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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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I’m Not a Robot and I Don’t Have a Wooden Heart

Posted by djafan on Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don’t ask me why but for some reason, when I was a very little girl, I would perform this song, complete with the German lyrics for anyone who would listen.  Wherever three or more were gathered together, I would be in the midst of them hamming it up.  I was missing my four front teeth at the time, so I suspect the comedic lisping was at least in part the reason I got so many requests to perform it.  It could not have been my singing ability.

I don’t remember regaling the public with any other songs in my childhood, with the lone exception, on occasion, of Disney’s “We Are Siamese, if You Please,” performed, to thunderous applause, as a choreographed duet with my sister.

Family is so important.

I thought of that when I read David’s blog posted yesterday.

“So I was able to go home for a couple of days, and I got to spend time with my family!…. family is such a great thing to have, and to have them supporting you and just being there to lift each other up makes a big difference.  Having family or friends who are basically family there to do that for you is a huge blessing.

Song for the day: I Am Not A Robot – Marina and the Diamonds

This is probably my favorite song right now.”

You’ve been acting awful tough lately
Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately
But inside, you’re just a little baby

It’s okay to say you’ve got a weak spot
You don’t always have to be on top
Better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you’re not

You’re vulnerable, you’re vulnerable
You are not a robot
You’re lovable, so lovable
But you’re just troubled

Guess what? I’m not a robot, a robot
Guess what? I’m not a robot, a robot

You’ve been hanging with the unloved kids
Who you never really liked and you never trusted
But you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins
Never committing to anything
You don’t pick up the phone when it ring, ring, rings

Don’t be so pathetic, just open up and sing

I’m vulnerable, I’m vulnerable
I am not a robot
You’re lovable, so lovable

But you’re just troubled

Guess what? I’m not a robot, a robot

Guess what? I’m not a robot, a robot

Can you teach me how to feel real?
Can you turn my power on?
Well, let the drum beat drop

Guess what? I’m not a robot

Is this Davidspeak for what he has been through this week?  I don’t know.  I don’t presume to know David or what he’s thinking but I suspect this has been a difficult week for him.  He does not have a wooden heart, nor is he a robot. There is a price for fame and he is learning that goodness, virtue and truth are meaningless attributes to the jaded, hardened hearts of some in the media.  If anything, these very attributes are the problem many have with him.

Bebe posted this late last night on the previous thread.

“David brings us so much joy each and every day with his voice, his smile, his humility and his good nature.”

With great blessings come great responsibilities.  We who are blessed with the joy of this magnificent obsession, have often asked ourselves, why?  Why me?

Ponder for a moment how much David has already done for so many within the sound of his voice.  How many have felt their souls renewed, comforted, and uplifted.  Barring any obstacles to his continued success, how many more he will affect in the same manner in the years to come, whether with his voice, his spirit, or his numerous charities.  I am not speaking messianically, I am simply stating fact.  Some people may think they’re God’s gift to this world but David is in reality, just that.  If this is true, what implications does this hold for his fans?  In his own words, posted as the featured quote on the left sidebar, “Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the knowledge to be in this position.  I don’t know if I deserve this.  But God has different plans for me, and I trust Him.”

In many ways, every day I live with this ODD, I feel the same.

144 Responses to “I’m Not a Robot and I Don’t Have a Wooden Heart”

  1. pabuckie said

    Angelica – great article!

    David has very much “comforted and lifted me up” at times – well most of the time I should add.

    Yesterday I pointed out just that very same quote — for some reason it was as if I never noticed it before. It is ironic for me to read it again in your article. That quote just stuck out yesterday to me too for some reason! Coincidence? Maybe it’s an “Archie ESP thing” — oh my is he speaking to us subliminally now! haha

    “I don’t deserve this. But God has different plans for me”. I just love that quote. He is so genuine, humble & spiritual.
    I too felt family & friends stuck out in his blog. I’m glad he has them and gets to have fun whenever he goes home.

    I also loved the line in the song “Better to be hated, than loved for what you’re not”. I agree!

    And on that note, I awoke to this video. Message in it? Perhaps.


  2. ray said

    i agree with you listen to the words to i am not a robert caefully,yes he is sending a message,to those on one sit who clame to love him but tore him apart “better to be hated,then loved for what you’re not get lt .david has brought music back into my life,along with god,i love him for that


  3. Jane said

    What a great article, is right…..It beaks my heart to see David go though these things….He is awesome young man and has a wonderful spirit about him…..I love his out of this world voice and he has been working so hard to get this other album out and I for one can’t wait for it and his book…..What amazing young man his is….Love you David and keep up the great work you are doing….Glad that you get to go home and spend time with the family, “Families are Forever”….Right? Love you.


  4. Abrra said

    I am going to ponder this article and comment later. I am intrigued with “Some people may think they’re God’s gift to this world but David is in reality, just that. ”

    Are you the man I spoke with (on the phone) who saw David on Idol on a day when you needed a “sign” ? If so, its great that you are posting here. Welcome! I hope you and your wife get to see David again really soon. You both are very supportive of him and his music.



  5. Abrra said

    “He is awesome young man and has a wonderful spirit about him…” Love what you said. I came across some pictures ( no, really, Abrra?)of the studio David was recording in recently.

    Very spiritual setting.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David and Eman
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  6. silverfox said

    Angelica Dear,

    You have no idea how much some of us, needed those words..especially me, who cannot find the words other than angry words which really, if expressed, would have done nothing but inflame the situation and would cause more strife within David’s fanbase. It’s not David’s way. So I kept the hurt & anger inside all week. Cried buckets for David. Couldn’t even talk to my sister about how I felt for fear my anger at those who claim to “love & respect” David but reserve the right to “judge” David as they see fit for their own agenda, would explode over the phone!

    My heart hurts for David. I feel like a fool for having been so blind for almost two years thinking when I was a member of the only “fansite” I thought had David’s best interests at heart and would always HAVE HIS BACK! What a fool I was. After leaving said site with the most horrid taste in my mouth, the most wonderful thing happened…with your vision, “The Voice” was born!

    So thank you, Djafan, Bebe & Abrra again for being here always when we need you.

    BTW..I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep while at The Voice Unplugged last night. I’m afraid I’m not the “party animal” I used to be! 😆


  7. silverfox said

    Sorry about typos or bad grammar…I’m still half asleep. 🙂


  8. pabuckie said

    Hey guys! I made a new video. I hope you like it!


  9. Emi said

    Thanks Angelica for bringing us these thoughts and videos. I bet you as a little one, singing the Elvis song, in German no less, was too cute for words! I had never heard the song before and it was great to see something new from Elvis, along with the imaginary visual keeper of a toothless Angelica singing in German.

    I think another David quotation that was posted here for a long time was about how David is going to “let the music do the talking for him.” David has had a lot of practice doing this, and he excels at communicating with songs: both the ones he sings and the ones he rreccommenndds. (Think Apologize at Westbury and Rabbit in the blog around then) Adding this to David’s personal, resident media library (the one in his head) makes it all the more interesting and the more exact.


