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Posted by thefunnygirl on Monday, March 22, 2010

There have been countless comments by fans and non-fans, both here and overseas, about the Archuglow.  It seems that David glows, has an aura, or somehow reflects light.  Others have said that he exudes a calming force, and like Mcfly has said “he is like Yoga.”  He has won over DJs, talk show hosts, and reporters and made them say things like “you are so radiant” and “you have the most beautiful smile and skin I’ve ever seen” and “there is something so special about you” and “are you glowing?”  The Manila airport security guard said “this kid’s pull is really different, it is like he glows.”

But even more than I love the passion in David I love the purity- the purity of spirit that just radiates from him like a soft light (and YES, I know what a corny fool I sound like, but I’ve met the kid, and I swear he actually GLOWS!)

Posted by Laura A. SnarkyArchies September 2008

When the Idol tour started last summer, and reports started coming in from fans about this glow, I was very skeptical.  These fans were obviously excited to meet David, and were simply starstruck.  More and more people started to “see” it. Were they seeing it because they expected to?  I hated to think that David fans were in fact crazy, because I was one of them, and I was worried that these reports would be further evidence of David’s “cult-like” fans.

Then I met him.

It was outside, after dark in July 2008.  I was really nervous knowing that he was coming down the line towards me.  I couldn’t see very well when he was far away, but it seemed as though there was some commotion and I heard people talking about a glow.  I thought “Oh come on!” and then he got closer to me.  It looked as if a bug zapper was moving down the line of people.  If others were not muttering about it I would have had myself committed that night. As he got closer, the calmer I became.  As he stood there, right in front of me, I knew that I was in fact seeing something glowing.  Was it just his radiant skin?  What was this that I was seeing?  Was I imagining things? Had the previous reports of it clouded my perception?  I had the pleasure of seeing him again at Ford Day, where I was able to watch him interact with fans for quite a long time.  The Archuglow was in full bloom.

Upon deciding to research this topic of a glow, or aura, I didn’t realize I’d be opening Pandora’s box.  This is the stuff of a doctoral thesis. There is an abundance of reading material, both supportive and skeptical about this.  Many of these references are spiritual in nature, while others address metaphysics, optics, math and science.  An effort to define “it” has a very long history, and is rooted in both well-accepted scientific theory and non-traditional approaches.  Both sides of this subject seem to agree that “it” exists, but the points of contention are exactly what “it” is (light/energy or the spiritual), where “it” comes from (science or the spiritual), and whether or not “it” is actually perceivable to the human eye.  “It” has been called by a long list of names throughout history.  Aura, astral body, chakra, halo, etheric body, Qi, energy, mandorla.  All major world religions depict “it” in art and literature.

Without going to into extensive detail, and based upon personal experience only, I’m going to say that David absolutely has “it” and in spades.  The picture above with his 1st band is just one example of the Archuglow.  It would appear as though he has a spotlight on him, or that he swallowed a light bulb.  There are many video examples that show the Archuglow.  How much does lighting, and clothing color play into the glow?  I’m not sure.  What about the quality of the camera?  I have no idea.  All I know is that I have seen a lot of videos and photos and concert footage in my time and I have never seen anything like this.  That proves nothing.  My intent is not to prove anything.

This tribute video is a great example of glowy David at his finest, as are the lyrics.

“He’s got a light around him, and everywhere he goes a million dreams of love surround him everywhere.”

Abbra’s MGR from Stroudsburg has a stunning moment:

Please share your stories/pics/vids of the Archuglow.

Do you believe?

121 Responses to “Archuglow”

  1. Abrra said

    I am a believer.
    The video of Stroudsburgh isn’t even close to what we all saw at the end of the last song. It was the best demonstration I could use for what seemed to be David being enveloped by the Divine then released back to earth as an angel who will sing another day.
    When the lights went up I looked at people around me. They stood motionless, not wanting to leave. Finally as we filed out, everyone and I do mean everyone who had regained speech ( many had their hand over their mouth in awe)said ” Did you SEE what happened???”

    I saw.
    I believe in the Archuglow.



  2. Jane said

    Thank-you for this wonderful article, you have put words where I couldn’t and it is the way I feel about David. The Glow is there because I saw “IT” in Provence IR. in Oct.of 2009. David is a beautiful human being…Thank-you!!!!


  3. pabuckie said

    Great Article FG!

    Unfortunately I have to rush out this morning so I will come back to it.

    There’s no doubt in my mind David has a GLOW to him!
    He had it when he descended that escalator at the Virgin Mega Store where I first met him. It was like a white apparition was descended that escalator.

    In a dark, wet NYC alleyway where he was signing autographs at the PC Richards theater – he most definitely GLOWED!! It was fascinating watching him interact with everyone and how much everyone adored him.

    For me he does have a spiritualness about him and a quiet and calming effect. Although I’m a mess as I’m “NEXT”, or approaching him. My mind goes totally blank. I am mush. Weak at the knees. Call it what you want I don’t think I’ll ever get it together in his presence!! haha


  4. SandyBeaches said

    FG…The article is beautiful. Isn’t beautiful a wonderful word and so easily used when we write about David?

    Actually, the article and then the videos took my breath away. The setting makes me think “SShhhh…we are in a special place, just whisper please!”…

    Yes, the stunning glow, it is there everywhere!

    I know for certain that we have been given this time to reflect upon everything that David has given to us. Like children with so much, we have been spoiled and now we can show our appreciation to him. Awesome FG…



  5. emilyluvsarchie said

    FG, Yes, I believe! He stands out in a crowd for sure,part of it for me is that he always seems so happy, and in the moment, that he just shines! And I love that you mentioned the calming effect he has on people. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet him several times and even have a few short conversations with him. I am always a nervous wreck anticipating the encounter, but as I approach him I calm down and can usually function fairly normally. (I then completely spaz afterwards.) He is, however easy to talk to, when there isn’t a a lot of pressure to keep the line moving. At the idol tour concerts, I took pictures instead of videos. I’m going to look through them when I get home for evidence of the Archuglow!


