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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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A Personal Legend in His Own Time

Posted by Abrra on Monday, April 19, 2010

“The way the character in the book thinks about things, it gets your mind going.  It makes you think about yourself and your life.”  ~David Archuleta

This is what David had to say about the popular book “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Cohelo.  It’s the story of a shepherd boy on a journey in search of a treasure that leads him to the Pyramids of Egypt.  It is a quest that came to him in a dream.  Along the way he meets several people who participate in ways that eventually help him find his real treasure, true love.  One of the central themes in the story is “When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it”.

I downloaded the book and listened to it while I was working.  Hearing that theme made my mind jump right to David’s journey.  His dream is being revealed on a daily basis.  Along the way, everyone who shared in his journey helped him realize his destiny.  Beginning with his parents, to Victor Hugo’s, “Les Miserables,” to his voice coach, Dean Kaelin, and from Star Search to American Idol and then to Jive Records, all have played a part to get him where he is today.  We fans play a huge part in the journey as well, by supporting him unconditionally in his career.  When you think of all the places he has traveled to perform, all the amazing experiences he has had, it is clear that the universe is truly working on his behalf.

At one pivotal point in the book, the boy meets a man who says he is a king and his name is Melchizedek.  He asks the boy for a tenth of his sheep and gives him two stones called Urim and Thummim to guide him in his travels.

“Why would a king be talking to a shepherd?” the boy asked, awed and embarrassed.

“For several reasons.  But let’s say that the most important is that you have succeeded in discovering you Personal Legend.”

The boy didn’t know what a person’s “Personal Legend” was.

“It’s what you have always wanted to accomplish.  Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is.  At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible.  They are not afraid to dream and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives.  But, as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their Personal Legend….”

“It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your destiny.  It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe.  It’s your mission on earth.”  ~ The Alchemist

When David was thirteen years of age his voice became weak.  He could not finish more than a song.  He was examined and learned he had vocal chord paralysis.  One vocal chord was not functioning when he sang, causing the remaining healthy one to tire more easily.  I believe this was his “negative force.”  Through rest and eventually with the help of his voice coach, Dean Kaelin, David regained his singing skills.  His desire and dedication to sing became all-consuming.

“Listen to your heart.  It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World, and it will one day return there.  By immersing yourself, it will lead to the treasure.” ~ The Alchemist

David read this book at just the right time, when his soul was searching for answers.  It is evident that he took the theme of this story to heart.  When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.  When we, like David, have the courage to believe in ourselves and passionately pursue and truly live our dreams, we unleash forces that help us in ways we never imagined possible.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

127 Responses to “A Personal Legend in His Own Time”

  1. pabuckie said

    Abrra – what a lovely piece about David and the Alchemist.

    It was sad to see David felt the need to break his own code on Sundays to tweet…but it just goes to show there are no rules in life and David follows his own truth and did want he needed and wanted to do. Someone said on another site and I loved it:
    It doesn’t build character it reveals character! David is amazing and we his fans will always be here for him no matter what.


  2. Shawna said

    Abrra, thanks so much for this! I knew I could depend on you for a beautiful post this morning. This is beautiful! I need to read this book. No wonder David loves it as his all time favorite! Just the little bit you quoted here has my mind going full force!

    Also thanks for getting me up to date yesterday!! I had no clue that twitterworld would blow up over something so obviously innocent!! What is this world coming to!

    O, the joys of being a celebrity in this easily accessible Internet world! Yes, our young man has a beautiful character and he revealed it in spades last night! Don’t ya just love him to pieces? He never ceases to amaze me!


  3. tawna21 said

    Abrra, you’ve created some beautiful thoughts in this post. Thank you for such a calm after yesterday’s storm. I’m really intrigued with reading this book now. I can certainly see why David has been drawn to it. This quote is so defining of David’s character–I love it.

    “It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your destiny. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.” ~ The Alchemist’

    Thanks again, Abrra.



  4. Blisskasden said

    Abrra, wonderful article. Now I have to read TWO books in the coming months. I’m swamped!

    David may just be the most radioactive figure in pop culture. Last night’s twitter extravaganza nailed it for me. I can’t get past the question of why Charice was performing in that club to begin with. That clip of her performance clearly shows what an inappropriate place that was for her, much less David.

    Hopefully, David’s tweets today will put to rest this latest attempt by the anti-David folks to “expose” him. Don’t they know that David is always honest, sincere, and generous of spirit. There is no other way he can be. Anyone who thinks that David is homophobic is an idiot.


  5. bebereader said


    Thanks for a stirring, well-written article. If I had any doubts about reading “The Alchemist” you went and changed that for me. From the quotes alone I can see how inspiring the book can be for any age, particularly those in high school who are trying to decide what career to pursue. If it isn’t on the required reading list, it should be.

    “When we, like David, have the courage to believe in ourselves and passionately pursue and truly live our dreams, we unleash forces that help us in ways we never imagined possible.”

    Words to live by!


  6. cb said

    Abrra you article was just what I needed this morning. Thank you.
    PaBuckie We are here for him. I totally agree.
    Shawna, He still amazes me. And, I am going to read the Alchemist too.
    Tawna, I think that is a perfect quote for today.
    Blisskasden, I was already a fan of yours and I just became a bigger one. “Don’t they know that David is always honest, sincere and generous of spirit.” You sir, have a sincere and generous spirit also.


  7. Blisskasden said

    Cb, I know the real deal when I see it and feel it, and David Archuleta is the “realest” deal I have ever seen or felt. The breathtaking ignorance of those who do not understand him boggles the mind.

    I noticed over at TDC that Rascal, the small minded tyrant who sets the narrow agenda of that site, has, predictably, overreacted to David’s tweets, and has written a vile article. The fact that David chose to support his good friend in an environment that was clearly alien to him says all one needs to know about David. David needs to watch out for Rascal. His priority is not David, it is his own personal agenda, and no one, including David, will be allowed to get in his way to further it.The hair trigger speed in which Rascal has turned on David is very revealing, but not surprising.


  8. munkmusic said

    #7 Bliss, I saw all that stuff going on over at TDC…..and I don’t trust rascal either. How could he turn against David so quickly if he truly admired him and was a fan. David is the real deal. He is a young man of integrity. I have more respect for him as the days go by…..and then there is “the voice”… What can I say? He is just something else and so looking forward to what great music he has to offer us! This has been and will continue to be a wonderful happy ride! Will be there for David always and forever. Go David!


  9. djafan said

    Abrra…I love this…I plan to read this asap, you suggested the audio book, I’ve never listened to an audio book so I may just do that. I really like the way you interwove David’s experiences with the Alchemist, they are so spot on. …this in particular.

    “It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your destiny. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.” ~ The Alchemist

    When David was thirteen years of age his voice became weak. He could not finish more than a song. He was examined and learned he had vocal chord paralysis. One vocal chord was not functioning when he sang, causing the remaining healthy one to tire more easily. I believe this was his “negative force.” Through rest and eventually with the help of his voice coach, Dean Kaelin, David regained his singing skills. His desire and dedication to sing became all-consuming.

