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Feeling His Warmth

Posted by bebereader on Friday, June 4, 2010

Recap#1 from the Bookends signing from Bebereader.  To be continued.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap from archiesfan4life..

Hordes of fans waiting to have their copy of “Chords of Strength” signed by singer/songwriter turned author, David Archuleta were already gathered in a line that wrapped around the block outside of Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ when I arrived there on Tuesday.  Even the short rain shower would not diminish the joy that was in the air.  Although Bookends is known for their author signings, they had to be overwhelmed at the sight of roughly 1,500 archangels lining the quiet tree-lined streets outside their store.

May I repeat that this is not your typical fandom and on Tuesday at Bookends this again rung true.  At the first sight of David in the room where he was signing books, there was a frenzy of fans, shouting a variety of things like  “I can‘t see him, where is he?”,  “There he is!”,  “I love you, David”,  “OMG It’s him!” and a variety of other incomprehensible screams and sounds.  Some fans got together to sing “Crush” to him, while others broke down in tears at the mere sight of him.

The first time I met David was at a VIP last fall. I was so overwhelmed that I was unable to be in the moment because the moment was so surreal.  This time was a lot different. I had a very positive experience and I have “Chords of Strength” in part, to thank.

When it was finally my turn at Bookends:

Me:  Hi David, congratulations on your book! (offering my hand)

David:  Oh Hiiii, thank you! (He took my hand and held it gently for a few seconds ***SPARKS*** His hand was so warm and soft and….large!)

Me:  I help run a fansite for you with three other people. It’s called “The Voice” (I pointed to “The Voice” button on my collar).  Actually, these books are for the others who run the site along with me. He looked at the button and said….

David:  OH, I know that one!

Me:  (Big smile)  David, you are The Voice! A voice like your’s comes along once in a lifetime!  Your fans love you with a passion!

David:  (Giggles, signs books, looks slightly embarrassed) Ohhhh Thank you!

For some reason, the security guard chimed in out of nowhere:

Security guard:  Yes they do, look at them! (pointing to the waiting crowd)

And then my husband offered:

Husband:  David’s the best!

David quickly finished signing all of my books and stacked them up in a pile as my husband scooped them up while congratulating him and asking how his hand was holding up from signing so much.

David:  (looks at hand, giggles and shakes husband‘s hand)  Oh…it’s doing okay.

I met several fans whose names finally came to life on Tuesday.  To my surprise, some even claimed they knew me!  It warmed my heart when they said how much they appreciate this site.  There is always an immediate rapport when you meet another David fan, a kinship or natural connection that starts online and continues when you meet in person.  I was lucky to spend the hours waiting and the time immediately following the signing with Zoe and ArchiesFan4Life, with whom I became instant friends.  Since they planned to arrive earlier in the day than I, they kindly offered to buy my books for me in case they sold out before I arrived.   A favor that meant the world to me.  Thank you again!

Outside the store, another type of frenzy took place as fans renewed friendships with enthusiastic hugs.

David’s optimistic outlook on life as shown in “Chords of Strength” contributed to my second encounter with him going so well.  His ability to live in the moment is something that I aspire to each day.  I didn’t have the longest nor the most profound conversation with David but I succeeded in telling him what I didn’t get a chance to at our first meeting; that his voice is beyond amazing.  In addition, I finally got to deliver the message that his fans deeply love him.

64 Responses to “Feeling His Warmth”

  1. Fiona said

    Oh this is lovely, Bebe! Just what I needed seeing as I can’t seem to fall asleep tonight! I am so glad for you that you had a nice conversation with David and managed to “stay in the moment”. That is hard to do when you feel so excited and overwhelmed! Thank you for all your hard work on this site! 🙂


  2. emifriend said

    *Happy Sigh* I have never met David and I don’t even have his book yet, but it has been such a happy few days with great stories and beautiful pictures of David walking all this out in JOY…
    just sayin….Thanks for your story took me right to it and thru it and I am still smiling…


  3. cb said

    Bebe, I love you for saying this to him, “David, you are The Voice! A voice like your’s comes along once in a lifetime! Your fans love you with a passion!” I am so glad that he heard this from you. PERFECT!!!!! And, news flash, he knows this site! Woo Hoo 🙂


  4. pabuckie said

    Bebereader! Yeah! You had a wonderful conversation with him and I’m soooo happy for you!! He “knows” the VOICE!! Oh boy! haha
    I know how you feel and those “few seconds” with him will be forever etched in your memory! So glad you got to shake his hand too! There is a certain euphoria in the room, on line waiting to meet him that just makes the whole entire day worthwhile!


