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Random thoughts on the artistry of David Archuleta

Celebrating Four Years With David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Friday, November 8, 2013


November 8th marks the 4th anniversary of The Voice. We want to thank all the fans who visit and comment over the years. All of you, along with David himself, are the inspiration that keeps us going. We are thankful to our staff writers, who have stood by our side and provided so many insightful articles, and to the guest writers who have come forward to add their voices too. Having so many diverse voices to share their thoughts has carried us through the long 2 year drought while David has been away. It is my honor to participate as an admin, along with Angelica, Bebereader and Djafan, on a fansite promoting the best singer in the world.

We took a look back into the archives and brought out the very first article published on this site, written by Angelica. In it she says we are here to celebrate his art and his humanity. After 4 years, I think I can safely say, mission accomplished!

There is David the artist. The Voice. That terrible, wonderful, glorious, soul embracing, knee buckling, sigh inducing, tear producing Voice. Then there is David the song writer, who we are just getting to know and anticipate the fruits of his labors there. *insert squee* There is David the dancer/performer, also a work in progress, and the work is going very well, I might add.

But over and above all this, the crown jewel, the cherry on top of all that delightful, delectable, deliciousness is the man himself. The David we have come to know off stage. A man of quiet strength, compassion, courage, humility and character. A man after our own hearts, when all we meant to do was love his art.

So we are here to celebrate his art, which is awesome, and his humanity, which is awesomer. We are here to celebrate the totality of his awesomeage. And that, though linguistically incorrect, is the charuth.

So thanks for standing by us and especially, by him. You all deserve a big round of applause because each and every one of you, are pretty dang awesome too!


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HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY David Archuleta!

Posted by djafan on Friday, September 27, 2013

david jumps Juans-art-skyhigh

credit Juan

David is only a hop, skip and a jump away from his return!!!

December 28th, 2013

December 28th, 2013

Shelley has created this group birthday card to

send to David for his 23rd birthday!

2013 davids group bday

Last year she also created one that had over 1000 signatures.

She thought David would like it and did he!

Elder Archuleta sent us this!

david 22 bday elder BUVAFQgCMAIYxfh

Shelley has been busy working on the details of

the card to be printed into a birthday book.

david 23 bday tweet-Shelley-borders-for-BDay-book-mssgs

david 23 bday Shelleys-birthday-book-borders-for-messages

The great staff at Staples remembered last years birthday project and let her know they’re ready to help! 

Great customer service :)

david 23 bday staples message BUyPsSFCIAAFne3

So please, if you haven’t already signed the card click HERE to go, no RUN runto sign David’s 23rd birthday card.  There are about 600 birthday wishes as of now and we need at least 600 more to get it above last years count.  It would be awesome to receive a picture of his joy upon receiving it.  The deadline to sign is October 4th.  This will give enough time to get it printed and bound into a beautiful card from all of his fans.

And we might just get another picture showing us that great smile.  :)

no matter how far album pic

And a huge shout out to Shelley and her labor of love! ♥

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David Archuleta ~ The Naked Heart

Posted by bluesky4home on Saturday, September 7, 2013


Eben Alexander, M.D. experienced “brain death” for a week. He has written a book about what he experienced while all the functions of his “higher brain” were off-line. These are quotes from his book “Proof of Heaven.”

Quotes from “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander M.D. in black.

Bluesky’s comments in blue.

Seeing and hearing were not separate in this place … I could hear the visual beauty … I could see the surging, joyful perfection of what they sang.  It seemed that you could not look at or listen to anything in this world without becoming a part of it – without joining with it in some mysterious way.”

This Being was so close that there seemed to be no distance at all between God and myself.

This is so DA. His voice has a multidimensional effect on the listeners: we see, hear, feel, and grasp the emotion, as much as we are “held” by it.

Christian poet Henry Vaughan: “There is, some say, in God a deep but dazzling darkness.”

