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Bebewriter’s Songwriter Series – Lil Eddie

Posted by bebereader on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

“I’m real and I want people to connect to the caliber of artistry I’ve been trying so hard to reach.”

Eman @davidarchie week continues with @lileddieohyeah and @jesscatesmusic…I don’t want to speak too early but this one is SPECIAL!!!! 6:57 PM Jan 29th via web

pabuckie @LilEddieOHYEAH Cant wait for @davidarchie new CD! Are u gonna be working with him soon? March 20th


pabuckie@LilEddieOHYEAH – you mean your time hasn’t come yet with David? March 30th


In my quest to find out more about David’s new writers, I have become a fan of R&B, Hip-Hop and Soul singer/songwriter Edwin Serrano, who uses the stage name of “Lil Eddie”.  Known as one of the “Pens” in the industry, Lil Eddie is currently signed to the prestigious EMI Publishing Company.  He has written songs for many artists including P. Diddy, Kylie Minogue, JoJo, Carl Thomas, Guerilla Black, Usher, Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul.

A native New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent, Lil Eddie was born in Brooklyn and moved to the rough neighborhood of Spanish Harlem when he was 7, after a fire caused his family to become homeless.  From sleeping in cars to shelters to the streets, he was determined to make a success of himself.  “I was discouraged at points throughout this whole journey.  But now I see that even my negative experiences have been blessings.”  Lil Eddie’s desire to become a serious artist began when he discovered his parents R&B record collection when he was a child.  He auditioned and won a spot in the New York Boy’s Choir in Manhattan when he was ten years old.  Realizing that his talent moved people, Lil Eddie pursued his dreams and graduated with honors from NY’s Public School Repertory Company and won four music scholarships.  He eventually went on to earn the Apollo Theater’s amateur night contest for nine weeks in a row.

From Spanish Harlem to releasing a debut album, “Nobody’s Fool” when he was 19, Lil Eddie has been steadily climbing up in the music industry.  His music is known for it’s sexy, soulful lyrics and infectious seductive rhythms.  Here’s a sample of one of Lil Eddie’s songs.  Try to imagine David singing this type of vibe:

In pursuit of becoming the first “Latin Soul Sensation”, Lil Eddie hooked up with super producer and recording artist Mario Winans.  “I saw his passion to sing.  I felt his struggles and the passion in his voice,” Winans said.

Partial List of Songs by Lil Eddie:

Carl Thomas “She Is” featuring LL Cool J
P. Diddy “I’m Looking At You”
Paula Abdul ”Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”
Kylie Minogue “All I See”
JoJo “Coming For You” and ”Good ol’
Guerilla Black “You’re The One” feat. Mario Winans (broke the BillBoard Top 100)
Usher “Shawty”

Can’t wait to see what Lil Eddie has cooked up for David!

120 Responses to “Bebewriter’s Songwriter Series – Lil Eddie”

  1. SandyBeaches said

    Wow, I know that there is a great song coming along after reading this Angelica…The writers are all excited over David’s album…

    “His music is known for it’s sexy, soulful lyrics and infectious seductive rhythms”…OK, we had better batten down the hatches when David sings Lil Eddie’s song.



  2. bluesky said

    Great article, Bebe!!

    Um, yeah. I could do with hearing DA do one or two of these (or three or four).
    I really liked “City of my Heart”. I could totally hear DA run it up a couple of
    notches (or three or four).

    What gets me is that I don’t think I have really heard him sing what he really
    wants to sing the way he really wants to sing it. Yet. (I think I need three or four
    more “reallys'” in there).

    So what am I doing reading and writing at 3-4 in the am?

    What? You think that might be strange? This IS DA we are discussing here.



  3. bluesky said

    (’bout as intellectual as it gets for me right now.)

    (But really, Bebe. I love your article.)


  4. pabuckie said

    Thanks, Bebe — I really like “City in My Heart” and “His music is known for it’s sexy, soulful lyrics and infectious seductive rhythms”… hey! sounds like “bachata” moves to me! haha

    Oh I love how the songwriters tweet back — it’s really a different world today that we are able to write to them and they can write us back. It gives us a little glimpse of their world.

    Bluesky I agree with you on this:

    “I don’t think I have really heard him sing what he really
    wants to sing the way he really wants to sing it. Yet.”

    Perfect picture for this article of David looking “gangsta” in that beanie too!

    I’m really looking forward to what LilEddie has in store for our David!! Can’t Wait!!!


  5. lurker said

    Thanks bebereader for the information about Lil Eddie. Ekkk! David singing sexy, soulful lyrics with infectious seductive rhythms? Lord help us ha,ha,


  6. SandyBeaches said

    I am sorry Bebe, I addressed Angelica in my #1 comment…I know that it is your series and a very good one!



  7. Joymus said

    Hey Bebe and regulars! Sure miss you guys!

    I haven’t posted in a while.

    Love this background info. I must say I also love this artist at first listen. Thanks for this!


  8. emmegirl said

    Interesting article Bebe. Wow, Lil Eddie, really talented! Can not wait for this one! Just so thrilled David is working with all of the wonderfully talented, artistic people. This album could be just crazy!