  5. pabuckie said

    Bebereader: Just saw your post on the last thread. To answer your question of “feeling my pain” — if he didn’t kill me off yet this pic will!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  6. Jen A said

    Bebereader what you said to David yesterday made me cry this morning!
    Think of how many hundreds of people (or more) would say exactly the same thing to him if they were able.
    That is a heapin’ helpin’ of love.
    I am thrilled for you that you had your moment!


  7. silverfox said

    Thanks Bebe for your recap. Been waiting for it. ****sigh****

    Of course he knows The Voice! He has a button cause I GAVE him a one at the VIP in Foxwoods & told him about the “new” site dedicated to him. He was very touched. Would not be at all surprised if he peeks in here now & then as I have said many times…Not at the comments, but the maybe the Articles. 😀

    Have a great day everyone!


  8. pabuckie said

    Bebe — that was the WRONG PIC I posted!! LOL

    It was supposed to be this one! hahaha
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    and this one:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  9. Tawna21 said

    bebe–it’s amazing how much love is felt in a few short words and a few seconds with David. That’s how I felt at my VIP in November. Thank you for sharing, for all of us, the love we feel for him.

    I hope this Tuesday I will have enough wits to speak something intelligent (Shawna–keep me on the sane train!).


    p.s. has anyone seen any pics from yesterday’s B&N time that can be saved? It seems like the ones in the gallery from FOD won’t save (maybe just me being inept again)


  10. Tawna21 said

    one more thing— pabuckie, I am in love with the collages that you have been producing–puhleeeze keep them coming–they’re awesomage!!!


    I’m done now.


  11. djxox said

    Bebe~ loved your recap! The VOICE knows the Voice, how cool is that!! 🙂 After a couple of crazy days I look forward to catching up on all the appearances, interviews and vids…And that book need to be read! I’ll take a flood over a drought any daaayyyy.

    I am attempting to upload my vids from Lake Grove,LI and have some pics too. How do you post pics in the comments without a mediafire acct?

    Here is the first…this is EPIC..what will he think of next?? Rooftop singing?? We’ll take it..LOL 🙂

    Tabletop greetings and a bit of Crush ~


  12. djxox said

    and making fans very,very happy signing Chords of Strength.


  13. Abrra said


    The site who has those pics has blocked saving images. I made screen caps and then enlarged the cropped pic, then saved to my file.

    Only admins can post pictures to our site. Its how our template works. If you send them to me I will put them up. The previous thread “The Wait is Over” has tons of content for catching up on the book tour.



  14. Shawna said

    I just knew there was a new post here cause my phone had quit a buzzin and I was so hopin it was your recap, Bebe!! By the way, I wish cb, pattirae, Tawna and I had a button to wear for Monday and Tuesday next week!!! Dangit, as David would say!

    Bebe, I so totally agree with cb here. You so put into words what we all feel here! He just personifies goodness and love and his voice is a once in a lifetime experience!


  15. Shawna said

    Tawna, I think you will need to keep me sane!

    I twitpc’d some pictures on twiitter from Deseret Book in SLC if u want to see them! Haven’t downloaded them to my computer yet so just sent from my phone! Went there yesterday (yes, AGAIN) to make sure they had finally displayed his book and took pictures of the display and the plaza where he will be signing outside the entrance to the store!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    plaza where David will perform

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    entrance to Deseret Bookstore Salt Lake City

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    poster in the window

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    in store display


  16. Abrra said


    What an exciting and historical day in David fandom. You got just the right spot to see everything at Bookends. Front door parking spot and backdoor “stalking” spot to see him enter the building. haha Your words to him were perfect. You spoke the truth for all of us.



