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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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From Argentina~Another Voice is Heard

Posted by djafan on Saturday, May 15, 2010

Article by Gladys of Buenos Aries, Argentina

We have seen David sign thousands of autographs under the sun, all hot and sweaty.  We have seen him sing in cold weather.  We have seen him all worked up, listening for the first time to his single “Crush” on the radio.  I have seen so much of David in the last few years that it would be impossible to list it all. His inner and physical beauty have increased, if that was even possible.  We have always followed his artistic growth. So much so, that I feel I am part of the long way he has gone.  We have been with him, we have protected him, we have raised our prayers for nothing to happen to him and David has always been able to weather the storm.  And if there comes a time when he is not, he will learn.  His faith and his family are the essence of his strength.

All of that learning will prepare him for what’s coming next:  more storms, yes, but also more fans.  And why is that?  I wonder, why is David so magnetic, so attractive?  Why is it that, after two years, he remains an important part of our lives?  Maybe because there is truth in what Simon said when he heard him sing “Shop Around”.  “When you’ve got it, you’ve got it”.  What has David got?

Maybe, as I once wrote, David is full of signs that marked him from the very beginning.  The most striking appeared on the season finale of “American Idol”.  On the first song, he had a star on his chest.  On the second one, he had an anchor on his back, and on the third one, he had a sense of peace and calmness for the accomplished work.

Our prince, our star, will travel the world, will only anchor whenever he wishes to, and then he will smile at us, calm, and we will be there, waiting for him, to ask him for a hug.

David has sown as much as he could.  His character suggests that he will continue to do so, but it is also time to reap what was sown.  His first pop CD, the Christmas CD, the promotions, the shows, the tours and the invitations he has been extended will be the foundations for what’s coming next.

The expectations for his second pop CD are huge, and that makes me wonder:  Is it too much weight for his shoulders?  But then I think to myself: this is the path he has chosen.  Responsibility with a touch of responsibility, and some more responsibility on the side.

Taking control of his own life, being responsible for his own company… I don’t know if he has the last word on the choice of songs for the CD, but those who make the list will be sung by his glorious voice.

Then, no matter what, he will always carry the glory of triumph upon his shoulders.

David, if you need more support, there are thousands of fans that would gladly lend you their shoulders.

Here, on the other side of the world, in Argentina, I offer you my shoulders, my arms, my… my help, if you should need it.

I hope you’ll be a part of our lives for a long time, at least of mine.  And if you ever come to Argentina, then I’ll tell you about the thesis I’m working on, which is rather serious.

142 Responses to “From Argentina~Another Voice is Heard”

  1. jana said

    Thanks Gladys. I love this. What you say here is very true, all of it. The expectations are great for his sophomore CD, yet I suspect his standards for quality are equally great:) There will always be compromise w/all the people involved but in the end it will be David’s voice singing the songs, and it will be David performing them live..and “the glory of triumph” will be his as well. He is so generous to share it with us! Thanks again. And thank you David.


  2. Abrra said

    Gladys my friend!

    “Our prince, our star, will travel the world, will only anchor whenever he wishes to, and then he will smile at us, calm, and we will be there, waiting for him, to ask him for a hug.”

    You wrote a gem here. How perceptive of you to look beyond the song and the man to the essence of wardrobe. 🙂

    Great article!



  3. Abrra said

    Bringing this from last thread for Bebe.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  4. SandyBeaches said


    How wonderful to read your article this morning. David is loved worldwide and because of that we as all of his fans have so much in common. You have been amazing in taking hold of our language and its meanings and I have seen that grow in the ‘Unplugged Chat’…I have a long way to go to catch up to yours!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEBE! Have a special day!



  5. poof said

    Thank you Gladys,

    What a thoughtful post. “Responsibility with a touch of responsibility, and some more responsibility on the side.” What an amazing (and true) comment to make about an exciting 19 year old, finding his way on a new path.

    I also loved your wardrobe “take.” Seems like you could also interpret them, David: Looking to the stars, but feet always anchored to the ground,(white jacket)his “gift,faith” covering him, protecting him.

    I have an all day meeting today!!!! Thanks for starting it out so beautifully!


  6. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you friends from the last post for your birthday wishes which are always appreciated. When all is said and done maybe later in the day, I will tell you what really happened on the beach!



  7. emmegirl said

    Gladys, great write up! Love the associations with the star and the anchor!

    Happy Happy Birthday bebe!

    and thanks for the Save The Day!


  8. Nanaweize said

    Lovely article Gladys…!
    There are many days that David is “my anchor”! He is always my star!


  9. Marciami said

    Hope you days were both filled with fun and laughter and lots of David’s music!!!!


  10. silverfox said


    Love your article! So filled with love, respect, compassion and caring for David. This especially touched my heart and I agree with you…

    “The expectations for his second pop CD are huge, and that makes me wonder: Is it too much weight for his shoulders? But then I think to myself: this is the path he has chosen. Responsibility with a touch of responsibility, and some more responsibility on the side”.

    He has taken on a huge responsibility. This is why I think he must take his time in choosing the songs for his CD and not cave in to pressure he is surely being given to maybe add songs to the CD just because they may be potential “hits”, even it they don’t fit the criteria he has set for this CD. This is HIS baby. Whether it’s a platinum or more record, I think is not a criteria for David. It will be “Gold” though. That is a given. His fans alone will make sure of that. I think the main responsibility David is feeling is for the others who stand to gain if the CD is a great success. That must weigh heavy on his shoulders. And that is why he must take his time and choose carefully as he has chosen carefully & wisely almost every other step he’s taken so far in his career.

    Just a very lovely article Gladys, and I hope to read more from you in the future, especially when David visit’s Argentina. 😀


  11. I said

    Thank you Gladys! Great article!


  12. Suzy-Q said

    What is it that keeps us coming back for more David? When he sings his voice captures us and takes us to a place that only David knows. It’s a heavenly place that stirs the heart strings and makes David happy. We want to be there too and so we learn everything we can about David so that we can better understand where he wants to take us. Some of us who “get” him have already felt the joy and serenity that his world can bring and we want to experience it every chance that we can. David knows that he is a vessel and he wants to make sure that he never disappoints. That shows how he views his responsibility to his fans. How many artist are that responble at that age?
    Thanks, Gladys for expressing your inner respect and love for David.


  13. archiesfan4life said

    Gladys – loved your article!!!

    SB and Bebe – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  14. djafan said


    Can’t have a birthday without David singing!


  15. djafan said

    Gladys! Great article!

    Estoy muy orgullosa de ti! Very proud of you!

    “The expectations for his second pop CD are huge, and that makes me wonder: Is it too much weight for his shoulders? But then I think to myself: this is the path he has chosen. Responsibility with a touch of responsibility, and some more responsibility on the side.”

    David is such a courageous young man, he doesn’t shy away from the difficult things, he says those are the things that make you stronger and show how to appreciate things in life more. The expectations are high and I know the things to come are going to be amazing and we his fans will be here to support and applaud all he does.


