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Paying His Dues

Posted by djafan on Thursday, May 6, 2010

Abrra and Angelica, (in that order) discuss…the studio.  You decide.

My initial reaction to this:

Was this: David in a recording studio session with Mike K. was –O. M. G. !

Why? Why?  Is David in a messy broom closet?  This is not how good music is made.  Not only is David in danger, but the instruments are as well.  One misstep and those leaning guitars are going south.


What is with that couch?  Is that where David sits to rest between takes?  It looks like it may swallow him whole if he dares try. He can hardly find a spot for his water bottle.
Notice his face is hidden.  I am positive it’s by design.  He is embarrassed to be seen in such a messy studio.

Jive please look at these places you send David to record in?  I want only the best for him when he works.   Nothing less!

Dear Jive,
How about you folks give David the respect of a decent recording studio? That is a mess.

Mother Angelica is NOT amused!



Well, THIS Angelica is excessively gratified.

Come, Abrra, let us reason together.

1.  “Is David in a messy broom closet?” No.  It is not a broom closet.  It is a highly functional environment well suited for its needs.  Acoustic wall tiles, mic stand, piano, and wall to wall guitars.  What more is needed to produce the real thing, music that is not overly produced?

2.  “That is a mess.” One man’s mess is another man’s castle.  You see a mess.  I see no frills comfort and a certain  masculine, who cares, let’s just get some work done attitude about the place.  

3.  “Not only is David in danger….” Stop right there.  David is not in danger of Mike’s guitars falling nor were any guitars harmed in the making of this music.  He has a very good rapport with Mike’s guitars and they would never harm him either.  We all recall him sweetly petting one on stage while he was a little under the weather and Mike smiling at him all the while as if to say, “Dude, just how much of that cold medicine did you take?”

4.  “What is with that couch?…It looks like it will swallow him whole.” Again, you seek for danger where there is none.  The couch will not surely swallow him.  It is comfy and worn in is all.  Perfect for taking a much needed nap during marathon writing sessions.  Or lounging upon for a good think when the words don’t readily come.  It even has a neatly folded blue blankie waiting.  Nice touch.

5.  “Notice his face is hidden…He is embarrassed to be seen…” He is not embarrassed.  He is busy.  He does not have time to grin at the camera.  He is a working man now with a busy schedule and deadlines to meet.  David would not be embarrassed by any room.  Have you seen some of his vlogs?

6.  “This is not how good music is made.” Well, yeah, this is exactly how good music is made.  This is the way many of the best recording artists in the past have made the music we still love today.  How did it get so complicated with so much mixing and synthesizers and artificial sleight of hand?  The less you do to David’s voice, the better he sounds as evidenced by the live vs studio versions of his debut album.  Let’s also remember that David and Mike Krompass are the team that created Zero Gravity and Somebody Out There, neither of which made it on the album but should have.

7.  “Dear Jive, How about you guys giving David the respect of a decent recording studio?” Good question and one that may prompt discussion that will educate us all by those who know more about such matters.  I confess I do not.  But on doing a bit of research I have learned that big labels retain almost total control and much of the monies a recording artist makes.  For example, a usual contract calls for a certain amount of albums to be recorded, usually one a year.  From what I have read, most of the time the label advances an artist the money to make the album, which must be used for all production costs involved like musicians, writers, and yes, the cost of studios to work in.  The average cost of a studio is $75 to $125 an hour.  Average cost of an experienced musician is $100 an hour.  Then there is the cost of writers, mastering engineers, producers, equipment, etc, etc…The list goes on and on.   Here is a link to an interesting article on how most recording contracts work. 


He is recording in several studios for his sophomore album, from Nashville to New York to Los Angeles.  This is just one place among many where he is discovering all the places within himself he wants to take us.  Whatever it takes, I’m there.

112 Responses to “Paying His Dues”

  1. pabuckie said

    Hey Guys! Well, the money part (I have no clue). As far as the messy room — I love it!! It feels organice and real — like David. Plus, I think it’s like hanging out at a friends’s house and perhaps David feels real comfy in it, no frills — like the way he just walks out on stage with no pretence, messy water bottles strewn across the stage! I love it and I’m sure David has been in other nicer recording studios as well 🙂


  2. pabuckie said

    Just saw this — WARNING at .38!


