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More Yum from Orem

Posted by tawna21 on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I was overwhelmed, awestruck, hypnotized, and mesmerized today.  I really was just overcome with love and affection when David walked out onto the plaza.  Without sounding lustful, I have to say that he is without a doubt beautiful!  Not only his physical appearance, but his spiritual beauty is just amazing.  But we already know all that.  It’s just that when you behold it up close and personal it’s breathtaking.

I was sitting/standing by Dayzee for most of the time, and we walked into the bookstore together.  We were right behind Annalisa from Italy (annyo84) , she let us move towards the front with her because we were both short people like her.  We were right in front of two girls (I can’t remember their names) that spent the 10 minutes we were in line rehearsing what they were going to say to David.  The one girl actually was about to pass out when she got to him, but she got out what she had been rehearsing.  It was actually a beautiful scene as she thanked him for his influence on her life, and David was so gentle and kind to her.

I saw and talked to refnaf, bluesky, John_AF, pattierae, shawna (stidwell), cb, zerogravity1, momjulee and gemzone.  I saw lots of others that I have seen before, but don’t really know their names, and I’m not really one to walk up and introduce myself (I need to take David’s advice and go out of my way and out of my comfort zone—–says me to self).

I took some pics of David (I’ve attached 3), mostly outside because they were hurrying us right along because of his time crunch with the airlines schedule.  But you know, you never would have guessed that inside his pretty little head was whirling around the fact that he had to make a plane that afternoon.  He was just as calm and cool as a cucumber, and so willing to take a few seconds and chat with fans as they were in front of him.  Did I mention that I just love this guy?!  I so wish we could all be in Rexburg together–I saw a tweet from David Osmond that he will be with David in Rexburg.   hmmm….

I’m gonna go look at my personalized book some more (I actually bought a new one today for him to sign so I can use my used one to mark up as I re-read it).  🙂  Hopefully real soon, lots more of us can meet.

86 Responses to “More Yum from Orem”

  1. sweetonDA said

    tawna, how I love that first picture. WOW! You, along with all the others who have shared their book signing adventures, videos and pictures have made my days so much more enjoyable. I’ve had a smile on my face for days.

    I agree, it would be lovely if we could all be in Rexburg together. We need to have one great big ‘archufanfest’. Wouldn’t that be fun?


  2. jackryan4DA said

    Guys, I added another vid to the MOA MN Tour Page — a great coverage of MOA Book Signing by Star Tribune:

    LOL – “…he took the time to make his hair perfect and pointy” – probably because it was a lifestyle section, they had to same something relevant, bahahahahahaha


  3. pabuckie said

    Loved your story tawna and I spent more like 20 minutes rehearsing what I was gonna say and nothing came out like what I rehearsed! haha It all goes “mush” when I’m NEXT!

    Loved this! “his spiritual beauty is just amazing. But we already know all that. It’s just that when you behold it up close and personal it’s breathtaking.” SO TRUE!

    I dont know how he does it but like you said even tho he was hurrying to catch a plane you would have never guessed it — he always remains calm and gives you those few seconds of preciousness that makes you feel special.

    He just amazes me and wish I could have been there in that beautiful scenery! What a special time and place for you to be there with him and share that day, that moment with him!


  4. Abrra said


    Thanks for your recap. I am just as excited to know you were with our David friends at the book signing! It enhances the experience 100 times over.

    JR and anyone else who wants to post video, here is what you need:

    Under the right corner of the Youtube video, there is an “EMBED” icon. Click that and copy the url that appears in the field to the left of the icon. Paste that url into your comment here.
    The http://v formula does not work in our template.

    I hope this is helpful. We encourage anyone who wishes to share a favorite video to add it to comments.



  5. archiesfan4life said

    tawna – David certainly is a beautiful person both physically and spiritually and no one shows us how to live in the present moment like David – he never rushes his fans and he takes time to really listen to what we say to him – what a rare and wonderful trait that is!

    Thanks for sharing your day with us and I look forward to meeting you and many more fans as we continue on this journey. Of all the many blessings my ODD has brought into my life these past 2 1/2 years getting to know and become friends with so many other fans is definitely at the top of my list.



