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Martin Luther King ~ I Have a Dream

Posted by Abrra on Monday, January 19, 2015


Today in the USA we honor a fallen leader, Martin Luther King Jr. He was a leader not in the political (elected) sense, but in the spirit of humanity. Here is his “I Have A Dream” speech given at the March on Washington August 28, 1963. As many of us here grew up seeing these scenes of protesting crowds on the nightly news, we knew change for the better was on the horizon. We’re not there just yet, but the dream still lives.

Credit SullenToys

Complete text of speech here.

Credit Myriam2408

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Happy Birthday David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Saturday, December 27, 2014


Dear David,

We first met you when you were just 16 and on our TV screens every week for months. We feel like we have watched you grow from a child to a man over these last eight years. There were times when we worried that you had too much going on that might be overwhelming for you. At other times we experienced a David drought while you worked on writing or charity work.

It’s been a joy to follow you in your career because you gave us so much beyond the music. You gave us new friendships and the fun of visiting new cities to catch a concert. Being a fan gave us a chance to meet up with fan friends who shared the same excitement of seeing you for the first time in person. These may seem like small things, but they mean so much to us.

In honor of your 24th birthday, we would like to give something back to you. It has no tangible value nor is it something new but you could say it’s the gift that keeps on giving. We give to you our fan loyalty and support. We understand that it will take some time to get back on track with music and concerts. If you ever wonder if your fans will be there for your new music, the answer is YES!

Happy Birthday, David! From everyone at The Voice.

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David Archuleta and The Song That Could

Posted by Abrra on Sunday, November 9, 2014

MTMpremiere(At Meet The Mormons premiere)

I had a strange reaction when David went to the trouble of making a video for the song “Glorious” and then gave the song away for free. The video represented what most fans consider a dream come true; David singing his heart out in the studio! I thought, ‘What is he doing? Is he sabotaging his career if he gives his talent away?’ But as the the views on YouTube climbed to hundreds of thousands and reached over a million, the light finally went on over my head.

This was a genius move. How better to jump-start his career than to hitch his wagon to a juggernaut of a song that is the centerpiece of a documentary movie? This move certainly got his name back in circulation in Utah and with his fans, some who may have stepped back when he left on a mission. Finally he had something to share with those who took the time to listen. It was a generous gift.

Next came the super cut video contest where David invited everyone to make a video of themselves singing “Glorious” to a music track that he provided.

This is where the whole thing evolved into the “song that could”. I have seen old and young, male and female, trios and duos, and choirs take to a microphone and record themselves singing. They sing in living rooms, stairwells and one was even on a road beside a corn field. Reading the descriptions below many of the videos, I could tell that this song had touched them deeply. It wasn’t just that David had asked them to sing; it was a desire to share their hearts with song.

What started out as a song to promote a documentary became something that touched generations of people worldwide. The main motivational ingredient was David Archuleta. He took a song and breathed life into it as only he can and made others want to listen to the lyrics and become inspired to sing it their way.

What I discovered by looking through the video playlist is that David’s fanbase is more diverse than I realized. At concerts there are mainly ladies and young teen girls. How nice it is to know there are men of all ages who proclaim their fandom! There is a silent majority out there who are fans. They show their support in ways that never occurred to me.

I see now that giving the song “Glorious” away for free was a master plan! A gift and an invitation from one heart to another. That’s the David I know best!

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Embracing David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Wednesday, July 30, 2014


“..this was my first time coming back performing with the title “David Archuleta” and having to embrace that..”

A few months ago a fan who has had a son return from a mission said, “The David who left will not be back.”

This comment has stuck in my brain ever since I had heard it. Back then I really didn’t know what to think. Did it mean that he would be so different that I wouldn’t understand who he had become? There was never a doubt in my mind that David would not continue his singing career. I had a few concerns about his readjustment to living back in the US. After a few weeks, I was excited to see that he was back writing music and hanging out with musicians in the studio. They were happy to be working with him on new material. He was beginning to act like the “old David” that I knew from 2012.

