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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Archive for July, 2010

“I Sing Because It Makes People Feel Good..”

Posted by bebereader on Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unique.  Angelic.  Powerful.  Calming.  Expressive.  One-of-a kind.  Mesmerizing.  Priceless. Unmatched.  Addictive.  Healing.  The kind of voice that comes along once in a lifetime.  I am nearly out of adjectives to describe The Voice of David Archuleta.  For two and a half years I have craved the pure sound of his voice ad infinitum.  Could there be a scientific explanation for this? Is it possible that his voice has a healing power?

It occurred to me that David’s voice might actually contain a quality similar to other sounds I find soothing like waves crashing at the beach, birds singing or the sound of rain falling.  When I hear his voice, very simply, I feel good.  His speaking voice has the same effect on me.  There is a magical quality in his voice that is hard to define and, for me, remains a mystery. The timbre of his voice makes my blood pressure go down and my endorphins begin to multiply.  But there’s more.

Music has always been a very large part of my life.  My favorite songs are like comfort food but this is different.  It’s personal.  David’s voice speaks directly to me and makes me feel happy to be alive.  It transports me to another hemisphere, eases any emotional pain and somehow makes me feel whole again.  David’s voice puts all the fragments of my hurting soul back together like a completed puzzle.  How he does this I don’t know but I do know that it’s part of his gift.  His voice is healing for me.

Aiming to create a balance in the body, hospitals use music to help patients heal.  The desired outcome is, of course, to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, relieve muscle tension and to improve quality of life.  Music is played in the background in doctors and dentist’s offices to make people relax; in elevators, in malls, in gyms to put you in a good mood.  There is a theory that when we were babies, still in the womb, we were influenced by our mother’s heartbeat, the first calming sound.  And we never stop craving that safe environment.

Science is now documenting what mystics have known forever, that everything that exists does so with vibrations.  Humans and animals respond to certain tones and frequencies. Anything that heals us somehow alters our frequency resonance.  Our brains produce wave patterns that can be measured with instruments.  Our voices also produce wave patterns that show frequency information which relates to our physical and emotional health.

“Our voices tell our life stories, they are the very blueprint of our psyche, and therefore  how we use our voice can utterly change our lives.”

~~Stewart Pearce, “The Alchemy of Voice”

There are daily accounts by people who come forward to tell their stories of how the sound of  David’s voice has healed them.  Names have been removed for purposes of anonymity.

Trust me…like you…David Archuleta has touched many of our lives..and I can’t tell you how many times his music has lifted my spirit. He is truly inspirational and surprises and brings enjoyment to my life every day.”

“…..just recently helped me through a really difficult time. It was like a balm on my soul when I really needed it. David’s voice fits perfectly with the lovely melody of the song and the combination delivers a wonderful calming and healing vibe.”

“…I took out my iPod and thinking about what I wanted her to hear of David for the first time, I had chosen ‘Somebody Out There‘. She took my ear buds, placed them in, and I started the song. I quietly prayed that she would be able to feel David’s words ease her pain. About half way into the song, I looked over and her eyes were beginning to fill with tears. She then covered her eyes and began to weep. Yikes! I was a little afraid that maybe this was something that I shouldn’t have done, yet I knew David’s music WAS affecting her. When the song finally finished, she removed the ear buds and looked over to me…She quietly said, ‘I don’t know how to thank you for letting me listen to him…listen to his song. …This David’s voice is like an angel and his words were words that I’ve needed to hear.’ We talked a little more, then I said here’s one more, and this one’s for you. This time I played ‘Angels‘ for her and although she began to shed tears again, this time she was smiling…I’d been given the chance to share ‘David and his music‘ and it HAD made a difference in someone’s life that day.”