  16. Shawna said

    Gladys, this is so wonderful. You really touched on things I had never ever thought of before. Fabulous, girl!!

    I so love it here at “The Voice”. It is so fun to see so many new faces coming to join us daily and I know they will stay forever as I have. The articles here are so thought provoking and so positive and just plain super, as are the comments. And also so mature!! And funny! And just everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my home for my David happy place. Thank you all so much!


  17. bebereader said

    Gladys: I admire the courage you had to write an outstanding article in a language that is not your own. You are a huge inspiration!

    I loved the symbolism you pointed out in this paragraph:

    “….David is full of signs that marked him from the very beginning. The most striking appeared on the season finale of “American Idol”. On the first song, he had a STAR on his chest. On the second one, he had an ANCHOR on his back, and on the third one, he had a SENSE OF PEACE AND CALMNESS for the accomplished work.”

    Do you think he wore the star and anchor for good luck?

    Thank you for the fun times we have in chat, including last night! 😉


  18. betsy said

    Gladys – so very proud of you. I loved this article!
    Bless your soul. 🙂


  19. betsy said

    And to my twin:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I hope there is a slice of watermelon to go along with that cake):)


  20. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you all for the well wishes, cute comments, heartfelt emails, funny notes, ecards, David ringtones, awesome text messages and of course the video of David singing Happy Birthday!

    I just love you all!


  21. Angelica said

    Gladys, I really love this heart-felt article. I remember when you had to have a translator in The Voice Unplugged chat and Abrra started insisting that everyone speak English to you. What a long way you have come! Thanks for sharing your feelings with us here.

    Happy Birthday, dear Bebe!! I baked a carrot cake this morning from scratch. Here’s a slice for you.


    Another present. Photos of David from the AI tour I had never seen.




    Hope this day is as special and wonderful as you are.


  22. bebereader said

    Abrra#3 Yes, that will be me tonight, pigging out on my birthday cake. No bib required! LOL

    Betsy#19 Matter of fact there’s a watermelon in my future sitting in my fridge! We’ll share it this week in chat.;)

    Angelica#21 Carrot cake and never-before-seen pics of David. Now we’re talkin’ par-tay! LOL


  23. bebe – happy birthday to a warm & thoughtful soul. Though I have never met you, your persona is reflected in all you do for David & his fans.

    Love this article & your perspective of his journey. “…..I think to myself: this is the path he has chosen. Responsibility with a touch of responsibility, and some more responsibility on the side. Taking control of his own life, being responsible for his own company…”

    I’ve often stopped & wondered why I am (still) here – following this young man (boy at the time) with the breathtaking voice. Or even why I started in the first place. It would have been more conventional to have just continued to listen & purchase his music. I know now it was his character that drew me in. His desire to not just sing a song on AI but impart the message that drew him to the song. Another Day In Paradise & Imagine, were just a couple performances that moved yet left me feeling conflicted. Just had to know why, I guess… The whole experience left me fulfilled in a way I’d never known.

    His willingness to accept his responsibilities and acknowledging its affect on others thus taking control of his life is huge, IMO. Seriously don’t know of ANY 19yos with this awareness. From my limited knowledge (have had some training in age appropriate & expected behavior in youth) in this area, I don’t think it’s expected of him at this age. Have to keep reminding myself, he is not the norm. He is the real deal – the origin(al). That’s why I am still (& always will be) here.


  24. stenocruiser said

    Hola Gladys! What a very beautifully written article — really enjoyed every word of your perspective and observations. I sincerely hope you do have your dream meeting with David — your thesis sounds intriguing.

    Bebe and SB: Hope you are having the happiest of birthdays!


  25. betsy said

    Sb, the beach girl – Happy Birthday to you!!


  26. betsy said

    Bebe and SB,
    In solidarity, I just had two pieces of cake.
    Cheers ♥

    Ok,I had the cake because I wanted it badly. 🙂


  27. bluesky said

    I remember reading some of your posts …. somehow it seems like a long time ago. And I always loved how thoughtful you were. I am glad you are a writer here and I get to enjoy that. I hope you have a very lovely

    I am amazed at your lovely article. I hope you write again. I have not been to Argentina, but knowing you are there makes me feel somehow closer to the “other end of the world”. Your courage is inspiring.


  28. silverfox said

    Angelica, where oh where did you find those beautiful AI Tour photos of David? Really shows off THE SUIT” and how great he looked in it. And even those who didn’t like THE SUIT see photos like these and think “WOW! He really looks good in that shiny suit!” 😆

    I always thought so & got a lot of flack for loving it. Well, not “it”, but the way David was the only one who could pull off wearing “it” and look like a STAR in “it”. Photos do not lie…

    Bebe, SB, hope your Special Days have been as special as you two beautiful ladies are. 🙂


  29. silverfox said

    MMMMM, And that carrot cake is not half-bad either! 😆


  30. Angelica said


    Where did I find them? I wish I knew. Just wandering around the winding corridors of the world wide web mall the other night passing again everything I’d seen a thousand times when…

    Whoa!! Stopped me dead in my tracks and had me pressing my face against the window of my laptop! How can a window encompass perfection?!! 😯

    Ah, I loved the shiny suit too. Not at first but he made me love it. HE MADE ME LOVE IT. I had no choice. What he did in that suit, the places he took me…

    Let us travel back in time to a place of wonder and enchantment.


  31. Tawna21 said

    Gladys!!!! You have created something absolutely beautiful. Thank you, my dear
    e-friend, for putting your love into words that bring tears to my eyes as I contemplate what you’ve said. David does have a lot to shoulder, and, like you, I hope we fans never make his burden a heavy one.
    ‘David, if you need more support, there are thousands of fans that would gladly lend you their shoulders.’ Truer words were never spoken.

    Thank you again.



  32. silverfox said

    Angelica!!!!!!!!How can a window encompass perfection?!! Indeed! Only a window with David’s reflection! 😀

    Whew! You know how to hurt us! I have always loved every video of David on the AI Tour.

    IMO, the AI Tour really showcased David’s vocals the way AI never did. They couldn’t allow it. It would have turned into “The David Archuleta Show”. No doubt about it. I have never been a fan of David being on AI, but the tour is another matter. Hearing David sing live on the tour, then seeing the videos of David as the tour progressed, it was so obvious we were witnessing the beginning of greatness. A vocalist like no other. What I could not get over was the fact that he was only 17 years old! And that I would follow him and be what I was arrogant enough to believe, his biggest fan!
    I would view the videos over & over and just could not believe my eyes & ears. This could not be the same “little David” from the AI stage! He was mesmerizing. So classy on stage wearing The Suit everyone hated & made fun of, but I loved it from the start. I thought it made his stand out & made him look like the superstar I was sure he was destined to become. I was enthralled. Thank you so much for reminding me about the AI Tour. It was a very special time for David and all the fans who were lucky enough to meet him at the barricades. 🙂


  33. SandyBeaches said

    It was a fun birthday especially because of your birthday wishes, thank you!