    And Bluesky and Pabuckie:
    “I don’t think I have really heard him sing what he really
    wants to sing the way he really wants to sing it. Yet.”

    Yeeeessss! And this album should bring us a step closer! I simply can’t stand it!


  9. pabuckie said

    Hi Joymus and Emmegirl — Awww David sang to that couple last night….what a lucky couple. Wonder what he sang…TBWY would be nice 🙂


  10. bluesky said

    “Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God…”

    DA tweets this.

    Yes. My confidence is not in my own character or someone else’s, but in God’s.
    You just tell me one more time (DA) why I love to watch you. You re-mind me.

    Prayer. Yes. You have mine.

    (Thanks for trusting us to let us know.)


  11. djafan said

    Of topic, David needs our prayers!



  12. pabuckie said

    Prayer_Network RT @kirstuhlish @DavidArchie We love you David, and all the Archies and Arch Angels in the world will be praying for your cousin.
    3 minutes ago via API


  13. bebereader said

    Sending love and prayers and good thoughts to David’s cousin and family.

    Oh how it hurts that David is hurting! 😦


  14. bebereader said

    Pop Star Magazine has an advanced copy of “Chords of Strength”.

    Hold tight; we’re getting there!


  15. TOfan said

    Bebereader/writer, love your series!

    What an eclectic album this promises to be!

    Although it was upsetting to read David’s tweet about his cousin’s car accident, I’m glad he knows he can count on us for prayers and support.


  16. bebereader said

    Thank you, all.
    It’s a pleasure to research David’s new writers and in the process, to learn about their music.

    A special THANK YOU goes to {{{pabuckie}}} for tweeting LilEddieOHYEAH on the status of the song he wrote for David. According to the tweets, it seems that any day now David will be recording for Lil Eddie!


  17. djafan said


    Lil Eddie sounds like an interesting fellow with much talent. So much anticipation with this album,reading about the songwriters David has been working with and all the tweets going back in forth sure make for great expectations.

    Maybe Popstar will be doing a book review?

    Just wanted to repeat his tweet before the tweet about his cousin. This is not new to me but my reaction to it coming from a young man named David Archuleta warms my soul.

    “Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time. It will…and tribulations, we are given them to learn, grow, and help others progress.”

    Praying for David and his family, I’m also glad he knows his fans will be there for him.


  18. djafan said

    Brought this over from FOD….vedy vedy interesting because I think sometimes my view is biased because I only follow David but this speaks volumes for our young man’s popularity.

    GG_doorsfan says:
    March 31, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    64/ from my notes – some interesting nielson info tidbits about idol from david’s season, 2008… for those who love numbers 🙂 more at the link… remember this is 2 year old data.

    The Nielsen Company Measures the American Idol Phenom
    New York, NY, May 15, 2008

    – TV Ratings — People age 35-49 watched American Idol Season 7 the most, making up almost 29% of the total audience. The most watched episode this season was the premiere episode on Tuesday, 1/15/08 averaging 33 million viewers. The most watched American Idol episode ever was the final hour of Season 2 on Wednesday, 5/21/2003 – more than 38 million viewers tuned in live to watch the face off between winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken.

    – Online — Male contestants David Cook, David Archuleta and Jason Castro dominate the show’s consumer discussion online with 14.3% and 12.5% and 10.5% buzz volume, respectively. The most popular American Idol contestant from opinions and feedback from Hey! Nielsen’s online panel is Carrie Underwood. Web traffic to American Idol websites saw the most unique visitors in March 2007. The most popular American Idol contestant from opinions and feedback from Hey! Nielsen’s online panel is Carrie Underwood.

    Most Popular American Idol Contestants*
    1) Carrie Underwood
    2) Clay Aiken
    3) David Archuleta
    4) David Cook
    5) Kelly Clarkson

    David Archuleta is this season’s most popular according to

    Most Popular American Idol Contestants
    Season 7*
    1) David Archuleta
    2) David Cook
    3) Jason Castro
    4) Brooke White
    5) Danny Norriega

    – TV Ratings
    American Idol’s highest viewership was Season 5, where more than 30 million people watched on average, compared to 12 million the first season and 27 million this current season. The east central part of the United States has the highest viewing levels above the national average, while the south west has the lowest viewing levels below average.

    About The Nielsen Company
    The Nielsen Company is a global information and media company with leading market positions in marketing information (ACNielsen), media information (Nielsen Media Research), online intelligence (NetRatings and BuzzMetrics), mobile measurement (Nielsen Mobile), trade shows and business publications (Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek). The privately held company is active in more than 100 countries, with headquarters in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and New York, USA.

    Click to access may.Par.28555.File.pdf


  19. djafan said

    I know I’m spamming…his tweets really distracted me and I just saw this from youcancallmetina….I have no words….


  20. Emi said

    Bebebebebe- great article.. I feel so educated and even a little younger and a little cooler for knowing such things..Lil Eddie’s story is inspirational and should be told in schools across this country– from homelessness to developing and using his talents… an amazing and good story and one that deserves to be told.. thank you BEBEwriter for bringing it to us!

    I have loved reading the last two days… the pics.. the HUGE Gentle DOLPHIN KISS — sigh–we are all getting a little weird here but isn’t it lovely?