  6. Jeffr said

    FG, “absolutely, on the money”. I have to lol with the bug zapper comment. When I first saw David at the Wilkes-Barre Idol tour signing autographs, in the bright blue sky and sunshine, I was thunderstruck by what I saw. Sheesh, it really is true I thought, he just glows. I was also struck by his incredible calm composure.

    I can also back up Abrra’s comment a thousand percent. I was there in Stroudsburg, and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. And just like she said, after OHN, I don’t think anyone wanted to leave, it was stunning, I’ll never get over that evening, it was the most special concert yet that I attended.


  7. bluebar said

    I, too, first saw the glow outside at the fences prior to the Idol show in Albany. It was a hot, summer afternoon with the sun shining, yet, visible rays of light beamed around David’s beautiful face…
    Amazing is an understatement!

    I was able to talk to him for a few minutes mostly to say “Thank you,” and then, was compelled to follow him down the line to speak to him once more at the end of the row.
    I wasn’t the only one drawn in this fashion. Can’t imagine what he thought “seeing-double?”… or that there surely were a lot of “twins” for the show!


  8. bluesky said

    Janey on SA made a great comment about this tweet
    by priscillarenea:

    “David ArchuSOULa”

    I like how she attributes “making up “archuwords” “, as a
    sign someone is “hooked” on DA.

    I blissfully concur.

    I already have a ‘David’ in my family, so DA is “DA” to me.

    But it is no coincidence that (for me at least), when I see ‘DA’ I hear:

    DA king, DA man, DA music, DA rhythm, DA smile, DA glow (bow to FG) …,
    DA wonder, DA real-thing; yeah: DA voice.




  9. bluesky said

    FG, I really enjoyed your article and the comments that have been shared. Thanks, all of you for sharing your experiences. I like to think what it must have been like to see what you saw.

    DA glows. Perhaps it is because he chooses so consciously and assiduously to “connect”.

    His hearts desire is to be a conduit, to draw us; not to himself so much, as to what it is that gives him joy.


    Work your hardest, DA. Sing your heart out. Get all rhythm-y and bluesy and funky, and romantic, and …. everything.

    Somehow I’ll deal with it.

    (Though “lightening-bug” may not adequately describe you, you are so much more than a “candle in the wind”.)


  10. Emi said

    What a great article, well presented, a sane prestntation of what seems to be insane… I love the comments the whole topic… I have never met or seen David in person but the glow seems apparent in so many of the pictures. I totally believe it. Here are some promises in the Bible for people who love walking the paths of rightuousness….

    The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Proverbs 4:8

    He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. Psalm 37:6

    The light of the righteous shines brightly, but the lamp of the wicked is snuffed out. Proverbs 13:9

    Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. Daniel 12:3

    n the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

    Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear. Matthew 13:43

    Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be completely lighted, as when the light of a lamp shines on you.”
    Luke 11:36

    For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
    2 Corinthians 4:5-7

    14Do everything without complaining or arguing, 15so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe 16as you hold out[a] the word of life— Phillipians 214-15

    and my personal favorite:

    18 The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn,
    shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Proverbs 4:18

    More good things to come with David! I am so looking forward to meeting him. Thank you all for your precious stories because by them, I feel like I have met David already!


  11. betsy said

    FG {hug}
    Great article. So glad you chose this topic.
    When first I saw him in person, I averted my eyes a few times. It was almost too much. After a few minutes, I couldn’t look away. He was so happy and glowy and just radiating love. Everyone, of every age, is drawn in.
    I just stood there off to the side watching him after I met him. I couldn’t NOT. I forgot about getting a seat, forgot about everything. Thank goodness my 2 new friends saved me a seat! 🙂


  12. grasshopper said

    Great read FG, you are reading my mind girl. I like other fans have noticed this on photos as well. I first noticed his glow in a few concerts up close. I also have an interest in his aura and what appears to be possibly orbs that I have seen on a few video’s with him singing “Angels”. If you google religious people and orbs you might find it interesting.
    Another fan’s perspective on the Archu-glow 😀

    THIS is a fanstory! It was posted on FOD, April 1,2009

    Yvette from Malaysia got to spend…sit down…the ENTIRE day with David back during his visit to her country. This included a photoshoot for Seventeen Magazine and radio interviews.

    Just a taste of the love:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!
    And, WHOA, I never realized he was that… fair.
    He was so, SO fair! Like, ‘Snow White’ fair! ‘Edward Cullen’ fair!
    And… I didn’t know if it was my eyes playing tricks on me… but it was as if David’s skin was glowing. Literally.

    It was so bright, compared to everyone else’s in the room.
    He was so, so fair, and so, so radiant – like there was some sort of light source within him.
    He was just… GLOWING!!!
    If you missed it you can read the rest of her story here


  13. Jana from Oregon ♥ ♥ ♥ said

    He has a calming presence there is no doubt about that, also the energy is very quiet and focused. The first time I saw David was in Reno, he ran onto the stage right before TMH, now mind you there were lights..but what struck me was how surreal he appeared, yet in the moment. It was aweswome!! lol. There is a lot of light shining from within him I think.(some of it could be the contrast of his dark hair w/his fair skin.) But what ever it is it’s beautiful to behold! I have never seen him in daylight, outside;(


  14. pabuckie said

    You got me thinking there Grasshopper!

    Perhaps it is this LIGHT, THIS AURA, THIS GLOW that has us
    mesmerized or transfixed so much so that it is that LIGHT that makes us unable to speak as we get closer to him, almost like the LIGHT numbs our thoughts and minds. We are just so mesmerized by it, so in awe of it, it leaves us SPEECHLESS (and maybe breathless too!) haha


  15. bluesky said

    “Do you see anything?”
    “I see a, I see a light.”
    “A light?”
    “Yea, over there.”
    “Hey, Abbra, am I dead?”
    “No. I, I see it, too.”

    “What is it?”
    “It’s so pretty!”
    “I – I’m feeling happy! Which is a big deal… for me!”
    “I want to touch it.”

    *Oh* *_*

    (Difference is: with DA the “good feeling” just goes
    on and on.)


