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May Day, May Day!! We got Vlogged!!!

Posted by djafan on Saturday, May 1, 2010

It’s May!  Happy May Day!  Metro is cheap.  Cabs are not.  Not even  exaggerating.  Cinco de mayo Wednesday.   Hanging this weekend.  Writing next week.  Excited about the new songs.  Hopes we can feel him in them cause he’s in them and all over them.

The usual Nirvana.  Have some!   Have some flowers too.  And his heart.

23 Responses to “May Day, May Day!! We got Vlogged!!!”

  1. Heidijoy said

    what a joy!! Oh I remember the day when we would put flowers@ a neighbor’s door. ring the bell and then run, A neat custom to remember. I can see David doing that for his neighbor ladies that he visits because they’re alone. Yes I worry about him on the metro and I don’t blame him for not wanting to drive in LA. So glad he’s getting time with his bud and friends this weekend!! So excited for the new music and the joy he brings to the writers and the process. Hope he gets to sing the National Anthem @ one of the Utah Jazz/La Lakers games. Happy May Day!


  2. djafan said

    Thank you Angelica!

    He, “David” can’t wait for “us” to hear his songs…that speaks volumes to me about what he thinks of the compilation of songs he’s done. So what does that mean to us? We are going to be blown away. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Nanaweize said

    Djafan said…We are going to be blown away.

    Yes…we are going to be absolutely blown away…at least I know I will. I can hardly wait.

    Hiedijoy said…Hope he gets to sing the National Anthem @ one of the Utah Jazz/La Lakers games.

    Wouldn’t that would be grand if he was able to sing the National Anthem at a game….Go Jazz and Go David!

    We so needed this vlog today! It’s like getting flowers at my door this morning! Yay!


  4. bebereader said

    David seems to know just what we need and he always delivers. Between May Day, Cinco de Mayo, the new music, the writing process, the metro, cabbing in LA, and hanging with friends, this vlog is full of joy.

    He thanks us for being patient for the new music. I hope he realizes that we aren’t going anywhere. To quote myself (haha), we’re stuck here like glue.


  5. Mandi said

    He sure cracks me up. I have a feeling that he thinks of himself as just any ordinary person. He is just like some people who would feel like they’ve just earned money by saving $100 on a cab fare. I now understand why he feels so strongly that nobody films his VIP M&G because he thinks people must have taken out their life savings to get a VIP ticket.It would be unfair to those people if those who didn’t pay would get to see his private performances on YT. well, can’t wait for this album and this next tour. Anyone going to VIP again? I know a cute little girl who would say “againer” to mean multiple times. So anyone going to VIP againer and againer? Ha, I’ll have to look at my life savings and see if I can.


  6. Angelica said

    Did somebody say VIP? Hijole!!! Out of my way!!




  7. River said

    when I was little we made “May baskets” out of paper and doilies, filled them with flowers and candy and left them on our friends doorsteps. Indeed we rang the bell and ran. I never knew that most of the country never heard of the custom. It was cool.


  8. bluesky said

    Silver Fox

    Just want you to know I loved your post in the last thread.


  9. dakgal said

    Oh, that David, bless his heart. He knows how to calm us down, I’m good for at least another month.

    River #7–That’s what we did in this neck of the woods. Made May baskets and delivered them, then run or hide. If we got caught leaving the basket our reward ( or punishment) depending upon the recipient was a kiss. Anybody know where David is staying, I can’t run near as fast as I used to.

    My Grandmother, God rest her soul, would spend hours making these baskets from crepe paper and pipe cleaners, anything decorative. They were much sought after. Where have all these fun rituals gone?


  10. ray said

    i love this site because you all love david,yes abrra that was me and we have met david up close and personal 4 times,and he is always the same,bebereader,i agree with you, as i have said before david is a gift to us from GOD,time will bear this out hope i am around to see it ,love this sits and all of you


  11. Emi said


    “Anybody know where David is staying, I can’t run near as fast as I used to.”

    I just love that kind of sensible sense of humor..


  12. Emi said


    sorry to spam but I get grace cause my basement flooded today, the water is still coming in, I have been working on it since 2:00 pm and we have a forecast of a 90 percent chance of more rain tomorrow….
    Anyway I was wondering…
    “To quote myself (haha), we’re stuck here like glue.”

    is that “stuck” like mice on a glue sticky trap?

    You are funneee too BEBEBEE…
    I love being able to count on a smile when I visit here and see good things, fun comments and gentle people.. Thank you one and all…

    Pray for Tennessee tonight if you think if it, please…


  13. Abrra said

    #10 Ray!
    Someday you need to tell your story here? Its inspirational. Glad you came by! 🙂



  14. Angelica said

    On May Day we always danced around the Maypole. Don’t know why. Something about the rites of Spring.