    BlueSky.. The only exception I can think to your statement about David really singing what he wants to the way he really wants to is the Christmas from the Heart Cd… and wow!
    But I agree with you completely regarding pop/soul/ blues music.. I am so glad that Archie is willing to try different styles and that he recognizes he is still developing as an artist because I think he is such a learner that he takes something from every experience and brings it to the current experiences.. this will only add greater depth and personal style to his own repetoire. ( i hope that super long sentence all makes sense)

    I’v also been meaning to tell you, BlueSky that I have a high appreciation of your sense of wonder and whimsy as evidenced by the post Angelica pulled out and brushed off two posts over. That post was great when you wrote it and great again when Angelica repeated it… there is not enough wonder and whimsey in this world these days. I wanted to thank you for bringing it to the surface and helping me see it in what we are experiencing with David at a core level that my thoughts had not yet found.

    I join all of you in prayers for David’s cousin, the surgeons, the hospital staff and for David as he ministers to his cousin and family in all of this. It’s amazing how in a split second everything can change for us, but that we can trust the unchangable “character of God” even when we don’t understand.


  21. djafan said

    Last tweet…


    Cafe Rio History

    * Cafe Rio was started in St. George, Utah in 1997, by Steve and Tricia Stanley.


  22. pabuckie said

    Djafan — my favorite song from the Christmas CD!

    and btw … today’s “special” at Cafe Rio is
    “chicken tostada”. 😆


  23. pabuckie said


    LilEddieOHYEAH @pabuckie wow thank u sooo much !!!! =0)


  24. bebereader said

    djafan#18 Very interesting is all I’ll say about that. *wink*
    djafan#19 Spam away!
    (Abrra isn’t here right now; we can misbehave all we want. LOL)

    pabuckie#23 Aww…LilEddie acknowledged this article! Thanks again!


  25. kaycee said

    Hey, is David really in St. George, Utah? That’s where I live!


  26. silverfox said

    Bebe, great article about Lil Eddie. Really hope the song he wrote for David makes it on the album, keeping in mind not all the songs will, unfortunately. 😦 However, this time I think David will have more say as to which songs will best express who he is, how he thinks & how he feels about the world around him. No “teenage angst puppy-love lost & found” this time around. At least I don’t think so. 😉

    Soooooo, David’s “little trip” turned out to be a trip back to Utah! Why didn’t he just say so? Good way to keep us on our toes with guessing games. We would never have known he was in Utah if not for his “Cafe Rio” tweet. Good hint, David! 😆

    My guess is David may be in Utah until his appearance at the Utah Blazers opener next week..but you never know? He hops on a plane at the drop of a beanie…He must have enough Frequent Flier Miles to fly free for a few years by now!

    Normally I do not care for the paparazzi, but WHY is there not ONE pic of David while he’s out & about? Not one! Not even a fan photo? Come on! David is a CELEBRITY and there should be photos of him in all the mags. I just don’t understand?! Oh, and David singing for the couple last night! You can’t BUY that kind of great publicity even though I know David didn’t do it for publicity. It was a spur of the moment sweet, kind and very generous gift to that couple and I hope the will cherish the moment forever! Not many singers would have done that. Having David sing acapella…I just can’t imagine how sublime that must have been. **sigh**


  27. pabuckie said

    I wonder if David is still in St. George since he tweeted

    “Doing some research and visiting museums to find out more about my family’s history in a city started by my ancestors. It’s cool!”


  28. djafan said

    SF… I think he’s enjoying his relationship with his fans…lol And I agree someone should’ve at least tweeted about the singing last night. He probably said to them “You’re not going to put this on youtube, riiiiight?” And you know how obedient everyone is when David requests something.

    Anyone going to the Utah Blaze game? Want to meet David Archuleta?

    Here you go.



  29. djafan said

    BTW…like the picture they put with the promo.


  30. silverfox said

    Djafan, I have to disagree about the photo they used for the Blaze promo. It’s an old photo from almost 2 yrs ago. There are sooooooo many more current photos available they could have used, especially since that photo is a fan photo. We all know there are hundreds of beautiful current fan photos to choose from. Heck, all they had to do was come in to THE VOICE! Photos galore and all THUD-WORTHY! JMO. 😀

    What I REALLY want is a photo of David NOW w/o the beanie…I doubt he had his hair trimmed too much since his MOM really liked his hair..”finally”. He aims to please his mom, or at least he takes her suggestions very seriously. Good boy and good son.

    Abrra, been reading about the flooding in your neck of the woods. Hope all’s OK with you and your family!


  31. Angelica said


    Love this songwriter series you have embarked on. You do such a great job of bringing these gifted musicians and artists to life for us. What an inspiring story of someone who was determined to live his dream despite the odds. I love this quote from Lil Eddie, “I was discouraged at points throughout this whole journey. But now I see that even my negative experiences have been blessings.”

