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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Thirst in an Archudrought and Then…No Air

Posted by djafan on Saturday, February 6, 2010

For those suffering the ravages of an Archudrought,  Miami this week was an oasis in the desert.

The last two days have been like a refreshing shower after a dust storm.  I have been trying to cope with my own David-deprivation by reading and re-reading the posts here and going to The Voice Unplugged to chat with and get support from others sufferers.  All of us hoping against hope that the Jordin Sparks Experience would give us a drop or a morsel to get us through till a book signing tour with maybe a song or two.

I signed up for the ustream and was there an hour early hoping for a glimpse of David.  No David at first but it wasn’t a bad thing.  I learned so much about the gift of hearing and how many don’t enjoy what I take for granted daily.  Heard some great stories from those who not only give from their pockets but also of their time.  I would like to have seen David’s response when the children were being fitted with hearing aids and the children’s reaction to sound.  Here is a link to the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s homepage.

I was so glad Jordin invited David.  I have always liked her and now I’ve gained a huge respect for her.  She is egoless.   She had David up front and center with her and when she introduced her friends she looked right at him.  David appeared to be her guest, not a sidekick.  He was at her side throughout the events smiling and looking so happy, swollen cheek and all.

Back in the saddle and up on the stage again, David sang Crush and one of his best performances of Apologize yet, and that is saying something.  First thing I noticed was the change in his voice.  Could his voice have possibly improved since the 2nd of December?  Deeper and even richer if that’s conceivable.  Jordin sang her set and then “WHAM,” right in the gut!  I had been so thirsty and now, I’m having trouble breathing.  David left me with “No Air”.  And he sucker-punched me twice in one day.  The vocals, the runs, the swagger up to the stage, the tie, the shirt, the pants, the moves.  This week, lest we forget, he proved once again what a phenomenal artist and person he is.  Now that we have survived the Archudrought a little longer by slaking our thirst in Miami, we face a tougher ordeal ahead.  Will we survive The Voice’s 3rd album tour as he takes it to the next level and possibly busts loose with some sweltering dance moves?  I get breathless just thinking about it.

89 Responses to “Thirst in an Archudrought and Then…No Air”

  1. FG said

    Oh djafan, who knows what’ll happen next? I’m scared. Jordin truly seems as sweet as ever. They sounded FABULOUS together. I’m stuck in Youtube. Have a great day everyone!


  2. FG said

    oh, and FYI, that last picture is illegal in 15 states.


  3. Angelica said

    FG#2 Bahahhahahhahhahah!!! You so silly! Really?


  4. pabuckie said

    Djanfan – I like and agree with what you said about Jordin treating David as a “guest” and not a “sidekick”. There was so much RESPECT going on up there on that stage it was RIDICULOUS!
    I can’t even imagine what David’s next album will do to us — blow us out of the water, over the rooftops!! And Tour? OMG! Can’t wait!! And book signings, I hope so!

    Good Morning FG and Angelica! I too am stuck in YouTube with NO AIR!!


  5. FG said

    Angelica – LOL well it should be…I feel like I sold my soul to the devil these past few days. All my covert ops were almost compromised when I called hubby at work to ask, as casually as I could, if there was a way to plug my PC into my television??? He told me we didn’t have the correct connector cord and then asked me why. I told him he didn’t wanna know. He let me off the hook and said “Oh, ok.” LOL


  6. SandyBeaches said

    Hey, what a nice follow up dja and I was amazed at how many people are so energetic about their appeal to help the children in all avenues…

    Angelica…For every wonderful note that we hear from David that is so beautiful to the ears, we will see an equal number of dance moves that we will have to find room for in our memories…



  7. ram said

    SB, we really are a fortunate lot, the worldwide fans of David, holding on “with no air” for the next stage of this balloon ride as we head off into the stratosphere. Will need to amp it up to catch the visual as well as the audio. What we do for David!

