as I was thrilled at the prospect of him being able to pursue his career immediately, a part of me wanted him to go to college and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities for intellectual growth and self discovery that those very special years provide.

    Of course, for David it’s all in the past now, and although there have been tradeoffs, I’m sure he doesn’t regret the path he’s chosen. I hope he never does. Still, for most kids who compete at this vulnerable time in their lives, the Idol experience can be treacherous waters to navigate. Better to wait a few years.


  78. Abrra said

    I sent her 5 or 6 Live Cd’s of David’s tours, his AI performances audio, and the Women’s Conference talk. I had VIP tee shirts donated from other fans, so I gave her a shirt. Bebe found a silver heart shaped charm with I (heart) David inscription that she sends to me to include in any fan packages I send.

    I have a special fondness for international fans who can maintain a love for David as strong as we do here in the states. It has to be pure torture to be that far away and not have access to the physical CD’s, t-shirts, and fun things we can pick up at concerts. I want to thank those who send extra $$ to defray the postage costs. It is truly is a group effort.



  79. bebereader said

    Tawna#65 and Emmegirl #60 I hear you when you say that you think you’re just ready for AI to go away. Sometimes I think AI was just developed to give us David Archuleta. Crazy, huh? Idk, maybe not so much.

    Dayzee#66 Definitely “time off for fun”! LOL

    Rarchiefan#67 No worries about the length of your sincere comment. On this site, we believe that “everyone has something of value to say. If you speak with sincerity and passion, you speak with the tongue of angels.”

    Amb4dja #71 The SBL pic was done by the uber-talented msbeebee, of the blog “Planet Hunkerdown”, not to be confused with the other Bebe, who would be me. 😀

    Dakgal #72 “So this is where I say–are they out of their minds?” I couldn’t agree more, Dak.

    Sweetonda #73 “What are they thinking?” I believe they are thinking of this: $$$

    Farida #74 Thanks for the info and the kind words. Welcome to The Voice!

    {{{{Zoe}}}} #77 (my other Bookends buddy) Like you, I’m a firm believer in getting a good education. I have every faith that when David is able to find a block of time, he will finish up.


  80. emilyluvsarchie said

    Thanks for all the lovely B’day wishes. ( “Bronze age”, haha Bliss) We are going to try to attend the rehearsal on the 3rd and the show on the 4th in DC. I will try to keep u updated. I’m going to be letting those who seem interested in David know about his new song and upcoming CD. I’ve packed COS to show the “uninformed”. I can’t wait to see the crowd’s reaction to David, since I assume a good number won’t be there specifically for him.

    Bebereader, I love this article and I’m sure you are right. 15 is too young, I know the pressure would be too much for me or my friends. David was 16 when the idol process started for him, but by the time the live shows started he was 17. The pressure effected him and we know how exceptional David is , imagine a 15 year old in that situation. I’m still trying to just get up the nerve to get my learners permit to drive!( and I won’t even have millions at home watching!)


  81. tracewillow said

    Hi guys!
    I’ve been a regular lurker although I’ve been visiting Unplugged and met some of you. My main reason for having stayed away from Comments is I sort of felt rather useless – I’m almost completely computer-illiterate. I don’t know how to post pics, let alone make vids (which is something I really would like to do at some point). I know it’s not necessary for me to do so but after having seen some of the fantastic stuff some of you have posted, I thought I’d better wait till I learned some skills. You guys are so amazing that you very often fill me with awe. But the opportunities to learn never materialised. Abrra has kindly, in the chat room, given me many instructions to educate me but……..nevermind. Well today is the day – today I feel an almost tangible need to come in, an irresistable desire to speak,to holler, in fact, a dire necessity to
    let it all out…….or I perish!


    Because I’ve been exorcised!
    Angelica#14: He made it all the way to the finish and WON! Yes he did. He won. Those words struck me like a thunderbolt and more. These past 2 years I’ve had to swallow real hard or I’ll tear up every time I happen to listen to ITM/DLTSGD/IMAGINE (Finals version). So I try to avoid listening to these songs. The trauma of the Season 7 Results Show never left me -my mind was blocked and wouldn’t accept the results as reality. I was Sleepless in Malaysia for weeks and Big-Time Heartaches-and-pain for months…Why?!…How?!..the questions never ceased to disturb and bother me day in and day out. Now Angelica says: He won. Yes. He did. Bang! The tears swelled up again, this time in joyous revelation – the Heavens opened up for me along with a crystal-clear realisation – YES. HE WON. HE DID.
    I’ve been exorcised.

