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Cords of Love ~ David Archuleta

Posted by Angelica on Friday, January 11, 2013

Reprinted from The Voice, August 4, 2010

“Every time I would think about my purpose, the answers seemed to come in sounds.  In melodies.  In feelings.”

~ David Archuleta, COS, pg 91

“I perceive the world through the wide range of emotions that whirl all around in it.”

~David Archuleta, COS, pg 193


From early childhood he sang all the time, alone in his room or in the backyard.  He sang for family and friends and at various functions just for the love of singing.  He would sing random verses that came into his head at odd moments, a habit he has never lost.  He sang even though he was painfully shy, even though he hated the sound of his voice.  He didn’t believe it when people told him he could sing, thinking instead that they were, “just feeling sorry for me because I was little.”  I marvel at the kind of love for one’s art that can conquer even the belief that you have no gift, or as he describes it in the early days of it’s development, “…my so called gift.”

Yet in spite of this lack of confidence in his ability, he worked hard to improve his voice.  He practiced and studied persistently to increase his range and knowledge of music, taking every opportunity that came his way to overcome his shyness at performing in public (he was much more comfortable singing alone in his room). Just when all of his labor began to pay off and he could see some real progress, came the awful diagnosis of vocal paralysis.  What was that like, I wonder, to work so hard and overcome so much and then suddenly lose the dream?  I think it must have broken his heart.  He could have become rebellious and bitter.  He could have railed against God.  Instead, he accepted His will and his fate and continued to persevere.  He struggled with his vocal exercises, even, as he recalls in his book, Chords of Strength, A Memoir of Soul, Song, and the Power of Perseverance, there were days he felt the whole thing was, “a waste of time.”  In the intervening years till the miracle of his voice returned to him, he learned to face life philosophically with the fervent belief that, “everything happens for a reason.” He learned so much about faith, hope, courage, gratitude, humility, and the very real power of prayer.   Quoting again from his memoirs he says, “From the moment I got the diagnosis, life quickly went from Star Search to soul search.”

On AI he was scoped by the same doctor who had treated him for vocal paralysis years before.  In “Chords of Strength,” David relates how the two pictures were totally different, so different that at first he thought it was, “scary.”  Then he writes:

“….I still had a paralyzed vocal cord, but…my cords had found a way to work around the condition because by some miracle, they were vibrating despite what medically wasn’t supposed to be able to happen…The one vocal cord, it seemed, had actually grown up over and around the weak one in order to adjust for the other not working.”

The one strong cord “grew up over and around the weak one”…reached out and gathered the other cord so that when the working muscle vibrated the one, it caused the other to vibrate too.  In other words, the physical mechanism that produces the sound of his voice is literally an embrace.  It is an act of reaching out and lifting up, causing the weak to stand, and that which was unresponsive to feel again.  How like a metaphor for David’s view of life and the effect his music has on so many.

What had seemed like a curse had in fact turned out to be a blessing, giving his voice a breathy, velvety quality and an emotional power born from the ashes of a refining fire.  There is a pain and heartache in his voice that is genuine.   It is a sound that one feels as much as hears.


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  1. violet4ever said

    That’s beautiful – thank you :)

  2. goldenjane said

    Yes1 That certainly is beautiful….Love it.

  3. Kristin said

    Oh my gosh that was so beautiful. Thank you :)

  4. bluesky said

    Lovely, lovely, lovely; Angelica!

    I am always glad to see your name up there. I know it will be a treat! You never disappoint.


  5. mspoohbear said

    Thank you Angelica! Beautifully written…

    David is the reason why I continue to sing. Having experienced the same thing about my voice as he did, it was sad and painful to accept the possibility of not being able to sing again. But I re-discovered David, and in reading his book “Chords of Strength” (remember the hardbound copy you gave me? Thanks again!), it gave me hope. He became an inspiration to me and he taught me that anything is possible as long as you believe in it. Of course, prayer was a big part of it, too! Not only he is my song, he is also my HERO!

    I really love this kid!