  17. Angelica said

    Djxox is in the HOUUSSE!!!


    Now listen to me very carefully. Take your time, pace yourself, eat light snacks and take several breaks but don’t stop loading those vids and sending those pic links! Oh and DO NOT OPEN THE BOOK till you get done cause, we will lose you for days.

    Thanks for the vids! More please?

    Bebe, love ya. Love your recap.

    I know I’ve been AWOL for a while but super busy at work and just no energy left after work except for lurking. Busiest time of the year for me. NOW, he has to end the drought!! It’s all good though cause I’m off today and the rest of the weekend for some much needed R&R with the Voice. *hint to djxox*

    Pabuckie, someone posted that pic #8 late last night on another site and someone else made the comment, “He has a weird look on his face though, like he’s looking at an Alien.”

    Tired as I was I managed to post the short response..”Maybe he’s looking in a mirror.”

    Bwhahhahahhahahahaa! I realize that sometimes I amuse only myself and I’m so OK with that!


  18. djxox said

    Here he comes… Oh and my pre-ordered book arrived from Bookends yesterday so now I have two copies in the house to tempt me away from real life…I must be strong…and feed the babies first!!!

    another vid of the man himself arriving at the partay!


  19. pabuckie said

    I cant keep up Djbell – do u have a twitter acct? Just curious.
    You are our “lifeboat”!! haha

    There is an overload of sweetness, goodness & awesome vids, pics….I’m overloaded right now!! lol

    Angelica — well I agree with ya – no alien look to me!!

    Tawna21 – thanks I like making them.

    Shawna – LOVE that first pic of the Desert Book Store — makes me want to go there!


  20. Abrra said

    Enter To Win A Free, Signed Copy of David Archuleta’s Book ‘Chords of Strength’
    The SomethingPitchy crew is still reeling from yesterday’s David Archuleta visit, but we’re pulling ourselves together enough to bring you an awesome opportunity.

    After Archuleta stopped by our podcast for an epic 43-minute interview, the ‘Idol’ season 7 runner-up signed a copy of his new memoir, ‘Chords of Strength.’

    Now, we’re giving one lucky fan the chance to win that signed copy!

    All you have to do to enter is comment on this post with your name and responses to all three questions listed below.

    Ready? Please tell us:

    1. What is your favorite David Archuleta tweet?

    2. Which of the SomethingPitchy worst ‘Idol’ finalist selections do you agree with the most, and what song did we pick for that finalist’s worst performance?

    3. Which season 9 Top 10 contestant did SomethingPitchy-ers Andy Scott and Gaby Dunn like the most? (Regular SomethingPitchy broadcast viewers should know this one!)

    One winner will be chosen at random to receive the copy of his book with a very funny, very ‘Archie’ inscription. Remember, only those who answer all three questions to our satisfaction will be eligible to win.

    Something Pitchy’s ‘Chords of Strength’ giveaway is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 18 and older. To enter, please submit a comment using a valid email address. The comment must be left before 12:00 pm Eastern Time on June 7. You may enter once per email address, and winners will be selected in a random drawing. One winner will receive (1) signed copy of ‘Chords of Strength’ (approximate retail value of each prize is $23).



  21. djxox said

    another nibble before work calls…

    Short and Sweet~


  22. djxox said

    Oh those polka dots will be replaced by a much prettier

    Abs pix on the way…
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  23. bebereader said

    Hey all,

    Thank you for your comments!

    I forgot to mention that the top photo of David doing the peace sign was taken by a new friend I made outside of Bookends. Her twitter name is jennyG_PA and she was so generous to send that pic for inclusion in my article. Thanks, Jenny, if you’re reading this. 😉

    Some of you were in chat with me about a year ago when I was wracking my brains to figure out what to say to David at my first VIP. I offered to deliver a general message from the fans and you all helped me sort out my ideas. We decided that it should be a simple and honest message about how we truly love him and how magnificent his voice is. Well it didn’t work out last fall but this time it did. And I know that David heard and understood.

