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Lessons Learned on the Road

Posted by Abrra on Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recently  David tweeted, “About to watch The Color Purple starring Fantasia!  Really excited to see the show!”  This tweet was music to my ears.  Fantasia Barrino, winner of the third season of American Idol, is a great talent so worthy of Broadway star status.  On Idol she sang “Summertime” from Porgy & Bess.  Fantasia, on her knees, gave an iconic performance.

The singer’s career since has been a fast climb to success.  Her platinum album, “Free Yourself,” earned four Grammy nominations.  In her co-written autobiography, “Life is Not a Fairy Tale”, Fantasia talks about her struggles with illiteracy.  Simple things like reading to her young daughter or more complex tasks such as reading recording contracts eluded her.  Fantasia’s desire to reach for the stars came with a price.  She starred in The Color Purple as Celie, the used and abused Southern woman who, over the course of four decades, finds her voice and herself.  Several performances a day challenged her skills and her stamina.  The strain on her voice over time took its toll in the form of a cyst on her vocal cords.  Surgery to remove the cyst was successful.  It was during recovery from this surgery that her financial plight came to the surface.

Fantasia was so busy working that she lost touch with her business side.  Managers and accountants were not looking out for her best interest.  Her epiphany came when she was attempting to pay for a pizza with her credit card.  The card was declined.  She called her manager and learned that bills were not being paid.  This was a red flag that screamed, “Wake up Fantasia!”  Being sole support for her daughter, mother and brothers had drained her bank account.  She gave them anything they asked for and now it was time to make changes.  Fantasia learned to take back her life.  “I have to be in control of it all,” she says.  “I’m glad that I went through it because now it has made me stronger and wiser, and I know that I can’t allow people to just take control of my destiny.  I now say no with a quickness.”

I was moved by her new single, “Even Angels.”  The Fantasia I remembered is back doing music that reaches out and grabs your heart. When she performs this song she makes you believe that she has learned life lesson #1~ Trust in yourself.

First step, take a deep breath
You don’t need a reason why
You can, you can take, take time
You can, you can walk, run, dive
Close call, you think you might fall
But all you gotta do is try
Even angels, even angels learn… to fly.

As she revealed her story of misplaced trust and being taken advantage of by management, accountants and some family, I began to realize more fully the pressures that must weigh on David since idol.  His strength of character, faith and family support have carried him far.  But this journey has barely begun and ahead of him stretches a long and winding road.

161 Responses to “Lessons Learned on the Road”

  1. annmargaret said

    Abrra hello! You and I spoke on the phone about a year or so ago.
    I too have thought about David and the responsibilities that come with rather quick success. I think David is yet again wise beyond his years. I read an interview when he was asked what things he had splurged on. He said he’s keeping the money because if he needs it one day it will be there. Wow! I don’t know of many 18 or year olds who possess such wisdom.
    I think he will do just fine in the years to come.
    The Voice is my favorite site! You ladies have done a great job!


  2. annmargaret said

    Sorry, I meant to say 18 or 19 year olds.


  3. silverfox said

    Abrra, beautiful article about Fantasia. I think her Summertime performance was one of the best on AI and I’m happy she has a handle on her life now. She’s had a hard way to go.

    I don’t worry much about David ever being taken advantage of as far as his finances. For some reason, I think he’s pretty aware of where & how HIS money is being spent. 😉 Which may also be why he has his dad as his Business Mgr, at least I think that’s his title (read that somewhere?).

    I’m more concerned about him not being in control of where & what direction his career takes him. As long as he’s contracted with JIVE, and he’s not selling millions of records, he is still at the mercy of his label. Whether we like it or not. **sigh** Someday though, David will have total control, then watch out world, cause we really haven’t seen nuthin’ yet!!

    Excited about the Spanish We Are The World version with David!! It should be awesome and wouldn’t it be even more awesomeage if he’s approached by those producers involved about recording a Spanish album? 😀

    Have a great day, see ya later!


  4. Abrra said


    Welcome to The Voice! It’s nice to reconnect after so long. Thank you for the kind words.



  5. djafan said

    Abrra…great article about the first person whose singing I felt from AI and great performance on the Oprah show. I had been saddened by the trouble she was experiencing and then didn’t hear about her anymore. I watched the Oprah show where she shared her story and where she was now after learning some lessons the hard way, she seems to be on her way up and I wish her the best. I have purchased Even Angels, beautiful song.

    It’s interesting for all the anxiousness I sometimes feel about David, his traveling, is he eating right, taking vitamins, have someone with him in public, even though I get frustrated by the lack of promotion I don’t worry about that. Now about the money is something I never worry about, I remember him being asked about his winnings from Star Search and he said he still had it, that you never know what may happen with people going bankrupt and all. I then knew that he is aware of his finances.

    “His strength of character, faith and family support have carried him far”

    This I believe is so strong that it gives me comfort. Sometimes the comments here also give me comfort, several times there have been comments that David may be the one taking things slow, building a solid foundation, not wanting to rise before he feels ready…and I’ll be here for as long as it takes.

    SF…Nuestra Navidad was produced by the Estefan’s, his performance of the NA at the latino president’s party, the epic rendition of Contigo at the Alma Awards, Como La Flor in his solo tour, three times and he impressed them enough to be invited to participate in this recording which will be heard worldwide. He will be with some amazing company on Friday and hoping those connections that need to be made for the Spanish album David has to record will happen.

    Annmargaret….Glad to see you here and thank you for your kind words.


  6. betsy said

    I have always loved Fantasia ever since she came out singing Bonnie Raitt on AI. And that version of Summertime was the best thing I’d ever seen on that show up to then. When she cried afterward and said “I was just feeling my song” – it’s stuck with me.

    American Idol teaches these singers about the singing & competition – maybe they could add a business management lesson. Or steer them in the right direction.

    Great post Abs.


  7. Abrra said


    I agree with you about educating the contestants. Another class about “Fame” would be helpful.It can twist and mutate relationships be they personal or public.

    My gut tells me that AI is all about the drama that ends up on the TV each week, not about how the young people fair after the lights go out.



  8. betsy said

    My gut tells me that your gut is 100% correct.


  9. Joner said

    Very nice Abrra. I have wondered about what happened to Fantasia. The last time I remember seeing her was when she did a sort of “over the top” performance on Idol that left Simon rolling his eyes. She quite possibly could have been in the midst of her financial problems at that time.

    As far as American Idol educating contestants on business management, that would be an interesting twist. The manipulators teaching them about manipulation. Very intersting indeed…


  10. Joner said



  11. TOfan said

    Fantastic, post, Abrra, thank you!!!

    As others have mentioned, Fantasia’s performance of Summertime was one of those “what just happened?” moments for me.

    It’s sad that so many great artists have either had their finances mismanaged or embezzled (Billy Joel and Leonard Cohen come to mind, but there are so many others).

    I chuckle at David being so “thrifty” but I hope it also means he’ll keep an eagle eye on such things.


