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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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‘A Brotherhood of Faaaaaaans’

Posted by thefunnygirl on Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have always been impressed by acts of kindness.  You don’t see them often.  I am blessed to work for a company that believes in them.  I can gift a customer’s total order if I want to.  The death of a loved one, a house fire, and things of that nature have prompted unexpected gifts we have given our customers.  We actually don’t call them customers; they are our guests.  They always cry because they simply cannot believe that they are being given a gift.  People like me live for this kind of drama.  Only it isn’t fake, it is as real as the sun.

When I began blogging on this wild ride of ODD, I started to ‘meet’ other David fans from all over the country and world.  They seemed so sweet, kind, and big-hearted.  When the tours began and I actually got to meet some of them in ‘real’ life, I knew I was dealing with something bigger than I ever imagined.  We have gotten to know each through cyberspace, not as random David fans, but as friends.  We instantly bonded, as if we’d known each other for several years.  Perhaps we all share some common genetic trait that was triggered by The Voice!  Some of us know each other’s kids’ names, past surgeries, marital issues, etc.  We have shared far too much personal information than what safety experts would advise.  We have met complete strangers at random truck stops, park & rides, and coffee shops.  We have shared hotel rooms. And as David would say “You know what?” –  No one has been murdered, mugged, or poisoned!

And I’ll tell you why this is so.  People who love David are very loving, giving, special people.  The staff at venues have commented about it.  Various TV show staff members have talked about it.  Reporters have tweeted about it.  Other celebrities have told David about it. And I want to believe that David can feel what I have felt from all of you.  I was gifted a VIP pass for Grand Rapids, my first ever VIP, by a caring and sweet friend I came to know while blogging.  She will never truly know what this meant to me.  Here are some other examples of the amazing things I’ve seen David’s fans do:

They gift tickets and VIPs, make and distribute CDs and DVDs, gift music and books, run blogs, create artwork, open their homes to traveling David fans, send care packages when someone is ill, donate to and create charities to help others, offer to send old computers to a fan whose computer broke (cuz you know we CANNOT survive without a computer!), arrange get-togethers, pass out flyers, promote David in every way possible (while keeping our jobs/families!), send info to NASA in case they don’t know about Zero Gravity, the list goes on and on….

We instantly connect with each other and share a secret language.  We all know about Nutter Butters, lettuce, Lemak Chili Padi, what he said to the cleaning lady in Manila, when first he gave the archugaze, and hush cats.  We understand love at first sight.  We understand and struggle with the fact that it is very possible to have motherly/protective/family feelings for him one moment, and very non-motherly feelings the next.  We worry when he travels, we worry if we don’t ‘see’ each other online when we expect to.  We have suffered fools that do not understand and seek to ridicule us for loving and supporting him.  We have gathered before and after concerts to eat and squeee about him with each other.  We have laughed, cried, sighed, hugged, and begged for mercy together, (a mercy which will never come by the way, dang it!)

Wherever he goes, the screams on the videos are the same.  The smiles on everyone’s faces are the same.  The love that we have for him is considered abnormal, over the top, obsessive, and fanatic by most people without ODD.  But what we have shared, and will continue to share, is above and beyond any expectation that the world could place upon us.  We know its real worth and depth, which is why we cling so tightly to it, and defend it with such fervor.  It is what his gift offers us, what we have been able to access because of it.  The delight of discovering hidden treasures in ourselves and others, of experiencing unheard of sounds that open up a heart and mind.  No one else understands this.  Thank goodness we have each other.  Thank you for being here.  And thank you David, from the bottom of my exhausted heart.

195 Responses to “‘A Brotherhood of Faaaaaaans’”

  1. embe said

    I l-o-v-e this article ❤ It is so very true. I have experienced the warm, generous nature of fellow Archies – I'm waiting for a special delivery as we speak thanks to Abrra ❤ And since I have mentioned various times, that I'm planning a trip to the US when David's tour starts, so many lovely people have offered to take me under their wing. I am amazed by the love that Archies have not only for David but to other fans. There is, indeed, something divine about loving David – his purity-glowing aura guides us that adore him, to use our love for him for something good and selfless.

    Love you all ❤


  2. Abrra said

    Last fall I had the pleasure of attending the last 2 shows on the Summer tour. Seeing David was the main event for sure. The best fan experience I had was meeting so many of my “David” friends. Standing in the line at the venue was a “party” of hellos and hugs. Putting faces to names I had seen for months online was like meeting family.I was given a friendship bracelet by SandyBeaches that I wear 24/7 as a reminder of the great times we had that weekend!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Once the VIP event was over, I was given “extra” gift bag goodies to share with those like Embe who may not get the chance to see David in person(crossing my fingers for you Embe). Being a fan is all about sharing the joy of all things David.

    Let me quote my road-tripping partner Dawn from NJ from her article here on January 1, 2010 that says it all.

    ” There are hugs and kisses aplenty when these gatherings form. We take up full tables at restaurants and we have no shame or worry. We are in our element. We are among are favorite people, all riding the same cloud, all breathless and loud with excitement over the same thing. I’ve never seen so many women squee in delight simultaneously as I have during these gatherings.”

    Thank you FG for reminding me again how fortunate we are to have each other as friends.



  3. FG said

    Angelica – the pictures you used are so amazing!! MID.HEAD.WHIP. gahhhhh


  4. archiesfan4life said

    FG – I love your article so much – who ever thought 2 1/2 years ago that, not only would our ODD become more intense, but that we would become a family! I know my life has been blessed beyond what I ever could have imagined – I hardly remember life before David – who has the time! And, yes, thank God we have each other!


  5. archiesfan4life said

    testing new picture


  6. Abrra said

    # 5
    You need to clear your cache at the top of the browser Tools/ Clear recent history . It may take a while for it to show up. Posting wont make it show until its ready. Sometimes rebooting can speed up the process, I have found.



  7. SandyBeaches said

    FG…I am amongst those who love your article but then every David fan will! How happy I am that I am one of David’s fans!

    I am going to share this article with my youngest daughter for starters as it tells all about who we are as a group of fans and friends. What amazes me is that there are so many wonderful articles written one after the other that have something more to say about David and about our admiration for him. I can’t think of anyone else that I could write about even from time to time.

    I am going to have to order up some more of those bracelets because Abrra’s must be wearing thin!! Next tour I will have them with me! Anyway, I owe Abrra unless she is waiting to pull a David (not really in the building) prank on me!

    Thank you FG…



  8. SandyBeaches said

    Isn’t this perhaps the first time that David has told us (and he did in a 6:30am tweet on my phone), that he was somewhere he had travelled to and NOT tell us what he is doing?? Wow, he is making more suspense and intrigue for us as every day goes by!



  9. emilyluvsarchie said

    Funnygirl, I’m going to save this article to show those who don’t quite “get it” yet. David’s fans are a big part of what makes all of this so much fun, and that is hard to explain sometimes. You’ve done it perfectly! Thanks!


  10. Fiona said

    Thanks FG, wonderful article and SO true!!


  11. KathyH said

    Funnygirl. I have often thought similar things about this fan base. Thanks for taking the time and finding a way to describe such a wonderful phenomenon. Whenever I see people talk about “trying to step away” I’m just flabbergasted that they’d ever even consider trying. The whole experience of being David’s fan among other David fans brings me such joy.


  12. Shanny in Australia said

    FG, there is nothing more that I can add – you have said it all so eloquently but I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your article very much. I found myself laughing and nodding along with it all. It’s wonderful to me that there are people in the world who understand my love for David so fully. Thanks again. 🙂


  13. YJfanofdavid said

    Once upon a time there was a tribe somewhere in the universe. The tribe had a leader. The tribe lived in harmony and lovingkindness. The tribe did not know possessions, hatred, or religions. The tribe was then lost. The reincarnations of the souls from the tribe don’t remember where they came from. They go about living their life, and nothing seems to be amiss. They may or may not believe in God. They may or may not have loved music. They dwell in the West, East, South, and North. Their skin colors are now black, white, yellow, or brown. They speak a myriad of languages.
    Then, one day, some of them channel-surf, some of them turn on the radio, some attend a concert, and some go to a ball game. And THEN they hear the Voice, a voice once familiar to them, the voice that once guided the tribe. They don’t know what happens, but something is awakened, rekindled, and REMEMBERED. They old life is no longer enough. They do everything to return to the presence of the Voice. They greet each other like lost family, because they were. The concerts they go to are not concerts. They are tribal celebrations, spiritual renewals, their River Jordan.
    FG, You just wrote a beautiful article about Our Tribe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  14. leesha said

    FG, loved this article. Brought me to tears. It truly expressed how I feel as a David fan. I have always said that David fans are the best, I truly believe that. It is a great bond that we all share. Thanks again for starting my day off in such a great way.


  15. djafan said

    FG! Great! You’ve put into words what we feel and who we are as David fans.

    “When I began blogging on this wild ride of ODD, I started to ‘meet’ other David fans from all over the country and world. They seemed so sweet, kind, and big-hearted. When the tours began and I actually got to meet some of them in ‘real’ life, I knew I was dealing with something bigger than I ever imagined. We have gotten to know each through cyberspace, not as random David fans, but as friends. We instantly bonded, as if we’d known each other for several years. Perhaps we all share some common genetic trait that was triggered by The Voice!”

    This is the most difficult to explain to family and friends, heck I had a hard time with it myself initially…very strange. But I’ve since embraced this fandom and in turn have made some lifelong friends.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  16. cowboys4 said

    Awwww Funnygirl! That was beautiful! I was expecting to read something by you with tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks, but these tears are for a completely different reason. You have quite a gift for expression and you tap into our David love so well. It’s reading articles like this that help to take the sting out of the rejection we get from other people over our ODD. I’m so glad there’s so many of us that share this roller coaster of emotion we’ve been on for the last couple of years. p.s. have you noticed I’ve stopped stalking you? LOL!


