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David Archuleta Inspires Gifting

Posted by djafan on Thursday, November 1, 2012

(photo credit: Naree)

David fans are the best gifters ever. ¬†Most of the time they want to remain anonymous. ¬†We want to thank them all who have so selflessly gifted. ¬†Here are a couple of thank yous we’ve received; not all sent them, but as long as they are loving David Archuleta and his music, all is well.

English Translation

Hey guys, it’s Georgette here! Haha, sounds familiar? Well seemed like a good way to start this email since that‚Äôs how David begins his video blogs every time he makes one, and I love how he does that.

I became an “Archie” or “Arch Angel” as I watched the episode of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel 2 years ago. I felt an incredible connection with David and his way of being caught my attention, so I searched for him in Google (as anyone who wants to know a little more about someone LOL) and what I liked the most is that David has Latin family! wow! That shocked me very much, so I quickly went to YouTube and looked for videos of David speaking in Spanish… I was shocked! Not only by his way of speaking, but by its simplicity, humility, passion and all the feelings I noticed when David speaks, sings or simply expresses himself.

I also noticed that David participated in American Idol and came in second place, so I looked for the songs that he sang and all performances on YouTube. What else did I do? Download all the songs obviously! I converted to an Archie at around September, a little before the release of The Other Side Of Down. I remember it very well.

On page there was a countdown marking the days until 5 October. After downloading his songs I looked up the lyrics and I learned them very quickly. The connection I felt with David was very deep… he was not only “David Archuleta” he had become everything and more than I thought. I remember feeling inspired with the lyrics of his songs from TOSOD.

For me David is one in a million.¬† The simplicity and modesty that he shows are a great inspiration for many people. Not many artists are like this. I’m in love with the fact that David sings because he loves singing and music, not because he is interested in fame or anything else that comes with it; He only sings because the music is his life. David can’t imagine doing anything else that is not singing, and I can’t imagine listening to different music than that of David.

It‚Äôs as simple as this, if there is no David, there is no Georgette because David is part of me and I see him as a very important person in my life. The things that he taught me cannot be counted with a finger and I am really thankful for it all. I sometimes think, ‚Äúhow can there be people who don’t like David? Or, people who like David, but don‚Äôt feel as inspired as I am? Don‚Äôt they feel his music like other Archies? It is not easy to say, but I’m sure that if they stopped a moment to listen to any song, the words, it will be an inspiration because what you feel when David sings is contagious… you can see in his eyes, his way of expressing that he has a message behind each song and I am proud to say that I know that message. I now understand the message better.

When David announced that he would leave on a mission for the Latter Day Saints Church, my heart broke… but I couldn‚Äôt be happier! David would be serving his church for 2 years preaching the word of God, the person who has taught me many things I know and I give thanks to him for putting David in my path and now David will reach more people. Wow that is incredible!

To make a long story short. I give thanks to The Voice for all that you do for the fans. Thank you for sending me a copy of Forevermore and the amazing bracelet … David: You’ve become part of my soul.

-Georgette, Venezuela.

Original in Spanish

Hey guys, it’s Georgette here! Haha, sounds familiar? Bueno me pareci√≥ una buena forma de empezar este email ya que as√≠ empieza David sus video blogs cada vez que hace uno, y amo la forma en que hace eso.

Yo me convert√≠ en una “Archie” o “Arch Angel” mientras ve√≠a el episodio de Hannah Montana en Disney Channel, hace 2 a√Īos. Sent√≠ una conexi√≥n incre√≠ble con David y su forma de ser me llam√≥ mucho la atenci√≥n, as√≠ que lo busqu√© en Google (como toda persona que quiere saber un poco m√°s acerca de alguien LOL) y lo que m√°s me gusto es que David tienen familia LATINA! wow! Eso me impact√≥ mucho, as√≠ que fui r√°pidamente a YouTube y busqu√© v√≠deos de David hablando en espa√Īol… Qued√© impactada! No solo por su forma de hablar, sino por su sencillez, humildad, pasi√≥n y todos los sentimientos que not√© en David al hablar, cantar o simplemente expresarse.

También noté que David participó en American Idol y que quedó de segundo lugar, así que busqué las canciones que cantó y todas sus presentaciones en YouTube. Qué más hice? Descargar todas sus canciones OBVIAMENTE!!! Me convertí una Archie al rededor de Septiembre por lo que faltaba poco para el lanzamiento de The Other Side Of Down, lo recuerdo muy bien.

En su p√°gina hab√≠a un conteo regresivo por los d√≠as que faltaban para el 5 de Octubre. Luego de descargar sus canciones busqu√© las letras y me las aprend√≠ muy r√°pido, es que la conexi√≥n que sent√≠ con David era muy profunda… no solo era “David Archuleta”, √©l se hab√≠a convertido en todo lo que pensaba. Recuerdo haber sentido una inspiraci√≥n muy fuerte con las letras de sus canciones desde su primer CD hasta TOSOD. Para m√≠ David es uno en un mill√≥n, su sencillez y modestia que expresa son de gran inspiraci√≥n para demasiadas personas y eso no lo tienen muchos artistas. Estoy enamorada del hecho de que David solo canta porque ama cantar y la m√ļsica, no porque le interesa la fama o cualquier otra cosa que venga con ella; √©l solo canta porque la m√ļsica es su vida, no me imagino a David haciendo otra cosa que no sea cantar y no me imagino escuchando otra m√ļsica que no sea la de David.

