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To David Archuleta, With Love

Posted by djafan on Monday, November 26, 2012

This will be David’s first birthday and Christmas away from home while on his mission.¬† In the past, he has always managed to wrap up tour in time to be home for the holidays.¬† This can be a difficult time for missionaries, when the sacrifices they are making seem most acute.¬† According to this tweet from Kari, this is the last week to get your cards to her so she can get them to him in time.

Mail your Birthday and Christmas card this week to:

David Archuleta

PO Box 4297

Apopka, Fl.  32704


Please take some time this week to get your cards mailed.¬† Let’s let him know we remember him. ¬†‚ô•

True love requires action. We can speak of love all day long, we can write notes or poems that proclaim it, sing songs that praise it, and preach sermons that encourage it but until we manifest that love in action, our words are nothing but sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”
–Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Look at all the letters coming in for D for the holidays! These will put a smile on his face when he gets them (KS)

Keep those cards coming!¬† We have till end of this week to get them to her!¬† Let’s see how big we can make him smile!¬† :)

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Respecting the Influence of David Archuleta ~ Something to Think and be Thankful ‘Bout

Posted by Abrra on Thursday, November 22, 2012

It was a sunny Sunday morning ride to do a favor for an out of town friend. I had to feed her cats. As usual my iPod was hooked into the car stereo and “Something ‘Bout Love” was playing. Pulling up to the stoplight, I was first in line to go when it changed to green.

There’s something ’bout love that breaks your heart
Woah, oh, oh, oh
It sets you free
There’s something ’bout love that tears you up
Woah, oh, oh, oh
You still believe

A man was standing on the grassy island that separates the traffic coming to the stoplight at this busy intersection. He was simply dressed in a white long sleeve jersey and dark colored sweat pants. A baseball cap shaded his head from the sun. The most remarkable thing about him was that he held a sign. I was not sure why he was there until I read the sign.

It said, Homeless. Anything will help out. Thank you.

The skeptic side of me wanted to dismiss this scene and not look at the man. My heart told me to look him in the eye. It’s amazing how a few seconds spent sizing up a man holding a sign will soften your resolve to just drive past him. Did I believe that this man was motivated by self interest? You bet I did. If no one was going to hand him a place to live, he was going to do everything in his power to get by, including standing on a street begging for money. I can respect that. Did I consider that he might be an addict looking to pay for his next fix? I did. I can’t even imagine the pain that an addict feels, when in need of a fix. I decided not to press him for details on what brought him to this place in his life. Secretly, I hoped he would make the most out of what donations he got on this day. Maybe enough for a warm bed and a hot meal. The offer of a job, rather than a handout of cash, would surely help his situation most of all.

When the world falls down like rain
It’ll bring you to your knees
Something ’bout love that breaks your heart
Woah, oh, oh, oh
But don’t give up
There’s something ’bout love

Why do I bring this up now, you ask? I want to highlight the fact that no matter how comfortable we are in our lives, there are still so many others who struggle each day for a meal and a bed to sleep on. There are reasons why folks find themselves in dire need such as job loss or unexpected illness that can wipe out a family’s resources. I am inspired by David’s example of giving to those in need. There are organizations in every state that serve the homeless. Their budgets have been cut to the bone, making it difficult to maintain programs for the poor. Getting involved by volunteering and donating at food banks and shelters would serve this need so well. To get information on what you can do locally go here:

Your day will come
The past is gone
So take your time
Live and let live

I had a brief exchange with the man who stood on the grass holding his sign. He thanked me in a soft voice. When the light changed to green, I was on my way again. David sang “I won’t shed a tear, just as long as you stand by me.” It doesn’t happen too often, but I had tears in my eyes. For the man who had to resort to standing on the street to beg for money to live just another day in paradise.

Original photo by canadianarchie

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The Effect of Chilean Dancing on Man-in-the-Making David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Monday, November 19, 2012

Gif by ADRM-X titled “Dancing Sun”

Article title pilfered from the Pulitzer Prize winning play, “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds.”

When the words ‚Äúdancing‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúChile‚ÄĚ are in the same sentence, visions of David dancing Salsa onstage at the JAS Arena in Rancagua come to mind, thanks to Gladys‚Äô brilliant recap. But I learned that while Salsa and Tango may be popular dances in Latin America, they are not the only options.