    The fact that you’ve been working on this piece before all the twitter nonsense could be called a coincidence, but is it? IDK I just know that at the time his vocal paralysis appeared as a “negative force” and look what that turned into.

    Bliss you are so right…

    “Don’t they know that David is always honest, sincere, and generous of spirit. There is no other way he can be. Anyone who thinks that David is homophobic is an idiot.”

    Those that feel they’re being judged (they must have not been following David for the past 2+ years) are now judging David, these to me are not true fans just folk who love drama. This to shall pass and David will fulfill his destiny irregardless of what anyone says. He will always have me as a fan.


  10. collegemom said

    I love you Bliss! (but reading your post made me actually go over to TDC and post something).Well, this is what I said:
    “I know one thing. David should continue to feel free to say whatever he wants. If he gets screamed at on twitter and feels he needs to say something in his own David-speak, he should do that. If people want to make his words mean negative things toward themselves or others after 2 years of watching him lovingly and respectfully interact with every single person who has approached him and never speak ill of anyone and even when dj’s would say rude things to and about him to his face he would still answer them honestly (even though they would all then laugh at him to his face because they had no idea what to say to an honest answer and yet he was still respectful and truthful in his responses to them). I believe he accepts and respects all of us with all our personalities, beliefs, life-styles, sexuality (or even lack there-of) even though many people are not able to accept him as he is because he is probably one of the most unusual and charismatic people we will ever encounter. I believe he has the right to feel out of place somewhere and actually say that. The fast, sexualized nature of many clubs at 1am (gay or straight) is too over-the-top for many of us and we all have the right to say – “yikes – that is so not me!” That is not a value judgment about every single person at that club – gay or straight – but a statement about our own ability to handle/process certain very personal situations. I don’t think this is a reflection on his opinion of the sexual preference of anyone in a club – gay/straight/whatever. I do not believe in control-speak or control-think and to think that David is homophobic because he is not comfortable in a certain atmosphere or situation and actually says it right out is not a statement of his opinion on anyone’s sexual preference. David does not pretend to be this cool guy who fits in everywhere He is a self-proclaimed “dork”. He is a very spiritual person – a person who actually radiates goodwill, love, and in fact seems to have a real need to meet and learn from every single person he meets.”


  11. stidwell53 said

    Boy, am I glad I never go to TDC at all. I am afraid I would have been maddddddddddddder than mad. I quit going there after Rascal called David’s dad a you know what and have never been back. Thank goodness I realized then that he wasn’t a real fan of David’s to say something that would hurt David. The comments here just validate that for me again. That site just doesn’t exist for me and I am so thankful for that.

    Abs, you are the best. Thanks so much for all you do. And this article is so, so, so good and I already bought my copy of the book today and will read it tonight. A must for me right now. Where did you get the audio for your iphone?
    That would be great, too. Is it an app?

    Doesn’t David just make you love him more and more each and every day??? He is one classy young man!!!


  12. emifriend said

    Beautiful article Aabbrraa,
    The English teacher in me loved it especially. I am at the library using their computors, and I know exactly which book I am going to check out next. Thank you. I always thought I might want to read it, know I KNOW I do.

    I have no idea what happened yesterday but I love the good coming out of it. Collegemom’s letter ( and others) gave us some great words about David; here are my favorite:

    ” He is a very spiritual person – a person who actually radiates goodwill, love, and in fact seems to have a real need to meet and learn from every single person he meets.”

    I have not yet met David but I know this is true of him, and he inspires me to make it true of myself. I know he inspires the rest of you too, because I can see it in our posts. Let’s stay positive and strong thru this fog and take David’s lead in how to walk thru it. I think that should work for all of us too.


  13. River said

    I’m glad to come here to the voices of reason. Enough already at TDC. How can these people, who have followed David’s every move and action for two years, be so quick to make assumptions and judgements. Personally I don’t care where he went or why. I would have preferred he just let it go and say so what, but that’s not who we’re dealing with. I’d rather take a look at every bit of evidence that he’s shown, in the time I’ve followed him, that shows compassion, equality, charity and caring. He’s entitled to a few dorky gaffs but weren’t we all. Man there’s a few I wish I could take back and I’m sure down the road I will screw up again, albeit unintentionally.Just soldier on, David. The people that get it will still be here.


  14. Goodkarmaseeker said

    I love the kindness, the generosity and wisdom of the posters on this site. It is the place I can go to feel soothed about all the supposed hoopla in the last couple days. I felt so upset last night and this morning when I went to some of those other afore mentioned sites and read all this judgmental crap about dear, sweet honest David. It’s always hard to see such mean-spirited behavior. Anyone who says they are a fan and jumps on this situation to blame or label David is just out of it. A big part of the reason I love David is his unbelievable sweetness and glowing spirit. I know, as all of us here, what is at the heart of David.
    Thanks Abrra, Pabuckie, Shawna, Tawna21, Bliss, Bebe, Cb, Munk, Djafan, Collegemom, Stidwell53, Emifriend, River and all who have helped me weather this storm and return to calm in the assurance of the true character of David.


  15. blisskasden said

    Collegemom, that is one fantastic post you put on TDC. You have literally, said it all. What some people do not understand is that to accept something, i.e a life style, is not the same as embracing that lifestyle. David is not anti-gay. He just is not comfortable being at a hard core, flamboyant gay club at 1:00 AM. It’s not “for him”, that’s all. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    Rascal, the self professed genius of TDC, surely knows the difference. In March, 2009, I wrote an article on TDC about how David is changing society’s criteria for masculinity, etc. Rascal distorted my message and turned my article into an anti-gay statement. No amount of common sense could change his agendized mind. Most fair minded fans of David have left TDC and found better sites (like this one). There are still a few good people left over there under Rascal’s spell. I’m thinking of trying to air lift them out and bring into the light. David is pure love and joy. He deserves better than TDC.


  16. archiesfan4life said

    Abrra – thanks for this great article. This book has been on my “list” for years and now, thanks to you, I will finally read it! {{{{{hugs}}}}}

    I love this site and everyone who posts here and I offer my heartfelt thanks to all who make it possible to have such a caring place to come to.


  17. pabuckie said

    Thanks everyone! Boy all I can say is there are a lot of great writers here (haha – not me but that’s ok) I enjoy reading them and agree with all of them. Thanks to everyone who has made this site possible.

    All I want to add is whoever doesn’t “get” David or like him for “who” he is, doesn’t have to be a Fan period.

    That will give the rest of us more “seats to snatch up” at the next concert! 🙂


  18. Abrra said

    A thank you to all who come here to read and comment on our thoughts about David and his music career. It is most appreciated. Striving for positivity and joy are traits David exhibits on a daily basis. Look around the sidebar and that is where I get my inspiration from.

    I spent a day listening to the simple fable that is The Alchemist. Simple struggles and sometimes those as large as the Sahara did not dissuade Santiago from his dream. David overcame all the trials set in his path. I have every reason to believe he will continue to move forward on his journey. His determination has served him well. We are the delighted beneficiaries!