    I immediately went in to listen to ITM, nevetheless with still a little trepidation in case the exorcism was not complete. But oh.. the elation and wonderment I more regrets, no more tears, just pure joy and celebration of the soul. For David, who has completely and undeniably WON. And for myself, who now realise the TRUTH.

    Sorry guys, for this long emotional ramble but there is nowhere else for me to go and let it all out. Sort of off-topic too. But then THE topic always is, I believe, David.

    About AI lowering the age limit, I think it’s a case of total uncaring for the kids as long as they see bright shining dollars at the other end of the tunnel. At 15, they are still babies. I remember when my 2 daughters were 15, they were still snuggling up to me everyday and calling me “mmmuuuumie” “mmmuuumieeee”. And as for David, he still hadn’t had his first kiss yet……then, anyway. Haha. I too noticed that David, while singing SA, was full of sparkle, vitality and excitement. But soon after the 1st Imagine, he had become gradually and progressively more sedate. Very thought-provoking article, bebe. It shows you are a caring and loving person and that you are concerned with the welfare of young people.
    This site is full of preciously warm people I feel like crying again… no, no more crying. haha

    As far as I’m concerned, AI was created for us and the rest of the world to discover David. Now that David is in our midst and soaring, AI can go away graciously and no one would even notice.

    #74Farida! You beat me to it, lurker that you are as well, like me, in telling everyone that SBL has been premiered in Malaysian radio! Isn’t that just wonderfully efficient of our crazy and lovable DJ’s?! Are you living in KL? I’m a lonely archie living there. Perhaps we should email each other. haha

    Thank you guys for being there, in my computer, in my mind, in my spirit. Many of you are lucky to have each other in a physical sense too. I hope one day I’ll be able to come to the US and STALK him for a few weeks!

    Love you all.

    tracewillow (call me trace)


  82. Angelica said


    24 hours of SBL? Malaysia rocks!! Welcome to The Voice! Please keep us updated of radio plays there? We all recall how much respect and love David received in your country and how he hated to leave. Hope he gets lots of air time here. The one and only time I recall a radio station here in the U.S. playing a song for 24 hours was “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones. I remember listening all day and of course, it was a big hit from then on.
    Catcheh. Old but still kinda fun. I can still hear it in my head after all these years…


    Well thought out comment on the problem of child labor and where AI stands on it. I think David must have had to sign a lot of waivers and they must have a lot of legal weight behind them to get around what you point out must surely be an infringement of the law. No company I know of can work a minor those hours and get away with it.


  83. bebereader said

    Tracewillow!!! Please, please come back here and comment more often! Your words have touched my heart today and will for a long time to come. You do not have to post pics or make videos to have a voice here.

    I’m so glad you brought up Angelica’s comment:

    “He made it all the way to the finish and WON! Yes he did. He won.”

    Her words had a similar effect on me. It feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Although David’s career has skyrocketed in the last two years, my feelings on finale night never disappeared. And despite the fact that David wasn’t in it to win, we, his fans who voted religiously every week WERE in it for him to win. It’s comforting to know that he wasn’t disappointed; it made the blow a little less hurtful yet the hurt remained with many of us, even though we tried not to talk about it much or focus on it.

    For some reason, it doesn’t matter anymore and it feels a little better today.

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    {{{{hugs all around}}}}


  84. jackryan4DA said

    Am at it again 🙂 David interviews and this time it’s the CAPITOL 4TH PROMO 🙂

    Here is the playlist of the 4 interviews, so far – Detroit/Fox2, Denver/Fox31, SLC/Fox13 & Hawaii/Kohn2

    I have yet to upload the one with Tennessee Mornings as I have yet to fix the quality.

    I’ve got to say, am so proud of David’s growth in terms of self-expression. I think Jive finally saw the light that David is at his best when he is tackling materials that are his own, even if only in parts. You can clearly hear his conviction when he talks about his forthcoming album.

    Of course, it must also because he is indeed maturing. Isn’t it a blessing to watch him grow from strength to strength?

    CYL! (Goes back to groove to SBL)


  85. djafan said

    Welcome Farida! So happy that David has so much love in Malaysia!

