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    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Archive for June 28th, 2010

The First Time Ever I Saw His Face

Posted by emilyluvsarchie on Monday, June 28, 2010

I’m on the bus..heading home from school…and I get a text from my mother.  All it says is “It’s here!”  There is no way in heaven’s name that THE BOOK, DAVID’S BOOK, is at my house.  I then begin receiving picture messages from my sister and father taunting me.  Pictures of the book…pictures of them touching  MY BOOK!  Yes.  Other people touching my book.  People who are not me.  Touching my newest, most prized possession, befoooooore me!  And let the flailing begin.  But, you see, I’m on a school bus.  With a large number of my fellow classmates…a freak attack such as this one might be some type of humiliation to most teens… and might possibly be alarming to others.  Two and a half years ago it would’ve been… but now, as long as, “oh it’s just that blonde girl freaking out over that singer she loves,” its all good.  I’m known for it now…

So after about the longest thirty minute bus ride of my life, I finally get home ..I burst through the door…And there it sits, sooo beautiful…soo unreal.  Now seriously people you all know that feeling, we all felt it the first time we saw it.  Now, I’ve never been a mother seeing as I’m only 15, but my mom (also an avid David fan) is obviously a mother, and I’m pretty sure her eyes were glimmering a bit more than they did the first time she saw me (her first born) but hey it’s all good..It’s David Archuleta for Pete’s sake!  She held it out to me, like that monkey guy did with Simba on top of that rock in the Lion King movie and says “There’s pictuuuuuuures!”…So being the impatient picture loving me that I am, I grabbed up that baby and started flipping through the pages to find these pictures.  The first one I saw was of an adorable little baby Davey, and I went through them one by one “awwwwwing” at every single picture…until I see one that’s very familiar..I mean very, very familiar…how familiar you may ask?  Well ,this picture was soo familiar I knew exactly when and where it was from…It was from the very first time a certain “blonde girl” saw a certain “singer she loves” and boooooooy did it bring back the memories…

Photo by Emily

“Mom, come here! You’ve got to see this!”….”  And that moment right there was “The Beginning”…for me at least.  Following David extensively everyday, through AI Season 7, he totally ruined my whole laid back, sweet, little Emily reputation.  I constantly was either freaking out over the newest “sweetest most adorable most amazing thing ever” David had done or in someone’s face for “not getting him.”  My friends quickly began to realize they were doomed, when I started referring to them as “flesh friends” due to my newly found “e-family” of David fans.  They learned it was either sink or swim with me now.  You either loved “my man” or you didn’t, and the second of the two would have to be changing.

Photo by Emily. When it first appeared I loved it so much I played around a bit with the design on his shirt and the background. Angelica

I had always been the type of person who ALWAYs just agreed with everyone.  Speaking my mind just wasn’t something I ever did..EVER.  But that quickly changed.  I would never ever ever let anyone dis my Mr. Archuleta.  I mean who did they think they were?  Pshh, just because they’re my best friend, or teacher, or…principal doesn’t mean I can’t yell at them a little if I disagree!  Fast forward toward the end of the AI season.  First of all, I had never had the slightest interest in the American Idol Tour that came to my town yearly….that was until now.  I remember screaming my head off in the middle of my homeroom when my mom texted me and told me we had tickets to see David…for real…singing….live…in the flesh…Mr. David James Archuleta…On stage…in the same room as me…breathing  the same air as me.  It was unreal.

OMGOSHH TOUR! David Archuleta for real LIVE.  What?!?!  The thought just killed me.  My first concert was Columbus, Ohio.  We booked our hotel way early, I spent every last second on fan chats, and that day coming closer and closer was all I talked, texted or thought about.  Ya’ll know the drill…drive for hours and hours…stay the night…get to the venue around eight in the morning and camp out the entire day.  Well, I had heard horror stories from other fans of the heat, the exhaustion, the dehydration, and the starvation, so we came… my entire family…all five of us “completely prepared”… or so we thought.  We had no idea of the “hecticness” of that first AMAZING moment.  When you start hearing screams of, “There’s a bus! Is that the bus?!  Oh my gosh, it’s THE BUS!!”  Nerves completely take over.  I became a shaky mess, awkwardly trying to rip my camera from its case, checking the battery life for the tenth and last time.  Then, more screams erupt..And here come the idols!  I realized how excited I got to see every single one of them as they walk up.  Even the ones I particularly disliked during the season got me excited.  But everyone knows the only thing that’s going on in my little head is “Oh My Gosh, I wonder where David is?!  I hope he comes out!  I hope he’s not on vocal rest!  I wonder what he’s wearing?!  Aw I wonder if he’s still in the bus?!”  Oh look there’s Jason!  He’s David friend!  Hi Jason (((HUGS)))  Eww, your dreads are scratchy! (it still beats me how he can stand those touching his face) and one by one the idols all come out, signing, smiling, laughing with fans, rushing somewhat, and I am getting more and more nervous.

Then, all of a sudden I hear screams…but not just any screams…these screams were special.  These screams were screeching a name…A very familiar name.  And I think we all know what that name was.  It was possibly the most terrifying noise I’ve ever heard.  Everything started moving a hundred miles an hour and before I knew it THIS….

Wondering which “DAVID DAVID DAVID” it was, my family stood there staring at the top of the stairs the idols were coming up…Then, dark dark slightly spiked hair.  That beautiful blackish perfect hair.  That wonderfully amazing  hair popped up from the stairs, and my body went numb. It…was…david…archuleta…THE David Archuleta.  David. James. Archuleta.  The one, the only, the man, the legend, THE DAVID!!  My David!  Our David.  He was happily boppin up the stairs with a black sharpie in his left hand and a water bottle in his right.  He waved with the sharpie occupied hand, and said “HEYY” (And yes, I know you can all hear his “HEEYY!!” in your head right now and you’re sitting there smiling because you know exactly what I’m talking about.)  And within the span of 10 seconds, David Archuleta, my hero, is standing just feet away from me.

Which brings me back full circle to a certain book and seeing a certain very familiar picture from the first time a certain blonde girl saw a certain singer she loves…the exact moment in fact when I first saw him in person.   I could not believe that pic…my pic, was chosen for his book!  🙂

Photo by Emily published in Chords of Strength

Stay tuned for the next installment…

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