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Archive for March 13th, 2010

Keeping Mama Happy

Posted by tawna21 on Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monday morning,  Feb. 22.  Twitter home page.  Lots and lots to read.  Scrolling down.

Wait!    What.  is.  this?!

8:31 am Feb. 22 on Twitter
Mike Krompass would love to see @DavidArchie fans at the @DavidOsmond1 concert! Get tix here:

What?  Mike Krompass will be at David Osmond’s album release concert!  (Heart is racing!)  Where is it?  The Covey Center, right here in Provo, Utah?!  This could be a possibility!  Okay, when is it?  Monday, March 1.  Dang it!  My husband works Monday nights!  Okay, there has to be a way to make this work.  I better make a phone call.

ME:  How do you feel about going to David Osmond’s concert next Monday night?  It’s in Provo, so we wouldn’t have to travel to SLC.”
HUBBY:  “I work Monday nights, remember.”
ME:  “I know, but couldn’t you trade with someone?  I really want to go, and the tickets are on sale now.”
HUBBY:  “Let me see if John will switch with me.  I’ll check with him tomorrow.  He’s not working today.”
ME:  (panic rising)  “But, the tickets are on sale now and I don’t know how fast they will go and there are some really good seats right NOW and If I have to wait until tomorrow they will probably all be gone!!”
HUBBY:  “OK!  Go ahead and get them.  I’ll work something out.”

Alright then.  Call the Covey Center.  Purchase the tickets–Mezzanine, front row, center.  Awesome.  Relax.  Aagh!!

So, that’s how that Monday morning went.  It certainly wasn’t a typical Monday morning.  Neither was the rest of the day.  I was sure that my day at work was never going to end.  It was like busting it out to “Zero Gravity” all morning, and then stopping dead still for “To Be With You” during the afternoon.  David can start and stop like that and it looks great, but it’s just a frustration to me.  I wonder if he ever gets his soft, beautiful downy, feathers ruffled and wonders how things are going to work out?  So, the afternoon dragged on forever!  My husband got his work arrangements taken care of (after some reminders from me), so everything was set for March 1.

Monday, March 1st.  My heart was racing.  Why am I so excited?!  I have never been an Osmond fan.  What is my deal here?  Oh yeah, silly me, Mike Krompass, Alex Rowe and Drew Steen are going to be there.  So, yes, I’m going to David Osmond’s album release concert mainly to see the guys in the band.  Weird.

Arriving at the Covey Center, we started towards the will call ticket window.  My husband bee-lined for it in a straight path, but I’m gawking around looking for some familiar faces.  Heart stop!!  There’s David Osmond!  He’s out in the crowd mingling on the other side of the lobby.  My gosh, he is tall!!  And might I add, Osmond good-looking.  Then when I turned around to focus on getting the tickets, there was MomJulee and her husband.  We exchanged some hello’s and small talk.  They are such nice people to be around.  But, then, they are David Archuleta people, and aren’t they the best kind of people to be with?  We’ve all learned, or are learning still, to be better people than what we were two years ago.

Throughout the evening, I couldn’t help but remember how we fell in love with David’s band members.  How well they all worked together for David.  It was so amazing to see how these professionals come together here and there and make it work for the artist they are working for at that moment.  I wondered if some day David will have his “own” band?

David Osmond

David O sang well, he interacted with the audience well, but it just wasn’t The Voice that makes my heart skip beats and sometimes all but stop.

As the evening at the Covey Center ended I was really thankful that we had gone.  On the way home, I casually commented to my husband that Richard Parkinson has a musical group that plays around the Salt Lake Valley, and I might want to check it out sometime.  He  bristled a little and stated, “I don’t really want to start following all of these people around just because they know David Archuleta!”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Wrong answer!

I reminded him that if I hadn’t been aware of Mike, Alex, and Drew because of David we wouldn’t have gone to the David Osmond’s concert and discovered that we admire his talent and I refreshed his memory on why we went to Kurt Bestor’s Christmas concert which I also reminded him he really enjoyed and declared he wants to go again and it was all because his name surfaced in my head last year because of David’s “Christmas From the Heart” album and I further reminded him (like he can ever forget) of my undying admiration for David Archuleta and the good things that he does constantly for those around him and that it just really doesn’t hurt us to support other people by showing up at a concert or gig to see what they are all about and I then reminded him that Richard did quite a bit of arranging and producing on David’s Christmas album which I brought to his recollection he really loves so much that did I need to remind him how he saw to it that three of the CD’s were gifted to his co-workers?

With memory fully restored, he conceded and we drove home in a state of wedded bliss.  😆

Where would we be if David Archuleta had decided against auditioning for American Idol?  I would still be grumpy most of the time because I didn’t have a young man with a velvet voice singing and tweeting and blogging about life and showing by example how to live in harmony with the Universe.

“May today there be peace within.”  Mother Theresa.

” If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”   Jeff Foxworthy

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