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Please Welcome our New Writers!!!

Posted by djafan on Sunday, March 21, 2010

A big smile of welcome to our new Staff Writers Extraordinaire, Funny Girl, SandyBeaches, and Emilyluvsarchie!!

We look forward to each of their unique voices on The Voice, David Archuleta.  Emily brings a much appreciated teen perspective, SandyBeaches, the refreshing culture from the land of Nova Scotia, and Funny Girl brings, uh….Funny Girl….well, let’s just say Funny Girl BRANGS it!

So give us a hand rolling out the red carpet for them!

We have the chance to turn the pages over

We can write what we want to write…

This time, we know we all can stand together

With the power to be powerful

Believing we can make it better.

This site is dedicated to David Archuleta, who we lovingly refer to as THE VOICE,  and to his fans, who also have a voice.  Do not worry about being eloquent.  Everyone has something of value to say.  If you speak with sincerity and passion, you speak with the tongue of angels.

This is a gathering of angels.

62 Responses to “Please Welcome our New Writers!!!”

  1. welcome new staff writers – enjoy all the distinctive styles and varied backgrounds here. Looking forward to hearing from Emily’s viewpoint. Have little to no contact with teens since I’ve been retired (5yrs). Actually miss the interaction as they do help to keep you young & connected. The Voice is my only connection, lately.

    Also wanted to thank those who’ve given info on Knoxville, Nashville & Memphis. Xaris, thanks for info on TN – plan to check it all out (won’t have time to visit VA this time, though). Emifriend (Bebe for forwarding her email) – wow! Thanks for all the insiders’ points. Love the colorful viewpoint.

    Apologies to all here for taking away space from discussing David but we were getting alot of conflicting info about the area. Remembered that a couple of people here were from there and David does seem to love Nashville so…..


  2. FG said

    Welcome Sandybeaches & emily! SB, I don’t think we have met in real life – hopefully one day! I met Emily & her mom in Ann Arbor – they are so sweet & wonderful. I am thrilled beyond all reason to have been included here cuz I love to write!


  3. yjfanofdavid said

    I had the pleasure of meeting FG, SB, and Emily (and her entire family) in real life, a happy coincidence since I have only been to a few concerts. Each is charming in her own way and each represents a unique voice in this wonderfully diverse fan community. *Joins in welcoming claps.* Write away ladies!


  4. pabuckie said

    Congrats to all the new writers — looking forward to each one of you. Know all the names! haha!! And Emily (your great videos!!:)


  5. Jen A said

    FG, I am going to carry around your blog posts in a baby carrier, for sure.


  6. Abrra said

    Welcome newest members of the team of writers!

    I am so very proud to have you all aboard. I have yet to meet Emily and FG in real life but have spent time in chat. Emily is known for her lively descriptions she adds to her YouTube videos. FG is the Queen of the Hunkerdown! I have spent quite a bit of time with SB at shows in the Northeast. We bonded and celebrated in Manchester, NH and Providence, RI.

    On another note, I brought this from last thread:

    Twitter users alert!
    I got a DM with a virus infected site link. It was from LauraHeartx3. I alerted her that she may have been hacked. My PC is fine, I use add ons in Firefox that caught the bad site.

    Don’t click on links in Dm’s if they seem to “bait” you. Mine said ” You were mentioned in this blog” then the link was next.

    And this from Djafan
    A little reminder!

    WHAT: The Making of “Somos el Mundo”
    Date: Sunday March 21, 2010
    Time: 2 pm Eastern and Pacific Time
    Channel: Univision (KMex 34 in LA)



  7. djafans said

    Welcome SandyBeaches, Emilyluvsarchie, and my fellow nose lover Funnygirl!

    So glad to have you all on board and can’t wait to start reading all of your wonderful words!

    Fanda, sounds like you’re going to have a great time. Hope to hear all about it.

    Abrra…thanks for the reminder!


  8. Emi said

    Welcome new writers… all of you have already won my heart and mind over by your previous musings. Can’t wait to see what each of you will say next! Have fun!


  9. Abrra said

    For Dja and FG:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  10. silverfox said

    A standing O and a very warm welcome to SandyBeaches, FG, and Emily!

    WOW! This is really exciting news. The best keeps getting better!


