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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Archive for February, 2010

Dressed to Thrill

Posted by accord15 on Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recently Abrra told me that Idol Forums was a gold mine for pictures and referred me to a photo there.  It was before the Jordan Sparks concert, and I was feeling a little ready to see something, anything.  Well, OK.  I was desperately seeking David.  David droughts are the worst aren’t they?  I went to the picture thread on Idol Forums as instructed, looked at some very nice pictures that were recommended on page 1887.  That’s one thousand, eight hundred and eighty-seven!  Pages!  LOL!  Of course I was smiling, because David’s smile just makes you smile, but one of David’s pictures was just not enough.  It’s kinda like chocolate or something.  So like a true Archuchocoholic, I continued to look at more pages.  I looked at 1887, 1886, 1885, and then…it happened.  I was happily perusing David’s face in different settings when BAM!   I saw IT.  There, innocently smiling out at me from Jason’s wedding, was David wearing…WAIT. WHAT..IS..THAT??!!  Could it be?  Yes, I think it is!  Let me make this bigger. . . YES!!!!!  He was wearing the tie I had given him at the Salt Lake City VIP!!!  OH    MY   GOSH!!!!!   I stared, eyes bulging, heart pounding!  Now I wasn’t just smiling, I was grinning RIDICULOUSLY!  And I do mean ridiculously, like laughing out loud in my room like a fool, ridiculous.  How did I miss that picture?  In the pictures I had seen before that tie had looked black.

David at Jason's wedding wearing the tie I gave him.

Thank you, for the Abrrakadabra magic that gave me this unexpected present.  I owe her big time for sending me there.  Now I know a lot of you have similar stories and hopefully a similarly ridiculously euphoric reaction.  I would love to hear about them.  I have a few favorite fan gifts that David looked awesome in that come to mind.  There’s the vest that Julie from Idaho gave him that  he wore at the Boise concert, Silverfox’s black shirt that he wore in Rockford….sigh.  For the love of all that is good in this world, I ask you, where is that vest and that black shirt?  I wish to see them again.

David in Boise wearing the vest Julie gave him. Photo by Jen Barry

Dang, I know I have other favorites; maybe I need to go look at some more pictures, (purely for research of course.)  Since he wore the same two outfits on the Christmas From The Heart tour, and now wishes to be a cartoon and wear the same thing everyday, seeing David wear something we gave him may be a thing of the past.   I hope not.  I felt a connection.  However,  *raises right hand in air*  I solemnly swear to try to restrain myself the next time I walk by a shirt that screams David Archuleta and put the money toward a charity he supports.

David, thank you for the Voice, the heart, and all the joy you have given us since “Heaven.”  You are such a gift to us and maybe that’s why we have this crazy, uncontrollable desire to buy gifts for you.

Disclaimer:   I accept NO personal liability for David’s not being able to sleep in his bunk or being trapped in his tour bus because he couldn’t get out.

It was a teeny tiny tie people, and I gave it to him when he was at home for the night.

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The Power of Passion and a Prayer

Posted by SandyBeaches on Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our personal passions have brought us to this place at this exact moment in time.  Our passions may in part be different from each other, but together we are here with an enduring passion and appreciation for the music given to us by David Archuleta.  Like many of you, I have an immeasurable admiration for David and his music.  I am astonished that this young man has the ability to make me smile, laugh heartily and shed tears throughout  the span of one song.  I never in all of my life thought that I could be brought so close to observing an onstage spiritual presence, but many of us did just that this past December.  Perhaps we are in need of reflection to see where we are, what we are doing and what we have been wonderfully given.  We have become fussy people and not much else that we hear has us turning our heads even for a moment.  During this time I have reflected upon David and his Christmas album that took the music world and enthralled it.  I fixed my interest upon the Larry King Live shows just before Christmas, which included Christmas music and conversations with three male artists, Sting, Andrea Bocelli and David.  Each of the singers had a Christmas album that was chosen to be highlighted on television.  All three albums are different but magnificent in their compositions.

These artists are exceptionally beyond the norm and are passionate people in many walks of their lives.  Much has already been written about David and his musical abilities but I learned more about David when I read about Andrea Bocelli.  I learned that perhaps when the stars and moon are aligned in the sky, or perhaps when we are desperately in need of feeling the inspirational passions in life, a person who can give us that music comes our way.