And then he got silent. Not too much coming from him on twitter. No vlog besides the short ones just when he came back home. Fans began to get restless and the rumor mill buzzed with everything from he’s going to college to he is dating like crazy, as he looks for his kind of perfect. Many “sightings” began to pop up on twitter, some with pictures, showing him with friends around Utah. Something that never has happened before was that people tweeted pictures from Sunday services, some posed with a fan after services, some without his knowledge. Fans were desperate for news and ravenously consumed any information that may give a clue to what David was working on. Then we got word that Called To Serve would be live-streamed. Finally, we got to see what David was doing on his mission, first hand. Because he had asked for privacy while he was in Chile, it was a relief to see him talk about his mission publicly. I think it was a relief to him too.

David posted a vlog to fans where he talked about what he was doing. Exasperated by things he had read online about his lack of communication with fans, he said he had been busy working on writing music. I saw an assertive man telling us how he wasn’t going to do things just to please others. He was going to run his career his way. If he had anything to share, he’d be in touch. This was a huge change in how he communicated before he left for Chile. This time there was no doubt. He was not going to be pressured to produce music or anything else, until he was satisfied with the result.

Eventually, more news surfaced showing that David had visited Shay Carl the YouTube celebrity. I’d never heard of him but I did read where he might be of help showing David how to become more social media savvy. It might have paid off some, because we had the Face To Face chats which were live-streamed for all to view on demand. Though LDS youth were the target, I know fans enjoyed watching him speak, even in two languages. These videos show David’s genuine love for his faith and fellow man. He was as real and open as I have ever seen him.

I am beginning to get what “The David who left will not be back” meant.

David has become more open about who he is, a mature man who knows what he wants in his life. Not just a singer, but a humanitarian, who sings. The Military Tribute Tour was a chance for him and the other men who entertained with him, to thank the troops by using his God-given talent. He even said he had to embrace the title “David Archuleta” as he sang for them. So, I have come to the realization that in some way, David had to go on his mission to find himself. To be comfortable with expressing what he needs in his life. He left as a young man who needed to get away from all the celebrity and what that meant in his life. He came back a mature man who knows what he wants and is willing to embrace the celebrity on his own terms. Mission accomplished!

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David Archuleta ~ Getting the Job Done

Posted by Abrra on Saturday, May 3, 2014


I watched the movie Jobs recently. Steve Jobs was an extremely bright and fiercely independent man who knew thoroughly the ins and outs of computing. What does this have to do with David Archuleta you ask? David was not even on my radar until I saw an overhead camera panning shot of the Apple Campus. As the courtyard came into view, I saw the stage where David sang Imagine to a crowd of employees and their families. Everyone was having a picnic lunch while David sang and played the piano. After that I got lost in the story again.

Until the very end.

Steve Jobs was seated in a studio as he spoke into the microphone to record a voice over for a commercial. Here are the words he said:

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

This is where thoughts of David came rushing back to my mind.

The ones who see things differently…

Now you’re thinking, David Archuleta a rule breaker? I submit that he is, when it comes to his art. In his vlog informing fans he had decided to part ways with his label, Jive, he spoke of building a foundation. Not a prefabricated industrially manufactured edifice, but one of his own vision and making. He is laying it down brick by brick. There is a saying in art, “form follows function.” What is the function of what he wants to achieve through his art? When the structure rises into view, it will take a form that will truly reflect who he is as an artist.

When David posted a picture of a songwriting session, fans were happy to see some progress. We looked up who these unknown (to us) artists were and what their music sounded like. I was not disappointed.


You see, I trust his musical judgement. Writing his first song in Spanish was so logical. To me it was as if he was releasing that language that has been in his head for 2 years. Letting it go to make some room for English words to flow again.

So much has been speculated about what his new sound will be. Will he change locations to write with established songwriters? Will a recording label ask him to sign a contract? When is he moving out of Utah to be around more mainstream music? Does he know what fans want or expect from him?