  16. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear. Matthew 13:43
    #10 Emi



  17. bebereader said

    FG: Your whimsical writing style makes your articles so enjoyable to read, especially on this subject. I first heard about “the glow” when reading comments on David’s youtube performances during the Idol Tour but didn’t take it literally until I realized people were very serious. I assumed the light on David was a spotlight. Djafan pointed out to me that it was more than a spotlight. It took a while but one day, when I saw an outdoor picture of David, it hit me that there were no spotlights on him and he was still shining! And then I began to recognize it more and more. In addition, there’s a very strong almost magnetic-like pull from us to him. I can’t begin to explain these things but I have to admit that I find them very fascinating.


  18. kaycee said

    Yep, I’ve experienced it too. I took my teenage daughters and nieces to the idol tour in Las Vegas and stood back as they excitedly waited in line for him after the show. They were all animated and giggly and then he approached them and it was like he cast a spell on them–they just all stood there smiling and silent, staring as if in a trance at this sweet humble guy. He spoke quietly but confidently to them, asking them questions, but it was like they were frozen or something, so I stepped forward, hoping to ease the awkwardness of the moment and help the girls out–unfortunately, I found myself swallowed up in that same glowing “force field”. It took me so by surprise, that I froze too. It literally took my breath away! There was just such a warmth and peace that he physically exuded, you almost didn’t want to speak for fear it would break the moment.

    Almost a year later, I attended his solo concert in SLC with my college-age daughter. As he bounded onto the stage, she turned to me and exclaimed, “Mom, he just sparkles!” And he truly did! He was like a warm glowing fire on a cold night.

    Then, this November we attended his Christmas concert in SLC. As so many have mentioned, the “glow” was in full force that night! My husband (a true eye-rolling non-fan) insisted upon accompanying us. As we left the concert, my husband, who is never at a loss for words was very quiet. As we reached our car, he quietly said, “I think I get it now”.


  19. djafans said

    FG….I believe.

    My first experience in Pomona, I thought he was radiant but it was indoors with lots of lighting.

    But in Del Mar it was outdoors with the light of the sky and he just looked so bright. I also looked into aura’s, orbs, landed up reading about crystal children. It’s all out there, scientific explanations and spiritual explanations, but the calm you feel in his presence is uncanny and I attribute that to a spiritual presence. I remember Paula saying you have this aura about you…she was right.

    My daughter took this in Del Mar. It’s a little blury, but David is bright nonetheless.

    This is from brett from the right side.


  20. kaycee said

    There is a beautiful song that was written for the young people in the LDS (Mormon)church a few years ago. It seems to capture what so many feel about David’s ability to “shine”. The lyrics are beautiful, but combined with the music, it really is moving. I wish I could find a link to the song, but here are the words:

    Someone Needs Your Star
    (Jenny Phillips/Tyler Castleton)

    Do you know
    That God designed you to glow?
    And you hold
    The Father’s promise in your soul.
    You may be just one light in the sky,
    But you are enough
    To light up a darkened night.

    Someone needs your star,
    Someone needs the light you have inside.
    So rise up high,
    You were meant to shine
    And never hide.
    Spread your good works wide and far,
    Someone needs your star.

    Someone needs
    One simple light to bring them hope.
    You may feel small,
    But you hold more goodness than you know.
    Desperately someone’s reaching to find
    A beacon of strength
    That they can hold on to tonight.

    Someone needs your star,
    Someone needs the light you have inside.
    So rise up high,
    You were meant to shine
    And never hide.
    Spread your good works wide and far,
    Someone needs your star.


  21. archugeezer said

    I enjoy all the articles here (Thank you!), and I find myself nodding yes, yes, yes, as I read this and all the comments that follow. I apologize in advance for the long post, but, since you asked, it is the perfect opportunity for me to share a lovely glow-related incident I witnessed in Rexburg, Idaho, when I attended the VIP and concert there.

    The large university venue sold out in minutes, but there were only 20 people at the VIP, a matter of student budget constraints I think. I identified only two students for sure. Almost half of the group included a fun contingent of familiar and devoted David fans from Utah. I sat next to another woman, also from Utah, who had come alone. As we visited, she admitted that she had been to too many VIP’s to count. This was probably true, as David greeted her by her name when he saw her.

    BYU-Idaho’s Food Service provided the fare for this event. It was substantial, even pretty; and there was a female student employee tending to everything. She was efficient and pleasant but quite shy. I heard someone ask her if she was going to the concert. She sighed and said she was a fan but really needed to work.

    When David finally arrived, he popped in like any other happy guest who had just joined the party. He spotted the food, quickly acknowledged all of us, and immediately made a beeline for the table, walking its length to see what he wanted to try. The student worker literally froze in place as David approached her. He stuck out his hand and said (in that voice), “Hello, I’m David. What’s your name?”

    Her face was flushed and her answer was barely audible, but David continued to coax her into the conversation while he sampled the goodies. He asked about some of the food, made a joke about the cream puffs looking like miniature Idaho potatoes, complimented her on the table arrangement, thanked her for her work, etc., etc. We all watched as she was literally enveloped by the light. Before David came back to the line for photos, his “glow” was reflected in that young woman’s face. I looked around the room and realized that, to a person, we were all grinning like Cheshire cats.

    Put David anywhere and watch the glow grow.


  22. Angelica said


    Love the way you wrote this article with your own experiences but kept it objective too, so that the reader is free to draw their own conclusions. This has been a subject much speculated about and the accounts are so similar, there must be something to it.

    BTW, Kaycee, I love your very vivid, fascinating post. In fact I have enjoyed all the comments so far on this thread from those who have experienced this phenomenon.

    I have my own take on the subject. I have seen David in person in bright sunlight, on an overcast rainy day, at night and indoors. No matter the lighting, there has always been a radiance seen and felt. I think part of it is purely physical. Attractiveness is common enough but the kind of beauty David possesses is very rare. The combination, as someone pointed out above, of his black hair and eyelashes, contrasted against that porcelain skin is a definite factor in the “archuglow.”