    I have had a rough day. This morning my sister, my best friend in the whole world, had to have a heart cath and stents placed for blockage. She lives hours away and so I prayed after talking to her on the phone last night and then again when I got to work. Then I got David’s tweet…“Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time. It will…and tribulations, we are given them to learn, grow, and help others progress.” I thought about that tweet in light of my own worries for my sister and then he tweeted about his cousin going into surgery for a car wreck and I realized he is worried today about a loved one too. I kept thinking about that quote and googled it and read other quotes by that same author between saying prayers for both my sister and David’s cousin. Sometime after lunch I got a call. They were unable to place the stents because the blockage is so profound that open heart surgery will now be necessary. Well, I have boo-hood enough and now it’s time to have that deliberate confidence in the character of God..that He is a loving Being who wants only our ultimate happiness, but we must be tried in order to grow, progress and help others.

    The surgery is planned for early next week. I hope the surgery went well for David’s cousin and he makes a full recovery. He will be in my prayers and David too, as always. Please, if you will, remember my sister in your prayers this week too.


  32. bluesky said

    #20 Emi

    wow. Wonder and whimsey: two of my favorite words!

    And… you are right about the Christmas CD. I just think that m.a.y.b.e. he would have
    fiddled with s.o.m.e of the arrangements a bit more if he had had the time. But you know what?
    I don’t care.

    He. lasts. He brings the soul-shine, singing.


  33. silverfox said


    I’m so sorry about your sister. Please know that I will keep your sister and YOU in my thoughts & prayers.

    Between Sisters there is a special bond of love.
    Being sisters means sharing many things throughout life.
    It means knowing certain things about each other and
    feeling special feelings for one another.
    It is knowing that, even though life is full of changes,
    sisters will always be there for each other and will always share
    a special bond of love. I thank God every day for my sisters,
    as I know you do as well.

    God bless.



  34. pabuckie said

    Oh Angelica…I’m sorry to hear about ur sister and I will keep her in my prayers. Thanks for sharing.

    I just want to share something…my Mom has been sick for 2 years now and sometimes I wonder why doesn’t God answer my prayers and why does he want my Mom to suffer like this. But I just keep faith and know it must be for some reason I don’t understand. Sometimes I think how much can God put on one person … but enough said I leave it in his hands.


  35. emmegirl said

    Angelica, so sorry about your sister. My older sister is my best friend too…will include yours in my prayers.

    Haven’t watched AI since David, but it sounds like a mess this season. Torn between wanting him to get exposure in front of
    30 mil people and wanting him to stay far, far away. Wonder, if they will even give him a chance.. it wouldn’t help their cause much on this reportedly weak season.


  36. silverfox said

    I am assuming David’s cousin David, came made it through his surgery alright otherwise I think David would have let us know and anyway, his tweet about what he’s been up to today & sounding happy & upbeat tells me his cousin is doing OK. I hope so!

    I know it’s early in Utah and David will most likely be up til all hours! But it’s almost bedtime for me so..

    David, hoping you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  37. silverfox said

    I really should remember to proof-read my comments before I submit…


  38. archiesfan4life said

    Angelica – you and your sister are in my prayers.

    Pabuckie – I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers too.

    {{{{{{hugs}}}}} to both of you.


  39. djafans said

    SF…I agree with the fact that there are tons of current pictures of David that could be used but rarely does anyone use them. They usually use two year old pictures where he looks 12, at least in this one he looks 17 and has always been one of my favorites. Thank you for the prayer!

    Angelica…so sorry to hear about your sister and praying all goes well. I think David’s cousin must be doing fine since he is now off researching his ancestors.

    Pabuckie…my prayers for you and your mother.


  40. bebereader said

    Angelica: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister during this difficult time. Please know that you have our support whenever you need it.


  41. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica…May God bless your sister, keep her safe and make her strong.

    Pabuckie…I would like to send along my warmest good wishes. Many of us have been right there where you are and know of your heartaches.

    For David, our loving thoughts are with you and our prayers go out to your cousin during this time.



  42. pabuckie said

    Thanks everyone! Have a good night & sweet Archudreams! haha!


  43. betsy said

    {{Angelica}} Prayers & hugs to you.

    {{Pabuckie}} Thinking of you. Stay strong. Prayers

    {{{Hugs}}} to you both.


  44. bluesky said

    Oh, Angelica. I did not see your post before! Dear Angelica, you do so much for others, I really hope you feel the comfort you need at this time. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope things are arranged so that you can be with her.

    Pabuckie. Oh how hard it is to see your mom suffer. What a helpless feeling. I can feel your love and concern. May God be in the smallest spaces of your day and uphold and bless you both.

    Thank you both for all you share.


  45. bluesky said

    Silverfox. I love your prayers for DA.


  46. emilyluvsarchie said

    Angelica, Prayers to you and your sister. emily


  47. FG said

    Hugs to Angelica & Pabuckie.


  48. refnaf said

    Thinking of you, Angelica and Pabuckie> stay strong


  49. ram said

    May He be with you, Angelica, for your sister and for Pabuckie and her mother. I pray that He gives you strength and comfort as you face these difficult times. (((abrazos)))


  50. YJfanofdavid said

    {{Angelica, Pabuckie}}. Thinking of you guys!


  51. betsy said

    I just love the songwriter posts you’ve been writing. It’s so interesting to me to read about the people David chooses to work with. They seem to be from all walks of life. But they all have the passion for music and life that he does.
    Sorry to leave chat so quickly last night. I had just worked an 11 hour day and was exhausted.
    But vacation has now begun. ♥


  52. Vee from Sydney visiting US said

    Just passing by to say hello to everyone.