We know what he wants and expects from fans. He told us.


David’s progress may not fit into anyone else’s timeline of success. But he knows himself well enough to set his own pace to get whatever he does, done to his liking. He won’t be rushed to satisfy others. I firmly believe that David will be recognized for his work in music, once he digs deep into his soul and lays it bare for all the world to see.


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Anticipation ~ David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Monday, February 10, 2014


Collage by Pocoelsy


Sitting here staring at a blank page.

I wonder how many writers have typed those exact words.

My own thoughts lately have been about reflecting on where the last six years have taken me as I follow the career of David Archuleta. From being completely off my radar, to being the most talented singer I have heard in decades. Here I am so many years later, still a big fan as well as helping to run a fan site. He is so worth it. I surely did not know that watching a TV show would change my life in so many ways. It’s all due to the joy that I discovered in a young man’s voice.

At times it has been exciting as well as confusing to follow the career of a celebrity from his first big break on “American Idol.” We want the best for him, yet it gets frustrating when the forward career movement seems to go so slowly. Every singer has to start out someplace. Having the opportunity for national exposure is about the best jump start a young singer can have. Yes, it takes talent to get noticed, but it take more than that to succeed in a very hard business. I do miss the excitement of appearances, radio station interviews, red carpet events. I learned that no one can sing patriotic songs better than David. How I loved to bash (on fan sites) the DJ’s who try to trap David into some crazy responses. I always felt that he would have a successful career and that it would most likely be a slow progression for him as he found his way with developing a style, as well as find his inner voice.

After Idol it was a frenzied existence trying to record a freshman album in the midst of a hectic tour. I often wondered where he found the energy to fit in so much work in so few hours in a day. I just had to be present for all the shows, in spirit. Fond memories of late night crappy cell casts from a fan’s cell phone over a web cam are now a thing of the past. Video has improved so much and cell phone audio is very good now. So, things do get better! It’s truly the fans who have brought David’s performances to us more than any other means. Many thanks to those who watch a concert with one eye on the lens!


What I wasn’t prepared for was a two-year break for a mission for his church. There are now less than sixty days until Elder Archuleta’s mission is complete. I began to think about the possibilities that await him. I wonder about what he put on hold back in 2012 and what he will be doing once he has readjusted to his new life back home. He may face a few social changes such as remembering to speak in English or realizing that he no longer has a companion to shadow his every move. It has to be a culture shock to return to his old life, just as it was when he first arrived in Chile. I try not to project my wants and wishes for the career direction he may take, but one thing I do know is that he is ready to sing on stage again. I saw this with my own eyes. He can hardly contain the desire to move and perform. The search for a sound is something he has expressed in video blogs. Where does one find their sound? Maybe it is something you discover by trial and error. David has shown his ability to interpret a song and deliver a refreshing new twist. From watching videos released by the LDS Church, we have seen only Spanish versions of some classic songs. What I noticed as well is the diverse style that David brought to the songs he sang, even though they were classics that I have heard sung in a certain way. As an example, he sang “Little Drummer Boy” in a whole new way from how he performed it in his own My Kind Of Christmas Tour. Jaws dropped as he raised the drum mallets and declared his ownership of the song. Equally effective was the recent version of “Little Drummer Boy” starting with snare drums and his voice front and center, then adding in flute and violin as the song builds to a crescendo. That’s what I like, always a surprise or twist to a song.

It was a pleasant surprise recently to see some activity on David’s official site. A simple thing such as a contest to win a scrap of his MKOC stage backdrop has given fans a spark of excitement that we needed. It is a confirmation that they are gearing up for his return in the spring. Most anticipated is the music. Spanish artist Enrique Iglesias has expressed a desire to work with David. This would be an opportunity for introducing David to international audiences that may not be as familiar with his music. I have seen tweets from Victoria Horn, who has been a collaborator, mentioning that she will see David soon. Knowing it will take time, maybe a year or more to have some original songs, I am fine with that.