  6. Nanaweize said

    Tawna…great recap! I was hoping to be down at Orem with you but had an appointment I had to keep. I didn’t get through until after 1pm so didn’t think I would make it down to Orem in time. Wish I could have been there but I am still a happy girl being able to be at the SLC signing.

    Tawna said…Not only his physical appearance, but his spiritual beauty is just amazing. But we already know all that. It’s just that when you behold it up close and personal it’s breathtaking.

    I too am in awe of his spiritual beauty…and it is breathtaking! Sometimes you can just sense the inside beauty in a person and I have always felt that when I see David. I really believe he has that “Glow” about him.

    I have been reading COS…Weize is once again “Amazed”!


  7. kaycee said

    I just caught a news segment on Fox 13 in Utah with David talking about visiting the White House today with children from the Miracle Network! Hopefully there will be video!


  8. SandyBeaches said

    Tawna…Thank you for today`s lovely story. You all have shared your stories about your time with David so realistically, that we were almost there ourselves and that we do appreciate so much.

    Tawna, I will see you again when we all get together to watch David at a concert. Positive thinking will get us there and soon!



  9. djafan said

    Tawna! Not only his physical appearance, but his spiritual beauty is just amazing. But we already know all that. It’s just that when you behold it up close and personal it’s breathtaking.

    Breathtaking indeed. It doesn’t matter how many times you see him his spiritual aura envelops you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!


    The Champions’ itinerary includes a tour of Washington, D.C., a luncheon with senators and congressmen, and a tour of the White House where they traditionally meet with the President. Country music artist Mark Wills and 2010 Miss America Caressa Cameron will join the Champions for the week. Additionally, pop star and American Idol runner-up David Archuleta will be in Washington, D.C. with the Champions on Wednesday, June 9 for a number of events.


  10. bebereader said


    I was hoping to see your recap here! There’s good reason that everyone is quoting that sentence from your article, the one about David’s physical and spiritual beauty; it’s spot-on! Glad to see that I’m in good company and not the only one left breathless at the mere sight. David wears his heart on his sleeve and has no pretenses.

    This moved me, too:

    “The one girl actually was about to pass out when she got to him, but she got out what she had been rehearsing. It was actually a beautiful scene as she thanked him for his influence on her life, and David was so gentle and kind to her.”

    David has to notice that some fans are on the verge of tears when they meet him. We saw it in a video someone posted last night on the previous thread. He won’t embarrass or call attention; instead, he uses his words and his demeanor to make every fan feel comfortable. So touching to see this in action.


  11. Tawna21 said

    Thank you all for your comments. We all share the love for one very special being, and that is so evident in all the posts and comments that come up. It was kind of funny when he walked out. Dayzee and I caught sight of him at about the same time. We both just gasped and grabbed each other’s arm to keep from crumpling under the delight presented by his awesomeness (a real word?). It’s hard to imagine in one’s mind from the pictures how much of a man David has become in his appearance. It’s something you have to see for realz.

    Pabuckie–Dayzee and I were fussing over who was to go first–she won, I had to go next because I was shorter. So, my thoughts came out in a jumbled manner.

    Yeah abrra–being with friends makes the event even more worthwhile–caring and sharing is always a good thing.

    AF4L–we are friends for life that is hard to explain to other people–they look at us like we are weirdos.

    Weize–he certainly does have a ‘glow’, and yesterday’s gorgeous sunshine didn’t hold a candle to it.

    SB–dang those airlines for not working around your schedule!! That’s really rude of them. Apparently they don’t realize what they should be doing.

    DJAF–it never ceases to amaze me that we don’t ever ‘get used to’ his aura, but then which of us really wants to.

    May God bless David as he travels thru the D.C. area that he will be able to reach the hearts of our politicians and soften them is my sincere prayer for today.



  12. Tawna21 said

    bebe– it so obvious that David is a spiritual being having a human experience simply because of the way he responds to people. We are not his fans, we are his friends.



  13. bebereader said

    So David is in Washington, DC for more than singing the National Anthem at a ball game. It’s not surprising that he is involved in a cause like Children’s Miracle Network.