  6. TOfan said

    {{{{{Angelica}}}}} just beautiful. <3

  7. Angelica :) Beautiful!

  8. MT said

    Angelica, beautiful article.

    “What was that like, I wonder, to work so hard and overcome so much and then suddenly lose the dream? ”

    I was actually reading this same portion of COS just recently, feeling so sad imagining this young boy who thought he had lost his dream, something he loved so much. David fully understands how deep and painful heartache and disappointment can be. He also knows that if you don’t give up, miracles can happen. I think it’s why he’s so determined to help others not to give up on their dreams. What he went through at that time explains a lot about who David is.

    And this >> “It is an act of reaching out and lifting up, causing the weak to stand, and that which was unresponsive to feel again. How like a metaphor for David’s view of life and the effect his music has on so many.”

    Yes. ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Becca said

    Wow. I don’t think there is a fan base out there that can compare to David’s. Such a beautiful article from an amazing talented author. I felt swept in the emotion. The love you have for David just pours out.

  10. jans11 said

    Angelica…What you write is what I am thinking but can’t put it down like you! You have a way with words that is no comparison. I have read COS 2 times and will again. David is such an inspration to me and I am many moons older than he. He is a great teacher and role model! ♥

  11. sweetonda said

    Just beautiful writing and feeling. I love the pictures too! Thanks Angelica

  12. poof said

    Thank you for sharing your heart, again. It must have been such an amazing experience to feel first hand “an eternal moment the peace of unconditional acceptance”. Am I remembering correctly, that this is the first time you met him and he waited for you?
    You beautifully painted a picture of how and why David impacts you as he does.
    Yes, David helps me stand when I am weak, helps me look for hope when all I can feel is dispair. I am thankful for this every day.

  13. LouLou said

    Very very beautiful !! Thank you so much !

  14. Bychance said

    I have felt so inspired and blessed by the last several posts here at the Voice that i just have to stop and say thank you! Angelica, that, as everything you write, was so beautiful. I loved hearing Ray’s story previously, too! It is a remarkable thing to me, this love and joy we feel through David.

    I also want to thank Ronaleem for sharing her wonderful story. I can feel and relate to everything you said, as the almost identical thing happened to me last Christmas with David and GCT. It has been a joy filled year and i hope the coming year will be the same for you! I especially love “I sense a purity of soul”….. I now have words to describe what I couldn’t before. Thank you, Ronaleem!

  15. angelofdja said

    Angelica, I’ve tried numerous times in the last few minutes to write something that could explain how much your “heart sharing” means to me. There are no words. Just like trying to explain ODD. It just is ;-) Thank you!

  16. betsy said

    This is just so lovely. Thanks for giving me a warm feeling today, to go off to work with. I am serious when I say that. <3

    Also, when you guys get a minute, listen to the evolution of his voice.
    (thanks andrea)

  17. cq#DA2014 said

    WOW Angelica, what a wonderful article, Makes me want to read COS again, btw, I’ve read it many times already,lol.

  18. Jen A Iowa said

    Angelica, your post is breathtaking. Reading brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing TWO gifts; yours and David’s.

  19. I remember well when this article was first posted—beautiful thoughts, exquisite writing. A favorite! What a pleasure to read it and think about it again. Thank you, Angelica.

    A belated shout out to MT’s poem in the previous post. The very first stanza is the ODD-gospel truth, right?

  20. Abrra said


    Abrra 440 days

  21. Angelica,I have to tell you… I get so lost in your beautiful thoughts that you pen, about David. You are such a blessing to all of us♥
    Thank you, I loved this article..

    Abrra, I am having a problem with my “Daviiinaa” ringtone. I no longer want to ‘answer’ my phone calls.

  22. MT said

    LOL, We are with David, like David is with music.

    If something reminds David of a song, he automatically sings the lyric. If something reminds us of him, it tends to just pop right out of our mouths, doesn’t it?