    Djafan…You know even though the ‘Happy Birthday” song by David was not really for us, it was soo gooood, thank you!

    Bluesky, I have had a couple of writings lately but it is so easy to miss them. I think that there will be one coming along very soon though!

    Angelica… the new pictures of David are wonderful and new pictures are such a rare find…

    Now for the story of “What Really Happened On the Beach” yesterday…

    In this peninsula province, beaches are all around us, some are rocky like at Peggy’s Cove which has become even more infamous because of the Swissair Crash a few years ago that took place just off of the shores of Nova Scotia. Several beaches have white sands and crystal clear waters.

    If you visited a beach alamost every day, you would not need to do many things in life such as possibly yoga, meditation, life counselling, and if one walked distances on the quartz sand with the sun on your face and wind in your hair you would surely feel amazing. The sound of the surf crashing on to the shore, is one of the most refreshing sounds in the world.

    So, it was my birthday and even though no one really wants to celebrate being older, it is quite fine to have a special time that is all yours. Getting away to do something like this in today’s hurried aand stressed world is not always simple. By the time that we were held up by road construction crews and by the time that we made a few wrong turns, the sun was beginning to see the last of the afternoon and I was getting disappointed.

    But we, including my husband and the biggest black labrador retriever in the family, quickly left the dog van and made our way to the beach. The tide was beginniong to come in. In Nova Scotia, we have the highest tides in the world and one always needs to keep that in mind. We walked for quite a distance, throwing in a stick for our dog and he had a wonderful swim, each time riding the waves back to shore. The only place I like to walk for miles is on a beach. We came to a piece of the beach that jutted out into the ocean and we knew that there was another beach on the other side so we decided to walk over the big rocks to get there. We left the many owners with their dogs to find seclusion. I think that I must have been mesmerized by the sun and surf because I did not realize how far in the tide had come until we were ready to hike back. I think that we were both startled at the same time when we looked towards the big rocks and the water had come in right to the base of the cliff.

    The only choice to get back was to climb the cliff and walk through the woods. The labrador retriever is a wonderful rescue dog and he lived up to his name. Our boy is very strong and there were times that he had to go on and particularly help me over the rough terrain.

    But, it was all memorable fun and we had a few laughs now that we were safe and along with sand in our hair and shoes, we ate the birthday cake in the car…with some for our best friend of course!



  34. SandyBeaches said

    An added note…Djafan asked me if I had taken my ipod with me. At the last minute before we left the car I made the decision that for just this once even though I wanted to sit on the beach and listen to ‘guess who’, I opted to leave it behind and I believe that my husband appreciated that…but besides that it is always with me!



  35. bebereader said

    SandyBeaches, you lived up to your screenname! Loved your story! Glad you got back to safety and please give your boy, that black Lab, a big hug for us. My birthday wasn’t as adventurous as yours but I can’t complain; I had a delicious outdoor slow-roasted barbeque dinner on the veranda of one of my favorite restaurants, together with family and friends.

    Angelica, Thank you for the videos of David at the AI tour. I just watched “WYSYLM” and wonder sometimes if we have a collective insatiable appetite for David’s music that only more music will satisfy.

    Fandaforeverti48, Stenocruiser, Betsy, Silverfox Thank you!

    SF For the record, I loved the shiny suit, too!

    One more thing…SB, I loved celebrating our birthdays together, virtually, here, at The Voice! 😉


  36. Angelica said


    Thanks for taking us along with you on your birthday excursion to the coasts of Nova Scotia. I could hear the waves and feel the wind in my hair. That was a close call you had when the tide came in. Glad you’re safe and had your two best friends with you to help save the day.

    And you were right to leave the ipod at home. 😉


    I agree about the AI tour. David’s set was a thing of beauty that was way too fleeting for each show. He came out in the shiny suit, sparkled for a little while and was gone. I was amazed at the change in him on that stage compared to idol. He was so relaxed and confident without the pressure. So his charisma shot way up and it was as you say, “mesmerizing.”


  37. refnaf said

    (((bebebe and SB)))) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  38. silverfox said

    Djafan…OUICK!!! Run, don’t walk! Or Drive very fast, but don’t speed! To Santa Monica! David is at the 3rd Street Promenade!!!!! Whew, out of breath. But I guess you already know that as he tweeted it to the whole world! :LOL:

    Now I will go back & read SB’s story…as I have been waiting for it!


  39. silverfox said

    SB, ****SIGH****

    So relaxing, the way you described the beaches. You know I want to live near the ocean someday. It’s on my “To Do” list. I want to experience the peace & tranquility the ocean can bring. It must surely be Nature’s Church. Some people find their peace in a building called a church. And I have heard for others, a quiet beach gives them the feeling of being one with God or nature, whatever their beliefs happen to be. The times I have been at a beach, even a crowded beach, I can see & understand what you mean by…

    “If you visited a beach almost every day, you would not need to do many things in life such as possibly yoga, meditation, life counseling, and if one walked distances on the quartz sand with the sun on your face and wind in your hair you would surely feel amazing. The sound of the surf crashing on to the shore, is one of the most refreshing sounds in the world”.

    Like Angelica said, you were right and very wise to leave your iPod & David at home. It was a day meant to be shared with your very loving & patient husband, & your best friend. 🙂


  40. djafan said

    SB…I could feel the tranquility in your story, what a blessing to have that time. As much as I carry my ipod everywhere I go also appreciate those uninterrupted moments we have with our loved ones. Glad you got out of that situation safely.

    SF…believe me if it was within a half hour drive I’d be in Santa Monica, but it’s more like an hour and he’d probably be gone by the time I got there, or as some on twitter have said he probably tweeted as he was leaving. So close and yet so far.

    Been away most of the day and it’s great to come back and and find all these wonderful comments to read.


  41. Angelica said


    “or as some on twitter have said he probably tweeted as he was leaving.”

    Why does that make me go…Supa stah!!!


  42. silverfox said

    I think I must be going “Ga-Ga” (pun intended).

    David tweeted the about this “freaky” (David’s word) talented kid named Greyson Chance or something like that, yesterday or the day before. (sorry, I was kinda out of it yesterday). Anyway, TODAY that kid is all over the place, on the Internet, on the Celebrity News programs on TV, on the Ellen Show and he was signed, yes SIGNED to a label. The boy is in sixth grade and NOWHERE near & can’t touch David’s vocal prowess! He was “discovered” on YouTube ala Justin Beiber.

    I think I must be in the Twilight Zone. I am sorry but WTH! Why are these kids who are decades behind David in talent getting these huge breaks?? OK, maybe not DECADES, since they are all in their teens…wait is Greyson even a teen yet? I promised a while back I would “try” to BLD, and not say any disparaging comments about David’s peers, but Dang it. I can’t even consider these boys David’s peers. David has no peers. He is in a league by himself. So why is he having to work his B#tt off and other “singers” just go on YouTube lately and get it all handed to them. I am so confused…


  43. djafan said

    Angelica…Supa stah indeed!!!