  17. I said



  18. bebereader said

    David at photoshoot!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit siaralovesyou’s Stream


  19. I said



  20. blisskasden said

    FG, you “get it” and have written a wonderful article that proves that you do. People who think that it’s just about his singing, or his “looks”, etc. do not get it. The magic of David is how he makes people feel about themselves, their lives , and others. He, literally, reinvents people. He turns concerts and book signings into family reunions. When you go to a concert, the din in the lobby suggests that everyone knows each other already.

    I have had dinner with other fans that I have only met online, and felt instantaneously connected and comfortable with them. One of these people was a woman with whom I had a contentious relationship with on another site. However, as soon as we met, we hugged and laughed about it all, and thoroughly enjoyed each others company prior to a show. Our love for David completely trumped any “differences of opinion” we may have had.

    To love David is to embrace love itself. I have found that if I stay in that love, I automatically feel better about myself and other people. If you look at the faces of the multitudes who attend his concerts, or those attending these book signings, you can see the glow on everyone’s face. This is no accident. David is a force of nature. The very thought of him can change your mood. To get a mega dose of his power by being in close proximity with him is an overwhelming experience that does occur anywhere else.. It’s not hocus pocus, it’s real. I’ve felt it, as has everyone who is reading this now.

    The truly great ones do not see themselves as such. That is for those who are affected by them to determine. David Archuleta is definitely one of the great ones. The fact that he’s a fantastic singer who looks like a movie star exists to get our attention, to which I say, “Mission Accomplished”.


  21. gladys said

    I get the book, My niece called me and told me to get a large package, is the 01.49 in Argentina, I’m happy. I can not wait to get home to see, touch, read, and excited, girls of THE Voice, i have no words of thanks, especially for Abrra.
    thank you, and many more thanks.


  22. betsy said

    Oh FG I am so glad you wrote about this. I remember meeting you for the first time in Grand Rapids, where I, too, was gifted a vip by the most lovely person in the entire world.
    Little did I know that you lived about 2 minutes from where I worked.:)

    It’s true that you can drive to a concert alone, knowing no one, but you are never alone once you arrive. True fact.


  23. bebereader said

    Thank you, FG, for telling it like it is! So many people smirk and ridicule our ODD and I’m so over trying to explain. We know we have a rare and genuine thing here, between David, the artist and all the friends we’ve made because of him.

    I took the liberty of reading your article to my hubby who is a fan of David’s but thinks I’m a little OTT with my ODD. (ya think? 😉 )

    He said he understood! I was like, huh? you understand?

    He said “David’s not a phoney, he’s down to earth. Not too many people are like that now. His fans have good values, just like he does.”




  24. Abrra said

    Thank you Lupe for that hair!!!!!!!



  25. bebereader said

    From BYU Idaho Student Media Lab:

    David Archuleta ‘crushes’ on Rexburg

    “Fans show their love and support for David Archuleta in the Hart Auditorium. Some fans showed up almost two hours early in hopes of catching a glance of Archuleta.

    Fans show their love and support for David Archuleta in the Hart Auditorium. Some fans showed up almost two hours early in hopes of catching a glance of Archuleta.

    Approximately 2,500 people attended the David Archuleta performance in the John W. Hart Auditorium on June 19.

    Fans and audience filled the hallway of the Hart Auditorium two hours before the show began.

    Neither distance nor age stopped some of the audience from seeing Archuleta perform.

    Many of the fans in attendance were not local.

    Fans came from far and wide, including California, Utah and Hawaii. Their love for Archuleta is what brought them to Rexburg.

    One group wore T-shirts with “David Archuleta” inscribed on them. They have followed Archuleta to most of his shows.

    Virgil Anderson, an 86-year-old from Utah, included seeing the David Archuleta concert in his weekend plan in Rexburg.

    Fourth grade student Rebeka Kezele from Sawtooth Elementary School in Twin Falls was there with her family.

    “I love David Archuleta; he is a good singer,” Kezele said.

    David Osmond opened the show. The audience could not hide their admiration for his song.

    They screamed and sang along. He sang some songs on his album — “Since the Day You Left,” “Your Lullaby” and “Live Like It’s the Last Day of Your Life.”

    Osmond, who has multiple sclerosis, had an autograph signing after his show. The audience bought his souvenirs and took pictures with him as well.

    He said being out of his wheelchair after three years and singing fills him with gratitude and appreciation.

    This is Archuleta’s second performance at BYU-Idaho this academic year. Archuleta’s last visit was during the semester of Fall 2009.

    “Idaho has some of the best crowds — they have been really great — and I have just really enjoyed it. Some of myfavorite shows have been in Idaho because everyone in Idaho has been really supportive, so I really appreciate it,” Archuleta said.

    Archuleta’s appearance on the stage was welcomed with loud whistling and catcalls. His first song was “Touch My Hand.” The audience stood. While some screamed, “Marry me, David,” others screamed, “I love you.” Some had glow lights and banners with inscriptions. One of them said “David, you rock.”

    Archuleta, who had not performed in six months, sang seventeen songs. He has been working on his new album. He sang two songs on his new album. The 15 other songs were from his other albums, including “A Little Too Not Over You,” “Your Eyes Don’t Lie,” “To Be With You,” “Zero Gravity” and “Crush.”

    When Archuleta sang his thirteenth song, “To Be With You,” the noise toned down. But the audience was still as he sang, “Be Still My Soul”.

    Archuleta said he wouldn’t normally perform hymns, but he felt it would be appropriate to do at BYU-Idaho.

    Archuleta sat down with Scroll for an interview. During the interview he explained certain misconceptions about questions people have asked about serving a full-time mission.

    He said he is currently unable to serve a mission due to “American Idol” contracts he entered into, which will not allow him to leave for a mission. Archuleta said he hopes to serve a mission after his contract expires.

    “The Lord knows my intentions and there is a reason behind everything,” Archuleta said.

    David said he tries to touch people’s lives through his music and actions, just like a missionary would do.

    Although people watch “American Idol” because they want to see talents evolve, Archuleta thinks that Simon Cowell’s absence as a judge of “American Idol” will have an effect on the show.

    “It will be interesting to see who replaces him,” Archuleta said.”


  26. bebereader said

    Picture that accompanied the above article:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    caption: Fans show their love and support for David Archuleta in the Hart Auditorium. Some fans showed up almost two hours early in hopes of catching a glance of Archuleta.


  27. GG_doorsfan said

    have i told you lately that i love you funnygirl? if i haven’t, then take this as my declaration. you have the knack for zeroing in on how we all interconnect with one another as fans of david, even through the anonymity of screennames and the internet. there are some fantastic, warm, gifted people in the david fandom, and each day i am so grateful, and honored really, to be a part of such a universally loving and fiercely loyal group of people. i hope to meet as many of you one day in our travels to see david in concert. as long as he continues to sing, and tour, there will be nothing stopping me from catching him every opportunity i get – and getting the opportunity to meet more of the people who are as awestruck by him as i have been….


  28. bebereader said

    New pics surfaced from the Elevate Idol pre-party and from the National game.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  29. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  30. bluesky said

    (FANtastic article, funnygirl! I feel privileged to know those I have met through “knowing” DA, whether by computer, phone or in person. Thanks to all of you just for being you!)


    About that outfit, DA.

    I think they bring clothes for him to the photo shoots. Not sure yet whether I am voting to be grateful for this or not. The jury is still out. For some reason they keep saying they need more time to deliberate.

    “We need more pics! Larger pics! Water. Food. More pics per person. Air. Windows opened. Oxygen tanks. Several more pics. Pros consulting Cons by watching for all observable side affects. I.n.t.e.r.e.s.t.i.n.g. (Consultation: Do we accept votes from persons who are prostrate on floor?) This may take a while!”


  31. bluesky said


    I think that first pic on your post #27 is my favorite. When I see it the first word that comes to mind for me is: Christmas. No one seems to enJOY life as much as DA.


  32. Abrra said

    Yay! For your book arriving!



  33. River said

    Exactly so. I could tell many stories just like the ones above. I could not imagine life without my fan buddies because they understand and because they share everything. Age is never a factor, location doesn’t matter, and the fun factor is exponential. I just listened to the entire Rexburg concert for the 3rd time in the car with a huge grin on my face because I could imagine how much fun David was having and exactly how all those screaming fans felt. It just makes me smile…. all the time…


  34. bebereader said

    #12 Shanny in Australia and #14 Leesha: Welcome to The Voice!

    #13 YJ Loved your comment!

    #19 Bliss “The truly great ones do not see themselves as such. That is for those who are affected by them to determine. David Archuleta is definitely one of the great ones. The fact that he’s a fantastic singer who looks like a movie star exists to get our attention, to which I say, “Mission Accomplished”.” <<<<< This!

    Gladys: Book arrival FTW! Enjoy, mi amiga! 😀


  35. FG said

    Bluesky LOL!

    Thank you guys for the wonderful comments. You could cut the archulove with a knife!

    He looks 25 in that photoshoot pic! YES! I love it soooo much!

    That 2nd pic in #27 – how he looks at people is just sooooo deadly. THUD


  36. emilyluvsarchie said

    Bliss, I love that you said this: ” The fact that he’s a fantastic singer who looks like a movie star exists to get our attention, to which I say, “Mission Accomplished”.”….My mother has always said that God gave David his good looks and voice to get peoples’ attention, so they will then really listen to what he has to say.. BTW, I love the red pants and white t-shirt! Spazzz!


  37. sweetonDA said

    FG, who would have thunk while we were all going crazy with ODD way back on Rickey’s and other sites that we would still all be here still fangirling over this amazing young man who gives us so much of himself. Wonderful post and another one that I will keep.