Like all cultures, Chileans engage in popular and traditional folk dancing to celebrate cultural rituals. Chile prides itself on a traditional dance called ‚Äúla Cueca‚ÄĚ which became the national dance in 1979. Done at weddings, parties, and family gatherings, la cueca is taught to kids in elementary schools in Chile. Dance is an important part of Chilean culture.

The Cueca dancers dress in traditional colorful costumes with men in cowboy hats, horse riding pants, short jackets and riding boots with spurs. Women wear flowered dresses with aprons. They wave handkerchiefs in the air, mimicking playful romantic courting between a hen and a rooster. The character of the male performer is the aggressor and the female performer is  elusive and demure.

The choreography of the Cueca is what makes it so appealing. Clap, clap, step, step, swing that handkerchief over your head‚Ķ don‚Äôt fall, step again, now circle your partner‚Ķ forward, back and pretend you’re a hen‚ĶThere is an imaginary circle with the male performer in one half and the female in the other. In sync with the background music, the dance always starts with the man extending his arm as an offer to the woman to dance with him. The dance partners stand face to face at a distance from each other. Before the couple starts to dance, they begin clapping their hands to the music. Subtly flirtatious, couples move around each other in circles but all of the flirting is done with eye contact and body movement. There is barely any touching in this dance.

La Cueca is performed at every important festival in Chile, especially on September 18, Chilean Independence Day.  Elder Archuleta could not have missed native Chileans performing this dance on that day.

There are other dances that are specific to different parts of Chile. In the north they celebrate the Fiesta de La Tirana in which the dancers wear demonic masks. In central Chile la Cueca rules and different variations of it are done. In Santiago the the peasant style, ballroom style and the Cueca Brava dominate. In the south there are religious Mapuche dances such as the Nguillat√ļn and the Machit√ļn in which prayers are offered to the supreme god Ngenechen and to the sacred canelo tree. A little farther south, among fishermen and farmers, the steps are livelier, to shake away the cold. In the Costillar dance, two men compete, dancing around a bottle placed in the middle of the dance floor, and the one who kicks the bottle over is the loser.

In October 2011, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Chile celebrated it’s fifty year anniversary of formal missionary work. Members gathered at a week-long celebration to commemorate the event. They celebrated in part by doing traditional dances of the country. The dances start at 1:15 in this video and at 2:50 there’s even a dance that resembles the Mexican Hat Dance.

Video courtesy of Mormon Channel/YouTube

The Chileans are passionate, colorful and religious people. They show this in their music and dance which are both integral parts of their culture. And here comes that vision of David dancing Salsa again.  Ay Carumba!

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David Archuleta ~ The Total Package

Posted by MT on Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo credit Naree

If you’re reading this, you’re a fan of David Archuleta. And not just any fan, a big fan, an ODD fan, because regular fans don’t go to fan sites. Right? So, why do we do it? What is it about David Archuleta?

In a conversation with another fan the other day, all of David’s wonderful attributes naturally came up. I mean, honestly, can you talk about David without going on for hours if you’re in the company of another fan?

Conversations usually begin with a discussion about his amazing voice and his most recent songs. Phrases like … beyond amazing … so incredible … like melted chocolate … and smooth as butter … are usually heard. Eventually, we run out of words to describe his gorgeous voice and the topic turns to his most recent photos and photo shoots.

What hasn’t been mentioned about David’s good looks? We have covered his smile, his eyes, his ears, his eyebrows, his chin, his fabulous jaw-line, his nose, his dimples, his flawless skin … AND THE HAIR!! OMG! THE HAIR! (Yes, I know, I have a thing for the hair. haha) But apart from individual traits, there seems to be a consensus among fans that when you put all those beautiful parts together you get one gorgeous young man who doesn’t seem to realize he is beautiful.

At the end of our conversation, I was remembering all the comments with a smile when it suddenly occurred to me that we spent as much time talking about his clothes and his looks as we did his wonderful voice.¬† And I thought, ‚ÄúWhat is it that really keeps me here?‚ÄĚ

Is it still his voice and character, or because he‚Äôs gorgeous? Of course, it‚Äôs hard to separate the two because with David it seems to be a little of everything. But I can‚Äôt deny that he is a pleasure to look at. So I decided to try to dissect ‚ÄúTHE WHY OF IT.‚ÄĚ

For me, it started with American Idol. David was only 17 years old, 16 in the audition and Hollywood rounds. Oh yes, he was a real cutie pie, but I’d hardly have called him handsome. He was adorable. That’s all, just simply adorable, and he stayed that way for a very long time.