    I have spent time with most of you at Unplugged. Distance separates us but community and friendship sustains. I have been busy this week. I will make more effort to be around over there after tonight ( I have a meeting). I want to invite new posters to join the fun!

    I posted late last night my thoughts on David’s handling of the “tempest in a teapot” Or is that netti pot? 😉

    I brought it over cuz you know what? This thread doesn’t have enough pictures 🙂

    Nice to see David tends his garden himself.

    Having observed the shenanigans today by “fans” of all stripe,I will say he stepped up in a way like he has not done in the past. To break his silent Sunday to explain how he was there to support his friend was nothing less than chivalrous. He threw water on the flames of speculation by saying he would not intentionally get into things like that (assuming he meant gay bars).

    I felt for Charice that her management put her in that situation.The video in #86 shows hardly anyone even paying her performance any respect. David must have been a huge comfort to have along in her posse.



  19. SandyBeaches said

    This article requires me to find a quiet time to enjoy, so I will hopefully later this evening…It looks like great reading!

    But for now, just a couple of thoughts. From Bliss…”There are still a few good people left over there under Rascal’s spell. I’m thinking of trying to air lift them out and bring into the light. David is pure love and joy. He deserves better than TDC”….I am visualizing that Bliss and in general that is so funny but pathetic I suppose…;) Just when writings were somewhere near normal on TDC, the usual bomb fell and a small war broke out, but this may be the biggest and the last at least the last for most.

    I have a small, simple story. I went out for lunch with my husband today and it is always great to do just that. He said to me, ” You are working for the District Attorney I see”. Well, that was a strange thing to say to me until I realized that he saw my ‘DA’ silver necklace on. I wear it on special occassions and believe me today is a day that my thoughts have been going out to him wishing him all the best in this crazy world.



  20. River said

    When I was a teenager, making a total mess of my life, my father sat me down and said “I don’t care what you ever do, I will always love you…” It worked for me then and it works for me now. Unconditional love is always the best kind. I cannot be bothered with little blips on the radar. Unless we suddenly have uncoverings of Tiger Woods stature, I’m sticking with this path.So glad to see the rest of you pretty much agree.


  21. Angelica said


    I spent the weekend caring for my sister who lives in the pastoral countryside far from internet service. Right before I left, you sent me this article and, thoroughly intrigued, I stopped at a bookstore on my way out of town and purchased the book. What a beautiful way to spend a quiet weekend in the country! The book is pure magic, wonder, and profound wisdom. I loved every word and it does not surprise me that David draws inspiration from it. It made me think of his journey to realize his “Personal Legend” and accomplish what he was put here on earth to do. You are right to say that there are so many people who have played a part in his quest to find his “treasure,” his purpose. “We fans play a huge part in the journey as well, by supporting him unconditionally in his career.” There are so many obstacles along his path but he proves again and again that he is listening to his own heart and always will. He always finds the courage to be David.

    {{{Thanks}}} for putting this book in my path and helping me along my own journey towards transformation and growth.


  22. djafan said

    This from IdolChatter…promo!

    David Archuleta prepares for memoir release

    Celebra recently brought David Archuleta to New York, as the publisher prepares to release his book Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song, and the Power of Perseverance. While there, he got to watch his first book covers come off the press.

    Chords of Strength comes out June 1, and each of the book’s chapters begins with one of David’s favorite inspirational quotes, such as this one from author J.K. Rowling: “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

    I have added the book signing dates to the left sidebar below his book cover, will be updating as we get new dates….come on west coast!

    New vodpod videos of Top 7 week on the left sidebar…. When You Believe.

    David at softball game!!!


  23. tawna21 said


    Bliss–I’m with you on ‘mission airlift’–there are a few worth saving at TDC

    Abrra–Like you, I felt bad for Charice that her management did what they did. I can’t really think that she was completely aware of what they were getting her into. A really bad move, in my opinion. I don’t like the idea of underage artists performing in those kinds of situations. I would imagine the conversation at the ice cream shoppe was along the lines of, “wow, what just happened?!”, and then it moved on to who’s doing what this week and who’s been up to what. I’m glad that David is home with family and taking a breather (albeit a short one) to unwind before his schedule puts him in the air again. California, here he comes.

    “The way the character in the book thinks about things, it gets your mind going. It makes you think about yourself and your life.” ~David Archuleta I’m lovin’ David Archuleta for who he is, what he stands for, and The Voice.



  24. bluesky said

    Wow. I just got back from Mexico and it seems things were hotter here than they were there!

    Life: it just kicks you in the pants sometimes. Thing is, we don’t get to be who others need or want us to be. We just get to be ourselves. Sometimes that is enough. But for a few, things will only be right if they are that persons own particular version of “right”. I cannot carry that weight. It would bury me and make of life a burden; finding me always looking for the “proof” that I am justified.

    DA is so artlessly himself, he offers me a refreshers course in “burden-less” living. As one person who has so little agenda for others, it is ironic how he can become a magnet for others agendas. I honestly understand the temptation.

    But temptation it is. And. I. just. don’t. care. to. go. that. route.

    He is not the light to my path. But he surely is a joyful reflection.

    I can choose I suppose, as he has done, which burdens I am willing to carry. I can choose to trust the joy I feel when he sings.


  25. emilyluvsarchie said

    I love you guys! It’s so comforting to see there still are some people in this fanbase that haven’t lost their minds.:) Thanks ya’ll!

    P.S. finishing up my article! You guys are just soo smart and articulate, and I want to do good for you!


  26. bluesky said

    #25 Emily: I am SO looking forward to your post.

    Abrra, thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring article: dessert without the calories!


  27. Blisskasden said

    Collegemom, I noticed that your brilliant post on TDC caused Rascal to back off slightly from his Draconian position, a hitherto unheared of turn of events.

    It’s too bad there wasn’t a David concert tonight. Could you imagine the ovation he would have received when he walked out on the stage? David’s fans have his back, his front, and his side. I have been very heartened by the overwhelming support he has received during this “crisis”. As Jim Croce might have said “You don’t mess around with David’s fans”. David’s real fans truly love him. It’s a community of very special people.


  28. silverfox said

    Looking forward to getting & reading The Alchemist almost as much as David’s book..not quite but almost. 😉

    Good night all. Glad David is home with family…

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  29. emmegirl said

    Bliss, yes, collegemom post beautifully stated.

    Bluesky, 🙂

    Thanks Abrra, I too will be heading to the bookstore.


  30. Dayzee said

    I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to all of you here at The Voice. It is you terrific people that make this such a delightful place to visit. I have felt so comfortable here that it has been a long time since I wandered to any other site.
    Being curious about all the controversy I checked out places I used to find interesting and amusing. Wow!! How can a fan site be so cantankerous and contain so much sniping between contributers? How can you be a fan of David and be malicious and egocentric?
    Thanks to all of you who demonstrate such love and appreciation of David.