  3. betsy said

    Yesterday afternoon, I may have been looking at some pictures on Facebook. 🙂
    My teenaged son was sitting next to me. He is a musician.(metal, arghh) We saw a few pictures of Mike K.’s new home in Nashville. He has a beautiful recording studio there as well. My son was very impressed with it.
    Then this picture came up.
    I mentioned that it was a bit messy.
    He was a little bit more impressed that David was recording in this studio. He noticed that the accoustic walls were better and that the guitars were these amazing Telecasters. And something about the recording mic. (it escapes me now, but he liked it)
    We all see something different. 🙂


  4. emmegirl said

    I may jump ship and have to go with the college dorm/recording studio option…just kick it out of the way and let’s get down to business.

    Now I want to get down to business, and thank Betsy and bebereader for the pics on the last thread. Wouldn’t mind seeing them here again!


  5. Suzy-Q said

    Compare this studio to the one where David was recording his Christmas album. You know the one where he is standing facing the baby grand piano and there are Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling? What a contrast to this one. When I am in a room that is cluttered, it clutters my mind so, I am with Abrra on this one.


  6. Shawna said

    You ladies are too funny!! I have been more educated on this site in the last few months than I have been my whole life(and that is saying alot, cause I am ollllld!!!) Just love it. I really don’t care where he does his music as long as he hurries up and gets us that single soon and the album soon after. Getting anxious!!!


  7. Abrra said

    You can save pics from this site by:

    Right click and View image

    Right click Save Image as

    Then name it.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  8. Marciami said

    It looks like a messy dump to me! A guys place but (I forget her name) is there. I volunteer to run over there asap and clean it up for them – in fact I could do a daily clean as long as they are there – or follow David to the next place and keep it tidy haha. If it works for David then it works for me. He can probably work in anything/anyplace with his mind racing 1000 miles minute with music. Also, I will donate my time – a sacrifice I will gladly make! Let me know David and I will be there to save you in a heartbeat – that is, save me! The thirst is getting too much to take. Help.


  9. Angelica said

    Tha’s not a hand. THA’S a hand.



  10. blisskasden said

    The recording studio is right in line with the stage we see him perform on in concert. Unpretentious, minimalist, and completely and totally about the music. David does not have a superficial bone in his best looking guy on the planet body. He’s so into the music, he probably doesn’t even notice that he’s not in some fancy-shmancy studio. When his CD comes out, and every song is a work of art, it will not matter where he recorded the songs.

    I’m sure David feels blessed that he has ANY studio that wants to record his songs, and feels very comfortable in this earthy, organic, environment.



  11. FG said

    sweet giant manhands of mercy batman!!

    about the twitpic – I was just mad cuz I couldn’t see his face. LOL


  12. FG said

    Keep hope ALIVE people!


  13. Abrra said

    Oh my! #12

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  14. I said

    Angelica and Abrra (inspirational)


  15. bebereader said

    I wasn’t shocked to see the messy room David recorded in; it looked comfortable to me and gave me the impression that he can make music in any setting. He seems to be very easy-going, I’ll bet the messy room didn’t even phase him.

    I’ve learned a few things from being a fan of musicians my entire life. In the past, you needed a studio with expensive recording equipment and more cables than you could handle to record music. Now, a simple room, microphones, amps and a computer with modern recording software including a sequencer/mixer is all that’s needed to provide the same sound as in a fancy studio. The mixer handles many functions that were possible only in expensive studios in the past. That’s why make-shift studios are appearing in the most unusual places.

    New artists don’t have the luxury of a recording studio so they record wherever they can. Ben Jelen, a singer/songwriter whose career I follow (he’s now in medical school) recorded some of his songs in his bathroom because the acoustics were better than anywhere else in his apartment! The sound is awesome!

    Angelica and Abbra, thank you for this fun article!

    Pabuckie #2 Loved the video; and the song has a Lil Eddie vibe! (Wonder if David ever recorded the song Lil Eddie had ready and waiting.)


  16. Angelica said

    Bliss, I think you’re right. Bebe, I think you’re right too. In fact I think everyone here is right who is agreeing with me. I am kicking Abrra bootie.

    FG#12 Remember our little talk?


    #14 I, hi!


  17. bebereader said

    Another book signing date added, with possible performance!!!

    June 17
    6:00 PM MT

    Deseret Book
    485 N 2nd E Suite 104
    Rexburgh, ID

    See Fans of David for more details.


  18. FG said

    LOL Angelica just LOL! I stopped looking behind me YEARS ago. oh and BTW, your butt is large if you can’t find your 5 year old and he’s hiding behind you! This actually happened.