    Twitter is going a little nuts from the tweets about this event.

    “@DavidArchie was just on TV and said he was going to tour the Whitehouse and MEET THE PRESIDENT!!”

    “@DavidARchie you are such a good person! if only everyone would follow your example, the world would finally know peace”

    “David Archuleta was just on Fox13 talking about The Childrens Miracle Network!”

    “@momJulee LOL, my mom about jumped thru the phone on the news that David is at the White House. She’s looking for him on CNN as we”

    Let the youtubes begin! 😀


  14. djafan said

    twitter won’t let me in!


  15. djafan said

    Maybe because of this tweet?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  16. Blisskasden said

    Taswna21,beautiful recap. David is a living example of what one can accomplish by going out of one’s comfort zone. When he sings “You gotta be strong….”, he’s singing about himself and encouraging others at the same time. No one leads by example better than David. Again, loved your recap, and I hope to get to meet you at an upcoming concert.

    As for today, I hope President Obama and those other big shots realize that they will be breathing the rarified air that only comes from being in the company of Mr. David Archuleta. This is no mere head of state we’re talking about. This is David Archuleta!


  17. bebereader said

    Djafan: Twitter’s been over-capacity all morning!
    Love that tweet! It’s sooo David! 🙂


  18. Nanaweize said

    Blisskasden said
    As for today, I hope President Obama and those other big shots realize that they will be breathing the rarified air that only comes from being in the company of Mr. David Archuleta. This is no mere head of state we’re talking about. This is David Archuleta!

    Bliss…no choice in my book…I would choose to meet Mr. David James Archuleta over the President or any head of state!


  19. betsy said

    If I recall correctly, the first family was backing David when he was on Idol.
    I bet those girls see to it that they meet him as well. 🙂


  20. djafan said



  21. bebereader said

    Teddy’s been found!

    Hear it from David himself:

    “So my dog Teddy has been lost for a while, but he’s been found and is back home now! Woot woot!”

    20 seconds ago


  22. sweetonDA said

    So glad Teddy’s back where he belongs.


  23. djafan said

    Just discussed tweeting with @DavidArchie…seriously.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  24. betsy said

    David all dressed up for the White House/sigh.
    That IS the White House, isn’t it?


  25. bebereader said

    Djfan: Thanks for the great pic!
    Here’s another-

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Both pictures credit: kristenkee


  26. Blisskasden said

    Have you ever noticed how happy anyone who is taking a picture with David looks. It must be the close proximity. When you’re that close to “the glow’, you glow too.


  27. djafan said

    David Archuleta doing a version of Lean on Me in the east room for Children’s Miracle Network

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit @mckennamiller


  28. djafan said

    See David?…President Obama is so lucky to meet David!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit: kristenkee


  29. bebereader said

    Twitter is going nuts!

    “I’ll bet everyone at The White House is currently being blown away by @davidarchie.

    Someone HAD to be recording video of @Davidarchie singing Lean On Me at the White House! The happiness of our nation depends on it!! 🙂

    @DavidArchie What a day this must be for you! Meeting the CMN kids and singing at the White House! And you still have the game tonight !

    Watch all the Secret Service lose their concentration on their job 11 minutes ago via web

    Well there is that camerman filming right behind him! 🙂 praying!!

    Jonerzz Man O’ Man! From a @DavidArchie drought to a flood! I think we’re gonna need an ARK!

    @Jonerz When should we start building? …. lol”


  30. Bright_Light said

    LOL it almost looks like President Obama is taking the photo of David in # 27!


  31. Angelica said

    Squeee! Look at Mr. Man in #23. I do recall hearing the Obama girls were big David fans during season 7. And that is so weird seeing cell phones taking video in the East Room of the White House in #27. lol! Videos be a-comin. Yahooo! And tonight singing at the game too! And Teddy home too?

    It doesn’t get any better than this. Well, it does. But not on a Wednesday between tours and book signings and no single or CD released yet. That would be better. But this is better than anything but that.