  10. betsy said

    Thank you for this. Classily done.

    And this lyric:
    “I’m vulnerable, I’m vulnerable”.
    It’s beautiful. And painful.

    SF – So glad you fell asleep (in chat) with your friends around you & a nice lullaby or two. It was likely necessary. 🙂


  11. pabuckie said

    Angelica – I just watched the Elvis video! Can you even imagine if that was David instead of Elvis — we would all be GONERS for sure! LOL


  12. silverfox said

    Pabuckie, oh my..your video is beautiful. I never really listened to the song “Halo”, but together with the photos, you created a truly beautiful tribute to David. Thank you!

    A note also about the “Let Me Go” lyrics video. I never understood why David never sang this particular song. I believe it’s the only one he never sang, not even a snippet. If he did, I never heard about it. It’s one of my favorites on his album.

    Hope everyone has a great day! See you later.


  13. cb said

    This week has been hard. Thank you very much for the wonderful article and thank you (and bebereader and djafan and Abrra) for this wonderful site. I join silverfox as being one who needed those words.
    I too, feel I have been given a gift in this wonderful young man’s voice and spirit and I felt responsible somehow to stand up and say what I feel. I do not understand how someone with only good in his heart and the desire to be kind to everyone, can be treated so unkindly. It makes me sad.
    I felt so very proud of David at BritWeek. There he was, smile in place, singing his heart out. He is one strong, courageous 19 year old. My admiration for him continues to grow. He goes through hard times with more grace than people twice his age.
    When God gave him that amazing voice with the power to move those who want to really listen, He sure picked the right person.


  14. pabuckie said

    Thank you Silverfox! Have a great day too! That song Halo from the moment I first heard it – it made me think of David.

    I know, not even a snippet of that song “Let Me GO” and I loved it too!


  15. pabuckie said

    Cb – I loved your words just now and you’re right — God “picked” the right person!


  16. Emi said

    Dang CB

    You are right!:

    He goes through hard times with more grace than people twice his age.

    David handles hard times with much more grace and finesse than I ever even thought about having, and I am OVER twice his age…


  17. Aishwarya R said

    Thanks for this lovely post Angelica 🙂 I too had the feeling that his song recommendation this week had a connection with what he had to experience over the last weekend. I felt really bad that he had to go through all that craziness. At times like these, support from family and friends is the best remedy. I really loved how he wisely handled the situation and with such class. My admiration for him deepens futher and further everyday. I keep thanking God for introducing him and his music to me. Wish him the very best!
    “I Am A Robot” has some good lyrics and a nice tune. The video is pretty psychedelic lol.


  18. Aishwarya R said

    *I Am NOT A Robot* Whoops soory for the typo LOL.


  19. cb said

    Pabuckie, Wow, it’s funny how songs and their words take on new meaning in different circumstances. Listening “Let Me Go” today was very different today than the last time I listened. Loved your vid:)
    Angelica, “I Am Not A Robot,” was a perfect song choice for this week. Coincidence, I don’t think so.
    Betsy, “I’m vulnerable, I’m vulnerable, I am not a robot” Hurts your heart doesn’t it.


  20. SandyBeaches said

    Although people were saying to pass over what had happened, it is something that has had rather serious consequences and has needed to be expressed. This article and the comments that follow have done just that and respectfully.

    Pabuckie, would you please email me so that I can write back…thanks!



  21. SandyBeaches said

    Dang it Pabuckie…here it is This address is just used for The Voice…



  22. pabuckie said

    SB – I don’t have your email. I dont want to post mine, but you can get it from either Abrra or Bebereader! 🙂


  23. pabuckie said

    SB – I did.


  24. emmegirl said

    Angelica, seems inadequate, but thank you.

    SF ((hug))


  25. Mandi said

    Angelica, thanks for this new article. Me, likey. Yes, just like others here, I do believe it’s not a coincidence that he recommended the song. I actually really liked it and have listened to it multiple times. He is brilliant, as Randy would say. With all the adjectives thrown out there about David, I think “smart” and “intelligent” have not been used as much. I think these two need to be attached to a grown up David Archuleta, you think?


  26. bebereader said

    I’d like to think that “Christmas in April” was the reason for our full house in chat last night but I know better. Fans needed to band together after a dreadful week. Although the events of the last week created furor in the fandom, the end result is that David’s real fans love and respect him now more than ever for the classy way he handled the situation.

    I don’t presume to know him either but the subtle messages David puts in his song recommendations has occurred too many times for it to be coincidence. IMHO, David is not just a musical genius; he’s as smart as a whip! It’s a shame the price of fame is so high. I don’t think David ever wanted to be famous; he just wants to sing.

    Pabuckie: I love your newest video!


  27. djafan said

    Angelica…Thank you so very much for this…My heart has been heavy this last week and after reading David’s blog and after listening to his song recommendation made me think of some comments made during the Brian Mansfield interview,

    “I want people to say, ‘I appreciate what David’s trying to do, in that he tries his best to be who he is and keep doing what he’s doing, and that shows in his music. I can see him and feel him in his music. I can see his personality, and I can see what he believes in and what’s important to him.”

    And this,

    “People have different views of life, and I try to respect that. I feel like music has a universal common ground, so I’ve just let the music do the speaking.

    And his latest tweet,

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Is this David speaking? Sending a message? I don’t know but it sure left an impression on me. We, on these public forums are read and if we truly support and believe in the “gift of David” that has been given to us it needs to be reflected on our sites or then how can we be called fan sites?…IMHO.

    But the quote I put up on the left sidebar and a couple of others,

    “I decided if people want to know who I am, they need to know this about me, this part of my life and how important it is to me and how it has affected my decisions, how I view things, and why I am who I am.”

    “I feel like God’s the reason why I’m here, and the way that I’ve tried to do what I feel is right is the reason why I’m here.”

    “Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the knowledge it takes to be in this position. I don’t know if I deserve this. But God has different plans for me, and I trust him.”

    These in David’s own words bring me comfort in knowing that David has his faith, family and friends to support him, and I truly believe his “fans” too.


  28. Abrra said

    Perhaps a chapter quote from “Chords of Strength” ? Advance marketing ? 😉



  29. archiesfan4life said

    Angelica, dja, bebe and abrra – thank you for providing this loving site – just as David’s voice comforts my soul – so do the words spoken here.

    pabuckie – great video!

    Thanks for a great time in chat last night and yes, bebe, I agree – we all needed to be with one another after such a dreadful week.


  30. pabuckie said

    A lot of us are in “awe” at how David “emotes” a song on stage. I feel that part of the reason he CAN do this so well is because of WHO he is and WHAT he believes in (his “faith”). I don’t know why but I just feel the need to express this. Hope you don’t mind. I feel really connected to him spiritually, even though we may not be of the same belief.