  19. djafan said

    Angelica and Abrra,

    I hate to confess, well not really, that I didn’t even notice the condition of the room…lol

    I was being mesmerized and distracted trying to get a glimpse of that face and then the hand…



  20. FG said

    djafan – Is that the 8th wonder of the world? So dang pretty. GOSH and gee-willikers.


  21. FG said

    In that hand he holds a note,
    suspended in time as if to float,
    my heart has fluttered inside those fingers,
    and in his palm my soul still lingers.


  22. Angelica said


    “BTW, your butt is large if you can’t find your 5 year old and he’s hiding behind you! This actually happened.”


    pole dancing Pictures, Images and Photos


  23. FG said

    bwahhaaaa! nice one angelica!!


  24. djafan said

    Well David is recording here today…very different…


  25. Suzy-Q said

    Abrra, Here’s back at cha!


  26. Suzy-Q said

    I figued it out. The studios are rented and because David is so thrifty, he got this one for practically nothing. (You get what you pay for.)


  27. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Now THIS is a studio !!
    Thanks djafan.


  28. Abrra said

    # 22
    ( I threw up in my mouth~ a little)



  29. djafan said

    David Archuleta Day this Sunday!


  30. xaris said

    ANGELICA! #22 NO NO NO AND NO! Do you think spitting tea repeatedly on my old laptop had anything to do with its demise? My new one is not faring much better. Y’all quit.


  31. Abrra said

    #30 Xaris is this one for my side? 😉



  32. xaris said

    Abrra–Yes, I believe so! I could not function in a space as messy as that studio, although to be perfectly honest, it looks a lot like my son’s study. I don’t know how my child could even find his English paper, let alone finish writing it this week. Unless David is neat to the point of compulsion (really rare among teenage males), I doubt seriously he thought anything about Mike’s studio.

    Just out of vulgar curiosity, everyone always mentions how big David’s hands are. Most teenage guys have large hands, so what’s up with that? I have never met him up close, but we were close to the stage at the concert we attended and I don’t remember thinking, “Wow, what large hands.” LOL–it just seems like a funny comment people keep making.


  33. I said

    jealous of pabuckie


  34. Abrra said

    Nothing vulgar in asking! His hands and feet seem to be larger in proportion to his stature.

    Hands have a gracefulness when used by a master such as David.

    Ever notice how he pulls the notes with the flip of his hand? Especially when he is “wailing”.



  35. bebereader said

    From Twitter:


    David Archuleta will be at the downtown SLC Deseret Book 6/7 – 12pm. He’ll sing a song and sign his new book.


  36. xaris said

    I love how he uses his hands when singing, very expressive and graceful. On the flip side, it’s just adorable how he flails about with them sometimes when he is talking. I hope if I ever do VIP that I don’t stand there and stare at his hands.


  37. Abrra said

    Now you GET it 🙂



  38. poof said

    Totally unrelated to orderly vs. disorderly,, but it IS the day AFTER the CINCO DE MAYO,,, so maybe this relates to that?
    I have been having fun brushing up on my Spanish and watching all the adoring new fans spring up on the Somos El Mundo official tape, which is still going strong on youtube with over 4 million hits. I now know how to say “What Just Happened…” and “Beautiful” in many new ways! Check it out. (It’s educational 🙂


  39. Abrra said

    That picture was taken before May 5th. It got posted a previous thread. David didn’t partake of any festivities 🙂



  40. emmegirl said

    Goodness, does the man ever get to take a breath! Why so many songs, don’t they already have somewhere upwards of 50 written… and according to the tweets, many of them amazing!

    Is it that the writing just keeps getting better so they keep going…are there writers that are coming out of the woodwork to work with him…can we hope for an album with, idk, 18-20 songs… do they even do that…if so, then why not just give us all 50, 60, 70 songs… is he coming out with 2 albums/2 languages….can he physically do that… or maybe one album that is fun and danc-y and another mind-numbing soul….or ballads…or message songs… or emo love songs….or a 3rd album all acoustic and organic-y…. I have lost all control! My mind is racing…. I want it all!


    …this is how it is done. If so, who knew?


  41. Angelica said


    I can’t believe you would stoop so low as to commandeer Xaris over to your side when you know perfectly well she was talking about the pic of the lady bending over and using that sign pole at the bus stop for support and she was saying NO, NO, NO, and NO, to THAT! which caused her to spit tea on her laptop, so… Photobucket and not to my viewpoint of the studio as opposed to yours.