    But there is something more. David, by his own admission, and all reports, works very hard to have the Spirit with him. He is not divine nor is he deity, but he has that exalted loving Presence with him and it is something that can be felt. It is a feeling of peace and calm and unconditional love we all are the recipients of, whether we know it or not. David is the conduit for that love and I think the message we can take from it is that it is available to us all, but we have to invite it and strive, as he does, to be worthy of it.


  23. FG said

    Angelica – gah!

    Thanks for all the comments and stories. (kaycee – love your husband story! I’m still trying to get mine to a show…) You know, most folks would still say we are crazy. There are a few non-ODD-ers that see it too. My coworker, an old soul herself, didn’t watch his season, but after watching vids I sent her was quite sure he is a “pure soul, with the sweetest voice” and my mom after Top 24 week said “he has the rare ability to offer a soul-to-soul connection, in an instant, and thru the TV screen” and then she came to Ann Arbor with me and saw him and cried. My dad suffers thru my vids and says “why does it feel like he’s singing just to me?” They don’t say the word glow, but that’s what they are feeling – pure, soul, connection. Yep.

    I wish my husband would open himself, but he thinks he’s too cool to like a 19 year old. I almost got him to the Ann Arbor show. My fear is that he’ll go and not get it. That would suck lemons. Oh well. que sera, sera

    I have told a very few non-fans about the glow. I don’t recommend doing that. LOL


  24. FG said

    Betsy – you were the cutest thing at the GR VIP! I recall it was your 1st time seeing him in the flesh. After he sang and we went over for pics you were pacing like a caged cat in total shock and I was quite worried about you LOL and them you stood there near the pic line pretending to be on the phone so you could stand there and watch him. I heart you!


  25. FG said

    Speaking of my old souled co-worker, she is an aspiring singer. Please check out her 1st youtube video. I think she is awesome and I hope she gets discovered!


  26. SandyBeaches said

    FG…I love this sentence…My dad suffers thru my vids and says “why does it feel like he’s singing just to me?” That is a true confirmation when it comes from a dad and not one of…???…us.

    It is a good plan to try to get your husband to a concert. I was successful with that and my husband did use the word “AMAZING” when our grown children asked about the concert. Then there was concert #2 and it was then that I realized that going to concert #1 was sufficient. But, I am so pleased that he did get to a concert because it was enjoyable and he met other husbands and my friends from here and other sites. There are no questions asked now and he does understand just about everything.



  27. FG said

    Hi there SB! I’m not sure how hard to push my hubby. Gotta play it by ear when concert time comes around again. He was only tempted to go to Ann Arbor cuz of the symphony, but he was very happy that I invited him. He decided against it because of the price (he is very..frugal…yeah that’s what I’ll call it!) It would be hard to hold in my fangirl, I’m quite sure he’d find that very unattractive. LOL


  28. FG said

    Kaycee – I really like that song! Thank you.


  29. Abrra said

    Betsy was on the phone with me! I was her support for the whole day. LOL I got a running commentary on everything 😉

    OHHHH and this:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Do you smell smoke??????????



  30. FG said

    LOL Abs – she really was on the phone! I’m glad you were there for her – everyone needs help the 1st time seeing THE VOICE.


  31. Abrra said

    #20 Kaycee
    Lovey song that suits David.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Someone needs your star,
    Someone needs the light you have inside.
    So rise up high,
    You were meant to shine
    And never hide.
    Spread your good works wide and far,
    Someone needs your star.



  32. betsy said

    “pacing like a caged cat” !!!!!!!!! Yep, that was me! And when he finished with the last picture, he started walking right toward me. I was talking to Abs, trying to appear as normal as possible. I was describing it all to Abs and I just shut up when he got close. I knew he was in a hurry to get backstage and couldn’t have said anything anyway.
    So I just grinned at him and got one back. 🙂 GAH that smile. 🙂
    Ray appeared & took him backstage another way.


  33. djafans said


    “But there is something more. David, by his own admission, and all reports, works very hard to have the Spirit with him. He is not divine nor is he deity, but he has that exalted loving Presence with him and it is something that can be felt. It is a feeling of peace and calm and unconditional love we all are the recipients of, whether we know it or not. David is the conduit for that love and I think the message we can take from it is that it is available to us all, but we have to invite it and strive, as he does, to be worthy of it.”

    My son asked me a while back, “So is it David and then God?” And what you’ve written is so close to what I explained to him, because he is not divine or is he deity and the fans I communicate with know this. I know he was concerned because of my ODD behavior. After our talk and since that talk he understands, he teases, but understands. He took his wife and three of his four children the Nokia concert and was going to take me to The Mint but I had a horrible sinus infection. Boy, do I have regrets about that one.

    Oh I also told him about the glow…lol


  34. djafans said

    Very interesting article on Billboard….David might have signed one of these deals.

    Buyer Beware: Why Artists Should Do A 180 On “360” Deals
    March 22, 2010 – Legal and Management

    By Bob Donnelly


  35. bebereader said

    Clips from the “Somos El Mundo Voz y Alma” special that aired last Sunday!

    Watch for David at 1:29, 2:23 and 3:48.
    Also watch for his signature at upper right at 2:55.


  36. bebereader said


    by Ozarko


  37. bebereader said

    Abrra, put that spam wand away! We have more news to report. LOL

    David will be performing two songs at the half time show for the Utah Blaze arena football game on April 9 at 7 PM (Utah time) at the E Center.


  38. betsy said

    new performance new performance new performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Slightly excited here.


  39. FG said

    sometimes you people simply FORCE me to mention things! Did NO ONE notice his massive thighs on the stool in the Somos vid as in post #36????? Sometimes he looks like a small man, and sometimes he is THICK. He is a light-bending, shape-shifter.


  40. pabuckie said

    I still cant find DA’s signature in that video!
    And even when I pause it I can’t see it?? HELP! haha


  41. bebereader said

    Pabuckie: Maximize your screen, then watch the upper right corner about 2-3 inches down at 2:55-2:56 for a big capital letter “D”. The rest of his signature follows but most of it is out of camera range.


  42. Fiona said

    FG #39, I noticed!!!!


  43. yjfanofdavid said

    FG #39, Lol. Thank you for spelling it out for those of us who are not as “initiated.” I am guessing if it were up to you, this blog would be The Thighs instead of The Voice. 🙂


  44. FG said

    hey YJ – there is simply not enough cyberspace available to handle a blog on those hamhocks.