I fell in love during American Idol in 2008 with a 16/17 year-old boy who sang like an angel and captured my heart.  Just looking at him made me smile, almost the same way that looking at my grandson’s face does. His sweet face and his smile just melted my heart every time I saw him. He was literally a bundle of joy who, in some unexplainable way, made me happy. When the show ended, I realized I wasn’t ready to let him go.

Well, you all know how the story goes from there. I discovered YouTube!!! And fansites!! And chats with all of you guys!! Life was good! The ODD just kept growing like a well-watered plant!

Day after day, while I was reading articles and waiting up for concert footage, David Archuleta just kept digging his way deeper and deeper into my life. There were videos and concert recaps to enjoy, new concerts and events coming up to get excited about, and ALWAYS ‚Ķ my ‚ÄúDavid friends‚ÄĚ to share it all with.

And theeeennnn ‚Ķ while I wasn‚Äôt looking, he grew up. During the My Kind Of Christmas Tour a new David showed up. Oh My Stars!!! He was dressed to kill, came out slinking onto the stage, smooth as silk, singing a jazzy little number and flirting with the audience¬†‚Üď and I thought,

‚ÄúWhere the heck did little David go? Who is this guy?‚ÄĚ

Video credit 8thRowCenter

In sudden shock, I realized that David was no longer just that little cutie-pie I fell in love with. This was a man who was taking the stage by storm and driving the ladies out of their minds. You could tell by the SCREAMS in those first videos that I wasn’t the only one he caught by surprise! I’m not even going to get started on the Bench BTS videos and photos, the pink shirt and the fan, or the Rainbow music video.

So now, I am faced with adjusting my ODD to encompass this new development. Well … honestly? It wasn’t all that difficult. It took a little while, but I eventually got there and was able to accept that not only was I a fan of his voice and character, but I started to really appreciate what a good-looking young man he had become.

So while I still don’t completely understand my ODD, I have accepted that it is a work in progress. As David continues his musical journey and takes us all along with him, he will change and grow in many ways. Just as I began by loving his voice and sweet smile, then moved on to also admire both his character and good looks, I will probably always love what comes next.

It‚Äôs what just naturally happens when you become an ODD fan of an amazing artist and person who is ‚ÄúThe Total Package.”

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KRAKATOA IN RANCAGUA ~ My Second Trip to Chile ~ David Archuleta

Posted by gladys1961 on Monday, November 5, 2012

Translated from Spanish to English by Djafan.  Scroll down for Spanish version below.

This second trip to Chile didn‚Äôt start two weeks before October 13th, it started July 15th, the day of the first Devotional.¬† That day I saw the announcement on the temple doors that said ‚ÄúPop Concert with Elders Coello and Archuleta.‚Ä̬† That day I began to plan my second trip to Chile.

The pop concert announcement on facebook listed the age and residence restrictions in order to attend.  The message was clear, only singles between 18 and 30 years of age and you had to live in Rancagua.  As time passed my prayers for a miracle became more intense.  I knew I had 3 months to try everything and I did.

Every institution whether commercial or religious is like a pyramid, there is always someone at the head, the one in charge.  So I sent an email to the head in August.  I told them the truth about my age, where I live and who I planned to attend with.  I immediately received an autoreply in acknowledgement.  August ended, September came and went and it was now October.  I filled out the registration form on Rancagua Jas Center Facebook page.  I hadn’t received a confirmation and was feeling down but remembered that David says that good things come to those who wait.  I tried but I was getting anxious.

One Friday afternoon I wrote to the Rancagua Jas Center on their facebook’s chat to initiate a conversation. I asked if the confirmation system was having problems and they said yes but not to worry they would be sending out confirmations shortly.  I thanked them and told them I would be waiting impatiently.  They asked for my information and told them they said I didn’t meet the requirements.  (my heart has very little resistance since I saw David live).  I told them I was aware but since I had gone to the previous Devotional I thought there would be a possibility to attend this concert too.

This person then introduced themselves as the one in charge of …. (this is confidential) I apologized and began addressing him/her as Mr.  He said he was sorry that an exception couldn’t be made in my case because if they did they’d have to make one for all the emails they’d received from all over South America.

My heart was torn.  I told them that miracles exist and that I was expecting a huge one.  I said goodbye and told anyone who would listen my woes.

I think I must cry very loud because every time I would approach someone they’d cover their ears, I think my cries could be heard on the other side of the continent.  It was a sad week but something kept telling me, Gladiola, miracles exist.  You may not believe this but I knew I’d see David again and that this time it would be different.  October 4th was my birthday and made a wish and on the 5th it came to pass.