  42. SandyBeaches said

    Poof…The Somos El Mundo video has done wonderfully well and I am so pleased to hear that there are over 4 million hits…I have played a big part in helping the official video reach those numbers!



  43. refnaf said

    Angelica♥abrra, you two are so funny. I don’t think I can pick sides on this one!
    All I can think about is why so many writing sessions??? Enough already.
    Desparate in Canada 😦


  44. bebereader said

    “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.”

    It ain’t over ’til David says it’s over.

    And that’s all she wrote.


    (Don’t mind me, I’m in an archustupor. I just finished listening to David’s first, self-titled CD. Awesome, by the way!)


  45. emmegirl said

    bebereader, been listening last few days too! Let Me Go, last 12 seconds, background vocal, never noticed before… you can barely hear even with earbuds… but awesome!


  46. bebereader said

    Emmegirl, I’m discovering sounds I never heard before. It’s like whole new cd! How weird is this? If that was what they called “rushed”, then we are TOAST!


  47. Mandi said

    Mother Angelica, I can totally see your point but I do believe Abrra is right too. Wonder if he was singing a song about being troubled and confused in that picture and the messy setting was done on purpose to help bring out the feeling into the song? Oh well, all I care about is he is satisfied with whatever comes out. My ears can’t wait to hear his songs.


  48. Emi said

    Hey Archielovers
    This site shore is funneeeeee… thank you because I know I can come visit here and leave in a better mood than when I started!

    “No guitars were harmed in the making of this music” Your brain is a wonderland! hehee. you funny…

    I am still not sure that David and crew are not just making demos of the songs, and once the songs are chosen for inclution on the cd they will be re recorded with the works.. maybe that is how they did it in the olden days ( Ray and I would know a lot about those olden days!)

    On the serious side, here is a great video of Nashville and Johnny Cash… the two scenes that hurt especially (not including the human drama ones) are the one of our TITANS stadium filled with water and the very last one of the stage at the historic Ryman Auditorium.

    Thanks for all your prayers and well wishers. I am looking forward to having help tomorrow and my sister is coming next week. 60 families in my church have lost their homes, so I am Mightily Blessed to just have to deal with a basement! It is all very surreal and very overwhelming. It is hard to fathom that over half the counties in our state have a “state of emergency” status.

    Surely they will fix that Ryman Stage.. afterall David still needs to sing there! Please Stay funny everybody and keep us in your thoughts! Emifriend


  49. Abrra said

    I see there are still some fence sitters here.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Some who can’t make up their mind.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Others have offered to remedy the situation.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Making sure David is not exposed to dust.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I want to thank all who have seen the LIGHT. We can think good thoughts that David will record in an orderly studio.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Have I stooped low enough yet Miss Angelica???? 😉



  50. pabuckie said

    All I want to know is — DAVID, Are you gonna CRUSH us with this next album?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  51. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    FG…8th wonder…like that and your lovely poem.

    The Deseret bookstore closest to me is in San Diego, I called them yesterday and asked about David, reply was “We don’t have any information right now” I think I’m going to start calling the large bookstores in the area.

    Pabuckie…Nice picture.

    Here from Mike’s facebook!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  52. GG_doorsfan said

    you all are just awesome… 🙂

    Important information regarding “Chords Of Strength” – this was posted on FOD…

    I just called Bookends in New Jersey and ordered a signed copy of David’s Chords of Strength. Oh my gosh, I have been trying to arrange to go to the signing on June 1st, so this is just in case I can’t. It is during the week and I work and it’s a 5 hr. drive, I want to go so bad, ohmygosh it’s David but I don’t think I can get away from work.

    The gentleman I talked to said to spread the word….. I am so pleased, he said that he thinks they are the only ones offering signed books and they have gotten ALOT of calls. He asked how I found out about it….I said I have been a David fan since Idol, and it was on his fansite. So this is good news that they are getting alot of calls. Go David!!!!!!


    Important information regarding “COS”, if you will not be able to attend a book signing for the June 1st event in NJ, you can call & place an order over the phone. Call 201-445-0726 – Bookends in NJ, orders are limited and going fast..! $ 22.95 plus shipping..


  53. GG_doorsfan said

    oh – i agree w/bliss at number 10, lol. i was married in another lifetime to a musician, and let me tell you studios run the gamut from broomcloset to grungy to gorgeous, like the village recorder, where he was recording tracks yesterday. the appearance of the studio isn’t the most important think – it’s the quality of the people in it, the sound and recording equipment, the engineers – and what they are able to draw out of the singer that overrides aesthetics, imo. some of the best vocals recorded in a studio have been done, of all places, in the bathroom. won’t go any further than that, lol.