    Fi…Staying in the moment was difficult but I was determined this time after reading COS. And it worked!

    Emifriend, Glad I made you smile. 😀

    cb Thank you!

    Pabuckie Your pics and collages are amazing!! Keep them coming, please!

    “He “knows” the VOICE!! Oh boy! haha I know how you feel and those “few seconds” with him will be forever etched in your memory!”

    When I think back, I actually remember the expression on David’s face when he said the words, “Oh I know that one!” 😀

    JenA It felt good to speak for the fans.

    Silverfox You may be right about David peeking in here. The Voice tweets articles to…The Voice on a regular basis. Yikes I must remember to be on my best behavoir! 😉

    Tawna My pleasure!

    {{{djxoxoxox}}} So good to see you!!! Thanks for the updates during the signing and for your excellent video skills! We’re chomping at the bit in anticipation of more.

    Shawna We’re in the process of having more buttons done. I distributed the last of the bunch I had at the Bookends event. Your request is noted and we’ll let you know when they are available.

    Abrra You did a great job of compiling my updates together with tweets from other fans to create a fun-filled post. Thank you for your patience. When I looked back at some of the texts I sent you that day I saw they were practically gibberish but you understood anyway. LOL

    Angelica {{{hugs}}}


  24. Abrra said

    Ty djxox!You make me smile 🙂

    I will post pics here as soon as they arrive!

    I am going to string all djxox vids into one mega video for Unplugged. I am uploading to a new storyboard today called Book Tour. I will update it as new things arrive. We will have all the events in one spot.

    The drought is surely over in NYC
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ninja tweeter David

    credit ladymac7

    credit xxcassieeee

    credit NoSleepTilSummertime

    and one from Borders in NYC (good sound)

    credit luckyduckie15



  25. bebereader said

    Abs: How did you get that pic of me? haha


  26. bebereader said

    Maybe I’m Amazed MGR AUDIO!

    credit YouCanCallMeTina


  27. cb said

    Something on one of the video’s just made me laugh out loud. 🙂 At the end of the xxcassieee video the nice store guy is trying so hard to be there and help David down off of the table. David seems unaware that the guy is trying to help him and steps off onto the chair like it is cake (ah, youth, lol) but, David sees the guys hand and thinks he must have wanted to shake his hand, so David reaches out and graciously shakes his hand. LOLOL I love him.


  28. silverfox said

    djxox! It’s been a long while and you have been missed Lady!

    Pabuckie, #8..I did a double-take when I saw that photo! Those eyes! I can see why the lady host at Fox & Friends went crazy over his eyes. 😆

    Like everyone else, I got David tweets early this morning when he was at the airport. Reading between his tweet lines, he didn’t seem too happy either about having to be there so early, or having to leave the area. He really enjoys NY & they love him, so I can’t blame him. Then I got his tweet when he landed saying he had interviews today. No rest for the weary. The next tweet he was in the “green room” eating a sandwich “in case we were wondering lol”. He knows just how to make us smile. Always keeping his fans in the loop and letting us know we matter to him. 🙂

    He sounded so amazing on “Maybe I’m Amazed”! I was hoping for the entire song. I don’t think David is aware sometimes how his little snippets really affect us. I don’t think he means to tease us. He really is not aware how badly we want & need to hear The Voice.

    Thanks to everyone who took photos & taped even itty-bitty short videos throughout his signing events in the NY area. It really means so much to all his fans who weren’t able to attend. Just hope they keep ’em coming from the next three signings. 😀


  29. djafan said

    Hello Everyone!

    Bebe you did it!!!!

    “David’s optimistic outlook on life as shown in “Chords of Strength” contributed to my second encounter with him going so well. His ability to live in the moment is something that I aspire to each day. I didn’t have the longest nor the most profound conversation with David but I succeeded in telling him what I didn’t get a chance to at our first meeting; that his voice is beyond amazing. In addition, I finally got to deliver the message that his fans deeply love him.”