De una manera m√°s sencilla: No hay David, no hay Georgette; porque David ya es parte de m√≠ y lo considero como una persona muy importante en mi vida. ¬†Las cosas que √©l me ha ense√Īado no se pueden contar con un dedo y estoy realmente agradecida con todo. A veces pienso, ¬ŅC√≥mo existe gente a la que no le gusta David? O, a la gente que le gusta David, ¬Ņse sentir√°n tan inspirados como yo? ¬†¬ŅSentir√°n su m√ļsica al igual que otros Archies? No es f√°cil decirlo, pero estoy segura de que si se detienen un momento a escuchar cualquier canci√≥n de √©l y entender las letras, lo sentir√°n porque la inspiraci√≥n es contagiosa al igual que los sentimientos que siente David cuando canta‚Ķ se puede ver en sus ojos y en su forma de expresarse que √©l tiene un mensaje detr√°s de cada canci√≥n, y estoy orgullosa de decir que s√© cu√°l es ese mensaje. Y ahora mucho m√°s conozco el mensaje.

Cuando David anunci√≥ que partir√≠a en una misi√≥n para la Iglesia de los Santos de los √öltimos D√≠as, mi coraz√≥n se parti√≥‚Ķ no pod√≠a estar m√°s feliz!! David estar√≠a sirviendo para una Iglesia por 2 a√Īos predicando la palabra de Dios, la persona que nos ha ense√Īado muchas de las cosas que sabemos y le doy gracias a √Čl por poner a David en nuestro camino; y saber que ahora David llegar√° a mucha m√°s gente?? Wow eso es incre√≠ble!!

Para no hacer esta historia más larga me despido agradeciendo a The Voice por todo lo que hacen por los fans, gracias por enviarme una copia de Forevermore y el increíble brazalete… David: Te has convertido en parte de mi alma.

-Georgette, Venezuela.

English Translation

Hello, first of all I want to thank you TheVoiceDavidArchuleta and Blueberry Ice from CA, thanks to you I have this wonderful FOREVERMORE Cd and also to SandyBeaches from Canada for the beautiful bracelet she gave me.  INFINITE THANKS!


For me DAVID is more than an Idol, why?  Because he is simple and humble despite being a famous artist, he has never changed and remains as who he is. I love his personality, so humble and generous to all, it is really admirable.

David is the best singer for me because he has an ANGELIC voice that not many have, his songs are very beautiful and meaningful. He inspires me so much. :)

For me he is a winner.¬† He worked hard to get to where he is :) and he remains the same: the same sweet guy. Nice, humble, simple, charismatic, lovable and cute.¬† I watched him on ‘American Idol’ in 2008 and ¬†I became a fan of David. :)

David Archuleta is without a doubt a complete artist! In addition to a great human being < 3!

– ALWAYS smiles.
– ALWAYS delivers the best in every interpretation.
– ALWAYS supports his friends.
– ALWAYS is proud of his Latin roots. <3
– ALWAYS cares for those around him.
– ALWAYS attends to his fans and talks with them.
– ALWAYS is attentive to everyone.

Thanks to his efforts.¬† He has endured adversities but has been able to overcome :’)

The truth for me, and I dare say that for many of his fans he is an example to follow and a being that inspires us a lot. :’ (D)

Waiting for David Archuleta…


Original in Spanish

Hola, primero que nada muchas GRACIAS a TheVoiceDavidArchuleta  y a Blueberry Ice de CA,  ya que gracias a ustedes tengo este maravilloso Cd FOREVERMORE y también a SandyBeaches de Canadá por la hermosa pulsera que me obsequiaron.  J  ¡INFINITAS GRACIAS!


Para m√≠ DAVID es m√°s que un √≠dolo, ¬Ņporque? porque es humilde y sencillo a pesar de ser un famoso /artista¬† nunca cambio¬† y sigue siendo tal como es, amo su personalidad tan humilde y generoso con todos, es realmente admirable.

El mejor cantante para mí porque tiene una voz ANGELICAL que no muchos poseen.  Sus canciones son muy hermosas y significan tanto,  me inspiran mucho :)

El para m√≠ es UN TRIUNFADOR, lucho¬†MUCH√ćSIMO¬†para llegar a donde el esta :) , y sigue siendo el mismo: el mismo chico dulce, simp√°tico, humilde, sencillo, carism√°tico, adorable, lindo que ¬†ve√≠a en el programa ‘American Idol‚Äô aquel 2008 que es¬† desde all√≠ donde me hice fan de David.¬†:)

David Archuleta es sin duda un artista completo! Adem√°s de un gran ser humano<3!

– SIEMPRE est√° sonriendo.
РSIEMPRE entrega lo mejor de sí en cada interpretación.
– SIEMPRE apoya a sus amigos y cercanos.
РSIEMPRE se muestra orgulloso de sus raíces latinas. <3
– SIEMPRE se preocupa por los que est√°n a su alrededor.
– SIEMPRE atiende a sus fans y conversa con ellos/as.
– Es atento con todos.

Y todo lo que ha logrado ha sido gracias a su esfuerzo, al igual que cualquier persona ha tenido debilidades y adversidades pero las ha sabido superar :’)

La verdad para m√≠, y me atrevo a decir que para varias de sus fans, es un ejemplo a seguir y un ser que nos inspira much√≠simo. :’D

Waiting for David Archuleta…


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