  12. Tawna21 said

    Abrra, what a pleasant and soft-spoken article you have done here. It really is very tender to me. I haven’t known anything about Fantasia other than seeing her perform “Summertime” via YouTube and her ‘Simon-rolling-his-eyes’ performance on AI. It makes me excited to see someone being able to rise above the fall-on-your-face challenges presented to them. It kind of brings back David’s Napolean Hill quote, “Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. Most people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” David has enough wisdom coming from his 19-year old soul to stop us in our tracks. As older, and should be wiser, fans we are constantly amazed by him. He truly is our catharsis through not only his music, but also his example of daily living. Oh to be as wise.



  13. gladiola said

    Not only ignorance is a barrier, also suffer from extreme shyness is. No study, no relationships, no work, I understand and admire Fantasia for having overcome that barrier. I thank many people could leave behind all that, but if I myself did not help me, or took the first step, everything would be in the same way. It is therefore important to ask for help, someone is always listening.
    I finished studying, I began my career in law, I am studying English again and two years ago that I relate to people around the world and feel appreciated.
    Oh I forgot, I have a little brother of black hair straggling in the world that makes me smile and feel happy. And I have a new home, and in there every night I enjoy a lot of friends, our main theme?, Black-hair little brother.


  14. Amira said

    Hello-I just want to stop to say that I really love this site and the people that comment here. Every single article is great and the page is beautiful.Thank you for the hard work.


  15. Amira said

    Abrra-I forgot to say that i enoy listening to the voice unplugged chanel while I am working. I love to hear David’s voice all day.


  16. Abrra said

    Thank you all for the comments. I wasn’t at all sure that my interests would fly unless David was the focus. I see his spirit in so many areas. I hope to explore them in coming articles.

    Well said. David has a steel spine that serves him well in life.

    It may have been that, or the fact that she came off of the play to appear on Idol. She seemed to have packed her “stage voice” in her overnight case. 🙂

    Thank you for your take. I really like that you posted those quotes. Food for thought, yumm! 😉

    I like what you said. If you want something badly enough, you find the way to achieve it.

    I just enjoy so much when I see new visitor’s post here. Please comment often and jump in the chat when you see us there, deal?



  17. JEB said

    Interesting article and discussion! I have been thinking for awhile now that AI and particularly Simon do not understand that in America we nurture talent and treat it as something special. By this I mean that it is funny when Simon makes snarky comments to the contestants that are truly lacking in talent. But when they trash the reputations of the talented contestants late in the competition (who obviously have a fanbase) in order to manipulate the outcome of the show then large numbers of people turn off the show forever. (I think AI noticed a drop in a certain segment of viewers since they are now trying to entice Archuleta fans back by comparing Aaron Kelly to David!) AI would be smart to realize that the talented contestants should be nurtured during the show and after. They also need to let the competition play out on a level field by not manipulating song choice to favor one contestant over another, not change voting rules at the last moment, not send Simon out to talk shows to manipulate the vote etc. They just don’t understand that the public is smart enough to see through all that stuff – until things change I won’t watch the show anymore.


  18. bebereader said

    Abrra: Really cool article! I missed Fantasia’s year; I didn’t start watching American Idol until season 4. From what I’ve seen of her on Oprah and her guest appearance on AI, I find her to be very down to earth, with a heart of gold and a beautiful voice. Sound like anyone we know? It’s easy to see why you’re her fan.

    I just clicked on the video and believe it or not, that was the first time I saw Fantasia do “Summertime”. Her performance was so professionally done that I was oblivious to the American idol logo in the background!

    More later…


  19. betsy said

    I have to add that I am loving the pictures chosen to grace the left side of the site.


  20. bebereader said

    Betsy: We are always ‘in sync. No wonder you’re my twin!

    Bringing my comment over from last night on the previous post because it bears repeating:

    “That Alma Award pic on the left sidebar top makes me feel so good! Another good feeling: A friend of mine went to Disney in Orlando, Florida this week for a little R&R. She just emailed me that she’s having a great time and…

    “Bebe, wanted to let you know, they must really love David Archuleta here because I hear him often on the radio and at the mall’s public sound system!”

    Update: I just heard from my friend again:

    “….I’m on a Disney Boat heading from Downtown Disney back 2 our resort. David Archuleta is on the their speakers singing Crush”


  21. Emi said

    Very interesting story Aabbrraa and I am especially glad for the “happy ending/new beginning for Fantasia!

    My big brother was an attorney turned “Olympic swimmers’ first agent.” He signed represented and promoted Olympic Swimmers (and other Olympic gold medalists) and was credited with bettering the sport of swimming by opening doors for post graduate careers in swimming. What he found was that the swimmers had spent most of their lives.. Swimming.. and they needed training and mentoring in many areas! It makes sense really. I think Idol does a lot of mentoring and preparing its artists for stage and performing but I have no knowledge of what happens after the tour is over. Perhaps just lifting the artist into the limelight is Idol’s only part. I am sure the artists get lots of attention from long lost cousins and financial managers and it becomes confusing to know who to trust. I think Davids early success with Star Search, followed by his career threatening illness, prepared him well to protect himself and to make good decisions, ( as well as teaching him to be proactive and thoughtful about how he handles his fame and fans) I think his mentoring by Kalen has prepared him as well. David has long understood the value of “having support and keeping grounded” and it’s amazing to me that when the storm of his career hit, he appears to be ready for it.


  22. Angelica said

    OK, that was scary. *climbs down from ledge* I couldn’t get onto The Voice when I got home and started to panic till I found I also couldn’t get into wordpress, Orlyy, or SnowAngelz either. I knew then it was a wordpress issue and they seemed to have fixed it now.

    I love your article Abrra. Fantasia seems like an awesome lady with a lot of heart and talent. I would pay to see her life story in a movie. Beautiful testament to the power of the human spirit to rise above defeat and despair.

    Don’t think that will happen to David. He is devout, upright, frugal, self-denying, methodical, and stubborn. My husband told me a long time ago after hearing David in an interview, “That boy’s got his head screwed on tight.” I agree; I thing he’s gonna do just fine.

    Betsy, I like the left side pics too. Was that last pic there yesterday, dja? If so, how did I miss that?! He is rockin that plaid shirt, eh?


  23. Abrra said

    She starred in a Lifetime movie about her life a few years ago.

    Life Is Not a Fairytale:The Fantasia Barrino Story is on ITunes for $3.99

    I left it off as it wasn’t relevant to the end point of my article. Her turn around came after the movie.


  24. djafan said

    Angelica…it wasn’t there yesterday…lol

    I think I’ll add as I find nice pics.


  25. djafan said

    Watching Premios Lo Nuestro here.

    These are the best of the best latino singers.


  26. beebee said

    Abrra, I love this article (and thread!) every which way! I forgot just how much I liked Fantasia. (That OTT AI performance last year hurt me more than it hurt her, I think!)

    I do try to keep my David worrying to a minimum, which is not too difficult for me because I am ever aware that, one, David is so young and only in the early stages of a magnificent career… not to mention the guy is just an amazing human being (“they broke the mold…”) As Emi summed up so well, he gained considerable experience pre-idol. And, dangit, he’s SMART. (“He takes what works for him and leaves the rest.” Was that from Paula?) I’m always so utterly blown away when I pick up on his healthy pragmatism. As the saying goes “his mama didn’t raise no fool.” And Lordy, the courage he’s shown in taking on new challenges… guh!