  23. Just read a wonderful Happy New Year message on CaringBridge from Patti. What a year she has had. So inspirational and Recovery remarkable. :)

  24. Angelica said

    Thank you all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’ve been taking care of chores but now the mundane is done! (:|

    Poof in answer to your question, yes, that was from the first time I met him. Still tugs at my heart that he was so kind. He is just one in a million.

    Heidijoy, speaking of one in a million people, thanks for the mention of Pattirae’s blog. It just went up a few hours ago and it’s all good! So happy for her recovery and seeing that she is really experiencing life to the fullest! You can read her post here.

  25. jans11 said

    Another week that I didn’t get to Chat. My sis and her husband and I went to see Les Mis this afternoon and it was really good. It still blows my mind that a 6 yr old David could memorize and sing the songs! We spent the evening here and I made sure they seen all the lastest David stuff! :) My son has went home to TX now so I hope to have more time. ♥
    Was good to hear from Patti and glad that she is cancer free now! Bless her heart, she’s had it really rough and glad that she is enjoying life now and will stay in good health.

  26. Angelica

    What a beautiful article you wrote, you’re a great writer always said thing on point and beautifully, David is such an inspiration isn’t he…been trhough quite a lot in his young life.

    I love this.. ” I think it must have broken his heart. He could have become rebellious and bitter. He could have railed against God. Instead, he accepted His will and his fate and continued to persevere.” so lovely <3, thank you for this article and lovely pics too

  27. Thanks Angelica for posting the link to Pattirae’s blog. :)

  28. It was wonderful to read Pattirae’s blog yesterday.What a remarkable,amazing woman she is, and such an inspiration. She has been through sooooo much!

    Missed you in chat last night Jan♥
    I remember thinking it was a strange coincidence…. of 2012 being the first Christmas without David being here, and here comes Les Mis to movie theaters across the country!

  29. emmegirl14 said

    L♥ve the article Angelica.

    ….”Felt him reach out and gather my soul in an embrace.”

    Pattirae, {{a big two armed hug}}

    dja, just wanted to thank you for the “listenonrepeat” link in the previous thread. Seems common practice, so I’m gonna practice it! (didn’t realize it was that easy)

  30. emmegirl14 said

    Oh, I kept forgetting to mention during the great-dimple-debate, if you look closely on the cover of BEGIN. and the pics inside, you will find irrefutable proof. (I believe the proper term is, “to die for.”)

  31. MT said

    It was so great to read Pattirae’s blog and hear how well she’s doing! Wishing her continued good health and happiness. She deserves it.

    Thanks for taking part in our dimple debate! haha Now all that’s left is for me to see that “to die for” dimple for myself. :)

  32. MT said

    Check out the last 30 seconds of this video from Pin ANTONIO. Love the different ending. David’s voice, his expression at the end, and his thumbs up to the keyboardist. Guaranteed to make you smile. :D

  33. 32. LOVE it MT. Got me smiling ear to ear♥ :)))

  34. bebereader said

    Loved this article when you wrote it and I love it even more now. One does not have to look too far in David’s story to find a great example of perseverance. A lesser individual would have given up when discouraged after the vocal paralysis. With his strong will and help from above, he persevered and aren’t we all the richer? He has changed many many lives for the better. It’s no wonder he is so loved.

    Speaking of perseverance, thank you for the link to Pattirae’s blog. I enjoyed reading her stories about visiting Israel and Turkey. So happy for her recovery. I never met her but her spirit shines through her words.

  35. emmegirl14 said

    My pleasure MT, and thanks for that video, it did make me smile!

  36. Abrra said

    When I read this passage about his vocal paralysis in COS it occurred to me that this HAD to be part of the MASTER PLAN that was orchestrating his destiny. It came at a time when he could afford to take the time out from singing. Being so young at 13, it taught him a life lesson about patience and perseverance. Taking a step back from the course he was on and get back to being a kid again. Gave him time to mature a bit more to get ready for the big stage that was in his future.


    Then the slow and measured rebuilding of his voice that gave his vocal chord a foundation to become the singer he is today. It occurred to me that had he not stepped off the stage then, he might have never had the skills to make it to American Idol 3 years later. Nature has a way of slapping us down when we think we can go on. Almost always its for our own good. David believes that everything happens for a reason. I agree.