  54. Abrra said

    From miss beebee a bookmark set.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Get the PDF file here for printing.

    Click to access thatface_bookmarks.pdf



  55. beebee said

    lololol!!! A & A … you two are hilarious! Angelica, I’m with you on this one, too. (Sorry Abrra…. *ducks broom bonk*) Many a masterpiece has been hatched in places that make the “conditions” in those pix look like the Ritz. 🙂 I think it’s okie dokie for David to “create” in a mildly disheveled artist’s studio. Like gg said it’s the quality of the talent and equipment (and *vibe*…. and they got that covered 1000% right there!)


  56. Angelica said

    {{{Emi}}} God bless you and Tennessee right now. I will keep you all in my prayers. Thanks for sharing that video.


    Well hey! Thanks for the info on the signed copies of COS. I saw a site a couple of weeks ago that was supposedly selling signed copies for $60.00 plus shipping?!! Could be people planning on going to book signings to make a profit or fake signatures even. Best to deal with the actual venue he will be at like you gave the link to. Much cheaper too and legit.
    I saw on SnowAngelz a bookstore is selling pre-orders that will be signed the day he arrives there. The lady she spoke to said supplies were limited; that he would sign as many as he could and that would be it so to get your order in early.
    (Word) Oh, and thanks for your very intelligent comment on the studio debate. That’s one more for my side. 😆

    Abrra#49 No, actually this last post of yours is very fair and balanced. As for the pics of the beautiful studio at the bottom, I want him to record in studios like that too, just don’t think it matters to the end product. I want him to LIVE in places like that and maybe have a studio like that in his own home. Till then, it don’t mean a thang. Not when you can really sang. And he can SANG like nobody else. Give him a tin can and a string, a shower, a room with no mic and no instruments..he will make you understand that song.


  57. beebee said

    DANG that wasn’t there when I pushed “submit!” lolol


  58. Abrra said


    I knew we could come to an understanding. In public, no less!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  59. beebee said

    ohmyheck, Emi {{{hug}}} Hang in there. I feel for everyone in the area in the wake of the flood! So awful. And the Ryman! Gosh! That has to be resurrected!


  60. Angelica said

    BeeBee! I am printing out that gorgeous bookmark you wrought and having it laminated! Thanks for that and your vote.

    Look up Abs…

    loser Pictures, Images and Photos


  61. Angelica said


    I understand. I won. You didn’t.

    Here’s a kiss for ya though. You know I love you.

    Kiss Pictures, Images and Photos


  62. beebee said

    lolol {{{{angelica/abrra}}}} “welcome to loserville, population: YOU” lololol Play NICE now girls. *wags finger*

    Angelica, I have no idea, of course, how those bookmarks will print out, as everybody’s printer is different, but I just hadda make them because mz. pabuckie and refnaf beggggggged…kikiki. I could not deny them. We all three are hung up on that “mirror mirror on the wall” FACE…lol. 🙂 (and I also thought pabuckie’s idea of a bookmark… or two… was poifect.)


  63. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you GG…

    I just called down to ‘Bookends’ from the great white north and they have been on the phone all day as would be expected. I ordered a signed book incase I don’t make it there and all is great. I made mention that it would be q busy book signing and she said that they do this often, but I then said…”Well, this is ‘David’ and fans will be in line for hours and the lines will go around a few city blocks”. Nothing like being dramatic, but that is how one gets after reading the above postings and after all it is about David!



  64. bebereader said

    Last Tuesday I took a ride to “Bookends” in Ridgewood, NJ. When I called for directions, the person I spoke to said the store is known for their book signings and that the lines are sometimes wrapped around the block. It’s a small store with two levels (nothing like the size of Barnes & Nobles). According to the woman behind the counter, the signings are usually on the lower level, depending on the size of the crowd. As of Tuesday, they had no idea how many would show up. She actually said “It could be 20 or it could be 120”. (She obviously doesn’t know the size of David’s fanbase!) They close the store to the general public on Tuesdays for the book signings. (Actor/comedian Daman Wayans was scheduled to do a book signing there that night.) She made it a point to say that the only books that would be signed are the ones bought in Bookends.

    There’s a Starbuck’s across the street and a nice pizzeria around the corner. As the date gets closer, we’ll plan a mini fanvention at one or the other place.