    It’s no wonder we are so connected with each other, even though many of us have never even met in person. It doesn’t even matter to me that I haven’t met all of you because, in my heart, I already know each of you. You love David and that says it all for me. To those I have met, you will hold a place in my heart forever.

    djafan, I’m with you. I may have to make that 5 hour drive to Las Vegas and get other two books signed. It’s a doable trip. Would love to see you again and anyone else who plans on attending. I wonder what he will sing…I’ve got chills already just thinking about it 🙂


  38. Shawna said

    At work right now, but loving this article. So,so very true. Thanks, FG. Loving all the pics too. Did you guys see the twitpic I sent about David’s book being #9 on the Deseret Book best seller’s list? It was in the paper this morning, just happened to run across it and I had to hurry and run to a “swimming lesson graduation”,(yep, you read that right)so only had time to twitpic it on my way to that. What we don’t do for our kids and grandkids sometimes!!! Snarkie’s found it and it is on their site I just noticed. Not a very good picture, but oh well. Kind of excited to see that though, so had to share.

    Loving all the comments too, just have to get back to work now.


  39. TOfan said

    FG, what a great post, thank you!!!! I treasure my David fanships/friendships (you guys included♥!!!)and you’ve captured the spirit of sharing and generosity that flows through our loving (but slightly nutty) “world” beautifully.

    (love your “fairytale” too, YJ!!! 🙂 )


  40. blisskasden said

    If you look closely at the pic at the top of this article, you can see the mesmerized faces of everybody in the crowd. I cannot see one face that is not riveted on David. Even the male faces are riveted on David. This scene is repeated everywhere David goes. David is someone who people want to be near, whether they understand why or not. His spiritual light is very powerful. We’ve all felt it. I am a New Yorker who is very hard to impress, and have no use for the smoke and mirrors used to “create” popularity in pop culture. The evidence of David’s power to heal and uplift is not anecdotal. It exists in real life. As for me, I guess you can “teach old dogs new tricks” after all.


  41. blisskasden said

    In my post #19, it should read “to get a mega dose of his power by being in close proximity with him is an overwhelming experience that does NOT occur anywhere else.”

    Look what he made me do!!


  42. Nanaweize said

    FG…just love your article. I have met so many wonderful, kind, sincere, loving people because of David. No one can take that away from me and I don’t want anyone taking my ODD away from me either!

    Thanks for all these marvelous comments on this article today. Love them all.

    Not sure about the red pants yet tho!!!!


  43. bebereader said

    Beware! New behind-the-scene photo shoot pics!

    Thanks, Betsy for letting me know. 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Behind-the-scenes at @DavidArchie’s photo shoot for upcoming album!

    credit Jive Music


  44. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    more from @DavidArchie’s photo shoot!

    credit Jive Music


  45. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit JiveMusic

    @davidarchie playing darts


  46. blisskasden said

    Emily, your mother is very wise. It takes a lot, especially these days, to get and keep people’s attention. We live in a very disposable culture, and the concept of “15 minutes of fame” applies now more than ever. That’s why the qualities of patience and integrity are slowly going the way of the Do-do bird and other extinct species.

    In ordinary hands, David’s “15 minutes” on American Idol should have made him the next Justin Guarini or Blake Lewis. Instead, he is becoming the next Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson, minus the weirdness. David is making “patience” the new “I want it yesterday” and “integrity” the new “it’s all about me”. He can only do that if he has our undivided attention and we watch how he goes about things. Guess what? The attention he is getting is growing along with his Twitter followers, and in his own adorable way, it is “his way or the highway”.

    My favorite quote from David is “There is never a reason to lower your standards”. He’s right. Who knew?


  47. bebereader said

    David’s tweet!

    Wow! Had a blast at the photoshoot! I never thought I’d have that much fun taking pictures haha. Can’t wait for you guys to see! 6 minutes ago


  48. Abrra said

    Single news!

    @JiveMusic: AND @DavidArchie’s single will be made available on iTunes on July 20th! Mark your calendars



  49. betsy said

    July 13th for the single, peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    And July 20th for the I-Tunes


  50. munkmusic said

    Can purchase David’s new single on the 13th from his store on his site! yay! so excited!


  51. dakgal said

    FG–OH my, your article was immediately copied and sent to my children. Anything that shows them I’m not the only one who is hopelessly smitten by this extraordinary young man.

    FG—“The delight of discovering hidden treasures in ourselves and others, of experiencing unheard of sounds that open up a heart and mind. No one else understands this.”

    A whole new awareness Thank you for that!

    What a luverly bunch of Archu-nuts you all are! I can’t imagine a day without you. You have made me-laugh hysterically-giggle-ponder-weep- spew coffee all over my keyboard-neglect my duties- learn a lot- and sit in awe-And yes, pee my pants! Haha ( we are being honest, right?)


  52. Angelica said


    I love this article. You are so gifted at expressing what everyone feels and finding just the right words to make it resonate in our hearts. I have met the most wonderful, giving, fun, and fun-loving people online and at David’s concerts. People who go out of their way to be kind and thoughtful. I never met a David fan I didn’t like, to paraphrase the inimitable Will Rogers. I count the interaction and camaraderie on and off line with other fans as one of the deepest satisfactions of this whole lovely experience. It wouldn’t be half the fun without all of you, and like FG, I feel the necessity to say thank you to you all and to David, without whom we would never have come together in this crazy joyful joyful fanworld.


  53. djafan said


    Been gone today and look what I come back toooo…WOW!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  54. djafan said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  55. djafan said

    I’m so exciteddddddd!!!!!


  56. dakgal said

    #53 dja– put up the other huge picture of David standing with knees crossed/looking down — Now you understand I don’t normally notice these things — ahem — but how can we go from tight jeans to baggy jeans in one fell swoop. When we weren’t looking? How dare they put these jeans on him!


  57. Abrra said

    If he isn’t in a movie by the time he is 22, there is something seriously wrong. 😉



  58. dakgal said

    Oops– You read my mind–see what I mean?


  59. djafan said

    lol Dak!!!!…Don’t know why, well I do, but loving that relaxed look.

    Abrra…he needs to be in pictures! Movie pictures that is…lol


  60. djafan said

    Got to get home for the road!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  61. Angelica said

    I am torn down to the ground. He is shredding me into little pieces!! Look at that expression on his face in the mirror. Look at that way he stands and the raise of the t-shirt to show some belt. Well, I’m just not gonna stand for this much more. I’ll give him just the rest of my life to stop.


    What are we gonna do with him?


  62. bebereader said

    Abbra: Cool avi! 😉


  63. Abrra said

    Its time for a SPAZZ-Fest! Come by after 10pm EST for max chat spazzing.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  64. bebereader said

    From Betsy:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Looks like Matt Clayton is the photographer.


  65. betsy said

    I saw it on Snarkies. Thank you Snarky peeps.


  66. bebereader said

    19 more days until July 13!!!!!

    Counting down!!!


  67. Angelica said

    Matt Clayton is the photographer???!!!! You mean this Matt Clayton??!!! I’m not up for this. Photobucket Nonononononono. Yes. Photobucket



  68. Mandi said

    Thanks for this great article. All of you in this fansite rock! I’m glad to be able to come here and see people who feel the same way about David as I do. I can go to bed knowing I’m not crazy.


  69. betsy said

    Angelica – no one has actually confirmed that he is the photographer, but come on! Eating dinner with David in NYC? Sounds good to me. Plus, there is a pic on his site of a male model wearing the same jeans and boots as David.


  70. betsy said

    Mix 96.1 interview ♥


  71. angelofdja said

    River #33, I understand the pull of the Rexburg concert…Bringing this from last thread…Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 11:25 PM
    The tears of joy are falling as I keep repeating and listening to all the screaming at the beginning of the show! To say I’m so very happy for David is an understatement. I’m a hopeless sap full of love for him. (Even more now. How is that even possible?)
    Glad to know there are so many more just like me to share with. Thank-you all 🙂
    Gladys #21 CONGRATS on receiving your copy of COS! It’s soooo good!
    FG, It’s amazing how this fanbase is so much more than just that. You explained the connection perfectly, and I feel honored to have met a good many of you in Ann Arbor. What a fun bunch! The future looks loverly in David land!


  72. Cindy said

    Ok, I’ve been lurking on this site for awhile, but this is my first post here. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on how great I think David’s fans are. I have met a few fellow fans (from other fan sites) in person, and hope I get to meet many more in the future. One thing that I have noticed is that when David’s fans come together, we don’t have to “explain” why we love him so much. We already “know” why. It’s like an unspoken language between his fan base. Being among other fans is a very “freeing” feeling because we can let our ODD take over without worrying what the other people might be thinking. Sharing our love and admiration for David with each other is in part what makes following David on his journey so much fun. I feel very priveleged to be among one of David’s many, many fans. His fan base is like one big, happy “Archufamiy”. In the end, I just feel comforted in knowing that I’m not the only one out there who’s heart was stolen by this cute and adorable guy by the name of David Archuleta.


  73. emmegirl said

    FG, thank you for such a wonderful post! Boy, did you hit the nail on the head! I would have never dreamed in a million years I would ever be a part of anything like this, and especially at this age. What an exciting, exhilarating craaazy ride…and I love every second of it. Ain’t stoppin, no way, now how.

    Uuummm, the photoshoot pics, I plead the fifth, and that’s all I’m sayin. (I would kill to see those red pants on tour.)


  74. emmegirl said

    Abrra #57, puhhleeeease!


  75. jackryan4DA said

    So are we all calm and composed, now that we have a release date for the single? (Notwithstanding THOSE SHOES! Liking them 🙂 ) Easy to imagine the girl asking David re his shirt [i]”A little higher, David. A bit more…”[/i]

    I hope Matt C is really the one doing the principal shoot. That could mean a very interesting album cover, folks!

    Anw, how about some[b] CONCERT HIGHLIGHTS from BYU[/b]? You could hear snippets of ZG & YEDL! JWIPE/Jerry and a number of Archies interviewed as well 🙂


    That makes my COS Blitzkrieg a 41-vid playlist –


  76. Angelica said

    Welcome Cindy!!!

    Thanks for the vids Jr!

    Betsy, I hope Matt was there for more than just Thai food. No one except fans have captured David better than him.


