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David Archuleta ~ Grinning in His Face

Posted by Angelica on Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Why am I grinning? Because David just followed ZZ Ward on twitter. I was unfamiliar with her work but it is so deliciously Adele-ish. Bluesly, soulful, and with just a touch of sedge. I just made that word up to denote a combination of sexy and edgy, but it’s also an actual word that means a plant that grows in wet ground. And this here is wet ground for dem dry bones to do some serious growth. As much as I like his uncovered work on the red CD and TOSOD, pop music is less adapted for him than the rich environment of this earthy medium. I think his voice was created, breathy vocal paralysis be praised, for this type of music. How many of our greatest singers have roots deeply planted in the soulful, spiritually rich soil of hymns? He is growing. He is a growing force that, I predict if he goes this direction, will be unstoppable.

In the article “David Archuleta and the Blues,” I mentioned the bare bones, soulful artistry of Son House.

“Most blues artists play the guitar but not all. Whether on guitar, or like Ray Charles on piano, the blues is limited only by the soul that can hold it, like Son House, in just his hands.”

Here is Son House singing, “Grinning in Your Face.”

After watching a few of ZZ’s videos I spied this gem. Her cover of Son House’s “Grinning in Your Face.” I hollered so loud at so many places in this, I’m surprised all of cyberspace didn’t hear me.

If the fledgling, sedgling David Archuleta nutures growth in this direction, y’all ain’t even begun to hear me holla.

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David Archuleta – The Next Romantic Heartthrob?

Posted by fenfan123 on Saturday, October 5, 2013


We all love that voice. David Archuleta can sing anything. When he comes back from his mission he is going to conquer the world, one song at a time. We know he will have a phenomenal singing career. But when he has been there, done that and has a little time on his schedule, what else should he do? He could go look for his kind of perfect, you say? Maybe.

Well, I am a demanding fan. I want to put him to work – in the movies. I have always thought David would make a wonderful comedic actor, what with his “dry wit” and “oh gosh” demeanor. Or he could be a romantic lead. Just look at that face. HEARTTHROB! – if ever there was one!

Video credit 0o0bluedots0o0

David himself has said he enjoys acting and would love to do it again.

Video Credit Hanne Ankersen

He has some ideas about the people he wants to act with (6:40) and has managed to overcome his fear of acting (9:20).

Video credit StarHub

And he is open to acting in a movie or series in the US.

Video credit StarHub

He didn’t say what roles he would like to play. But I think starring as the heartthrob in a romantic comedy would be perfect. I know what you are thinking. Kissing is de rigueur in romantic comedies. That might prove a bit difficult for a guy who claims he has yet to lock lips with anyone. But look at You’ve Got Mail – no kissing till the very end. With some judicious camera work and editing he could even get away with a fake kiss.

Video credit TjMulyadi

What I wouldn’t give to see David on the big screen loping through Central Park with his dog by his side on his way to meeting the girl of his dreams. A movie soundtrack album with David singing Over the Rainbow would be icing on the cake.

For the longest time I had thought that I would be content if I could just see David in a romantic comedy. I wasn’t sure about his potential for serious drama until I saw him emote and spill those tears in Nandito Ako.

As I was writing this and casting around for an example of a dramatic role for him, I came across this announcement by 20th Century Fox that got me really excited. They are looking for someone between the ages of 18 and 22 to play a young Elvis in The Last Train to Memphis.

Elvis hopefuls are required to submit an audition tape of themselves reading some lines from the movie script and another of their singing 6 to 8 bars of a pre-1957 Elvis song. Well, we all know someone has already got the singing tape done.

Video credit RealldolFans

But would he ace the audition? I think 20th Century Fox should wait another 6 months to find out.

What do you think? Have your say in this poll.


Fenfan is a Staff Writer for The Voice.