“I have saved and lost many soldiers on my hospital beds in the E.R. in Baghdad, Iraq, 28 CSH. For the last six months I could not find peace in my heart after I left. I could not find sleep. I could not find reason. I found all of those things tonight as you sang, and I wept so hard. You have an amazing gift. I will take the risk and dream again. I will imagine. Thank you, David. You brought belief back to a grieving soldier M.D. Your voice is a healing balm.” ~~Iraqi soldier (ITunes commenter on David’s “Imagine” during American Idol Season 7)

In Chords of Strength , David confirms that he’s aware of music’s ability to heal…

“I personally love the type of music that has the ability to lift and heal and inspire.” ~~David Archuleta, p. 180

“As a singer I feel it quite often, and when I look out into the crowds, I can see when they feel it, too; it is a momentary and collective catharsis that packs a punch.” ~~David Archuleta p. 196

“It was one of those moments when music came in where words could not–when a melody could do for a person’s soul what a string of spoken sentences would never be able to do. Here was music stepping in, not as entertainment, but as genuine emotional help, an insight that would give meaning to the kind of singer I would always aspire to be.”~~David Archuleta p. 202

Though I didn’t necessarily know what I was singing about, I knew exactly how that song made me feel–a raw sentiment that I saw reflected in the eyes of an elderly woman whose tears of appreciation slowly trickled down into her lap.  She was in a wheelchair, she could barely talk, but here she was very touched by the song, perhaps transported to a happier time in her life when all was well. She later told us that the song instantly rekindled lost memories of her late husband, and gave her an unexpected feeling of happiness that day…I could feel the melody soothe so many of this poor woman’s pains, and I could see the lyrics fill her heart with peace.” ~~David Archuleta pp. 197-198

“It was another one of those moments when the power of song, combined with the truth about human emotion, came together in a way that felt totally healing. Once again I understood that a certain song could strike enough feeling to inspire the kind of therapeutic force that we need when bad things happen.” ~~David Archuleta p. 200

…but does he realize how healing his own voice is?

David Archuleta and his voice will continue to touch people’s hearts and lives.  In Chords of Strength, he said “I sing because it makes people feel good, and that is the truth.”  Perhaps his destiny is to bring happiness and healing to the world with his voice.  Onstage, he dares to give it all away and he surrenders his heart and soul to the music.  His voice may be as soothing as ocean waves.  It may have the same frequency as the patter of rain falling on the ground.  It may even have the same vibration as that of a songbird.  But I won’t put it to the test because I don’t have to.  The proof is already out there.

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Radio Rant

Posted by Abrra on Monday, July 26, 2010

As I read through my regular route of fan sites recently, I saw an all to familiar trend. Fans being anxious over the fall in numbers on iTunes pop chart for David’s new single “Something ‘bout Love.”  I will be first in line to say that I know very little about how artist promotion is supposed to function. That being said, I do know how David’s past promotion worked for him. Crush was promoted in stellar fashion on Z100, the largest pop radio station in New York City. The Crush video made it to number one on VHI Hits on television mainly due to fans voting on their website. It remained there for a record-setting five weeks in a row.  Without listing the many appearances and opportunities that he had since Crush and the first CD came out, David has been VERY busy in his career.  He has worked constantly since the Idols Live! Tour ended in 2008.  I am not going to make final judgment on the promotion of Something ’bout Love until it gets to radio on August 2nd.

We, his loyal fans, support David by purchasing multiple copies of anything he puts out. We distribute his music and book to anyone who we think might have an interest. At the risk of heresy, I think there has to be a limit to what we do.  Do we not want David to gain new fans who will buy his music? How can the initial climb on the iTunes chart be real if it is composed of die-hard fans buying 20 copies at a time? Propping up sales doesn’t give a true accounting of how an artist is selling.  At some point his management has to take the lead in further promoting his new material. The promotion, marketing, and sales are handled by the label. The marketing department creates advertising and publicity for the CD, album artwork, promotional videos, t-shirts and posters to support the CD. Promotion is responsible for getting the song played on the radio.  Sales reps get the song into stores or iTunes for digital music.

The availability of only the most costly CD package being marketed to international fans is unfair in my judgment. When the shipping cost is added in, the cost can nearly double, not to mention the increases over all due to money exchange rates. Why not offer all the packages? Is it not called the world-wide web?  Would they not sell more by opening up the full store to all the fans?  It smacks of a wrong-headed greed that fails to view the big picture. That short-sightedness is costing them sales on a global scale.

