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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Eman-The Man

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, May 2, 2010

“How do we, like, make Eman an eternal member of the DA fan club? How do I show my gratitude for his hilarious, mind-numbing, evocative and mouth-watering tweets?!! (He should be a dessert. He should be his own DA blog. I want to adopt him.)” Quote from Bluesky

Of all the talented writers and producers David has been working with, I find myself coming back to one whom, along with Dave Hodges and Jesse Cates, wrote the double platinum hit, “Crush”, which debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #1 on iTunes.  From the beginning, Eman has sung David’s praises (pun intended) and it is a privilege to learn more about this powerhouse of talent, prankster, angel in disguise, formidable singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Mr. Emanuel Kiriakou.

Because of Eman’s sincere desire to see David’s career lift off and take flight, David’s fans feast on Eman’s daily tweets:

Crossed the mountain today with @davidarchie. He took everything up 10 notches as usual! We’re on the final stretch. Stay tuned! 8:28 PM Apr 27th

These @davidarchie songs that I wrote with @claudekelly and @hodgesmusic have taken on a life of their own! They will be what they will be.. 5:13 PM Apr 27th

In the studio with the great @DavidArchie today! 1:06 PM Apr 27th

Do you want a @davidarchie update?? My latest vyqhp

This @davidarchie song is coming out NIIIICE…just like sittin’ with a cool breeze and an umbrella drink! 8:29 PM Apr 6th

Unexpected visit from @claudekelly. I had to play him 3 of our @davidarchie songs now that the vocals are done..he luvd…what’s not to luv 7:06 PM Mar 30th

About to cut a new song with @davidarchie. I think this is #5? Not a weak one in the bunch!! 5:26 PM Mar 19th

Most people are unaware that Eman produced, arranged and played acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboards and percussion for “Joy To The World” on the “Christmas From The Heart” album.  In addition, he produced “Come All Ye Faithful” and did the arrangement for “The First Noel”.  He also co-wrote “To Be With You” and “My Hands” on David’s self-titled CD.

Aside from working with David, Eman is also collaborating with Nick Lachey, Elliott Yamin, Friday Night Boys, David Hodges, New Kids on the Block, Ry Cuming, Axiz, Vanessa Hudgens, Lesley Roy, Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, Cheetah Girls, Frankie Storm, James Fauntleroy, Kara DioGuardi, Jess Cates, Lindy Robbins, Guy Chambers, Evan Bogart, Craig Wiseman, Chris Tompkins, Troy Verges, Tia Sellers, Blair Daly, Darryl Brown, Zukhan Bey, Ashley Gorley, JR Rotem, Sacha Skarbek, Kasey Livingston, Jeff Cohen and Corte Ellis.


At six years old Eman received his first guitar, one that made his hands turn green and by twelve, he was playing in his father’s Greek band.  Like David, he knew early on what he wanted to do with his life and attended Ohio’s Youngstown State University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Music.  During college, he worked as a cook at his family’s Greek restaurant while moonlighting as a guitar teacher.  After college, Eman had a short stint teaching music theory and song writing but quickly moved on to record for Target’s exclusive Lifescape’s label where he recorded and produced over 20 albums.  During this time he wrote TV jingles for Burger King, BMW and Miller Light beer for which he won a Clio Award.  An established instrumentalist and singer/songwriter by the late 90’s, Eman began to focus on his solo career.  He collaborated with singer/actor Joey Mcintyre on two cds, “Meet Joe Mac” and “One Too Many”.  He also released his first cd, “Favorite Enemy“ in 2002. Eman’s music has been featured in TV shows and major movie soundtracks including “Achilles’ Love” and the award-winning, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, which showcased some of his original Greek music.

List of artists/songs

Nick Lachey “What’s Left of Me” – Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100/received 2007 ASCAP Pop Award
Taylor Hicks – “Just To Feel That Way”
Jordin Sparks – “Next to You”, “Permanent Monday” and “Worth The Wait”
Celine Dion – “Surprise, Surprise” and “There Comes A Time”
The Backstreet Boys – “Inconsolable” and “Downpour”
Eman also wrote/produced on albums by Katharine McPhee, Ashley Tisdale, Bianca Ryan and Jesse McCartney.