    So many great comments today. I have been so overwhelmed with everything David, SBL just consumed me, the lyrics, the low register, the high register, the chorus, the bridge, it is genius of David and then he says it’s not representative of the album, that the other songs are more personal, I tell you he’s messing with us…lol

    Trace, you have hit me over the head with your comment, I too am one of those that can’t watch the finale without heartache because the wrong David’s name was called. But you just made everything alright by breaking down Angelica’s comment, David did win, Angelica you are so right. Trace you have made me cry and laugh, I felt like I went through a catharsis and now everything is ok because David did win! I just knew it! And yes AI can just go away. Please come back and share with us some more.


  86. Angelica said

    Trace!!! I didn’t know you were from Malaysia. How cool is it that two of you post almost in tandem! You and Farida are so welcome Pictures, Images and Photos to The Voice! So glad you delurked. You did great! Please don’t think you don’t have just as valuable a voice as any other here, lack of skills notwithstanding. All you need is love.

    So happy to hear you have been exorcised too! Demons of Idol begone!! Srly, touched I was able to help you let go of that pain.


  87. jackryan4DA said

    and I forgot the playlist! bahahahahahahaha



  88. djafan said

    JR…THANK YOU!!!!!!

    It’s so awesome of you to do this, you are a great fan!


  89. emifriend said

    I just watched this a few times.. *happy sigh*


  90. bebereader said

    From Neon Limelight:

    New Music: David Archuleta – Something ‘Bout Love

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David Archuleta wants to tell you a little something about love.

    In his new single, titled Something ‘Bout Love, the American Idol standout uses a pulsating beat, radio ready synths and his amazingly sweet voice to break down the joys and sometimes troubles of the big L word.

    The tune is a step into a more commercial arena for Archie but don’t let that deter you from listening. Although the beat of the song will have you moving, the lyrics give the song substance–substance that is sorely missing from most songs in heavy rotation on the radio currently.

    Something ‘Bout Love is the lead single from David’s as-yet-untitled new album, set for a September release.


  91. bebereader said

    JR #87 Your playlists are awesome! Thank you for organizing the videos to make them easier for us to find.

    Emifriend #89 “Mr. Sassy” knows how to rock out with the best of them! Loved that video, Emi, thanks for reminding us of how versatile David is. To quote Randy Jackson “When you’ve got it…you’ve got it!”


  92. archiesfan4life said

    Trace – hi – I know you from Chat! There is so much that I love in your post #81, but I especially love this:

    “As far as I’m concerned, AI was created for us and the rest of the world to discover David. Now that David is in our midst and soaring, AI can go away graciously and no one would even notice.”

    See you in chat!


  93. Fg said

    Happy birthday Emily!!loved your article! I’m still on vacation but got to hear the amazingggg new song! Ohmystars!! Hope u r all well.


  94. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I am glad for you that you now see that David did win on HIS terms. He made it to the finals. It was more then he ever expected.

    Please post more often now that you have jumped in the deep end of the pool? 😉



  95. Fiona said

    Hi Trace! Nice to “see” you again!
    Happy 16th birthday Emily!!! (My own daughter is just about to turn 16 too!) What a fantastic gift for a David fan, to see him in DC! Hope you have a wonderful time! 🙂


  96. Amb4dja said

    Hang in Hang on for the ride of your liiiiiiiIffffe!
    Starting the day with a little dance around the living room….I even got just a little (couldn’t help himself) bop outta the boyfriend. See…it’s catchy. 😉
    Still lovin’ SBL!!
    …wanna go to D.C!!


  97. betsy said

    Emily – What a sweet sixteen! I love your parents. 🙂
    Good idea to to let the uninformed in on his new song, cd and book.

    Promoleta FTW!


  98. SandyBeaches said

    This song of David’s is going to make it …TO THE TOP OF THE CHARTS…QUICKLY and for so many reasons…

    That’s all that I wanted to say!!



  99. djafan said



    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Z100 link: link:

    KDWB 101.3 link:

    WNIC 100.3 link

    KISSFM 106.1 link

    KISSFM 102.7 ON AIR link


  100. djafan said

    Blog Critics Music Review… 🙂

    Starting this week the new single from David Archuleta’s highly anticipated sophomore album is streaming exclusively on his website.

    “Something ‘Bout Love” is very different from any of the music on Archuleta’s 2008 self-titled debut album. The song itself is still very much a pop song, but it also have a dance vibe, which definitely is a nice surprise.