    Emifriend So good to see you last night in chat. And the story you told of the elderly couple who offered to help you, to do anything, anything at all for you was very heartwarming. You and the people of Nashville are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

    One day, David will have his own state of the art studio in his house and he won’t have to sing in broom closets et al. But something tells me that he doesn’t mind where he sings, as long as he sings.

    GG#53 “the appearance of the studio isn’t the most important think – it’s the quality of the people in it, the sound and recording equipment, the engineers – and what they are able to draw out of the singer that overrides aesthetics, imo. some of the best vocals recorded in a studio have been done, of all places, in the bathroom. won’t go any further than that, lol.

    GMTA See my post #15


  65. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    How can I resist a book with David’s fingerprints on it?

    I can’t.

    Got my copy ordered just now.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  66. blisskasden said

    Pabuckie,#50, thanks for posting that pic of David. I would gladly send that pic to anyone who questions David’s sincerity and genuineness. That expression cannot be faked. It’s 100% real, just like everything else about him.


  67. Pabuckie said

    Beebee — Thank you TONS!! I aint too proud to beg when it comes to THAT FACE! lol

    Thanks, Bliss — I agree — never seen such warmth & sincerity on a face in my LIFE!

    I ordered my book!! Didn’t want to take a chance and not get one — this BOOK TOUR is going to be CRAAAAZY!!


  68. Suzy-Q said

    Ok Abrra. I’ll bet that David is only recording the “rough vocals” at these messy studios. Then he does the final vocal at place where there are clean chairs and couches, no dangerous clutter to trip over, nothing hanging from the ceiling to bump his head on,no fur ball blanket that the cat sleeps on,and no smelly socks under the couch. What do you think? lol


  69. Abrra said


    Sounds like a plan. 🙂 ( I bet that room REEKS!)



  70. FG said

    LOL you guys r funny! 🙂

    These poor bookstores won’t know what hit them. I think they are starting to get a clue with all the phone calls. Will we be “cultized” in the media??? BRING IT ON!!! I smell bestseller lists, media coverage, and generalized awesomeage. AHHH, life is good.


  71. angelofdja said

    It may not be much…considering the painful Archu-drought we have all been under…but, it seems David’s acting debut on iCarly is being repeated on Sat. May 8 @ 7:30. 🙂 WOOT!


  72. Shawna said

    I thought you all might be interested in what I found out yesterday at the Deseret Book here in SLC. I sent this to all the Utah peeps that I know.

    I went to Deseret Book today in downtown SLC and talked with them about David’s book signing day. First, I just asked about book signings in general and then I told him why I was interested. And the first thing he said was, “Now that will be a nightmare! We already have alerted the police department that we will need help that day cause of his huge fan base, and we know it will be crazy.” They said he will either be at the front of the store where you come in off the plaza or back in the music section, but you would go in the same door. They weren’t sure yet. I said are you going to have enough books here for us to all buy for him to sign, and he said they will have 10,000 books on site and another 7,000 in the warehouse crated and ready to move to the store if needed. They also have ordered his CD’s to have on hand also. I asked if that meant both of them. He said he thought so, cause it was a great opportunity for him and they were going to try to get him to sing a couple of songs and so they need his music there as well as his book. Awesome, huh??? I was so excited!!!!!!!! I also told him that I had seen on twitter today that people are planning on camping out and he said that they can’t be on the premises until after midnight, so technically not until the day of the book signing. It is such a mess downtown right now with all the construction, I don’t know how anyone would be able to camp out anyway. They have hardly any parking on the street anymore around the temple and I have no clue where there is parking otherwise. I know they do have parking for the Joseph Smith Memorial Building finished and you get into that from State Street turning onto South Temple. I will have to drive down there and see if there is tons of parking for the whole plaza finished down there. I just thought I would share the info with you. It was fun to talk to the guy and to know they know what they will be dealing with. Smart people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also told him I knew of alot of people flying into town just for it, and he was surprised at that, kind of, and then he said it is a good thing we are planning for tons of people, isn’t it?

    Cool, huh?


  73. skiffrower said

    Shawna, IDK why but the phrase “Gosh, where did they all park?” just popped into my head.


  74. blisskasden said

    This book signing extravaganza is making the CD signing in Times Square on 11/11/08 look like a stroll through Central Park on a Sunday afternoon. It’s taking on a “be there or be square” aura on a coast to coast basis. I wonder if anyone has ever made the NY Times Best Seller list on the strength of sales at book signings alone.