By co-writing “Crush“, Eman helped launch David from an American Idol star to a hot ticket on the Billboard 100 chart.

Will Eman again be the one to help create the next hit single for David?

My money’s on The Man.

82 Responses to “Eman-The Man”

  1. gladys said

    What is the magnet, David? David always gets the best out of each person, a writer, a composer, a guitarist. Each professional who worked with him, was amazed at his versatility, youth, perseverance and effort, and of course his glorious voice.
    I believe that we are not the only ones who hope his new cd. They know that every word created and written for the voice and the subtlety of David, could not find a better destination. Nobody tells a story as well as David, but he does it by singing. I’m not stupid, I know that each professional is working for money. But each of them could have been denied for any reason, David is not very famous yet, is a singer who lacks greater recognition, etc. However, all have agreed to work with david.
    Some of them have told us they like to work with David and we have read between the lines, respect and admiration for this young man we know two years ago. I learned that I have to place expectations on the shoulders of someone, which can be a great burden at the end of the day. My only expectation is that david is happy as usual. My hope is that his cd is a reflection of his soul as he imagined.


  2. xaris said

    Bebe, I have really been enjoying your songwriter series during the drought. Thank You! I love the video of David performing with Eman, Jess Cates, and David Hodges at The Mint. All three songwriters have huge grins which never leave their faces. Jess Cates tickles me when he goes “Wow” after David sings his power note “and I just got to KNOOOOOWW” (around 2:50) and David Hodges collapses over his keyboard (you can hear Cates more clearly and see Hodges on one of the twit vids). David even giggles a little before continuing. These guys obviously adore David. I hope you don’t mind if I put the link to the vid here. Have a good day everyone!


  3. Abrra said

    I have enjoyed the series as well. Good job, Bebe! Bringing an understanding of the writers and their style in other songs, is so valuable.

    Awesome slide show on the top right corner !

    Seeing David in public with his co-writers is such a treat. It is plainly obvious how much they are drawn to his sweet nature. Eman gives him an all encompassing hug, almost fatherly. I am willing to bet that any writer who has the pleasure of working with David comes away “changed for good”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    in studio with Ryan Seacrest



  4. blisskasden said

    There’s been a lot of talk during David’s brief, but mercurial, career that he is “not taken seriously enough”. I respectfully disagree. I think when the best, and most successful songwriters in the business are tripping over each other to write your next song or CD, you are most definitely being taken seriously.

    It must be a pleasure for these writers to work with David. Not only does he make their songs come alive like no one else can, he is a joy to work with.

    David id the best thing to happen in the music business
    in many years. Hardcore fans like us have known this since Day 1. It’s really just a matter of time before this will be common knowledge


  5. YJfanofdavid said

    Bebe, Thank you for yet another educational and informative article in your series! I am thrilled to learn Eman is the man who arranged and produced Joy to the World. The Kirk-Franklin-inspired last quarter of the song is my favorite part of the whole CD. (Anyone else who has chills down the spine whenever they hear this part of JTTW?) Do I dare to dream there would be a Gospel-ish song co-written by David and Eman in the new CD? *prays*


  6. Marciami said

    Hi Betsy,

    Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday – Happy Birthday plus 1. What an amazing birthday present you got from David – a vlog and best wishes for a May Day with flowers on your door step. Can you Imagine that!!!! April showers bring May flowers – haha. Hope you had a special day. Close your eyes and hear David sining Happy Birthday to You (have to change it to Betsy though). Enjoy.

    Best wishes,
    Marcia in AA


  7. bluesky said

    Dear Bebereader

    I think you found the way to answer my question. Your article is beautiful. ^_^
    (But really, don’t you just want to pinch his cheeks? And I don’t just mean DA’s.)

