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David Archuleta ~ MKOC Tour ~ The California Leg ~1st up Santa Rosa & Los Angeles

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

credit Heather Farble

The My Kind of Christmas Tour hits the west coast today for a series of four concerts. Tonight David will blow everyone’s socks off in Santa Rosa at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts!

SANTA ROSA-Wells Fargo Center For The Arts

Tomorrow, Club Nokia in Los Angeles will be treated to his awesomeness.

LOS ANGELES – Club Nokia

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David Archuleta ~ Composition in Black and White

Posted by Angelica on Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When this photo, said to be the work of Matt Clayton, hit the internet on the 4th of July, it set off some major fireworks.  There was controversy about his site being compromised and this photo was the banner displayed on what turned out, when the link was clicked on, not to be his official site at all.  However it came about, the leak of this photo exploded like a Catherine wheel over the fan base.  It was copied, pasted, set as desktop backgrounds, twitpiks and gravatars.  It was made into collages, cropped, enlarged, posted profusely, and commented on.

The picture has him resting languidly on one arm against weather-beaten stone, mouth partially open, reflecting a relaxed, almost bored state.  Yet there is an intensity in the stare that belies the laid-back pose.  The viewer is left with the impression that he is not bored or tired at all, but engrossed and even fascinated a little by what he sees.  It is a remarkable work, capturing in shades of black, white and gray the wise innocence and seductive charm of  David Archuleta.

The encounter with this work opened me up to memories and connections I would  not otherwise have made on my own.  I remembered a stark black and white video of Sade.  Her voice is as smooth and sensual as her movements and just as controlled.

She is a class act, a rarity in today’s tawdry music world of female striptease artists/acrobats.  Some comments posted on YouTube:

“She is one classy lady…She doesn’t have to sell herself by trying to be half dressed and dress crazy for attention…She can just be her self…She has more talent in her pinkie than these so called female artists of today…”

“I can dance to beyonce, rihanna, kesha, and lady gaga’s stuff…but after listening to Sade’s music…their music just seems so…trite and immature…”

“have to love the fact she doesn’t dress like a whore and still looks hotter than all the trashy female artists of today!”

“I love Sade’s innocent beauty. It’s much more than skin deep. What an awesome gift God bestowed upon us with her birth. I love this band.”

David will have his own style, maybe a little bit of smooth jazzy funk like this and maybe something very different.  What led me to make the connection between him and Sade is, in a word:  Class.  Uncompromising artistic and personal standards, and a sensuality that is not forced.  It is as natural as breathing.  Sade, born, Helen Folasade Adu in Nigeria and raised in England, started out in the 1980’s with a band called Sade that would become her namesake.  In time she would be referred to as simply, Sade.  Her career has lasted for decades, her personal life is kept closely private and without scandal.  A singer-songwriter, composer and record producer, she is the most successful female solo artist in British history and was awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire for her contributions to popular music.  She is currently on a 74 city tour, “Sade Live”, starting and ending in Europe and presently here in America showcasing her latest album, The Ultimate Collection.  Her band and music style is described as a mixture of R&B, soul, jazz, funk and soft rock.  Sound familiar?

The black and white Matt Clayton photo led to the memory of a black and white video which then led to a recollection of another video by Sade.  One of a young man with a striped pull-over shirt similar to the one David wears in the photo that started it all.  So the connections come full circle, to another visual work of sensual beauty and innocence.  Art begets art.

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David Archuleta ~ Into the Vortex

Posted by Angelica on Monday, June 6, 2011

I know many of you out there have been swept up into various video vortexes since the Voice emerged with his jazzy-soul-funk-blues-pop-fusion-go-head-with-yo-bad-self-vibe.  Whew!   Let me take you down a couple of my own recent rabbit holes.

First, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”  Yeah, I know, everybody’s thinks they have explored and conquered that world already but this is the part that won’t let me go.  Right where he begins to feel the joy while the band transitions to an upbeat tempo and he’s not singing but BRINGS THE MIC UP AND IDK GOES SHHHHH INTO IT OR SOMETHING SO DASTARDLY I MEAN HOW DARE HE USE HIS MOUTH AS A WIND INSTRUMENT LIKE THAT?   Who makes a shhhhhh sound into a mic for no earthly reason except the pure love of sound?  Play dat funky music, white boi!  He don’t play fair and that’s the way you do it!  He even has a sly, crooked smile on his face the whole time.  Why does that drive me crazy?

Speaking of crazy, welcome to my other abyss.  “Crazy” from the AI Viewing Party.  It’s all good but this is, IMO the best Crazy yet and the part that keeps me tethered tight is right here.

That.  That Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder shoulder roll at the beginning followed by that scrunching, crouching, hunkering low down in his seat as he reaches way down for something in the deepest depths of his soulful soul.   What he brings to the surface is something primal, like all human emotion from the beginning of time.  He wields his voice like a sword, so sharp it cuts right through you and with the tender passage that follows, you are healed.  Who does that?  Who makes a sound like that?  I have never heard anyone do what he does with his voice and genius for emotional expression.

This next part is for David, my message in a bottle that I hope will somehow wash up on whatever shore you wander.  Own who you are, all of it.  Embrace it.  Wrap your arms around it and if they don’t reach the whole entirety of your being, drill down till all of who you are bubbles up to the surface and know that you are the owner of all that you find.  Your treasure is waiting.