I also have questions about how management has handled his official site store and the fact that they released the song via streaming online. It is a double-edged sword when artists material is released to the net before it can be purchased legally.  Releasing Something ‘bout Love for streaming is asking for piracy. Why give a head start to the illegal download pirates? By the time the song is released to iTunes, we have an initial #21 pop song placement that drops to # 64 in a matter of days. There is something to be said for containing the release closer to the actual time of radio air play, so that when we hear the song we expect to hear it on the radio soon afterward. That’s not how it works unfortunately.  Labels hire “independent promoters” called “indies,” who then guarantee a fixed annual or monthly sum of money to the radio station group or individual station. This is a side step around the perception of “pay for play.”

“An indie approaches a radio station manager or group owner about becoming their exclusive representative.  In exchange, the indie will pay the station an annual payment of $75,000 to $100,000 per year (for medium-sized markets) for “promotional support.”  This means the indie gives the station money, vacations, or gifts in other forms (often gift cards or American Express money cards) that they can use for their promotions, or for whatever use they choose.  Because the “gifts” are to be used for promotions, the pay-for-play is side-stepped.  The station’s part of the deal is to add songs the indie recommends to their play lists.  These are called “adds” in the business.  Most stations have an average of three adds each week. ”

On the surface it seems the higher fee paid, the more play for an artist. This is a clue as to why we hear more of  some artists than others. Gone are the days when radio program directors choose a play list based solely on listener input or sales.

At the end of the day, I am a die-hard fan of David Archuleta. I will do anything possible to support him. I have a selfish interest in seeing him continue to make music that reaches all the world.  Having him in my life, for the rest of my life, is all I ask. I yearn to see him succeed beyond his own, and even my, far-reaching expectations.

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Every Time You Smile

Posted by SandyBeaches on Friday, July 23, 2010

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that
person, a beautiful thing. ~ Mother Teresa

At a concert, long before David comes out on to the stage, we wait with anticipation to see his radiant face, to catch a glimpse of his smile.  We feel the gift that he is freely giving us each time we see him.  When we catch sight of David’s smiling face, we are happy because the signal is sent that communicates to us that, ‘all-is-well’.  Like the waves on the ocean, our excitement rises with the sight of his smile and that is one of the connections, besides his voice, we love to experience.

A recent quote by Tracewillow:  “I’m from Malaysia, half a world  away as Abrra says, but I hear David, get David, see David…When he ran unto the stage, the feeling that hit me real hard then, at the very first sight of him, was that the sun had come out, even though it was quite bright at the time.”

David’s smile turns the day into something natural and fun, giving an instant rush of happiness and calmness that reminds us that the day has truly been worthwhile.  It may seem absurd to the casual reader, but we smile back at David during his vlog, we smile continuously while he is in our presence and even when we read his tweets.  Sometimes in an evening when we are in chat on The Voice Unplugged, there is a sudden stillness when no one is writing, no one is chatting.  As David is singing, we are sitting back and listening with a certain peacefulness that is understood throughout the chat community.  When the Christmas Carols are played in July, we listen and keep on smiling.  David brings out the common love that we share and the compassion and thoughtfulness for other fans and friends.

In a scientific look at the makeup of a smile, psychologist Robert Zajonc’s scientific research explains a fact that has been well-known throughout the ages.  He says that smiling leads to physiological changes in the brain, actually cooling the blood in the face, which in turn gives a feeling of happiness. Some say that the very act of smiling releases serotonin, known as the `happy chemical` in the brain.  However it happens, we have David to thank for many reasons that we smile.

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving. ~ Mother Teresa

David with Jonah from "Make a Wish Foundation"

With his charismatic smile, David has joined and will continue to flourish in an impressive, elite group of singers who like David, showcase the honesty of their convictions in their performances.  These singers are known worldwide as some of the most generous humanitarians, each with remarkable stories of their own.

For Michael Jackson, in humanitarian terms, it was his quiet mission in life.  His body of artistic work carried a spiritual message for all the injustices of the human race.   He said, “What I enjoy most about performing is making people happy.  Just to make a person smile means more to me than anything.”  Reba McEntire’s contributions are enormous.  She has contributed millions to help people all around the world.  The reason that Reba’s career is so successful is because she truly knows what’s important in life:  sharing her heart and touching other people’s hearts.  I believe that her giving nature is her true talent in life.