    I find it stunning how extraordinarily well he has handled EVERYTHING and I always remind myself that I wouldn’t ever want to shield him from LIFE—because if anybody’s equipped to handle it, he is. He can take it, and he can make it better (for the rest of us!) by putting it/himself “out there” and taking it on. Even he himself realizes that your trials make you wiser and stronger. Yes, there will no doubt be bumps of every flavor — personal, professional, artistic, financial — such is life. But he has a secret weapon: He’s David. And he’s only n.i.n.e.t.e.e.n. (!!)

    While Jive may not have exactly the right bead on David (drives me NUTS), I also have to remember that David himself is in the midst of getting a bead on his own musical self. Happily, there is SO much to work with…and TIME… plenty of TIME. As always, I find myself pinching myself in disbelief that he even EXISTS and that I get to follow his journey. I care a whole lot, but I tend not to worry too much. 🙂 (Trust the Archuleta.)

    JEB, I hear ya!

    Joner… was thinking the same thing about “manipulators teaching manipulation.” I’m afraid it wouldn’t serve 19’s agenda too well to teach contestants how to protect their own best interests. *not holding breath*

    DJafan! “…David may be the one taking things slow, building a solid foundation, not wanting to rise before he feels ready” — Does anybody remember that fan vid when David was signing autographs and a fan informed him that “Crush” landed at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100? (He couldn’t believe it!) I think it was then (or in reference to that “win”) that he said [paraphrasing] “Slow and steady is the way to go.” (Dang his smart self!)

    Again, Abrra, great article! 🙂

    *waves to everybody!*


  27. bebereader said

    dja I’m watching it too but don’t understand most of what they’re saying except buenos noches y muchas gracias! LOL


  28. cb said

    I hope that Fantasia really does have a grip on what she needs to do to not end up in financial trouble again. Hopefully she has trustworthy people now and has really learned to say NO. As TOFAN pointed out there are older wiser people, like Billy Joel, who have been taken advantage of.
    I enjoyed your article Abrra. I know for sure David is thrifty, but I kind of hope he has heard Fantasia”s story anyway. There are some good lessons there. I wish Fantasia the best.
    Has anyone seen her VH1 series yet?


  29. Angelica said


    How could I forget to include smart? Mr. 4.0 GPA. He is a sponge, soaking in what he sees will work and wringing out what he has no use for. I think it was in Manila that he talked about this being an actual business. I like to think the McFly boys discussed with him the ins and outs of going totally independent with their own label.

    Dja, you say he said he still has his winnings from Star Search. In Dean Kaelin’s journal, I believe he said a small portion was spent on studio equipment and the bulk of the winnings was invested in property in Florida in David’s name. So in that sense, he still has it as it has probably increased in value over time. In other words, he did not blow it; it is still in the form of assets. He is no fool when it comes to money I think. He has a good head on his shoulders. Just look at that last pic on the left. 8)

    Beebee, did he really say something like slow and steady is the way to go? Why is there only one of him? They certainly did break the mold. He needs to have lots and lots of babies so the world can be populated with lots of Archuleti.


  30. djafan said

    Beebee….“Slow and steady is the way to go.” (Dang his smart self!) Can we clone him?

    Angelica…I’ve never read the kaelin book, I quoted what he said from a late night talk show he was on, the one were he drank water from a cup…forgot the name of the host. I didn’t know he had done all that…good choices.

    Still watching the Premios show…lol


  31. beebee said

    Angelica, SMART & PRAGMATIC… and yes, he actually did say “slow and steady” re: gaining one’s footing in the charts/the biz… over time. I did not dream that. Just don’t remember when/where I saw/heard/read it. (dang brain cell. can’t do a thang with it.) So many musicians (big ones) really love & respect him, so I bet they’re at the ready with advice and insights, too. And as we all know… he’s more than capable of taking what of that advice works for him, and leaving the rest.


  32. emmegirl said

    Abrra, great article, and Fantasia, too, captured my attention in the small amount of AI viewing I did back then. Hope nothing but the very best for her.

    beebee, you are the be-be-best!! Love you post!

    Angelica, “Archuleti” … this is the most adorable archu-ism I have yet to hear!


  33. silverfox said

    David is in Miami and he just tweeted:

    “Caught some of Premio Lo Nuestro. Congrats to Aventura for the 5 awards and to all of the other and winners performers!” 6 minutes ago

    But he didn’t say he was actually at the show or watched it on TV. I think he watched it on TV..

    I just cannot wait til we see the Spanish version of “We Are The World”…

    Good night all, for David,

    Dear lord,

    Please take care of David.
    Watch over him, protect him from all harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him unconditionally as we, his devoted Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he feels weary.
    Give him stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt.
    Give him joy when he feels sad and never allow David to feel alone or lonely.
    Give us the wisdom to always do right by David.
    Help us support David so that it’s always in his best interest.
    CLOAK DAVID IN YOUR PROTECTIVE ARMS always and please keep David and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy Lord, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, have a good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  34. Abrra said

    Thanks everyone who came to the site and especially those who commented. I just love the community feeling this place generates. This site is for the fans and they add so much when they comment and discuss.

    Sf did her prayer, now I can go to bed knowing David has been protected 🙂
    Just realized there were no pictures in this thread. Are we slipping? 😉



  35. bebereader said

    Ohhhhh Abrra! That picture is beautiful!
    So you want more pics, eh?
    Ask and you shall receive!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  36. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  37. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  38. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  39. bebereader said

    Okay I’m done! 🙂
    Nite all!


  40. pam05 said

    Nice article Abrra, I have been watching Fantasia’s VH1 series for a while now. I hope she finds the strength to combat the manipulative people in her family and her Label/MGT.

    As far as the business end, she just took a test to see where shes stands in prep for working on her GED, and she is at a 7grade level. She needs someone to watch the business aspect of her career for her, whom she can trust and has the skills to do this.

    She is frustrated with her label because she has not had an album out in 2 years. Her brother sings back up for her and it seems like they are trying to talk her into letting her younger brother go on tour with them so he can learn the ropes. She is hesitant to do this because her younger brother Teeny is not trust worthy. He is manipulative and has a tendency to drink on stage and make a fool out of himself and the family. He is using your name to promote himself as an artist and acts resentful of her fame.

    Her family seems to be quite dependent on her. She has a tough battle ahead of her yet, I hope she finds the strength to say no and follows through with those words.

    David has said, this year he would like to learn and participate more in the business aspect of the music industry. And from what the band members have said, he is the boss and he makes all the decisions on tour. David’s maturity at such a young age continues to amaze me. I believe David has a good head on his shoulder’s and will be just fine “-)

    I apologize in advance for this long post 😀


  41. pam05 said



    @SU2C tell us who you would like to see on future @SU2C Specials would love to hear who you’d love to see


  42. Fiona said

    AAAAH those photos!!!!!!!! Are you guys trying to kill us off??!
    Wonderful way to start the day, thank you!!! 🙂


  43. refnaf said

    Great post Abs♥
    Season seveN is the only AI I have ever watched so I only saw Fantasia when she appeared on that season and I thought she was a little OTT. Thanks for the insights into her life and career. She surely can sing!!

    I hope David’s future does not include the kind of financial stress that can happen in this business…. he seems to not care to live the celebrity lifestlye so that will help, IMO.