    SF…I finally broke down and listened to this new kid, interestingly enough the beaver is no longer trending but this new greyson kid is, and not being mean I’ll give the kid kudos for his piano playing, really good piano player, but singer? Uh….no. I don’t get it either.


  44. silverfox said

    Gosh it’s late here in the EST zone! David, the night owl he is may still be out and about and on the town (as if!). But yes, he is a night owl and is most likely out & about. I think he said he never gets to bed before 11pm and it’s only 9:30 in LA. Well it’s 12:30AM here and I have to go to bed, so…

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE and have a beautiful & sunny Sunday.

    Sweet Dreams everyone!


  45. silverfox said

    Djafan..THANK-YOU! I knew I couldn’t be the only one who doesn’t get it.

    Good night..see ya tomorrow.


  46. Angelica said


    I agree with David on this one. I think this guy is pretty awesome. He’s only 12. This is no Justin Bieber IMO, but a real prodigy.

    David is taking the slow, steady route that will let him grow and evolve into what he will someday be…maybe not a superstar, but something finer and more lasting. Like a freakin legend in his own time!


  47. djafan said


    I listened again, love the piano playing, listened to David at this age, the vocals just don’t compare. But I do agree with you on this…

    “David is taking the slow, steady route that will let him grow and evolve into what he will someday be…maybe not a superstar, but something finer and more lasting. Like a freakin legend in his own time!”

    But my humanness want’s to shout “It’s not fair” Got that out…lol


  48. emmegirl said

    “Like a freakin legend in his own time!”


  49. Angelica said

    Well, the kid slays me. There is so much power and emotion and angst in his voice and his playing for one so young. I see his potential and it is stunning. Vocally no one compares to David, but there is still plenty of room for good artists to bring whatever gifts they were given to light. It takes nothing away from David for others to succeed however speedily they come along. Why do others get promoted so much more than him? I don’t know, but I don’t really think it matters. I had a dream one night that I was watching David on stage from the wings. As I watched, the thought hit me with such force… He is unstoppable. It hit me right to my soul and when I woke up, I knew it was true.


  50. djafan said

    I’m reaaallllly liking your dream and truth be told, I feel it in my gut…

    “He is unstoppable. It hit me right to my soul and when I woke up, I knew it was true.”


  51. djafan said

    “How can a window encompass perfection”



  52. gladys – oops, sorry forgot to address you in my post#23 – 2nd paragraph on.


  53. pabuckie said

    Gladys – Loved your article especially about David’s “star” and “anchor”!

    #12 Suzy-Q – I enjoyed every word of what you said especially the part about David’s responsibility he feels towards his fans!

    Happy belated Birthday Bebe and SB!! Hope you both had a great one!


  54. munkmusic said

    Love this article! And since there was a video or Greyson here, I thought I would post this video of our “legend” when he was younger. Listen to how cleanly he plays the piano, and how much control he has over his voice. And….this when he was suffering from vocal paralysis and doing vocal therapy. David is truly a musical prodigy! And you are right, he is going to be big. When I saw him perform for the first time, that same thought went thru my mind. “He is going to be huge”.


  55. munkmusic said

    Sorry guys, but I have to post just one more ! This is one of my all time favorites! And it really shows our David emerging as a legend of all time. Have a great day!


  56. Abrra said

    Munkmusic #54
    That is such a good video. I have watched “young” David so often. This is my favorite Star Search performance. The song choice is the best of all IMHO. Some others were too “old” lyrically.He has such confidence in his performance. Seems very relaxed and has the moves on stage, down.

    Question to all here:

    Would you like to see a set of Star Search on The Voice Unplugged?



  57. SandyBeaches said

    SF #39…What a wonderful reply to my beach story as are all of the replys. So many of you have such captivating talents as writers and you show that in one single paragraph…

    The young fellows do come along, but as they do David moves on. He is in the league that not only sings and plays phenominally well, but also has the charisma that we are still looking for the words to describe. After all he is The Voice, which means that his voice is beautiful and no matter how talented anyone is at a young age it all comes down to the sounds of the voice and how deeply it affects us.



  58. SandyBeaches said

    #56 Abrra…yes that would be grand!



  59. poof said

    #49 Angelica
    I think you said it in a gold platted nut shell. Because of the internet, and our fast ways to communicate these days, I think there will be many people such as Greyson Chance becoming overnight hits. I agree he is talented; no David, but talented :). David knows, to have staying power, you have to put in the work,, and no one works like David.
    In my mind, a quick rise to fame means a quick burn out to the next “greatest thing”. I can’t help but be glad this hasn’t happened to David. He will be shining his “superstar” for a long, long time.


  60. bebereader said

    Look! We can almost touch it! 16 more days!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    From kowkow on IDF – “Chords of Strength” is now available in Asia!


  61. Abrra said

    waaayyyy off topic!!

    Have to share this 🙂

    Even has a cute name 🙂


  62. bebereader said

    Abrra#61 hahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahaha Soooo adorable! And yes….I totally agree with you about the cute name. 😉


  63. Angelica said

    That chihuahua is adorable!! Notice the site name is Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder? Hah! Our little chihuahua is much more adorable.




  64. silverfox said

    I don’t want to start a long discussion of differing views here as I’m sure I’m the only one with my view. I just want to say a few things, then I’ll go do my usual Sunday routines…

    I listened to Greyson & even went so far as to view his other videos on YT. He is no better or worse than dozens of other singers his age on YT. He plays the piano well. So do many others on YT. There are dozens of prodigies on YT, so what makes him stand out? Heck if I know. I don’t mean to be mean, but I am at a loss as to how some get the recognition and others who have worked for years as David has done have to keep paying their dues. And I do mean years…from before his Star Search days and then after when he & his dad made the rounds in New York & LA trying to get a foot in the door of the record labels. And David is still paying his dues.

    Yesterday I went on Soul David and gave my two cents worth (probably worth less than 2 cents) about AI and how I thought David didn’t need AI. I thought he could have gone a different direction. How I didn’t think it has helped David being tied constantly to AI, as if AI is the only reason he was able to get people to pay attention. And I even went so far as to say David could have done what Beiber did & get “discovered” on YouTube. If Beiber could do it, than why not David. (But of course David did have videos on YouTube and he didn’t become an overnight sensation). There was mostly disagreement with my thinking and I can see why. After thinking about it, now I see why David may have thought AI WAS the only way to get any kind of recognition. Maybe I am wrong and David never would have been signed to a label w/o AI. Maybe it doesn’t matter that he is a vocalist like no other. Maybe it doesn’t matter that he can leave these overnight sensations blowing in the wind just by humming. I guess I’m not as generous as others in giving accolades to “prodigies” who haven’t had to really work to get the recognition that seems elusive for others like David, who have. David has done a lot this last year. He’s been involved in many good projects, done so many good things for charity. The top TV talk shows should be breaking down his door to appear on their shows but that is not happening so far. I want David to be a household name all over the world and not just in “our” homes. Would you believe the majority of the people in our good old USA don’t know who David Archuleta is? They have never heard of him, or if they have, they aren’t sure where or why? I know David has the lasting power these others don’t have. I know David is in a league all by himself. And I know there is room for others to have their time in the spotlight. I also know David would be the first to give the accolades I am so stingy with. David, I’m sure would not be pleased with me for my attitude, but he would be the first to give me the right to my opinion. 😉

    A side “thought”…I find it hard to believe David is able to walk around so freely in public. I guess what I’m saying is I will actually be happy when David feels the need to hire a bodyguard because he no longer CAN walk around freely due to the frenzy he causes when he’s spotted by young people everywhere. I will honestly be overjoyed. OK, so I’m crazy. And no, I’m not still on meds. 😆

    Have a great Sunday!