I have two dreams I dare to dream and one is that David will sing “The Lord’s Prayer” with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the other is that someday he will sing it with Andrea.  So many singers from all avenues of music have sung with Andrea including Pavaroti, Christina Aguilera and even the Muppets!  I have here the video of “The Lord’s Prayer” introduced to me by tawna21.   Hopefully the stars will line up and make it possible for these two fantastic voices to eventually collide.  After listening to David sing the glorious carols including “Ave Maria” and “O Holy Night”, and listening to Andrea Bocelli sing “The Lord’s Prayer” performed in Salt Lake City in December 2009, an immediate visualization came to me of David and Andrea singing it together. David and Andrea both slowly execute the words of a song, a technique called adagio, allowing time for the listener to capture the true meanings and feel the emotions.  When we look at “The Lord’s Prayer”, the words are few but the song is immense.

Here is my vision but it seems so real to me.  Please listen to the video as you imagine them singing together with the Tabernacle choir, harp and orchestra.

Our Father
Which art in heaven
Hallowed be
Thy name

…The organ plays…

Andrea                                   Our Father
Which art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name

David                               Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth
As it is in heaven

…The organ plays…

Andrea & David                    Give us this day
Our daily bread
And forgive us our debts
As we forgive our debtors

David    And lead us not into temptation
Andrea      But deliver us from evil

For thine is the kingdom, and the power
And the glory
For ever

Full choir, and symphony with Andrea and David

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory

For ever


As there are heaven sent angels and earth angels felt by many to be amongst us, it is also felt that these rare, passionate voices of song have been given to us for many reasons.

“Music is well said to be the speech of angels”.    …Thomas Carlyle

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Lessons Learned on the Road

Posted by Abrra on Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recently  David tweeted, “About to watch The Color Purple starring Fantasia!  Really excited to see the show!”  This tweet was music to my ears.  Fantasia Barrino, winner of the third season of American Idol, is a great talent so worthy of Broadway star status.  On Idol she sang “Summertime” from Porgy & Bess.  Fantasia, on her knees, gave an iconic performance.

The singer’s career since has been a fast climb to success.  Her platinum album, “Free Yourself,” earned four Grammy nominations.  In her co-written autobiography, “Life is Not a Fairy Tale”, Fantasia talks about her struggles with illiteracy.  Simple things like reading to her young daughter or more complex tasks such as reading recording contracts eluded her.  Fantasia’s desire to reach for the stars came with a price.  She starred in The Color Purple as Celie, the used and abused Southern woman who, over the course of four decades, finds her voice and herself.  Several performances a day challenged her skills and her stamina.  The strain on her voice over time took its toll in the form of a cyst on her vocal cords.  Surgery to remove the cyst was successful.  It was during recovery from this surgery that her financial plight came to the surface.

Fantasia was so busy working that she lost touch with her business side.  Managers and accountants were not looking out for her best interest.  Her epiphany came when she was attempting to pay for a pizza with her credit card.  The card was declined.  She called her manager and learned that bills were not being paid.  This was a red flag that screamed, “Wake up Fantasia!”  Being sole support for her daughter, mother and brothers had drained her bank account.  She gave them anything they asked for and now it was time to make changes.  Fantasia learned to take back her life.  “I have to be in control of it all,” she says.  “I’m glad that I went through it because now it has made me stronger and wiser, and I know that I can’t allow people to just take control of my destiny.  I now say no with a quickness.”

I was moved by her new single, “Even Angels.”  The Fantasia I remembered is back doing music that reaches out and grabs your heart. When she performs this song she makes you believe that she has learned life lesson #1~ Trust in yourself.

First step, take a deep breath
You don’t need a reason why
You can, you can take, take time
You can, you can walk, run, dive
Close call, you think you might fall
But all you gotta do is try
Even angels, even angels learn… to fly.

As she revealed her story of misplaced trust and being taken advantage of by management, accountants and some family, I began to realize more fully the pressures that must weigh on David since idol.  His strength of character, faith and family support have carried him far.  But this journey has barely begun and ahead of him stretches a long and winding road.