    FG-Now what was that about that special connector? Already figured out the special one to hook up the audio from my computer into my super duper stereophonic sound system (hmm,that actually sounds dated). Have an old baby tv that plays video tapes (yes, I know, archaic) that has audio and video connections up front. So now you’re sayin there is special connector. I am but one of the lame lurking technology challenged cadre. (Admit it people, you know YOU are out there. Don’t lie.)


  8. Abrra said


    Thank you for an interesting review of the Miami event. I have a sure fire way to avoid missing any “drips” of water during the drought.

    You can find me with my head tipped to the side,mouth open, and tongue extended under the David “faucet”.

    I was discussing something I spotted in the later No Air video. David has something dangling from his belt buckle. Like a charm, maybe? Trendsetter David! I hunted around trying to find something similar. Here is a belt charm I found to explain what I am talking about. Its 2inches tall. The one in the video looks “dangly’ like a small chain. Is this a new fashion accessory?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  9. Shawna said

    Djafan-so awesome!! I had 2 seconds to come here and was so surprised to see a new post. I have felt deprived the last two days cause my time has been taken up with caring for 3 of my darling granbabies and I haven’t been able to spend quality time listening and watching all these amazing videos from jorvid, but the few seconds I have been able to glance at them have been glorious!!! Enough to keep me going anyway!!! Jordin and David are amazing together!


  10. ram said

    Abrra, David wearing a “bling” thing? He is full of surprises! Now tucking in, sprinkling in a little smooth move here and there. Something is afoot.


  11. pabuckie said

    Abrra – Well I LOVE that charm!!! Eeeeek — David the trendsetter — I like that A LOT! Sorry but I must have paused my screen so many times looking at that little charm! hee hee


  12. Abrra said

    Its not THE charm but the name of the one I pictured is “Strange Music Note”



  13. pabuckie said

    I tried to screencap this — look at the way Jordin is looking at David, and look at the way David’s hands are clenched! So passionate!


  14. Abrra said

    Pa #13
    I cropped it.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  15. djafan said

    FG…Oh djafan, who knows what’ll happen next? I’m scared.

    I think that’s the scary part we have an inkling of what he’s capable, we just need to be prepared…if that’s

    Pabuckie…here was so much RESPECT going on up there on that stage it was RIDICULOUS!

    I was really impressed, she didn’t feel threatened by David outperforming her.

    SB….I was amazed at how many people are so energetic about their appeal to help the children in all avenues…

    This also surprised me, it wasn’t something I would have looked into myself, if it were not for David’s involvement I wouldn’t have been exposed to the needs of the hearing impaired.

    Abrra…You can find me with my head tipped to the side,mouth open, and tongue extended under the David “faucet”.

    LOL….by the looks of it there are many of us hanging around that same faucet.

    Shawna…I have felt deprived the last two days cause my time has been taken up with caring for 3 of my darling granbabies and I haven’t been able to spend quality time listening and watching all these amazing videos from jorvid,

    It is quite a balancing act one has to do…family, work, real life and there’s David…It’s seems that David deprivation affects family, work, real life…lol

    Abrra…you have me looking at that video intently..I had noticed something shiny but thought it was the lighting, but my heart is racing… I gave him a silver small charm on a chain and hook with a prayer engraved…could that be it? Probably not…but dang you had me with my nose on the screen…lol

    Angelica…the more I look at that picture I believe more states will be making it illegal…What a stunning young man!


  16. munkmusic said

    Oh My Gosh! I have watched the videos a thousand times and can’t get enough! The pics are …..well……I can’t breathe! They are plain awesome! David sure caused a stir in the music industry and I love it! Thanks so much for the great post and pics. And to answer your question……can we survive another CD? Gotta catch my breath first…..but heck yeah!

    PS. FOD is down. I hope it isn’t another deal like at snarky’s ……keep safe!


  17. Abrra said

    #15 Dja
    I was on the phone with a close associate who confirmed my “shiny ,dangly, thingy” observation. Have you determined it it was something you gave him?

    #16 Munkmusic
    I sure hope WordPress (this blog) uses protection!



  18. emmegirl said

    dja, lol – “The last two days have been like a refreshing shower after a dust storm”….more like a drenching sweat!