  65. SandyBeaches said

    The Road Not Taken ~ Robert Frost

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
    and sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveller, long I stood
    and looked down one as far as I could
    to where it bent in the undergrowth;

    Then took the other, as just as fair,
    and having perhaps the better claim
    because it was grassy and wanted wear;
    though as for that, the passing there
    had worn them really about the same,

    And both that morning equally lay
    in leaves no feet had trodden black.
    Oh, I kept the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back.

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
    I took the one less travelled by,
    and that has made all the difference

    For me this is David’s road that he has chosen and what an excellent choice. I am right there with him…



  66. pabuckie said

    #60 Bebe — Just thought I would bring this over from snarkies:
    They have 4 pages from the book — I can almost touch it.
    Love the back cover and wonder if that is one of Jen’s pics!

    Love this “There are no hot lights shining in my eyes, no microphone being held up to my face, and no screaming media people barraging me with questions. It’s just you and me.”

    Love that last line!! 🙂


  67. stenocruiser said

    “It’s just you and me.”

    Oh my, how will I be able to read the book through my tears? David, you are a beautiful soul.


  68. Angelica said

    OMGOSH!!!!!! LOOK IT, LOOK IT, LOOK IT!!!! Click view, zoom in. Squeeee!!!! It’s beautiful, words and photo!



  69. betsy said

    Oh David.
    I enlarged the page and started reading, face up against the screen.
    He’s a real writer. It just now hit me.


  70. Angelica said

    “It’s just you and me.” That is some powerful language!! This could potentially reach further than fans.

    SB, love that poem.

    SF, discussion is a good thing. Love you.


  71. djafan said

    How do I stop crying?!


  72. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    I got this scan from Snarkies. I believe the Japan Archies sent it to them. Amazon Japan sent out the preorders.


  73. silverfox said

    I just got a call to come see THE BOOK!! But I didn’t believe it!

    It looks BEAUTIFUL! The photo on the back cover is gorgeous and the perfect choice! OH MY!

    I wonder why Japan got the book so early? Anyone want to speculate? I think David is going to Japan in the VERY NEAR future. What better way to promote David than to release his book there BEFORE he visits?

    So exciting! I hope there are no “leaks” of any chapters though before it’s released here. I’m all choked up…


  74. emmegirl said

    Just ditto to everything Angelica said in #70….and David, you are simply amazing.


  75. betsy said

    Dja ((hugs))
    I know how you feel.
    Now I must finish getting ready for work and try to appear normal for the rest of the day.


  76. silverfox said

    This is so awesome…reading as much as we can on the pages shown and listening to David sing “In This Moment..goosebumps & warm chills right down to my toes. My heart is so full of pride & love for David…


  77. bebereader said

    He’s brilliant, so generous to share his innermost thoughts….

    These are the words on the back cover, for anyone who was squinting to read.

    “After a whole lot of soul-searching I realized that all through my life, it was the act of facing and overcoming my insecurities that has always brought out the best in me. Looking back now I see that I was somehow able to tap into the best parts of myself in those moments when I needed to get through a difficult situation – on or off the stage. It kind of hit me that the most meaningful thing I could do with this book (and my story in general) is to try to inspire people to do the same…There are no hot lights shining in my eyes, no microphone being held up to my face, and no screaming media people barraging me with questions. It’s just you and me.” — David Archuleta


  78. emmegirl said

    For those with no close book signings, there are still signed books available here:
    ph 201-445-0726

    I just called and ordered 2 more!


  79. bebereader said

    Silverfox: I put the Greyson clip on and decided to show it to my husband who as you may remember, has taught music for the last 30+ years. I just wanted to get his opinion, for what it’s worth, on the buzz about this 12-year old ‘prodigy’.

    Well he wasn’t impressed with his piano playing nor with his voice. He commented that Greyson was mostly playing chords which are easier to play than multiple notes which would better show his prowess of getting around the keyboard quickly.

    Then I showed him the video of David, playing “A Thousand Miles” when he was younger and he was blown away by his piano playing skills and his voice.

    He called Greyson another “flash in the pan”, like Justin Bieber who has Usher mentoring him. It’s just an opinion, but he feels that both of them will disappoint and fizzle out by failing to deliver anything valuable, despite their ‘big break’.

    He has every faith that David is going in the right direction as a serious artist and will deliver the goods. I agree.


  80. munkmusic said

    #79 HI! I am a musician and I agree whole heartedly with your husband. I think Greyson’s piano skills are messy and he voice is OK but shows no unique talent. David musicianship shows skill. You can tell, even at an early age, that he pays attention to details and is a perfectionist when it comes to his music and performances. David is aware of details. Greyson is all over the place. Just my little opinion….I have the utmost respect and “Bravo” for David and all that he has done, is doing and will yet do. Is he for real?


  81. djafan said

    SF…I can be selfish wanting David to get the accolades I feel he not only deserves but has earned, but I also see that David is doing things not only his way but the way his answers to prayer guide him. And I will be around God willing for a very long time to enjoy him.

    I agree with Angelica about discussion being a good thing and I value both of your points and everyone else’s contributions. Bebe’s husband and Munkmusic, I appreciate the opinion from trained musicians, I tend to go by my ears…lol I was thinking what is it about this kids voice that annoys me and I figured it out. It’s the same reason why I don’t like Julio Iglesias, Shakira, Aaron Kelly and others, I call it goat singing, their voices vibrate and quiver, that sound just doesn’t appeal to me.

    And then I read the back of the book, thank you bebe for typing it out, it strengthens all the reasons why I am a fan of David. He is a prodigious singer, writer, author, musician, and human being.


  82. silverfox said

    Bebe, Tell your hubby I bow to his opinion (as it agrees with mine, heh)

    Munkmusic, you, too. Gracias for your input.

    Anyway, moving on…

    Djafan, like you I find it irritating as well the quivering quality in some singer’s voices, especially Shakira’s. Must be something else she does when she performs that has catapulted her to fame. heh-heh.

    Borrowing a line about David from Gladys’ wonderful article above..

    “no matter what, he will always carry the glory of triumph upon his shoulders”.