    Archuleta’s first album was very much made up of straight-up pop, mid-tempo songs and ballads. Both of these types of songs suit his voice very well. “Something ‘Bout Love” is definitely a departure from that. It is refreshing to hear that he is taking the pop sounds that works for him and is kicking it up a notch.

    This new single shows that Archuleta has done a lot of growing up since being the runner-up to David Cook during the seventh season of American Idol. If this first single is any indication of what is to come on Archuleta’s upcoming album, I think his fans are probably in for a real treat.

    What I appreciate about the song and about Archuleta’s music in general, is that it is very much age appropriate. Here is a 19-year-old guy singing about love, but at a level where the lyrics are not overtly sexual, like a lot of the pop music on the radio today.

    “Something ‘Bout Love” should do well on the music charts. Archuleta’s 2008 debut single, “Crush” was an instant smash hitting #1 on the Digital Charts and #2 on the Hot 100. His album debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts.

    Archuleta’s “Something ‘Bout Love” will be available to download July 20 on iTunes. For more information on David Archuleta and to listen to his newest single, please visit his website.

    Read more:


  101. bluesky said

    To the delurkers:

    Thank you so much for adding your “voice” to my morning! If it is okay to repeat… (I always seem to post last!), I would like to repeat what I posted on the last thread. And thanks so much to all you all add to my life!

    “Pull up an adverb, a pun or two and make yourself at home.

    I love the variety, all the writers and posters. The admins here have a wonderful way of making sure that everyone gets a good place by the fire.

    (They just neglect to tell you how hot it can get! Celsius, Fahrenheit… no worries, this site runs on fan power.)”


  102. djafan said

    I know…I know…lol

    Which line-up is hotter?
    Jimmy Smits, David Archuleta, PBS
    Nick Cannon, Justin Bieber, NBC


  103. bebereader said

    djafan #102 It’s 52% vs 48% now!

    Slow and steady, we’re growing. And from what I can see, you can only vote once.


  104. omgdja said

    just voted it’s 70% vs 30% whoo whoo!!!!

    I’ll be at the rehearsal tomorrow with lots of David’s fans in DC.


  105. Djafan said

    Omgdja…great mews!!!

    Have a great tome and show David our love and thanks for voting!


  106. stenocruiser said

    Yes, Bebe, I too am convinced that the raison d’etre for AI was to give to the world the genius that is David James Archuleta.

    Love, love, love “Something ‘Bout Love” !


  107. River said

    Oh man, I just played SBL cranked up til the roof shook and it’s the most infectious dance tune I’ve heard in sooo long. Every club, every store, every party will be lovin on this song. And then…. there’s the lyrics. Stroll by the David Chronicles and read Rascal. I don’t stop by often but I do agree with this assessment completely. David has arrived… again… and again.


  108. stenocruiser said

    My goodness,I had written a long post in Word but lost it all in cut and paste except for the above paragraph. hmmmm


  109. stenocruiser said

    Bebe, this is such a great article. I believe fifteen is certainly too young to be put through the AI meat-grinder. We may never know how difficult the process was for David at seventeen – he has not revealed everything in COS but what he has shared still brings tears to my eyes and puts an ache in my heart. Michael Orland said “It was not easy for David, he just made it look easy”. Not easy? Probably an understatement. Although I haven’t read Dean Kaelin’s book, I understand he discusses many problems, obstacles and the general unfairness of the process as related to David. And yet, how admirable is David’s character that he continues to appreciate and be grateful for the opportunity given him by the show? How lucky are we that David overcame all the negatives thrown in his path and that, as Orland also said of David, “He came as a genius and left as a genius”. Would it be possible for a fifteen-year-old to handle it all? The auditions for S10 will soon begin and it is unsettling to think of how many very young and vulnerable contestants will be put through to face all the fear and heartbreak they are likely totally unprepared for. AI has surely reached the end of the road.

    #76, #78
    I’m so glad that the generosity of these ladies has been noted (much to their chagrin I’m sure but they’ll just have to deal with it). I am the lucky and grateful recipient of ‘David’ treasures from Abrra, Bebe, TOfan and SB. David’s fans are very special and caring people. Love you all.

    My goodness, there are so many new and talented writers here, joining the regular and talented ones. Such a pleasure to have so many perspectives.