    Angelica, praying for your sister .

    Pabuckie , your mum is with my prayers.

    Abrra wonderful talking to you yesterday, praying for a nice sunny weather and hoping everyone in your neighbourhood would be helping each other.

    Happy Easter everyone:)



  53. Vee from Sydney visiting US said

    Hi ms dj sorry we keep missing each other . Probably next time. Bebereader, sorry miss you too.

    I think I have to come back to the US again.

    Bebe love this songwriter’s series.

    Love you all


  54. Vee from Sydney visiting US said

    David , your cousin David is also in my prayers.

    And for all who have family/friends who are sick or in need of consoling or prayers , as my e-family , you are all in my prayers.

    Happy Easter again

    hope to join you in the unplugged chatroom



  55. djafans said

    Good Morning!

    Access Hollywood-Top 10 Best Selling ‘American Idols’
    #10 David Archuleta (Season 7): 962,000 albums sold. David is pictured here onstage at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in LA on July 17, 2009

    One of “American Idol’s” youngest competitors to date, David Archuleta, came close to becoming the seventh “American Idol” in 2008, but narrowly lost out to David Cook. As America has seen, however, his second place finish didn’t stop “Archie” from making it big. The singer released his self-titled debut album shortly after the show in 2008, featuring romantic ballads like “Crush” and “To Be with You.” It went gold within several months. The sweet and talented David has since sold a total of 962,000 albums. Like fellow “Idol” star Clay Aiken, Archuleta also released a Christmas album, which he titled, “Christmas From the Heart” in 2009.

    Idol Tracker

    March 31, 2010
    Next week’s theme: Lennon-McCartney, plus Rihanna performs on results show

    So many possibilities, but if you could choose the songs for Season 9’s Top 9, how would you divvy up the Beatles library? Will we see another pass at “Imagine,” after David Archuleta delivered it with such passion in season 7?


  56. pabuckie said

    And DAVID tweets:

    DavidArchie In recording this morning again with Jeremy Bose.


  57. bebereader said

    David’s reply tweet to @diasrochelle about his cousin:

    “@diasrochelle I haven’t heard back yet, but thank you for asking! I appreciate everyone’s concerns! I’ll let you guys know once I hear.”

    Vee: I’m off to NJ today to visit family for my holiday. Sorry I missed you this time around. 😦

    It’s 58 glorious degrees. Spring has finally sprung in NY!

    Betsy: Get some rest on your well-deserved vacation! See you soon in TVU, my second home. Had fun last night there, watching David’s speech from The Womens’ Conference with djafan, emi, kaycee and betsy.


  58. Angelica said

    Pabuckie, I will keep you and your mom in my prayers.

    Thank you all for caring. I think David’s fans must be some of the best and most compassionate people in the world.


  59. djafan said

    Vee so sad that we weren’t able to get together. So yes you need to come back. I hope you and your son’s had a great time here!

    Betsy…yay for vacation, I’ll be off next week for spring break too!

    Chat was so comforting last night listening to David’s conference speech, I still am amazed by what a natural speaker he is.

    Angelica…I believe your right (((hugs))) to you a pabuckie.


  60. djafan said

    Some internet David mentions…

    The second season winner and runner-up, Ruben and Clay, and season seven’s winner and runner-up, David Cook and David Archuleta, were the best so far in the history of American Idol.

    Latest Hot Trends

    Enjoy listening to Somebody Out There by David Archuleta; bonus song from his Deluxe CD which could bought from itunes! (c)Sony BMG & Jive

    Youtube UK

    Unedited video footage of David and other idols signing autographs at the San Diego Sports Arena on July 2, 2008.

    David Archuleta San Diego Autograph Signing – Part One


  61. bebereader said

    Watching the raw footage of David signing autographs before the Idol Tour show in San Diego brought tears to my eyes. The look on his face as he spoke to the fans is the same look that’s on their faces…one of awe, wonder, amazement and of course, happiness.

    One more thing. Whoever agreed (security?) that it was a good idea for the Davids to do handstands in the parking lot should have their head examined. One good fall could have caused lots of damage. Thankfully nothing like that happened, but still.


  62. pabuckie said

    Aaaaaah!! 33 seconds of pure bliss! (no pun intended)


  63. bebereader said

    pabuckie! You ain’t kidding!

    On another note (pun intended this time! LOL), if you’d like to hear more music from Lil Eddie, here’s a link to a sampling of his songs from a small music player. I love the first song, “Statue”!!!


  64. bluesky said

    Comment from the “Latest Hot Trends” site:

    gelolicious2009 April 1, 2010 at 1:15 pm:
    there’s somebody out there but there’s no one like david. one and only.

    Oh! This made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

    Laugh because she nailed it so succinctly.
    Cringe because she nailed it so succinctly.

    (Just when I fool myself into thinking that he is not
    the one and only source of all that he is the one and
    only source of.)



  65. bebereader said


    You know, when you “get” him, you really really get him!
    I’m so glad I get him. 😀


  66. pabuckie said

    Thanks Bebe! Will check it out later after work 🙂


  67. bebereader said

    pabuckie #56 “And DAVID tweets:

    DavidArchie In recording this morning again with Jeremy Bose.”