  45. pabuckie said

    Oh boy, FG! All I can say is I love your thoughts! haha


  46. pabuckie said

    Thank you, thank you BeBereader! I saw it I saw it! haha

    I see the LIGHT! (well, actually I saw the light a long time ago). lol


  47. djafan said

    DavidArchie tweets…

    Phew! Barely made my flight! Went to the wrong airline lol. 3 minutes ago via txt

    I mean today. Anyway, I’m eating some good chicken that she cooked marinated in orange juice or something. about 1 hours ago via txt

    Wow, my mom finally likes my hair, but I didn’t even do anything lol. about 1 hours ago via txt

    Working really quick here in Utah in a quick meeting before I head back to LA.


  48. djafan said



  49. pabuckie said

    Djafan — Well, if his “Momma” likes his hair — I’m sure we will! 🙂


  50. Shawna said

    Hey, FG, great, great, great article. Absolutely love it. The articles on this site are always so wonderful. I seem to have an instinct when one is going to come up, cause I actually saw this before any comments were even posted. Then life took over and I couldn’t get on to comment again until now.

    Don’t want to rub it in or anything, but guess who gets to see David on April 9th!!!!! Yea, that would be me. Already bought tickets today. I am hopeless, aren’t I?? The minute I got the google alert, off to the site I went(even with 3 grandkids here) and bought my tickets and extras even, to entice others to go with me. Been texting and tweeting all the Utah Archies I know to see who wants to go with me. I know it is only two songs, but not gonna miss it!!! Missed the AI tour and have regretted it ever since. And I will get to see his hair that his momma loves today!! Anyone who wants to come to Utah, my home is open to you to stay anytime.


  51. pabuckie said

    OMG! Shawna that’s great! I hope someone takes video 🙂
    It’s been 4 months since we’ve seen him sing LIVE!
    He’ll look older, his hair! Oh my!


  52. Shawna said

    Pabuckie, I will try, but I have never done it before, so can’t promise anything. I am soooooooooo excited though. Yea, 4 months has been way too long for all of us!!!


  53. Nancy L said

    Shawna – Any chance of a doing a cellcast of David performing at halftime on April 9 for those of us who can only wish we were in Utah?? You get to see his hair! You get to hear the Voice! You get to see the Archuglow! Isn’t seeing David live the best thing ever? You are one lucky girl to see him live even for a couple of songs…

    I miss David. I miss tour, but not the ticket buying stress. I miss meeting David fans who actually understand why I’m missing David.

    I’ve seen David a few times and absolutely agree he has an inner glow. At first I thought it was just his perfect skin (from drinking all that water), but that’s not it. One of the times I saw him was at the radio station before the Tempe concert on his solo tour. We were inside under fluorescent lighting but if you look at the videos and pictures his face is glowing and all the other people’s faces aren’t. We were all in the same lighting, but only David has that beautiful spirit glowing from inside. I get total mush brain when I stand next to him and can’t think of anything to say, but he does radiate calm and so much happiness.

    Oh, by the way, I lurk here all the time and enjoy all the articles and all your comments and great photos! Keep it up!


  54. pabuckie said

    Haha – Nancy I miss touring too but not the ticket buying! LOL
    I know Shawna gets to see “David in the flesh”!! OMG! and his HAIR!! (oh, dont forget the VOICE…but we all know that already).:)


  55. Angelica said

    Shawna, you lucky woman! Have a great time! Isn’t anticipating a live David performance the best feeling ever? Except for actually experiencing the performance itself.

    I need photos of this hair “my mama finally likes” NOW and for the next tour, if he could do some moves like that guy in the Somos el Mundo vid in comment #35 at .59-1 minute, that would be great.

    Nancy L,

    Thank you for what you said and for delurking. Keep it up!


  56. poof said

    OH oh oh! Off topic, sort of, but oh oh oh! Out of total boredom with this year’s American Idol, I was looking at some of David’s AI tapes. Oh oh oh,,, how did I not see this before? I think I was in a an Archudaze from Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,,, because I barely remember IN THIS MOMENT! I am talking about the AW AW AWWWWs, especially at 1:36 on the HD video. How did I ever think he was just a cute talented kid! Oh oh oh….. oh my. I think I might be over reacting…..
    I don’t know how to add a clip to this,,, but I want to! Anyone know what I am talking about??
    Thank you AI! You gave us this moment! (And yes, he was very glowy)


  57. Angelica said

    Poof, here ya go! He is unbelievably superb in this.


  58. poof said

    Oh Angela


  59. poof said

    I got excited ANGELICA 🙂


  60. Angelica said

    Perfectly understandable Poof. In This Moment has always been my favorite performance in the finale.


  61. bebereader said

    Shawna: So happy that you’ll be seeing David at the E Center! I know we’ll see it on youtube but when one of ‘ours’ gets to see David in the FLESH we’ll of course need a full report. 🙂

    Poof: In This Moment…one of my stand out MOMENTS of Season 7! And that MOMENT you highlighted at 1:36….is oh so heavenly.

    Did you hear Ryan mention David’s name tonight after Aaron Kelly’s performance? I’m sure many fans were outraged at the comparison (there’s no comparison) but I’m just glad to hear David’s name out there on the big screen. Hey, it’s publicity and I’m sure David would feel honored. Here it is in case you missed it:


  62. djafans said

    pabuckie… Can’t wait to see!

    Shawna…you lucky you!!! If you could assign someone to video tape is the best way…that’s what I do.

    Poof…That was my favorite song of the finale, I go back to it regularly.

    Angelica…thank you for the link

    Nancy…”I miss David. I miss tour, but not the ticket buying stress. I miss meeting David fans who actually understand why I’m missing David.”

    You’re in good company here.


  63. djafans said

    Scared me with this tweet…Be Careful!!!!

    @DavidArchie: Back in LA! And LA driving lol. My aunt and I almost got smooshed and became pancakes lol. Luckily she’s a defensive driver.

    Did I hear photo shoot? Say yes David!!!!