  31. blisskasden said

    Beautiful article Angelica. I, too, believe that David was speaking to us through the lyrics of that song, and the message was loud and clear.

    The problem for people that are adored as much as David is that they are often not “seen” clearly. The adoration the fans feel is very intoxicating. Basically, David has an army of folks of all ages that are “stoned” on him. I mean, what feels better than hearing him sing, looking at his loving, beautiful face, or listening to him talk, among other thing? I remember when you had to smoke a joint to get into a “Doors” album. You can get “high” listening to David just by drinking a Smoothie.

    No one is more “guilty” of adoring David more than I am. He lifts my spirits every time I listen to him, see him, or just think about him. I marvel at how he goes about his daily business and never loses his focus. To quote his buddy, David Cook, “he’s as legit as it gets”. When he’s betrayed by people who claim to be his fans, it makes my blood boil, and I must speak out.

    David is, in fact, NOT a robot, nor should we want him to be. Sometimes I feel that he says” I hate my singing voice” or “I’m weird” to remind us that he is very much one of us, and that’s how he’d like to be seen by us.

    In a lot of ways, his iconic performance of “Imagine” in week 2 of AI worked against him. It made him a superstar before we got to know him as a real person. David sang it that week because he didn’t think he’d be on the show for long and wanted to get the opportunity to sing it on the big stage before he was eliminated.

    David should not be made to live up to a standard that he never claimed to have. He’s just flesh and blood. He just looks better and sings better than anyone else, that’s all.


  32. angelofdja said

    These words hit home for me…
    “David should not be made to live up to a standard that he never claimed to have. He’s just flesh and blood. He just looks better and sings better than anyone else, that’s all”.
    AMEN 🙂


  33. lanick said

    Thank you so much for the article. I’ve been feeling so sad for what happened to David. How could people be so mean? I was so mad to them but then i thought, no, David himself is not a hater. I look up to him! People should’ve not judged him that way. No one wants to be judged. As a fan, i’ll always supporting him in whatever he does cos i believe in him. I hope and pray for him in his career, he will always have his family, friends and fans supporting him and God who guides him in every way. ❤


  34. xaris said

    Thank you Angelica for a lovely article which helps provide a little healing closure to the past week.

    Betsy and CB-“I’m vulnerable, I’m vulnerable, I am not a robot” Hurts your heart doesn’t it.
    Yes, it does hurt one’s heart.

    I noticed that Paulo Coelho has twice tweeted the following during the past week: “Haters are confused admirers who can’t understand why everybody loves you,” and then later tweeted, “Hate is fear in disguise.” I hope David read his tweets. I also hope David is a tiny bit like my son, who said, “Don’t worry. Guys don’t agonize over stuff like girls do. We get upset, then it’s over, then we go eat.”


  35. SweetOnDA said

    Angelica, thank you for your wonderful words. Yes, I do believe David was sending a message in his song of the week. I have seen this happen more than once and so appreciate the way he communicates.

    Bliss, I loved this: “The problem for people that are adored as much as David is that they are often not “seen” clearly. The adoration the fans feel is very intoxicating. Basically, David has an army of folks of all ages that are “stoned” on him. I mean, what feels better than hearing him sing, looking at his loving, beautiful face, or listening to him talk, among other thing? I remember when you had to smoke a joint to get into a “Doors” album. You can get “high” listening to David just by drinking a Smoothie.”

    And this brought tears to my eyes, “No one is more “guilty” of adoring David more than I am. He lifts my spirits every time I listen to him, see him, or just think about him. I marvel at how he goes about his daily business and never loses his focus. To quote his buddy, David Cook, “he’s as legit as it gets”. When he’s betrayed by people who claim to be his fans, it makes my blood boil, and I must speak out.”

    I plan on being this kind of “stoned” for the rest of my life listening to THE VOICE. I adore him so too.

    Pabuckie, your video tribute to David is wonderful.

    djafan, when I saw David’s tweet today, my first thought was he’s letting us see a part of his heart again. He’s stepping back and re-accessing. I need to do more of this…there he goes being an example again.

    I love this site, thanks to all who have given me a place to come home to and friends that are so welcoming. Even thought I don’t comment most of the time, please know that at the end of the day, I have put my feet up and am enjoying the chatter. 🙂


  36. angelofdja said

    Knowing my lack of computer skills, this may not work! Ha! Ha!


  37. angelofdja said

    Cool…maybe I’m not so “green” after all!
    I’m once again humbled by David’s contribution to “all things good”. I simply LOVE this young man! 🙂


  38. blisskasden said

    SweetonDA and Angelofdja, thanks for your comments. Writing about him, no matter the subject, is the next best thing to being with him. It makes me feel very connected to him, which always makes me feel good.


  39. pabuckie said

    Thanks Bebereader, Silverfox, Sandybeaches, SweetonDA, Archiesfanforlife and anyone I may have missed!! Glad you liked my video! 🙂 I myself have watched it several times today and find it really soothing.


  40. betsy said

    pa – loved your video. Perfect song choice. I always think of David when I hear it.
    “I’m addicted to your light”


  41. pabuckie said

    Thanks Betsy! I could think of far worse additions! lol


  42. pabuckie said

    Oops I meant “addictions”.


  43. angelofdja said

    comment #36 Clarification…David comes in at 2:46 and 2:48 🙂


  44. jana said

    12~Silverfox..aww Thank you for that. I have no doubt that you have only love in your heart for David. You are a fabulous fan and have always supported him. I enjoyed you so much in Reno.

    I have noticed it is getting “darker” on a particular site and it makes me uncomfortable but I rarely go there…

    I sometimes question the ODD..and last night at the stream/chat I asked if everybody always had active fan lives and “followed” artists..everyone said NO..David is the first.. That speaks volumes to me. I have always loved music and preferred certain artists..but never been a “fan”.

    David is unique, and oh so special 🙂


  45. jackryan4DA said

    Bluesky – this is in response to your last message a couple of threads ago, posting it here just so you won’t miss it – Thank you for that. It means a lot to me.

    Emmigirl – also in the previous thread, you’re welcome 🙂


  46. bluesky said

    Jackryan4DA: ^_^


  47. Angelica said

    Thanks guys for your response to the article above. I was actually working on something else to post last night and it just wasn’t happening. Couldn’t focus until I finally realized there was something else inside that was wanting to come out instead. Once I realized what that was, the words came easily. I guess, like many of you, I needed some closure after the past week and now it’s done, I can move on. There will be other weeks like this but I think David and all of us have learned some vital lessons to take with us as we move forward. As he said in his tweet earlier today…

    “Sometimes we need to step back and take a look at ourselves. A look at where we are, where we are heading, and where we…ultimately want to be in the end. If the first two aren’t heading towards the last we need to make adjustments… we can reach our end goal.”