  77. Tawna21 said

    FG~~wow!! did you score the winning goal on this one, or what?!!

    “Thank goodness we have each other. Thank you for being here. And thank you David, from the bottom of my exhausted heart.” You got it girl! Thank you!

    July 4th National Anthem?! July 13, huh?! Photo shoot pics showing a belt plus a little bit of skin?! Latino Awards show in Texas?! Dang…we’ll all be dead, deader, and deaidest by the end of July. Wish I could squish a trip to Vegas into the middle of all this {sigh}.

    BRING IT ON!!!!!



  78. FG said

    The photoshoot pics from Jive….WOWZAAAA. What a hunk of beefcake.


  79. FG said

    He’s on a rampage. What shall become of us?


  80. FG said

    Cowboys – I HAVE noticed and I miss you! Perhaps I have become boring? Have you moved on to another???

    Bliss – I want to kiss you! I love your words.

    Abbra – the movies….can our poor hearts handle it?

    About that BYU article, David cannot go on a mission anytime soon. I refuse to even think about it. He’s bringing more awareness and love to larger numbers of people now, in my uneducated and silly opinion. I hope someone close to him agrees with me and tells him so.

    Thanks again to everyone for your comments. Did someone say Matt Clayton???? don’


  81. blisskasden said

    FG, thanks so much, but your words ain’t too shabby either. You’ve written a beautiful and insightful article here.

    Note to interviewers: Enough with the American idol questions already. We get it, Simon is leaving, blah, blah, blah. The show was so 2 1/2 years ago. It’s as if David has been appointed the
    spokesperson for former AI contestants on all things AI. It’s 2010. David has a new book, a new single and a new CD. Simon has moved on. It’s time to let David do the same. End of mini-rant.

    As for David’s mission, I believe that as long as he feels that he is touching people’s lives with his music, he will continue to see his music as his mission. David will never “hang on” in the music business, nor will he have to. Lest we forget, along with everything else that we love about him, he just happens to be the best singer on the planet already, and getting better every day.


  82. omgdja said

    bliss – I am a fan of yours. Love everything you write/post.

    FG – wow! loved it.


  83. Bright_Light said

    FG – as the saying goes “Birds of a feather flock together.” Those feathers on David’s angel wings are matched in beauty by those on the wings of his Arch Angels!


  84. silverfox said

    The rumor is…(taken w/a grain of salt)

    The title of David’s single is “Something ’bout Love”…

    Hmmmmmmm? I do not think anyone from David’s camp would release this info, so I wonder who MJ’s VRS is?


  85. bebereader said

    Speculation or fact?

    From MJ’s blog:

    David Archuleta’s Next Single Called ‘Something ‘Bout Love’
    June 25th, 2010 | Author: mj

    “I’m hearing from a good source that the name of David Archuleta’s new single is “Something ‘Bout Love”. The song will be available on on July 13th and will be made availble on iTunes July 20th!

    “Something ‘Bout Love” is from David’s 3rd studio album, set to be released later this year.”


  86. silverfox said

    I recall before Crush was released & before anyone knew the title, a fan asked David if his single was called “Crush”. It was the first (& last) time I ever saw David really annoyed.

    I’m hoping MJ got wrong info as David may not be happy about it. IMO.


  87. Abrra said

    Rumor is an apt description. I saw that title on twitter.
    Grain of salt situation for sure 😉 I don’t give anything much weight until I hear it from David’s lips. /le sigh



  88. silverfox said

    funnygirl, 😆 I just read your very insightful article!

    I love every word you wrote, especially…

    “We understand and struggle with the fact that it is very possible to have motherly/protective/family feelings for him one moment, and very non-motherly feelings the next. We worry when he travels, we worry if we don’t ‘see’ each other online when we expect to. We have suffered fools that do not understand and seek to ridicule us for loving and supporting him. We have gathered before and after concerts to eat and squeee about him with each other. We have laughed, cried, sighed, hugged, and begged for mercy together, (a mercy which will never come by the way, dang it!)”

    So true, every word! David is an obsession, an addiction, a drug we can’t wean ourselves from, so no use trying and who would want to? The “High on David” is such a great feeling that we can’t help but crave more & more! What is to become of us, indeed! 😀


  89. bebereader said


    A hard-sell radio person who has heard the new single has said that it’s better than Crush and PandA and NAVGL COMBINED. Great radio song!!! 1 minute ago via web


    Can’t say who of course, but this is good info, guys, this song is not Build-a-Bear in the least! half a minute ago via web


  90. blisskasden said

    Omgdja, thanks. David just keeps blowing me away, and I keep on writing about it. Stay tuned.


  91. bebereader said


    @missbianca Is this person unbiased or ODD-afflicted? LOLOL 4 minutes ago via web in reply to missbianca


    @snowangelzz This is NOT an ODD person at all. 2 minutes ago via web in reply to snowangelzz


  92. djafan said

    Very interesting…

    Bliss…I like your rants too…lol

    SF… Hi…obsessed, addicted, infected, hypnotized, mesmerized, his eased, etc….

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  93. bebereader said

    One year ago, June 25, 2009, at David’s concert in Newark, NJ, he paid tribute to Michael Jackson’s passing.

    credit niccoleexx


  94. Abrra said

    The people in the car next to me are blasting Michael Jackson songs. Amazing the impact he had on so many lives, and still does. about 2 hours ago via txt



  95. blisskasden said

    Bebereader, Pabuckie and I were at that concert in Newark a year ago, and heard the news just minutes before the concert began. David gave a wonderful performance that night, although it was a bit subdued. For example, “Zero Gravity” had a somewhat restrained vibe, and, of course, he made mention of MJ’s passing prior to “You Can”. David knew that “the show must go on”, but the significance of the moment was not lost on him.

    David Archuleta, a trooper and the classiest dude in Show Biz, all at the ripe old age of 18 1/2, a year ago.


  96. dakgal said

    Scuse me –Who is @missbianca? I’m always in the dark about these things. And how is she all knowing?

    dja= #92 awww –that makes me sad or something I can’t put my finger on. He looks happy and sad all at the same time.


  97. djafan said

    Dak…if I had to name it I’d call it “Gratitude”


  98. dakgal said

    On second thought I’d name it “Pure Love”


  99. Marciami said

    #83 Bright_Light – How poetic and beautiful
    FG – Beefcake hahahahahaha
    FG – I see your new AVI – what a shock!

    Let’s see – red pants, torso skin, thick belt, high tops or boots, throwing darts, fireworks, “man in the mirror” (remember he said that from his vlog about himself), more plaid, #28 – I screamed into the phone when I saw it (FG made me do it!!!!), #29 – church slacks??? not leather!!!), rolled up sleeves, rolled up pant legs, David at Coney Island, Matt Clayton photos, David holding a hymnal in his man hands while singing from the depths of his soul, #28 the face of an angel – pure joy, OMH hair, manly stare, someone touching David’s hair – I can fix his hair!, David in the movies – too hot to handle!! – I’ll stop now.


  100. bebereader said

    Bliss#95 I was at the Newark show, too and heard the sad news as I was driving to The Prudential Center. Inside the venue there were TVs set up and although you couldn’t hear, because of the noise, Michael Jackson’s picture was flashed on every screen. I wondered how the sad news would affect David since I knew he was a fan.

    As shown in the “You Can” clip, he very respectfully acknowledged Michael Jackson’s passing and then went on with the show, a bit toned down. I agree with you. I remember thinking that David, at the tender age of 19 was a consummate professional.


  101. bebereader said

    Hanging out in The Voice Unplugged now.


  102. bebereader said

    Dak#96 Miss Bianca runs a blog for David entitled “The Rambles of Bianca”. In addition to her blog, she creates all kinds of goodies for David’s fans, including bookmarks and calendars.

    Here’s the link:


  103. Marciami said

    Funny Girl – so really funny
    Thanks so much for your post that makes my insides so gooey and warm. Yes, random acts of kindness – it happens here and everywhere in David fandom everyday, and I have felt it. Like attracts like – we are all a reflection of wonderous parts of David and each other. “We understand love at first sight” and such a relief that we all know how each other feels in some way without saying a word or having to explain or feeling weird. As a friend said to me – I don’t get the obsession, but all of you do. YEA!! I have to admit that I am not handling the motherly and non-motherly feelings very well at all, but thank you for understanding why this older (yuck) woman is instinctively yelling and screeching and jumping when David comes out on stage. I really have to say, he takes me over (like a warm, gently wave in the ocean) and I feel a loss of control that all of you know. “Hidden treasures” that some of us might have never felt before. I feel like this is one of the luckiest times in my life – to find David, to find people who feel the same way, and to be accepted by them. I love David and I love all of you too.
    FG – you have been a wonderful friend to me and I must thank you again for helping me climb out of my months of depression after the last time I saw David in Dec. I really didn’t know how I was going to make it with not seeing or hearing him for so long. I know this sounds really crazy, but I feel this is a safe place for me to reveal that pain and longing. I am a goner for the rest of my life – what a way to go!!!

    Please don’t ban me and take my membership card away – I forgot exactly what he said to the maid. And FG, I am very impressed that you found the spelling of Lemak Chili Padi- oh just to feed David one sip.
    Sorry so long.


  104. Angelica said


    I think that about sums it up. We are so ruined.

    le sigh..I’m going le cafe Unplugged. Join us?


  105. munkmusic said

    FG, I just had to say, I love your article! I have only been to one of David’s shows. I haven’t had the privilege of meeting fans, VIP’s, etc. But I have to say that I have the same feelings of friendship and love for everyone…….it is magic. I hope to someday have the opportunity to meet David and hang out with ODD friends. Sometimes I think it will never happen, cuz I think David is just going to get bigger and bigger ……..YAY! (so excited for this next year) But I am grateful just to have his music and these great sites to read and enjoy! So! Thanks so much for your great post. And WOW! on the pics here!