  44. betsy said

    Those pictures! Thanks! Nice way to start the day. 🙂
    I’ll be back in 10 hours.
    That’s about as long as I can go.


  45. Abrra said


    Thanks for the info from the show. As you can see I could have written 5000 words on Fantasia, but I wanted to make the article more concise. What I love about blogging is that readers will always fill in the blanks. Great addition!


    I have watched every season. Besides David, Fantasia is the stand out talent I will never forget. If she can maintain her focus on career, she will be around for a long time.


    Thanks for the eye candy! What is a thread with out pictures, eh?

    Abrra (recovering spammer)


  46. FG said

    awesome pics! Is he not the most breathtakingly beautiful human being, inside and out, that you have ever seen?

    Who’s ready for a new tour? Here he is, singing FOR HIS VERY LIFE. I love him. His talent is limitless.


  47. silverfox said

    When David records his first Spanish album, he will become one of, if not THE biggest & most beloved Latino artist EVER. After watching the performers from last night’s awards show in Miami, I am sure of it. ’nuff said. 😉

    I had not seen this before from the ALMA awards. I love how he speaks Spanish so well..and the way he rolls his rrrrrrrrr’s! Aye que lindo, Dios Mio! 😆


  48. djafan said

    Abrra…that picture is … it just is!

    And then bebe you had to go at it….lovely pictures and yes FG I have never seen anyone more stunning inside and out.

    Pam05…no apology needed, take all the room you want. We love long posts. I’ve haven’t watched the VH1 special and you brought some information I was not aware of. I had watched AI from the get go and Fantasia is the only other performer that caught my interest…I wish her the best.

    FG what a way to start the morning, pictures, that my hand videos is so good.

    SF I had never seen that video…I loooooove it. You are right, I also watched Premios and while there some good performers there is and has been for a while a gap. My parents believe David will be larger than life once he puts out a spanish album and fills that gap.

    I’m going to watch David roll his rrrrr’s before I go to work.


  49. Abrra said

    Thanks for that GEM! I will get that up on Unplugged ! Here is another red carpet interview.


    from our own djafan: COUGAR WARNING!



  50. ram said

    Thanks everyone. Loving the videos and pics. I can see we are suffering this wait for more David and IT IS TOUGH!!!

    FYI Awesome pics to help tide us over at Snarky’s you might not want to miss.

    David, is so humble but dude’s gotta let it out on the Spanish WATW! Viva LA VOZ!


  51. Abrra said

    Thanks for the heads up on the Snarky’s pics. Here is the link to more of Kimmie’s pics. She is a wonderful photographer. There is a warmth and honesty to how she captures David.



  52. Emi said

    Thanks to all for the pictures and videos this morning. Beautiful

    Djafan I think i will be chuckling about the “I’m going to watch David roll his rrrrr’s before I go to work.” comment all day.. hahahaha very funny especially ’cause I am sure you did it…


  53. djafan said

    Abrra..thanks for this links….and my video…David look up…lol

    Ram….Viva La Voz siempre!

    emi…but of course I did…lol

    Here is a youtube of the rolling rrrrr’s.


  54. ram said

    Angelica #29- Delayed reaction. Dang it. I am dying here. Why oh why does the thought of “Archuleti” cause a lump in my throat and tears to come to my eyes.

    That is the sweetest thing! Oh my goodness gracious.


  55. bebereader said

    FG#46 “Is he not the most breathtakingly beautiful human being, inside and out, that you have ever seen?” Without a doubt! And that My Hands video was just awesome, too! Oh, for a solo tour!!!

    SF#47 Did you notice the loving way David looks at his Mom as she’s talking in that video? Can you or anyone else translate what David’s Mom said to the reporter?

    Here’s another video where David mentions being half Honduranian (did I spell that right?)? Rolling rrrrs FTW!


  56. sorry to all who searched for the angels video on the last thread (esp. bebereader & pabuckie) – I was unable to respond. Just got online & read the comments. Was on vacation in socal & returned home with a horrible cold, thus laid up for the past two days/nights. Love the SLC video, so I’ve tagged it. Thanks Pabuckie. Also appreciate your time searching, Bebereader. Didn’t mean to hit & run, just thought someone might have that one in their collection.

    Not sure the one I was referring to still exists. Spent several days searching for it early last year during the downtime before solo tour. Once the tour began, I totally forgot about it until viewing the angels video (either here or unplugged). Thanks though. The SLC is really good & don’t recall seeing it before.


  57. Abrra said


    New version of Adobe Flash player plugin is out.
    Get it here:
    Uncheck the box for scan, its not needed.

    Keeping Firefox and Flash player will help the chat room videos run smooth 🙂



  58. djafan said

    Somos El Mundo Red Carpet!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  59. Abrra said

    I looked at that picture and thought”David is either very LATE or very EARLY!”



  60. Abrra said



    TerraTV: Do you speak Spanish at home?
    David: Not much, but my Mom wants to practice more with me.
    TerraTV: Bring her over. Yes, please. How are you?
    Lupe: Well, and you?
    TerraTV: How do you feel about your son?
    Lupe: I’m nervous, especially tonight since he is representing our Latin people. So I’m well but nervous to hear him sing, in Spanish.
    TerraTV: At home, what do you like to eat? What Latin food do you like to eat?
    David: I eat tortillas with beans, yeah rice, rice with beans and tortillas. I mean that’s, that’s what, that’s all you guys ate really, right?

    Found at AFS.



  61. silverfox said

    Photo of the Latino artists singing Somos El Mundo..David is in the back row wearing a white shirt & vest..


  62. silverfox said

    The AFS translation of Lupe’s comments were slightly wrong. She said:

    “I’m PROUD, especially tonight since he is representing our Latin people. So I’m PROUD & ANXIOUS to hear him sing, in Spanish.”



  63. betsy said

    Another one bites the dust!
    Derek Sheldon – music blogger, has fallen in love with To Be With You. He is going to write about it tomorrow! He has been inundated with links to “the best one.” He’s having a contest, sort of. Will post the best one.
    I sent him the Kendra show in Utah. So have others.
    Spazzing here.


  64. betsy said

    Maybe this will work – copy/paste is broken so I just typed.


  65. jackryan4DA said

    Great article Abrra. I saw Fantasia’s self-starred biopic a couple of years ago (Hallmark Channel). It ended with her AI journey so that was inspiring. What comes after that, as your article detailed only emphasizes the significance of education, even among or more so, with public personalities. Thanks for a good read.

    OOT but I just need to check-in with ANGELICA, SB, DAWN, JOSIE, HAPPY, FG, JOYMUS, JONER & VEE — have you seen my email? Hope to hear from you, too 🙂

    Happy weekend everyone!


  66. djafan said



  67. emmegirl said

    While waiting for more We Are The World news…

    …need to hear him sing this like THIS again!


  68. bebereader said

    Another pic of David tonight on The Red Carpet:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  69. djafan said

    Remember Derek Sheldon who interviewed David a couple of weeks ago over the phone. He has this up on his site…another gets archufied.