Singing aside, if he has some contracts that were set in motion before he left, so be it. David has proven his ability to step outside of the music. He has what it takes to be an actor or a model, as well as a great singer. One has to balance the artistic with the practical when it comes to a professional career. Nothing worth waiting for can be rushed, especially something that has to flow from within your heart and soul.

Take your time David Archuleta. I will be here, there and everywhere as your fan.

Very sorry to intrude but you know I-had-to-do-this after that last sentence of yours.  Especially with the celebration of their 50th anniversary this week.   

Video credit nick tsourmas.

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Celebrating Four Years With David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Friday, November 8, 2013


November 8th marks the 4th anniversary of The Voice. We want to thank all the fans who visit and comment over the years. All of you, along with David himself, are the inspiration that keeps us going. We are thankful to our staff writers, who have stood by our side and provided so many insightful articles, and to the guest writers who have come forward to add their voices too. Having so many diverse voices to share their thoughts has carried us through the long 2 year drought while David has been away. It is my honor to participate as an admin, along with Angelica, Bebereader and Djafan, on a fansite promoting the best singer in the world.

We took a look back into the archives and brought out the very first article published on this site, written by Angelica. In it she says we are here to celebrate his art and his humanity. After 4 years, I think I can safely say, mission accomplished!

There is David the artist. The Voice. That terrible, wonderful, glorious, soul embracing, knee buckling, sigh inducing, tear producing Voice. Then there is David the song writer, who we are just getting to know and anticipate the fruits of his labors there. *insert squee* There is David the dancer/performer, also a work in progress, and the work is going very well, I might add.

But over and above all this, the crown jewel, the cherry on top of all that delightful, delectable, deliciousness is the man himself. The David we have come to know off stage. A man of quiet strength, compassion, courage, humility and character. A man after our own hearts, when all we meant to do was love his art.

So we are here to celebrate his art, which is awesome, and his humanity, which is awesomer. We are here to celebrate the totality of his awesomeage. And that, though linguistically incorrect, is the charuth.

So thanks for standing by us and especially, by him. You all deserve a big round of applause because each and every one of you, are pretty dang awesome too!


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Interviewing the Voice ~ David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Thursday, June 13, 2013



Submitted by Abrra and Betsy

In David Archuleta’s absence, we, his fans, have been well cared for over the last several months by Team David. How say you? We have been the recipients of a treasure chest filled with music, video, and never-before-seen pictures from photo shoots and Kari Sellard’s personal camera. What a special treat all this has been for us! But as wonderful as all these gifts have been, we continue to want to hear from David, himself, all the more. It has been nearly 2 years since David Archuleta has spoken directly to fans. We are all anxious to hear about some of his experiences in South America and what he has in store for the next phase of his career.

Well Archangels, the wait is over! Sort of. (Work with me here if you will and suspend belief for a bit, ok?) Through the magic of imagination, breaking the laws of time and space, we have David Archuleta’s first interview with the press (The Voice, natch!) upon his early return from Chile.press22_PhotoBetsy and I got the chance to have an interview with him a month after his secret return.

Question 1: What was your first thought as you crossed into UTAH airspace on the plane home?

Answer: I will get to sleep in my own bed! It was humbling to realize that I could now share all I had experienced with my family. The few times we spoke on Skype were not enough for me. I am so relieved to know that we would be together all the time now. I looked out the window of the plane and I saw the mountains and started singing UTAAAAAAH! (random sings it to interviewer like he did in SLC on AI Tour.) I so wanted to tweet “Hi! David here! I’m baacckkk!!”. I did take a minute to check my twitter timeline (laughs). I was blown away with all the messages from fans. It’s nice to know you are missed and not forgotten. Well, I did keep my promise to return. They kept their promise to wait. It’s a win-win!

Question 2: Just how many fans were there at the airport to greet you?