    Sometimes I get to hang out when people are just making fun, joyful music; building off of each others ideas and creating that electric moment (as with Jordin and DA during “No Air”) when people meet together in an expression of reality that is big, blinding and brilliant. You want to say: “Yea! That is how I see it too!!

    That abandon to life and joy comes from a place of absolute release, trust and yielding. Yielding to something we know is there but can never fully name or hold. The humility and vulnerability to open oneself to such access and deliverance… well some can do this more easily than others. (I think we are all working on it.)

    I just feel that Eman is one of those who can and do.

    So… again, Bebereader, thanks.


  8. bluesky said

    *… one of those who can and DOES…*

    (grammer slammer)



  9. Kizzi said

    Bebe – Great article, good stuff. I agree, David/Eman song will probably be the next single.

    I hope a David/Mike K song gets on the CD and, that song will sell like cra-zy too!



  10. bebereader said

    Thank you all for your comments.


    “…..I know that each professional is working for money. But each of them could have been denied for any reason, David is not very famous yet, is a singer who lacks greater recognition, etc. However, all have agreed to work with david.”

    Good point, Gladys. Everyone in the business is in it to make a buck but the wise ones know a good thing when they see it.

    Xaris#2 Thank you for posting the Crush at The Mint video. I had all intentions of using it in the article but had to omit it for space constraints. The affection the writers have for David is very apparent in that video.

    #3 Abs

    “I am willing to bet that any writer who has the pleasure of working with David comes away “changed for good”.

    I’m not a songwriter but I know that I have changed for good.

    Bliss #4

    “I think when the best, and most successful songwriters in the business are tripping over each other to write your next song or CD, you are most definitely being taken seriously.”

    ITA! I can hear them banging down David’s door! Seriously, I already see it happening on Twitter. Every so often, I check to read the tweets David receives and recently, he’s been getting tweets like these: “I have a song for you to record, please tweet me back or DM me.” or “Please contact me; I have some music that I’d like you to record.”


    “I am thrilled to learn Eman is the man who arranged and produced Joy to the World. The Kirk-Franklin-inspired last quarter of the song is my favorite part of the whole CD. (Anyone else who has chills down the spine whenever they hear this part of JTTW?) Do I dare to dream there would be a Gospel-ish song co-written by David and Eman in the new CD? *prays*”

    YJ, I love that last part on JTTW, too! It chokes me up each time, especially when I hear David’s little gasp for air. Count me in on the list of people wanting a gospel-like song on the new cd.

    Marciami#6 Those Happy Birthday videos are collectors’ items! Thank you for bringing them here!


    “The humility and vulnerability to open oneself to such access and deliverance… well some can do this more easily than others. (I think we are all working on it.) I just feel that Eman is one of those who can and does.”

    Bluesky, Very thought-provoking comment!
    Choosing the next songwriter in this series was a no-brainer; Eman’s name kept jumping out at me. IMHO, Eman deserves to be recognized for a variety of reasons, including the depth and breath of his music as well as for working closely with David on five songs for his new cd.


  11. betsy said

    I love learning more about these songwriters! Thanks Bebe ♥
    I wasn’t aware that Eman arranged and produced JTTW. It is amazing. Remember when you first heard it and couldn’t stop listening to the end? Thanks for making me REALLY listen to it. At first all I could hear was Ave.
    Marciami 🙂 thank you.
    Oh – and I love the graphic of sheet music.
    Does anyone know if David reads music? I bet he does but don’t remember if I’ve ever really known. Has he ever been asked that question?


  12. pabuckie said

    Thanks Bebe for another great article in your songwriter series. I love when these songwriters are impressed with David or rather get ‘BLOWN AWAY’ by him!! haha

    YJ – I too always loved the ending of JTTW! So I thought I’d post this lovely video (pretty awesome pics too!) of it. Nothing like Christmas in May!! And that just goes to show what a mega-superstar David is — I’ve never listened to any other artist sing Christmas songs in May! lol


  13. Suzy-Q said

    Betsy #11 David said that his first instrament of choice were the drums but later he took piano lessons. So, I would only assume that he can read music. I can’t tell you where I read this but it was in a recent interview.