That day I received an email, remember the head of the pyramid?

‚ÄúWe have received your registration, you are welcomed to attend by special invitation.¬† We will be expecting you on October 13th‚ÄĚ

It was signed by the person in charge and there was no question about it, I was invited.

Could you imagine my screams? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I’m going to Chile, I’m going Chile!!!!!!  And it began again, the plane, hotel, reservations and finally David.  As you read you will see that this time it was different.


I’ve taken a few days to sort all these ideas and images which are still bouncing around in my head. Maybe nobody has noticed, but in a place in Chile, in a town called Rancagua, specifically Jas Center, the earth moved.  I don’t know to what degree, but it happened, I witnessed it. It was caused by David and three actions that are hazardous to the public health.  He shadow boxed, sang and knelt in front of the stage wearing a white hat like Chaplin wore, he danced Salsa a la Celia Cruz, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

But that was not the worst of it.  Several of us lost our jaws as they dropped from  our mouths hanging open. (I almost lost a rib going after the hat David threw to the public!!! Silly me!!!!, fighting over a hat at my age)

Now that my head and mind are rested I can put what I lived through on October 13 beginning at 7:30pm all on paper. I just hope that my words are faithful to all the events of that day.  I’ve decided to welcome the person that changed right before my eyes.


My Arrival

My arrival was somewhat tumultuous.  I arrived at Chile late, at noon (left Buenos Aires on October 13, at 7.35 am, with a stop in a province of my country).  My hotel reservation was not firm.  The buses to Rancagua were due out after 4:5pm in the afternoon for a two hour trip. The event as everyone knows is on Greece Street  #319 and the bus left me at 800 . If someone in Chile says that they saw a lady running 5 blocks and praying that the hands of the clock not advance beyond 6.45pm, yes, that was me.

When I arrived the door was closed; I felt a knot in my stomach.¬† A man approached me and told me, “Welcome to our Center!”¬† He opened the door and there were people already waiting in the hall. He told me to take a seat, that they‚Äôd be calling me soon because they first accommodated the people who had signed up, like me.

When my turn came, I approached the table where we were to check in.¬† I said say my name but I was surprised that it wasn‚Äôt on the list. The lady in charge told me I had to fill out a form and wait to enter.¬† I insisted that I had been invited, but she spoke to me in English and I was desperate.¬† I remembered I had printed the email sent to me by President McKinley and showed it to her.¬† She called over a Chilean member and she understood me.¬† When she saw my name she said, “Ahhhhhhh you’re Gladys from Argentina, come with me.”¬† She took me to another larger room and sat me in the 4th row. As we walked I told her I had pleaded for a seat, she smiled and said, “I know, we know you.!!!!” What a relief!!!

The entire row was empty so I chose the best seat with no one covering my view.¬† I had a direct view of the stage, I was in paradise. I could see two pianos arranged forming an L.¬† I think one was an organ.¬† Then came a group and they sat all around me, I was in center.¬† One said, “Lady could you move a little so we could sit together?” I said, “NO” and I think that startled them, hahaha.¬† It was a definite no. (Remember I ran 5 blocks.)

The Wait

The room was large.  It had ten chairs on each side with an aisle in the middle and 20 rows back.  The place gradually filled up and bustle was getting louder.  The stage was small.  There were two pianos, a microphone stand and a music stand. They had arranged screens on the sides of the stage.  They were showing different images while we waited.  They showed a bullfighter and I remembered David dressed as bullfighter in blue. I think running does me good; it accelerates my memory.

A young man stood before the microphone and told us we could not take pictures or videos, no screaming, okay to applaud. He spoke of the activities of the Center and invited everyone to participate.  He then asked us to say a prayer together. After the prayer he left and the same presenter from July 15 appeared.  He made some jokes about whether to sing or not, but said that he left that to the talented.

He greeted President McKinley, welcomed us all and told us to enjoy the event.   He introduced Elders, Archuleta and Coello.

Elder Coello took the stage and sat at the piano.¬† He played a beautiful song called Granada. I was amazed at his piano skills, he could be the perfect companion for David in the future. ¬†And then ……..


Elder Coello introduced David. He came with a big smile, said hello, took the microphone and started to sing “You Raise Me Up” in English.¬† Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.¬† Someone said that David just has to open his mouth and he has us in the palm of his hand, they were right.¬† It had been so long since I‚Äôd seen him, my God, how I had missed him.¬† Seeing him there so close singing that beautiful song, he hardly closed his eyes, he looked at us and he looked so happy.