Answer: I kept my homecoming a secret, so it was just family, and strangely enough, Taylor Swift showed up in the lounge where we were gathered. But I had security escort her to another lounge. I hear she’s writing a song about me now. (laughs)

Question 3: We have talked endlessly about a David Returns Home Concert. Where would be your favorite place to hold this concert?

Answer: Ideally, I would like to have my first concert take place over a long weekend, three shows, at the Interlochen Music Academy in Michigan. It’s got a relaxed, cool vibe to it. My friend Sunny went to music school there, as did Norah Jones, Josh Groban and Jewel! Nothing is confirmed yet, but I am also considering the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. It used to be the Louisana Superdome until hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. I hear that it has been completely rebuilt. Performing there would be an awesome thrill!

Question 4: Tell us about the first meal you had when you got back. What did you eat and who shared it with you?

Answer: My 2 younger sisters learned to cook while I was away. We had a special family dinner where they made Chicken Pad Thai. It was so good to eat something familiar. I am so proud of how they have grown up! They plan to open their own restaurant in a few years.

Question 5: Many famous artists have said they missed you and wanted to work with you. Have you decided on who you would like to record with next?

Answer: I suppose I can now announce it: I am collaborating with Alison Sudol who sings professionally as A Fine Frenzy. We will be working on some original songs for a fall tour. The planning is in the early stages. She will open the show and we will sing a few duets during my set. I met Alison 3 years ago and we have stayed in contact.

Question 6: Before you left for Chile, you said you can’t wait to show us the person you will become. How have you changed in the last 2 years?

Answer: How have I changed? Hmmm- let’s see. I am a more realistic person. I have gained a new appreciation for what people must do to survive in poverty. I have seen people in deepest despair, also watched others experience the greatest joy. I was blessed to help deliver a baby in an emergency situation.

Question 7: The world is waiting for you to release an album of Spanish songs. Did you do some songwriting while you were away?

Answer: Songwriting? I’ve written 150 songs in my head. New Life is one of my favorites and I wrote it after experiencing the joy of helping a new baby come into this world. A Spanish album will happen as soon as I can get some songs down on paper and record them. Spending time in a Spanish culture has definitely influenced me.

Question 8: Can you tell a funny story from your experience in Chile?

Answer: It was a challenge to avoid being recognized, even so far from the US. I was walking down the street in Santiago when someone called out, “Josh Bradley?” (laughs). Then the 4 girls started screaming and chased me until I was able to duck down a stairway to the train! I had forgotten that Nandito Ako had played over the internet and not just on TV5 in Manilla. It made me laugh that Josh was more recognizable than me. I will have the opportunity to act again. I have learned that it’s best to not hide behind your comfort zone. Acting is something I really enjoy which helps me to explore parts of human nature that I may not personally experience in my own life.

Question 9: Did you pick up any new habits while you were away?

Answer: Oh yes! You become part of the culture and things stick with you even when you are back home. I now always wear shoes, socks, or sandals in the house. Barefoot used to be the standard when I was home, but no longer. Down in Chile we had to always have something on our feet, even in the house. There were some interesting spider-like wildlife in the kitchen on occasion, haha. Speaking of the kitchen. I learned to cook a few pasta dishes and I can grill burgers like a pro. I never learned to like fish though. I guess bike riding became a new habit. We had no car so biking was the best way to get around. There were dogs everywhere so I was chased more times than I can count! I have learned that life is like riding a bike: to keep your balance, you must keep moving forward.

Question 10: We have to ask it, the marriage question. Any plans in the near future?

Answer: If I meet the right person, I wouldn’t hesitate. I won’t get married just to get married, but I am open to falling in love. It’ll happen, I’m sure. I wasn’t open to it before. I needed to get a few things behind me and now I have. I’m looking forward to falling in love, marrying, and becoming a father. I want lots of children.

David, I want to thank you for allowing The Voice to interview you. I know the fans will think of this interview like a cool drink in the hot desert. We enjoyed all the special music and videos that Team David shared in your absence. But having you back home now is the best gift!