  11. Emi said

    i must say that all of the pictures today ( well, everyday) are beautiful! Thank you all!


  12. grasshopper said

    Congratulations FG, SandyBeaches, and Emilyluvsarchie!!! I will be looking forward to reading your articles 😀


  13. SandyBeaches said

    So I said to my daughter, “Even though I was coughing all night I have to check in on the site because something may have happened in the night!”

    She replied, ” Well what could have happened?” That is one of the usual family questions.

    First of all, Angelica was ‘very’ funny last evening as she had written to me that she had another article underway. What a lovely surprise and my huge smile had a tear to go with it, the usual reaction when we are in one of David’s places.

    Thank you to everyone for welcoming us into the writing circle. I am in great company with FG and Emi!!

    In the last article I became competitive and asked if anyone could compete with the wonderful picture (De Luxe) of David that was from Angelica’s special collection? Well,the picture above is fantastic Angelica.

    Cheers to the gathering of angels, it is a fine place to be.



  14. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hats off to SandyBeaches, Funnygirl and Emilyluvsarchie! I’m thrilled to have you all aboard this awesome ride and am looking forward to all the different perspectives on our favorite subject. I’ve been a fan of SB’s musings since forever and was privileged to finally meet her last fall in Atlantic City where we became instant friends. 🙂 Emily has gifted us with her videos and it will be nice to get to know her better. Had a fun time with FunnyGirl last night in chat! Here’s to more good times!

    Getting ready to watch Univision now…


  15. emmegirl said

    Love the additions! Diversity..the spice of life!

    Leave you with this:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  16. Abrra said

    Get OUTTA my head!!!

    I was going to post that. I decided to be good and not spam the thread with my addiction to pictures.

    Thank you 🙂



  17. FG said

    OH sweet nostrils of mercy. That pic of him holding the baby = Gahhhhhhh!


  18. ram said

    SB, FG and Emilyluvsarchie-This is exciting news! Looking forward to your fab articles.

    Emmegirl- “Diversity..the spice of life!” I likey spicy. Speaking of spicy, I wonder if Spicy Nacho will make a showing on Univision today?

    Baby + David = Adorable X infinity


  19. FG said

    His DNA simply MUST be replicated. Can’t wait to see his archubabies.


  20. SandyBeaches said

    Oh, that was so good and thank you Abrra for the reminder of the link. It was so good seeing all of the singers up close and watching the little clip on David!

    Bebe…hope that we will be at another brunch in the near future!!? Oh my, David holding the baby!!



  21. FG said

    I wonder how many of us ovulated lookin at that pic. Wonder if it was my last one. LOL


  22. FG said

    oh Abrra you are such a temptress. Nice one. I could park my minivan in there. I can hear God laughing at me right now.


  23. bebereader said

    FG#21 “I wonder how many of us ovulated lookin at that pic. Wonder if it was my last one. LOL”

    I think I just started again! haha


  24. Abrra said

    Somos El Mundo Behind the Scenes
    I watched the whole show in full screen, 10 inches from my face. Even though I do not understand Spanish, I was so moved. The producers and artists were present for the cause, egos left at the door. Their faces told the story of how proud they were to be selected to participate in this historical gathering for Haiti.Several times Michael Jackson’s name was spoken with such reverence.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I am sure his spirit was with them in the studio, watching over them. It shows how one life, lived for music, can affect the world. David was given a gift when he was invited to be a part of history for his culture.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  25. FG said

    Abrra- full screen and 10 inches from your face? Is that some sort of new medical stress test? LOL! It was a really well done behind the scenes special. I also noticed the MJ references. I am so happy that David was involved!


  26. emilyluvsarchie said

    Hi all! Thanks so much for the warm welcome, I’m very excited to be included here, what a wonderful group of people.I hope I have something of value to add! I’m on a little weekend trip with the family to an indoor water park, with friends. Lots of fun, but limited access to the internet!

    *Waves to FG*, It was fun meeting you in Ann Arbor, you’re hilarious! Everything about that concert was fabulous, wasn’t it? Oh, and mom says “Hi!”.

    Hi Sandybeaches,let’s hope we soon have more concerts so we can meet!