    Where did you see that tweet? It’s not listed on David’s twitter page nor on the list of tweets on the top right sidebar.

    Okay I’m off to New Jersey. Won’t see you all until later tonight.
    Have a great day!


  68. pabuckie said

    I like “Statue” and “Black & Blue”.

    I’m really happy LilEddie came over her to see your article too!


  69. betsy said

    #62 – thanks for the vid.
    One of my favorite moves during ZG starts at “Til there’s no more shades of gray”
    You know what I’m talking about?
    It’s always killed me.
    I’ve tried and tried to come up with a name for it. I fail in this endeavor.


  70. betsy said

    One of my favorite obscure autograph signing videos. Maybe because they asked him if he was able to go to prom. He says “No, but I got to meet Neil Diamond. And I danced with Brooke.” 🙂 love him.


  71. pabuckie said

    #67 Bebereader — that is the mystery of the day. I was on David’s twitter this morning and as soon as he tweeted that I replied to him. I then copied & pasted it over here as soon as he tweeted it. For some reason around 2:00 today it was no longer on his timeline. Maybe he deleted it by accident? Don’t know. I know I saw it cuz I was so happy & replied right away.
    Makes me wonder know if he really was recording today. Have no idea what happened to that tweet.


  72. silverfox said

    Betsy, the video of David in KC at the barricades with the fans brings back so many great memories of the first time we were able to get up close to David. If we were lucky, some of us were able to speak with him or watch him interact with his fans and see how real & genuine he is. Fans who were there for other idols became fans just by being in his presence. 🙂

    I hope David’s research of his family history is going well. I remember my late brother told me once the best way to find details about family history is to visit older family members and ask questions. He said stories and details are handed down from generation to generation. He used to visit relatives in all areas of the states I didn’t even know we had! I think maybe David is taking advantage of his off time to do the same thing as he’s been visiting a lot of family members lately. 😀

    Good night all! For David since he’s on the road…

    Dear Lord

    Please take care of David. Watch over him and protect him from all harm. Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path. Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give. Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him UNCONDITIONALLY as we, his Archangels do. Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being. Give him rest when he’s weary and the stamina to sustain his hectic pace. Give him assurance when he feels doubt. Give him joy when he feels sad. Cloak him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey. Keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born. And please Lord, give us, David’s forever fans, the wisdom to know when and how to do right by David. Help us in the way we support David so that it’s always in his best interests. May his positive and good Karma continue to attract those with positive and good Karma! May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness! May he continue to be healthy and strong wherever his journey leads him. Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, hoping you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  73. djafan said

    betsy and pabuckie thank you for those links, reminds me of when I first discovered youtube. I spent hours and hours looking at David videos.

    Well now he’s in Vegas meeting up with family, you maybe right SF, he may be researching by talking to older family members.

    Thank you for the prayer!


  74. djafan said

    The AI David talk has started for next week.

    Idolwild 2010

    Top 9 Analysis: Or Why Season 7 Was The Best Season EVER

    his week is going to suck hardcore, mainly because the BEST SEASON EVER had two weeks filled with the Lennon-McCartney classics, and had various other takes on the songbook that have gone down in Idol history as the greatest performances of all time. Carly Smithson’s Come Together was arguably the best female vocal of all time; David Cook made his original case for the crown with his swagger-filled version of Eleanor Rigby; and David Archuleta’s Imagine may well be the best performance on the show of all-time. Really, the producers are just setting these kids up for failure.

    AARON KELLY: There are two routes that Aaron could go this week: he could do the obvious and perform a teeny-bopper song to try and appease his young female audience, but I think Aaron needs to move past that market and go back to his Rolling Stones week performance and do something that requires a strong vocal (Angie was one of the best vocals of the year out of any contestant). I think Let it Be or Hey Jude might actually sound really great, and give him his Idol moment for the week without pulling the weekly Archuleta references.

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T SING: Anything David Archuleta sang.

    Los Angeles Times-Idol Tracker

    nd we’d put money on “IGB” regulars Jack Black (see video below) and Ben Stiller to show. Ditto for 19 artists such as Orianthi and a number of key “Idol” alumni, though it looks like Adam Lambert may be in Europe (satellite feed, anyone?). Maybe David Archuleta will pop by with a new song? How about Cook? Leave any and all “Idol Gives Back” fantasies below …


  75. betsy said

    dja –

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T SING: Anything David Archuleta sang.

    That should go for everyone 🙂

    (That poor kid. He’s even younger than David was. They need to stop the comparisons.)


  76. djafan said

    Betsy…For some reason the judges and producers seem determined to support this kid and no he is no where near David’s talent.

    As we speculate and what David is up to he’s having a blast, his last tweet of the night.


    1. Had a blast with family tonight! Met a lot of new 2nd cousins lol. Hope everyone had a nice April Fools Day.


  77. FG said

    I wanted to wish those who celebrate Easter a very blessed and happy one, and those who do not a very blessed and happy weekend. See you lovelies next week. Hopefully we can celebrate some good news next week. *crosses fingers*


  78. Abrra said

    Coming up for air here.

    Bebe-I am loving your writers series. Being exposed to all the different writers brings me in touch with new artists. That is a good thing. Thank you for all you do here.