    I’m so glad you had the opportunity(and didn’t speak into his arm…lol) to finally tell him what you had planned. Thank you for your great recap, it feels like I’m there eavesdropping on the whole thing. And please tell Mr. Bebe thank you for being such a great sport!

    djaxox!!! So glad to see you here! Thank you so much for the videos and pictures!

    Shawna… Those pictures heighten the anticpation!

    JR and Abrra the flood is here!!!!


  30. bebereader said

    First it was “One”, now it’s “Maybe I’m Amazed”.

    Silverfox, you’re right; I don’t think David realizes yet how his snippets affect us or how much we need to hear his voice.

    However, I think he’s slowly understanding how passionate we are for his music and it’s plain to see that it’s been two years since his AI finale and not only are we not going away but we’re as passionate as ever! By the sound of the screams at the book signings, you’d think that the Season 7 finale was just last week! He’s got to hear those screams too!

    On the AOL interview he said he didn’t expect so many people to show up for his book signing and that was after the first one only. He’s had a few more since then has been blown away by the size of the crowd each time.


  31. betsy said

    Oh Bebe, you did it! That took courage. Loved your recap. I’ll need to reread it a few more times. A real conversation!

    Hi djxox – so glad to see you around these past few days. Great videos, btw.
    There is so much to look at, it’s hard to keep track.
    It’s a good problem to have. 🙂


  32. sweetonDA said

    Bebe, loved your recap. It’s so nice to know that even though some of us can’t be at these events to show our support to David in person, we have fans like you who will share our love for him…with him. Hope that made sense.

    Thanks to all who have shared their recaps, videos, pics and thoughts. You are greatly appreciated.

    dja, have you decided to go to the SLC signing? I wish I could go too. I would proudly wear my “The Voice” button that you gave me. It sits proudly on my dresser waiting for the next “up close and personal” meeting with him. I’m so looking forward to another tour.


  33. pabuckie said

    Still haven’t caught up to speed!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  34. pabuckie said

    I couldn’t decide.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  35. silverfox said

    UPS just delivered the signed by David “Chords of Strength” book I pre-ordered.

    So I would like to gift the one I bought at B&N last week. I’ve only read it twice so it’s still like new. 😆

    Beautiful photos of David cropping up everywhere! Here’s David’s interview on Showcase Minnesota.


  36. djafan said

    Hi Sweetonda! I’m not going to make 😦 cannot take the time of work right now…with the success David is having I praying more dates are added in my neck of the woods and hopefully yours too!

    Here is the Twin Cities interview…really good!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  37. pabuckie said

    I can’t type I’m cracking up — Ya think I made them a little TOO BIG! hahahahahaha


  38. YJfanofdavid said

    Is this posted yet — David accompanied himself on piano singing Crush

    (Way too much awesomeage within such a short period of time.) 🙂


  39. Abrra said

    I spent most of today uploading Book tour videos. All are welcome to come by tonight 9pm est to chat about anything! I just uploaded the twinciteslive video with acoustic Crush.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  40. Shawna said

    O my heck, dja, thanks so much for taking time to post that. Just spent the last ten minutes watching it. I am dead now. How am I supposed to go out and mow the lawn now. That was “Way too much awesomeage within such a short period of time” as YJfanofdavid said!!

    I have so loved each and every interview David has done with the book tour. He is just utterly amazing. You know what else I loved, that he is so down to earth and had on the exact same clothes he wore last night to the book signing. He is just too much.


  41. archiesfan4life said

    Bebe – loved your recap! Finally meeting you in person and sharing with you the first time my buddy Zoe and I got to meet David face to face will most definitely be a memory I will always treasure.

    My heartfelt thanks to you and Mr. Bebe for providing us a cool and comfortable relief from the HEAT and to Zoe for getting us to our destination safely and for just being a great friend. It is amazing to me that we just met a little over a year ago at David’s first solo concert – I feel like I’ve known you and Bebe for years.

    I hope David is aware of all the joy he has brought to so many people. My life has been enriched more than I ever could have imagined two years ago – because of David AND all the people who have come into my life because of David.

    I said my thanks to David on Tuesday and now I’d like to say thanks to all of you who bring so much joy into my life!