    Keep wondering if the No Air videos can hold me over until the next David event….IDK, they are more than capable. But this insatiable thirst for more is crazy. Each incredible appearance he keeps taking us to a higher level of euphoria.
    Next album, kinda scaring the bejeebers out of me!

    Abrra, “the David faucet” lol! Aaaah, may it never run dry.


  19. FG said

    Seriously – a charm? Hasn’t someone enlarged a clear photo of the belt yet so we can see if there is a charm???? I think my brain just exploded. Seems so out of character for him to waer something that would draw attention to his belt. If he did this, he shall need a stern talking to.


  20. Abrra said

    #19 FG
    You saw the boy’s moves in the video? How the heck can we get a clear screen shot? There is definitely something flipping on that belt buckle.



  21. djafan said

    Abrra….as much as I try to see he’s moving to much….hahaha

    Emmegirl….But this insatiable thirst for more is crazy. Each incredible appearance he keeps taking us to a higher level of euphoria.

    Couldn’t have said it better…it’s crazy!

    FG… David is growing up before our eyes!


  22. djafan said

    If you haven’t watched Angelica’s new slideshow, do so….another work of art.

    Up top right hand side…an eye feast.


  23. djafan said

    Ram…YAY your back….love your comments.

    Munkmusic..can we survive another CD? Gotta catch my breath first…..but heck yeah!

    Our breath and parched tongue….haha

    What happened to FOD?


  24. fg said

    abs what about a pic from the car pics? A professional photo of him standing??


  25. ram said


    I took a shot at 400% zoom level and it’s not very clear so maybe the resolution on my computer is not the best for detail. And if you are going to try this you NEED to stay focused. OK?

    Oh yeah, and on this video I forgot to breathe cuz the audio was so good and so I got lost somewhere in it and I just woke up a minute ago. Lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen so be careful. lol but seriously watch out!

    Will now go check out the slideshow. You people are a hoooot!


  26. betsy said

    Jordan designed a silver pendant ( Thirty percent of the royalties go to her charities, including mobile medical clinics for Haiti. I wonder if that is what David was sporting on his belt.
    (I saw her tweet to John Mayer about it()


  27. betsy said

    “Tell me how ya gonna be without me” – that one line has me climbing the walls.


  28. ram said

    Betsy- You need to know there is “NO AIR” on that slideshow. THEY DON’T WARN YOU. I now have spots before my eyes.

    “Tell me how ya gonna be without me” I feel I am fading fast.


  29. djafan said

    Betsy….the “me” sang “meeeeeeaaaa” kdikefhofoiwerj!

    David tweetpic…the birds…he is so…aw nevermind…



  30. betsy said

    Tell me how am I supposed to leave for work in a few?



  31. bebereader said

    djafan: Loved your article! We got treated this week with more than we expected in the “No Air” duet. Who knew the the pairing of David and Jordin would work so well?! I, too, voted for Jordin when she was on AI and now I respect her because of how respectful she is to David.

    He’s been tweeting about not being able to figure out what melody is in his head. Uh David, time for a vlog. I’m sure if he hums a few bars to us, within seconds, one of his more than 300,000 twitter followers would have the answer.

    Betsy, good ninja skills in finding the information on the charms Jordin designed for pennyroyal. The charm has a chain; I found pics of the front and back. The plot thickens. LOL


  32. bebereader said

    Birds? What birds?


  33. djafan said

    Bebe…Who knew the the pairing of David and Jordin would work so well?!

    Who knew? I imagined it would be good but the real thing just blew me away…

    That vid Ram put up is addictive… watch at your own risk. Sorry Ram for the lack of warning on the slideshow…you’ve all been warned.

    Brought this comment by bliss over from the video Ram posted…well put.

    blisskasden (11 hours ago)

    Is there anyone left who does not think that David is the most dynamic performer in the music business? He probably rehearsed this classic performance for about 5 minutes. Jordin has performed this song hundreds of times. There is no difference in the quality of their performances, and that’s being kind to Jordin.