  75. dakgal said

    Am I being absolutely dense? How can one person sign so many books in one day? Never been to a book signing, as you can tell. Is he allowed to have a stamp? Inquiring minds need to know.


  76. dakgal said

    I always have after thoughts. Do the stores supply No-Doz pills or toothpicks to keep his eyes open? A sling for his arm–band aids for his blisters– a cushion for his poor keister?


  77. Abrra said


    I Googled your question. I was amused to find a comprehensive “To DO” list. Read this over and picture David as the Author going though his paces that day.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I read comments on book signing’s that said a 6hr+ wait in line is common. I am guessing many see the line and have to bail due to time. I expect they could have available to them a signed copy to buy and not get to talk to David.

    The logistics of having David sign every book they sell has to begin before that day. How else are we able to get mail order signed books? I bet he has been working on boxes of books when he goes home.

    This is all MY speculation.



  78. archiesfan4life said

    Dakgal – I wonder that too plus I also wonder when will David sign the books that Bookends is selling to people who are ordering them to be shipped???? Are books signed and then shipped to the stores for them to sell signed copies?. Talk about inquiring minds:).

    I also can’t inagine how David can sign so many books in a few hours especially since it doesn’t start until 7 PM. Bookends could not tell me how many books they will have on hand nor how long David will sign – they said it depends on his schedule.


  79. Angelica said

    No, Dak. No stamps allowed. He has to sign each and every book including all the ones ordered over the phone and online. And you know David. He’s not gonna stop until the last fan standing.

    David Archuleta Pictures, Images and Photos

    David Archuleta Pictures, Images and Photos

    David Archuleta Pictures, Images and Photos


  80. emmegirl said

    beebee-many thanks for the most beautiful bookmark, will be coming in very handy..and to refnaf and pabuckie for not being too proud to beg, thanks ladies.

    Hmm,speculation as to what is up with David, Lady V and Matt Squire, looks like it is not about the album but sounds like something exciting! idk, sometimes this twitter thing is more like tworture!


  81. Abrra said

    Got a copy of the tweets?



  82. bebereader said

    Apparently there are already some autographed copies per Brian Mansfield’s article from from Idol Chatter:

    “This week, I haven’t posted as much as I usually do, and I appreciate your forbearance. As you know, I’ve got a lot of neighbors in a bad way right now, so I’m trying to balance my work commitments with my responsibility to my community.

    As a result, I’ve let one piece of business slide: The publisher of David Archuleta’s Chords of Strength memoir, which comes out in a few weeks, sent me a couple of autographed advance copies to give away. If you’d like to be interested in being considered for one of those copies, say so in the comments section.”

    (There are already 65 fans asking for signed copies, in the comments section.)


  83. bebereader said

    Time for a station break. LOL
    It’s been nearly two years since michelinamaria made this tribute to David. It’s time to revisit. (Watching it now and getting choked up.)


  84. xaris said

    Here you go, Abrra–brought over from FOD


    @DavidArchie hahah i hear congrats to us!!! hahah what a rush!! to coin a pun!! 🙂 ))


    i am super excited! 🙂 ) @matt_squire is a genius producer!


    hey guys, David’s record is top secret 🙂 )) this is something else.. i promise..


  85. Angelica said

    Looks to me like Lady V is squeeing over a song she and Matt Squire worked on with David got chosen for the album?

    That’s my guess when I read it. Anybody else think it’s something else?


  86. Angelica said

    Or maybe chosen for the single to be released soon? 😯


  87. dakgal said

    Oh, Bebe #83–you forgot to pass the Kleenex on that one! That brings out so many emotions–pride-heartache-love-awesomeness-
    did I mention love? That’s too many emotions for one heart to
    bear at one time.


  88. xaris said

    Angelica, I assumed it meant one of their songs had made the album until the last tweet:

    “hey guys, David’s record is top secret 🙂 )) this is something else.. i promise.. ”

    What in the name of chubby pole dancers does that mean?


  89. bebereader said

    Those tweets are so dang intentionally cryptic! Sheesh!


  90. djafan said

    What is going on? I’ve been so busy at work and then these dang tweets!

    No dates yet in the west coast, I’ve called Deseret books in San Diego, local Barnes&Noble and Borders, and all I get is “We have no information now”, what does that mean?

    I’ve tweeted for all So Cali fans to do the same, call, call! Maybe we’ll get some more dates soon!

    I was calming down and now dak has has me worried about his keister!


  91. emmegirl said

    Taunting cryptic tweets,chubby pole dancers and keister worry… my oh my!