  106. FG said

    Marciami – hugs to you! We have made it 6 months without being in his airspace. Gosh were we all spoiled those 1st two years huh? Some fans have not ever met him or even been to a show. It just makes it worse. Once it starts for them we’ll have to hold them.

    djafan #92 that screencap of him tearing up is all that anyone needs to know about this incredible person. Who else pours their heart out for all to see and gives freely, even selflessly, of his gift?

    FYI – I will be on vacation next week (God help me find some wifi…)so please have extra fun for me! PEACE, Love and ARCHUUULETTTTTAAAA!


  107. Angelica said

    Good morning!! And from David…

    Good morning! I made a blog this morning that I’ll try and get up soon :). Sorry for looking scary in advanced haha.

    Yes, we will prepare ourselves for his scary, nasty looks. sheesh. How do you look bad in a blog. *gasp* Ya think he meant VLOG!!!

    Also, Pabuckie got a tweet right after this:

    @DavidArchie so why do I feel you’ve left NY — haha

    @pabuckie Maybe because you’re right 🙂


  108. Angelica said



  109. SandyBeaches said

    There is no doubt that David likes to tweet back and forth with pabuckie!!! How many tweets does that make?



  110. Angelica said

    Scary David. Puleeze. Nice to hear how much he embraced the photo shoot and just let the real him come out. Think he’s getting more comfortable in his own skin?




    ta ta for now. Gotta go shop for victuals.


  111. SandyBeaches said

    Munkmusic…David will have to get as big as the sun and the moon to keep far away from his loving fans, so don’t worry we won’t let it happen and you will see him again soon!



  112. munkmusic said

    SandyBeaches, Thanks so much! I love this site. I lurk often…..


  113. bebereader said

    Loved that vlog!!!
    And the screencaps! Woot! Woot!

    Another video from Rexburg book signing.

    The fan says: “I love him; he just sang to me!”

    Credit jwipe


  114. Pabuckie said

    Sandybeaches – I have to admit I chucked at what u said. David likes tweeting me back and forth – and it’s “7” but who is counting, right? 😉

    I have to say I am kinda happy I got that tweet this morning. My pc crashed and I’ve basically lost everything “David” I had — from the past 2 years. It’s weird I feel like my house went on fire or something and I feel such a loss because of it. All my memories, pics, screencaps (oh lord we know how many of those I’ve taken! haha), collages, music, mp3s/mp4s — yep, no back-up and all my memories down the tube. So, I consider it a blessing in some way I got that tweet this morning cuz I’ve been so sad about losing everything. Anyway just wanted to share that. Thanks.

    Also, loved David’s vlog — he seems soooo happy and excited and that’s all that really matters.


  115. Kizzi said

    Hellooo everyone!

    FG – Wonderful title “Brotherhood of Faaaaaaans” Mr. K had labeled it the “Sisterhood of the Traveling David Fans.” And, as he really likes the “brotherhood” moniker he told me that was his new description and I’d have to “live” with the masculinity of it all – thinks he’s rattled my feminism streak so I let him think he did. He is so sweet, isn’t he, so I have to let him win a point of view discussion every now and then. 😉 LOL. 😀 😀 😀


  116. bebereader said

    Pabuckie#114 Sorry about your computer crashing. If you need anything to build back your files, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

    Kizzi#114: 😉 😀


  117. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  118. bebereader said

    17 days ’til July 13th!


  119. Nancy L said

    #114 Pabuckie – I lurk here all the time but don’t post (too shy with all of you great writers.) I recently had my computer crash and lost all of my David stuff so I can feel your pain. I am technology-challenged and did not have a back-up drive so I had to have someone come fix my computer who was able to find most of my David stuff on my hard drive. So don’t give up hope! I now have a back-up drive and back up every day.

    I loved David’s vlog! He needs to get new mirrors in his house if he still thinks he’s weird looking. He definitely doesn’t see what we see!

    Thanks again so much for this wonderful site and for such a warm and inviting David fan community.


  120. emifriend said

    This is like a continual feast of exquisite chocolate except instead of different nuts and coconut and fillings we have writers, photographers, videographers and David himself… it’s so sweet I can barely look at more than a few things at a time, and each time I stand amazed at the beauty and the kindness in all and how lucky I am to get to partake. All of you so amazing in your own rites! and the love..I love love love love the love! I’ve not been saying much of late, but now, I’m just sayin…Thank you, every one of ya.


  121. blisskasden said

    I defy anyone to watch a Vlog from David and not be grinning ear to ear while you’re watching it. It has nothing to do with what he’s saying. It’s that glow on his face and the power he has to transmit joy, whether it’s on TV, radio, in concert, on a computer, in person, and even, in thought. It doesn’t exist in time or space, it just IS.

    In the Rexburg signing video that Bebereader posted, the look on those girls’ faces after he signed their books, and sang a little to them, is the look we’ve seen throughout the book signing tour. Heck, I probably had the same look on my mug at Borders in NYC.

    Pabuckie, 7 Tweets, huh? If I need to get an answer from David, can you tweet him the question so I can be sure to get a response (LOL).


  122. betsy said

    Oh Bebe, I absolutely love that video. (#113) Her face!!! She is adorable. With her hand on her heart. 🙂


  123. djafan said


    Went to see Karate Kid! I saw Toy Story last weekend loved both movies.

    Bliss…”I defy anyone to watch a Vlog from David and not be grinning ear to ear while you’re watching it. It has nothing to do with what he’s saying. It’s that glow on his face and the power he has to transmit joy, whether it’s on TV, radio, in concert, on a computer, in person, and even, in thought. It doesn’t exist in time or space, it just IS.”

    Every single thing you said above! He just IS!

    What’s this about a possible performance on the 6th at the Venetion?


  124. Abrra said

    Nancy L
    Welcome! So glad you decided to de-lurk 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  125. bebereader said

    #113 is a short video but says it all. David’s smile is downright intoxicating. Since his hands were busy signing, the Deseret employee opened his water bottle for him (at :18), then David quickly took a sip. I have a feeling she enjoyed the small gesture and would have done it even if his hands were free! 😉

    Emifriend: Did you hear? David is coming to your neck of the woods!

    I’m a fan of the long hair, but have to say that I’m loving David’s new cut!


  126. Pabuckie said

    NancyL – Thank you for feeling my pain. I too am technology challenged. The only reason I wanted a computer was because of David. The only reason I’m on twitter is because of David. haha! So I won’t give up hope and I too had a technician come to my house. Don’t be shy for I know, myself, I am not a great writer either, but I know I love David and I know that is all that is required to post here.

    When I dont have a computer for a few days, people may wonder why I get so upset about it. What they don’t realize is how much David means to me and brings to me in my life — to be able to hear him sing every day on Youtube and see his beautiful face. I know I can’t stand it — it’s almost like FOOD for the SOUL — only it’s DAVID for the SOUL. It just does the heart good that’s all I know.

    That video – David looks so happy being with his fans. He looks so comfortable to be able to mingle with his fans and talk to them. I really feel the vibe is so much better than at the VIP I went to. Forget the pic standing next to David. Just looking at him for those few seconds face-to-face and seeing his glow is all I need. David loves interacting with his fans and these book tours are the way to go. There is no pretentious, no orderliness to them. They are carefree & happy like David!!


  127. djafan said

    Nancy and Pabuckie,

    Your writing is perfect for The Voice.



  128. Pabuckie said

    Awww thanks! Djafan (imitating David) lol


  129. Nancy L said

    The people who write here know just how to take my overwhelmed feelings about David and put them into words. It is interesting that for such a shy young man David is able to smile and greet so many people and radiate such joy and make each one feel like he’s given them something special in just those few seconds. At a VIP you can get a picture with him and put your arm around his back…hm, did I just say that out loud? I am so thankful that there are others out there who understand it’s not just about the Voice, or just about how we feel when we see him even on our computer screen on a You Tube video, it’s about who he is and how he makes us feel better as a person. Just looking at that smile makes you smile and want to laugh out loud.


  130. Marciami said

    I would like to declare again that I LOVE David in his baseball jersey in #28 – looking at him in that pic does more for me than chocolate, and that is saying something! Clapping for someone else – giving.


  131. Nancy L said

    Sure…make me scroll back up past the red pants picture to see what photo you’re talking about in #28. Thanks for giving me an excuse to look at him in the red pants again. Better than chocolate, you say?


  132. Abrra said

    Just can’t let a fun vblog like that go to waste now can I?



  133. Pabuckie said

    Abrra – I love your “sleep deprived David vlog”! haha
    He is just so dang precious!! I love the way he says “Utah” and “Katsu”


  134. Abrra said

    Thanks PA!
    Dear David,
    Look what you made me do!



  135. Angelica said

    “Hm, I should’ve waited ’til I was more awake to make this lol, but it’s long so here’s the blog!”

    Abrra, apparently David agreed with you. LOL! I have watched your mgr of sleep deprived David 5 times already. “Katsu!” LMBO!!! His eyes wander around like he’s trying to focus and it ain’t happening. haha. Hope he gets some good sleep tonight. Go to bed David! (((So precious)))


  136. Marciami said


    I want to respond to your comment under Angelica’s post on DIVINE FREQUENCY. (#9 for those who would like to read it again) I am sorry it has taken me so long but it has been on my mind. I hope you see this.
    Thank you is not enough to say to you for writing your essay. Your words and thoughts and insights and understanding and clarity are brilliant and stunning and resonate for me more than I can tell you. You have discerned what is for me a challenge but the essence of so much – BELIEVING. Believing in self, others, life, kindness, love, existence. Maybe believing in a “higher power?? “During his performance, I think I could see, and feel, what “believing” is all about ” I am your age and consider myself as a non-religious person all my life. Faith and trust are challenges for me that I wish I could feel and have in my heart – the way David does. “He feels it. It is real to him and he shares it with us.” That is what it is for me. David lets me feel some of what he feels in his spirit (sorry if I’m not saying this the right way). I know I am not able to experience what he feels due to my limitations. I would give anything if I could. But I can feel some of it and hold “believing” in my heart for a moment, and it gives me strength and hope, and maybe faith. I had never heard Be Still My Soul until I heard David sing it when he was young. There are no words – I could feel my “soul” and there was a sense of peace and calm with his voice. I use it as a mantra. David’s VOICE helps me believe.