    Angelica- Keeping your sister and you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us informed? {{{HUG}}}

    Pabuckie- Embrace your mother’s spirit even though her body may be sick. I have been in your place when I was only 30. Take time to look to the positive in her life. YOU, my friend.

    Vee- Sorry that things got changed in our schedules. I had a fun talk with you on the phone. I enjoyed hearing about your boys. This has to be a very exciting time in their lives!

    Joymus- Welcome to The Voice! I am so glad you surfaced here. You are a thoughtful poster.

    Betsy- Loved the video. It will be on Unplugged! Please come by tonight? {{hugs}}

    I have been in sort of a tailspin over the last week. The “Flood of the Millennium” has hit my part of the world with a vengeance. Where I live was not hit as hard as my old home, Rhode Island. All my clients still live in RI. Several were experiencing water issues in their homes. Hurricanes are predictable. In the past we(these people are like family) were able to prepare by moving things to higher floors. This time there was NO warning how much rain was coming (9″ in over 36 hours). It’s not pretty.

    The other thing that had me crazy was that I read David’s tweet about HIS cousin incorrectly.


    Won’t go into the details, but I was FREAKED OUT! OMG! How over invested am I in this man?

    No word yet on the outcome of surgery. This has to be a very trying time for all the family. So sorry , David.




  79. tawna21 said

    bebe {{heart}}, thank you for this article. Once again, it’s very interesting to learn about David’s writers. I like LilEddie’s works. I also like the fact that David could really do justice to something along these lines.

    Does anyone know the author of David’s tweet, “Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God…”?


  80. Abrra said

    I searched and came up with this link.

    Here is a brief bio of the author:



  81. bluebar said

    Tawna – I’m just starting to look at this and research it. David’s quote may be from Oswald Chambers.


  82. bluebar said

    Ahhhhhh. Abrra
    I see we’re on the same page!!


  83. Abrra said

    Unplugged viewers

    If you did not get an automatic security update for Firefox go here for ver 3.6.3

    Bluebar- What page is that? I have a book 🙂



  84. djafans said

    uh oh….she surfaced…busted…lol


  85. djafans said

    Another uh oh…. Here are the standings on Idol gives back fund raising event…Team Archies give back is in 2nd place…

    To donate go here!


  86. djafans said

    USA Today received the book!


    I’ve got my weekend reading: The advance proofs of David Archuleta’s “Chords of Strength” just arrived!
    3 minutes ago via web


  87. Emi said

    “Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time. It will greatly comfort you if you can see God’s hand in both your losses and your crosses. We are not immune to trials and tribulations, we are given them to learn, grow, and help others progress.”

    This is the original quotation tweeted by Ashlee to David. The first line has been attributed to Oswald Chambers by google search engines, the second has been attributed to CH Spurgeon. The mystery remains about who put them together and added the third sentence. The person who sent it to me credited Morman scriptures or writings of Morman leaders and said Ashlee probably heard it at church…To further confuse things, I sent it to a friend and said “Look what David Archuleta tweeted” and she was going to post it on her facebook and credit David for it..Funneee..which is not totally incorrect as David edited it a bit himself.

    I think that happens a lot and is why a lot of people think that what Shakepeare said is in the Bible and what is in the Bible is often from Shakespeare. I guess people can recognize TRUTH when they see it and lovers of truth want to hang on to it and that is to be commended in all….


  88. YJfanofdavid said

    According to Brian Mansfield of USATODAYIDOL, this is the first line:

    “I have no idea why I’m doing this, but I know I need to be doing it for some reason.”

    (loving the book already!)


  89. Emi said

    I wish I knew where Brian Mansfiled lived in Nashville.. I think i’d show up on his front porch with some blueberry muffins or something… I am so jealous of those advance copies!

    My prayers and best wishes to Aabbrra, Pabuckle and Angelica. I can relate to all of your stories on a level, but I know the depth of angst in those situations I do not know. Please keep us posted and Godspeed thru your days.


  90. pabuckie said

    Love the first line of David’s new book — it is soooooooo DAVID!


  91. bebereader said

    Got back from NJ late last night. Couldn’t wait to come here to find out what’s happening with David and all of you.

    With all the buzz about David’s book I decided to go to Barnes & Nobles later today to ensure that “Chords of Strength” is on order at my local store. I don’t want to be disappointed on June 1 by the words “It’s on order and hasn’t come in yet.”

    I can’t wait to hold that book in my hands, to feel the paper, to smell the ink. Have you ever noticed that the smell of a favorite book soothes and energizes you at the same time? They don’t call me Bebereader for nothing! LOL


  92. pabuckie said

    Look what I just found 🙂


  93. Abrra said

    Shawna has been sending along some quotes sent to her by one of David’s friends. Here is the most resent. It kinda fits the discussion in part of this thread. I do not know the author.

    “May the sun bring you new energies by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away any worries you may have. May gentle breezes
    refresh your soul…And, all the days of your life, may you walk gently through the world and know its beauty.”



  94. bebereader said

    Pabuckie#92!!! Great find!

    “Author Event”
    Could this mean what I think it means???
    Any fans in Minnesota should check this out!