I have been drawn to yet another performer who shares with David many obvious and similar musical talents.  Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, one of the most esteemed vocalists in history, is dedicating an exceptional fund-raising concert “A Smile For Angels” with the proceeds donated to NPH Haiti.  David and Andrea are decades apart, although both have become known as “The Voice.”  They share a common goal of supporting and uplifting humanity with their constant, outward reach to those less privileged.  They also share one important thing in common…their unforgettable smiles.

The impacts of a smile: “It costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever” ~ Dale Carnegie

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Slideshow by Angelica

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The Dilemma of Acceptance

Posted by thefunnygirl on Monday, July 19, 2010

I have no adjectives left.  No more cute and silly things to say about this ride.  No more excuses, no handy or clever comebacks.  I just pray that I am not talking in my sleep.  I have completed the first 4 stages of grief.

Denial. I am not obsessive-compulsive about this TV show contestant.

Anger. This is not OK!  It is not fair that he makes me cry!

Bargaining. I will set limits.  I will only tell certain people.  He fills my soul so it is OK.

Depression. I have failed at setting limits.  I have let my freak out with no curfew.  YouTube is not exercise.  My family and friends think I am nuts.  I am having ‘impure’ thoughts.  People think I am a cougar.  Why don’t people understand how much deeper this is?  This is terrible.  Only my on-line friends understand.

Acceptance??? I thought I was there.  Then the photo shoot tweetpics, then the Rexburg vest, I mean, concert.  The confidence on the new songs, the epic Be Still My Soul which is the total opposite of the vest.  HE IS TWO PEOPLE, so maybe I can be two fans?  David’s book includes his thoughts about fans. He gets us.  He really does.  He knows that age is irrelevant.  He knows that his gift is spiritual, emotional.  He loves us too.  I’m not sure he knows how distracting his good looks are.  It is irrelevant to his journey and should be to mine.  I know this in my head.  My eyes disagree wholeheartedly.  Here is where I am stuck.  I can’t give myself full acceptance of this journey, of my love, of my passion for all he represents to me, of my commitment to his success, of my fanship, of MYSELF because he is so terribly and painfully and wickedly handsome to me and that makes me feel guilty.  Because society, religion and my age tell me that I should.  His looks shouldn’t matter, and I’d still love him and support him and cry at his voice if he were an ugly troll, but he isn’t, and I can’t seem to stop noticing that, and it just keeps getting worse as he matures and his confidence grows.  It is a part of the experience of watching him sing now.  The beauty just magnifies the whole experience.  Sometimes I don’t care, I’m entitled to my own private thoughts, and I’m not hurting anyone! (see anger and bargaining) and other times I know that the focus should remain on the voice, the spirit, the emotion.

Some people are able to put things into nice categories.  The voice and talent and spirit and emotion and the beauty are pieces of the puzzle of this angel we call David.  How we each rank and place value on these parts is based upon our past, our values, our religions, our world-view, our stereotypes, judgments, and emotions.  What we each receive from and on this journey is unique and personal.  We have opened ourselves up to each other and to family and friends because we want to share this, we want to understand it, and we want to explain it.  We want acceptance.  Some of us have given up on ever getting it from our families and friends and coworkers.  Some of us never cared what anyone thought.

I no longer care what anyone thinks.  In fact, I like to wear my I Heart DA VIP shirt around town, just to shake people up a bit.  Let them think what they want, I can’t change their minds, and I don’t want to.  I have learned that people are VERY ageist and judgmental.  But God knows my heart and my intentions and knows that his looks will always take a far second place to what his voice does to me.

What about your self-acceptance?  Do you have yours?  How did you get there?

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Something ‘Bout S*A*M and Sluggo

Posted by bebereader on Saturday, July 17, 2010

From @claudette4u @DavidArchie You wrote the song , right??
From @DavidArchie @claudette4u Yep With Sam and Sluggo

S*A*M and Sluggo, co-writers (with David and Chris DeStefano) of “Something ‘Bout Love” is a New York City-based songwriting and record-producing team composed of Sam Hollander and Dave “Sluggo” Katz. Collaborating since 2005, they helped transform ‘emo’ music (punk rock with emotional lyrics) from an underground genre to a more polished sound in the 2000’s.