    I wanted to move on, but I had to take a step back first in order to do that. This is something we all need to do on a regular basis. I love that at 19, he is so open to striving for excellence in his actions and goals. As Momjulee said on Fanscene, “He’s brilliant.” ITA


  48. silverfox said

    JR, I hope you know and will never forget or have any doubts about how much I care about & respect you. You have been a great & generous friend. I know how you feel about David and that is, after all, why we are all here. But…

    It’s NOT, and should never be about anyone else BUT David. I hope you understand that MY hurt and anger stems from MY FEELING that David was hurt and misunderstood by the very people who I thought would always have his back or at the very least, give him the benefit of a doubt. It was as if someone deliberately hurt a member of my own family. I “owe” David more than I can ever repay him, so all I can do is show my loyalty & unconditional love for him as I would to my own children. I make no apologies for feeling the way I do. The “fans” who are making a mockery of how & why I ( speaking only for myself ) feel the way I do is their right. It’s OK, I can take it. I’ve lived a long life and have experienced a lot worse…but David is young and has done nothing but give of himself more than we ever should have expected. He has never, ever said or done anything even remotely disparaging about or to anyone and for one of his very visible “fan sites” to turn on him is unforgivable as far as I am concerned. They can spin it any way they want, but this is the truth as I see it. I speak for no one else but myself. Believe me when I say I am holding back as I am trying really hard to be more like David who has more class at 19 than most adults twice his age. So I am holding my tongue…for his sake.

    Perhaps now, like Angelica, I too can have closure from the pain I felt in my heart for David this last week and move on…

    I am so glad David went home to be with family. It’s further proof to me that he still needs to be where he feels unconditional love & support.

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!

    Sweet Dreams everyone!


  49. VJ said

    Silverfox~48~I totally agree. With every word you said.


  50. pabuckie said

    50. Beautiful words Silverfox.


  51. djafan said

    Had a very busy family day today and believe me when I say I am very blessed by them all, but I did miss my David online family, you have all become an intricate part of my days. I thank you all for your healing words.

    SF this site was not only Angelica’s vision, she is the heart of this site, but it was also your vision, you are the soul of this site.

    I’m blessed to be along for the ride because this young man David brightens my world.


  52. Josie said

    THANK YOU TO THE VOICE for being a wonderful representation of a fansite for David. My life has been busy lately, so I lurk and read, but rarely post. Know that I think of you all often and love having my David friends nearby in spirit.

    It’s a new day. Hope everyone lives it its fullest 🙂 ♥ ♥


  53. Josie said

    Clearly, I don’t post often – not only can I not type properly, I don’t proof read my post!

    Should read thus:

    It’s a new day! Hope everyone lives it TO its fullest. 🙂 ♥ ♥

    There…I feel better now.


  54. Abrra said

    “There is a price for fame and he is learning that goodness, virtue and truth are meaningless attributes to the jaded, hardened hearts of some in the media”
    Well said, Angelica.

    A while back I had decided to do a piece on Celebrity Privacy. I never finished the article.What we witnessed last week points to why I stopped writing that piece. What I learned in researching the topic was that once a person steps into the public eye, their daily life can change dramatically. Changed in ways that normal and decent folks may find ugly and distasteful. The most innocent act or word is blown out of proportion, all done to sell copies or get hits to a web site. How we, the public, react to the twisting of a person’s words goes to the heart of the matter. We either believe the celebrity based on their actions or we believe the spin by the media.

    The human being who finds himself the target of such scrutiny is hardly afforded a response “in kind”. In David’s case on twitter, he spoke his truth to ease the minds of fans only to be spun into a fable of hate which found its way to the national media.

    The spin did not end there.

    What was labeled as “healthy” debate proceeded to put David in a position he did not intend by his words. One definition of EVIL: Causing ruin, injury, or pain describes how those who wish David to bend to their agenda, behaved. By doing so, they may well have lost any chance of having his respect.

    I will always have David’s back. That is what FAN site admins do. Support the person you have faith in, whose character shines bright and whose talent is proven.

    One more thing, this thread REALLY needs more pictures!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  55. bluesky said

    Oh my, Josie.
    I LOVE your “thus”.
    You just make me smile.


  56. Josie said

    bluesky 😉 ♥

    It does my heart good to see the faces that I became fond of over a year ago (or has it been two?).

    Time does heal. It’s a week later and I think we’re all in a better, good, no GREAT place.

    Eyes wide open ya know? 😉


  57. Emi said

    Love the pictures! Just what we needed!


  58. KH said

    I love this piece, Angelica, and I love all of the comments. I’ve long been a fan of many of the ‘voices’ I see on here. I’d list the names except then I’d really need to list all of the names. Love the overall support and wisdom in the fanbase.

    I’m another who finally feel as if my eyes have been opened re: ‘other site.’ I’d been hurt enough before to leave for a while but only recently felt frustrated enough to be completely turned off. I’m just not cut out to try to hear those who refuse to also listen. (As soon as I came to that decision, I felt better. Weird how that worked.)

    Josie, I wanted to say that somewhere (twitter?) you told someone that your Noni has David’s pictures organized along with those of kids and/or grandkids. I can’t tell you how much that story has brightened my last week.


  59. emmegirl said

    “you know what” …I love this place.


  60. angelofdja said

    Me too! 🙂


  61. Angelica said

    Josie! Great to see you here! I read that on SnowAngelz about your Noni placing David’s photo right in the middle of the grandkids’ photos on the wall. Too precious.


    Well said yourself. Very well said. That last photo/gif literally feels like my heart in his hands. Anyone else feel that way? That’s our happy place. 😆


    “Time does heal. It’s a week later and I think we’re all in a better, good, no GREAT place.”


  62. pabuckie said

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Here is a great article from the Seattle Times about David’s “Imagine” performance at the Brit Gala! Kudos to Annie from Germany!!


  63. blisskasden said

    Abrra, the good news is that once again David’s army of true fans have joined together to support him and to isolate the negative forces who betrayed him. What might have taken months to work itself out has taken less than a week. Countless fans, who had previously been silent, were outraged enough to let their voices be heard.

    David is more popular than ever as a result of this hapless attempt to discredit him. Now it’s going to be even harder to get a good seat at his concerts, dang it.


  64. SweetonDA said

    Josie, I just love it when you pop up. (((hugs)))

    Wishing everyone a great Sunday, and especially David.


  65. Abrra said

    Army indeed. His twitter count went up about 2k this week alone. I don’t usually track the number that closely but I made a note of it this time. If the “fans” last week were to be believed, his number would have dropped. Some claimed to have stop following him. It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior and jump on the side that is doing the bashing. An insincere bunch at best. I saw many of the same names tweet that they were only saying things to see the reaction.”Just kidding.” they said.

    Guess what? Nothing changed in the long run except true fans formed a tighter circle around our guy.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Don’t mess with us, ok? 😉



  66. pabuckie said

    Our LOVELY GUY and FOOD!