    Tonight I came into the wonderment of discovering a new song. The Baron LOVES new songs which move him. The best present you can give me is a new song to fall in love with. The song title I came across tonight was written by Kara D and David Archuleta, and titled, ” To Be With You.” I decided to feature a post and personal take on this song tomorrow with a neat follow up to my interview with him. However, I need your help David Archuleta fans! I need to pick the video off YouTube to feature! So do you want to help me? Please leave comments below to which I should use..and if your choice is not offered, send me a comment as well with the link! You David fan’s are an AMAZING bunch! I am glad to be so fortunate to report on him and his career.


  70. bebereader said

    Abrra and SF: Thank you the English translation.

    Closeup of the picture Silverfox posted earlier:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    courtesy of David Archuleta Fanscene


  71. silverfox said

    Lucky girl!!


  72. djafan said



  73. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  74. djafan said

    Can I just say….Is he stunning or what?


  75. djafan said

    ABC News
    David Archuleta said it was great to see how many celebrities were willing to come together for the cause.
    “I love this song. It’s just great to be able to be a part of it in Spanish,” he said.
    Otros cantantes que participan en la grabación de este viernes son Banda El Recodo, Carlos Santana, Chayanne y David Archuleta.

    9&10 News

    MIAMI (AP) — Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Quincy Jones and other singers are partnering with Univision to record a Spanish-language version of “We are the World.” The song will be used to raise money for Haiti earthquake victims. Other singers participating include Carlos Santana and David Archuleta.

    New York Times
    Celebs Record ”We Are the World” in Spanish
    Published: February 19, 2010
    Other singers who were to participate in recording the track include Banda El Recodo, Carlos Santana, Chayanne, David Archuleta, Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano.


  76. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  77. bebereader said

    Finally a good group closeup!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  78. djafan said



  79. silverfox said

    Djafan #74, Yes, David is stunning!

    David is learning a new dance..Bachata..OH MY! David apparently wants to kill us! Believe me when I tell you..this is a very sensual dance! Look it up!

    Good night all, for David,

    Dear lord,

    Please take care of David.
    Watch over him, protect him from all harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him unconditionally as we, his devoted Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he feels weary.
    Give him stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt.
    Give him joy when he feels sad and never allow David to feel alone or lonely.
    Give us the wisdom to ALWAYS DO RIGHT by David.
    Help us support David so that it’s ALWAYS IN HIS BEST INTERESTS.
    CLOAK DAVID IN YOUR PROTECTIVE ARMS always and please keep David and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy Lord, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, have a good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  80. bebereader said

    Another lucky girl…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  81. emmegirl said

    Well, they said he was dancing at the pre-Grammy party and wondering if he is dancing tonite at a party after the recording.

    My hope is that he is trying to get used to dancing in public because he plans on doing more of it on his next tour!!

    Aaaaaahhhhggggg!!! Ya think?

    …I hope, I hope, I hope.


  82. bebereader said

    David and his beautiful Mom.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  83. Angelica said

    I am so happy he did the We Are the World song with the Latino artists in Spanish! See how everything happens for a reason? Also loving that vest with the shirt out. He is learning Bachata? I hope everyone takes the precaution of getting their affairs in order before the next tour. Not even kidding.


  84. FG said

    He loves bachata? His virginal eyes have seen this enough to declare his love? I don’t even know what to say anymore. What shall become of me?


  85. pabuckie said

    FG – I know, I know….what is gonna happen to us at the next TOUR!!!! I don’t know what to say anymore either! haha


  86. SabdyBeaches said

    These almost life size pictures!! Bebe, what are you really trying to do? I bet you laugh whenever you post a gorgeous and life-size pic. Knowing full well that you are making eyes go oh so very wide and jaws to drop!! Shame on you!!

    I always start scrolling from the bottom, so I came across these beautiful red sandals next to David and I wondered…”Oh, who is that ‘lovely’ going to be with David now?” Well, his gorgeous mom…they must be having a wonderful time.



  87. SabdyBeaches said

    #34 from Abrra…

    “Just realized there were no pictures in this thread. Are we slipping?”

    Now you have your answer thanks to the tormenter and teaser!



  88. Abrra said

    HA! You beat me to it. BUT, this one shows the man from the back where most showed the woman. IS that David’s dock? Who stole his piano???

    Just sayin’



  89. pabuckie said

    Abrra – what are u doing to me this early in the morning!! haha

    and Sandybeaches — are u buggin’ out–too much bachata in your OJ this morning…hahaha your name says Sabybeaches! lol


  90. SandyBeaches said

    Good heavens Pabuckie!! That dance really DID throw me over!! ‘SabyBeaches’..that has a different ring to it…where in the world is my coffee!



  91. pabuckie said

    Gosh! (we speak like David now–gosh, dang it — never said those words before in my life!) do we really have to wait till March 1st to hear the song now! I have no patience.


  92. SandyBeaches said

    Now #88…ah, that I can believe! Sorry Bebe, it is not really you teasing so badly but the tweeter himself!



  93. ram said

    He is gonna kill us.

    He would, I assume, do the social bachata which would not be the “other” that is done in the nightclubs. Still deadly.

    Hey Sabybeaches, lol. What has David done to you? lol


  94. SandyBeaches said

    I must go soon because I am spamming and I may have something thrown at me soon…but…A few months ago I said (perhaps in chat conversation), that David’s dancing was going to impress us just as much as his singing…I am keeping with that thought because it is going to become true…Every part of him is rhythmic, melodic and completely awesome!



  95. SandyBeaches said

    Oh Ram, ‘no’, no more teasing this morning! Maybe I will become Sabybeaches! The spamming wand needs to be returned I know…



  96. Abrra said

    Here you go!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Nice to see you back, my friend.


  97. ram said

    One more comment ‘fore I possibly get the wand upside my hed: The steps are pretty easy for the bachata so we will all know how do dance it by summer.

    I am shallow breathing. OMG,if he were to feature a bachata on his Spanish album I would just o–< RIP


  98. djafan said

    Good Morning Bachata!

    Abrra, that bachata I think is more lethal…so subtle and sensual….ay ay yay!

    We are in deep trouble….So anxious for the next single, album, and then hold on tight…maybe the spanish album.


  99. Abrra said

    Nice to see he has learned nada about changing his walk 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  100. pabuckie said

    David speaking Spanish from yesterday!!


  101. djafan said




  102. silverfox said

    First time on here today..and I am at a loss for words right now after seeing all the photos & the interview with David posted since last night…all I can say is…

    OH MY SWEET JESUS!!!!!!!!!


  103. ram said

    lol Djafan-

    Taking a deep breath … sigh- Roll with it! baybeh! 🙂

    Ouchh! That wand hurts!


  104. emmegirl said

    #99Abrra, haha! noticed that too!


  105. pabuckie said

    I don’t know Spanish but now if David keeps this up — I’m gonna have to learn a little bit, huh?


  106. djafan said

    Ram…I’m scared but it feels good…a good scared…lol

    Pabuckie…you’re going to have to because I don’t think it’s going awaaaaaay ayayaay!

    Feels like preparation for things to come…laying that foundation….OMG he is so smart…ksljfoasndgfoiajfoihjfojfs.


  107. emmegirl said

    So, did they ask him if he knew who sang in the original?

    And then he starts listing participants, lol….of course he would know!

    (and does he not look and sound gorgeous!)