When he finished the crowd cheered and screamed as David left the stage. Then a member of the church said that only applause please, to remember where we were.

He reminded us and I think he was right.¬† This was no place for screaming.¬† So we complied … for a while.

(With great joy I can tell you that I have received the list of each of the interpretations sung by Elder Archuleta and Coello.  They’ll be listed below.)

Then Elder Coello played a beautiful melody.

David made his appearance again with a completely clean and refreshed face.  He had a hymnal in his hand and sang two hymns in perfect Spanish. Again David was in a world of his own.  His eyes closed and totally connected. When he finished he placed the hymnal on the floor.  David took the microphone and approached the center of the stage and began to speak. It was not a speech.  It was something he had to share.  He said he felt comfortable in Chile, that the decision to do this mission had come from his heart.  That he loved what he was doing and loved music. That it had been a very difficult decision to make, but he knew he had to.

David then sang “What a Wonderful World.”¬† Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that David would sing this song. ¬†My dad loved Louis Armstrong. I still have his records. David sang the final note, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the way the Great Satchmo ended the song. I hope someone knows what I’m talking about.¬† David smiled all the time while looking at us; I think he was watching our reactions. I was on the edge of my seat trying to be a sponge.¬† I wanted to absorb every detail, every little movement, every smile. At the end of the song he said, “Thank you” and we all applauded but could not quell our cries of admiration.

David left the stage and Elder Coello continued on the piano with three performances. Waltzes and I think Viennese. I’d never heard a pianist like him, he was incredible.

David returned to the stage and sang three songs, one of which was a beautiful Christian song.  He then did a pop one then came two more songs that were specifically pop.  Ahhh I forgot one small detail, the three songs were sung in perfect Spanish.

Our loud applause and cheers could no longer be contained.¬† David just laughed and he looked really happy.¬† He then sang two beautiful hymns.¬† Then he said,¬† “Elder Coello is a capo, right? (capo-awesome) I don’t play as well as he but I’ll play a song I really like.” He then played “A Thousand Miles” on the piano.¬† I sang with him the entire song.¬† It was a dream for me to hear this song for the first time live.¬† No one could take the pleasure away from me of singing with David. Even if I was the center of some looks, I waited four years for this.¬† And David was here, he was not facing the audience but he turned to look at us and smiled as he sang.

At the end as always he thanked us.  Elder Coello played two jazz pieces, very fast, his fingers flew across the keyboard.  It is incredible that David has found the perfect partner in another part of the world.

How can I explain the feeling in the air?  It was like when a volcano is getting ready to erupt.  You do not know when (we know where) but there is something in the air that tells us that we must prepare for shocks and the fact that it’s imminence is close .


When David reappeared he had the microphone in his hand and said that he would like to dedicate this song to a married couple who have worked (harto/hard) in organizing this concert. He looked at Mckinley‚Äôs.¬† The first piano chords reminded me of an old tune that I had heard in a film of Al Jolson’s many years ago.¬† It was “Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody.”¬† David was singing a very old song.¬† It brought me to my childhood when I was watching TV with my dad!!!!! Ohhhh David, you will always have my heart!!!

David then became a jazz singer and he moved around the stage.  Suddenly he was back beside Coello.  They sang a verse together both wearing white hats.  David then came to center stage and began to do a little dance.  He knelt as Al Jolson did and pointed towards the back.  He got up and finished the song with Coello. The two of them went to the center of stage and threw their hats to the audience.

What happened to the old David? Where is he?¬† Any David is fine with me, but this David ………… my gosh.¬† David’s smile illuminated everything.¬† He was so comfortable.¬† He exuded great confidence and masculinity.¬† The Richter scale was broken for a while. The sensations meter could be measured by looking at my seat mates, one of them had been able to catch the hat that David threw to the audience and said and I quote ‚Äď ‚ÄúIt is hot‚ÄĚ and the other said ‚ÄúI’m shaking‚ÄĚ and I thought AMEN.

(If this was something like the eruption of Krakatoa, imagine the eruption of Vesuvius in Pompeii.)