    @DavidArchie just arrived in Salt Lake ! I’m hungry let’s go eat
    21 minutes ago


  67. emmegirl said

    Angelica,hadn’t thought of that song in years, and now I can not get ” I don’t have a wooden heart” out of my head. lol!

    **maybe that is why I am stuck in DA youtube universe today (not very productive, but extremely satisfying)…to try and get that song out of my head!


  68. blisskasden said

    Abrra, so very true. I’m looking at the bottom 2 MGR pics in yout post #54. Frankly, I’m surprised he got out of that Club in one piece.


  69. blisskasden said

    To clarify my last post, after looking at the 2 MGR pics, #54, and seeing how handsome David is, I’m surprised he got out of the club last Saturday in one piece. Those pics , of course, were not taken at that Club.


  70. Abrra said

    You know plays them for you, right? Its up 24/7, all David all the time.
    Here is my standard macro for making sure folks have the best experience at Unplugged.

    The Unplugged experience will go much smother if you have current versions of the following on your computer:

    Firefox latest version:3.6.3
    You will be asked to shut down Firefox before you do the install

    Adobe flash player:
    Do the install
    NOTE: UNCHECK the box for installing MacAfee (its BAD mojo to have this)

    Once you are in the chat room if the video is stopped, look to the left corner of the video for a play(>) icon, Push that a few times and the video will restart.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Enjoy the site. Its all for the fans!



  71. betsy said

    #65 Abrra – “Guess what? Nothing changed in the long run except true fans formed a tighter circle around our guy.”

    You got that right.


  72. Nanaweize said

    Angelica…thanks so much for your article! I have so enjoyed reading all these comments today.
    The Elvis video was so enjoyable…That brings back memories of my younger years and why I so loved Elvis’ voice.
    This past week has been a hard one for me. I have had my eyes opened. I guess for many years I have been in “my own little bubble.” I did not know that people could be so mean to David when they themselves profess to be his true fans. My defination of being a fan is to build up, love and support not to tear apart and destroy saying it is only for his own good. What does that mean and oh how I want my “Bubble” back?
    I am so glad I have good David sites to hang around and support David like a true blue fan. Thank you for creating this site and for all the many wonderful articles and posts. I have agreed and loved so many of all your posts today. Bravo to The Voice and Bravo to David James Archuleta!
    David has meant so much to me the last couple of years…he is wise behond his years!

    PS…If anyone finds my Bubble..please send it back!


  73. Abrra said

    David just called me and he has something to say:

    (Ok, I made up the called me part.)



  74. Nanaweize said

    Abrra..Thanks for posting that video…That is actually one of my favorites! I needed that today!


  75. pabuckie said

    Abrra — I actually LOVE the way David looks in that video! Thanks for putting it up. Love the words!


  76. bebereader said

    Welcome to all new posters!

    #72 Nanaweize “My definition of being a fan is to build up, love and support not to tear apart and destroy saying it is only for his own good.”

    That’s my definition, too. That’s why I love this site. 😀

    New subject: Idol Forums has a new thread where fans can share their experiences meeting David. I found them very touching.

    Here’s a sampling:

    “One of my favorite moments happened when we were talking about his height. “I’m really short” he says. “You’re taller than me!” I say. Then he stops, stands on his toes, squints his eyes, tilts his eyes, looks me up and down, sizes me up, and then says “nahh I don’t think so”. I swear Archies – my heart exploded. But I kept my cool.” – A fan encounter

    “Another funny moment happened when a Goth girl came up to David to get his autograph. “You have an interesting style” says David. LOL!!! I couldn’t help it – I laughed out loud. It was awkward.” – From a fan

    “I told him I loved reading his Myspace Blogs. He laughed, and seemed flattered. “I wrote another one today!” he says. (He hasn’t posted it yet though!) “I wish I could do more video blogs. I’m not very good at them, and I don’t know how and my laptop is all messed up. I’m going to get Jason to help me.” I said “What, American Idol can’t get you a decent laptop?” and he says “Well I haven’t asked. I don’t want to be like “Ohhh give me a laptop”. He said it with this mock “arrogant” tone and it was the funniest thing ever.”
    – A fan at a meet & greet

    “I was also at the Inauguration. It was fabulous (although absolutely freezing!). I have to tell one thing though that was so funny. When David was getting ready for his on-camera interview and all of us were quietly gathered around him, there was a woman who was putting that long black coat on him. As she was adjusting the collar, he looked down at it and said, “Is this a girl’s coat?” We all laughed.” – A fan story from the Inauguration

    “Last, but certainly not least, was David Archuleta, who is dealing with a bout of strep throat. So, the poor little guy was losing his voice. It sounded like everyone he talked to had asked him about being the frontrunner. He seemed very humble about it but he talks so softly I could hardly hear him. Earlier, Nigel Lythgoe had to told me that Yoko Ono had called to say how much she loved David singing ‘Imagine.” He said he heard this from Paula and was floored to have someone so close to the song say that.” – A reporter’s story (can’t remember whose)

    “David met Sara (Bareilles) in her trailer, and when he emerged, he had an important question for his management: “Sara wants me to sing with her today; can I?” Well, unfortunately, due to contractual restrictions, the answer was no, but David was excited to have been asked!” – David meeting Sara Bareilles

    “At first David did not want to record “Falling” cause he said he’d only sing positive and uplifting song. So they added the two lines on the end of the song to make it positive :”There must be something more to what my life may have in store….keep on pressing through ’til the end”. Now it’s positive.” – David’s dad told this story to a fan

    “Let me tell you my favorite David story…. Backstage at Kissmas Bash I was speaking with Martin from Boys Like Girls and he pointed behind me, I turned around and there was David, wandering around alone seemingly in awe of his surroundings…I went up to him and put my arm around him and said “David, honey you might not want to roam around alone back here.” He asked why and I pointed behind him and said “that line of girls are going to see Flo Rida right now, when they are done they will come out this door next to you and you will get mobbed.” He said “Really”? You reallly think so”?? and I just giggled and said, “David I love you, don’t ever become Jaded”….and he said “What’s Jaded?” How could you NOT love this guy?” – A dj or a tv-host (again, can’t recall who)

    “robio: I saw him at the gym running like a crazy man. Full on sprinting. He stopped and talked for a long time to an elderly woman that could barely walk. The kid is a genuine nice guy and someone I would let my daughter date.” – A man’s comment at a webpage regarding an article about David

    “In Malaysia: And David had to use the washroom. He met a cleaning lady, extended a handshake, asked for her name and said thanks for keeping the school clean for everyone. That’s David. No one was around at that time, so he was not putting on some act. The cleaning lady told some staff about it.” – David visiting Malaysia


  77. Angelica said


    That bubble is burst. It’s for the best. The air is so clean and fresh outside the bubble. Eyes wide open, as Josie said. 😯




  78. Abrra said

    Great images! POOF!