“There is no tension in their songs, even though the songs are almost uniformly about the inconstancy of young love. They hew to a simple, effective blueprint: a twisting, pleading vocal; dense walls of rhythm guitar and bass; hooks with enough space to encourage sympathetic singalongs. It’s mood over skill, blunt feeling over nuance.” ~~ Jon Caramanica, The Music Review

In 2008, S•A•M & SLUGGO were named “The Rolling Stone Hot List Producers of the Year.”  The multi-platinum hit “Shake It”, co-written and produced by Sam and Sluggo is perhaps their most popular work to date.

Video credit AmandaClaire09

Sam and Sluggo began their partnership in 2005 when they worked together on the title track for the movie “Snakes On A Plane” by Cobra Starship, which went to #1 on Fuse and MTV.  Since then, they have written and/or produced  Top 40 pop hits for Boys Like Girls, Gym Class Heroes, Kelly Rowland, The Cab, Carole King, Cartel, The Academy Is…, Coheed and Cambria, Metro Station, We The Kings, Katy Perry, Blake Lewis,Train, Arrested Development, Sugar Ray, Tom Jones, Uncle Kracker, Charlotte Sometimes, The Virgins, Hey Monday, All Time Low, David Cook, O.A.R., and Mike Posner among others.  In researching the careers of S*A*M and Sluggo I’ve found that they have quite a repertoire of songs that have gone gold and/or platinum including “Check Yes Juliet” by We The Kings, “Cupid’s Chokehold” by Gym Class Heroes, “The Great Escape” and “Love Drunk” by Boys Like Girls, and Katy Perry’s “If You Can Afford Me”.  Further, many of their songs have made it to Rolling Stones Singles of the Year List including “About A Girl” by The Academy Is.  The duo have also written and produced for Blake Lewis of American Idol, Season 6 including “How Many Words”/”Here’s My Hello” and “Heartbreak on Vinyl,” which went to #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart and Billboard’s Dance/Club Play Songs.

Once upon a time on a rooftop in New York City, while ducking the pigeons, a song was born. It is something about love. And the rest will be history.

Something Bout Love

Click on Song Title to Listen

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The Language of Song

Posted by Abrra on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

“I don’t understand a word of Spanish but I FEEL everything David is singing.  David’s voice is beautiful in any language.”

~~ Pabuckie’s comment after hearing David sing in Spanish at the Tejano Awards Show

Just a little over two years into his career and David Archuleta has performed songs in four different languages:  English, Latin, Spanish and French.  His Christmas from the Heart CD was a groundbreaking moment in his career.  Doing a holiday CD is not uncommon.  Selecting material that crosses language barriers is, and proves yet again that David is a risk-taker.  For David the language of song is not expressed in words alone so comprehending the lyrics of the non-English language songs is not a requirement.  One simply feels the quintessential spirit of the message.  He breathes life into traditional carols by an infusion of melodic humming, creating a velvety tone, a technique he does to perfection.


The mark of a great singer is the ability to communicate the message with more than mere words.  David displays a raw emotional connection with each performance.  The spoken language of the song is not as relevant as the message conveyed through his interpretation.  David has demonstrated this ability countless times.  Honored with the ALMA Award Year in Music “Rising Male Star,” his capacity to tap into his passion for a song, then convey its meaning to an audience was breath-taking.  Contigo en la Distancia was flawlessly performed in Spanish on national television before an audience of Latino cultural elite.  Many well-known singers, actors and entertainment  industry  decision makers had stunned looks of appreciation when the lights went up.  This passion for the art of conveying emotion through song has caught the attention of the Latino community in a big way.  His voice was showcased in three solo parts in the production of Somos el Mundo, while most singers were featured once or twice.   Such recognition indicates a level of well deserved respect outside of mainstream pop and within a much larger world perspective.



“…music can be so much more than just entertainment.  It can be an act of communion, a dialog in sound, sacred or soulful, happy or sad…it can cover the entire spectrum of human emotions.”

~~ David Archuleta, Chords of Strength

When he sang “Be Still My Soul” in concert at Rexburg, Idaho, there was such palpable emotion in the execution of the song.  In a choked voice, while clutching his own hymn book, he spoke of how the song had a calming effect during times of strife.  Singer and audience shed a tear  of gratitude midway through the song.  His voice radiates his spiritual dedication to a higher power when he sings hymns.