  31. betsy said

    Abrra – going to Barnes & Noble on Saturday to pick this up. I feel a strong need to read it.
    I really don’t believe in coincidence. The article came out just in time.
    I have to say that I love this place. No crazy, knee-jerk reactions.
    Collegemom – loved your comment.
    Bliss – always love your comments!
    (and your usage of the word Draconian was lolz-worthy)


  32. gladys said

    Dear David:

    Now that you are known and famous, someone will always try to judge their actions, do not read what was written by these judges, do not listen to these gentlemen. We, his fans, we only care that you are happy with the decisions you make. You are a young man, throughout his life will have thousands of mistakes, that’s part of life, of his life. We do not need explanations.
    In my particular case, Mr. Archuleta, you changed my world has turned upside down, now, like you, I smile all the time.
    His life, his friends, his time, his family are his, are part of privacy, if you want to tell us, will listen, but if you want to preserve their privacy, respect him.
    I felt sad about the way that some people have tried, they must be perfect people and without mistakes, I’m happy for them, but I’m not so, I am full of errors and many imperfections as most people in this world. I know you and I are part of the majority, so, I want to hug him and tell the ear “david, I want it now and forever, do not change, no need to change, you have changed thousands of souls.”
    Only one thing I demand, I always want to hear his glorious voice, and my usual question, “When to visit my country, Argentina?


  33. Fanis Archangelicus said

    Hello everyone,

    I am just stopping in for a moment to say that although it’s been a trying couple of days I believe David would be proud of and grateful to many of his fans, including everyone here. Your goodness is palpable and warms my heart. Bless your sweet hearts!

    Abs – yet another wonderful article! I actually purchased The Alchemist several weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Can’t wait!



  34. Angelica said

    River, Goodkarmaseeker, Archiesfan4life, Emilyluvsarchie, Dayzee, and all who share their feelings about The Voice…

    I can not go to bed without thanking you all for what you said. It means so much to all of us who keep this site going. It is a labor of love, but a labor nonetheless, and though it is its own reward, your comments make it even more worthwhile.

    Great commentary from others today too, Bliss, Collegemom, Bluesky, to name a few.

    You know, I was gone the whole weekend and came back to all the drama everywhere and was so proud of the posters here. You neither joined in the rejoicing nor the lamentations over the recent misunderstanding that was, IMHO, blown way out of proportion. Intelligent discussion, yes, but it was done with class and compassion.

    I just wanted you all to know that.

    Night and thanks for standing by him. That’s all he has ever asked of any of us.


  35. kaycee said

    Wow! I just love this place. All your words of unwavering support and trust in our David have really touched me and brought peace to my troubled heart…and reminded me to stay away from all the negative stuff that can be thrown around out there.


  36. Kizzi said

    Hi Everyone:

    Just wanted to pop in and say “Hel-looooooo” and {{{{hugs}}} to everyone. Can’t wait to see everyone when a new tour starts….book or concert. 😀

    It’s always so good to see the “home fires” burning here at The Voice and all the welcoming & comfy, cozy sofas, chairs, and fluffy pillows strewn about and especially the tea, coffee,fruit smoothies, protein shakes, occasional wheat shots & the hummus/pita chips, pad thai, cookies, sandwiches, chocolates…and more…that are here for us guests to sample at will. Good stuff!

    Love ya’ll!


  37. FG said

    Abbra – thanks for the lovely article. Looks like I’ll have to read The Alchemist.
    Thanks for everyone’s thoughtful comments. Good to see so many new posters!


  38. FG said

    Bluesky: “DA is so artlessly himself” Love that!


  39. Abrra said

    Nice to see Kaycee and Kizzi!

    Kizzi what you described sounds like the party you threw in Manchester. 😉 Good stuff, indeed!



  40. SandyBeaches said

    Kizzi…Ah Manchester, that was memorable and I have lovely pictures that remind me…



  41. TOfan said

    Have I told you lately that I love you? I know I’ve told you what a true Angel you are but it’s worth repeating!

    Thanks for this lovely post and the bright light you share here & everywhere! hugs to all!!! ♥


  42. ram said

    Gladys- just wanted to say I liked your comment very much. Hope David makes it to Argentina soon.

    It is so obvious how much everyone here at the Voice loves David. It is your steadfast support of David that I love so much.

    Have to say, just as before when I was distressed at TDC when some people’s ideas and thoughts were dismissed, I find it equally distressing when others who don’t think as we do are termed crazy, idiots, etc.

    I am sorry if this causes ill feelings and as before at TDC I felt badly for some who just wanted to express their point of view. I will defend your and anyone else’s right to express what they feel if they do it in a respectful manner. If they don’t then I don’t have to agree with that or I don’t have to agree with their point of view either.

    Again I hope I don’t offend. It is just what I think. Forgive my very plain words, please.

    PS I just listened to David’s Apologize at SoulDavid. This is why I am still here. He is an incredible talent and beautiful person inside and out.


  43. bluesky said

    Gladys – loved your input and the feelings you expressed. Thank you.

    Ram – ^_^ I think it is a bit courageous to post. After all, just because it is easy to type and push “send” does not mean it is easy to say what one really means. To me, your post is simply asking for courtesy when we visit one another’s ‘homes’, and as well, an attitude of keeping our ‘community neighborhood’ free of gossip.

    Whew! This is NOT easy to do. By reason of the internet, DA is not the only one in the public eye.
    All of us are, and all of us can have our motives questioned or our intentions doubted.

    I consider much of the philosophy of the 12-step programs to be both practical and sensible. They
    have a saying: Principles above Personalities. When I think of this, it reminds me that I can disagree with someone on principle (with their logic or proposition or value judgement) without demeaning
    the person…

    (with the caveat mentioned above securely in place, and knowing I am sometimes unintentionally obscure!).

    DA is a natural at this (not the obscure part ^_^). He has his principles and is still able to be completely open to people of many different personalities.

    No, even more. I believe (notice my use of first person singular here), that it is BECAUSE of his principles and how he seeks daily to live by them, that he is able to be so open to others.

    To some, this might be a conundrum. That’s okay. I think to be “one” with ones’ self can lead to
    greater oneness with others. DA pierces my soul. I have no defense. I can do nothing but encourage
    him to continue being the best, at being the best he can be; not expecting perfection.

    His being is a gift to my life. Unintentionally.

    To me, that is one of the greatest gifts there can be.


  44. FG said

    Wow everyone! The love for David is sooo thick I could cut it with a knife. 🙂 I’m glad to some new names and faces posting on all the sites. We all love David. That should be the lesson.


  45. bluesky said

    Back on topic!!

    Dear Abrra

    Did you really consider the sensory-quotient before you posted the picture at the top of your article?
    Not sure which makes you more guilty: if you did it unthinkingly or on purpose.

    Either way, I have lost too much time today considering its finer artistic merits.

    Just sayin’


  46. beebee said


    And Abrra, LOVE your article. L.O.V.E.

    It’s hard to keep up with everything everywhere (therefore I don’t) but this place is always such a joy. And this David journey, for me, is and always has been about THE JOY. 🙂

    Love y’all ❤


  47. ram said

    Bluesky- Wow, absolutely love this, “I can do nothing but encourage
    him to continue being the best, at being the best he can be; not expecting perfection.”