    Good article about Eman. He seems like a really good guy and is so nice to David.


  14. angelofdja said

    I have to share… 🙂 just mapquested the trip from my house to the Barnes and Nobles in Bloomington, MN. 954 miles!!! I then, nonchalantly, asked my hubby if we could go? He says, “let me see that map, it can’t be THAT far”? I said, “Oh but it is, can we still go”?
    My #1 favorite David is taking me to see my #2 favorite David! GAH, I am beyond excited!
    (thanks for letting me swoon!)


  15. Fiona said

    Thank you Pabuckie #12! That was so beautiful!


  16. Angelica said

    Bravo Bebe! I love how you bring these songwriters into the light for us. Great series and it keeps getting better. Lot’s of talent out there and David seems to be working with most of it! Eman seems like just a really cool guy, as do Hodges and Cates.

    Bluesky, I agree about those cheeks. Wonder what David will look like at his age? But I digress…I was talking about the music. I think..

    Anyway, I did not know that about the Christmas album or about him writing the music for one of my favorite movies evveeer, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” I have a soft spot in my heart for “Crush” having listened to it for the first time with David that morning. Set the clock to get up before sunrise to view the live stream of it as I’m sure many of you did. I remember how happy he was and now it’s gone double platinum and Eman is a big part of that success.

    David is SO excited about the songs on this next album! How exciting is that?

    So Eman, we just need for you to do it again, K? You will probably never read this but, love you, love that you love David, and love how you keep his fans in the loop the way you do. It means a lot. Even though at times you torture us. *pinch*


  17. bebereader said

    Kizzi#9 Fingers crossed on both counts!

    Betsy #11 “I wasn’t aware that Eman arranged and produced JTTW. It is amazing. Remember when you first heard it and couldn’t stop listening to the end? Thanks for making me REALLY listen to it.”

    Yes, I remember and it affects me same way it did the first time. JTTW is a beautiful song, but adding the combo of Eman’s arrangement and David’s glorious voice makes it extraordinary! I wondered too if David can read music. If you find the answer, please let me know. 😉

    Pabuckie#12 Thanks for the JTTW video! Starting at “wonders of his love” and how David plays with that lyric, my eyes well up with tears and then he totally blows me away with that little gasp of air at 3:58.

    SuzyQ#13 “Good article about Eman. He seems like a really good guy and is so nice to David.”

    My sentiments exactly!

    Angelofdja#14 WTG!!!

    Angelica #16 “So Eman, we just need for you to do it again, K? You will probably never read this but, love you, love that you love David, and love how you keep his fans in the loop the way you do…..”

    Oh Angelica…Since Eman is into twitter, I’m planning to tweet him the link to this article. After all, it’s about him and maybe he’d want to see it, y’know.



  18. Angelica said


    Shut up! Your hubby is actually driving you 954 miles to a book signing? Dang. Mine drove me 900 miles to Tulsa to attend the final concert while he waited at the hotel, which was awfully sweet, but a book signing?

    I saw a site selling signed copies of COS for $60.00! It includes a picture of him signing it. Not quite the same. I wish he would come below the Mason Dixon line but not getting my hopes up.


  19. djafan said

    Bebe, I to did not know that Eman was involved with JTTW and TBWY, that ending on JTTW is killer. I’m still loving SNY, the vibe on that song is so catchy, it does make me imagine what great sounds they could’ve cooked up so far. Eman has loved the interaction with David’s fans, very apparent by his tweets and replies, seems to also like to tease…very good sense of humor.

    Thank you bebe for taking us on a journey with not only the talent that David is working with but also showing us who they are as people, great job!

    Xaris..thank you for the link…my favorite performance of Crush.


  20. angelofdja said

    Oh my heck…in my stupor when hubby said yes, I realized that I had the mileage wrong! The TIME it would take to get there would be 9 hrs. 54 min. You see how I could get all-a-flustered? Actual miles is more like close to 600! Which is still pretty dang far for a book signing…
    Thanks for your comments Bebereader and Angelica! 🙂


  21. bebereader said

    djafan: Loved your slideshow filled with delicious screencaps!