    Wonder when he’s heading off to Japan????????


  83. SandyBeaches said

    The only other country that I have read David tweet about is Japan…Will he be going there first for a book signing and returning for June 1?

    But why were the plans to release his first book in Japan and not in his home country with supporters coming from four tours? Even if scheduling brought it on, there is still perhaps and I say perhaps…those on your party list who are close to you and need to be invited first?

    The leaks of the contents and pictures from Japan known now long before the launching in the US will do what to North American fans anticipating first hand seeing the book during the initial launching days? Well, in a couple of days most likely Japanese fans will have every chapter available for viewing because that is what we as fans sometimes do…and people will be asking for the entire book.

    You may call me out on every thought that I have had and please do so that I can have a different perspective on the subject. Finding the contents of David’s book showing up in another country especially far away, is disappointing and rather an odd occurence. So much is held in secrecy until something is leaked and personally I am not fond of those surprises.



  84. SandyBeaches said

    I commented on the poem “The Road not Taken” and said that I backed that concept and in this short space of time I am questioning the better road…Well hey, surprise…you never know what is coming across the wires!



  85. Abrra said

    Been watching this many times today. Full screen.

    /le sigh



  86. Angelica said

    Guuh. Look. He quotes J.K. Rowling on the first page. My favorite author next to Jane Austen!! (BTW, two entirely different writers with widely divergent styles.) How can I put J.K. Rowling up there with Jane Austen? I can, and I do.



  87. Angelica said

    Wow, Abrra. You watched that many times today in full screen? I just watched it once and feel woozy. You sure you’re OK?
    How beautifully he sings and glitters!


  88. Abrra said

    Well, It took me a while to catch the sweat drip at 1:32. 😉



  89. bluesky said


    No worries. What I meant to say was that I remembered your posts from another site. I did not visit it very often, but I remembered your name and your passion and I feel great that I get to enjoy you here as well. I have noticed and been enriched by your articles here. (That goes without saying…. except… it didn’t!!!! So I said it. ^_^ Thanks, again!!)

    So…. I have read only the paragraph on the outside cover of the book and I already have enough to inspire me for a week or more. I wonder how many paragraphs there are in the booK?

    About the possibility of gratuitous copies of the book floating around on the net? Maybe there will be. Maybe.
    And just maybe they will do good.

    (Ya gotta love the guy. People are going to be inspired by purloined copies. Only DA and a very few others could do this.)


  90. bluesky said

    Erm… I am not trying to be glib about the issues of leaked copies. I just think there are probably things that are going to happen that are less than perfect, over which I have no control. I guess I am saying that the “control” DA has taken (both musically and now as an author ((RE: the posts above)) ) will tell in the end.

    I feel so honored to know about him now. To be touched by him now. To receive from him not a day later than my own imperfections will impede.

    What a challenge he is most politely offering me. Thank you, DA. I appreciate that you think I am up to it.


  91. bluesky said


    I. love. you. (Sweat or no sweat.)

    (I am thinking that after being a DA fan for a couple of years now and reading my share of blogs, I will never be able to say those two words “No sweat!” again without an internal chuckle or two and a heartfelt mental shout out to all of you. Thanks.)



  92. silverfox said

    SB, I am going out on a limb here and say IF the release of the book in Japan this early is NOT due to some kind of promotion for David’s upcoming very soon visit to the country but a mistake by Amazon Japan, then you can be sure David will not be happy about it at all. So I am hoping it is for promotional reasons. If not, does that mean all those who pre-ordered the book through Amazon here will also get the book early? After all, why Japan and not here? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    After my initial giddiness, I thought uh-oh…what if this was not supposed to happen? We all know excerpts from the book will be hitting the net in the following 2 weeks. I hope not, but such is the way things are in this cyberworld. I kinda thought there may be leaks a day or two before the release here, but certainly not 2 weeks prior.

    Angelica, I’m thinking David uses all the inspirational quotes in the book that we started getting almost every day from him on twitter. I think he starts every chapter with an inspirational quote like J.K. Rowling’s.

    I have to confess, I have not read her book, so I can’t give an opinion on her writing other than to say I read that the movies based on her book series have made her the wealthiest female in England…


  93. Abrra said


    What I love most is the way you express yourself in words and phrases that send the senses on a trip.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I agree with you that in the scheme of all things David, a leaked book is nothing more than an appetizer. If anyone wants to wait to read their own copy, avoid the leaks. I did not hear one note of the CFTH Cd until October 29th. I waited to make a special ride to NH to his show all the more special with a tour buddy. She didn’t listen until then either.



  94. Angelica said


    I think she became one of wealthiest females in England on book sales alone and the movies just made her more wealthy. One thing that relates to what you and SB are discussing about David’s book being released early…none of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books were released before midnight of the day announced. I remember standing in huge lines in Wal Mart at midnight (with many other adults buying the book for themselves) and all of us counting down in unison the seconds till the clock struck 12. There was SO much secrecy and the penalties for leaking any Harry Potter book before it was due must have been very serious. No vendor ever dared and the books were never allowed out of the shrink wrap they were shipped in till at midnight when it was finally cut open.


  95. dakgal said

    This is crazy— if I got David’s book and there was nothing on the inside except drawings of squiggly pigs and stick men –I’d still be happy with just the front cover and of course the back
    cover. Bless your heart David.


  96. silverfox said

    Dakgal..hahaha! That is funny! 😆

    Me, too! Only not until it’s supposed to be released.

    David really does get upset about unauthorized leaks of his music, so it will be so with his book. I remember the Crush video was leaked early just before the AI Tour concert in Evansville and when some young things assured David THEY had not seen the video & promised they wouldn’t until the official release, he was thanking them over & over & telling them it was “so awesome” of them to wait. It made me very ashamed that I had seen the leaked video. So I am hoping not too much more of the book is leaked and especially that the release was not a mistake. 😦

    But it is so beautiful..what we’ve seen so far. ***sigh***


  97. Nanaweize said

    “There are no hot lights shining in my eyes, no microphone being held up to my face, and no screaming media people barraging me with questions. It’s just you and me.”

    I feel so special….sounds like David is talking right to me!

    I know I am going to need a nap on June 2nd because I am going to be up until the book is read! This is one of those books I am not going to be able to put down until every page has been devoured. I plan on having one extra book I can mark and read over and over…I will save my autographed book for just looks…you know…me looking…looking and looking again!


  98. Angelica said


    I’m afraid with this leak to Asia there is not much doubt that copies will be sent to this country and much more of the book leaked to the internet. It could be promotion, to start more buzz and test the waters. Maybe find out if more book signings need to be added? *fingers crossed in the south*


  99. silverfox said

    Angelica, Oh wow! I didn’t think of that possibility. That it was done to create a buzz! Yes, that does make sense. I hope you are right. If it wasn’t a mistake, why in the world would the book be released in Japan so early? There must be a good reason and if it’s not because there’s a plan to visit Japan very soon, then your thoughts make perfect sense. 😉

    Thanks, I can go to bed now. 🙂

    Sweet dreams everyone!