    I may have been misunderstood in my post above. I actually thought the discussion over at TDC although I sometimes don’t agree was able to have different perspectives presented. It’s like when people who don’t believe the same way can come together to discuss and sometimes argue but then come away with a different way of looking at things even when they don’t agree.
    I am sorry and I apologize if I have not made myself clear.

    As to whether David has anything to do with the topics over there, he is just David and what he thinks and believes I only know some. Do I believe David should be the poster boy for a certain way of thinking? I believe that David is 19 years old and very young still. He will make his thoughts known or not in his own time or not ever. It is as he wishes. I only want him to be happy and I appreciate him as he is right now.

    But enough about that, I am ready for David to show us what he’s capable of musically and otherwise. So ready to see him again. Like now. lol


  48. Abrra said

    TOfan~ Thanks for the kinds words. You just told me, hahah and you know, I love me some SnowAngelz too 🙂

    FG~ Thankee:)

    Bluesky~ The picture you speak of is the doing of one Miss Angelica. I am totally innocent /bats eyelashes. She has this gift for editing that we all benefit from. Love your AA philosophy.

    beebee~ OMG A drive by! Nice to see your face today:)

    I need more pictures, never enough pictures!!! Some well deserved repeats while we wait for a photoshoot.

    Busted 🙂



  49. blisskasden said

    Abrra # 48, you’re a riot. That last MGR of yours should end the discussion. Case closed, LOL.


  50. Abrra said

    Sometimes I can make a point and never speaking a word.

    You are very perceptive.



  51. kaycee said

    I am suuuuuch a worry wart–that’s why coming here is such a comfort. But I was just checking a few other sites to get a feel as to if this whole thing is lifting and found the most beautiful letter written by David posted over on TDC. Dreamerjulie received a letter in response to one she had given him in December, and posted it there to give better insight to who this young man is.


  52. djafan said

    Hello everyone and ((((hugs)))) all around,it’s been an interesting couple of days and what is David doing? Moving on…lol

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Next two days hopefully will bring some new pictures and video from the Ascap and Britweek events…details on the right sidebar.

    Getting ready for the big book release!

    And this from Associated Content…

    USA Today reports that former American Idol David Archuleta has a new book coming out, “Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song, and the Power of Perseverance.” Nice title. David got an opportunity to go to New York and get a look at the covers of his book come off the press. David’s book is due out June 1st. All the best to you, David.

    Abrra…I hear your silence.


  53. djafan said

    A little info…

    Guy Chambers (born 12 January 1963 in London) is an English songwriter and record producer best known for his long partnership with Robbie Williams.


  54. Dakgal said

    Bliss #49 — you took the words right out of my mouth. Saw abrra’s MGR earlier and had the same thought. That abs is something else.

    One picture is worth a thousand words!

    And abrra, beautiful article AND drop dead pictures.


  55. Abrra said

    Thanks! Angelica is the picture editor for most posts. She does a wonderful interpretation to compliment the text.

    I was in Unplugged when this came on

    Seriously, I have never had tears in my eyes when David sang.

    Until now.



  56. collegemom said

    abrra – is that mgr in #48 on youtube? Thanks.


  57. tawna21 said

    Wow Dja–nice info #53. I like it lots!!!



  58. Abrra said

    I think I got it on IDF’s GIF page. I have had it for a long time.

    Look in the pages starting here:

    Happy hunting 🙂



  59. pabuckie said

    #55 Well Abrra — I guess I’m gonna go to bed with tears too now! David is just too much, he is too beautiful for words!


  60. bebereader said

    No one dared to sing “Angels” tonight on AI, during Inspiration Week. But Siobahn sang “When You Believe”. She did an okay job but I had to hear David’s “When You Believe” on the left sidebar. Nobody comes close!

    So Guy Chambers, one of the writers David worked with today, wrote “Angels” with Robbie Williams. Hmmm. Wondering what gem of a song they wrote tonight. I have to give Jive credit for finally realizing what a talent they have in The Voice and for having faith in him by teaming him up with so many well-renowned writers in the business.

    Abrra #48 Great pics! And that gif…’nuff said! 😉


  61. emmegirl said

    gif ftw.

    … and #55, thanks Abrra.


  62. djafan said

    Abrra I had forgotten about #55 yes that sure does bring tears.

    He has another song written…how many is that? WOW!!!!

    Tawna I think were in for some epic new music!


  63. djafan said

    Guy Chambers has David’s version of Angels on his player!


  64. kaycee said

    #55 Thanks so much–just exactly what I needed tonight! Just gotta love that guy!


  65. Blisskasden said

    Abrra, my only regret during the Xmas tour was that David did not sing IBHFC. It’s a beautiful song, and in David’s hands, it becomes a masterpiece. David is so warm and loving in this video, and, if I remember correctly, he went to this Nursing Home at the request of a fan whose grandmother resides there.

    David is so natural and friendly, and it is no accident that he chose a song that these folks would remember from their younger days.

    If I had to chose one lyric from a song that best describes David it would be “You’re just too marvelous, too marvelous for words”.


  66. betsy said

    Abs #55
    Thanks for that. I now have a song in my heart for the rest of the day.


  67. poof said

    I have been doing a lot of thinking in the last 48 hours or so. Bliss’ #7 sent me over to TDC for the first time since I publicly “wrote them off” after Rascal’s comments that a poster was making fascist-like statements. I understand (and truly appreciate) the sentiment to move on from this discussion brought about from David’s now famous tweets. But I would like to ramble a few minutes, and I know you will be okay with that.:)

    It amazes me on a daily basis that I am here, following this young man. Obviously for me, it is so much more than his beautiful voice, and even his beautiful soul, but the complexity of who he is and why he is that way. I seem to always be learning more about myself and how others “tick”.

    Early on, I knew I wanted to be MLD (more like David), his loving, kind, forgiving, non-judgmental nature and his ability to look for the good in people and situations.I wanted to be better at looking at hard situations and seeing them as learning experiences. One of the things I have learned (so sad it has taken me much of a lifetime)is that, in some ways, I AM basically like him. I also see and look for the good in people, and then, of course, I find it. This often means accepting and overlooking other things about them that I may not agree with, but these are also what makes this person unique.

    I have also figured out that others do not do this. For them, different opinions,actions are judged correct or incorrect. (Even David’s) “Live and let live” is not the working model.

    What I am learning is when to walk away from that. I admire Hellogorgeous for her ability to stick to her beliefs and put them out there time and again in a “sane” argument that is not argumentative. Well done Hellogorgeous! It is so true that discussions of emotionally charged issues are important. I think for most people though, we need to believe we are “safe” putting our thoughts out there; that we won’t be “judged” or asked to leave because we voice a different way of looking at the issue.

    I post here because I feel welcomed and heard. For me you are MLD and that can only be good.

    Poof (probably not a homophobic person,,, huh :))


  68. Abrra said

    That you chose to come here to share your thoughts, speaks for itself. You are always welcomed and appreciated.