Answer: I just want to thank the fans for all their support and understanding. It was not an easy decision that I made back in 2011. It was a goal of mine to fulfill a mission while I was young. My Heavenly Father, along with family, friends and fans kept me going.

There you have it! We will have a new concert, new music, and for David Archuleta a new start on life along with a fabulous singing career.

Disclaimer: The events described in this interview are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Back to the Future ~ Unplugged With David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Sunday, March 17, 2013


Here at The Voice we offer a chance to chat and watch David sing on our UNPLUGGED channel on Livestream. Every Saturday night fans gather together to share the enjoyment of watching David Archuleta perform and talk about his career in videos. For me, it might be the single most enjoyable part of the week.
We have fun discussing each video. It brings David to life again in a special way. Recently, we watched an AOL sessions interview where David talks about the upcoming events he had planned since the American Idols Live Tour ended the previous summer of 2008. He was excited at the prospect of having his own tour to support his new eponymous CD, David Archuleta.

credit: DavidArchCook

While watching the interview, I suddenly got the idea to tell David ( talking to my computer screen is normal, right? ) about what lies ahead for him in the future. As if to reassure him that his career was solid and the upcoming solo tour was just the beginning of a grand adventure for him and his fans! It was such a spontaneous reaction to the interview that everyone in the chat room joined in. I decided to copy our chat log with permission from all those who participated.

10:32 PM Abrra: hey David you will sing in 5 languages
10:32 PM Marlie7: You will sing in front of 22,000 people four nights in a row with MOTAB


10:33 PM Emifriend: You will star in a romantic soap opera in Asia
10:33 PM betsy: You will have your own mini series


10:33 PM skydancer1x: you will have people travel from around the world to see your concerts


10:33 PM Marlie7: You will mesmerize your fans with 2 Christmas tours


Credit kimmiedavid

10:33 PM Marlie7: You will release an album of Philippine love songs


Credit: Arlu Gomez

10:33 PM MT: And people will fall in love with you.
10:33 PM dayzee: and we will wait 2 years
10:34 PM betsy: You will release an album of your favorite covers


Credit: Deseret Books/David

10:34 PM Marlie7: And you will sing a Christmas concert in Santiago Chile that we watch from around the world
10:34 PM Emifriend: a Google search on your name will reveal this many links: About 9,910,000 results
10:35 PM betsy: Your older videos will continue to be watched
10:35 PM skydancer1x: you will have over a million followers on Twitter


10:35 PM Marlie7: You will be a model for clothes and hair products


Bench Fix



10:36 PM Emifriend: You will sing for Obama at the White House but pay more attention to his guests than to him


10:36 PM betsy: You will sing a Stevie Wonder song in a bar with a phone reminding you of the lyrics


10:37 PM Emifriend: You will do a photo shoot in your undershirt


10:37 PM betsy ban: You will dougie


10:38 PM Marlie7: You will sing in Spanish over and over at different Latin events

David Archuleta

10:38 PM betsy: You will twit pic your dental visits


10:38 PM Emifriend: You will be fed by hand in Malaysia


10:38 PM skydancer1x: you will be responsible for a disease called ODD
10:39 PM betsy: You will write a beautiful song from your heart and call it Broken


10:39 PM Emifriend: Strange women will send you clothes and monogrammed stationary, hand made scarves


10:39 PM dayzee: and bring you chocolate from Argentina
10:40 PM Marlie7: You will tour with McFly in England


Credit Mike Krompass MySpace page

10:40 PM MT: people will spend their Saturday nights listening to you sing while you’re a world away

When you consider all we said, it only scratched the surface of his accomplishments. The best part is that we have pictures and video of all of his events to carry us though these times when he is on his mission. I want to invite everyone to stop by our UNPLUGGED channel Or just click on hot mess hair on the upper left sidebar. 

David is always a great host!