The questions, and the answers … didn’t come in the form of language as we know it, …[this Being] possessed the qualities we possess, only in infinitely greater measure. It knew me deeply and overflowed with … warmth, compassion, pathos … even irony and humor.

I love the way he describes God here, complete with pathos, irony and humor. This I see in DA’s song choices. He never shies away from the difficult aspects of life. He sees life as a complete experience, he sees people as complete individuals. Thus his “simplicity” encompasses all of life; and rejoices: “… a deep but dazzling darkness.” To me, many of these concepts are beautifully expressed in the song “Angel” and the way DA sings it. 

Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. … This is the reality of realities, the incomprehensibly glorious truth of truths that lives and breathes at the core of everything that exists or that ever will exist, and no remotely accurate understanding of who and what we are can be achieved by anyone who does not know it, and embody it in all of their actions.

It is my belief that we … need to recover more of that larger knowledge while living here on earth..

DA unabashedly, loves.

Small particles of evil were scattered throughout the universe, but the sum total of all that evil was as a grain of sand on a vast beach compared to the goodness, abundance, hope, and unconditional love in which the universe was literally awash. The very fabric of the alternate dimension is love and acceptance.

Our truest, deepest self is completely free. It is not crippled or compromised by past actions or concerned with identity or status. It comprehends that it has no need to fear the earthly world, and therefore, it has no need to build itself up through fame or wealth or conquest.

Although still finding his way (and that is as it should be) I can think of few people who carry a mantle of personal freedom as unselfconsciously and as graciously as DA does.

How do we get closer to this genuine spiritual self? By manifesting love and compassion. Why? Because love and compassion are far more than the abstractions many of us believe them to be. They are real. They are concrete. And they make up the very fabric of the spiritual realm.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they think about God is to imagine God as impersonal.

[God] knows what we have forgotten, and understands the terrible burden it is to live with amnesia of the Divine for even a moment.

“Amnesia of the Divine” What a wonderful way to describe such a desolate feeling; hunger for a sustenance we do not always know we need or even that we lack. But when DA sings, sometimes, somehow, we remember.

Later, Eben would say that when he first saw me that day, he was immediately taken with how “present” I was. “You were so clear, so focused,” he said. “It was as if there was a kind of light shining within you.”

DA shines, pure and simple. I believe it is because of his constant search for the companionship of the divine: not as an act of separation from humanity, no, he is the faithful pilgrim, who seeks the divine within humanity.

Here is the “nakedness”, the total leap into the unknown, the complete vulnerability – because of his deep inner knowledge that the unknown is the known. The “expanse” is the one thing closest to our hearts: our true home. So he has no fear there – no unfamiliarity, only a bright oneness, a freedom… a naked, shining heart. Clothed in light and love. Safe. His. Mine. Ours.

I will forever be grateful for his willingness to allow the wings of his heart and voice to unfold.

Take flight, DA.


Bluesky is a staff writer for The Voice.

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David Archuleta and the Art of Whistling

Posted by Angelica on Friday, August 30, 2013

Fullscreen capture 662013 15248 AM.bmp

You know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together and…blow. 

Lauren Bacall, To Have and Have Not.

I don’t know how to whistle.  I could put my lips together and blow till my brains fell out and never produce anything but wind and severe hyperventilation. Maybe that’s why I admire people who can whistle. Don’t sit next to Djafan during a David concert if you value your eardrums. She is a two-fingered whistler, the most piercing kind, especially when produced within the acoustically perfect walls of the Conference Center during a certain MOtab Christmas performance.

David has mad whistling skills. When the snippet for YEDL was released, some questioned the use of whistling on the song.  I didn’t.  I loved it.  But most people, me included, did not know it was actually David that was doing the whistling. We discovered that only when he performed the song live in concert for the first time.

David is a pucker whistler. This is advantageous for several reasons:

1)  He has an excellent set of puckerers and this shows them off to maximum advantage.

2) Pucker whistling is more refined than the ear squealer.