    Amazing how many people actually can recall what was said when they met him. Usually the Archu-mindwipe is in full effect.I met him 2x last fall. In Manchester we shook hands and I told him how glad I was to see him after having the summer show rescheduled. He was sweet, smiley and relaxed. DAvid looked at me and said he really like my shirt. I had a silly Halloween (Oct 30tH was the VIP)tee shirt on, just for fun. In Providence, I went up early in the line so I would have time to video the rest of the line. ( Must remember to make something using a bit of that video.)He used his powers on me. I have no idea what was said. 😉

    David at AC VIP Nov 1st 2009
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  79. emmegirl said

    “He used his powers on me. I have no idea what he said.”


    bebereader – thanks for bringing over the IDF stories, I don’t go there, virus concerns with my computer.


  80. Fanis Archangelicus said

    There is such softness, gentleness and unselfishness on the part of each and every admin on this site that parallels the goodness and generosity of spirit we see in David. I think these qualities have drawn in others who are like-minded despite their diverse backgrounds. Bless all your beautiful souls!

    There is a Mormon hymn called, “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today.” For some reason that is what it feels like here – sunshine.


  81. Abrra said

    Thanks for your kind words. Here you go:



  82. Fanis Archangelicus said

    Oh, abs…{{{{HUGS}}}}


  83. emmegirl said

    This one still tickles me.


  84. Nanaweize said

    Okay….Angelica…Bubbles burst…clean and fresh….eyes wide open!


  85. Nanaweize said

    #80 and #81
    There Is Sunshine In My Soul is one of my favorites. Thanks for posting!

    Cute Cute Video…wouldn’t we all love to be that young lady?


  86. betsy said

    Dear David,
    I love the way you choose to stick up for yourself. Classy.


  87. bluesky said

    All this talk of bubbles bursting reminds me of one of my favorite Guster songs, “Center of Attention”. (Anyone else out there a closet Guster fan?)


    Oh, you guys are great. I love all that you share.

    I heard something today that reminds me of all these stories of DA. It goes like this: There is a glass half full of water. The pessimist believes it is half empty. The optimist believes it is half full. But there is a third type, the Giving Person. When they see a glass half full of water they begin looking around for someone who is thirsty.

    Happy Sunday!


  88. bebereader said

    Abs#78 “Amazing how many people actually can recall what was said when they met him….”

    Abrra, At least you got a handshake. I said a few words to his arm at my VIP. Yes, his left arm, as we immediately got into picture-taking pose.

    Me: Do you remember those “One” letters?

    David: Huh???
    (Who can blame him? I could have worded the question much more better-er.)

    Me: Remember those letters you received from fans who want you to sing the full version of U2’s song, “One”?

    David: *thinks*, then OH YEAHHH!

    Me: I was the one who sent them to you.
    (Ayayay It sounds so silly to me now.)

    David: Awww, thank you. (in typical David fashion)

    Me: Do you think you’ll be singing it?

    David: I don’t know but I really like that song!

    *Click* and it was over.

    I didn’t see his face when I spoke to him.
    I spoke to his arm.
    Yes, I know…sad.


  89. bluesky said

    Bebe, this gives me the impression you are very short?


  90. betsy said

    Bebe – be proud that you carried on a conversation with him!
    (It’s a pretty nice arm!)
    The first time I met him, time was running out as he was still speaking to the person in front of me. Kristen was ready for the picture taking and he was turned to the left, still chatting. I said “David!” He turned to me and said “HI!” I pointed at the camera and he laughed. I don’t remember anything after that. Something was said like – nice to meet you.
    The next night I met him again, only Ray was hovering and trying to cut it short. I actually introduced myself to him this time. He said “HI Betsy!” How he stays so enthusiastic with every person, I’ll never know. It’s a gift.


  91. bebereader said

    #89 Bluesky

    “Bebe, this gives me the impression you are very short?”

    No, I’m five feet TALL. 😀

    And yes, David is a giant to me. LOL


  92. djafan said

    Just some great comments today and some new names!

    I’ve read and read trying to pick a comment that stands out and I haven’t been able to…lol Everyone’s words just shout out to me “I love and respect David” and that’s the goal here, it warms my heart to read that what we’ve set out to do can be felt because dang I love our guy!!!


  93. djafan said

    Oh my David encounters have been such an experience…let me tell you all a little secret, when you walk up to him make sure Kristen is behind you so you can’t see her trying to rush you and get the picture taken, it extends your time with him 🙂

    A David sighting tweet!


    Totally saw David Archuletta and President Monson at Music & the Spoken Word today. It was beautiful.

    about 9 hours ago via txt


  94. bluesky said

    Bebereader, my sister-in-law is 4′ 10″. She did not tell my brother that until after they were married. She was afraid he would think she was too short. She’s fantastic.

    Woah. So cool about that sighting. Thanks for the news.


  95. betsy said

    Also according to Carly’s tweet – they had dinner together at a japanese steak house. And are at this very moment taking a drive through the mountains. Looking at all of the lit up Temples.


  96. Abrra said

    Posting for Silverfox

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!

    Sweet Dreams everyone!


  97. Angelica said

    (((President Monson and David))) attending Music and the Spoken Word, then having dinner and taking a drive though the mountains looking at lit up Temples. Can you just imagine how strong the Spirit must be in that car?


  98. djafan said

    Thanks for posting the prayer Abrra!

    Angelica, I can’t even imagine. I wonder if he’s driving. It must be a beautiful sight.


  99. Angelica said


    My guess is there is a driver. Beautiful sight from the mountains for sure.


  100. bebereader said

    Here’s Carly’s tweet…

    “Just had a Japanese steak house meal with @DavidArchie now we are driving up the mountains on a temple tour . They are all lit up at night”

    I’m thinking there is a driver.


  101. Angelica said

    Misunderstood…the Music and the Spoken Word was with President Monson and the dinner and drive are with Carly, right? Then maybe no driver. Still a lovely sight from afar. So glad he’s home. I know he draws so much strength from family and friends.


  102. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    Carly tweets! Will David be at her show? I think so.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And looks like maybe at the LA shows.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  103. djafan said

    This was posted on FOD, I had never seen this angle of this performance, amazing….What a great way to start the day.


  104. betsy said

    dja! I was just going to bring that vid here! Saw it over on Snarkies. It is BEYOND GORGEOUS. Every minute of it is ♥. The ending is killing me. The emotion.
    Dear David,
    You could never be a robot.
    omg I am spazzing over this.


  105. Abrra said

    That is Shroudsburg OHN that I wrote about in an article. We saw it last night in chat. I won’t go on about it again. Lol. He definately spoke to a higher power at the end.



  106. Fiona said

    Wow, that video! I am a wreck after watching that!
    Does anyone here know how to put vids from YouTube onto a DVD? I am going to visit my mom and dad later this year in South Africa and want to show them some of David’s performances. (They don’t have a computer)


  107. ascphil said

    Doesn’t he have the most stunningly gorgeous profile ever? I don’t know how to screencap, but I can just keep staring at it and not tire of it at all.