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Confessions of a Grown Up Woman With ODD

Posted by thefunnygirl on Monday, February 15, 2010

Funny thing how love starts.  You never know where Cupid is lurking, or where his arrow is pointed.  You are even less suspecting if you are minding your own business, and living a typical married with kids life.  The next thing you know, while casually tuning into one of your favorite TV shows, you feel a sudden sting squarely on your backside.  You shake it off and everything is fine.  Until the next Tuesday night anyway.  The arrows just keep on flying.  Surely this must be some mistake.  What else could explain this rush of feelings?  You start looking around for someone to blame.  Where is Cupid hiding now?  Where does he get the nerve flinging arrows at you anyway?  Isn’t there some invisible force field protecting you?  You are madly truly in love with your husband.

Sure David is crazy talented and you are very impressed.  Week after week you can’t bear the thought of him getting voted off.  You start to NEED to hear him sing every week.  The show ceases to be fun.  So what..he can sing.  You start to ask yourself the hard questions.  What are you doing?  Why are you so taken with this kid?  Why does your heart break every time he opens his mouth?  Why does he smile so much?  Why is he so sweet?  Why are you rewatching the performances on YouTube?  What if they get deleted?  What will you do if he goes home?  You must vote more.  When did he become so pretty?  Isn’t he a minor?  Should you be looking so closely at his lips?

The spiral into ODD has taken over.

You are no longer in control.  Whatever it is that fills you up when he sings has taken the wheel.  Powerless, weak, afraid, overwhelmed and at the same time strong, powerful, fearless, and at peace.  For the first time in a long time, you feel weightless, yet the burden of the show sits quietly on your shoulders.  The archu-albatross is heavy, and you bear it alone.  Who can you tell that would understand?  How can you explain something that you don’t even understand yourself?  People are already starting to notice your nerves on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and your constant comments about the show.  Then, in a moment of dumb luck, and perhaps the guiding hand of God, you find an on-line community of others that seem to be struck just as sharply by Cupid’s arrow.  Finally, you have come home.

The best and the worst happens – the show is over.  And your boy doesn’t win.  You will get on with your life now.  You’ll go to the Idols Tour and buy his CD.  Everything will be OK.

You can’t believe your ears now that you’ve seen him live.  Is there another show you could make it to?  YouTube videos start popping up after every AI tour stop.  You’ll just watch a few.  You start to love the sparkly suit.  The tour ends.  You miss the suit.  You have seen fifty-three sets of videos from the tour and it isn’t enough.  The album is coming out soon.  There is talk of a solo tour!  How many shows can you make it to?  There are polls to vote on.  Appearances, talk shows, Jingle Jams.  Overseas tour with McFly.  US tour with Demi…when are tickets on sale?  No way you are joining Demi’s fan club for earlier tix!  What’s the website again?  VIP upgrades.  How many can I drive to?  Maybe I have some frequent flier miles I can use?  Christmas album.  New CD next year.

The madness shall never end my friend.  All we are left with is the ODD Lifestyle Maintenance Guide.   Sadly, such a reference doesn’t exist yet.  There are many ways to scale it back, make it more manageable.  Keep it under wraps.  You learn when to talk and when to hide it.  You make peace with it.  You accept it.  You stop judging yourself.  You no longer care what anyone thinks of your “hobby.”  You can then simply become one with the Voice.

When I first saw the Hartford Apologize, you know the close-up one…something struck me.  When I watch his jaw and mouth it makes me think of sweet woodland animals foraging for nuts and berries.  There is something so primal, so universal, and sweet about his mouth forming words.

The experience of the Voice is like the first time seeing the ocean, the first cry from your newborn baby, the sweetest candy to ever touch your tongue, and the first kiss from your true love.  I don’t know what it is about that Voice, coming out of that face, that hurts so good.  Lord have Mercy on us all David – but please don’t stop.

*now off to therapy with that mic stand from the last performance*   It ain’t gonna be pretty.

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The National Anthem, God Bless America, and America the Beautiful

Posted by djafan on Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is how it’s done.