  22. pabuckie said

    That FACE! That FACE! That beautiful faaaaaaaaaace! and somethin’ bout the look in your eyes — his EYES – that LOOK — so confident it says “Just Wait till you get your hands on my next album”!! haha KILLER-I’m tellin ya! KILLER! haha


  23. pabuckie said

    Speaking of that face someone corrected the brightness and contrast on his VLOG!


  24. refnaf said

    Bebe, thanks so much! Your song writer research is wonderful!!


  25. emmegirl said

    Great article bebereader! Love eman and his twitter tweasing. He is quite an accomplished musician! Am so excited to have David working with the “Crush guys” again. And it sounds like they are very excited for what is in the works!

    Just thinking about how much more he must be learning this time around and the wealth of talented writers and their diversity is so exciting! And his excitement heightens my excitement!

    (would it be overstating to say I’m excited!)


  26. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    Here is a morning tweet to start the day!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  27. blisskasden said

    In looking at the current Vlog, I can’t help but notice that David’s face is taking on a “chiseled” look these days. The maturation process in in full swing with David. Everything about him cries “older and wiser”, which is very good news. Those who shied away from him because they didn’t feel comfortable being a fan of a “kid singer” will now take another look. There’s never been a question about his enormous talent. Even most nay sayers thought he “could sing”. Now, with the book, a new CD, which will contain any number of kick ass “mature” songs, and his updated movie star good looks, I expect many “new” fans will be coming out of the proverbial closet to say that they “always” thought he was great.

    By the way, there is no way that David is the same height he was 2 years ago. If you look at him standing next to Jordin Sparks, who is 6′, David looks like he is about 5″ shorter than her, making him an impressive 5’7″. That’s not to be confused with his on stage height, which is 10’6″.


  28. bluesky said

    Blisskasden: A.m.e.n.

    “That’s not to be confused with his on stage height, which is 10’6″


  29. bebereader said

    Woot Woot! They don’t call David Mr. Twitter Universe for nothing! He made it to Top Tweets for the second time in one week:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  30. djafan said


    That’s not to be confused with his on stage height, which is 10’6″

    This explains the phenomenon I experienced attending David’s concerts, he looks like a giant on stage!

    Everything about him cries “older and wiser”

    In more ways than one…Driving in LA!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  31. bebereader said

    Remember this?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  32. Mandi said

    Loved David’s tweet about not worrying about what you don’t have. It’s something to really think about. Many people think they don’t have much but compared to the rest of the world, they really do have plenty and sometimes more than what they need.

    Phil Stacey replied to David’s tweet about the TN flooding. I like Phil and I actually like his voice and his message songs. They should be bffs.


  33. Angelica said

    Does anyone know how Emi is doing in Nashville?


  34. betsy said

    Angelica, I’ve thought of her for days now.
    I hope someone has heard from her.


  35. Abrra said

    I spoke to emi last night in chat. She is fine. She has some water in her basement and is going to have a company remedy the problem. Her heat is off due to the pilot light being doused. I don’t think its “cold” in TN right now.



  36. Angelica said

    Thanks Abrra. That’s good to know. Have a pic. OMD. That belt ought to be illegal on him.



  37. bebereader said

    I heard from emi by email today:

    She said she’s fine. She has electricity and water and a flood in her basement. Nashville’s water is at risk because one of their two water treatment centers is covered by water and the the main river, normally at 20 feet is now at 51 feet. She said “Downtown Nashville is flooded and it is going to get worse: even though it is no longer raining, water is coming out of houses and land and into the river, making it rise and flood now with contaminated water. All highways in and out of Nashville are closed; people are stranded. They are still evacuating stranded people.”


  38. emmegirl said

    Would love to see him pull that belt out of the moth balls:)


  39. dakgal said

    Yikes! Siverfox where are you? David’s driving in LA!
    I’m such a worry wort I would feel sooo much better if you posted your prayer, I’m sending up a few of my own. Never have liked big city driving, being I’m from the sticks.