  69. jackryan4DA said

    BLISS @ #15 – I have always regarded you in good light & always look forward to your posts. Now this:

    “…Most fair minded fans of David have left TDC and found better sites (like this one). There are still a few good people left over there under Rascal’s spell. I’m thinking of trying to air lift them out and bring into the light. David is pure love and joy. He deserves better than TDC.”

    I sure hope am not one of those you have ID’ed to airlift cos:

    1. This may come as a surprise — I can think for myself, thank you 🙂

    2. Not only can I think, I can even
    – voice a dissenting opinion anywhere, anytime I choose;
    – or call out on a a well liked poster/contributor if that person went out of bounds;
    – or argue even with an (in)famous blogger in the likes of Rascal

    3. I never fancied myself to be the type to be airlifted (READ: rescued)

    I have friends here, in SnowAnglez and in other sites who no longer post @ TDC but warmly welcome me every time I drop by at their respective sites. I miss them of course and maintain ties with them. But I never begrudged any of them for leaving TDC. Aside from the fact that it is not my place to do so, more importantly, I respect their pursuit in the ArchuWorld to belong to something that they can feel at home.

    There is a sense of loss of course but the best way I described it to SilverFox once was feeling like an abandoned child by divorcing parents. I went to bed one night with my family intact. When I woke up, they have split. C’est la vie.

    And just as RAM has shared in #42 & #47, I like the diverse and opposing views exchanged with candor and strength of conviction. Perhaps because I am what they call in my country (Philippines) a martial law baby, I am more inclined to put a premium on free expression; and thus have more tolerance for dissent. As long as civility is maintained in the exchange of conflicting views, I see the possibility of growth, learning and evolution. But that’s just me.

    I do however recognize, that we could have done the learning w/o David being sandwiched in the fray. So of course I worry for him. At times, I ache for him. But my misgivings are eclipsed by my faith in TheArchulator. Am confident that he will grow stronger from this episode. Rather than be bruised, David will choose to find a way to distill wisdom from this experience.

    I am under no illusion that my views or TDC’s are the only legitimate ones. In the same manner that I don’t regard any fansite or group of fans to have monopoly of affirming the goodness in David and of demonstrating their love for him. We just go about it in different ways.

    In so doing, I hope that I never come to a point where I would be presumptuous enough to declare any of my co-archies to be willing puppets.

    Thanks TheVoice for hearing me out.


  70. emmegirl said

    JR, respectful and kind. 🙂

    Lovely to see you.


  71. bluesky said

    LIke your post Jackryan4DA.
    Smiles all around.
    I bow to your civility.

    (Sometimes a family grows into a neighborhood.)


  72. bebereader said

    JR#69 You are always welcome here. Your sincere and passionate views are much appreciated!

    Today’s the day! David will attend the 27th ASCAP Pop Music Awards. He’s not performing but it’s an honor to be invited. Maybe we’ll get some footage of him walking the red carpet. Any Southern Californians here thinking of going? Dja, you’re our red carpet expert. How about it? Can’t forget the video you took of David on the red carpet at the Alma Awards!


  73. djafan said


    Poof…always welcomed here to share your very thoughtful thoughts.

    JR…I’m glad you know your words are welcomed here, also a very organized way of spelling them out.

    The honesty in both of your posts are very much appreciated.

    Bebe…I’ve called the venue, Ascap, so far no one can give an answer as to whether regular folk will be allowed anywhere near the red carpet or even a time for it, but I’ll keep working on it. If it’s a go my daughter will be video taping!

    Here’s Ascap’s twitter…. and they’re website…

    Hoping for more news soon…It is a beautiful clear and crisp day here in SoCal.


  74. Blisskasden said

    Jackryan4DA, sorry if I offended you. I am the last person to repress free speech or discourage a difference of opinion. That is precisely why I no longer post on TDC. That’s what they do over there. The list of people who have left TDC to post elsewhere for that reason and that reason alone is extensive, and I have the personal E mails to prove it. I have a E mail from the Admins. at TDC telling me, basically, to “shape up or ship out”. I’m a devoted, loving fan of David. What good reason would a fan site have to silence me?

    TDC is all about Rascal. He uses the site to further his socio-political gay activist agenda. The non event that took plae over the weekend had him salivating, and he went right for David’s jugular. Rascal threw David, the most accepting, wonderful person on this planet, under the bus, to grab an opportunity to
    give us another example of how homophobic the world is. Rascal could find homophobia in a ham sandwich. He looks for it everywhere, and if he can’t find it, he makes it up.

    This isn’t the first time Rascal has betrayed David, but it’s the lowest he has ever gone. I love and respect David, and I will not allow the good will he has earned to be manhandled to further someone’s self serving agenda.

    David was at that club to support his friend, period. David had no idea that he was walking into a “Ru Paul Look Alike Contest”.
    Rascal knows why he was there and what he meant by his tweets. He just couldn’t resist the temptation to use David for his own purposes.

    Could they move up David’s book and CD, so we can focus on what really matters about him?


  75. Mandi said

    I just want the admins here to know that I appreciate what you are doing. There are people like me who come here to just read comments but not post. Today, I just thought I really need to express my appreciation to you guys and to those who post here. You have stayed positive no matter what. You fangirl and fanboy without being OTT about it. I like the fun that you are having here. It makes me smile. So thank you for keeping this site free of trolls.

    I can’t believe what I just read at TDC. Rascal is something else. There are fans who are just like Rascal. One day they love David and the next they are the harshest of critiques. I don’t get it, really. They’re like backseat drivers. If they think David is going in the direction that they don’t want him to go, they attack him, his family, his management, even his religion. It’s insane. I’ve never seen fans act like that. David needs more fans who are fans because of his music. He doesn’t need fans who analyze every inch of his stature and his every word and action and who treat him like a politician or someone who has to answer to them. They act like, “oh I voted for you and blogged about you so you owe meee.” It’s crazy what some people are doing to this wonderful, amazing human being whose existence I am forever thankful for.

    I just know that it was not an accident that I stumbled into Archuleta. I have learned so much from him; and I think it’s because he teaches me in such a loving, non-threathening way through his words and actions– that really, your life has a purpose and that you find happiness by making other people happy.


  76. djafan said

    Bliss…thank you also for your comment and love of David.

    I was on twitter and ran into this youtube from season 7 top 7 elimination week…David just being David as always.

    David tweet…another song! I hope we get a double CD!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  77. Mandi said

    Bliss, Amen to all that you said. From now on, I want to be just like you and everyone else here who would defend David and would tell the world how wonderful he is instead of tear him down. I have been a bystander for so long and I could not take what has been going on lately. It hurts me that some fans would twist David’s words and turn them against him. It’s dishonesty in its ugliest form.


  78. djafan said

    Mandi…thank you for your kind words and please jump in anytime. David is who he is, he owes me nothing. I just love his untainted joy that is so contagious and his beautiful voice.