    Thank you.


  137. Marciami said

    I sincerely apologize to everyone for taking so much space and repeating what I wrote. I tried to do something and it didn’t work.


  138. bebereader said

    Nancy L: Welcome to the Voice!

    Ab: Your sleep-deprived David vlog is hilarious! 🙂 He’s adorable when he’s sleep-deprived. 😀

    Marciami Thank you for your candid, beautiful post.

    “There are no words – I could feel my soul and peace and calm with his words.” <<<< This holds true for me, too.

    Someone on Twitter pointed out that David's Rexburg performance of "Not A Very Good Liar" has 17,888 views! That's no small change!


  139. betsy said

    “He feels it. It is real to him and he shares it with us.” That is what it is for me. David lets me feel some of what he feels in his spirit (sorry if I’m not saying this the right way)

    Yep. You said it just right. 🙂
    And it’s beautiful.


  140. Pabuckie said

    I just watched the original VLOG again at .39 when the cat hits the computer — check out THE LOOK from David! Hysterical! OH David you’re too much.


  141. Angelica said

    Marciami 136, 137

    I fixed your post taking out the duplicate wording. What you have said is so heartfelt and compelling. The ability to let go of our doubts and believe, as you say: “Believing in self, others, life, kindness, love, existence. Maybe believing in a “higher power??” is one of the greatest forces on earth. It can move mountains and turn a life around. I’m so glad that poof’s essay resonated with you and that David is giving you a peek into your own soul by revealing that power that resides in his. (((hug)))


  142. Angelica said

    Pabuckie 141

    You mean THIS look? “These animals..”



  143. bluesky said

    Angelica, Djafan, Bebereader, Abrra:

    Just want to say thanks for the site and all your great work! (Abrra: amazing MGR!!)

    Lurkers, Posters and writers:

    Thanks to you as well! My cup runneth over. (Marciami: loved your post.)

    Aaaannnndddd… That last pic, Angelica? Last time I saw a look like that on his face he was ducking Priscilla. Glad it’s something less… tall this time. Thanks. ^_^


  144. bluesky said

    Marciami – yes, I totally agree with you about the pic in #28 in the red jersey. Absolutely priceless. My fave, too.

    (Now, if you would just introduce me to your older brother in pic #60, DA… I would be happy to let you go on watching the game while he and I fetch some popcorn for you. Just sayin’.)


  145. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  146. poof said

    First of all,, major hugs!!!!
    I so appreciate what you said about my thoughts, and that was just what they were. I was trying to unravel how I felt about confusing and important feelings I had while listening to David and Be Still My Soul. This sight is such a wonderful place to share your thoughts, knowing someone will understand. Thank you for sharing yours. David, through his steadfast goodness has helped me to again “believe” in many things I thought were lost, or at least diminished for me. David’s “light” seems to help me better see “my way.” It sounds like he does this for you, as well. What you said was just beautiful, and I am so glad you shared it with us.


  147. Marciami said

    Angelica – thanks for fixing my post.
    I appreciate the beautiful and kind words you wrote that help to inspire me to continue to look to David for a way to “let go of my doubts and believe” in something. The power, trust, love, peace, hope and faith that eminates from David is palpable to me. Sometimes I “borrow” some of his faith and try to believe that what he believes is real and true (hope this doesn’t sound too weird). I hope he would not think that is strange – you know those fans and all!!
    “peek into your own soul by revealing that power that resides in his” I guess this is what is called “soul searching”!! Maybe I am on some kind of quest or journey with David, and all of you. Thanks you for your support and understanding. Our love for David binds us together, regardless of our differences. And I am grateful. I do believe in the “goodness” of others, as is shown everyday on this site and others.

    Abrra, Bebe, Betsy – your words mean a lot to me


  148. This may be off topic: Been thinking about David’s latest tweets. Even though the Espinoza Paz type of music seems to be popular with many hipanics, it’s not exactly my cup of tea. I’m really hoping that in the Spanish album, there will be more of the classic romantic ballads like “Contigo en la Distancia”. In a previous post, Gladys suggested a song called “El Dia Que Me Quieras” That is one beautiful classic that I also would love for David to sing. I’m really computer challenged, so I’m not even going to try and embed a video of it. But if anyone is curious and wants to YT it: “06 El Dia Que-Me Quieras Roberto Carlos”. It was posted by Antonioellegendario. IMHO, this is the best version of the song (Roberto Carlos is one of the Great Ones of hispanic romantic artists). Then again, David can make any song sound wonderful. Even if it’s not “my cup of tea”. I know he really likes different kinds of music. As I do too. And he was out enjoying a Spanish concert. It’ll be interesting (actually, I’m dying to see) what he’ll have for us in the Spanish album.


  149. txbilslp said

    Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who makes this site such a wonderful place to go to. I just read Poof’s and Marciami’s comments and I am in tears. Your remarks have strengthen my own faith. Your remarks on your experiences with David’s music is what it is all about. I believe this is what David’s is trying to do with his music- help us connect to the good that resides in all of us. Hopefully from there each person can use it as a way to discover where that goodness, love, light comes from.

    I guess that’s why we are here as fans. We are now not only tied to David but to each other because we have felt each others’ spirits through these experiences.


  150. txbilslp said


    I love Spanish music. It’s how I personally learned to speak the language, listening to hours of ballads, regional, rock and pop music in Spanish. I love much of it but my favorites are the ballads. Somehow ballads in Spanish don’t sound cheesy. He may enjoy regional music like that of Espinoza Paz but IMO David would be wise to use his beautifully unique voice for many of those romantic ballads. He was born to do them. He can also do what many of the contemporary artists like Sin Bandera, Camila, and Reik who sing love songs with more up tempo beats. I wish I could embed and example.

    Well, that’s my two cents on the Spanish thing. Good day to all.


  151. Abrra said

    #149 Gayle
    Here you go:



  152. Abrra said


    Anyone can embed Youtubes in comments. Simply click and copy the icon under the youtube to get the code. Paste the code into your comment, click refresh when you are done with your post.



  153. betsy said

    I wonder why David deleted his last tweet. It’s still on my phone.
    “Singing Lo Intentamos now. I love this song.”

    Going to look it up.


  154. KathyH said

    My hunch is that he deleted that tweet because it sounded as if he was *singing* that song. And if fans hear that he sang something and they don’t have it on video, they’re going to start requesting. And maybe if he did sing that song, he wanted to sing it once, at this concert. IDK.


  155. YJfanofdavid said

    Off topic here, but I am loving David’s new management (whoever they are). In my city’s newspaper (Plain Dealer) yesterday, there is a little write-up about the July Fourth concert. The FIRST sentence of the write-p goes ” Capitol Fourth lineup announced: American Idol runner-up David Archuleta and Gladys Knight will perform at the annual July Fourth holiday concert in Washington, D.C.” And then it says something about the time, TV channels, and other performers, blah, blah, blah.

    And guess whose picture accompanies the article? Yep! And it’s a RECENT picture!!

    My local newspaper never liked him and was always dismissive of him whenever some news about him came up. I always dreaded reading about him in the local newspaper. So his management did a good job of sending a well-worded press release and apparently has enough clout to make the newspapers publish it. The only thing they need to lose is that American Idol runner-up title. Could have said “Jive recording artist David Archuleta” or “singer-songwriter David Archuleta”. (Which makes me think his new management is E-19?). Anyway, I am sqeeing here for seeing his name and face in my newspaper!


  156. YJfanodavid said

    “sqeeing”? What’s that? I am “squeeing” (and misspelling)! lol


  157. Pabuckie said

    Betsy and Kathy – when did that tweet come in? Was it last night during the concert or this morning. The reason I ask is if he tweeted after midnight perhaps he deleted it because it’s Sunday.
    And I also thought perhaps whoever was on stage was singing that song and David tweeted that he liked it. Just my take on it. But I dont know when the tweet came in.


  158. Abrra said

    #157 PA

    That tweet is still on my Tweetdeck browser:

    Singing Lo Intentamos now! I love this song.

    Sun 27 Jun 01:57 via txt



  159. Pabuckie said

    Abrra – oh well it was like what? 3 minutes before it turned Sunday.?? Someone on twitter said that tweet came in before he tweeted he was w/his Grandpa. Anyway, guess it doesn’t matter does it? David is entitled to delete a tweet once in a while! lol
    Maybe he simply changed his mind. haha! Was just curious. Thanks ABS!! 🙂


  160. bluesky said

    Gayle: this loses something in the translation.
    But still… you. are. brave. You really want to hear DA sing this, huh?

    It caresses my dream
    the smooth murmur of your sighing.
    How life laughs
    if your black eyes want to look at me.
    And if it is mine the shelter
    of your slight laughter
    that is like singing,
    it calms my wound,
    everything is forgotten.

    The day that you love me
    The rose that adorns,
    will dress in celebration
    with its best color
    And to the wind the church bells
    will say that already you are mine,
    and the crazy fountains
    will tell about their love.

    The night that you love me
    from the blue of the sky
    the jealous stars
    will watch us go by.
    And a mysterious ray
    will nest in your hair,
    inquisitive glow-worm that’ll see
    that you are my consolation.

    The day that you love me
    there’ll be nothing but harmony.
    The dawn will be clear
    and the water spring will be happy.
    The breeze will quietly bring
    a rumor of melody.
    And the fountains will give us
    their crystal song.

    The day that you love me
    the singing bird
    will sweeten its cords.
    Life will bloom
    pain will no exist.

    The night that you love me
    from the blue of the sky
    the jealous stars
    will watch us go by.
    And a mysterious ray
    will nest in your hair,
    inquisitive glow-worm that’ll see
    that you are my consolation.