    Also, if David gets any better looking, he’s going to have trouble getting anyone to sing a duet with him. If he grows to 6′, he’ll be tweeting us from the runway in Milan.


  34. TOfan said

    Great timing, dja!!!! For your post & the No Air duet … both of them, still can’t decide which is my fave *runs back to check … again*



  35. bebereader said

    I think my husband said something to me right before he left a few minutes ago but…okay I’ll admit that I wasn’t really paying attention. I was watching the “No Air” 2 duet again. The only thing I heard was some mumbling…”There’s that strange smile again, the one you have when you’re online.”. I wonder what he could mean? /wink


  36. ram said

    I know yall have seen this? Right? Take a peek and then quickly scoot back up to the tweetpic and say softly and repeatedly “Aw look at the pretty birdies, look at the pretty birdies” and that should bring you back to your senses. <:}

    I know I was not a good girl today. eh..


  37. bebereader said

    Oh no, Ram!
    That one was lethal!
    Lethal, I tell you!
    Must go now and pretend to be Betty Homemaker.


  38. pabuckie said

    Who is going around messing with the ARCHULETA fan sites. Now Fans of David is having a problem — there are no comments. Hope what happened to snarkyarchies is not happening to them!


  39. emmegirl said

    pabuckie, kinda weird huh?


  40. Blisskasden said

    Hi everybody.I think I am suffiently recovered from Westbury to put a coherent sentence together. Like all of you,I have been waiting for something to sink my teeth into since David’s epic Christmas tour. What I love about David is that,as a fan, you can never let your guard down. Just when we thought that we’d have to wait until his next CD, his next tour, or a hoped for book signing, voila, David hits the stage in Miami,and makes the Super Bowl seem like a friendly game of gin rummy.

    Thanks, Djafan, for bringing my comment on Youtube over here. David continues to surpass any expectations we have of him. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that this was David’s song, and Jordin was invited to do the “girl” part for this performance only. Unlike his concerts, when we are overwhelmed by one great performance after another, this one-time performance, like “Contigo”, is more of a “gem” that can be enjoyed again and again so it becomes a unique and memorable experience.

    As for his physical appearance, I wasn’t kidding about the Milan reference. The modeling industry may have to rethink their minimum height standards in order to accommodate David. Whoever manufactures those pants he wore on that stage needs to get David on a runway ASAP, whether it’s in Milan or Hackenssack, N.J.

    Congrats on this terrific site. It’s nice to see so many familiar folks here who love and respect David.


  41. pabuckie said

    After an exhaustive investigation the thing “dangling” from David in the NO AIR video is nonetheless his “zipper”! You can only see it when he kind of bends over which in my opinion is the top part of the zipper. Please feel free to go ahead and do your own “exhaustive study”. Whew!


  42. ram#25 – that not breathing thing, happened to me in Baltimore during silent night. Kind of caught myself before I passed out -luckily. Not sure if it’s strictly audio but maybe visual, as well. Even though the focus goes in & out, it’s probably one of the best close ups. You can see the emotion he is putting into this performance.


  43. pabuckie said

    One piece of evidence — the video at #25 pause it at .27 seconds!


  44. ram said

    bliss- I must agree with you about giving David all the props he is due. Apart from his superior singing abilities, he has the knack for making the most out of a pair of trousers or jeans, vest, tux jacket, skinny tie, scarf, beanie, t-shirt, white or dark, silk or cotton rolled up long sleeved button down shirt, plaid shirt of any color, v-neck, hoodie, running suit, toreador suit, Liberace inspired get up, … did I leave something out? Milan would be his playground. Did I mention the traditional Cuban inspired linen shirt and trousers? I can see that I have totally lost control here. Sorry, please forgive me Bliss.


  45. fg said

    bliss, it is good to see you! I love everything you say! I cannot discuss his looks right now, not enuf time LOL and I don’t want any trouble…
    See u later!