  110. Angelica said


    I love, love, love, “Somethin’ ‘Bout Love” too! I have been listening to this all morning. I defy anyone to hear the beginning of this song and change the channel on their radio. Even those who know nothing about David Archuleta are going to be caught by that inescapable hook. All the echoes! I love the whoo oo oo oo oo that begins and especially ends the song. Very reminiscent of 50’s rock and roll. Nice little touch of genius that.


    Thanks for bringing all the on demand streams from radio stations. So many!


  111. blisskasden said

    I’ll tell you this, David is singlehandedly reviving high quality pop music. He loves it, he respects it, he “gets” it, and he can sing it as well as the legends who preceded him.

    People who were around prior to the musical holocaust which began in the late ’80s and, like me, had given up on what was masquerading as “modern” music”, have David to thank for revitalizing the entire music scene. Putting aside all the other aspects of David that we all love, this fact alone explains his enormous appeal to “older” folks who can’t get enough of his music, or of him.

    To David, I say, on behalf of all the Baby Boomers, never doubt that you are making a difference, because you will never know how profound your impact has been already, and will continue to be, both as an artist and a human being.


  112. Abrra said

    #110 & #111

    I got this in an email today from my friend who tolerates my ODD and has yet to succumb fully. She once told me David’s version of Fields of Gold is the best she ever heard.

    “I kept thinking as I listened to his song, that he reminded me of the 60’s then it was the 80’s, then it was the 60’s again, then back to the 80’s.
    So, he appealed to me in both song and voice as someone reminiscent of those long ago days in radio and jukebox background music, but I don’t know who, or which who.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  113. Zoe said

    {{{{Hugs}}}} to Bliss from a fellow Baby Boomer whose love of music had been revitalized TO THE MAX due to the incomparable
    David James!! 🙂


  114. ram said

    I just posted this at Soul David. David has me flying up in the clouds right now with this new song. Anyway here is a song for the jukebox only with a little heavier beat than the original. All you purists out there forgive me but I like the old becoming new again. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July.


  115. #102: LOVE LOVE LOVE for David!!!
    It’s 75% vs 25% now!


  116. archiesfan4life said

    What a walk down memory lane tonight for this Baby Boomer (hi bliss) and then Abrra with that picture of a jukebox (love it) and finally Ram posting that song! Thanks!


  117. Angelica said


    “I’ll tell you this, David is singlehandedly reviving high quality pop music. He loves it, he respects it, he “gets” it, and he can sing it as well as the legends who preceded him.”


    Yeah yeah.


  118. Abrra said

    History today on my local radio station 92PRO-FM! They played David’s new song a ‘lil after 5 pm. I have been listening on and off for 3 days and I missed it /cry.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Davey Morris (the Dj ) is a huge David fan. He has had him in studio 2x. You will recall him as the DJ who lets David talk and doesn’t ask silly questions. They have a conversation.

    This was last October 30th. David was in town for the make-up Demi show. We were all gathered at the hotel eating lunch and had no idea David was going to be on the radio! Otherwise, I’d have lead a pilgrimage to the station. I think it was a ninja appearance.



  119. djafan said

    I’m so excited! Angelica great visual for bliss’s words, what a beauty.

    Thank you Gayle!!!!

    Abrra…seems we’re going to have to start listening to the radio again…lol


  120. SandyBeaches said

    These comments have quiet revelations and they are from the Baby Boomers and I am a long standing member as well. All that has been said by Bliss, Abrra, Angelica (Wow dynamite on the 117 pic, and absolutely everyone else), adds a new dimention to David that I had not seen or appreciated before.

    River…I visualized you with the volume sky high and the roof shaking…I haven`t had the opportunity with everyone out of the house to do that!!



  121. River said

    Just heard Renee Fleming sing a rock song from her new album on the ABC Capital show just now & I really LIKED it. Of course I wondered if David was there. He would surely admire an artist like her stretching her horizons & showing what music does for her. Because of David I know open my musical heart to anything of remote interest. Fortunately I got to thank him for this gift in person and it continues to amaze me.


  122. emmegirl said

    SB, me too. We are surrounded my some very smart peeps.
    And this all makes me so very proud to be part of his fanbase and of him, and has for some insane reason made me misty-eyed.

    Zoe, he also brought me back to current music. I had gotten to where I simply didn’t enjoy it and was listening to the artists of the 40’s. We boomers grew up with real artists, real singers, and agree that is part of why we were so drawn to him.