    And everything is… ethereal, a masterpiece…


  108. blisskasden said

    Bebe, In my opinion, height should not be confused with stature. When David takes the stage, he is a towering figure. I’ve been going to pop and rock concerts for 40+ years, and I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of the great legends perform live(Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Stevey Wonder, etc). No one, in my experience, commands a stage and an audience as completely as David. When David hits the stage, the entire focus of everyone in attendance is on him for the entire concert. I’ve left other concerts kind of tired and feeling that “I’ve had enough”. I’ve been to 4 of David’s concerts, andf I left every one of them feeling energized and wondering why is was over so quickly.

    Let’s face it. The kid is pure magic.


  109. ascphil said

    What’s wrong with me? I keep pausing the video and end up lingering at 1:33. The aura of his image here speaks to me with a strength that equals the power of his voice. It consumes me with an overwhelming state of comfort, peace and joy. His smile says it all. It contains both an innocent charm yet the wisdom of a sage. It’s puzzling yet engaging.

    This enigmatic young man is a hard habit to break.


  110. Angelica said

    Well__isn’t__that__typical. Once again, here I sit at work unable to access YT while everyone spazzes over a David video.
    Ascphil, you are killing me here.

    Ah well. Sweet anticipation.



  111. YJfanofdavid said

    Bliss: “No one, in my experience, commands a stage and an audience as completely as David. When David hits the stage, the entire focus of everyone in attendance is on him for the entire concert… I left every one of them feeling energized and wondering why is was over so quickly.”

    I am one of the music/concert neophytes among David’s diverse fans. I can count in one FINGER the concerts I have attended (Pink Floyd). Glad to see your comparison of David’s stage presence with other music giants of our time.

    I have gone to 6 of David’s concerts. At each concert, the time between his sudden appearance seemingly from nowhere) and his bouncing off the stage is one big euphoric moment. His concert is not so much a concert but a “sensation”. Before he even opened his mouth, I would already be worried about it being over soon. 90 minutes felt like an instant. He commanded the audience’s complete attention not just by the notes he sang — we were just as mesmerized by each word he spoke, each gesture he made, each smile he flashed, and, in fact, each breath he took in. We walked out not only feeling energized, but with our hope in humanity and in ourselves renewed, ready to take on whatever life may bring. Who knew listening to some kid singing a few songs could be a life-transforming experience.


  112. xaris said

    Awww, Angelica. We all sympathize, really. Let me assure you this video is well worth watching all seven minutes of intro and exquisitely beautiful singing just to get to the beatific smile at end. I hope that make the wait easier….



  113. ascphil said

    Angelica #110,

    Sorry about that! It’s twelve midnight where I am and I forget y’all must be at work.

    Yes, definitely well worth the anticipation and more. David undoubtedly draws his strength of character and fortitude of spirit from an immense Source. I shall worry for him and yet be comforted by that knowledge.

    Btw, thank you for what you have written here. It echoes my sentiments so well that I have also found closure with the difficult past week. Everyone’s contributions on this site are what I look forward to every day of my unusual ODD life.


  114. betsy said

    #105 Abrra,
    I thought of you when I saw this video this morning. 🙂
    Please go on about it. I never get tired of hearing about that night.


  115. cb said

    That video of David singing “Oh Holy Night” is gorgeous beyond words!! I once again got the chills as I listened to his voice.

    Abrra. . .”He definately spoke to a higher power at the end.”
    So true, then he smiles that beautiful smile filled with love.
    And we feel it too.


  116. Shawna said

    O, Angelica, this is beautiful and so timely. Last week was such a horrendous week in Archueltaland, and in chat on Friday I asked everyone if they thought a statement was being made by this song he gave us, and we all agreed that it was. David is so for sure not a robot, just a very wonderful human being who didn’t deserve what happened to him on twitter last week and apparently on all the internet sites, as well as the gossip TV shows(which thank goodness I didn’t see). It just slays me that the media will pick up on any little thing and sensationalize it with no effort to find out the real truth and no care to who they might be hurting. They not only hurt the kindest most caring human being on the planet, they hurt us. And they shouldn’t mess with us, should they? We will always have his back no matter what!!

    I typed a comment to send on my phone on Saturday and couldn’t get it to send, but I have been thinking about this all weekend and was finally able to comment this morning. Had my 8 year old granddaughter with me all day Saturday until this morning, so couldn’t get on the computer at all. Am just catching up with all things David (even though I am at work),oops! Loved all the comments here and all the new people who have commented. I can tell you that you will find a wonderful home here with all these amazing fans.

    Love all the videos, especially the last one of David singing “O Holy Night”! He sang that just as beautiful here in SLC and we all walked out of the venue in a daze wondering what had just happened to us. But it is so nice to watch the vids back and relive that moment. That young man just radiates with passion when he sings. He slays me with his talent. I, too, just hate his concerts to end. He could sing to us 24/7 and I don’t think a one of us would mind at all!

    Better get back to work. Have a great day all!!


  117. Angelica said


    “He commanded the audience’s complete attention not just by the notes he sang — we were just as mesmerized by each word he spoke, each gesture he made, each smile he flashed, and, in fact, each breath he took in. We walked out not only feeling energized, but with our hope in humanity and in ourselves renewed, ready to take on whatever life may bring. Who knew listening to some kid singing a few songs could be a life-transforming experience.”

    WOW. It really is like that, isn’t it? Amazing.

    Shawna, thank you.


  118. bebereader said

    I’m useless today; that OHN video is tearing me up! I know I’ve seen it before (last night in chat for example) but this angle puts a new spin on it, so much so that it keeps calling my name to come back.

    Bliss #108 “Bebe, In my opinion, height should not be confused with stature. When David takes the stage, he is a towering figure….Let’s face it. The kid is pure magic.”

    I agree with you on all counts. With all due respect to his band mates, David’s commanding presence on stage makes them barely noticeable. His magnetic aura is so powerful that it’s absolutely mystifying.


  119. archiesfan4life said

    dja #103 – thanks for posting that video. I was just telling someone earlier today about that night and this song and then I came here and you have the video:).

    And like abrra – I will NEVER forget that night as long as I live!


  120. Amira said

    I am really loving this post. The OHN Video is just beautiful. I just can wait for David’s new music. In the meantime I will keep listening to Christmas music in April.


  121. collegemom said

    Oh well, so now I have spent an hour re-watching Oh Holy Night and then I had to check out Ave Maria from the same night and it just never ends! Watching these again reminded me (since I could see Steve Fekete in the videos) what a wonderful job Fekete and the drummer, Drew Steen, did on these very complicated Christmas songs. And the level of musicianship was very strong on this tour. The subtly of the percussion on some of the Christmas songs and the beauty of the guitar surrounded David and I am sure he appreciated their high level of ability. I hope to see these guys on future tours. (sorry for the aside but I love it when the people playing with David are such skilled musicians!)