    Emmegirl, I’m away for half a day and come back to a pic of David holding a baby? My 2 favorite things! Not fair, how am I supposed to go now and get on a water slide? Not fair at all! emily


  27. silverfox said

    I’m watching the special on Univision. ( I recorded it )

    My take is that all the artists sang many parts in studio, then Emilio, Gloria and the other producers “chose” the “best” for each part, keeping in mind it was not about the artists, but about making Somos El Mundo the best it could be. The producers, who are experts and have an “ear” for the best vocals for each part, decided correctly I might add, that David Archuleta was one of the best and therefore even though not as well known in the Latina music scene, had three solos. I don’t think any of the Artists knew beforehand which, if any, of their parts would make the final version, IMO.

    I think David could have sung the WHOLE song and made it as much a Classic as the first version 25 years ago or the current Spanish version. IMO, of course. I would love to hear David sing the whole song. What a gift that would be!


  28. FG said

    Oh Emily – the Ann Arbor concert…sigh….what a special gift it was. The odds of him coming to Ann Arbor! Are you from Michigan? I cannot remember. I can still remember, as clear as a bell, seeing his cheek bones vibrate and watching him leave the stage. At first I wasn’t gonna watch him go but then I changed my mind. It still hurts. BUT MOVE ON WE MUST! new year, new single, new CD, new stuff! BRING IT ON!!!


  29. FG said

    fixed link-Abrra


  30. FG said

    thinking about making that car bumper magnet – does the link work?


  31. emilyluvsarchie said

    FG, I’m from West Virginia, one of the (i believe it was )4 states David recently tweeted he had never visited!


  32. Abrra said

    The Link went to your shopping cart. Thx for the lift 😉

    I didn’t see any magnet.



  33. emmegirl said

    There’s just no way I couldn’t post that pic… it blew the needle right off the “gggaaaaahhh!” meter.


  34. FG said

    thanks abrra – I made a car magnet bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be at a DAVID ARCHULETA concert!” with the red shirt peace sign pic.


  35. SandyBeaches said

    As I have said in another comment I have a bad cold and I have taken cough medicine which makes one sleepy.

    I was feeling too out of it to get a phone book to find the number for a restaurant so that my travelling family could pick up dinner.

    So, I decided to call information at 411.

    The problem is that I called 911 and I was asked “What is yout emergency?”

    They wouldn’t let me off of the phone until they had my full name, address, age and on and on. To be convinced that I was not being held in confinement I was told that they might make a visit.

    The doorbell rang, the big dogs barked and the RCMP (police) were at the door.

    I convinced them that I was OK even though they looked over my shoulder. I don’t think that I will continue with the cough medicine.

    I won’t complain about my confinement (no concerts for months) anymore either. Everyone in my family is laughing at me though…I have an envelope from the RCMP looking for a pledge for crime stoppers and I wasn’t going to reply. I must find my cheque book!



  36. Abrra said

    Sounds like a shake-down to me!

    Funny! and so YOU 🙂



  37. SandyBeaches said

    Dear Abrra, as you were writing I was writing…

    I ‘was’ going to ask, “Which one of you angels was trying to smarten me up, was that you Abrra?”

    I have my answer!!



  38. tawna21 said

    welcome to all of you new writers–I can’t wait to read your musings on the best subject in the world—David and his VOICE!!

    The pictures today—WOW!



  39. bebereader said

    What is it about David holding a baby that sends us over the moon? Idk but it sure does.

    SB You make me laugh! 😀


  40. bebereader said

    Five seconds of David in The Making of Somos El Mundo!


  41. betsy said

    ♥New writers♥
    So glad to see you all!
    SB – I’ve always enjoyed your writing. Glad you will be doing more of it.
    FG – So glad you’ll be adding your funny voice to the Voice! We fangirl over the same things.
    Emily – Really glad you will be contributing! I don’t believe I’ve ever thanked you for the videos you tirelessly take. Grand Rapids is very special to me. You will never know how much. 🙂
    So, thank you you lovely girl!


  42. pabuckie said

    from @kooolkojak 6 min. ago

    mr. @davidarchie is singin hit honduran cheeks off

    Wow! Didn’t think David would work on a Sunday!
    I’m wondering if this means he is singing something in Spanish maybe???


  43. Abrra said

    David and Luis Fonsi

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Found it on Soul David.



  44. munkmusic said

    David doesn’t usually work on Sunday if he can help it. There must be a deadline. That means things are getting close. We might hear some new music soon!