    Hugs, AF4L


  42. Angelica said


    Thank YOU for sharing that with us. {{{Hugs}}} to you too!


  43. YJfanofdavid said

    Shawna, It feels like the flash flood after the drought, doesn’t it? He is unleashing the new him without care or mercy! The last 24 hours it feels like every two hours he would pull a rabbit out of the hat — singing Reno Works for Me on TV; singing while HOLDING a megaphone ON TOP OF A TABLE; singing the most amazing Maybe I am Amazed; accompanying himself on piano singing Crush; interviewing like a pro. And what about the way he looks? Who even looks like that (see #8 above). I guess he is preparing us for the new single. I am afraid we are not ready at all. 🙂


  44. emmegirl said

    Yj and Abrra, thanks for posting that performance and interview…and to think I almost didn’t watch it (how many times have I seen him perform Crush)…but this was a beautiful performance, the voice, him at the piano. He has got to be running on fumes…do not know how he goes out and gives a performance like that! And the interview, again, perfection. And did he get a well-deserved, big round of applause at the end! I looove it when he is truly appreciated!

    bebe, love the recap!

    “David: Oh Hiiii, thank you! He took my hand and held it gently for a few seconds ***SPARKS*** “…lol!!!

    And loved the bit about the security guard chiming in!

    Hate to leave but company coming. Oh well, later.


  45. bebereader said

    It’s feast or famine, isn’t it?
    I’ll take the feast any day. 😉

    djafan#29 I passed the message along. Thank you. 😉

    Betsy#31 “A real conversation”!

    SweetOnDA #32 It made perfect sense. Thank you!

    Pabuckie#33 I love your collages. Don’t worry about the size. If it interferes with our sidebar info we can always resize. Personally, I love the big pics of David, so thank you.

    AF4L#41 The feeling is mutual. Thank you for putting into words what has been in my heart for the last few days. {{{{hugs}}}}

    YJ#43 As beautiful as he looks in the pics in #8, they don’t compare to how he looks in person now. With his continuing success came more self-confidence and he wears it well. He’s electrifyingly handsome closeup. (oops is that a word, Angelica? LOL)

    Emmegirl#44 Thank you! Sparks FTW! LOL

    According to Abrra….CHAT PARTY TONIGHT AT 9pm Eastern time!
    Be there! We have a lot of awesomeage to cover!


  46. djafan said

    Shawna…you have mail.


  47. pabuckie said

    I was just thinking and can’t imagine what his new video will be like! A new song…a new video..I can’t wait!!

    David looks like a renaissance painting to me 🙂
    Just wanted to share that with you all.
    #15 Shawna – I find myself being drawn to your 1st pic. I love the way the sun is shining in the background. Don’t know why I’m drawn to it so much but I find myself going back to it again and again.

    Now I have David’s Book but I have yet to open it still. I’m so wired & tired from all the videos and pics and stories. Tonight would be a good night since David doesn’t have a signing but I don’t want to start reading it feeling so tired. The book will be there…just like David will be there. So, I guess I am going to wait till I feel more refreshed & rested.


  48. pabuckie said

    Another random thought:

    I tweeted Borders in NYC and asked how well David’s book did?
    They responded by saying “It was the best selling book OF THE WEEK!” 🙂


  49. SandyBeaches said

    Thanks SF, the ‘Showcase Minnesota’ interview was woderful and it seems that all of the interviewers know who he is now and think the world of him finding him a normal kind of guy. But a fantastic, normal kind of guy.

    Keep up the checking Pabuckie, it is quite interesting to know about the book sales so far.



  50. Angelica said

    Bebe, yes.

    e·lectri·fying·ly adv. To thrill, startle greatly, or shock: a powerful performance that electrified the audience.


  51. Zoe said

    Love all the pics and videos and interviews posted here today…it’s a David bonanza for the eyes and ears!

    Loved your recap Bebe, and so happy that you got to introduce yourself as an Admin of this devoted fansite! I’m delighted to know that David is aware of it…that came as a surprise to me. I hope he has the chance to read the many terrific articles someday when he stops to catch his breath!