  32. Shawna said

    I have been so out of the loop today, cause I have been working all day, but just finished here and was able to read this. Tawna, we did have so much fun didn’t we, and you are so spot on here. I think I won’t need to write a recap, cause you did such a splendid super job here with this one, and we were together in Orem. You are such a sweetheart and so glad to be getting to spend time with you at David events and can’t wait until Rexburg next week.

    Oh, my, today has been eventful, hasn’t it? Just got time to look and see all these gorgeous pics of one amazing young man. He looks so good and so happy!! I am so glad that he got this experience. I wonder if the Obama girls got to be there. I hope so. I know he just gained a million more fans with that song, cause he blew us away yesterday with it, and I am sure he sang it acappella too. How can one sing so perfect that way!!!!!!!!! I can’t even sing with music playing. He just amazes me to no end.

    And we still get more tonight!!! Oh this week is wonderful!!!!!!!!


  33. Shawna said



  34. Shawna said

    I just wanted to thank all the admins here for such a beautiful and wonderful site. You are the best and I told so many fans about you yesterday!! Everyone I talked to that didn’t know about here, does now!!


  35. SandyBeaches said

    Hi Shawna and everyone!! Just 24 hours ago he was in Orem with fans and conversation was about his book and where everyone is from and so on and today he is wow…right there with President Obama who will never forget him after today. I am so happy for him, so excited over him and so proud of the guy we follow in the news back and forth across the country. Hold on, he likes roller coasters and I think that we are on one…



  36. SandyBeaches said

    David sang “Lean On Me” in the Whitehouse today…

    I just had to say it!



  37. djafan said

    Sounds good SB…real good. 🙂


  38. bebereader said

    Shawna#33 Thank you!

    SB#34 “How do you catch a moonbeam in your hands?”


  39. River said

    This has to be another really big day in the life of our magical David. Not long ago he mentioned he had not met the President. I can imagine that President Obama said at some point that he had not met David Archuleta yet (: You could tell from his FOX interview this morning that he was thrilled to be with the young “champions” being feted. David’s journal entry tonight will be one to remember and certainly one his “kids & grandkids” will be so proud of, just as we are so very proud of him.


  40. emifriend said

    My prediction is that in no time at all, Obamapal will be contributing lyrical essays about the beauty and essence of David on the Voice..


  41. pabuckie said

    Will miracles never cease!
    1. Teddy was found! Yeah!

    2. David sang & shook hand with the President! and

    3. David sings the National Anthem at a baseball game! 🙂

    All in a day’s work! haha


  42. djafan said

    IN red…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  43. emmegirl said

    Happy happy day day!

    SB #35 lol!

    Just HAD to bring these from FOD:


    @DavidArchie was amazing!!! Players clapped for his NA


    David was incredible! i was standing next 2 some guys. when everybody screamed, they said- wow he has many fans


    @colorRC Hey! My sister just saw David Archuleta sing the national anthem at a baseball game or something and said he did superb lol


    Good thing I decided to come to the game tonight! I would have missed David Archuleta singing the National Anthem! #nats


    @DavidArchie clapped for amazing first pitch by a special young man



  44. cowboys4 said

    I seem to recall Obama’s daughters being fans of David. Didn’t he once say they voted for him on American Idol? I’m sure it was as much a treat for them to meet David as it was for David to meet the President and (hopefully) his family too.
    p.s. Hi up there Mari! 🙂


  45. FG said



  46. bebereader said


    Thanks for the tweets!

    And I hear there is video coming!


  47. bebereader said

    More tweets from 327dauta_WashDC:

    In his intervew david said that he was INVITED to the white house. so proud of david. It’s not like his management arranged it. He was invited! 14 minutes ago via txt

    He also said that b4 he sings he does vocal exercises and says a prayer. 9 minutes ago via txt

    He also talked about kids at White House. very inspirational interview. 6 minutes ago via txt


  48. SandyBeaches said

    This is what you call the ‘waiting game’…

    You play it by going away from your pc and doing everything that you should be doing and then you come back and presto there will be pictures and a video or two.