  45. tawna21 said

    SB#35—I can’t stop laughing, and neither can my husband!! That is just too funny! I would have crawled into a hole if I had seen the police at my door, even tho’ the dispatcher gave a warning that they might be showing up. Your family has one on you that will probably last a loooonnnnggg time!

    Hope you get feeling well really soon!!



  46. tawna21 said

    Admins., is the time in the comments on my screen supposed to be my time or another time zone? I can’t remember. It’s no big, earth-shaking problem, I’m just curious.



  47. Abrra said

    I asked about this and it seems to be set at the whim of wordpress. I never noticed it was off until this recent daylight savings time.



  48. pabuckie said

    Hope everyone has SWEET DREAMS tonight 🙂


  49. silverfox said

    Abrra, just saw your post on the previous thread about your Mom & “Baby”…{{{{HUGS}}}
    I’m always trying to catch up on everyone’s comments…

    SB, Hope you feel better real soon.

    David has been known to work Sundays when necessary…remember he had concerts on Sunday during the tours. David seems to be on a tight schedule now. Perhaps due to something brewing in the background about an overseas appearance??? Anyway, he is and always has been very focused on what he needs to do to get things done. No whining, no excuses.

    David, hoping you have a very good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  50. bebereader said

    pabuckie#48 Loved your cool….uh hot video!


  51. emmegirl said

    SF, she’s back. 🙂


  52. Angelica said

    Patty Ann Pabuckie,

    Have mercy! Those pics! I watched it the first time without even noticing that I had forgotten to turn the sound on. 😛

    I already did this when I posted this thread but will add again my heartfelt welcome to our newest writers, Funny Girl, SandyBeaches, and Emilyluvsarchie.

    Please know that if you have an article you want to submit, you do not have to be on staff to have your work published. I will try my best to get your voice heard. Remember the motto of The Voice on this post above. Passion + sincerity = eloquence.


  53. emmegirl said

    lmbo Angelica.

    Yep, nice work pabuckie.


  54. djafan said

    Been away for a few hours and come back to SB’s hilarious happenings. It makes for great stories for the younger generations. My family has several of them now they share with my grandkids.

    Abrra…watched the Somos El Mundo special and it brought tears to my eyes. They were all so committed to this cause, made me so proud that they recognize David and his undeniable talent.


    SF…glad to see you! I think things are happening that all of a sudden he needs to speed things up…getting antsy!

    Emmegirl…David holding baby….do you see how well he holds the baby? He’s going to make a heck of a father.

    Tawna…the time on wordpress didn’t change with the time change last weekend and since it never coincides with my time zone I never noticed. I believe it’s at central time now.

    Emily…yes thank you for all your great videos!

    Pabuckie….Boy you getting good at this…ahem.

    Week 5 AI…Long and Winding Road coming up.


  55. emmegirl said

    dja – I know, he looks like a pro and very comfortable.

    SB, your story was priceless!


  56. emilyluvsarchie said

    We just got home from our trip, and I wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcome. I’m very excited to get started, but tonight there are some quadratic equations waiting for me. 🙂 emily


  57. pabuckie said

    from @kooolkojak

    puttin da final touches on this @DavidArchie gangsta rap fiasco.

    I don’t know what in the heck that means.

    Thanks….glad you all enjoyed my video 🙂


  58. bebereader said

    Hmm. Interesting tweet from KooolKojak tonight:

    puttin da final touches on this @DavidArchie gangsta rap fiasco.
    7 minutes ago

    David + rap = can’t wait!


  59. SandyBeaches said

    #45 Tawna21…I am pleased that I have met your husband and that I gave him a laugh today. Please say ‘hello’ to him for me and I hope that he comes to another concert. My cold isn’t too bad right now as the adrenalin rush must have helped.

    It has been a fun day especially watching the making of Somos El Mundo…



  60. SandyBeaches said

    Wow Bebe, that is quite a ‘tweet’!! I think that this album is going to be outstanding… 😉



  61. SandyBeaches said

    Pabuckie, I loved your video and I have put it in with my collection of favorites…



  62. pabuckie said

    And I forgot to mention Sandybeaches that you’re story had me rolling on the floor I even spit out my coffee when I read it!!


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