    @DavidArchie How long will you be in LA? Would love to do a photo shoot & interview for @ALIST_INTL

    reyalfashion (Reinaldo Irizarry, Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Creative Director of A-LIST INTERNATIONAL magazine.)

    AzIdolChatter (Suzanne Condie Lambert and Randy Cordova from The Arizona Republic dish on Idol)

    A tweet about Ryan mentioning David Archuleta…

    Ryan’s David Archuleta joke? Hmmm. And really, DA was so much farther ahead at this point in the show. — Randy #americanidol @DavidArchie


  64. Dayzee said

    Thanks to Archugeezer @ #21 for reminding me of that great night in Rexburg. I sat next to an elderly couple who promptly told me the only reason they came to see David was because they had season tickets to the venue. They seemed a bit stuffy, and I wondered if David would work his magic there.
    By the time David was singing ZG, my neighbor was jumping right along with the rest of us. After OHN she had tears running down her cheeks. She was relunctant to leave the auditorium, happy to bask in the aura that David had shared.


  65. djafans said

    More tweets!


    Hanging out with @OfficialCharice and her brother. Having a good time! We’ve never really gotten to just hang out before. 24 minutes ago via txt

    Ran into David Hernandez. Haven’t seen him forever!


    Ran into and said hello to @DavidArchie at Nordstrums. One of the best singers ever from American Idol. Keep singing David!


  66. Alynne said

    Hey everyone,
    It’s late and I haven’t read all the comments but I wanted to comment real quick even though I’m new. I love the video “She’s got a Way…” It kind of does something to my heart watching it. A friend of mine made this video and one of the pictures she used is mine. I have to pause on that picture and just absorb the memory of it. Another friend of mine took the picture with my camera. I’m the one David is looking at and smiling at in the pic. Knowing that really does heal me for some reason. It’s funny because I was so stunned at the time, I only vaguely remembered him smiling at me. I asked my friend afterward if he had reacted well to what I had said because for some strange reason I missed it. Her words were “Oh yeah, he reacted well. Whatever you said, he liked it! I got a picture of it.” It wasn’t until I got home that night from the Am. Idol concert that I was able to look at
    the it and WOW! I was floored! I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, lol, I actually broke down and cried. I mean, I balled.
    I feel very strongly that what David radiates so well is God’s love for people. I’m assuming that he is able to do that because of his relationship to God. Combine that with the fact that he is probably the most beautiful person ever created and you have the “glow”….Just my take. Thanks for this article and for posting that video!!


  67. djafans said

    Yes! please do!

    @juliebonnheath (JBH PR and Social Marketing Pro, Green Mom, National Freelancer, Host of #idol)

    Everyone send @DavidArchie some love. Let him know we are glad he’s OK. ❤ #idol


  68. djafans said

    Hey Alynne!

    I’ll have to go back and look for that picture. The balling, don’t get it but I’ve done it, so have many of us. Thanks for sharing, glad you posted!


  69. Alynne said

    Thanks Djafans, my picture is at 1:13-1:19. I’m falling asleep as I type so, good night!


  70. djafans said

    Thank You Alynne and good night!


  71. djafans said

    Oh Alynne…what a gift of a smile! I had to screencap it here.



  72. bebereader said

    Dayzee#64 Loved your story about the elderly couple who sat next to you at the Rexburg show. David’s power is irresistible!

    Alynne#66 Welcome to The Voice! I went back and watched “She’s Got A Way…” again and stopped at your picture. I’m in tears now! How lucky you are to be the recipient of that look from that face! I understand so well now why you cried. Do you remember what you said to him to put that particular smile on his face? If you don’t remember or don’t want to share, that’s fine but please come back and visit us often.


  73. FG said

    Alynne – gosh thanks for your story! I shall never tire of hearing stories about meeting David. You got such a nice smile from him! Awwww he is the sweeeeetest!

    OH YES the In This Moment EPIC physical caressing of that crazy awesome note with his hand KILLED ME and still does to this day.

    Betsy – where are you? She also LOVES that.


  74. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    /le sigh

    Abrra (late for work)


  75. Angelica said

    /le sigh

    Angelica(at work staring at computer screen and getting nothing done)


  76. emmegirl said

    Alynne, great story! I bawl just hearing them, never mind experiencing it!

    And what the heck is it about In This Moment? I hold my breath through the entire performance every time I watch it, and the world around me stops.

    In the xfactor video at the 1:30 mark you can see Paula looking down at the monitor on the desktop in front of her. He has her sucked in, she’s caught, she can’t get out. At 1:44 she is swaying back and forth, her hand is up to her face and she’s in another world. Finally at about 1:50 she looks up, reluctantly drags herself back to the real world.

    Sound familiar?

    Angelica, just wait a couple of weeks when that new hair and new single come out?

    Abrra – gads, moles, dimples, aura, glowiness….aagghhh!


  77. djafans said

    Good Morning!

    Abrra….beautiful sitting here le sighing with Angelica trying to get ready for work.

    Emmegirl…will be checking that xfactor video

    This from EW…

    Word of warning to Seacrest, however — you might want to quit with the David Archuleta comparisons. I know I was on Team Cook in season 7, but if we’re comparing vocal firepower here, Archie owns Aaron like Oprah Winfrey owns, well, everything.,,20312226_20354158_4,00.html

    And this discussion of season 7 finale performance of Down Let the Sun Go Down On Me…two years later on Latest Hot Trends.


  78. Abrra said


    You forgot the 5 O’Clock shadow below his right ear in first picture. That was a reminder to all who still think he is a kid.

    Just sayin.

    Good luck at work Miss Angelica.



  79. djafans said

    This from Jim Cantiello from MTV

    Aaron Kelly
    Song: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith
    Verdict: I Don’t Miss Your Voice

    Aaron powered through his performance and his voice held up pretty well, all things considered. My favorite moment was the end of the bridge, where his “end of tiiiiiiiiime” power note morphed into “tiiiiiii-ouch!” Actually, scratch that. My favorite moment was when Ryan Seacrest called Aaron “David Archuleta.” The name is Countryleta, Seacrest, and you’re not allowed to call him that until he stops singing like a wheezing goat! Don’t you dare soil the name of ArchuAwesome!