  46. xaris said

    OK Ram, I’m snowed in and want to play, too. How about leather jackets, chef’s aprons and toque, and that Baju Melayu traditional Malaysian outfit he wore last spring? (goes back to searching for evidence in the zipper versus belt charm controversy)


  47. FG said

    pause it at 1:34 – great shot of whatever it is – my screen gets all pixely when I enlarge – anyone else?


  48. jackryan4DA said

    Can you handle one more NO AIR duet?
    Here is the USTREAM VERSION of NO AIR (HD)

    I dunno why, but lately, YT has some delays displaying my vids in the search results. Anw, enjoy the close-ups & the download link!

    PA – great job on your 1st vid posted in the previous thread!

    Re: ROBBY BENSON – count me in CRUSHing on (Mr.) One-on-One which was the 1st movie I ever saw. That was summer right after I graduated high school. Good times! And BETSY – what I coincidence indeed! My maiden name “Pinili” is Filipino for “The Chosen”


  49. Angelica said

    Looks like just his zipper to me. No charm. But very charming.

    Hey Bliss! Love your comments, both here and the one dja brought over from YT. Very well said and true, as usual.


  50. pabuckie said

    FG – yep 1:34 — it’s the zipper because the top flap of his pants opens a little (ducking out of here now!) haha
    I’m not saying anymore!


  51. bebereader said

    Bliss: Welcome to The Voice! I agree with you; David could be a model. However, I’d prefer that he model in Hackensack, NJ rather than in Milan, for obvious reasons. LOL

    Ram and Xaris: Shoes! You forgot shoes in the list of clothing items David should model. He has a different pair of shoes for every occasion and he wears them well!

    JR#48 Thanks for the link! Love that video! For future info, there’s no need to include the letter ‘v’ in the url when posting videos on this site. I removed it for you; it’s a beauty!

    hehe I’m conveniently staying away from the charm/belt/pants conversation. *runs*


  52. ram said

    Jackryan4DA- Thank you for the download link. Yay! HD No Air. Never too much No Air duet.

    Xaris-thanks don’t know how I forgot the leather jacket! Sorry you’re snowed in. Heard about those storms up the Atlantic coast. Hope you all stay warm and safe.


  53. ram said

    Absolutely, shoes!!! lol


  54. Blisskasden said

    Regarding “L’affaire UDO” (Unidentified Dangling Object), I’ve examined the evidence under my handy electron microscope and, alas, Pabuckie is correct. It’s his zipper, dang it. Having worn a pair of pants or two in my time, when the pants are fitting a little, shall we say, “too well”, it tends to expose part of the zipper.

    Surely,no one could have thought that David, of all people, would be displaying any jewelry, etc. anywhere near that area of his body.
    Frankly, he doesn’t need to, if you get my drift.


  55. djafan said

    WOW…step away for a few and all jeans break loose…did I say jeans? lol

    Bliss what an great surprise to see you hear and yes I have to agree if I didn’t know any better this is David’s song with Jordin doing the honors. He makes everything his.

    Pabuckie…thank you for your sacrifices of extensive belt, zipper, research.

    Xaris… I love the Baju Melayu traditional Malaysian outfit, David looked like a prince, maybe he is one from another time.

    JR…That is one nice video. I like seeing the close ups of David, I’m still in awe of what he has done, again.

    Angelica…that looks like good evidence….it’s the charmed zipper…lol

    Ram….you are cracking me up…keepum


  56. pabuckie said

    Regarding the Unidentified Dangling Object – under further investigation it really isn’t dangling from the Belt. Look closer because otherwise you would see it all the time. It’s only exposed when he leans forward — thus, the top part of the zipper!


  57. ram said

    People, let’s stay focused. And like I said earlier DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE.

    Yep, it’s bout supper time round here. Ha Ha Ha Gotta go before I get slapped silly by the fashion and good taste polize.


  58. Blisskasden said

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I like it here already.


  59. pabuckie said

    Djafan – love the terminology “charmed zipper” — makes everyone happy! haha


  60. pabuckie said

    At least we don’t have 44 pages of discussion on it! Just a few.