Mama may have, Papa may have
But God bless the child that’s got his own.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Matthew 6:21

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Band Series, Part 4 ~ Introducing David Archuleta’s Band

Posted by bebereader on Friday, May 27, 2011

Having no idea how important a bass player is to a band, my assumption was that the bass is the least important instrument because you can barely hear it, right?  Seems that I had it all wrong.  In any band, the bass player has a crucial role because he is depended upon to propel the music along. Establishing and keeping a steady rhythm by working with the drummer is another one of the bassist’s primary functions. The bassist is also responsible for linking the harmony or backing chords of a song with the rhythm. The link is so important to the song because it contributes to the style of the music, whether rock, jazz, pop, etc.

Enter Ben Shepherd, David’s new bassist.

Ben hails from Wellington, New Zealand and now resides in Valencia, California where he attends California Institute of the Arts and majors in Jazz Studies. He plays funk, fusion and jazz. At only 21 years old, he’s already worked with top New Zealand jazz musicians like Leigh Jackson and Kirsten McKenzie. In 2008 he recorded his first album “Double Play” featuring his own compositions.

Ben Shepherd has his own band called Mr. DanZ. It’s a  jazz/fusion/rock/funk/blues/gospel band and Steven Robinson, David’s percussionist is a member. He credits Herbie Hancock and Weather Report as the band’s biggest influences.

“With the tight explosive pocket of Steven J. Robinson on drums, the thunderous low end from Ben Shepherd on Bass to the mind blowing technique of Bulgarian Pianist/Keyboardist Milen Kirov combined with the fiery fingers of Neil Kogan on Guitar, Mr. DanZ’s sound and style will keep you on the edge of your seat with their high energy and freight train-like groove like no other.” ~from Mr. DanZ’s facebook page.

There is a more mature, complex, raw vibe showing in David’s recent performances. It’s no stretch of the imagination to believe his new band has played a role in that growth, and will continue to be a seminal influence in the months to come. This is not the track Jive had in mind for him, but this “explosive..thunderous..high energy freight train” has left the station and there’s no turning back.

Click here to go to Mr DanZ’s FB page.

Click here to visit Ben’s YouTube Channel

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Band Series, Part 3 ~ Introducing David Archuleta’s Band

Posted by bebereader on Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guitarist, Brian Green

We’ve already learned about two of David’s new band members; keyboardist Mark Nilan Jr and percussionist Steven Robinson. Each, with his unique abilities and background brings something special to the mix to complement David’s voice.

Next up is Brian Green, an accomplished guitarist/composer with an impressive resume. I contacted Brian on facebook (he’s not on Twitter) and asked him for updated biographical information for this article. He immediately and good-naturedly responded with a link to his website. His music stretches to many genres including jazz, pop, ambient, Brazilian and groove music.

What is groove music? According to Wikipedia:

“Groove is the sense of propulsive rhythmic “feel” or sense of “swing” created by the interaction of the music played by a band’s rhythm section (drums, electric bass or double bass, guitar, and keyboards). Groove is a consideration in genres such as salsa, funk, rock, fusion, and soul. The word is often used to describe the aspect of certain music that makes one want to move, dance, or “groove”.

Hailing from and residing in Los Angeles, California, Brian first picked up a guitar when he was just eight years old, to impress a girl he liked in grade school.  He credits rocker Eddie Van Halen as his earliest influence but later became interested in jazz when he was in high school. In 2000 he was a Spotlight Award finalist, giving him the opportunity to perform at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with renowned pianist Gerald Clayton.  In 2001 he was honored as a Clifford Brown/Stan Getz Fellow and selected to participate in the 2001 Grammy Band.

Brian was accepted to the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California in 2002, where he studied jazz and classical music and began a degree in Studio Jazz Guitar. In 2004 he worked with and recorded for producer David Foster as a featured soloist on Michael Buble’s hit single “Home”.  Then Warner Brothers approached him to play with Michael Buble on a tour around the world for a year and a half. After the Buble tour, he concentrated on completing his degree at USC and on being a composer and artist. He graduated with honors in 2007, the same year he recorded his debut album of all original jazz music, “Scenic Route”.

“The disc is fantastic for relaxing at home but the music is at its best live, where, in the tradition of jazz, Green and his band create plenty of improvised solos and experimental melodies. His is a modern jazz, often eschewing the piano but making use of other tools such as looping pedals to lay down melodies live and solo over them.” ~from Brian Green’s myspace page

“I always prefer playing live shows. Something can be lost in jazz that is too studied. Sometimes it’s better to create a vibe for the audience, an aesthetic. That’s what I try to do with my music…
I want to make a fun environment for everyone so that they can relate to me, the performer, without needing extensive knowledge of the history of jazz.” ~Brian Green

Brian and Steven accompanied David to the Invisible Children event  in Nashvile last month. We were treated to a new acoustic guitar-driven “Crush” that gave the song new depth.

credit JR

Since October 2010, Brian has been singing vocals and playing lead guitar for his own jazz/pop/indie band, Montë Mar. He credits The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Johnny Marr, Milton Nascimento and Radiohead as the band’s major influences. With music that grooves, improvised solos and experimental melodies, Brian’s skills and experience make him perfectly suited for David’s band.

The versatility of David’s new band is exciting and I can’t wait to hear them meld their sounds together and get their “groove” on!

Click on pic above to go to Brian’s Facebook page.

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