  108. pabuckie said

    Are there any “free” online Spanish courses? haha


  109. pabuckie said

    Screencap please of .47-.48! ARCHUGAZE!


  110. pabuckie said

    Beautiful song to this video:


  111. SandyBeaches said

    Tell me the truth, by the time that everyone gets to comment #110, how big is your smile??? How fast is your heart rate?? But that is all good for the health!

    Abrra…that wand was smoking!



  112. emmegirl said

    SB, aaaall goood!


  113. pabuckie said

    A must-read article for all DAVID fans by Derek Sheldon!!


  114. djafan said

    SB…still smiling…wanted more…lol

    Wonderful article…read on.

    Derek Michael Sheldon

    I love the entertainment industry. I am glad to have been a part of it in my past and looking forward to giving my prospective insight for the future. I will probably be as controversial as most, but I tend to always compromise for the sake of fair.


    “To Be With You” A True Definition Of Love By David Archuleta
    DateSaturday, February 20, 2010 at 11:25AM

    David Archuleta courtesy of @canadianarchieRecently as you might be aware, I conducted a phone interview with the ever talented David Archuleta. As a good journalist I did my background and my scrutinous study of my potential subject. I knew David was the runner up on American Idol, I knew he launched his career after his placement on American Idol. I also knew he sang the song ” A Thousand Miles” sung originally by Vanessa Carlton on a YouTube video. I love “A Thousand Miles.” In short, I didnt know much about David past the print and I cannot say the same after I got off the phone with him. What I did learn quickly during and after our phone call was how gifted and humble of an artist he is. To me it is rare to find such a talented young man who wants to touch the world with his passion of music. It reminds me of myself in my younger days. His love of music is pure, and to me this is the truest form of music. Most artists exist only because of the fame, what the labels dictate, and the false impression of the dreams in our mind. In these dreams they make us believe by being famous and rich they are the only attributes and goals to life–this sadly is not the truth, and its quite misleading. The shining stars up above are a mere elusion to the reality dreams are a far reaching, and work and passion are the spaceship to get us to our goals. Even sometimes when we arrive there it is nothing like we thought. This is why I have to say I love David. I think he grasps this concept and doesn’t allow their hypnotic false light to sway his course to pure music as I term it. Music ISNT ABOUT MONEY, IT ISNT ABOUT FAME, it’s about MOVING A SOUL! PURE music are the goosebumps you get when you hear a song which moves you. I call it an artist’s “moment of truth” when you can truly feel they believe what they are singing.

    David Archuleta courtesy of @mmegannThis is what leads me to my post today. Somehow in my information gathering of David Archuleta I missed a truly touching song, “To Be With You. ” Nothing pleases my soul more than a song which touches my musical heart. “To Be With You” did just that–touched my soul. I have listened to well over 100’s of thousands of songs in my tenure, and I am a very harsh judge. The moment I heard this song I melted into it’s well formed lyrics, haunting violin, and progressive moving piano chords. The song is simplistically arranged with an arrangement of chords very familiar, a beautiful haunting violin up on the 5th, and touching lyrics about a journey to someone you love. The blending of vocals are perfect with David Archuleta and Kara Dioguardi. Maybe I was too harsh on Kara in my last post. It wouldn’t be the first time! I am pleased to be corrected by bluebird19 who left me a comment yesterday, “To Be With You” was written by Kara DioGuardi and Emanuel Kiriakou. I am most proud to see another Pennsylvanian made his mark in the world as Emanuel Kiriakou is from New Castle, Pennsylvania.

    David Archuleta courtesy of @maureen_abmsWe all know love, we all have lost love. I wish I had the answers to why God can give such a wonderful gift and take it away from us. The loss of love leaves us forlorn and desolate only to be reminded painfully by a feeling which once gave us such joy. I find love very confusing. I think this song speaks of the need of love and the need to be with someone to complete their soul. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, you are never too far away from this emotion. Everyone needs to be loved no matter what they tell you. Love is the only justification for your life. I do not think artists and composers such as David Archuleta, Kendra Lowe, Kara DioGuardi, and Emanuel Kiriakou have touched this sometimes lost and wondering heart of mine the way they have in a long time. David you have a new fan for life with the Baron of Music. Thank you for giving me the gift of this song, I will treasure it. Thank you also for the gift of remembering what it was like to love someone so much you would do anything…just to be with them.

    That’s all I have to say on that, and that’s The World As I Der See It!

    Derek Michael Sheldon, Baron of Music

    AND THE FEATURED WINNING VIDEO of “To Be With You” by the fans is:


  115. bebereader said

    SB#86: Posting those life size pics of David is a tough job but someone’s got to do it so it may as well be me. LOL Glad you enjoy them! I do remember that night in chat when you mentioned that David’s dancing is going to be as deadly as his singing. But did you have to be right? 😉

    Abs#88: haha That video is TAME! I think MAYBE I can handle seeing David do THAT bachata. I wondered where his piano went too!

    Pabuckie#91 “Gosh! (we speak like David now–gosh, dang it — never said those words before in my life!)”

    Add the word ‘fun-nee’ to that list!

    Oh my heavens that interview with David from last night was so very thudworthy! The original WATW came out in 1985, five years before David was born and yet he knows so many of the artists. Of course he knows Micheal Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Cindy Lauper, Lionel Ritchie, Bruce Springsteen; but how does he know Kim Carnes? Lost my head for a sec; David is a walking musical encyclopedia; he probably knows all the lyrics to “Betty Davis Eyes”.

    Found this fun-nee video on AOL. It’s Huey Lewis (no doubt David knows him, too) doing a short parody of WATW, changing a lyric or two. haha


  116. bebereader said

    New Weekend blog!

    Hey guys! Hope you guys have been having a good week. This week has been pretty crazy for me! I’ve been working a lot on the memoir that I’ve been working on, and it can be pretty challenging since I’m not used to writing and thinking about myself as much as I have to with this book lol. It’s really cool though because a lot of the things you may have forgotten about in your past start to come back when you start thinking hard and a lot about events and memories you have back there in your brain that might be a little rusty. They’re still there though, you just have to really take some time to ponder haha. It’s been challenging with all the other things we’ve had to do with the project too, but I’m looking forward to seeing how everything comes together at the end and sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself farther than you may normally be used to!
    Other than the book, I’ve also been working on some more writing and recording this week. I got to spend more time with Eman this week and I’m really pumped about the song we finished writing! I also recorded another song a few days ago at his studio which I think has a great message to it. I haven’t been able to get into music as much this week with all the work I’ve had to finish with the book, but I’ll be kickin’ back into gear next week back in LA.
    So now I’m back in Miami, and I’ve had such an awesome experience here! I was able to be a part of the Spanish We Are the World project “Somos El Mundo” and it was really great! Emilio and Gloria Estefan got the project together, and they along with their staff are some of the nicest people you could ever work with. This is the first time they’ve ever done this song in Spanish, so I’m really glad to have been a part of it with so many talented Latin artists. I love it when people come together to help out, because it really is amazing how much strength comes when people come together. It was neat being able to help in the Hope for Haiti telethon and see how much good came from everyone coming together to unite to help the people in Haiti. There’s power in numbers. The damage happened so quickly in Haiti, and now they need to recover from all that has happened there. I was watching the news last night and saw that Kris Allen went out to Haiti to help out. I thought that was so cool. I really look up to him for all that he does for other people. I know that he’s done a lot of missionary work in a lot of different places and countries, and I think people should do things like that more. Even if you aren’t able to go to a different country, you can still help by sending donations to good causes, or help out the people who may need your help even in your own country, state, or town.
    Being at the Somos El Mundo recording yesterday was my first time being around and meeting so many Latin artists. I was pretty nervous with the interviews and being new to that crowd, but it was really fun at the same time and a lot of really nice people. It was good to see PeeWee there, and Ednita Nazario was incredibly nice! Jon Secada, Cristian Castro, Ricardo Montaner, Chayanne, Thalia, and Luis Fonsi were some of the people there. I was like in shock and thought I was going to pass out when I met Luis Fonsi lol. He’s such an amazing singer. The video will premiere on Univision March 1st on Cristina. She’s a very popular Hispanic talk show host if you aren’t familiar with her. She was there yesterday as well, and it was crazy seeing her there because she’s just one of those people I never thought I’d get to meet. I remember watching her when I was little. But anyway I’ve written enough for today, so I will talk to you guys later! Ciao!