  161. bluesky said

    Just saw a note on SA that there may be a performance on July 3rd? A “rehearsal show” for A Capital Fourth”?



  162. Angelica said

    Gayle, thanks for the gift of that song and thank you, Bluesky for the translation of those exquisite lyrics. Pure poetry. Pure romance. If David ever sings that song and others like it on a Spanish album he can write his own ticket in the music industry because the world will be at his feet.


  163. angelofdja said

    #160, We can only hope to hear such beautiful poetry and gorgeous lyrics such as those rise from David’s soul into ours!
    Others have said they don’t understand how David can sing about that kind of love when he has never had that kind of relationship. I most certainly disagree. The love of family, friends, faith, and fans is very visible to me. Everytime he opens his mouth you “feel” his love. His love makes me enjoy my love so much more!
    This is why I feel David is “on his mission.” Just by being himself he shows all the world, ever so quietly, what goodness and love are.
    I hope I made sense…I love David. He makes me better. He makes me smile. 🙂
    I cleaned my house for 7 hours straight yesterday listening to the Rexburg concert in my ears…I couldn’t help but smile and laugh and cry all the while having no problem with the duty at hand. GAH, he IS joy!


  164. gladys said

    160 * bluesky
    In the translation loses some verses, it is true. I do not remember if it was in the preceding article, or much earlier, I uploaded a video with the same song but sung by Luis Miguel.
    I like listening to Luis Miguel, but Roberto Carlos also does well.
    I can not translate;
    acaricia mi ensueño el suave murmullo de tus suspirar
    y como rie la vida si tus ojos negros me quieren mirar…….
    I try to translate these lines, but no words in any language can express its beauty, but if david sing, maybe ….. I like the version of Luis Miguel, the bolero version much more solid, is more a romantic song. I’d say that the version of Luis Miguel’s melodic style is David, is the style of Contigo en la distancia.
    Please listen to the same song in the version of Luis Miguel and then tell me, thanks girls

    PD. bolero is more than a love song, the most esponent is Armando Manzanero, he is the father of the boleros.
    To give you an idea, the bolero is what david express in Contigo in the distance.


  165. djafan said

    I’ve truly enjoyed reading this thread, the comments at times have brought tears, at times made me laugh, but also have made me stop and ponder all the things that have happened over the last two years being a fan of David. It has been an experience to be sure and to think there is more, much more. Watching David on this last vlog, the excitement and appreciation he has for things to come actually is kinda scary…lol

    I tweeted David last night after he mentioned, Espinoza Paz – ¿Lo Intentamos?. I found several videos of the song but this one I think fits the bill of ballad…


  166. djafan said


    I can not translate;I try to translate these lines, but no words in any language can express its beauty, but if david sing, maybe …..

    acaricia mi ensueño el suave murmullo de tus suspirar
    y como rie la vida si tus ojos negros me quieren mirar…….

    The soft murmur of your breath caress my dreams
    like life’s laughter when your ebony eyes look at me

    I tried but you’re right it doesn’t capture the “feeling” these words convey, David singing them? Oh we’ll feel them and understand them for sure as we all topple over… 🙂


  167. #150 Txbilslp: Thanks for making the point about David using his beautiful voice for the romantic ballads. I guess that’s what I was trying to say! 🙂

    #151 Abrra: THANK YOU!

    #160 Bluesky: Yes, oh yes! I know I’m risking sanity and/or life here but, oh it would be heaven for me!

    #162 Angelica: You’re welcome.


  168. bebereader said

    Uh oh I just listened to “Lo Intentamos?” by Espinoza Paz. *WOW*

    I have no idea what Senor Paz is saying in the lyrics and it hardly matters. If David ever sings that song I will need need oxygen nearby. The melody is so beautiful, he could be singing about waxing his car or hooking up his stereo system, the effect would be mezmerizing!

    Gayle122980 Welcome to the Voice! 😀


  169. Abrra said

    Today I received an email from John Torrey. He is the Princeton divinity student I met last December on the train home from New York. I had missed the CFTH show in Westbury, LI due to 20 inches of snow.
    He is quite a role model. After speaking with him for 1 minute I KNEW he was David-like in his outlook on life.Here is a link to the original article I wrote about that first meeting.

    ( the pictures seem to be removed so I will post one here)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    John Torrey and friends

    OK Now this is LONG but well worth the read. I wanted to share ( with John’s permission) his update about what he is doing this summer in Tanzania.

    John’s email :
    Hi friends and family! Mambo from Bagamoyo, Tanzania! Instead of doing a blog, I decided I would just send out a few emails to people I’m close to over the course of my stay, like last year. I have been here for over three weeks now, and it really seems like a long time. Each day is absolutely packed with volunteering, research, talking to friends (and the strangers who constantly call me over from off the street – you have to factor that into walking time from point A to point B) and (of course) world cup watching (for those who were disappointed about USA’s loss to Ghana yesterday, rest assured there were many who were not – now that we’re out, I hope everyone’s cheering for Ghana – they really do represent all of Africa to people here, and Africa so deserves to do well in their home world cup!). I feel like since I arrived, I’ve accomplished a major cultural/lifestyle/perspective adjustment into life over here. For those who don’t know, I am living by myself and not doing
    the volunteer-coordinating organization (called CCS) I did last year, although I am based in the same town as last year and am volunteering for the same HIV/AIDS NGO. Alongside my volunteer work, I am conducting Princeton senior thesis research on how mosques and churches act to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which means that I’ve been conducting a lot of interviews with religious leaders, NGO leaders, civil society leaders, and I will soon begin interview people living with HIV/AIDS (I’m trying to temporarily forget the fact that for every interview I do, I’ll have to spend about 2 -4 hours at Princeton meticulously listening to it and taking notes…). Princeton is funding my summer here, and I even have some money to travel around the country to add perspective and comparison to my research (and, of course, to see some more of Tanzania)! Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a way I can write down a Serengeti safari as a “research expense.”

    This summer’s experience so far in Bagamoyo has been very different from last summer’s in many ways. Living by myself, apart from other Americans who are doing CCS, makes me feel much more integrated into the Tanzanian society and less an outside observer of it. I have spent much less time with Americans (although I do hang out with current CCS people on occasion), and much more time with Tanzanians, this year than last. I have really solidified some friendships with Tanzanians that began last year, and have made some new friends in the local community. Spending more time with Tanzanians and doing my research interviews have already taught me a whole lot more about life here than I learned last summer. Last summer I feel like I got a somewhat superficial perspective on Tanzanian life, but this summer I am very much deepening it. And most of what I see is, honestly, very, very tough. Last summer I was overwhelmed by how often people smile over here, how kind people are, how c
    oncerned for others they are, and how welcoming they are of strangers. This is all true, but behind this amazing way of being, there is intense struggle and suffering for most people. As one friend put it, “Life here is struggle, but it is a good thing that people are happy about what they have.” What most Tanzanians have is caring and communally-focused social relationships (albeit amid a culture of intense gender-based injustice and HIV/AIDS stigma), and what most Tanzanians don’t have is much else at all. No matter how much I try, I will never come close to fully understanding Tanzanian life. I will never understand what it is like to be fully integrated into a society in which there is intense struggling and suffering all around you, and you yourself are greatly struggling and suffering. I will never understand what its like to grow up not having a bed to sleep on, or to not have eaten for days because I cannot afford food. I will never know what its like to spend my waki
    ng hours trying to scrape what in America is essentially pocket change out of a tremendously barren economy and to end my day with no more than three or four dollars. But this is life here for most people (it is actually the lucky Tanzanian who can make three or four dollars in a day), and I see it all the time even if I can’t come close to understanding it. In trying to understand Tanzania, I think of the Buddhist truth that a person can never fully know reality because he or she perceives reality through his or her own experiences, past and present. The solution to moving closer to knowledge of reality is through greater appreciation of how one’s experiences mask it. So these past few weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking about who I am in this place and have been trying to use this thinking about myself to shed the layers that hide Tanzania from me.

    I certainly have a new role to get used to in Tanzania! I walk around in this place of deprivation and struggle with a giant dollar sign floating above my head. Last summer, I could always take refuge from this uncomfortable fact in a group of Americans. I could escape the harder-to-grapple-with aspects of my identity here by moving into a group in which my identity was not strange. But now that I am hanging out with Africans all the time, there is no escaping the fact that I, a student with limited funds by US standards, am absolutely loaded with cash in this world of incredible scarcity. This gives me incredible potential power over people’s lives, which has been hard to get my head fully around. I try to help people when it seems extremely obvious that I should (helping people in small ways actually costs next to nothing here). For instance, when a ten-year-old I taught last year at a center for orphaned and vulnerable children told me she hadn’t eaten in a day and a half
    and was (of course) very hungry, it simply made sense to spend the four dollars necessary to discreetly take her and two other hungry, stick-thin, kid friends who were around at the time out for a filling meal. I tried to draw the line so that I wasn’t treating these selected kids TOO specially compared to the others by saying that they couldn’t have sodas, which cost 35 cents each. One of the kids (twelve years old) explained to the other kids that sodas simply were too expensive for me to buy them. She clearly seemed concerned about the four dollars I had already laid down for the three of them. Those kids will probably never know how incredibly cheap it was for me to feed them for a day. Even though they know I have a lot of money, they still think that four dollars is a pretty big personal sacrifice for me. Its sad to think of how little of a sacrifice it took from me to make those kids’ day hunger-free. Another example of the power I have here is that for my research I
    obtained $600 from Princeton to hire a translator for the summer. I decided to ask two of my good friends, a long-term couple my age (who plan to marry eventually), to translate for me and am paying them $15 for each day one of them translates, which comes out to about $5 an hour of work. At his nighttime waitering job, the guy in the couple makes $5 during a ten-hour workday if he is lucky. I will eventually give them the full $600 from Princeton (how could I not? Otherwise I have to return it to the University, plus, they are certainly working hard for it), but I have already fronted them half of it which has allowed them to buy property and supplies for an independent hair styling business which they intend to start this summer. This business (if successful) should allow them to earn a lot more than they do now and will set them on a path to a better life. So my presence here is creating this incredible opportunity for them, but what have I done to be able to do this? Just
    spent a few hours drafting out a budget and a proposal and gotten a grant from this rich university I have access to, and now I have the power to very much transform two people’s lives. It is hardly heroic, and it is very strange to contemplate how much power just typing some words on a page at Princeton has given me in Africa. In America, I’m just a regular student, but in Tanzania I am a very powerful individual, which is quite a difficult and uncomfortable role to get used to, but one I am reminded of all the time.