    Like the this…another great find on twitter.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  79. Blisskasden said

    Hey Mandi, welcome aboard. You get it. David owes us nothing, yet all he does is give of himself. He never “promised us a rose garden”, yet he gives us one all the time. TDC has some wonderful people, who love David, posting on it. I’ve met a few of them. Rascal is a provocateur and an attention junkie. He will say anything to keep the attention on himself and his tedious agenda. He thinks he knows what “everybody” is thinking, including David. In reality, he knows “bupkis”, and is
    a relentless windbag.

    Every time something like this happens, David becomes stronger without losing an iota of his humanity. Watch him do it again.


  80. kaycee said

    #79 Bliss: “Every time something like this happens, David becomes stronger without losing an iota of his humanity. Watch him do it again.”

    I love this!!


  81. SandyBeaches said

    Bliss…You are such a grand thinker and writer with little else left to be said.

    I was watching the two videos that FOD has posted of David and they are both so refreshing and charming.

    I saw a movie a few years ago of a wonderful, humble and talented person who had someone always looming in the shadows of the crowd, trying to cause him harm. It does happen.



  82. Abrra said

    Dja #76
    The look of dread on his face when he is asked to choose, is painful actually. For him to play favorites amongst ALL his friends on AI was not happening. His will is so strong that even when Ryan was hinting that he needed to move towards Cook, David still had his mind made up that he was not picking a side. He listened to his heart.
    This is another example of his character being revealed.It was a bold decision on the most popular TV show with millions watching. To quote the Guru Pitca “Lots of pressure!.”
    He is beautiful inside and out.



  83. txbilsp said

    Just recently came out of lurkdom because of the recent events. I have been quietly supporting David these past two years but want to publicly come out today and say how much I appreciate this site and the “voices” on it. I always enjoy your comments, Bliss. You make me LOL with your sassy/surly comments and sometimes you have a way with words to describe David just so succinctly that makes me want to increase my support tenfold. I love the love that’s shown here through these thoughtful articles and wonderful pictures and videos. Thanks you guys.
    I’ve been thinking about the lyrics to “Angels” since news that David is working with Guy Chambers. You here at the Voice are his angles that offer protection and will not forsake David whether he’s right or wrong. David has said he appreciates that his fans have his back.

    And through it all she offers me protection
    A lot of love and affection
    Whether I’m right or wrong
    And down the waterfall
    Wherever it may take me
    I know that life won’t break me
    When I come to call she won’t forsake me
    I’m loving angels instead


  84. Blisskasden said

    SB, thanks. David has had, and will continue to have, a profoundly positive influence on my life. In many ways, he makes me better than I think I am. Only the really great ones can have that effect on others. He is so above what took place this weekend, it “ain’t even funny”.


  85. Blisskasden said

    Txbilsp, even though I may rant and rave in defense of David, I’m actually a pretty funny guy. Anything I can do to reinforce your love of David is my pleasure.

    Kaycee, no one can turn lemons into lemonade as well as David.


  86. djafan said

    SB…They sure are refreshing.

    Abrra….exactly who he was then and who he is now….IMO.

    Bliss…He is so above what took place this weekend, it “ain’t even funny”<<<< No it ain't!

    Txbilsp…Thank you and consider yourself an angel with a voice.

    MTV interviewed Katie from AI…interesting…lol

    Did you know that Katie taught herself to play the piano and the guitar? You'd never think it from her "Idol" run. "My whole thing is I had, they called it 'David Archuleta Syndrome' because David Archuleta would always go into rehearsals saying 'I can't play the piano.' And he really could!" she said. "And that was me. I was like, 'I can't do this, I'm gonna go on stage and I'm gonna mess up immediately and I'm gonna flop and not focus on my voice.' But I'm gonna play the piano with 'Let It Be' on tour."


  87. peter said

    Thank you for your comments, Blisskasden. In my opinion, you captured the essence of, well, everything.

    All comments here are like a breath of fresh air.


  88. Abrra said

    Peter and Txbilsp

    Welcome to The Voice! Take a look on the side bars for any news or links to all things David 🙂 We have a sweet slide show that changes weekly. I maintain the Unplugged( right side near the top is a link) site where there are over 500 videos of David’s performances and interviews playing around the clock. We chat there as well a few nights a week.

    Really nice to see new faces 🙂



  89. Abrra said


    A great Angels from the tour.SLC 7/15/08.WARNING!! the last 5 sec are DEADLY. 😉
    SLC 7/15/08

    Abrra 😉


  90. bebereader said

    Welcome to new posters! Glad to have you join us and thank you for your comments!

    Though we enjoy discussion here as much as anyone, this site was formed for one simple reason….for the love and respect we have for David Archuleta. Living in this techno-age affords us the opportunity to come together as a fanbase to celebrate someone who has so generously given of himself for the last two years. How lucky can we get?

    Again, David is writing with Guy Chambers, what might turn out to be, like “Angels”, another masterpiece.

    Forge ahead, David. We’ve got your back!


  91. pabuckie said

    Hi! Just want to say what a lovely thread — great loving supporters of David! I really don’t have much to add but wanted to join in the festivities here! haha


  92. peter said

    Thank you for the welcome. I’m tired of discussion and the Internet and simply want to support the exceptional talent that is David Archuleta in the small ways that I can.


  93. bebereader said

    Peter#92 I hear you and empathize!


  94. txbilslp said

    I would also like to thank you all for the lovely welcome. I don’t do Twitter. I don’t even have a Facebook account. After these few days I’m glad I don’t. However I did think about setting up a Twitter account Monday just to tell David I support him. I guess I’m not up to that big step yet. Hey, it took me 2 years to comment again. The temptation to hibernate again is calling but I’ll try to stick around while the sun is out. All that has transpired will just be blip in the distance once the single, book, album and tour come around.


  95. prd9601 said

    I don’t say Hi much anymore but just wanted to say I still really love it here! You guys are the best!


  96. Abrra said

    I sincerely hope you decide to post more often.Showing support for David when he has so much career activity coming up, will warm your spirit. We plan to have some serious squeee-fests!



  97. Abrra said


    Miss you in chat. 😉 Nice to see you back again.



  98. bebereader said

    Speaking of squeee-fests, there will be an official one this Friday evening, April 23 at 10 PM Eastern as The Voice Unplugged gears up for another Friday Night at the Movies!

    Check back here for the official notice coming soon.

    Prd: Welcome back and thank you!

    Txbilsp: Hope you reconsider about hibernating and join in the festivities!


  99. Blisskasden said

    To all the new folks, don’t hesitate to post here. People here “know” David, and as the saying goes “To know him is to love him”. As things heat up in the coming months, with his book, a single (or two), and a CD, there will be much to talk about and to drool over. This is a site that not only says they respect their guests, they actually do.


  100. shawna said

    Serious, bebe, I am so excited!!! Hope I can make it, love Friday night at the movies.

    I have been trying to clean my house today since I have no kids for a change, but it was hard to get anything done, cause I have all the comments coming to my email on my phone, and I had to stop every few minutes to read what everyone has been saying. I too just love coming here. You are all so wonderful and I feel so comfortable here.