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Random Deep Thoughts From David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Sunday, January 20, 2013


It’s starting to look like an Archu-drought for the first time in a long time. When  the word came back that Elder Archuleta wanted us to focus less on him and more on our own commitments, it was not a problem for me.  The biggest joy in my life is helping with this fan site. I don’t know if I could sit on the sidelines. Being a super fan is my commitment of choice. It is a therapeutic exercise, I might even say a challenge, to find things to write about while he is away.

Lately I have been missing @DavidArchie’s tweets. We do get updates on his music releases and surprise pictures from his manager’s camera, but it’s just not the same vibe. There is nothing like hearing from the man, himself. David has a way of sharing his experiences. Sharing his zest for life that makes us feel as if we are standing beside him as he tweets. I long for the real thing, ya know what I mean?

@DavidArchie announced his leap to twitter on (drum roll) April 28, 2009.

David Archuleta Confirms Official Twitter

From Just Jared Jr fan site:
David shared, “I think it’s a great way to communicate with people and I get to respond to people sometimes. Just to let you know the random thoughts in my head…it’s fun that way. I know it doesn’t make sense a lot of times (laughs).”

Here is a clip from JoshSkinnerMusic’s interview with MTV’s Jim Cantiello about David Archuleta and Twitter.

He took to twitter in such an honest and natural manner, it makes us feel like he is talking to us-personally! I have said a few times that I bet we get a David tweet from the plane as he is landing back in Utah when his mission is done in 2014.

I remember when he made his announcement. One of the first things I did was copy his twitter timeline messages. Times were uncertain and I feared his account would close. I am glad now, because there is a whole year missing from the timeline as of today. I suppose there are space considerations and there is a cut off around April 2010. His twitter timeline is a history of his experiences with travel, concerts, fans, songwriting, food, and philosophy.

Many in show business use social media to promote only their own career happenings. He communicates with his fans which helps us stay connected. David feels inspired by other artists and uses his tweets to mention a concert he has attended or a new song he has enjoyed. Everyone benefits from hearing new music, right?

David with members of We the Kings

David with members of We the Kings

@DavidArchie 19 Jan 10
Here’s a song for the one who stole my heart, and ran so far that cupid couldn’t catch her – awesome We the Kings song!”

@DavidArchie 4 Feb 10
Awesome show by Owl City! Had good times.

@DavidArchie 16 Jun 11
Left t0tally inspired last night after watching @thecivilwars show. What a duo!

@DavidArchie 2 Feb 10
Woo hoo! RT @realbrookewhite Everyone lets go get it! RT: @CarlySmithson: Bury me alive just went live on iTunes !!!!!!!!

Often, he shares what is happening in the moment. We get a glimpse of daily life, just being himself. There is less of a feeling of separation when he shares the small and large events that make up his day. AT154
@DavidArchie 19 Jan 10
In the chair at the haircut place getting a haircut! Ah, refreshing!

@DavidArchie 8 Aug 10
Went on a really nice hike up a quiet trail. I need to do that a lot more often.

@DavidArchie 15 Mar 10
Changing the kitty litter box. Exciting, I know.

@DavidArchie 6 Oct 10
Warming up my voice in the car. Driver says “sounds like an alien spaceship.” Haha I guess it kinda does.

Responding to rumors! Oh how we fan the flames when David is seen near a young female. *GASP* We only want the best for him, right? 76-001

@DavidArchie 19 Feb 10
@OrganicArchie Haha! If I had one then maybe it’d be true! That was the Real soccer game I performed at and I was with my friends!

@DavidArchie 19 Feb 10
@OrganicArchie Oh man that was hilarious, I just showed my mom and sent it to that girl too! I guess we happened to be standing close huh?

Funny hijinks on airplanes! How interesting that he loves to ride roller coasters as long as they are not 20,000 feet off the ground. cdavid72

@DavidArchie 17 Mar 10
On the airplane… There are a lot of cheerleaders and volleyball players on board… Uh… lol.

@DavidArchie 17 Mar 10
Now running away from all the cheerleaders and volleyball players! Ahh!!