  49. pabuckie said

    Cowboys4 — You’re right! and I also remember an interview with Obama where he said he daughter’s insisted he put CRUSH on his IPOD! LOL


  50. bebereader said

    SB You’re absolutely right. I did the same thing. Walked away….came back, but nothing yet.

    Except some funny tweets from someone who saw David at the game tonight:

    2 words: David Archuleta. Pic coming up, hopefully. about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    You guys, he’s really short. Like: REALLY short. about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    OMG archuleta fans have TAKEN OVER my Twitter. Sit tight y’all, he’s eating rite now. about 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    I don’t know what Archie is eating, but I’m gonna guess and say chicken fingers. about 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    Archuleta is singing the national anthem at the Nats game tonight. I’ll be meeting him again in about 10 mins. about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    Couldn’t get a pic. He’s very very nice. And he smells good. about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

    Last Archuleta tweet ever: he smelled like REALLY nice deodorant. I didn’t go out of my way to sniff, just kinda happened. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone


  51. bebereader said

    And more:

    I took some intense stare pictures of david. oh man. he should be a model. about 1 hour ago via txt

    one fan got a ball signed by jive recording artist david archuleta 42 minutes ago via txt

    7 inning stretch. no david. so i guess he is not singing gba. its all good. it was 2 small chance. 34 minutes ago via txt

    On the way home! will send pics soon! video will take longer..sorry.hope somebody already posted the video. he is so amazing. 12 minutes ago via txt


  52. Angelica said



  53. iteachkidz22 said

    Thank you for sharing your day at the Orem book signing. It was such an awesome experience, wasn’t it? I met you briefly while we were all waiting in line. I was sitting behind you and Dayzee. Like you I am somewhat shy and have a hard time just starting a conversation with a stranger, but being a fan of David is helping me do all kinds of things I never thought I would. lol I only occasionally comment on the fan sites, so I am mostly just a lurker. I do enjoy reading everyone’s wonderful posts, though. I will be in Rexburg at the signing and the concert, so I hope to see you again there.


  54. bebereader said

    Angelica: You are the fun-nee one! hahaha


  55. emifriend said

    Angelica: My sentiments exactly!


  56. Tawna21 said

    SB #48—boy have you got that right!! Only problem is I reallllyy don’t like the wait. We need stuff NOW. {sigh}



  57. Tawna21 said

    Iteachkidz22—Please find me in Rexburg!!! I want to re-meet you. I’m sitting in section k. And please bring your comments to this site. We love new people–don’t we admins!!

    Angelica—that’s exactly what I mean–we need stuff NOW!


  58. bebereader said

    First pic:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit 327dauta_WashDC


  59. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit 327dauta_WashDC


  60. Angelica said


    Welcome to The Voice! You lucky Rexburg concert goer, you.

    David Archuleta chile, is you evah comin down south again, sugar pie, honey lamb?

    Nice pics. Still need video.


  61. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit 327dauta_WashDC


  62. bebereader said

    Angelica: Video coming…so they say.


  63. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit 327dauta_WashDC


  64. bebereader said

    Sheesh! Waiting for a closeup but these will have to do for now…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit 327dauta_WashDC


  65. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit 327dauta_WashDC


  66. bebereader said

    #37 FTW!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit 327dauta_WashDC


  67. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit thebeebee


  68. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  69. SandyBeaches said

    Tonight was the Stanley Cup hockey game in Philidelphia, so if the crowd doesn’t get any bigger that may be the reason..



  70. Angelica said

    While we wait, this is so David. LOL!

    This is from Frogcooke over at IDF:

    From Gaby at Something Pitchy, what he wrote in the book I’m getting.

    “LOL I’m still laughing thinking about it. Okay so, we hand him the book and he’s so used to making inscriptions out to people that he automatically writes “To:” but then freaks out that he ruined the book because we obviously don’t know the name of the winner yet so he’s very apologetic and is like “Uh, oh no! What should I do?!” and we’re all pretty much dying laughing and my co-worker jokes, “Just put
    ‘Insert Name Here’.” Well, everyone else gets that it’s a joke but David accepts that and literally writes that inside the book, satisfied that he’s fixed his mistake. After studying it for a sec, he draws a line above it so the person can fill in their name and is like “Fixed!”