Photo credit Jennifer Barry

Using his voice to convey what David himself calls the “language of feeling,” and further describes as an act of catharsis, he references one definition of catharsis in his book, “Chords of Strength” as, “an experience of emotional release often inspired by or through art.”  In short, he gives everything to every performance.  We are witnesses of a spiritual intensity no matter what song he sings, what language he sings in, or what message he conveys.  We believe that what he does in that moment, is stand in his own truth as a singer, and we, as listeners, receive his message loud and clear.

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Tejano Music Awards Tonight!

Posted by djafan on Saturday, July 10, 2010

David Archuleta first sang the chorus to Como La Flor in San Antonio, Texas during his solo tour.   It was so well received that he continued to sing it at all the following concerts, making his fans extremely happy but also leaving them with the need to hear him sing the whole song.  Well the stars seemed to have aligned and I would like to believe that maybe Selena had a hand David being invited to sing “Como La Flor” at the Tejano Music Awards.  A tribute to the incomparable and beloved Selena, this is a huge honor.  A better choice could not have been made and I know Selena will be smiling proudly tonight with all of David’s existing fans and a slew of new ones when he sings, in its entirety, Como La Flor.

First time performing Como La Flor in San Antonio Texas.

Selena (1971-1995), often called the “The Mexican Madonna,” was from very humble beginnings but used her raw talent and sultry voice to become one of popular music’s fastest rising stars.  Although cut down very early in her career as she was preparing to make the transition from Spanish-language to English-language chart success, her legacy has been one of ever broader exposure for Tejano music and the artists that create it.  A greatest hits album, “Ones” was released in 2002.

Como La Flor was the second single released from the Entre Mi Mundo album.  The single became a worldwide success selling very quickly throughout the United States, Mexico, and South America, where Selena began to be respected as a professional singer.  This single helped Selena to also be accepted in Mexico, and tour all over the country.  Como La Flor became the first of many signature songs of Selena and became included in all of Selena’s live performance as the starting number or the final song of the night.

“Como La Flor” was the final song Selena performed at her last televised performance at the Houston Astrodome.

Como La Flor

Yo sé que tienes un nuevo amor
Sin embargo te deseo lo mejor
Si en mí no encontraste felicidad
Tal vez alguien más te la dará

Como la flor (como la flor)
Con tanto amor (con tanto amor)
Me diste tú
Se marchitó
Me marcho hoy
Yo sé perder
Pero ay ay ay
Cómo me duele
Cómo me duele

Si vieras como duele perder tu amor

Con tu adiós te llevas mi corazón
No sé si pueda volver a amar
Porque te di todo el amor que pude dar

Como la flor (como la flor)
Con tanto amor (con tanto amor)
Me diste tú
Se marchitó
Me marcho hoy

Yo sé perder
Pero aaaaay
Cómo me duele
Cómo me duele

Como la flor (como la flor)
Con tanto amor (con tanto amor)
Me diste tú
Se marchitó
Me marcho hoy
Yo sé perder
Pero aaaaay
Cómo me duele
Cómo me duele

Like the Flower

I know that you have a new love
Nevertheless I wish you the best
If with me you didn’t find happiness
Maybe you will with someone else

Like the flower
With so much love
You gave to me
It withered
I leave today
I know how to lose
But aaaaay
How it hurts me

How it hurts me

If you could see how it hurts to lose your love
With your goodbye you take my heart
I don’t know if I can love again
Because I gave you all the love that I could give

Like the flower (like the flower)
With so much love
You gave to me
It withered
I leave today
I know how to lose
But aaaaay
How it hurts me
How it hurts me

Like the flower (like the flower)
With so much love
You gave to me
It withered
I leave today
I know how to lose
But aaaaay
How it hurts me
How it hurts me

5:30pm central time red carpet arrivals

show begins at 7:00pm central time

click on picture for radio broadcast

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I’m Loving Angels in Vegas

Posted by djafan on Friday, July 9, 2010

Trying to hold out for a book signing closer to home, I had been debating to go or not to go to the Nevada signing last Wednesday.  Clearly a two-hour drive would make more sense than a four-hour drive, riiiight?  But when I woke up on Wednesday morning, I knew I had to go.  I just couldn’t take the chance of missing out, in case no more dates materialized.  I called my parents and asked them if they wanted to go on a road trip and do some gambling.  I knew they would say yes; it was, after all, Las Vegas!  They were ready in record time and by 6:30 am we were on the road!