    Songs for the day:

    All You Need Is Love – Brandi Carlile
    Brandi Carlile has a new EP out with some covers on it, and she did a great rendition of this Beatles song.

    No Me Doy Por Vencido – Luis Fonsi


  117. pabuckie said

    I am in tears watching this video.


  118. Angelica said

    OM’ukg;rekrggirgk1!!! I can not handle a Spanish speaking, Bachata dancing David! Those rrrrr’s those moves…I thought he said he couldn’t speak hardly any Spanish. Un poquito, he said. Is it not enough that he has a voice that leaves you weak, a face that is one of the top ten beautiful faces to ever grace the earth, a heart and character forged out of pure gold…must he also begin to add soft, flowing consonants and sultry dance moves?

    He does not play fair. What else is he going to come up with. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys I trained to be an Olympic gymnast and can do a mean routine on the parallel bars?

    Pa#109 Here ya go! Monster.



  119. bebereader said



  120. pabuckie said

    Angelica 🙂 thank you — saved!!

    So Hypnotized… mesmerized…..and I just got to know…will u ever stop all that you can do…..are u holding back?…is there more to see!!:)


  121. pabuckie said


    @travisclark @DavidArchie dude how sick would it be if not only could you sing really well but also able to bowl a perfect game?? Haha


  122. Tawna21 said

    Well, well, what is going to happen to us now?! I’m in a stupor after having seen all the pics and bachata vids here. I think if I died right now, I wouldn’t be headed to heaven having viewed the bachata. Umm, yeah, did a google search to see what SF was talking about–she warned us, but did I heed? Ohhh Noooo, I had to see for myself! It’s a killer, and visualizing David doing it, has me turning the heat down in the house. He’ll have to go G or PG rated at any concerts or the paramedics will be working their rear-ends off to keep up with the fainting females!

    I sure hope he’s having a good time bowling, now that he’s got us all in a sweat!

    I think I’ll go finish cleaning the house.


  123. pabuckie said

    As some of you may know I made my first video of David a couple of weeks ago.

    Well, I decided to make another — here it is — for some reason when you search YouTube it’s still not uploaded. It’s been over 24 hours so I don’t know why.


  124. djafan said

    Translation….This young man has a great talent, I see him with a long and successful career, he sang his part very well yesterday

    Translation….Thanks a lot for your comments. It was a pleasure meeting you.

    eeeeekkkkk….sounds like a solo


  125. bebereader said

    djafan Thanks so much for the translations! Yeppers, it certainly sounds like a solo to me! 🙂


  126. Angelica said

    Pa!! Beautiful video! Love the song choice, (stalker 8) ) and those amazing Jennifer Barry pics. Editing images with lyrics is getting better. You go girl! Keep em coming!


  127. pabuckie said

    Thanks Abrra and Angelica — I’m trying! 🙂


  128. bebereader said

    Pabuckie, I’m sorry I missed your video before but I saw it now! You choice of pics complement the song beautifully. It’s a ‘must-have’ for The Voice Unplugged. Hear that, Abs? Pa, we play your other one, “Looking Through The Eyes of Love” very often.


  129. pabuckie said

    Angelica – I only have Windows Movie Maker and I don’t know how to put “moving” images or clips from other videos into it. Don’t know if it’s even capable. That’s why I can only use Still Pictures.


  130. Abrra said


    I use this to make clips from other videos.



  131. silverfox said

    It DOES sound like David had a solo part in Somos El Mundo! Smart people, Emilio & Gloria or whoever made THAT decision. 😉

    Angelica #118..GULP, THUD!!

    David is happy & safe tonight with family in Miami and having a great time! Bowling?? Just thinking about David bowling makes me happy. And I KNOW it’s private family time, but I would LOVE to see pics of David bowling! Not members of his family, but him, just him..seeing him concentrate & focus on the pins, aiming the ball and getting all excited & jumping for joy when all the pins fall, or getting frustrated when they don’t. Just seeing him enjoying himself doing something other than singing & performing would make me so happy. 😀

    Good night all, for David, in case he may be traveling back west tomorrow..

    Dear lord,

    Please take care of David.
    Watch over him, protect him from all harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him unconditionally as we, his devoted Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he feels weary.
    Give him stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt.
    Give him joy when he feels sad and never allow David to feel alone or lonely.
    Give us the wisdom to ALWAYS DO RIGHT by David.
    Help us support David so that it’s ALWAYS IN HIS BEST INTERESTS.
    CLOAK DAVID IN YOUR PROTECTIVE ARMS always and please keep David and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy Lord, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, have a good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  132. pabuckie said

    Silverfox – somehow u can read my mind. I said the same thing even though its family time I would love to see a pic of David holding the bowling ball and his stride!!

    Abs – thanks I want to look into that! Getting brazen in my old age? Doubt it. haha


  133. silverfox said


    Pabuckie..Very nice video using one of my favorite songs by Sting..about a “stalker” hahahaha! Gorgeous photos of David! 🙂

    note: David was going to sing this song on AI until his dad was told what it was about. But David liked it enough to want to sing it, before it was nixed. 😦


  134. pabuckie said

    Silverfox – gee, never heard that one before that David was gonna sing it on AI. I love the song!

    Abrra – guess I spoke to soon – if I want to “clip” a youtube video I don’t know how to get that into the link you sent. Guess I have to convert it first, huh, onto my computer.
    Have another program you can suggest?


  135. Angelica said

    SF, David singing “Every move you make, every smile you fake, I’ll be watching you” while giving the look?

    THUD back atcha!


  136. Angelica said

    Pa, I use this one…Any Video Converter. Here’s the link-

    Click, add video, then YT, then copy and paste the url from the YT video into the box, click OK, then click convert. Make sure you scroll down and have chosen wmv for the format. Movie maker will not accept videos from YT unless they are converted to a format it can use, so you have to convert them. After you’re done, open MM, and import your video from Any Video Recorder where it will be stored. You can also convert video into MP3 and MP4 this way to use as audio in MM.

