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Archive for January 5th, 2010

The Case of the Unraveling Raffle Plan

Posted by rapture on Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wherin I attend the final Westbury concert and devise a cunning plan.  But first, the set up and a little background:

I have two daughters that, for the purposes of this story I will refer to as my “younger daughter” and my “older daughter.”   My fifteen year old, the younger, is a casual David fan and my concert buddy.   She puts up with most of my fanatic behavior.  My sixteen year old, the elder, is not a fan, nor is she a fan of me being a fan.  She puts up with NONE of my fanatic behavior and wants nothing to do with David.

I am a math teacher in high school and also the advisor to my younger daughter’s Class of 2012  fundraising effort which is, (no surprise) Invisible Children.

My younger daughter and I won tickets to the Westbury show which included a Meet & Greet after the show.  I had no plans to attend the VIP.  I was pretty sure that there would be an autograph opportunity after the show, but wasn’t sure what to have David sign.  So I had the brilliant idea to make a photo collage of David with the invisible children logo and have him sign that.  Then our class could raffle it to raise more money for Invisible Children.

At home we have the entire collection of the six colored Invisible Children bracelets.  I wear the red one, my younger daughter wears green and  my older daughter’s is blue.  My cunning plan was to ask David to wear the white bracelet while signing the collage, (thereby increasing its value significantly.)  I would then raffle the white bracelet that David had on his body for a few seconds with the collage.  I also planned to take a photo of David wearing the white bracelet while signing the collage and raffle that.   Both daughters were aware of said cunning plan to involve the white bracelet in the raffle.

Now…here’s where the plot thickens and you must pay close attention or it becomes a “who’s on first” conundrum.

Day of the show, I can’t find my red bracelet so I asked my older daughter if I can borrow her blue bracelet.  I was taken aback by her strangely suspicious and unfounded response.  “You’re not going to give it to David Archuleta, are you?”
“Me?  No, of course not.  He has is own bracelets!”  The very idea.

At the last minute, due to the weather, Abrra wasn’t able to make it to the Westbury show.  She was kind enough to transfer her VIP to me, so I was able to attend the VIP after all!  I was soooo excited.  I dropped my younger, very accommodating, daughter at a nearby mall while I attended the VIP and got to meet up with many cyber-friends.

My next brilliant idea was to give David the white bracelet at the VIP and let him wear it for the WHOLE SHOW, then get it back from him at the M&G after the show.

Our conversation went like this:
Me:  Hi again
David:  Hey!
Me:  I’ll see you again later, after the show…
David:  (puzzled look)
Me:  Oh, my daughter will be with me.  We won a radio contest.
David:  Oh, cool. OK.
Me:  I’m a math teacher at our local high school and Invisible Children is our fundraising effort. I’m going to ask you later to sign a collage that we can raffle off for Invisible Children.  When I found out that I was coming here, I thought you could wear this bracelet for the show and give it back to me after.  It will really add value to the raffle.

I give David the white bracelet and he puts it on his left wrist.

David:  Oh, I lost my bracelet.
Me:  Oh, then just keep it.
David:  No, you need it for the raffle!
Me:  Well then here, take this one.

Helplessly I watched my older daughter’s prediction come to pass as I slip her blue bracelet off my wrist and give it to David!

At this point David is looking confused.  I calmly explain my brilliant, slightly more complicated, yet still cunning plan.

Me:  *touches the white bracelet on his left wrist*   Wear this one for the show and give it to me later and,  *presses the blue bracelet into his right hand* keep this one and put it in your pocket.

David:  Oh, OK.

What was I thinking?  I had just given him my psychic older daughter’s blue bracelet!  No worries.  I chuckled to myself at the ease with which I conceived yet another brilliant plan.  I’ll just order her another one and stall and act dumb till it arrives.

The show begins and Benton’s playing his first song.  We’re sitting off to the right in the second row.  Very good seats, but the bass amplifier is blowing out our eardrums.  I quickly scan around and spy two empty seats in the FRONT ROW right in the CENTER.  We scooted into those seats and not a moment too soon!  After I sat, some guy sits next to me while my daughter was still making her way down the aisle.  I asked if that was his seat and he said, “No.”  Ha!  He was doing the same thing!  I just told him my daughter was sitting there and he kindly removed himself.  We kept those seats for the entire show!

At last David strides on stage singing WFY.  My daughter and I both notice at the same time. David was wearing my older daughter’s blue bracelet!  How did that happen?!  And how will I raffle off that blue bracelet?  My older daughter knows that hers was the only blue bracelet in the house and that I was going to be raffling off the white one!  So much for my brilliant plan.  I just turned to my younger daughter in the seat next to me and we burst into laughter.  That was cool.  And it was SO cool when David talked about Invisible Children before POTC and said, “…like this bracelet.”

As you all know by now, the entire show, from the first note to the last wave, was incredible.  The best part for me was that I was on my feet the entire time (along with about 75% of the audience) and my daughter was right up by my side – having a blast!

After the show, several of us waited in the back of the auditorium for David to come out for the Meet & Greet.  When David came out he was calm, but friendly.  There was a quiet moment before we got started and I said to Ray,  “So you were pretty good out there on the stage!  You must have been practicing!”  ” Not at all,” he replied, “I just have some natural talent, ha ha!”  Then David told us what a surprise it was and how at first he thought Ray’s voice was just coming through his earpieces so he pulled them out!  We all laughed.  Then we started with photos/autographs.

When it was our turn, my daughter and I asked him to sign the Invisible Children collage.

David took the blue bracelet off and gave it back to me.  I thanked him for wearing it and he asked me if he wore the wrong one.  I said it didn’t matter, and something about him being easily confused but that was refreshing because I am also.  He laughed.  I asked him if he still had the white bracelet… keep.  He said, “Yes, but not in my pocket.  I gave it to someone to hold for me.  I’ll get it back.”  He’s so funny.

So what became of the blue bracelet?  I didn’t take it off for 48 hours and then I retired it to safe keeping in my drawer.  I ordered two more blue bracelets, one for my older daughter and one for me to wear as a reminder.  I would wear the actual bracelet David wore, but I don’t want anything to happen to it.  So… I have the signed collage and the blue bracelet he wore through the whole final show.  Our fundraiser is in the spring.   My next cunning plan…make a substantial personal donation to Invisible Children and hold on to that bracelet!

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