3)  It allows for the creation of a more sustained note with maximum control.

4)  It is melodious when played by a virtuoso.  A virtuous virtuoso is even better as this produces the purest sound.

While many people can whistle, true whistling aficionados are rare.  Listen to the end of the rehearsal video of David in Manilla.  It’s as though he is playing a musical instrument.  He is.

Video credit yojeigor  5/15/09

I was there in Beaumont, Texas on the front row of a tightly jostling mosh pit when he performed YEDL in concert for the first time ever.

Video credit xamourdemusique  3/11/09

He got better. Major flirt alert @ 1.47

Video credit waitingforyesterdayx  7/28/09

And better.

Video credit emilyluvsarchie  8/17/09

And better.

Video credit djbell13  10/30/09

Was all this really four years ago?  Yet still we wait, held here by the power of the purest sound.  A whistle on the wind.  Laughter and the sweetest smile.  A voice we cannot somehow live without.  We wait, ears cocked to the wind for a sound to come whistling toward us again.  We are here.  We are still here.

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Cheating on David Archuleta

Posted by fenfan123 on Sunday, May 5, 2013


Photo credit Pamela Pike

I have a confession. I have strayed, cheated on the man who has held me in thrall for the past five years. I do it every evening, furtively, making eyes at this guy in vest and shirt, singing and dancing and making my heart go kaboom.

Dear Reader, are you confused by my rambling? Are you going “huh”?

You might have guessed that, this being The Voice, I must be talking about David Archuleta. Big sigh! Yes, him! So, he is the enthralling one.  Then who’s the other guy?

I give you Exhibit A.

I just can’t stop watching. I didn’t quite understand why. Not at first anyway. I had never been a fan. His voice does not compare; no, no, not by a long mile. The dancing? Yes, that might be it. But Mr Archuleta can boogie too. We’ve all seen glimpses of that.

Then one night, after several repeats deep into the early hours – bingo!

Mr T doesn’t wear a tie. His vest is less snug, the trousers a looser fit. But let your imagination run just a bit.  Then squint a little.

Can you see it now? Shirt with rolled up sleeves, perfectly knotted tie, body-hugging vest, almost sprayed-on pants. And boots! There they are, with pants tucked in.

Like this.

You understand now, don’t you? I might be watching JT sing and dance but all I see is David Archuleta. The only voice I want to hear. The only guy I want to see – making a big splash everywhere. In 2014.

Until then, I am going to cheat a little by watching JT and transforming him into that one and only guy for me. The brain is a powerful thing, don’t you think?


Fenfan is a Staff Writer for The Voice

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David Archuleta ~ No Matter How Far is Here!

Posted by djafan on Sunday, March 24, 2013


It’s time to celebrate the release of the album, No Matter How Far by David Archuleta!!  This is his third album released since he left on his mission.  David’s current single “Don’t Run Away” is being played on radio and internet radio stations around the world.

Music video by David Archuleta performing Don’t Run Away and music video animation by Kylie Malchus.  2013 Entertainment One U.S., LP, DavidArchuletaVEVO. Published on Mar 24, 2013.

Join in the World Wide Trending Party Monday, 3/25/13 at 7 PM Utah time to celebrate and let the world know that David Archuleta’s archangels are waiting for #DA2014 and are here to stay!!

#NoMatterHowFarDavidArchuleta posted an article and hosted an album listening party and Twitter blew up! So many tweets and retweets! No Matter How Far Listening Party

Purchase your copy of No Matter How Far at any of these links:






deseret book

best buy

barnes and noble



As we wait for the unveiling of “the pictures,” here are the parts tweeted by Kari.  Loving the anticipation!


