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David Archuleta ~ I Will Always Return

Posted by pocoelsyforarchie on Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I hear the wind call your name.

It calls me back home again.

It sparks up the fire – a flame that still burns.

Oh it’s to you I’ll always return.

As I was watching “Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron” on a lazy Saturday afternoon in July with my daughter, this song came on!!!¬† Man, it shook my world a little bit …ok…a lot!!!¬† I realized how much I miss David!!!¬† I can relate almost everything to him!!!¬† I’m nuts!!¬† I know!¬† haha.¬† He’s only been gone a few months, but somehow he’s just like a close family/friend to me and I believe to many of us as well.

“Spirit” the stallion has similar characteristic as David, though not exactly the same.¬† As the song progresses, the lyrics are really in sync with our situation, both on David’s part and ours.¬† I’m pretty sure that while he’s so super busy with his mission, a part of him misses our excitement-smile-scream-fan-boying and girling on our parts while he’s performing on his stage !!¬† It’s so evident how we all miss him and want the clock to run faster.¬† :)¬† Our love and thoughts are all over the fansites and YouTube.

The guy has captured our hearts and we have captured his.¬† To wait for him and support him are just about normal and natural things for us to do.¬† He’s generously invited us into his life, so we’ll definitely be here as long as he needs us.¬† That’s what friends are for, right !?

The support and yearning words from the fans, David’s love and trust in us, and a wishful thinking on my part inspired me to make this vid for both David and us.¬†¬† Hope you like it.


I encourage you all to watch this fantastic animation “Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.”¬† It’s fun and inspiring and the songs by Bryan Adams are outstanding!!!

Thank you all.  :)


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