@DavidArchie 5 Feb 10
Oh my heck, this plane is TINY!! It only has 9 rows and has the propellers on it!

@DavidArchie 5 Feb 10
Well that was exciting. It was like a roller coaster ride, and only like 7 people on the plane.

@DavidArchie 11 Nov 10
15 hour flight tonight. No phone or computer for a whole day. Time to just do some thinking, pondering, and reading :)

What was it about learning to change the oil (or drive a stick shift) that caused much speculation by fans. I think we knew something was up? 5

@DavidArchie 29 Jul 11
Learning how to change the oil and spark plugs on the car. Taking a break eating some really good enchiladas though.

@DavidArchie 21 Jan 10
Sometimes I wish I could just wear the same thing every day. Cartoons do it. It’d make things a lot easier.

@DavidArchie 6 Apr 10
Back in LA. Nice to have sunny weather again. Practicing my Spanish with the driver! Haha. He’s really cool.

Ah the food tweets! David Archuleta possibly has the most varied taste in food of anyone I know. 75

@DavidArchie 9 Oct 10
At dinner there was a homecoming group & a girl turned & said “You look exactly like David Archuleta! You must get that a lot huh”

@DavidArchie 9 Oct 10
She later turned again & said “you’re cool too though, you don’t have to be David Archuleta to be cool.” Lol well thanks.

@DavidArchie 19 Oct 10
Looking at food magazines. Makes me wanna learn how to cook! It’d be cool to make your own food and add the flavors and stuff.

@DavidArchie 10 Nov 10
Just had a really good Brazillian organic granola acai bowl. Has kind of a long name.

@DavidArchie 26 Jan 10
In the studio working with @theMessengersNA . Had some Israeli food for lunch for my first time. it was good!

A few hair tweets! It looks like a party. Asking fans for advice is nothing new for David. cdavid36

@DavidArchie 24 Feb 10
I think it’s time for me to get a haircut today. thoughts or opinions?

@DavidArchie 24 Feb 10
@CaarlaaCaarteer Haha I know I don’t want to cut it too short. Just a trim so it doesn’t fall down and look like a bowl on my head.

@DavidArchie 24 Feb 10
@xoPaMxo96 Longerish? haha. I don’t know how to style it when it’s longerish though.


@DavidArchie 24 Feb 10
Put up a new video blog! That way you can see why I’m trying to change how my hair looks lol

@DavidArchie 24 Feb 10
@lexeebel Oh I bet that would be really attractive… lol.

@DavidArchie 24 Feb 10
All right enough with the mohawks! lol

@DavidArchie 24 Feb 10
@xthe_truthx3 Oh man one time when I was 15 the haircut ladies forced me to put red highlights in my hair! Good thing you couldn’t tell!

@DavidArchie 6 Mar 10
I don’t think I can handle this no haircut thing for much longer.

@DavidArchie 16 Mar 10
@CarolinaGyrl00 no haircut yet. Idk what to do with it so just keeping the beanies on lol.

And last but not least, I will end his tweet feast, from the random to the deep.77
@DavidArchie 8 Mar 10
“Think of a car driving through the night. The headlights only go 100 to 200 ft. forward, and you can make it all the way from…

@DavidArchie 8 Mar 10
California to New York driving through the dark, because all you have to see is the next 200 feet. And that’s how life tends to..

@DavidArchie 8 Mar 10
Unfold before us. If we just trust that the next 200 ft. Will unfold after that, your life will keep unfolding, and eventually…

@DavidArchie 8 Mar 10
Get you to the destination of whatever it is you truly want…”

We wait patiently for the headlights in the distance that will deliver David Archuleta back to us safe and sound.


As of this writing, @DavidArchie has approximately 1,250,000 followers on Twitter. Despite a 2 year absence from his career, the number rises daily. He  continues to draw attention in the industry as well as attract new fans by releasing music and videos while he is away on a mission in Chile for the LDS Church.

“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”
― E.L. Doctorow

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