    The only way I’ll feel good about David driving in LA, is if he has a police escort, and be followed by an ambulance and a firetruck!


  40. dakgal said

    Oh, and another thing-If you LA drivers harm one hair on his head–you may as well secede from the Union. Keep a look out for him, he’ll be real easy to spot. Very handsome dude with growing dark hair–extraordinary beautiful eyes–man hands that cover most of the steering wheel.. He’ll be the one singing “turning left” “turning left” instead of signaling.. You can’t miss him– because he glows. Thank You


  41. Fiona said

    Dakgal, that’s too cute “turning left, turning left” ! Hahaha!


  42. bebereader said

    Dak#39 Here’s Silverfox’s prayer

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him and protect him from all harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path. Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with loving and supportive people who will love him UNCONDITIONALLY as we, his Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he’s weary and stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt and give him joy when he feels sad.
    Keep him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey.
    And please Lord, give us, his fans, the wisdom to do right by David.
    Help us in the way we support David so that it’s always in his best interests.
    May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness wherever his journey leads him.
    Keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  43. Angelica said

    Blusky sent me this tonight…remember Emi and all of Tennessee in your prayers.


    Thought you guys would like to see this video.
    Don’t know if you want to post it on the site.
    Just made me really get a sense of what you are
    going through, Emi.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


    Titled: The Nashville Flood. Excellent.


  44. Angelica said


    You are hilarious! I had the same thoughts when he tweeted but kept telling myself, “I am NOT going to worry. He is a big boy and can drive in the big city without my fretting about it.”

    But of course, you do. Thanks for being a worry wart.


  45. archiesfan4life said

    Emi – you and all of TN are in my prayers.


  46. bluesky said

    Oh, Emi.

    You are not alone.



  47. bluesky said

    Dear Dakgal

    Thanks for the grin. LA is really crazy. Trust DA to dive in and tackle the big waves.

    (Don’t you think you could just, I don’t know, try the “wading pool” once in a while, DA? Hummm? There are a few of your fans who would like an extra year or two of life. They are planning to buy season concert tickets. In advance.)

    (Just sayin’.)


  48. betsy said

    omg this is so beautiful ♥


  49. betsy said

    Forgot to give a kleenex warning.
    But better late than never.
    Thanks JR for the heads up on this one. 🙂


  50. betsy said

    Jonah’s face at 1:41. Beautiful boy.


  51. jackryan4DA said




    By: SandyBeaches on 05/04/2010
    at 8:45 am



    Hi everyone! Some exclusive footage from –

    David’s time with Jonah

    And the complete footage of David @ Good Things Utah giving Blaze tickets to Jonah

    New week, new month, my way of starting the merry month of May 🙂


  52. Suzy-Q said

    FYI: I lived most of my life in the L.A. area and did a lot of driving in the downtown section. There are a lot of cars but the drivers are pretty polite. They will let you in front of them if you are trying to get over and the streets are all parallel so you don’t get lost on a winding road that takes you to, who knows where (like here in Atlanta, GA). Actually I think that it’s a lot safer and easier than driving in Utah. Those drivers are crazy. I know, I have been there several times.
    Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that.


  53. Emi said

    Thanks everybody, for your prayers and well wishes!

    This is our second day of sunshine which brings good hope. I spoke with a professional get-water-out-of your- house-person yesterday and have good hope for resolving the basement issue in my home. Good things are happening in communities as people connect with their neighbors and help one another thru. I’ve talked more with my own neighbors in the past three days than I have in a year. I am sure some of you will all be glad to know that our Trader Joe’s is still up and running!

    The city is hurting. Many have lost everything and our tourist attractions have been hit pretty hard, right before summer, our busiest tourist season. One of our brand new high rise exquisite, downtown condo buildings had 35 feet of water in it as of last night. ( I think this is the one Taylor Swift bought into. I wonder how the moat in her living room fared) Our downtown is flooded as is the Opryland hotel. Be sure to look for videos of this – they are amazing. I could never have imagined this in our gentle city.