    Just want to say again that it was a blast sharing a few very exciting and memorable hours with you and Mr. Bebe, along with my dear friend, Archiesfan4life. I hope we’ll have many opportunities in the future to meet up again to celebrate David happenings together.



  52. Shawna said

    #47 Pabuckie that picture was taken in the early evening. When David sings there on Monday at noon, the whole plaza will be full of sunshine and fans. I sat there on one of those planter boxes and just reveled in the beauty and quiet there. There was no one around and so peaceful. I loved it! I kind of wish he were going to sing when the sun is peeking through the different skyline areas of SLC. This plaza is right across the street from the Salt Lake Temple. People visiting the Temple grounds that day will be able to hear him sing and even see him too. One of the gates leading into the temple grounds is just right there. I will be curious to see how many people not aware of David Archuleta and his amazing voice will stop in their tracks and wonder where that beautiful sound is coming from and look across the street and see our “angel” singing his heart out as usual. They will be goners. The area around the Temple is always a buzz with activity and tours and such, especially at that time of day. Alot of people will hear David that day. ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just the fans who have come for the book signing.


  53. River said

    thanks to djxox I was no. 34 in line with her at the LI signing. It was SO worth the long congested drive from CT. Your heart pounds when he finally appears and then the calm sets in when you meet him again. The Archugaze locks in and you would not have missed this chance for anything. We watched a long while (well DJ was busy filming and I’m talking in the background) and each fan was greeted with warmth, humor, appreciation and genuine caring. He’s a miracle to watch. My favorite was a young black girl and her grandma who had brought him a handmade Totoro and he was delighted. Of course we will NEVER forget his taking the bullhorn speaker and launching into the song, relieving the handler of the apparatus, followed by one of his several stops to tweet. Outside the legions of fans were happy and patient. David’s fans are the most unique in the world and I am proud to be one of them. Loving the book.


  54. silverfox said

    Haven’t heard from David for more than six hours so hopefully that means he’s resting and coming down from the high of the last few days, just to start all over again in the next few days. He must be exhausted. He deserves every bit of success & all the accolades he’s receiving. Good things come to those who do good things…

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!

    Good night & sweet dreams to all.


  55. pabuckie said

    Someone please delete the pic at #52 — I had made another one but for some reason it’s not posting on twitter properly. That pic you’ve seen before. Sorry.

    Shawna – thanks for sharing that with me. Wow, and to think it’s right across from the temple…didnt know that..hmmm wonder why I’m so drawn to it and the lighting. That is the perfect place at that time of day that I would like to be reading David’s BOOK!
    And of course hear him sing too!


  56. pabuckie said

    Works For Me!


  57. Angelica said


    “each fan was greeted with warmth, humor, appreciation and genuine caring. He’s a miracle to watch. My favorite was a young black girl and her grandma who had brought him a handmade Totoro and he was delighted.”

    Thank you for sharing what you experienced that day with us. I can just imagine how touched he was that the young girl and her grandma actually lovingly hand-made him his beloved Totoro.

    SF and anyone else, “in case you were wondering..” His latest tweet…

    Whoo, I’m so tired! Gonna sleep well tonight, hopefully. Gotta be energized for tomorrow’s signing at MOA! Good night!

    Poor thing is exhausted. Sleep well dear heart.


  58. goodkarmaseeker said

    I can’t make it to any of the book signings!!! Even though we already have two copies of COS, one for Maddy and one for me, I suddenly really want a signed copy. Anyone know if there are any available?


  59. janey said

    Goodkarmaseeker, call Bookends, NJ.. .two days ago he had 60 copies left…201-445-0726


  60. goodkarmaseeker said

    Thanks Janey, I will check it out!


  61. Abrra said

    You have email 😉



  62. goodkarmaseeker said

    I’m excited!!! but I didn’t get it yet??


  63. Abrra said

    I had correct email. I resent the message as a reply just now.



  64. goodkarmaseeker said

    Got it and your reply is in the mail. Thanks!!!!!!!


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