    Movie Maker will splice the video once you get it imported. The web is full of tutorials on MM. Just google about it and mostly, have fun playing around and experimenting!


  137. djafan said

    Pabuckie…nice job!

    SF… I would LOVE to see pics of David bowling! Not members of his family, but him, just him..seeing him concentrate & focus on the pins, aiming the ball and getting all excited & jumping for joy when all the pins fall, or getting frustrated when they don’t. Just seeing him enjoying himself doing something other than singing & performing would make me so happy. 😀

    Funny thing with your description I could close my eyes and visualize that. Stopped doing it though to overwhelming…lol

    Is it may imagination or is Somos El Mundo getting more media attention? With David red carpet pictures now. I felt he was ignored for the WATW, but things happen for a reason. He will get lots of publicity in the latino community.I have a feeling the spanish version might do better than the english one. My husband heard the english version and was very disappointed. I hope the spanish version doesn’t deviate to far from the original.

    Have to repeat, David sure is looking mighty handsome.


  138. djafan said

    Picture from Angelica Vale, singer and novela actress, very talented.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  139. pabuckie said

    OMG these visuals – you guys are killing me with the bowling.

    And yeah I thought the same thing that this version of WATW is getting more buzz. DJA – guess you’re right and David thinks that way too – things happen for reason.


  140. pabuckie said

    Angelica – thanks for the link!


  141. Abrra said

    Good Morning!
    I simply adore Bianca’s site:

    Its a playground of David art as well as a fun read.



  142. Abrra said




  143. pabuckie said

    Abrra – Wowza!! I like, I like, I love, I love 🙂


  144. bebereader said

    Abbra: Look what you made me do! I’m going to be playing all day now!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  145. emmegirl said

    Keep ’em comin’ bebereader!

    Angelica, screencaps ftw! Funny how we latch onto every new expression or movement! Very little that goes unnoticed!


  146. silverfox said

    Normally I’m not crazy about all the different polls David is on but I LIKE this one, so please VOTE…and click on the icons on the side bar to vote for the BEST DAVID ARCHULETA FANSITE & BEST FANSITE.

    That’s all. 😀


  147. emmegirl said

    Finally watched the Jordin/JB No Air. Hmmm….

    …considering the popularity of JB, if the youngin’s just want a “who’s your daddy,” “I’m 15-trying-to-act-like-25” swagger-coached kid, why on earth is Jive trying to market David so hard to that age group. This age group is not old enough to understand David and where he is coming from. idk.

    You’re doing great bebereader!


  148. rapture said

    Hey girls – I just have to say that I LOVE you all. Reading this thread has my eyes welling up with tears as I laugh out loud here all alone. It’s total sensory overload here for me! I can’t really even speak. (*&&^%#0987e5pqoi3he;789324!!!

    PAbuckie – so good to see you all over this thread 🙂

    I’ve been busy with taxes and trying to keep my head out of the clouds about this hot young latino I’ve been tutoring. Sort of my own real-live David stand-in during this drought!

    I see him every Mon-Wed-Fri. Tomorrow we’ll talk a little about the Spanish “Somos el Mundo” and then I’ll show him Contigo. Perhaps ask him to translate a bit for me Ha ha!


  149. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  150. djafan said

    Hello All,

    Sensory overload alright. Been going through all the internet buzz and updating the right side column and I can’t believe the amount of buzz for the Spanish version with David mentioned in every single one. I can’t wait for March 1st, I watch Cristina, but I won’t be surprised when the viewership ratings go through the roof on Premier day with a bunch of non spanish speaking David fan’s…lol

    SF…I added that poll on the left side…vote away!


  151. pabuckie #110, 113 – oh my…. thanks for the smile video. Must be one of his mantra (songs in his head), as the lyrics definitely bring out the smiles. Combining with the pics, well it’ll be hard to remove smiles for the rest of the day.

    again, thanks for the SLC angels from AI7 tour


  152. Fanis Archangelicus said

    Oh, you funny, funny girls! And I don’t mean just Funny Girl. LOL

    Just dropping in for a minute to say hello to everyone and leave compliments for the last few articles. So good! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have these ‘happy places’ to come to every day for a few minutes. I can be feeling quite overwhelmed but know I can relax and laugh or be uplifted coming here and feeling the warmth and camaraderie.

    Lotsa extra real-life stuff going on right now but one of these days you’ll see me in chat again.


  153. betsy said

    The title of this article has new meaning for me.
    I just got home after spending 4 hours driving home alone. Listening to exactly what I wanted to. Thank you again for the cd’s Abs. Listening uninterrupted is the way to go.
    So many memories while listening to the cd’s. Memories of meeting new friends at concerts, funny chats, teary chats, when we heard Heaven & Crazy acoustic the very first time – most of all – making good friends.
    Oh my gosh. Life can be so good.
    (see what David’s love of music does to a person cooped up in a car with it?!)


  154. djafan said

    Betsy… (((hugs)))

    David has added so much to our lives and brings out such emotions with his music and character. I know what you mean.

    Derek Sheldon has been tweeting about this…I’m not sure what it is but here is the link and his announcement.

    Welcome to Fan Land…

    Now YOU are the Blogger, my World is your World!

    Premiering the ultimate real time separate fan sharing area for..

    David Archuleta Fan Land

    Adam Lambert Fan Land

    Jann Arden Fan Land

    Go to my Ustream channel

    on Sunday February 21, 2010 at 8PM EST for the press conference or stay on this page.


  155. djafan said

    Well I’m over at Derek’s if any one would like to join me.


  156. betsy said

    oh dja! – I am there but probably will just watch.


  157. poof said

    Now you people still fighting winter’s blast, don’t kill me, but after a day out in the garden with sun and 62 degrees, it was so nice to come and read everyone’s sunny, warm,kind, silly, thoughtful, loving comments. You remind me of David. Can there be a higher compliment?


  158. Angelica said

    (((Poof/Fanis Archangelicus))) thanks for taking the time to let us know how you feel about the site. We really appreciate all of you, be ye commenters or pre-commenters. Lurking is fattening, as Abrra says. You expend more calories typing. 😆

    No Poof, I can’t think of a higher compliment.


  159. silverfox said

    Good night all, and for David wherever he is this fine Sunday evening…

    Dear lord,

    Please take care of David.
    Watch over him, protect him from all harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him unconditionally as we, his devoted Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he feels weary.
    Give him stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt.
    Give him joy when he feels sad and never allow David to feel alone or lonely.
    Give us the wisdom to ALWAYS DO RIGHT by David.
    Help us support David so that it’s ALWAYS IN HIS BEST INTERESTS.
    CLOAK DAVID IN YOUR PROTECTIVE ARMS always and please keep David and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy Lord, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, have a good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!


  160. pabuckie said

    Another twitpic posted by @ednitanazario



  161. djafan said

    Tweet confirms solo part!!!!!!!

    Angelica Vale is the lady in the picture with David, his mom and aunt.

    @DizzyLizzy88 @angelicavale ¿me puedes decir si David Archuleta tuvó una parte para el solo o fue parte del coro? Por fa
    “Can you please tell me if David Archuleta had a solo part or was he just part of the chorus?”

    and her response:
    @angelicavale @DizzyLizzy88 El si Tuvo una parte solo…
    “He did have a solo part”


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