    So we will have to rebuild- and surely things will be made better and stronger – and there is much opportunity in rebuilding.

    Tine for me to get busy! Keep us in your prayers. Our concerns are for our drinking water and the health and safety of everybody. Thank you!


  54. jackryan4DA said

    Oh-oh — where did those extra entries in my post come from? LOL well at least I remembered how to embed – right Abrra 😉


  55. jackryan4DA said

    Oh dear, and I embedded the wrong video (JRrrrrrrrr!)

    The 3rd video in my post @ #51 should be this:

    My boo-boos could only mean I should probably go home. Yikes! I really should cos it is already midnight here. Bye guys and enjoy old vids with new footage.

    ps: My thoughts and prayers go to anyone from Nashville and neighboring areas affected by the flood. So sorry to hear about your plight. Please remember, this too shall pass.


  56. Angelica said

    Thanks JR for the vids of Jonas and David. I look forward to watching them in a few hours when I get home. For some reason, Jonas and David have been a lot on my mind this morning and then I come here to find new videos. I don’t even question any more when things like that happen. Serendipity is now a way of life for a lot of us now.

    Emi, so glad to hear you are well and the sun is shining. It is a shame it often takes tragedy to bring neighbors together. Good luck cleaning up Nashville because you know David has a soft spot in his heart for that town. We still need to plan on meeting up, a lot of us there one day. Maybe the upcoming tour? Trader Joe’s here we come!

    You know, I have never met any of my admins, though we have become so close since starting this site and talk every week by phone. Maybe someday it will happen.


  57. bluesky said

    #52 SuzieQ ^_^

    You are right!! I have heard people say the drivers are “worse in Utah”. I have lived in both CA and UT (but not in LA). You just made me smile.

    I haven’t really had bad experiences in either place.


  58. pabuckie said

    Jackryan4DA – Thank you so much for those videos. I don’t know of anyone else who in the same video can bring me to tears and then the next minute I have the biggest smile on my face. Those videos are touching & beautiful….David & Jonah are beautiful!
    Thanks so much. I can’t even think after watching those! lol
    So proud of all that David is doing with his success in life! Can’t wait for the BOOK!


  59. bebereader said

    JR/Betsy Thanks for the Jonah’s videos! Betsy you’re right; I needed a kleenex as there are so many tear-jerk moments in those videos.

    {{{JR}}}: No worries about embedding twice. That’s what we’re here for and we appreciate you bringing those videos to us.

    Emifriend!!! You’re here! Thanks for touching base with us. You and your community are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Angelica: You are a pleasure!

    On another note, I checked the website for Bookends, the first stop on David’s book signing tour. His picture already appears at the bottom of their page for “Upcoming Author Signings”!


  60. jackryan4DA said

    MomJulee posted David’s full length interview with the sportscasters in video 2 in post#141

    I hope I can still dig up the HD file of that.


  61. Shawna said

    Bebe, loved this article. So very informative and I agree, he should be part of the DA fanclub. I follow him on twitter and he is hillarious. I love the way he teases us(maybe not so much), but he does keep us in the loop and I love that about him. He is quite the funny man. You are just so amazing how you find all this info about the people David has been writing with!! I just drink in all this information. Thanks so much.

    Jackyran4DA, saw that on MomJulee’s blog and so smiled through the whole thing. He is just so dang cute, can’t help but love him to death. And she did such a good job with her little add ons to it. If you haven’t read her article about this “lost interview”, you need to. It is hillarious!!


  62. blisskasden said

    It continues to amaze me how David brings out the absolute best in every person he talks with. I loved the interview with the football guys. David’s warmth and sincerity neutralizes any egotism, and they show so much respect and affection for him.

    The videos with Jonah speak for themselves. This is why those who love him speak out whenever David is mistreated in the media or online. David’s humanity is a true force of nature.


  63. bebereader said

    “That kid’s out there doing the right thing with his success.”