I mapped out the distance from the state line and the book store…15 minutes…great!  I dropped off parents at the casino and headed off to see and hear David!  As I approached the line I saw SweetOnDA and JH!  I was so glad they recognized me from the Christmas concert in December.  Thank you all who didn’t mind me cutting in line.  You hear it over and over and it’s true; seeing David’s fans is like running into old friends.  We chatted the time away until the time came to gather around the stage.  We were so lucky to be up close.  Several people noticed The Voice button and mentioned they loved the site.  I handed some buttons out.  It’s great to hear the positive feedback.

I had never used this camera before and the instructions I received from my son came in handy.  I practiced a little and I apologize for the shaking in some parts.  All of a sudden, they announced he was there!  And there he was, standing in front of me.  The beautiful pictures of him DO NOT do him justice.  David Archuleta is by far, even more stunning in person.  Unreal!

Crush was amazing and Angels came from another universe.  His voice just reached out to us and put us in some sort of trance because that was the quietest group of fans I had seen.  I looked around and everyone was just in awe.  That eye contact during his singing everyone talks about is true.  He makes sure to share with us what it is he feels and we feel it and let him know as he finished singing.

Time to sign books!  We were up towards the front of the line and in no time David was before us, as gracious and welcoming as ever.  He signed my book for my granddaughter as I told him she couldn’t make it because of school and that my own signed book was at home because Bebe from The Voice had him sign one for me in New Jersey, as I pointed to my button.  He said, “Oh yeah” (as he looked at the button), “that’s great!”  I put my hand out; he gave me a firm handshake.  I thanked him and he said, “Thank you for coming.”  Oh so fast.

I went to the side and started recording as he chatted and signed books.  Suddenly the alarm on my cell phone went off playing Zero Gravity!  Uh oh. David looked up at me as I turned five shades of red!  I was mortified and explained that it was my alarm.  Leave it to David to ease my embarrassment.  He smiled and then started singing Zero Gravity along with my  phone!  LOL!  My hands were busy trying to hold the camera steady so I decided to just let it play out.

Zero Gravity - Looking at me

I spoke to David’s Mom, Lupe, in Spanish, letting her know how much we appreciate and love David.  She gave thanks in the same manner David does.  I gave her The Voice button which she took and looked at as I told her about this site and she thanked me again.

The ladies and I walked around the bookstore taking a picture here and there.  Watching David interact with his fans is so heartwarming.  He sure is one special young man.  I left the bookstore and the first thing I did when I got in my car was blast “Something ‘Bout Love!”  Then I picked up my parents and we all headed home.

Eight hours of driving in one day to see David.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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A Little Mouse Tale

Posted by dakgal on Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recent photo of David and I

Most people have forgotten about me, so I thought I’d introduce myself.

Hola!  My name is Viajero, which in English means “traveler”, and I have a tale to tell you.  I was born and raised in Honduras, but decided I wanted a more adventurous life, so one day I stowed away in the first suitcase that I thought was headed out of town.  Little did I know I would wind up in the U.S. of A.

When the suitcase was opened again, I learned I was in this kids’ bedroom and made a mad dash for a hiding place before I could be discovered, scrambled into a drawer, and set up housekeeping.  I gnawed on some papers to make myself a bed and found out that this kid loves to eat; food was no problem, so I was comfy enough.

It didn’t take long before I found out that the kids’ name is David and he loves to sing ALL the time.   I mean that’s all he ever does! (besides eat).  Well, this singing stuff started to rub off on me, so I decided to chime in and sing along.  I play a mean sax too.

We sang everything from church songs to Christmas songs, songs he made up, even sang along with the radio.  You name it we sang it.  He knew them all, well maybe not the Oscar Meyer wiener song, cause he doesn’t tell a lie.  haha!  He could never hear me though, because he has such a powerful voice.

One day the singing suddenly stopped and David seemed to be very somber a lot, passing the time by writing down words and musical notes.  It broke my heart.  Many, many times I just wanted to give him a big ‘ol mouse hug.  Soon, he started to make strange noises, pinching his cheeks with his fingers and making purring noises.  Like to have scared me to death the first time I heard it.  There were lots of A-E-I-O-U’s and la-la-las sung too, along with other strange noises.  Before long, he had this beautiful velvety voice, and we went back to singing non-stop.