  100. djafan said

    Oh Angelica I hope your right, we need more dates in more areas…please!

    Nanaweize…me too! I’m actually going to take June first off of work, go buy the book early and read all day!

    SF..sighing with you…sleep tight!

    Abrra….love this about bluesky and ditto…and le sighing with you…

    “What I love most is the way you express yourself in words and phrases that send the senses on a trip.”

    SB…my hope is that if he is going to Japan he will sing Save the Day.

    Dak…David’s squiggly pigs and stick men ftw!


  101. Tawna21 said

    bebe #79– thank you for that comment. I’m not a musical genius, but I’ve had the same thoughts that your husband pointed out. David will be a star for a long time. IMHO. I honestly could not see prodigy or good in Greyson and I still can’t figure out the Bieber happenings. Sorry to be negative.

    SF– I’m so with you on the question as to ‘why’ these young ‘uns get the breaks they do. It really frustrates me–I’m so sick of Oprah and Ellen. I really think it has to do with David’s standards and faith that keeps him off of these shows. They don’t know how to deal with someone as openly honest and as beautiful from the inside out as David is. They just don’t realize what their ratings would be for the day if they did have him on. Silly them! David will move onward and upward until one day they realize what they have missed.

    SB– glad you made it home safely. Thank you for sharing your expedition here. It was a very ‘visual’ and ‘feely-touchy’ writing. I really, really liked it.



  102. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica #94…I admire how the Harry Potter books were released. So much fun, so much anticipation for the release which builds hype everywhere and that has to be good. There are not many ‘leaks’ and disclosures of any kind that are as sweet…



  103. Tawna21 said

    Abrra #85– oh my heck!

    watch youTube–click mouse
    watch full screen–click mouse
    see full screen–daid! in serious need of defib!!!

    but thanks for the sparkly skin, sparkly hair, and sparkly eyes



  104. SandyBeaches said

    TW…It looks like we were writing here at the same time perhaps. It is always good to hear from you and pleased that you enjoyed my short story.

    {{Hugs}} tawna, I hope to see you again before too many months and if there are concerts in Utah, we will be there.



  105. gladys said

    I want to thank everyone for reading this article, I was a little scared, because sometimes I write things without thinking, but I think they liked.
    Thanks for the welcome and the owners of the house, thank you for letting freely express what I feel for david.
    All my desires are fulfilled, see my name in an article that is published here, was one of them.
    My greatest wish is to see david ever, and I think I’m going to make and of course you know everyone. I have many crazy ideas in my head, I have them to order and control my fingers, sometimes they have their own life and I’m scared.
    David has inspired me to do many things, writing, study, learn English and most importantly I learned what happiness is.
    Thanks to the voice and all of you will never be enough words of thanks.
    I hope to control my fingers to the next article, chau.


  106. Suzy-Q said

    Love hearing David sing my favorite AI song, “In This Moment”. I think that when he sings I…., acapella in the middle of the song, it’s the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

    I have June 1st all planned out. I will wear comfortable clothes and a diaper (so I won’t forget to go potty and wet my pants. Maybe I shouldn’t drink anything but then I might get dehydrated from all the crying), sit in a comfortable chair with good support, have a box of tissues handy (I hope that’s enough), nutritional snacks so I won’t have to leave the chair, Visine for red eyes from tearing up, artificial tears solution for dry eyes from non stop reading, a pillow to bury my tear stained face into and muffle the sounds of me going into uncontrollable bawling, a good reading lamp, my bi-focal glasses and a CD player so I can listen to David’s voice in the background. I am not sure what to do about the phone. Luckily I have an answering machine and caller ID. I have two weeks to finalize my list. Does anyone have some suggestions as to what I could add?

    Pabuckie, thanks for the comment!


  107. gladys said

    suzy Q, I think you forgot the basics, a dictionary to remember the words and their meaning, I have learned that when someone is in front of david forgets everything.


  108. Angelica said

    (((Gladys))) You are so brave and beautiful to feel the fear and do it anyway. Thank you for letting us share this wonderful journey with you. You have inspired and enriched us all. Please keep writing. Your fingers do just fine.


    Sounds like a plan. LMBO 😆 I don’t think you need worry about the potty. Sounds like all fluids will be rerouted to your tear ducts.


  109. pabuckie said

    Bringing this over from snarkies because they did a great job and managed to get David’s timeline in 5:17 seconds!!! 🙂


  110. silverfox said

    I’m off to work! I’ll be on pins & needles all day anticipating word from David on the release of COS in Japan. Hope it was legit and all’s good!

    Have a great day everyone!


  111. jackryan4DA said

    With Japan receiving COS this early, the more am convinced that the change in its official launch date in he US has something to do with his single/album.

    Perhaps we may have new music by the time the book officially comes out… Well, I can dream can’t I?

    Anw, I just love it that David takes every opportunity he has to reach out and touch souls. His music, to share the joy within and now his words, to share some of his life lessons and home grown values. With my Dad’s failing health, am inclined to say that as far as men go, they don;t make them as they used to. I have to table that when it comes to David. Barring ethical considerations, if there is any justification for cloning, David could be it (weak smile)

    TC y’all!

    ps: Ecstatic over the weekend cos signed copies have been shipped to me, thanks to a very generous Archie 🙂 weeeeeeeeeeeeee! (too bad I have stopped doing cartwheels)


  112. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We can do this!



  113. xaris said

    Abrra! #112 I don’t think I can do it…

    I tried being patient and did not like it. So I tried being productive during the drought, which means I have washed everything from the windows to the cats. I have run out of things to wash. New music now please. Thank you.

    “All good things arrive unto them that wait–and don’t die in the meantime.”
    –Mark Twain


  114. djafan said

    Look at this! From Japan Amazon!!!!! Rank: Books – # 24 (Books


    Rankings in each category:
    ─ 1st Foreign book > Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs
    ─ 1st Foreign book > History
    ─ 1st Foreign book > Entertainment > Music > Musical Genres


  115. angelofdja said

    Abrra #93, I am waiting ever so patiently for my copies of COS. I just can’t seem to get up the nerve to read those pages “leaked” from Japan. (I’d feel guilty of something, just don’t know what to call that guilt?!)♥


  116. angelofdja said

    Hello Lovely Admins…(I BOW to your awesomeness!)
    Can you make comment #16 go away? Thanks, you all ROCK


  117. angelofdja said

    Jeesh…done spamming. You fixed it. #16???? OOPS #116. I’m done communicating today. Have a pleasant day!


  118. bebereader said

    Angelofdja I took care of #116 and then wordpress caught up and re-arranged the numbers. We love your comments. Please come back. 🙂


  119. Angelica said

    #115 Holy Moly!! Didn’t it just get released over there? COS is smokin the foreign book categories and #24 is awesome for overall bestseller already in Japan. He’s got his work cut out for him knocking the #1 bestseller from that position, 😉 but if anyone can, HE CAN.