  80. Angelica said

    oOOoowaaaah oOOoowaaaah Threw my alarm clock inside the fireplace, yeah.

    I didn’t even notice the 5 o’clock shadow in the FIRST pic. 😯

    Still not getting anything done. Thanks a lot, Abrra.


  81. munkmusic said

    Just had to stop by and say, FG, you are right on! Love your article. I think we have all felt and seen the same thing. I don’t have a way with words like many here do. I just have to say that I am grateful for Mr. Archuleta and the gifts that he shares with us. Because it isn’t only his voice, but it is who he is and who he is becoming. It is exciting to watch and be a part of.


  82. bebereader said

    Emmegirl #76

    I’ll bet Paula has a wealth of information she can tell us about what really happens behind the scenes at AI and how the winner is chosen. When the show is long gone, I’ll keep my eyes open for that book; I’d love to read it.

    dja#77 That people are still talking about David’s phenomenal performance of “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” two years later is phenomenal in itself!

    Angelica#80 “oOOoowaaaah oOOoowaaaah Threw my alarm clock inside the fireplace, yeah. I didn’t even notice the 5 o’clock shadow in the FIRST pic. 😯 Still not getting anything done. Thanks a lot, Abrra.”

    Angelica: Not getting any work done? Try putting the phone on the front lawn. haha

    Munkmusic#81 “Because it isn’t only his voice, but it is who he is and who he is becoming. It is exciting to watch and be a part of.”

    Beautiful words! We are so privileged to be part of David’s journey and to watch him unfold right before our eyes.


  83. djafan said


    Your words are perfect! Don’t hesitate in sharing anything you have to say, you have a voice and we want to hear it. 🙂

    Angelica/Bebe… I’ll go listen to My Hands now…lol


  84. Alynne said

    Djafans – Thanks for the screen cap. That’s exactly what I considered it to be, a gift.
    Bebereader – Thanks for the welcome. I don’t mind sharing what I said at all. It wasn’t anything profound, lol. I simply told him what the gift was that I got him. I got him a cd. On the cd. was a song sung/rapped by Kirk Franklin. The song had a good message for celebrities, artists rising in the music industry. I told him that Kirk Franklin sings a song on this cd and I thought it might be an encouragement to him if he listened to it. The gift warranted the smile, not anything that I may have said.

    Angelica – I love the new sight, I guess it’s not new anymore. How are you?

    FG – I didn’t realize that you wrote this. Great topic. I’ve read some of your comments in the past and I really enjoy them. You make me laugh.


  85. bebereader said

    Djafan “Angelica/Bebe… I’ll go listen to My Hands now…lol”

    Here, be my guest! LOL


    Alynne “The gift warranted the smile, not anything that I may have said.”
    That smile shows me how appreciative he was of your thoughtful gesture. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    By the way, that smile (your gift) now resides on my desktop.


  86. munkmusic said

    #83 djafan…thanks for the encouragement!


  87. Abrra said

    Firefox 3.6.2 UPDATE is ready for download here:

    Link is on the right side near the middle.

    Livestream suggests you keep current on Firefox and Adobe Flashplayer for best video performance.



  88. Abrra said

    I’ll let you decide the best parts of this picture. there are so many.

    Love this smile and eyes

    Ok I will stop.



  89. Alynne said

    “I just have to say that I am grateful for Mr. Archuleta and the gifts that he shares with us. Because it isn’t only his voice, but it is who he is and who he is becoming. It is exciting to watch and be a part of.”
    Munkmusic – I am so in agreement with this. Isn’t it an incredible journey? Well said. I feel the same way you do about words. Being a mom of young children, there are some days when I have trouble speaking/typing a coherent sentence, lol. I love reading what everyone has to say though.

    Bebereader- yes, David is so appreciative of even the smallest of gestures from his fans. He’s a loving person.

    Well, got to get some housework done. I usually only get on the p.c. at night. I look forward to reading the rest of the comments tonight. It’s a nice way to pass the archudrought period.


  90. djafan said

    Bebe…thanks for the link.

    Munkmusic… 🙂

    Oh Abrra, Abs, Abster!


  91. betsy said

    #88 Abrra
    Thank you.
    *smiling a real smile now after a crappy day*


  92. djafan said

    Brought this over from Archuleta Fanscene by kizzi

    My granddaughter was studying Science last Wednesday with her iPod playing. I glance over and she has doodled in the margins of her notes:

    “Dabert Archustein” and “Alvid Einleta”

    I laugh and point to her doodling. She paused her iPod and grinned and says she does that a lot with people she is studying, making a combination of David’s name and the other “famous” person. We both laugh.

    I tease her and tell her I can’t see David as a topic of comparison with Albert Einstein – different fields of endeavor, different characters, just different and would be more a study of contrasts rather than comparisons.

    She wordlessly directs me with her finger, first crooked at me in a “come here” gesture and then points down at her study page at a quote attributed to Einstein…

    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

    …and then says, “That’s David, Grandma. He lives every day as if it were a miracle.”


  93. munkmusic said

    #92 Djafan, I saw that article too. I love it. She gets it! miracles….light…..makes me happy!


  94. pabuckie said

    For some reason when I saw this pic — I thought of FG! haha

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  95. FG said

    LOL pabuckie! Must be the stool. Gosh, even his kneecaps are sexy. wow.


  96. pabuckie said

    Yep! FG — EXACTLY what came to my mind (THE STOOL!) kneecaps looking pretty good there! LOL


  97. FG said

    Angelica – you have email! Some lovely pics that everyone must see!


  98. pabuckie said

    Hey! I wanna see LOVELY PICS too! LOL


  99. FG said

    From my Ann Arbor recap in case you didn’t see it way back when. It is just a part of it, the short poem popped into my head while I was writing and thinking about Ann Arbor:

    “He moves me to feel the full glory of all that is good. The last two songs, Ave Maria, and O Holy Night brought the whole place to tears and standing ovations. I hope he felt our love. If only for a moment I could give him back a small fragment of what he has given me, I would be so grateful. As the last song came to a close, I felt as though I had been sucker-punched right in the gut. I was determined to watch him leave the stage, although I knew it would break my heart, as it always does. I never want him to go. It is so very sad. The moment is bittersweet. I have total joy from the show, my heart and spirit full to bursting, but at the same time I am undone and broken. I caught one last glimpse of him as the door closed behind him. Goodbye David. You are fantastic. And I love you.