Shortly after that, David packed his suitcase and backpack and didn’t come back.  I was so lonely and sad, what in the world had happened to him?

Now, this was very weird, the bedroom started filling up with boxes and boxes of letters and gifts.  I had a field day investigating all of this; I could stay out of the drawer for hours at a time.

Hallelujah, David came home one day and this is where my little abode was discovered, which was okay, because I had decided we would not be parted again.  I hid in his backpack, which was  very risky, but a good move because wherever HE goes, IT goes.

There are always plenty of snacks on board to keep my tummy full, i.e. trail mix, dried fruit.

And the occasional Cheeto. You can't be good all the time.

Don’t worry I don’t ever leave him any “gifts” I am backpack and suitcase trained.  haha!  I hid behind anything that was handy, like an old flattened out milk carton or a pair of socks, that is, until I was joined by a guy named Totoro.   Hiding behind him was really cozy.  He didn’t talk much and when he did I couldn’t understand him or him me.  He left one day and never returned.  Go figure.

Turns out my David is a rising star in the world, so the rest of this tale is like a whirlwind.  I’ve been to the Philippines, Singapore, Koala Lumpur and the UK and crisscrossed the USA many times, doing concerts and book signings and appearances.  Never in my wildest dreams, did I think my adventure would turn out to be so thrilling.  At first I thought when the girls started screaming when they saw David it was because they had somehow caught sight of me.  WRONG!  They were just so excited to see and hear David, they just can’t help it!  We even went back to my home land once, but I didn’t stay because I’ve gotten so attached to David.

Lately we have been in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles a lot, where I have been lucky enough to be the literal mouse in the corner, and have heard all his new recordings and can’t wait until his new single and album come out and  we’re on the road again.  Look out world here we come!  Muy  emocionante!

Needless to say, I have been bitten by the “show biz” bug and am a pretty decent singer myself, thanks to David.  Without David’s knowledge, I have opened for him many a time (beneath the stage).    I do have some performing skills in my blood though as Topo Gigio, of TV fame, was a great great uncle on my Mom’s side.  Also the widely renowned actor of the big screen, Speedy Gonzales, is a very distant cousin.

After watching how David has grown in so many ways over these years, from a young boy to a fine young man. I know, first hand, what you see is what you get.  He always stays true to himself, is the best of the best and I love him like a brother.

Maybe one of these times, one of you will catch a glimpse of me—Go ahead and scream.

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A Triumphant Fourth of July

Posted by djafan on Saturday, July 3, 2010

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“Hallowed be the day, forever bright its memory in the heart of the Nation.  Sing to it, poets; shout to it, freemen; celebrate it with bonfires, parades, and triumphant assemblies.”

Daily Alta California, 4 July 1855

The 30th Annual broadcast of “A Capitol Fourth,” celebrating our nation’s birthday on the Fourth of July, will have the honor of David Archuleta’s presence, as he performs “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Stand By Me.”  This event will air live in High Definition TV at 8 PM EST on PBS from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

David said he has never sung before such a large live audience.  Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be in the audience for this event, with millions more at home.  Our troops around the world will be able to witness this milestone occasion on the American Forces Network.  It can also be heard live in stereo over national public radio stations across the country.

Being invited to perform at The White House for the Fourth of July is an honor David surely will never forget.  To be asked to share the stage with seasoned entertainers like Gladys Knight and Reba McEntire indicates that David is respected as a serious artist who can deliver a solid performance.  Darius Rucker and the National Symphony Orchestra are scheduled to perform as well.  The event will end with the traditional 17-minute spectacular fireworks show over the Washington Monument set to Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.”

Among the parade of superstars who have performed at this event in previous years include Stevie Wonder, Dolly Parton, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin, Natasha Bedingfield, Little Richard, Tony Bennett, the Bee Gees, Barry Manilow, Huey Lewis and the News, Ray Charles, Faith Hill and Kenny G.

It comes as no surprise that David Archuleta is repeatedly asked to sing the National Anthem for major events.  His humble, powerful style of singing this song makes it more special than most other renditions.  We are never sure what he will do with it, but we know he will make it shine!

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