    Bliss, this should be written in gold:

    “I’ll tell you this, David is singlehandedly reviving high quality pop music. He loves it, he respects it, he “gets” it, and he can sing it as well as the legends who preceded him.”


  123. emmegirl said

    Did you all see this from

    : trezoc raved on David Archuleta Grows Up With New Single “Something ‘Bout Love”: “Total earworm…Can’t get this outta my head!! My boyfirend is walkin around humming this LOL and his not particularly a fan!”

    :: c80 agreed: “Love it!! Perfect summer dance tune. Wouldn’t be a David Archuleta song without a key change, killer bridge and vocal range that eliminates all others. I think the techno/electronica/dance vibe and groove is just throwing people for a loop, those who can’t quite grasp or believe David could pull off a song like this. It is what it is – and it’s darn good.”

    :: gerry concurred: “the usual outstanding pipes of david james, this time with the club vibe! all that jive needs to put in is an outstanding cutting edge video for this grand hook!”


  124. SandyBeaches said

    Is it possible that there is someone who is on the site(s), who does not have the song running on and on right now???

    Here is a visualization…Picture this, David at his first concert of the “Something Bout Love” tour in the fall. The stage is dark, the band starts to play and then out of the shadows we get a glimpse of David running on to stage in his spot light, to the start up of this song…Everyone is on their feet and talk about dancing to ZG, people will be clapping, dancing and…the extraordinary concert will begin…Aahhh…

    River…I was also looking around at the ABC Capital show for David because one would never know until he tweeted…Sounds like he was watching TV though.



  125. Zoe said

    Dear Admins,

    Just want to say how much I enjoyed hanging out with you and the gang in the Chat Room a few nights ago. It had been quite a while since I had last stopped by there — I had forgotten how much fun it was to yak “live” with ya’ll about our guy!

    Sure was a squeeefest with SBL playing over and over again…it was hard to fall asleep that night, I was so jazzed up!

    Abrra, tonight, as I sit here paying bills (my favorite pastime when not listening to David, lol), I’ve got the livestream going, watching so many great performances…. some for the first time, which doesn’t seem possible! Just goes to show how thorough you are in your dedication to bring us the very best of the tons of video gems circulating in cyberspace. {{{{Hugs}}}

    You Admins at The Voice spoil us so. I’m just so darn grateful to all of you for this awesome site! I love all the wonderfully written articles and the comments and contributions of photos, videos, youtube postings and up to the minute news by this endearingly warmhearted and zany group of fans – my cyberspace ODD family!

    Happy July 4th weekend to you all!! And when you watch those fireworks exploding in space, think of the same rapturous effect on millions of listeners once Something ‘Bout Love hits the radio airways !! GO DAVID!!!! 🙂


  126. bebereader said

    To everyone going to the Capitol Fourth and/or dress rehearsal, have fun and remember that we’ll all be with you in spirit! Yes, the entire fanbase! haha

    Steno #109 Thank you for your heartfelt comment and for reminding us of Michael Orland’s quote “He came as a genius and left as a genius.”

    Gayle#115: Welcome to The Voice and thank you for the tally! still 75%/25%

    Abrra#188 I sympathize; I even empathize. Been listening to Z100 on and off all day and haven’t heard SBL yet either. 😦 But been playing it all day on Z100’s live stream so all is good!

    Love this! 40 seconds with David Archuleta

    credit JR


  127. Amb4dja said

    Ok…was just online quickly to ck and email…and just popped in…
    and before I wish y’all Happy 4th..
    Abrra, just looked at that interview above and had a good laugh. David never disappoints me…there is always just some little “jewel” out of his mouth to make me laugh and smile at his…unique spin on things. This time it was….”I had a TURKEY burger and it was really good!” and then this…”It wasn’t just trashy meat”…hahaaaaa, never heard it put that way before. Haa.. I dunno…he just cracks me up with the silliest little David thoughts. To me it’s always been “mystery meat” but I think I’ll be adopting the trashy thing now. 😉
    Soooo…anyhoo, I digress…Happy “Capitol” 4th, DA peeps, be safe, have fun, watch David. ha. as if.


  128. Amb4dja said

    Oh and ps. and btw…have I mentioned again yet…SBL STILL ROCKS THE WORLD!! ADDICTIVE AS THE VOICE SINGIN’ IT!!:)


  129. Amb4dja said

    oH One last response to SB#124…I was picturing just that today while listening in rotation to SBL…the concert…and I thought…honestly…and for REAL…it will be ZG on steroids!! IF u can even take it. Yowza.