BGEKKvPCUAAjrxs.jpg large

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David Archuleta – No Matter How Far, The Tracklist

Posted by djafan on Saturday, February 23, 2013


1. Nothing Else Better To Do

2. Everything And More

3. Don’t Run Away

4. Tell Me

5. Love Don’t Hate

6. Wait

7. Heart Falls Out

8. Notice Me

9. I’ll Never Go

10. Forevermore



Best Buy

Barnes And Noble


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Happy Valentine’s Day ~ David Archuleta

Posted by betsy on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It’s here! It’s one of my favorite days of the year. What’s not to love about a holiday celebrating love? I’ve been told “Oh, no, you’re one of THOSE.” Yes I am. It’s the reason I chose to marry the love of my life on Valentine’s Day. Hearts, flowers, chocolates, poems, special weekends away – I am there for all of it.

Do you guys remember when David left us a singing Valentine message? This was 4 years ago, and it was the best thing.

Then 1 year ago. <3

Have a great Valentine’s Day, everyone.



Wonderful Heartache ~ Jordan S. Hutchinson

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The 4th of July ~ A Celebration in Song ~ David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Independence Day To All!

Here are some favorites and a mashup by Abrra for you to start your 4th celebrations.  No one sings Patriotic like David Archuleta!

Enjoy and be safe!

Star Spangled Banner Mash Up

by Abrra

My Country ‘Tis Of Thee ~ America The Beautiful Stadium Of Fire 2011

by 8throwcenter

America The Beautiful

by r2rod2

Star Spangled Banner Stadium Of Fire 2011

by 8throwcenter

God Bless America

by oldphatone

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Smilebox by Angelica

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David Archuleta Calendar Fundraiser Project By Jennifer Barry

Posted by djafan on Monday, June 18, 2012

David Archuleta Calendar Fundraiser Project to benefit ChildFund International


If you have ordered a calendar between Thursday, June 7 and Friday, June 15th midnight you can be entered into a raffle to win a XL sized Calendar Photo Print of your choice.  To be entered, you must e-mail me confirmation of your order number and date purchased at calendars are my way of saying thank you to David for always being an inspiration to me and to all of his fans by encouraging us all to follow our dreams, which he has shown can be challenging and scary but it is exactly those challenges that make it worth achieving. It is also David’s wish that by helping ChildFund ( can help these children follow their dreams.


Be Inspired to Believe Calendar

(this is the more spiritual calendar)

What makes this calendar special is that passages used are from David fans and David’s family.  I asked them if they could provide passages that made them think of David.  I felt this would truly make this calendar memorable, special and personal and a way to show our appreciation to David as he is away on his mission.

David Archuleta 1 Calendar


What makes this calendar unique is ChildFund International provided me with phrases to use in the calendar and a very special fan provided me with a poem she created about David and there are also phrases David had shared with us on twitter that were significant to him.  I tried to make each calendar something that would be special to each of us and the photos can be looked on for many years to come even when the year is over.

This was a very fun and educational project and probably the most memorable.  I thought these calendars were a great way to show my appreciation and respect for David’s choice to leave the comforts of what he knows behind to help and serve those who are truly in need of someone like him in their lives.

I am so honored and blessed to be a fan of David because even though he is gone he is still finding ways to stay in our lives because he left us with someone who is keeping the flame lit Kari!  Thank you Kari for being the angel you are.  We love you.  THANK YOU ALL for helping to raise money and awareness to a very special organization to David Archuleta!

Payment methods accepted: Visa, MC, PayPal

Calendar size and cost:


8.5 x 11 = $23.28 plus $5 s/h (US Residents)
11×14 XL  = $33.28  plus $5 s/h (to select this size use pull-down menu)

Please check costs for International shipping:


You can order any number of the SAME calendar together and if they’re going to the same ship to address, the cost is a flat-fee of $5 for all projects.  The website, unfortunately, does not allow you to combine the different calendars together in the same shipment.

** All net proceeds will be donated to ChildFund International in honor of David Archuleta.

* David Archuleta’s management APPROVED THIS PROJECT and ChildFund International allowed me to use their messages in the calendar ****

Please note the Calendar Website can not be viewed on iPhone or IPad as “flash” is required to view calendar.

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