    In my heart I believe the same thing is happening in Chile. David is there for his mission, but the master plan is at work again. How often he spoke of wanting to get serious with Spanish music. He hesitated. Confessed lacking the confidence to perform. Professing that his language was not good enough. Being immersed in the Spanish culture as he is now will surely remedy the situation. This is his step back again. A time to relearn what he always knew about his native language.

    “I think I spot a silver lining hiding in the gray” :)

    Abrra 439 days

  37. tawna21 said

    Yes, Angelica, your words in this post have matured over time, and although they are genetically the same, they have a new and deeper meaning. David is genetically the same boy from Murray, Utah, but he too has matured with time and he continues to have a new and deeper meaning. He continues to go deeper and deeper into our hearts.

    ‘It is a sound that one feels as much as hears.’ So totally true.

    He just continues to teach us, by example, the way to make hard things work for our best good.

  38. jans11 said

    28..Sky, thanks. I do believe the release of this movie is also part of the master plan. I have 4 different Les Mis in the forms of cd’s, dvd’s and vhs, including the 10th anniversary dvd. Can’t believe this all fits in together like it does.
    36..Abrra, I agree with you on him learning Spanish better where he’s at. Just part of the master plan too! ♥ It is so fun watching what happens next. :)

  39. bebereader said

    The video you posted in comment #32 is all sorts of wonderful! Although the original was taken more closeup, this camera angle caught David’s natural ability to interact with the audience. *Sigh* He’s such a natural.

  40. kaycee said

    Hey All! It’s been a bit of a busy and bumpy road this past month, so my time here on the voice has been far too limited! Just wanted to poke my head in for a moment and say…I love this place. I can always count on finding my smile again after visiting this site and reading all the wonderful articles and inspiring posts. Thanks to all those who contribute to the warm and welcoming feeling here.

    Angelica, beautiful thoughts…for a beautiful guy:

    “In other words, the physical mechanism that produces the sound of his voice is literally an embrace. It is an act of reaching out and lifting up, causing the weak to stand, and that which was unresponsive to feel again. How like a metaphor for David’s view of life and the effect his music has on so many.”

    Abbra, Master Plan…I like that.

  41. Abrra said


    I take from Silverfox’s prayer( for David when he is traveling) when I speak of the Master Plan. Music is his destiny.

    “Help us support David so that it’s always in his best interest.
    CLOAK DAVID IN YOUR PROTECTIVE ARMS, KEEPING DAVID AND HIS VOICE HEALTHY AND STRONG as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born.”


  42. djafan said

    Angelica, I love this the first time I read and I love it more now. Since I first started reading your articles back on Noting David days I was intrigued not only with your beautiful writing but your getting David, really getting him from the beginning. As I read the comments I realize that for most this is their first time reading this, there is so much more. Interestingly enough your writings actually go deeper into our souls five years later. I’d love to see them again here from time to time :)

    Abrra, Love SF’s prayer ♥

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  44. djafan said


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  45. djafan said

    Pretty good :)

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  46. djafan said

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  47. MT said

    I’m loving all the buzz!! Thanks for posting it. It’s nice to see there is still so much interest. Gone for almost a year and still newsworthy! Even Ryan’s site is in on it. :) Don’t you just love it?!

  48. Angelica said

    hmmm….wonder what Lady V has up her sleeve for February? What is top of February? The first part? The apex at the middle? The end of the month?

    Seacrest picked up his remix, huh? So it would seem David Archuleta is still a force to be reckoned with even while away. heh heh.

    And don’t you forget it WOOORRRLLLLDDD. Photobucket

    Homage to le eyebrows. ^^^^


  49. ronaleem said


    Morning wake-up: The other morning David and the MOTAB woke me up singing Silent Night. IN MY HEAD.

    Lullaby: Every night I listen to Forevermore before I go to bed. About 50 times. It looks like David is putting me to sleep and waking me up.