  61. Abrra said

    Welcome Bliss to The voice.

    Considering your “experience” I will agree with your determination of the “shiny, dangly” zipper thingy.



  62. ram said

    Oh yeh, one more thing. All you rubberneckers, step away from the screen. There are some people conducting some very important research. Dr. Angelica “do yur thang”.


  63. SandyBeaches said

    Bliss…Is that really you #54? Well, your writing is a giveaway that it is you…Pleased that you are here and once again the voice of reason…



  64. pabuckie said

    Does anyone think David is heading back to Utah? Nashville? Stuck in traffic he said an hour ago! I missed his tweet.

    Hope he tweets again before the night is out otherwise tomorrow is “Tweetless Superbowl Sunday”


  65. SandyBeaches said

    …and Bliss I just found comment #40 as I strangely start with the last comment when I enter the comments…

    As you said, “It’s nice to see so many familiar folks here who love and respect David.” This is what everyone here does best, welcome!



  66. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe..While I am here, looking at your #36…as your husband said (and I feel for these husbands and boyfriends)…

    “There’s that strange smile again, the one you have when you’re online.”. I wonder what he could mean? /wink”

    That strange smile is all too familiar and I know that each of us knows of it and makes it often!!



  67. SandyBeaches said

    Time to quit, really I am not narcissistic…my name once is enough, I was caught in a smile…


  68. jackryan4DA said

    You’re welcome guys!

    ABRRA – Thanks for creating that APOLOGIZE vid. I created an HD file from it, in MP4 & AVI format. They are uploading to my mediafire.

    And with that, am stepping away from the Miami Event. I see that you have stepped into err… charmed territory 😉 That ain’t gonna help me, still gasping from the twin punch of No Air!

    Good day/night and TC everyone!


  69. pabuckie said

    Aww – 49 seconds that will make you cry:


  70. djafan said

    What a great day of love for David!

    bliss “It’s nice to see so many familiar folks here who love and respect David.”

    SB “This is what everyone here does best, welcome!”

    Thank you both for this…that is what we strive for.


  71. bebereader said

    Pa #69 Beautiful! Just beautiful! *tears*


  72. Abrra said

    I can’t express how much I LOVE the new wallpaper you put up in the video /chat room! Perfect placement and editing.

    For those who have not checked it out:



  73. Blisskasden said

    SandyBeaches, good to “see” you again. We met all too briefly at the Westbury VIP. I always enjoyed your commentary, whether we were in agreement or not, and I look forward to more of the same here.

    Abrra, your CD is my constant companion.
    Thanks again.


  74. Abrra said

    Glad you like it. It’s on in my room 24/7. Very soothing to hear him.



  75. SandyBeaches said

    Bliss…I know that I agreed with you more than with just about anyone and I always enjoyed your comments.

    Westbury was a brief meeting but we are all looking forward to the next tour and a big gathering…A finale can not be missed.



  76. Blisskasden said

    I was browsing on YouTube recently. Is there anyone in the public eye that has more “tribute videos” devoted to him than David? If I didn’t have such an “issued computer” and the technological ability of a tse tse fly, I’d give one a whirl.

    I’ve enjoyed and been moved by any number of these videos, some created by the talented folks here.

    Props to my partner in Archu-crime, Pabuckie, for a great video on her first try.. When it comes to David, we’re all “looking through the eyes of love”.


  77. djafan said

    Bliss… I have noticed, there are hundreds of them. I’m amazed at the out pour of love for David. Would love to see a video by you…work on that issued computer and get started.

    Night everyone!


  78. bebereader said

    Posting prayer for SF…

    Dear lord,

    Please take care of David.
    Watch over him, protect him from all harm.
    Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path.
    Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give.
    Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him unconditionally as we, his devoted Archangels do.
    Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being.
    Give him rest when he feels weary.
    Give him stamina to sustain his hectic pace.
    Give him assurance when he feels doubt.
    Give him joy when he feels sad and never allow David to feel alone or lonely.
    Give us the wisdom to always do right by David.
    Help us support David so that it’s always in his best interest.
    CLOAK DAVID IN YOUR PROTECTIVE ARMS always and please keep David and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.
    Though we may be unworthy Lord, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, have a good & restful night’s sleep with sweet & happy dreams. Thank you for all you do and for who you are. Keep with you all our love, support & prayers always. Contigo siempre! We will be with you always! TAKE CARE!