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David Archuleta Rawks Jakarta, Rolls into Manila

Posted by Angelica on Saturday, July 16, 2011

I gotta tell ya I’m a little too not over the concert in Jakarta and now we have Manila to get through. I can hardly get through “Gotta Get Through This” (the ending holla is totally unfair.)

One thing is sure:  we are in for IT, with a capital I and that stands for

He is crazy good and getting better. Check out the videos on this thread and have mercy, cause there is more to come. Much, much more. Oh yeah. We got Trouble right here in ArchuCity. And it starts with T and that rhymes with D and that stands for David. David Archuleta is evolving again and there’s no turning back. Just sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. Welcome to your life.

Today a book signing in a mall where folks have been lined up for hours. Tomorrow, another concert at Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Manila. Capacity: 40,000.

Oh yeah, we got trouble my friends. He is the Music Man.


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If Only We Can Get Through This

Posted by Angelica on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I told you all we had a serious situation on our hands.  Now look.  Performing a brilliant cover of Daniel Beddingfield’s debut single “Gotta Get Through This,” David Archuleta has ratcheted up the intensity of his considerable skills and given us a glimpse of the shape of things to come. From where I sit, uncontrollably pressing the replay button, I’m hooked. David Trueman, in an editorial review of the song on Amazon. com described Daniel Beddingfield’s sound as “poppy soul funk.” If this is the direction David is taking, we are gonna need to hang together to get each other through this next phase of his evolution as an artist.

Gotta Get Thru This” is the first single by Daniel Bedingfield which was released at the end of 2001. It was made after an ex-girlfriend gave him the idea of singing. The track, along with some others, were recorded in Bedingfield’s bedroom with his PC and a microphone, using the music software Reason. The single went to #1 on the UK Singles Chart in both 2001 and 2002, making it one of Bedingfield’s most successful singles there. It was also his most successful US single, and his only to crack the top ten, peaking at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Bedingfield earned a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording.  ~  WikipediA

Video credit hughestube1003

I am particularly addicted to the note delivered at the 1 minute mark and the “aaaaaahh” with the turn away at 2:18. Love the new band members too. Very laid back cool vibe and mad skilz. Yes, my friends. This is some serious situational crisis stuff and the only way we’re gonna get through this is together. And don’t look to him for help. See the new photo from his OS?  See any pity? OK, Mr. sassy britches. Bring it. ♫ Come on over! ♪  ♫

We’re still standing!  We may need a little support from each other to stay that way though.    

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Return of the Soul Man from Utah?

Posted by Angelica on Monday, February 1, 2010

I didn’t watch Star Search when David was on the show and only recently sat down and took a closer look at these performances of a much younger David.  I find something in them I hope David will consider revisiting and reprising one day.  There is a soulful, groovin, yearnin, on his knees begging, cause he’s a prisoner of love kind of vibe going on.  No doubt he was just singing words without much meaning for him and going through the motions then.  No one would take a twelve year old singing those kinds of songs seriously.  It was safe and precociously cute.  Now that he’s older and wiser, would he feel comfortable singing this way again?  Perhaps now he is more conscious of what is proper and what could be considered too emotionally raw for a young man coming of age.  I don’t know if he would touch lyrics referring to “pleasure” or ” the fire’s getting stronger.”  But I would dearly love to see him bring his much more evolved talent and performance skills back into this genre again.  We have seen glimpses of it surface in “Works for Me”, Reno and “My Hands.”  Can you imagine what a mature David could do with this type of material now?  Back then…no sexual charisimo at all, of course.  Now?  Have mercy he would kick major assumptions of what folks are dealing with when they are dealing with David Archuleta fo sho!  I’m just masochistic enough to hope the next album he’s working on will show a reemergence of this soulful, baby-don’t-ya-do-me-no-wrong-cause-I-need-ya-too-bad kind of material.  Not sure our hearts could stand David live on tour doing this… the growls alone could take you out of this world.  But what a way to go!  I’m willing to pack the portable defibrillator and O2 tank and take the risk.  Who’s with me?  :razz:

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