    Forevermore: David is the cute, wholesome, earnest, considerate, modest, polite, sensitive, devoted, reliable, trustworthy, boy-next-door-who-really-loves-me boyfriend I never had in high school. I probably forgot a few adjectives.

    Rainbow Remix: Except for the orange lips, I really loved him. I mean, I really loved the video.

    Inspiration: David has already inspired me in many ways. Last Friday he inspired me to buy an iPod so I can take him with me wherever I go.

    Chat: I dropped by the chat on Saturday night to see what it was like. You ladies! My goodness. It was from you I learned that David’s attraction is not solely spiritual. In deference to his missionary status, I decided not to go down that road. How long can I hold out?–I don’t know. I thought I was out of hormones–apparently not.

  50. Dayzee said

    Angelica, your article here is perfection. You are so in tune with David and his music. And thanks for the eyebrows at #48.

    It is truly amazing what that one small vocal chord has accomplished. I shudder to think what a different world this would be for so many of us if David had been less persevering. Less determined to do his best. Less in touch with his faith. It has sure nuff worked out for us.

    Ronaleem, knowing he is a missionary does not make him less handsome. Appreciation can be considerable but not disrespectful.

    My birthday is in February. Thanks to Lady V’s cryptic quotes, I am expecting a gift! YAYYY!!

  51. MT said

    You are absolutely right. Nothing makes him less handsome.

    See #48 :)

    There are many sides to David. The sweet, the spiritual, the charmer, the singer, the actor, the model and more. All of them beautiful.

  52. MT said


    PS I hope you get new music for your birthday!!

  53. betsy said

    Ronaleem, the waking up with David singing in your head is utterly normal.
    (this first happened to me with Angels, April 9 2008. It’s happened 857 thousand times since)
    Everything is happening as it should. :)
    Have a great day/night, all.

  54. bebereader said

    Loving the buzz for Rainbow!
    Finally, Ryan Seacrest gave David props!

    OMGosh, I’m so distracted by the picture in #44, when MyDearWriter met David for the first time. jadjfjdfjfjfdajdfjs How did she survive???

    The new song by David and Lady V is sure to be a good one and right in time for Valentine’s Day! If you recall, Lady V wrote these three fan favorite songs with David:

    “Look Around”, “Day After Tomorrow”,”Everything and More”

  55. ronaleem said

    Dayzee and Everyone Else:

    Absolutely no offense or criticism intended. I have hardly been able to contain my emotions since December 23, and then again since I started talking to you all. Some of these emotions are very powerful and very uncomfortable, and I’m examining them only in the most reluctant way. In a small voice: Am I still welcome here?

  56. Angelica said


    In a big voice: YES!!!

  57. Dayzee said

    Absolutely no offense or cristicism intended to you. So sorry if it seemed that way. Of course you are very welcome! :)

    Most of us are overwhelmed with emotions here. Just part of the ODD. But we love David and each other.

  58. ronaleem said


    Thanks for the big YES!!! I will now go about my day with confidence and gladness!

    I want to comment on your article, but I want to read the book first, and I won’t get it until tomorrow. At which point I will devour it!

    Also, could you please contact me? I sent an email with a personal request to the address on the Contact Us tab, but I haven’t received a response, so I wonder if I typed in the address correctly.

    To Everyone: Have a great day! It’s soft and rainy here, much more like spring than winter. And I’ll take it. You don’t have to shovel rain!

  59. ronaleem said

    Thanks, Dayzee! I feel the love!

  60. bluesky said


    “… David is the cute, wholesome, earnest, considerate, modest, polite, sensitive, devoted, reliable, trustworthy, boy-next-door-who-really-loves-me boyfriend I never had in high school. I probably forgot a few adjectives.”

    Ha, ha! You did! Forget a few that is. Because there just aren’t enough adjectives for DA. One of my favorite songs from the play “Into the Woods”, is the song called “Agony”, which is sung by two princes. They are both fascinated by lovely girls. One, by Cinderella and one by Rapunzel. So far….. no luck! Both girls are “out-of-reach”. They lament to each other:

    “Am I not sensitive, clever, well mannered, considerate, passionate, charming, as kind as I’m handsome, and heir to a throne?”
    “You are everything maidens could wish for.”
    “Then why “no”?”
    “Do I know?”
    “The girl must be mad.”