    And SF hoping and praying all is well with you…God Bless you.


  79. Abrra said

    Good morning!

    Last night Bubbly asked me about a photograph she wanted. I must have copied her email incorrectly because it came back.

    Bubbly here it is. You can save it from this post.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  80. Abrra said

    JR found this photography site. The 2 David’s in Manila. Enjoy, go forth and copy.



  81. Emi said

    I just called to say I love you.

    It’s been so fun reading this this last two days. You all have me laugh out loud silly and I love it. I think we need to make David a belt charm and send it to him! If we tell him it’s a “chastity charm” and the proceeds go to VOICES WITH A CAUSE he might even wear it.

    j/k But does anybody else wonder when we get tweets from David about traffic if he is driving and tweeting? Prithee nay, David would not do that! Would he?

    I love Jordin Sparks and am so impressed with her poise and talent and love. And yes I do hold a special place in my heart for Robbie Benson somehow too. I had to pull it out and dust it off though. Last night I saw a promo for a remake of ICE CASTLES but surely it could not compare. In this month’s PSYCHOLOGY TODAY magazine there is an article about our early love experiences affecting us later on in life, and so it would make perfect sense that our crushes on a dark haired, sensitive young man with pretty eyes and talent would lead us all here again. .haha. I actually sat in the grocery store, reading the magazine and thinking about all of us, feeling a little more “normal” for a few minutes. And then i signed on and realized normalcy is a lost cause here. We can name our charity “Voices for a Lost Cause” if we ever get around to it.

    Oh my, these comments are so scattered. I really did just comment to say I love you.
    And to quote BEBEBEBE (((( group hug))))) Thank you for all the fun!


  82. ram said

    Emi- It’s a great time to be living in spite of it all. Thanks to David we have some really awesome friends across the miles all over the world.



  83. pabuckie said

    Emi — your post 🙂
    that’s all I’ve got to say!
    Have a great day everyone!


  84. rapture said

    Hey everyone! I’ve been enjoying the No Air duet (over and over again!)

    PaBuckie: Wow! Great video! I’m jealous of your new skills! Perhaps after tax season, I’ll try my hand at it too. You’re inspirational!
    And thanks for posting that video of the end of David’s HYAMLC duet with his mom. I just love the way he smiles so adoringly when his mom is too choked up to sing!

    Bliss! Great to ‘see you’ here! I was just wondering (really) where you’d gone to as I was making my way down this thread! Always a pleasure to read your stuff. 🙂

    Running out to get some Super Bowl food! Now every mention of football is going to bring to mind the No Air duet for me…guess I’ll just have to live with that.


  85. djafan said

    America the Beautiful and the National Anthem… I have been spoiled by David Archuleta, “no one” sings these national songs like him.


  86. bebereader said

    Nobody does an impromptu, a cappella Star Spangled Banner like the great David Archuleta, The Voice!


  87. betsy said

    There oughtta be a law.
    Ask David to sing the SSB first. Then, if he isn’t free, ask the second best singer in the world. (whoever that is)


  88. Tawna21 said

    Betsy #87—I like your law!!

    Abrra #79–What is the story behind this precious photo? It’s a heart-warmer for sure. And, #80–just what my PC needs is more pics. The poor thing probably thinks that’s all it was made to do is store photos, mp3’s and mp4’s, and iTunes. Oh well, it’ll either get over it or blow up (it wouldn’t dare!).



  89. Abrra said

    You can get a storage stick for backing up your mp3’s etc and get most of them off your main hard drive.

    Bubbly asked me for the photo in chat last night. I don’t know if there is a story other than what we see. A father lifting his child to touch the hand of the chosen one.



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