    David Archuleta
    Chords of Strength
    Author Event
    Saturday June 05, 2010 2:00 PM

    Barnes & Nobles
    Mall of America
    118 E. Broadway Suite 238,
    Bloomington, MN 55425



  95. pabuckie said

    Abrra – reminds me of “An Olde Irish Wish”!

    “May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow.
    May the soft winds freshen your spirit.
    May the sunshine brighten your heart.
    May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you
    and may God enfold you in the mantle of his love.”


  96. bebereader said

    BOOK SIGNING!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I just spoke to Barnes and Nobles in Bloominton, MN and they confirmed that David Archuleta will be there signing his new book on Saturday, June 5 at 2 PM!!!

    Yes! It’s happening!!! 😀


  97. bebereader said

    It won’t hurt if if Barnes & Nobles has copies of David’s first CD (it’s too soon for the new one) in stock and on display, ready for purchase, in addition to “Chords of Strength”, at the book signing.


  98. pabuckie said

    Another UFO sighting — I mean DA sighting!

    @muldur Bookends, Ridgewood NJ June 1st 7 pm. another signing sighting

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  99. pabuckie said


    JUNE 2ND

    Chords of Strength

    June 02, 2010 7:00 PM

    Manhattan – Columbus Circle – Borders
    10 Columbus Circle
    New York, NY 10019


  100. bebereader said

    Pabuckie: Thanks! Keep them coming!


  101. Emi said

    Anybody else holding their breath and turning blue, about to bust and green with envy hoping your town will be graced with a book signing?


  102. silverfox said

    Pabuckie #34, My heart goes out to you & your mom…

    Abrra, glad you were not hit too hard with the flooding. Take care of yourself!

    How exciting for all those who live near the Chords Of Strength book signing events! I see three
    events so far. Waiting for more to be announced but not holding my breath for David to be anywhere near my neck of the woods. 😦 But very happy for all who will see David again up close & personal. 🙂

    I had the day off today cause I had a dental appointment so I had a chance to go to a mall and for some reason I kept seeing clothing & sneakers and thinking to myself, “David would really like this” or “David would look good wearing this”. I don’t think I will ever buy David another gift as I feel sure he will request no gifts at his future tours and that makes me kinda sad. I just don’t know why though?


  103. SandyBeaches said

    SF…I sure hope that David comes your way. I might be tempted to take a trip to NY! It must be nice in June…

    Don’t be so sure that he will request ‘no gifts’…I am more on the positive side of that thought…so keep window shopping!



  104. emilyluvsarchie said

    Ok people i have an idea. Don’t mean to toot my own horn but this one’s epic. Ok open mind here people..ya ready? ok V.I.P.s at the book signing!! hahaha … but ok come on now imagine this..We get ,like, david bookmarks and booklights in the giftbag, and he reads a chapter of it to us!! ILoveAllAcess… where are youuuuu? hahahaha I wish! lol 😉


  105. pabuckie said

    Bebe!! Hope you are around to embed these fabulous pics of David from the Jordin Sparks duet event!! Some of them are fabulous!
    I don’t know how to embed them here.


  106. Tawna21 said

    Abrra and Bluebar—thank you for the links—you guys are quick!!


  107. Angelica said






  108. pabuckie said

    Thanks Angelica! 🙂


  109. djafan said

    How’s this pabuckie? …did a little cropping



  110. pabuckie said

    OMG! Aren’t those pics fabulous! Somehow I need to learn how to post pics here that I have saved on my computer.


  111. bebereader said

    pabuckie: You’re on a roll today! Thanks for the great finds!
    Here’s one more that needs to be shown:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  112. silverfox said

    OMG! David was OTT happy doing his “thang” with Jordin! The one showing David sitting at the table looks like David just before he joined Jordin on stage and he is absolutely beaming! And THAT HAND! David has the most beautiful perfect hands, long & graceful fingers and clean shiny nails. And very masculine! Is there anything about David that is not perfect? I think not. He is beautiful and the camera loves him!

    I was thinking today that David will soon be 20 years old! Where is the time going? Too bad we are all having birthdays as well..except that some of us feel as if we are in a wonderful age-reversal or a time warp…like we found the ultimate Fountain of Youth in David Archuleta. 🙂


  113. Tawna21 said

    wow Emi #87–you’ve added even more depth to the mystery. I guess if I ever quote it, I’ll just put author unknown for the source

    ummm, pabuckie (#105)or somebody–there are some pics in that link that definitely need to be in my David file, but I can’t get them to save. Is there a solution?


  114. Tawna21 said

    okay, never mind #113–It was taken care of as I was commenting. sorry


  115. djafan said



  116. pabuckie said

    Djafan – uh…GULP! good job!


  117. djafan said

    Pabuckie…gulping loudly….lol

    David’s latest tweets



  118. silverfox said

    Awwww, David! Always tries to keep his fans in the loop as much as he can. He is love.
    He’s where he should be and I hope he has an awesome Easter Weekend with his family as well. 😀

    Don’t think we’ll hear from him again until Monday as LDS members are having their General Conference this weekend. 🙂

    David, hoping you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  119. djafan said

    SF…he sure does try.

    Thank you for the prayer!


  120. Abrra said

    #115 picture

    Look at the intersection of the hands of two friends.

    Poetry in motion.



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