    Nah… she just knows that no one compares to DA! Sorry, prince!

    You are among friends, Ronaleem.

    This is a vid of the “Agony” song from the broadway play, “Into the Woods”.

  61. MT said

    Oh, my goodness, I hope I didn’t offend you! You are most definitely welcome here!

    You sound like you’re still trying to get used to the ODD so I was trying to explain why we “fangirl” sometimes. LOL David is many things to me and I appreciate them all. And his wonderful good looks is just another one of those things. I go from one end of the spectrum to the other with David. One minute I’m drowning in that golden voice, the next I am admiring his wonderful character, then the next someone posts a pic or video and I just can help but notice how handsome he is! haha It’s a see saw. :D

  62. kaycee said

    Ronaleem, I always love hearing from new members of the “Get-David Club”! It reminds me that I’m not crazy, just lucky! That blessed little vocal chord continues to spread happiness and hope! I loved reading your story and your comments…please continue.

  63. marlie7 said

    Angelica – you’ve made me want to grab my copy of Chords of Strength and read it again!

    Bebe #54 – now I have to take time out of my day to watch these. You are forcing me to – twisting my arm, making me look … and listen. Shame on you! :-)

  64. djafan said

    Oh ronaleem ronaleem,

    You are going through the “am I insane stages of ODD” lol. Well I’m here to tell you that you are not. Take our word for it. We are here for you ♥

    Kaycee, Hope things lighten up for you. Always love to check before going to bed and see your late night comments.

    Bluesky, You and Angelica amaze me. You’re brains see and connect things in way I wish mine did.

    Betsy, “Everything is happening as it should.” Love your as a matter fact take :)

    Bebe, I can’t get The Day After Tomorrow out of my head!!!!!! Thanks for the links.

    MT, It is incredible that David while being away generates the buzz he does. Not even idol alumni who are here get this or putting out music like David. He is some kind of wonderful :)

  65. bluesky said

    Djafan: There is no cure. DA is the metaphor that embraces (sorry Angelica!) all other metaphors, semaphores, petit fours, and herbivores.

    Metaphor: a figure of speech = he is a figure that frequently makes people speak … or …. renders all speech meaningless

    Semaphore: an apparatus for visual signaling (as by the position of one or more movable arms). I would agree with that. I would only add: or moveable eyebrows. Just sayin’ Once those eyebrows move, all else seems to come to a grinding halt.

    Petit fours: a small cake cut from pound or sponge cake and frosted. No problem here: he is small, sweet, not a pound too much or too little. Frosted? Only when someone tries to get between him and his fans. Otherwise he is the icing on ANY cake!

    Herbivore: An animal adapted to subsist solely on plant tissues. Closest I could come to explain how some peeps seem to survive only on DA-produced produce. ^_^

    I am done. Thank you. (Djafan… please do not encourage me. *_*)

  66. MT said

    #54, Those videos, the middle one … that face. ♥


    #64, That whole thing … LOLOL Too funny!

    Can I just say … You guys make my day, all of you. :D

    And I do mean ALL of you. I’d write every single name on this post, but I’m too lazy. :D

  67. Abrra said

    I tried to watch the video but it is way too distracting.

    I blame Bebe for this pic spam! ;)

    It’s ALL about the EYES!










    Marlie #63

    I open COS daily and read a page at random. There is always something inspirational waiting for me. Page 154 today. He talks about a week of vacation he took to be with friends at Lake Powell. He felt the pressure of the upcoming idol tour and recording his first album. Even though he would have rather spent the time with family, his parents encouraged him to get away to nature. He said that being completely away from all the Idol craziness for just a short time was the break he needed.

    We all need time to stop and do something just for ourselves.