    I feel like I am being taught how to exist in Tanzanian culture by my friends here, and in the process I am learning a lot about Tanzanian life, which is teaching me a lot about how I want to exist on this planet. A major lesson I’m learning is one of generosity. Even though I try to fight it back home, I took my residual American perspective of a social distance between myself and strangers (and even friends) to Tanzania (the idea that I don’t have too much of an obligation to support my neighbor), and I am being absolutely schooled in its total wrongness over here. My friend put it bluntly when she said “when someone asks you for a little money, you should always give it to them.” She lives this philosophy daily by giving about two dollars out of her six-dollar-a-day salary to a thirteen-year-old girl and an old man who live nearby her who would otherwise have nothing to eat. I am absolutely awed after about half of my interviews, because what I am finding is a civil socie
    ty that is absolutely desperate for cash but that still manages to provide for so much need. I have talked to three people who are running support centers for orphaned and vulnerable children basically entirely out of their own pockets – out of what they can make from some very small-scale business – and out of the donations of some equally-cash-strapped Tanzanian friends. All three of these people have all tried and failed to get funding from western organizations (most of whose grant application criteria are designed to appeal to their rich western donors, not to effectively serve the poor, as is constantly frustrating me as I write grants for my NGO). These child-supporters have families of their own and could be making a whole lot more for themselves, but instead they pay for the food, school fees, clothes, medical needs, and other basic needs of 20-50 destitute kids. It absolutely kicks the incredible selfishness that is engrained in American culture to the curb. And tal
    king to so many of these kinds of people (there are many besides the three I?ve mentioned who do similar work with no money) fills me with such incredible awe (there is no other word for it). In America, you might meet someone like this – someone this completely selfless – only a few times in your life. Here, this type of person is absolutely all over the place. The armies who are fighting desperation around the globe are not in rich-world conference rooms. They are local people in poor societies, and I am learning more and more that to be effective, western aid must find ways of supporting them (absolutely everyone like this I’ve talked to is completely strapped for cash and has so much more good they want to do if only they could get money to do it).

    Anyways, I’ve basically written a novel here, so I’ll wrap up. Aside from the serious – the tragic and the uplifting which I encounter every single day – there is plenty of fun to be had in Tanzania. Tanzanians certainly know how to have a good time (going clubbing in Dar es Salaam really does beat clubbing in NYC – Tanzanians sure can throw a great dance party, plus, its great when you’re dancing in a club and you look around and see traditionally-dressed Maasai warriors dancing beside you). People here are obsessed with soccer and the world cup, and that has been great. Plus, there is such a positive energy in the air here all the time, it is hard not to get infected with it. Here, I learn what its like to be a celebrity a la Jonas Brothers – when I walk down the street, little kids get super excited and often come up and hug me (one four year old recently upon seeing me approach started hyperventilating and running around in circles waving her arms around, breathlessly re
    peating “mzungu!”). And I do enjoy the incredibly soppy American songs that are played completely un-ironically all over the place here – a favorite is Celine Dion’s “my heart will go on” (but there’s plenty of Lady Gaga, too, and of course hip hop and reggae).

    Anyways, I hope you are all having great summers, and I’ll probably send another email later on (I’ve got a big adventure planned – I will travel to a small, remote village in Mbeya (in the West) where one of my friends is from, so I’ll write with news from that).

    Stay poa,




  170. blisskasden said

    I read that Clay Aiken has come out with an CD of cover songs from the ’50s and ’60s. I have always felt that Clay was second only to David as a pure singing talent on AI, and love the concept of this CD.

    David is probably too soon into his career to put out such a CD, but, boy, would I love to wrap my ears and heart around that baby. Could you imagine, for example, the Lenny Welch classic “Since I Fell For You” reinvented by our resident musical genius. How about “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love” by Jackie De Shannon?

    Just some thoughts on a lazy, and very hot, Sunday afternoon.


  171. Angelica said

    Abrra thanks for sharing that email from John Torrey. What another great example of a young man who considers charity as the main focus of life. It is fascinating to read his adventures and how his contact with these wonderful people is changing his life while he attempts to change theirs. Maybe one day he will write a book, like David?

    Bliss, Oh what have you done? I just got an audio/visual of David singing “Since I Fell For You.” hot Pictures, Images and Photos The day just got hotter.


  172. Abrra said

    A favorite of mine as well from the 60’s.
    Here you go :



  173. bebereader said

    Are we looking for cover songs for David?
    Been waiting to share this one!

    Dear David,

    Please, please sing this song, one day!!!


  174. blisskasden said

    Angelica and Abrra, I remember loving the song as a kid, even though it wasn’t Rock ‘n Roll (LOL). Now that I’m partially grown up, it really sounds good. If David sings it, however, it’s all over for Lenny.

    Abrra, your friend John is obviously a very special guy. It’s good to know that there are people in the world helping people in need just because it’s the right thing to do.


  175. Abrra said

    Haha Bebe I went to see A Hard Days Night about 50 times in the movies! The Beatles were my “last” obsession until David came along. I have quite a stash of memorabilia packed away for my grandson’s inheritance. 😉

    It was evident that John was special. I felt like I was talking to someone who had David’s mindset about helping the less fortunate. After reading his email I thought that $300 to me is doable, when it means a family may be able to support itself.



  176. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe…So many of the Beatles songs had simple and easily understood lyrics with no flamboyance. When you are that good, everything is fantastic and David is on the same train…!!



  177. blisskasden said

    Bebereader, that’s another great song for David. I always wished that instead of “We Can Work It Out”, which became, shall we say, a tad “issued” for David, he would have sung “This Boy”, on Beatles week. Oh well, that’s ancient history, and now part of the mosaic of David’s journey. It’s all good.


  178. bebereader said


    It’s distressing to realize how hard life can be in other parts of the world, when we take things for granted, like hot water, clean sheets on a real bed and a roof over our head.

    John is doing some amazing things in Tanzania. He demonstrates how a little help can go such a long way. He’s got to come back from there a changed person.

    Thanks for sharing his update with us.


  179. bebereader said

    Abrra, SB and Bliss: Can you imagine David’s runs and falsetto in “I Should Have Known Better”, not to mention his flirtatious moves?

    Okay I guess I’ll stop right there. hahahaha


  180. dakgal said

    I had young kids when the Beatles were popular so didn’t get to pay to much attention –of course my favorite music is from the 50’s and 60’s and this one was one of my favs–I doubt anybody here has ever heard of it– a real catchy easy going song, that I think would work in today’s music , redone of course


  181. dakgal said

    Abs help!!!


  182. dakgal said

    This is what I get with the Embed code


  183. dakgal said

    EVERYONE! Mark this day on your calendar I POSTED A VIDEO!

    I’m spazzing over me. HIP HIP HOORAY


  184. dakgal said

    OK So have two Green Doors– Thanks abs—but I DID IT

    I’m done now.


  185. bebereader said

    16 more days!!!


  186. blisskasden said

    Dakgal, you’re killing me. When I was REALLY young, there was a DJ in NYC named Jim Lowe, who recorded a song called “Green Door”. I remember hearing it while riding in my father’s 1950 Buick, which was already 6 years old when this song came out in ’56. I also remember singers like Snooky Lanson and Dorothy Collins singing it on “Your Hit Parade”. Good to hear again after all these years. Thanks for posting it.


  187. bebereader said

    From Betsy:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  188. betsy said

    Abrra – thanks for posting that letter. What an amazing person John is. Glad he’s kept in touch with you.


  189. betsy said

    Here ya go. My favorite Beatles song. It would make my life if David sang this.
    p.s. My sister used this song in her wedding video – 1991.
    We watched it not too long ago and WOW. So many people who attended her wedding, including my parents, are gone now. This song is even more meaningful now than before.


  190. Tawna21 said

    Abrra, thank you for sharing John’s update. He’s an angel here on this terra firma. Tanzania will certainly be a better place because of his small acts of kindness. 🙂



  191. Cindy said

    If David were to ever do covers of songs from the 50’s and 60’s, I would love to hear him sing “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers.


  192. Cindy said

    I would love to hear David sing, “Unchained Melody” if he were to ever sing covers of songs from the 50’s and 60’s.


  193. Amb4dja said

    As usual just poppin’ in, while trying to do some catching up on DA reads here..and I know the conversation has meandered and have not read most of these posts but.. just wanted to say to thefunnygirl who wrote the original
    article here…(first, I love the title) and 2nd…I always say with David and about his fans…”like attracts like.” If we, in fact, encompass a large group of mostly nice, kind and soft-hearted, sentimental, honest, loving, giving, joyful, funny, creative souls…we’ve been inspired to “come out and play” because of one young guy, with many remarkable gifts to share, who encompasses all that and more.
    The more I engage in “fanworld”, the more I am impressed with what I’ve often just taken as PR speak, albeit sincere, from David when he says “I have the BEST fans!”…he really does. 🙂 and he deserves them.

    ok…going to do more reading.
    (btw Angelica…Love the Be Still My Soul Post too.)


  194. archiesfan4life said

    Cindy #191 – yes, that is definitely one I would love to hear David sing!


  195. Līdzbraucēju meklēšana,ekonomēt degvielu,lēti braucieni,transporta meklēšana,iespēja nopelnīt…

    […]‘A Brotherhood of Faaaaaaans’ « The Voice[…]…


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