  122. Abrra said

    For Betsy and anyone else who wanted to read my older article about this night in Stroudsburg and OHN.



  123. blisskasden said

    Bebe, in a time when the Lady Gagas and Adam Lamberts need to turn a concert into a Las Vegas Review to be entertaining, David needs only to bound onto the stage packing his enormous talent and unequalled charm and charisma to keep an audience of diverse people mesmerized for as long as he wants. The total budget for props at a David Archuleta concert is the price of 2 bottles of Aquafina.

    YJfanofdavid, I know what you mean. It’s impossible to take it all in at one of David’s concerts. I mean, how do you sort out the handsome face, the unspeakable talent, the warmth, the rapport….. It’s too much. It’s like you’re in a trance for 90 minutes. I’ve seen videos of performances that I saw live, and it seemed as if I was watching it for the first time. David could sit on the stage and do his homework for 90 minutes and people would cheer for more. It’s worth the price of admission just to be occupying the same space as him.


  124. djafan said

    I see it wasn’t just me who was affected by this beautiful video and this amazing, towering, commanding, stunning young man.

    Asciphil #109

    Here you go…at 1.33



  125. YJfanofdavid said

    Bliss: “It’s worth the price of admission just to be occupying the same space as him.”

    Well, actually,I did experience something like that a year ago in Cleveland at the IX indoor park. This is right after he came back from Asia and before ILAA started selling the VIP thing for his summer tour. The organization charged a handsome $250 per person literally for the privilege of occupying the same small room and breathing the same air as David (for 40 minutes)– just David and no songs!! The 25 of us in the room were completely star-struck (or as someone described it, “person-struck”, just by watching him writing his name, walking around, and striking up small talks with us. He sang not a single note and we were completely enthralled. A priceless experience? you bet.

    “The total budget for props at a David Archuleta concert is the price of 2 bottles of Aquafina.” LOL. I think he realized it too, and that’s why he stopped saying “if I don’t make it in music, I would…” 🙂


  126. bebereader said

    Djafan: Thank you for bringing the video here. If it’s not so much trouble and since you’re so good at it ;)…can we please have a screencap of ‘the smile’ at the very end?


  127. Josie said

    Hi friends! ♥

    NGL-when David Archuleta is singing, it’s like Christmas all year long 🙂

    MULDUR posted these vids – apparently she had them set to private and just realized it last night.

    Perfect timing – soul soothing 🙂

    ♥ ♥


  128. bebereader said


    You said you’ve been to a lot of concerts but have you ever been to one where the age range of the audience spanned from four years old up to the elderly and every age in between? I’m a self-professed concert junkie but I’ve never, until now been a fan of an artist who appealed to people of every age. This is a first for me.


  129. djafan said

    David OHN smiles…couldn’t pick just one



  130. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  131. djafan said

    And just because that face is so mesmorizing…



  132. ascphil said

    OMG! I just woke up and what a beautiful sight to see here! It feels like it’s Christmas and Santa just gave me what I was wishing for, lol! I’m ecstatic!

    Thank you so much, Djafan!!!!! It’s perfect! Luv you!!!! ((((hugs))))


  133. Blisskasden said

    Bebe, the answer to your question in #128, is no, I haven’t seen such a varied fan base at a concert.. When I tell my non believer friends (poor saps)that I went to a David Archuleta concert, they usually ask me “Didn’t you feel out of place, being a grown man”.

    In all the places that I’ve seen David, every person I’ve met, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, etc. has been a total pleasure. As soon as you say that you love David, all differences melt away, and there is an instant connection.

    I noticed a dramatic change in the demographics at the 2 Xmas concerts I attended from the summer tour.. The audience was so diverse that it would have been impossible to determine by looking at those in attendance what kind of concert they were seeing. Check out the Westbury videos, where you can see the audience in most of them. This was no Justin Bieber concert.


  134. Blisskasden said

    Djafan, that pic in #124 is as perfect a human profile as could exist in nature. If Da Vinci has painted it, it would have been criticized for being “too perfect”. The expression on his face reflects a depth of spirit that should be impossible for a young man of 19, but there it is for all to see.


  135. djafan said


    I sometimes wonder is it just me who “see’s”, which would mean I may be a little off my rocker, but thank goodness for you and everyone here, we all see it. And you’re so right, it’s not just the perfect profile, but the expression, the look he has and gives, you feel that something much deeper is going on with David. Just get the chills thinking about it.

    David at the Japanese Festival…what a sight for sore eyes.



  136. djafan said

    Tweet from @MikeSlick305

    just sent David Archuleta a hit produced,written and referenced by

    Very interesting and telling.

    Issued phone!



  137. djafan said

    Any Utah peeps going to Carly’s concert tonight?


  138. Abrra said

    Dja #135

    That is a boy who was in the choir at the SLC CFTH concert. Here is a picture of him with David, backstage.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  139. djafan said

    Eman bubbletweet

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Go here to view!!!!


  140. silverfox said

    It took me a while to catch up on all the comments from yesterday & today..And I agree, the OHN video is to die for..I watched it twice & will again in a minute. I still listen to CFTH all the time as it’s on my iPod which I listen to all day at work. Loved all the love on this thread! 🙂

    Anyway..I hope David was able to attend Carly’s show tonight..And in case he’s a traveling man again tomorrow..

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him and protect him from all harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path. Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with loving and supportive people who will love him UNCONDITIONALLY as we, his Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he’s weary and stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt and give him joy when he feels sad.
    Keep him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey.
    And please Lord, give us, his fans, the wisdom to do right by David.
    Help us in the way we support David so that it’s always in his best interests.
    May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness wherever his journey leads him.
    Keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!

    Sweet Dreams everyone!


  141. Mandi said

    I can’t find words to describe that OHN video above. When I watch it, it gives me the impression that he wasn’t just singing the song. He is also singing a prayer, if I may say so. Thank you for posting it.


  142. Alynne said

    Love this article! Yes, his voice has renewed,comforted,uplifted me! He is a blessing and being his fan is a blessing. I also have asked, why me? I still do sometimes, but I’m glad God brought him, his voice, his music to me.


  143. jackryan4DA said

    SF @ #48 – I never doubted, SF. I always strive to simplify things. And just because I can rationalize, that does not mean I don’t hurt. Except that I choose to face the music, so to speak.

    Most important, am glad to read that you have started to find closure.

    Have received a number of emails as well so I was wondering when you will send one, hehe. So it is a good thing I found time to drop by and play catch up. Otherwise I would have totally missed your two-pronged special message.

    Thanks for taking the time to write that. Needless to say, among the angels, you will always be my Gabriel {{{hugs}}}


  144. limewire said

    lmao cool stuff dude.


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