    Abrra 437 days

  68. bebereader said

    #67 Oh my, What have I started? hahaha

    Join us for Nandito Ako chat tonight at 10PM Eastern

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  69. Abrra said


    Here are some pictures from different scenes from the first day of filming Nandito Ako last year at this time. (KS)

    RUN to AFS and read some History!
    David Archuleta MySpace Blogs – AFS Archives

    From July 4, 2008

    ” We had the day off today which was pretty
    nice. I ate lunch with Jason and then I met with a relative who lives
    down here and spent some time looking around, got some shorts haha. I
    must have lost the ones I packed or something but’s it good now. ”

    WHATTTTT???? Shorts? Where???? ;) I will require photographic proof of said SHORTS!


  70. Angelica said

    Abrra, I seem to remember that blog and that he was speaking of unmentionables. :) Looking forward to rereading his blogs. Miss them.

    That 6th screamcap down is the face of an angel.

  71. sweetonda said

    Okay, this has been one terrible day, but checking in here has finally put a smile on my face. Thanks to all of you for making that happen.

    Ronaleem, I haven’t had a chance to welcome you to The Voice. Yup, I’d say you have caught the bug, but that’s one bug that has made my life so much more exciting. Welcome to the wonderful, zanny, scintillating craziness of ODD! Don’t fight it, just enjoy it is my motto!

    Bluesky, I’ve never heard of “In The Woods” before, but watching that video led me to watch all the scenes from that play. What fun that would have been to see in person. I love Bernadette Peters. Loved “Agony” and have to agree that no one compares to DA! He is a Prince!!

    DJA, Now you’ve done it with the screencap spam. I’m totally fixated on those gorgeous eyes! Oh how I miss him but so glad we have all these goodies to fall back on.

    And, what’s this about something coming in February? That’s just around the corner. We are so spoiled aren’t we…but keep them coming. ;)

    Thanks again to all of you for making the ending of my day soooooooo much better!

  72. jans11 said

    67..Yes, Abrra…it’s the eyes…gah!!! Beautiful!!

    Read all the blogs…it was good to go back…sure brought back a lot of good memories!

    I always forget to put my 2 cents in on the chin dimple. He also has one in the right cheek. I’ve met him 4 times and have never noticed any dimples even knowing they are there. All I seen was this aura around him. He just emits a radiance around him with those eyes and that big smile! ♥ And for some reason, my anxiety flares up and I have to talk 90 to nothing!! haha

  73. rooster said

    oo man he talks with those eyes

  74. Abrra said

    Ah a beautiful scene out my back door!


    I was totally surprised to see a white blanket of snow this morning.I forgot to check my weather app. My daughter and son in law are heading to Key West, FL tomorrow. She always had great timing :)

    Abrra 436 days
    It’s 11:39 am in Santiago 78&Clear

  75. fenfan said

    This post and all the comments are all kinds of wonderful – enjoyed reading everything. The scream caps!! – EYES.
    The twitter pix!
    #69 interesting that he did that emo scene with the watch strap on the first day of filming and was able to turn on the tears. And that head shot with the intense gaze also on the first day! Wow!
    Abrra – if you ever find “photographic proof of said SHORTS” – bring them here pronto!
    #65 Bluesky – LOLOLOL
    Now I’ll have to go watch those vids at #54

  76. bluesky said

    71 Sweetonda:

    Hey!! Glad you had fun watching the clips of the play! Well…. we have all gone “Into The Woods” with dear DA, haven’t we. We no longer know what lies ahead. We just know there is a lot of magic involved somewhere, and not a small sampling of mystery.

    Those eyes could enchant all on their own.

  77. bluesky said

    77 Abrra.. I love your backdoor scenes. That is pretty much how it is here. Snow, snow, snow. DA would not be happy.

  78. marlie7 said

    Abrra #65 – OMG, he is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Those pictures really do him justice – the eyes, the skin, good heavens.

  79. Dayzee said

    I need a bigger screen. And a bigger wall.

  80. betsy said

    I’ve been loving this for so long. <3

    thanks YouCanCallMeTina

  81. bebereader said

    Please refresh.
    We have a new article >>>>>>>>>>

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