    Some people are born to sing,
    and some are born to listen.

    I gaze upon your face and
    your eyes as they glisten.

    Your voice fills the hall
    as my soul is enchanted.

    You are a pure joy, a wish
    that was granted.”


  100. pabuckie said

    FG — you’re really a GREAT WRITER 🙂


  101. silverfox said

    FG, I love, love, love your very well written article. I also have experienced David’s “Glow”. Many times. He does shine from within. I’m sure he heard the comments at the barricades and VIP’s about his “Glow” and my guess is he’s been told he “glows” since he was a very young boy. Look at the pics of him as a little boy and you’ll see what I mean. My guess is he never really paid attention to those comments as he was growing up, until now. He has to believe it now since just about everyone who sees him and is open to him and what he’s about, can see the glowing light emanating from him. It’s a rare phenomenon, but then David is a rare human being.

    This is what I find interesting and somewhat perplexing…in one breath I can describe David as a beautiful young man who glows with of The Spirit of God. Then in the next breath I can describe David as a gorgeous, sensual man with who can, just with his Archugaze, render his female fans completely useless and speechless. That he is BOTH is a VERY powerful combination very few men have. He is an enigma. He totally confuses me.

    On another note..seems Ryan Seacrest must really be missing David. Jus’ sayin’. 😉

    So many great comments on this thread! Very enjoyable reading. 😀


  102. Abrra said

    I might be able to get pictures up faster, FG. Angelica may have “hubby lag”. Send em!



  103. Angelica said


    Do nothing till you hear from me. I have the pics. You have mail.


  104. Abrra said

    Doing nothing is my best trait



  105. Abrra said

    OK She put me to work. Here ya go, just 2 tho for now
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Pucker Up

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra ( for FG)


  106. Nancy L said

    Abrra – That’s the vest I gave him! Contemplative David. Ah…sweaty David. Oh, can I say that? LOL Beautiful man.


  107. pabuckie said

    Love that 2nd pick — serious sweaty David!


  108. gladys said

    david illegal


  109. bebereader said



  110. pabuckie said

    Abrra == making you work hard tonight. I just sent you an email with a pic — I don’t know how to embed here! haha


  111. FG said

    Beefy-necked Adonis. All glory, honor and praise to God Almighty. Every single molecule is perfect.

    Silverfox! Truly confusing. I have stopped trying to understand.


  112. djafans said



  113. Abrra said

    From Pabuckie
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  114. silverfox said

    How can David look like THAT (#105 pics) and then transform to the David we see on his Vlogs? Still eye-candy, but in a VERY different way. He is a chameleon. WTH??

    I just do not understand….Does anyone?

    David, hoping you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  115. djafan said


    The different looks, the magnetism, I don’t get it. He sure is confusing and he has me hanging by a thread waiting for any news of any kind.

    Thank you for the prayer!


  116. bluesky said

    #92 DJfan

    “That’s David, Grandma. He lives every day as if it were a miracle.”

    Kizzy’s grand-daughter is right on the money.

    And THAT is one of the things that makes him SO attractive.
    And his appeal SO universal.

    (Trust a young one to cut to the chase. Kizzy, you have a winner!)

    Talent galore? That, you are born with, DA. But this OTHER thing,
    that is something you have searched for, paid for and actively
    pursue each new day. It magnifies exponentially all your other gifts.

    And that is saying a lot, slaying US a lot and generally wrecking havoc
    in the known universe.

    (In a very nice way of course. ((Anyone can see your nice.)) We would never
    accuse you of anything nefarious! You are safe, child-proof and G-rated
    for all to see.)

    (Too bad there is nothing that attracts like a thoroughly humble, child-like,
    mega-watt, wouldn’t-lift-a-finger-to ‘come-hither’ man.)

    (That sweats.) lol


  117. bebereader said

    Dear David,

    If you’re reading this, please bear with us while we’re experiencing difficulties brought upon us by the drought. We realize that you are just who you are, but who you are is driving us batty, in the best possible way, of course. We’ll wait as long as it takes for your new music but in the meantime a couple of drops of water in any shape or form would be gladly welcomed. 😀

    The Fans


  118. djafans said

    Bluesky…Kizzy has a smart one there…just like grandma.

    Talent galore? That, you are born with, DA. But this OTHER thing,
    that is something you have searched for, paid for and actively
    pursue each new day. It magnifies exponentially all your other gifts.

    Beautifully said. I love your way with words.

    And this too…

    (Too bad there is nothing that attracts like a thoroughly humble, child-like,mega-watt, wouldn’t-lift-a-finger-to ‘come-hither’ man.)

    (That sweats.) lol



  119. emmegirl said

    Agree with SF, much to love on this thread.


  120. Shawna said

    I agree too, much to love here. Loved this as I said before. The comments have also been so good, and the pictures, no words!!!!!!! I just love this site.

    By the way, MomJulee has another post up tonight. So amazing, too!! You won’t want to miss it, cause it kind of goes hand in hand with the Archuglow.


  121. Blisskasden said

    Hi everybody. I just thought I’d stop by to say hello to all of you fine folks. This site has the feel of a familiar,comfortable diner, where friends and neighbors meet and share what’s on their minds.

    I’ve been amused by the comparisons of Aaron Kelly to David. Why are they doing that to this nice kid? David needs to be compared to people like Elvis, Sinatra, and Nat King Cole. David is getting more press this year on AI than last, when he was the “reigning” runner-up. These lightweight “singers” this year should thank their lucky stars that David decided to audition for season 7 and not this year.The producers are also fortunate that they have a real competition this year,albeit one of mediocrity.

    Anyway, I hope everyone here is fine,and I look forward to seeing you on the upcoming tour,which should be,to quote Simon,a “humdinger”


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