  71. Angelica said


    I actually tried cropping and enlarging that photo like you did in #67 but it didn’t turn out for me. Glad you succeeded. Guy could be a model and I would buy whatever he was selling.


  72. bebereader said

    We have video!

    credit 327dauta_WashDC


  73. bebereader said

    Angelica: I’d love to take credit but it was not me; it was the other beebeebeebeebee.

    As for buying what he’s selling, where does the line form? LOL


  74. dakgal said

    WOW just WOW doesn’t get any better than that!


  75. Angelica said

    OMGOSH. That was beautiful. What a Voice.


  76. iteachkidz22 said

    Bebereader, Thanks so much for posting the video. All I can say is “chills”! What another wonderful performance of The Star Spangled Banner. David sings it like no other! WOW! It’s too bad more people weren’t in attendance at the game to hear that incredible voice.

    Tawna, I will definitely find you in Rexburg.

    Angelica, Thank you for the kind welcome.


  77. djafan said

    That is the most beautiful rendition of the NA, David is “The Voice”.

    Elena uploader of video has tweeted it to everyone in the media you can think of!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  78. Blisskasden said

    As both an avid baseball fan and a more avid David Archuleta fan, I am struck by the irony of David’s appearanace tonight at the game. The Nationsls were a last place team last year, and , although they are better this year, attendance at their games is usually quite low. The visiting team , the Pirates are the worst team in the league, guaranteed to draw few fans to the park.

    Last night, the Nationals debuted their young phenom pitcher and the house was uncharacteristically packed to the gills. Had David performed last night, 50,000 people would have heard him. Tonight was just a generic, uninteresting game, and you saw the multitude of empty seats. It proves, once again, that David gives 110% of himself no matter how many people are listening, and tonight he was the highlight of the evening.

    Every team should be sent a recording of tonight’s performance so they can play it on a daily basis before each game. The song cannot be sung better, by any other artist, than what we heard tonight. Of course, the next time David sings it, he’ll find a way to improve upon what was a perfect performance tonight.


  79. emifriend said

    David put the best of every previous performance ( that I have seen)of the National Anthem into this one and kept it more reverent and more humble than ever before… beautiful, just beautiful!


  80. bebereader said

    Magnificent performance tonight!
    I am so so proud to be a fan!


  81. iteachkidz22 said

    Another video of tonight’s National Anthem. This one has David being announced at the beginning as “American Idol star and best selling author!”


  82. djafan said

    David will be calling into FM 97.1 ZHT in Salt Lake City, UT tomorrow morning, at 7:30 a.m. MT.


  83. betsy said

    Thank you David.
    After a bad day/night at work, I come home to this. My worries are less and my mood just shifted.
    Not questioning it anymore, just happy for it. 🙂
    p.s. Nice number they gave him on the jersey. I believe it’s the new pitcher Stephen Strasburg’s number, 37. That is so cool!
    p.p.s He stuck out 14 batters in his debut last night.
    In closing, I would like David to wear red on a regular basis. 🙂


  84. Blisskasden said

    Betsy, do I detect another baseball fan on this site? Stephen Strasburg was so great in his debut they will soon be calling him “The David Archuleta of pitchers”. Strasburg is probably glad that David didn’t sing last night. The 50,000 people who came to see his debut would have been too hypnotized and mesmerized by David to enjoy his dazzling pitching.


  85. jackryan4DA said

    Folks, I added another OREM UT video to my channel, in case you haven’t seen it:

    There is another vid, it is still uploading 🙂


  86. Pattirae said

    Tawna, loved your essay and pictures (wow!) from the fabulous Orem book signing and sighing! lol yes, we came, we saw, we heard, and we almost fainted like that young girl. I loved sitting next to you and getting to know you better. I saw your picture in front of David when he signed your book.What fun we do have. Looking forward to Rexburg and seeing you at the fan luncheon. Thank you to everyone who post the pictures, videos, interviews, etc. Being computer illiterate doesn’t serve me well. David’s version of the NA gave me chills—hope everyone at the game had the same reaction! Love and hugs to all.


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