  92. Angelica said

    Well we know it’s top secret. We have no idea what it sounds like or anything about it. Nothing can be known until it is released. Do they leak single snippets? Can’t remember.

    No matter what it means,

    We’re gonna get some new music,
    We’re gonna get some new music!

    Soulful Ballad Dancing Kitty Pictures, Images and Photos

    Fun Pop Dancing Kitty3 Pictures, Images and Photos

    Uptempo Dance ala ZG Dancing Kitty2 Pictures, Images and Photos

    Y’all get tired of my cat humor, just let me know and I’ll post more.


  93. emmegirl said


    We’re gonna get some new music,
    We’re gonna get some new music!


  94. djafan said



  95. bebereader said

    So fun-nee Angelica!
    (What are you feeding those cats?) LOL


  96. dakgal said

    DJA Now that you’ve confessed that you are worried about his keister too–now I’m even more worried. The possibility that it could be flattened with all that sitting– well it’s too much to think about. Perhaps a molded chair!!


  97. djafan said

    Dak oh no, I was thinking of a sore tush, but please no flattening!

    And David tweets as we spazz and worry admiring the beauty.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  98. Mandi said

    #84 I have a wild guess. My guess is that David’s song that he worked on Lady V and Matt got picked to be a theme song for a movie. Sqeee!!!! I can dream, can’t I?


  99. bebereader said

    This Sunday, May 9th (Mother’s Day), is the 2nd anniversary of David Archuleta Day in Utah and fans are trying to make David a trending topic on Twitter.

    What to tweet: Type #DavidArchieDay in EVERY one of your tweets.
    When: Sunday, May 9th
    Time: 12:00am – 11:59pm

    Pass the word around.


  100. archiesfan4life said

    #83 bebe – thanks for posting that video – I LOVE that one so much!


  101. I said

    #92 survivor hahahahahahaha


  102. pabuckie said

    Found this over at snarkies…just had to post it. I’ve always loved this song and to think David wrote the lyrics at such a young age. This song says everything to me about David!


  103. pabuckie said

    This video of David singing “WYSYLM” in Utah — I love!
    I like the angle it was shot at because it shows David’s reaction to the love of his fans!!
    WARNING: You may cry. The look of WARMTH and APPRECIATION on David’s face — I’ve never seen anything like it before. This is why I love David — this video tells me everything I need to know about him.

    Since it’s Mother’s Day as well as David Archuleta Day in Utah this weekend I figured I would post it:


  104. silverfox said

    Thank Heavens for week-ends! I get to surf the net to my hearts content today! I’m catching up on The Voice and everything that’s been going on with David this past week!

    Going to order my “autographed” copy of David’s book! Hope I’m not too late!

    David is working today, but his mom & sisters are “visiting” him in LA!! How great is that!

    See ya later..have lots of tweets, articles, videos, etc to catch up on. 😀


  105. bebereader said

    Silverfox! Happy to see you! 😀

    And in honor of Mother’s Day…


  106. pabuckie said

    Thanks Bebereader! I love that video!!

    Eeeeeek! David’s making a video blog! or trying to.


    Bah! I made a video blog, but it won’t upload for some reason! Trying to figure this out.
    4 minutes ago via web


  107. pabuckie said

    Oh Well — he tried!

    Sorry guys, but I can’t seem to get the video blog up. If I can get it up later I’ll try again!
    4 minutes ago via web


  108. silverfox said

    Awww! David! You are a tease, aren’t you! Getting us all excited for a VLOG, then making us wait!

    Ok, BE THAT WAY!

    JK..I know you tried. We’ll be waiting all w/e if necessary! 😆

    As for the messy studio..I’m with Angelica on this “issue”. I’m embarrassed to admit it looks like MY house looks most of the time nowadays. **sigh**

    I think David is comfortable in any setting as long as he & his collaborators are productively making great music.


  109. SandyBeaches said

    Hi SF, nice to see you and every Saturday fan who has a bit of time to spend lingering making sure that we are not missing any news from David. Right after the book signings, I imagine that there will be all kinds of news about his music and a possible tour date!

    Enjoy the day.



  110. pabuckie said

    Hi Sandybeaches! How’s it going? Yes, glad I have the time today to just “linger” and catch up on the latest David news. Can’t wait for the book signings and the tour dates.


  111. ray said

    just a great site here love it and you all


  112. Abrra said

    Love you too! Please consider telling your story? Only you can.



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