    How y’all doing this lovely Monday?


  120. SandyBeaches said

    Has anyone read anything from David since the 15th?

    Those cats have such a wonderful virtue, I should be more like them!



  121. SandyBeaches said

    Grumpy as possible Angelica because when I get the book I would like to read each chapter and see each picture for the first time…I am not in the mood for dodging every writing published from another place in the world to keep the element of surprise for my first reading either…It gets really complicated that way…The book may be well known from cover to cover by the time it is released in North America.

    Other than that, I am just great! I know that I should be wearing a smile, so hey I am smiling, pleased and thankful and trying to adopt the virtues of ‘the cats’.



  122. Angelica said


    Life is complicated. I’m sorry that makes you grumpy. It does me sometimes too. What can be done?


  123. bebereader said

    #123 Wait, I have something that will soothe any ailment!


  124. bebereader said

    He tweets!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    By the way, “Chords of Strength” is #1 now in Japan! 🙂


  125. Angelica said


    It looks like #21 to me when I click on the Amazon Japan link.


  126. bebereader said

    Angelica: See this page from Archuleta Fanscene


  127. Angelica said

    Yes Bebe. Dj posted those 3 categories this morning in comment #115.

    Rankings in each category:
    ─ 1st Foreign book > Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs
    ─ 1st Foreign book > History
    ─ 1st Foreign book > Entertainment > Music > Musical Genres

    With overall bestseller ranking #24. COS has now moved up to #21 for the top seller in Japan headed for #1 to beat…

    #1 365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year (ペーパーバック)

    😯 😆 That’s just funny to me. If COS can beat that, I’ll have to see it to believe it. Go David! Go Japan!! Now THAT would be a stunning victory.


  128. blisskasden said

    Hi everyone. I truly feel that the more “competition” David has in the so-called “teen market”, the better he comes out. When David is pitted aginst these kids, the cavernous gap in their respective talent is showcased for the world to see. Look at poor Aaron Kelly. He’s a nice kid who can sing, but when he was billed as the “next David Archuleta”, it became painfully obvious that he was nowhere near David’s league. The same is true for Justin Beiber and this new 12 year old YouTube “sensation”. They require being shoved down the public’s throats to sustain their popularity. David’s has built a mega fan base that is as solid as a rock. David’s career is built on substance and real talent. As long as they don’t run out of Aquafina on stage, his star will continue to rise.


  129. bebereader said

    Angelica: Pardon me. You’re right! Wishful thinking on my part!


  130. Abrra said

    KimmieDavid on twitter said her picture is the one on the back cover. I am so happy for her. I used her collage on the CFTH Live CD . She sees him through the lens like no other.

    Congrats Kimmie!

    Here are some of her tweets when she found out the news.

    I can’t believe it!!!!! I can’t type or anything! im’ freaking out 25 minutes ago via web

    I just found out!!! OMMMMMMGGGG!!!! 23 minutes ago via web

    Thanks to everyone!!!!!!!!!! I think I need to throw up now lol 14 minutes ago via web

    I’m shaking!!!! Omg!!! I feel like running 10 miles!!!! 20 minutes ago via web

    I just love that he included fans in his book. There may be other fan pics, we will have to wait and see.



  131. Angelica said

    So happy for Kimmie! What a thrill that must have been for her! I love her work and I know that you’ve been a fan of hers for a while, Abrra. Me too, since you sent me to her site. She does “see” him so well. Fan photos are the best. With the exceptions of that professional photographer for Rave and Matt Clayton.


  132. pabuckie said

    Congratulations to Kimmie for a photo being picked for the back of David’s book! What an honor!! I love her photos!

    David’s book is #1 on Three Amazon Japan charts already:

    Musical Genres, History and Biographies!! Go David!!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on that book. haha


  133. Abrra said

    More bookmarks to print!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Go to Bianca’s site here :



  134. silverfox said

    I’m concerned David has not acknowledged the release of his book in Japan. No tweets, nothing on his Website. I wonder why?

    He’s getting hundreds of tweets about his book, and still nothing about it from David.

    And he had trouble sleeping last night? Was he upset, or worried about something…like being blindsided by the early release?

    Somebody tell me I’m full of baloney or smack me upside my head…anything to make me stop feeling like something is not quite right. 😦

    At least he’s eating at Cafe Rio. Would be great if he said he was celebrating the release of his book by eating at one of his favorite restaurants. 🙂


  135. silverfox said

    So maybe I think too much…so I’ll stop thinking & go to bed.

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!

    Sweet Dreams to all!


  136. pabuckie said

    Great article from Masterclass Lady about David’s Book:


  137. betsy said


    “David has inspired me to do many things, writing, study, learn English and most importantly I learned what happiness is.

    I am very glad.
    I absolutely love what you wrote.


  138. Mandi said

    I’m late but so glad to read comments from people here. You all love David and I like that. Can’t wait to read this book. SF, I am wondering too if the Japan release was legit. But as David would say “things happen for a reason”. Bliss, you have a way with words. I like what you said about David’s talent. I don’t understand why majority of the people like mediocre singers. Is it because they think these kinds of singers are more relatable? People can sing along to their songs and not sound bad at all. They can’t easily do that with David’s songs. Anyone covering Crush would just have to admit that they will never sound like David. Anyway, I appreciate this site. Thank you for all you do for our guy.


  139. bluesky said


    You are so kind! You know what? I think he is waiting until he can say what he wants to say. When he is silent, there is usually a reason. And whether he is worried or whether there is very good news close at hand, he has learned the wisdom of saying what needs to be said …… or not.

    I trust him either way.

    And bless you for your always sweet concern. (I love your thoughtful prayers.)


  140. Emi said

    I have not read all the comments, just your beautiful article and WOW… you made me cry… I love the heart behind it.. the mind behind it and the ENGLISH behind it.. as we say here in Tennessee.. YOU DONE GOOD!!

    I LOVE this part:

    Maybe, as I once wrote, David is full of signs that marked him from the very beginning. The most striking appeared on the season finale of “American Idol”. On the first song, he had a star on his chest. On the second one, he had an anchor on his back, and on the third one, he had a sense of peace and calmness for the accomplished work Our prince, our star, will travel the world, will only anchor whenever he wishes to, and then he will smile at us, calm, and we will be there….

    That almost counts as poetry! Emifriend


  141. Julieta said

    Gladys thanks for writing beatiful things about David! I’m glad that someone from my country loves him and appreciated his music and hard work.I’m really anxious,curious about his new album but I know the wait will be worth 🙂 Amiga,keep writing because your words means a lot to me and all of us!
    I’ll always support him no matter what,and if he ever comes to Argentina…omg i would be so happy!! dreaming on that day haha 🙂

    Bye,see you soon, nos vemos Gladys!!

    Julieta 🙂


  142. Vanessar0323 said

    hola.. Gladys .. Que buen articulo.. gracias por compartirlo ☺☺


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