  64. Abrra said


    Thank you for posting the videos. Very thoughtful and kind of you. Coming home and seeing all that laid out for me to download is a joy! Coming soon to Unplugged !



  65. djafan said

    So nice to see all these wonderful videos…yes needed the tissues…Thank you JR!

    Dak…you crack me up! Thank you for the laughter.

    Very interesting detail about the writers from yesterday…Mitch Allan and Peiken have credits in these spanish songs…could it be? Oh be still my heart!

    “Bella Traicion” earned Allan a Latin Grammy award.

    “Bella Traicion”( Beautiful Betrayal) Allan is her co-writer and producer 2007.
    “Algunas Mas” (Someone Else) Allan is her co- writer and producer 2006.
    “Ni Freud, Ni Tu Mama”( Neither Freud, Nor Your Mom) Allan and Peiken are her co-writers 2006


  66. djafan said

    Bliss…just needed to repeat this.

    “The videos with Jonah speak for themselves. This is why those who love him speak out whenever David is mistreated in the media or online. David’s humanity is a true force of nature.”

    Emi…glad to hear your safe! Praying for all affected.

    Angelica…Hopefully one day..

    I don’t remember where I found this link to this music player and it’s working real nice for me at work since I don’t have access to livestreaming. It has all of David’s music setup real nice and some videos too.


  67. Angelica said


    Your post #65…made me shudder.



  68. bluesky said

    DA, are you going to sing to us in spanish on your next CD?

    *Smiles* and *Tips head* ….. Maybe.


    (Hurriedly resurrects so as to not miss anything.)

    (….???….. Does listening to DA count as a ‘near-death’ experience?)


  69. Angelica said


    Do not go into the light!



  70. djafan said

    Angelica…shuddering right along with you and those pics….ayayayaya

    Bluesky…I think it does count…lol

    David Archuleta recording vocals. Via Mike Krompass 🙂 arrrrrggggggg!!!!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  71. Abrra said

    Dear Jive,
    How about you folks give David the respect of a decent recording studio? That is a mess. Looks like a broom closet!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mother Angelica is NOT amused!



  72. Abrra said

    Bebe texted that she is at a pizza restaurant in Ridgewood NJ. They have David’s book cover in the window!



  73. emmegirl said

    emi, thinking of everyone in Nashville. Goodness, that video.

    And speaking of videos, is Jonah not the most precious thing!

    71 Abrra, lol! I was thinking the same thing – how inspiring can that be! It’s nothing like that really cool one with the brick wall in Nashville!

    Spanish song writing this week (fingers and toes crossed)


  74. pabuckie said

    Angelica – that pic! Unfortunately, I went into the light and can’t and won’t come out! haha


  75. pabuckie said

    I have a different take on that recording pic! I bet David felt comfy — he likes messy stages, water bottles all over the stage. lol nothing fancy. JMO 🙂


  76. Angelica said


    I had the same reaction when I saw that pic of David recording with Mike K. It looked so messy and mannish to me. Water bottle if thirsty, towels if sweaty, comfy disheveled couch with soft blankie if tired. 8) Guitars scattered about, acoustic wall tiles, speakers, sheet music, mic stand…What more does he need to make real, not artificial, over-produced music?


  77. pabuckie said

    Yes Angelica — Im not good with words, not a great writer, but that is exactly what I meant. 🙂


  78. Angelica said

    Oh dear. Look what I found just strolling around.




  79. djafan said

    Pabuckie you do just fine.

    Still praying for more book signing dates!

    Angelica…Some stroll OH MY Photobucket


  80. silverfox said

    Angelica!! #78!!

    Thank you! Just what I needed as I get ready to walk out the door…a sweaty David looking fine. & wearing a shirt I gave him! 😆

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo everyone! Hoping David has a fun (no work) day!


  81. pabuckie said

    #79 Djafan– thanks!!

    #78 & #80 – Oh brother! What a pic to wake up to!!! Who needs words when you have pictures like that! lol

    And, I LOVE the pic at #69 — thanks Angelica! Whew!


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