  130. Zoe said

    OMG – must have had a senior moment in my last post and forgot about David’s performing at the Capitol Fourth!!!!!!! I am SO LAME, haha!

    Have a blast to everyone lucky enough to be attending the gala night. GO DAVID!!!!


  131. bebereader said

    Zoe#125 Thank you for your very kind words! I can’t begin to express the sheer joy it is to be involved in a fansite for David, and then to be part of such a dedicated fanbase is more than the icing on a very delicioius cake!

    Amb4dja#129″ it will be ZG on steroids!! IF u can even take it.”

    Oh dear, methinks you’re right!

    Wonder if he’ll save SBL for the end of each show. It’s sure to leave the audience spellbound!

    Have a Safe and Happy Fourth!


  132. Amb4dja said

    Ok, I keep reading posts.
    Just read Bliss #111…I’ve often thought about “what it was”…the seemingly universal response of we BB’s that often have repeated similar versions of “David brought me back to music.”
    I thought…we came up in times of “the singer” and then in the 70’s the “singer songwriters”…when lyrics and melody (as well as some kick-a rock) was the thing. Then all went technocrazy, and droney.
    David is that rare singer/craftsman with a song. In his able care and with that Voice he takes a song, and with the passion and respect he has for music, lyrics, the emotional impact of a song…he carefully, lovingly crafts it, beautifully. It’s why I cannot (sorry David, I know you’d balk at this but..) even listen to One Republic sing Apologize anymore. And the other day I heard the original Riddle for the first time…and it paled. But not to knock everyone else…just saying…David truly is a master. A singer’s singer. Pure Gold. And with him…the SONG came back!! And so have the Boomers…to music!!


  133. Amb4dja said

    Bebe…mark those words…”meknows I’m right.” LOL 😉


  134. djafan said

    MORNING BLEND KMTV CBS3 (Omaha, 02 Jul 2010)

    The full interview…


  135. bluesky said

    111 Bliss,

    “I think I love you”.


  136. Shawna said

    Just got back from watching the neighborhood kids light fireworks after our street get together, and couldn’t wait to get back to my song. I have listened to it nonstop all day long and all day yesterday too. It never gets old. I have streamed it all day from a different radio station here in SLC like every hour. I got the sites from putting my zip code in on Z100 to let me know which stations had on demand streaming. With my zip code there were like 11 pages of stations. I was shocked, so I went to the familiar ones and streamed. It was a riot. So much fun. This song is gonna be a big hit, I know it will be number 1 on Itunes!!! It is just so awesome.


  137. blisskasden said

    Amb4dja, you’re so right. Once David sings a song, his is the only version that matters, including the original artist’s. I remember being in a Supermarket last winter, when I heard a faint recording of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. Having just heard David sing it live the day before, I was somewhat annoyed at this lame rendition I was trying to ignore. As I got closer to the overhead speaker, I realized who was singing. It was Frank Sinatra. I rest my case.


  138. blisskasden said

    Bluesky, right back at ya.


  139. tracewillow said


    A big HI to you guys!!!! my “chat-ty” friends!!

    What a great pic of welcome! Thank you, you genius, always coming up with the loveliest of pics!

    Yes I’m from Malaysia. We adore David here – want to adopt him – maybe we’ll just cut the crap and kidnap him!
    We also fed him with lemak cili padi as a tease. The very name “cili padi” denotes a really hot (spicy hot) dish – but they have definitely given him a very much toned-down version haha

    “This site runs on fan power”. Haha love the pun!

    SBL is crazy mad ridiculous! I’ve listened to short snippets, slightly longer snippets, the full song like 50 times and luurve it! I never would have thought that David could sing techno SO DARN WELL!! Dang he sings everything, every genre of music muuuuuch betteeeer than any singer I know. I used to worship Elvis in my younger days but I am sorry…or is it happy.. to say David is the real deal – David is soooo much more worshippable. And those looks. And the person. And that smile. And that staaare. But you know about all that.

    We are all special people guys. We know a good thing when we see it. Those who don’t get him yet, well, it is unfortunate that they are a little slow on the uptake. SBL will open another door to them and give them another chance to see the light. And when the album comes out – WHAM! – God help them.
    (Hey!! they’re playing Crush just this moment!!!! Hitzfm……….hmmmtalk about the……angel..)


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