    I too like Dakgal’s tradition. I don’t run so fast either. Except for those VIP tix!

    I will pray for you too, Emi. We are expected 4 inches of rain tomorrow. May showers bring Chords of Strength flowers.


  15. bebereader said


    “is that “stuck” like mice on a glue sticky trap?”

    Well, kinda but more like moths to a flame. I took that quote from my “Motherlode of Fandoms” arc-tickle.

    “During the drought, when other, less uh, rabid fans would have taken a break and disappeared for a while to follow the music of other artists, we are still here. In fact, we’re stuck like glue. Like moths to a flame, we are unable to resist the light that shines in his voice, his smile, his eyes, his heart.”

    Emi So sorry about the flood in your basement. Call a plumber?


  16. Abrra said

    I will pray for you emi. I used to have water issues when it rained (when I owned a home). And the one thought that kept my sanity was, ” OK it’s raining and the pump will handle that flood, eventually. At least the power is on.”

    Don’t stress too much dear.



  17. Emi said

    Thanks… a young man we know has taught me all about the option of viewing obstacles as opportunities, so I am planning my new media room… I called a company that does Dry basement/repair work and am waiting to hear back from them and have lined up two construction worker guys to come and help me tomorrow or as soon as the rain stops. Many have worse situations here. Tornado warnings all night and more threats tomorrow….For once, I am glad David is NOT here!

    I am jealous that we don’t celebrate May day here in Nashville as described.. it sounds so fun! I might have to start something( next year) We do have a Renaissance Festival for the whole month of May that is populated by a traveling group of young wild ones: knights, maidens, fairies, sturdy wenches, and artisans who put on quite a show– they were rained out this weekend though–and I hope they are safe cause they all sleep in the RV’s in which they travel.


  18. Angelica said

    OK, I have resized that maypole pic 4 times to make it fit the page to no avail. My admins will not like it but hey, I’m not gonna stress about it. 😆


  19. bebereader said

    Angelica: The memories are flooding (sorry, emiemi) back now! We did the Maypole dance, too, in fourth grade. My family moved to a new neighborhood in the middle of fourth grade and the new school didn’t keep up the maypole tradition. 😦

    I had to bring djafan’s screencaps over here from the previous thread.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Angelica: The pic is fine. No complaints from moi.;)


  20. Emi said

    Just to join the spirit du jour…

    (admin help required I think)


  21. bebereader said

    Emi: Thanks for the song from “Camelot”, another favorite childhood memory of mine. Jeepers, you never know what you’re gonna find here!


  22. betsy said

    Dear friends: Thank you for all the birthday wishes. It really means alot to me.
    Dear David,
    Thank you for the vlog.
    Best birthday present ever!
    Best line: “not even exaggerating”
    He looks so happy.
    Just got home from work and saw it. It kind of made my day. 🙂
    Although the 21 year old boy at work giving me brownies wasn’t half bad.(He guessed my age at 35, poor thing. I did not disabuse him of that notion)
    Happy happy sigh sigh 🙂


  23. Angelica said

    Found some history…why does he do this to us? LOL

    It is quite possible that May Day began a long time ago with the Druids and their custom of worshiping trees. But, the original May Day is thought to have started as part of the spring rituals which were celebrated in Europe before the Christians came to power. When the Christians abolished or changed the pagan holidays for their own use, May Day was completely left out. Since it was a celebration of spring as well as fertility rites, the Christians decided that they wanted no part of the illicit sexual activities which were commonly promoted.

    This holiday was often symbolized by the colorful new growth of spring. It was an early tradition for the youngsters of Europe to carry fresh flowers and boughs and to visit neighborhood houses. They would sing songs that commemorated the arrival of springtime too. People typically decorated their homes with fresh flowers, green leaves, and tree branches. And, May Poles were a common sight on this holiday. Some considered the poles to represent the “tree of life.” They were erected in the town squares in order to mark the presence of spring as well as the coming of summer when all of the trees, flowers, and crops would be growing heartily in the light of the golden sunshine. The May Poles were usually trees that had been cut down in the forests. The branches were removed, and the trees were then carried into town. Brightly colored ribbons were then attached to the tops of the trees. The youngsters took turns grabbing a ribbon and dancing around the poles as part of their May Day celebration. Some cultures believed that the winding of the ribbons around the May Poles was an attempt at helping Nature remain in balance after the long, cold winter, and continue its plush green growth cycle. The youngsters would wind the ribbons together in a colorful pattern.

    In conclusion, it is interesting to note that May Day’s significance has since lost its appeal to most people over the years. Since many Americans, especially the ones who are subjected to cold, snowy winters, are struck with “Spring Fever,” you would think it would be celebrated more vigorously in the United States, especially in the Northern region.


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