5/9/08 Utah Jazz-Star Spangled Banner

10/10/08 Baseball Game-God Bless America

10/24/08 Dublin Coffman HS-Star Spangled Banner

1/5/09 Governor Huntsman’s Inauguration-Star Spangled Banner

2/8/09 Pro Bowl-Star Spangled Banner

6/6/09 Real Tinto-Star Spangled Banner

9/13/09 US Open-America the Beautiful

12/31/09 Sun Bowl-Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America

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Thirst in an Archudrought and Then…No Air

Posted by djafan on Saturday, February 6, 2010

For those suffering the ravages of an Archudrought,  Miami this week was an oasis in the desert.

The last two days have been like a refreshing shower after a dust storm.  I have been trying to cope with my own David-deprivation by reading and re-reading the posts here and going to The Voice Unplugged to chat with and get support from others sufferers.  All of us hoping against hope that the Jordin Sparks Experience would give us a drop or a morsel to get us through till a book signing tour with maybe a song or two.

I signed up for the ustream and was there an hour early hoping for a glimpse of David.  No David at first but it wasn’t a bad thing.  I learned so much about the gift of hearing and how many don’t enjoy what I take for granted daily.  Heard some great stories from those who not only give from their pockets but also of their time.  I would like to have seen David’s response when the children were being fitted with hearing aids and the children’s reaction to sound.  Here is a link to the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s homepage.

I was so glad Jordin invited David.  I have always liked her and now I’ve gained a huge respect for her.  She is egoless.   She had David up front and center with her and when she introduced her friends she looked right at him.  David appeared to be her guest, not a sidekick.  He was at her side throughout the events smiling and looking so happy, swollen cheek and all.

Back in the saddle and up on the stage again, David sang Crush and one of his best performances of Apologize yet, and that is saying something.  First thing I noticed was the change in his voice.  Could his voice have possibly improved since the 2nd of December?  Deeper and even richer if that’s conceivable.  Jordin sang her set and then “WHAM,” right in the gut!  I had been so thirsty and now, I’m having trouble breathing.  David left me with “No Air”.  And he sucker-punched me twice in one day.  The vocals, the runs, the swagger up to the stage, the tie, the shirt, the pants, the moves.  This week, lest we forget, he proved once again what a phenomenal artist and person he is.  Now that we have survived the Archudrought a little longer by slaking our thirst in Miami, we face a tougher ordeal ahead.  Will we survive The Voice’s 3rd album tour as he takes it to the next level and possibly busts loose with some sweltering dance moves?  I get breathless just thinking about it.

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They Can Hear Music, Sweet, Sweet Music

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, February 3, 2010

David Archuleta, Jordin Sparks and The Starkey Foundation are on a mission this week.  Their goal is to fit over 100 hearing-impaired children with hearing aids in the Miami area.  People who can hear tend to take their hearing for granted.  But for these children, most of whom have been deaf their entire lives, hearing is a gift that will transport them through the looking glass into a whole new world.

Can the hearing-impaired experience music?  The answer is a resounding YES!  Beethoven composed his 9th symphony after he lost his hearing.  In the movie, “Mr. Holland’s Opus”, I remember that deaf people “heard” music by feeling the floor vibrations and from flashing lights that corresponded to musical notes.  By turning up the bass on a stereo so that the vibrations can be felt through the floor, deaf people are able to dance to the rhythms they feel.  Hearing-impaired people do enjoy music; they just understand it differently, by feeling rather than by hearing.

At a VIP in December, David was asked to consider having someone sign the lyrics at his concerts to enhance the concert experience for his hearing-impaired fans.  He said that he had never thought about signing but he thought it made sense.  He mentioned that he knew that the deaf can “feel” the music vibration from the sound system.

Later in the afternoon there will be a special performance by David and Jordin.

Something wonderful is about to happen to a lucky bunch of kids in Miami.  After being fitted with hearing aids, these children will be able to hear, rather than just feel music.  They will hear the angelic sound of David’s voice.  I think back to how I felt when I heard David’s voice for the very first time on American Idol.  Imagine their reactions when they hear his healing voice for the first time!  Imagine if that was the first sound you ever heard.

(now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are opened) e.e. cummings

The event will be webcasted today, February 3, starting at 11:45 am EST and 8:45 am PST at this link:

If you would like to get involved and give a child the gift of hearing, visit the Starkey Hearing Foundation at this link:

If you would like to have your hearing tested online, visit the Starkey Hearing Foundation at this link:

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