    Abrra, your pictures and little vids are priceless and have made my day cleaning so much more fun!


  101. betsy said

    I have to say that every time I see that David & Jonal *gif*, I misread it as *gift* for a second.
    Then I realize that I’m not far off. 🙂

    ♥ Loving all the David love. ♥


  102. betsy said

    Of course I meant Jonah.
    *must remember to proofread*


  103. emmegirl said

    #89 Good grief Abrra… imagine if anything close to Angels comes out of this weeks writing sessions!

    Bliss, kinda love you.

    Peter, another here here!


  104. SandyBeaches said

    Bliss… “I’m actually a pretty funny guy”…You are also a ‘fun’ guy and great to have on this site especially with what is in store in the days ahead. It will be a pleasure to read your comments when the book arrives and his new single, because then it will be fun!



  105. marciami said

    To Everyone Who Makes This Possible –
    I feel so lucky that The Voice is here and I found it. Thank you all so much for coming again and again, sharing so much of yourselves, loving David always, and letting me feel a part of so many warm and caring hearts. It is awesome to be at “home” together. Please pass the bread………………

    Love, Marcia
    (sorry so sappy – it’s just how I fell now)
    ps – you guys are brilliant too!!


  106. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    For “sappy” Marcia 🙂

    Dja’s collage from her red carpet video. Pretend it’s tonight?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  107. xaris said

    You guys are amazing. I don’t post much because you all express yourselves far more elegantly than I can, but I do so enjoy the articles, thoughtful posts, and unwavering support for David.

    Bliss, I always look forward to your comments. Thank you for giving me my first good laugh of a long, tiring week, and for ensuring that I never look at a ham sandwich again without a smile:)

    Cheers to all!


  108. marciami said

    Thanks so much – you made me laugh, smile, and go awwwwwww David. Never saw Dja’s great collage before of the ALMA’s – wonderful. Seeing David smile makes my heart warm and gooey (like warm chocolate cake swimming in my mouth). Yummmm


  109. gladys said

    For me the storm is over, I will continue with my thesis on david jeans. It is a study that takes years of research, and if God accompanies me, I will continue studying for the rest of my life, I hope I never graduate. Thank you The voice, I feel this is my second home.


  110. txbilsp said

    Xaris, Bliss, I just took a hard look at my ham sandwich and giggled at the thought.
    Abrra, well you’ve convinced me. I think my hibernation is over. It is spring after all.


  111. silverfox said

    Wish I could stay up & wait for word if David made it to the ASCAP event, but unfortunately as usual, I must get to bed now. Those pictures of David at the ALMA’s are great! He was so happy and we were so happy for him. Thanks for posting them Abrra! 😀

    The comments today have been so very heartwarming, positive and full of loving thoughts for David. Made me so proud to be one of you. 🙂

    David, hope you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!

    Sweet Dreams everyone!


  112. bluesky said

    #74-79 Bliss

    You make me laugh. (Jackryan4DA makes me think.)
    I sense no malice. Thank you both so much.

    Dear DA

    Thank you for your unknowing invitation to enlarge my (however invisible)
    acquaintance with some wonderful and fascinating people. And dear DA, you
    have no clue I am certain, how utterly wonderful and fascinating you are to me.

    So. I have popcorn and a working computer. Ahem. Are we there yet?
    (I think the kids may be getting restless.)

    (not me! no, never!!)


  113. archiesfan4life said

    Gladys #109 – you are so funny! See you in chat on Friday.


  114. tropical angel said

    Hi! Just delurking for a second to say that I really like it here. No drama, sense of humor and love for David… Perfect combination.


  115. emmegirl said

    Just this:


  116. Sweetonda said

    Just have to say, you all are the best! So glad that David has fans who give him unconditional love and support. If anyone deserves that, it is David. I just love this guy to pieces and can’t wait for his new single. CD and book.

    Until then, thanks Abrra for this great post and giving me an insight into what “The Alchemist” is about. Now I must get a copy and read it. Sounds like a book I will definitely enjoy.


  117. Mandi said

    #78 Just what I needed. Can’t get rid of the smile on my face.


  118. djafan said

    He’s hungry!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  119. djafan said

    Oh no!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  120. djafan said

    Hi all! Welcome all delurkers and continue commenting…love your comments.

    Marciami, not sappy at all!

    Gladys…Muchisimas gracias! Love your sense of humor.

    SweetONDA! Hi long time no see. Hope to see you at a book signing if we get any west coast dates.


  121. Sweetonda said

    Hey dja, I’m also waiting to see if there are any on the west coast. I may have to get to Utah for one of those if not, but CA is so much closer. 🙂

    It would be great to see you again. ((((hugs))))


  122. angelofdja said

    Leaving TDC is bittersweet. Kinda tears me up 😦
    This seems to be a roomy and comfortable place to hang-out at and the people are familiar and warm…


  123. bebereader said

    To all new posters including angelofdja and Tropical Angel:
    Welcome to The Voice!
    Pull up a chair and get comfy!

    I’ve now become a gif junkie. Blame it on Abrra! LOL

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  124. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  125. bebereader said

    And with that, I’m exhausted! heh

    Good night!


  126. jackryan4DA said

    BLISS – how do I say this w/o sounding a crusher… hmmmm, ok, I know: I realized that there are 303 words in your post @ #74. Six are about me; 98 about you, 180 about TDC/Rascal and 18 as a last liner. Do you see where I’m getting at?

    Am glad that so far, my experience with TDC has been vastly different than yours, despite having differences of opinions on occasions, even with my co-admins. In the event that I am put in a similar circumstance, I won’t be too quick to capitulate to pressures & resort to lambasting an ex-blog elsewhere. But then again, that’s just me.

    As there is a science & an art in dissenting, more so with apologizing for it to be effective and sincere. The word distribution of your post (#74) shows where your priorities lie. That would have been fine had it resulted in an improvement. Sadly it did not: 1st – an insult, Now a justification of the insult.

    EMMILIE, BLUESKY, BBEREADER, DJAFAN & RAM – thank you for your encouraging words.

    ANGELICA, DJAFAN, BEBEREADER, SF & ABRRA – as admins, thank you for allowing me to also have a voice in your home. But I will not abuse your hospitality, so this will be my last post on this subject.


  127. bluesky said


    I read your last sentence as a qualifier, therefore I look forward to other posts at other times.

    Many years ago I wrote this at the beginning of a journal, “There is beauty in the written word; loveliness in the thought cherished against time.” Although I often fall short of my own reaching, I truly believe this. I sense in your writing that you have a strong standard by which you judge yourself. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and care. And thank you for taking the time to write.

    On topic: It is continually fascinating to me to watch DA steer his ship-of-state. So many hazards seen and unseen. So many inner abilities yet to be discovered, mastered or tested.

    Dear DA. did you graduate from one “stage” (complete with script, agenda, judges and criteria) only to find yourself on a larger one? With more panels? May your journey be filled with much inner joy and satisfaction. Thank you for taking it.


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