To appease the ravenous beasts (us) David stood in the middle of the stage as Coello played the first chords of “Imagine.”¬† You could hear everyone‚Äôs ohhhhhhhhh “Imagine there’s no heaven …..”¬† I thought, I must have done something good in this life that God has gifted me this moment.¬† (Perhaps this first verse brought confusion to believe that he sang “Heaven”).¬† David sang the whole song, there he was, almost in front of me.¬† It was a dream to see him sing “Imagine” live.¬† I saw him many times on YouTube. This was truly a memorable gift.

…………………. EYE OF THE TIGER. (Deserves special mention)

If you remember the song, it has a 50-second intro with many cymbal crashes. These were the most amazing 50 seconds, more extraordinary, more revealing, more ahhhhhhhhh.¬† David began to move his arms back, then flexing and throwing punches forward with the sound of the music. Suddenly he lifted his leg and kicked the air as if he was doing kick boxing training.¬† He then began to sing …………….
The song has many sound effects and David acted out each of them. As he sang his voice and his body emphasized each note.  His left hand was never still. It was out of this world see David completely free of shyness. The entire stage was his, he left no area untouched.

When he finished he laughed and looked toward President Mckinley and said in Spanish, “Misioneros, uhhhhh.we don‚Äôt do this, I apologize President.”¬† I think the President was as mesmerized as us. After all this, can there be more?

By now we were in a comatose state.¬† We thought we had seen it all but David knows no bounds.¬† (A question, do you read or pay attention to the lyrics of this song? I do not know, but it was like he was referring to someone. ¬†It’s just a personal observation)

After this experience I think I was having an out of body experience. Hahahaha sorry,  just had to say. What did David do? What could he have said???

Answering the first question, I will describe the situation.  David was perspiring but he never took off or unbuttoned his jacket.  Sweat was running down the side of his face and as usual he ran his hands over his face to wipe it.  Then to top this off he said: “Uhhhhhhhhhhh “It’s caliente (hot).  He meant that the place was very warm (hay calor). It was really warm but hot isn’t the term that is usually used.  The Center was quite large and pleasant. I suppose there are situations that do not merit explanation, right??

David then sang “Hero”, the Spanish version Mariah Carey sings.¬† He had such sweetness in his voice, caressing each note. His Spanish was perfect and he received a standing ovation and never stopped smiling.

I have no VOLCANOES NAMES left.

He asked, ‚ÄúWho wants to dance with me?‚Ä̬† We all raised our hands and heard the first chords of “Life is a Carnival” by the great Celia Cruz. David started singing in Spanish!!! And started dancing!!!¬† He did the basic steps of Salsa we know but we were all standing and clapping. Suddenly he put his other hand on his stomach and began to move and laugh.¬† He looked down at his feet every so often while he continued singing. I hope all of the Archies of world can one day see this.¬† Nobody should stop us from witnessing such a sight. Please David repeat this song in your welcome home concert in 2014.

When the song ended he said, ‚ÄúI like everyone to dance with me.¬† In the U.S. they all stay still in their seats.”


It is a beautiful song in David‚Äôs silky voice.¬† He sang in English. Throughout the concert he almost never closed his eyes.¬† “Someday” is something worth listening to.¬† He puts all of himself when he wants to convey something. The highs and lows of his voice have deepened considerably when singing a high note.¬† There are no shadows on his face, no signs of effort, everything happens naturally.¬† David has changed his stance when he sings too. There are times when you do not know how to describe.¬† Hopefully I can find the words for the right time.

Like thousands of times before when reading a recap of some fans or watching a video of a concert, I was trying to get into their heads and feel what those people felt. So here I’m trying to do the same, trying to describe every little moment so you can see the grandeur of what I saw.

When ‚ÄúSomeday‚ÄĚ ended he received a standing ovation. We stood. The South Americans are very demonstrative and David knows this.¬† He said, ‚ÄúI have to say goodbye, but when I say this, people usually say ‚Äėone more, one more‚Äė. How do they say in Spanish?‚ÄĚ

One more, one more, one more, one more ………….

David said ‚ÄúOk, ok, I will sing two more songs.‚ÄĚ

“Thanks to life”

This song is very beautiful and is almost an anthem in my country.  It was made famous by a famous a singer who has died, Mercedes Sosa. It was written by Violeta Parra, a Chilean artist, a great Chilean artist.

When the first chords played (Coello is amazing), I could not believe it.¬† It’s only 17 seconds before the words start but I being from Argentina know this song perfectly.¬† I do not know if I’m doing something good in this life, I just know I am getting many unexpected gifts.¬† I closed my eyes and listened to David singing a song almost from Argentina.¬† At the moment I came out of my trance I saw David smiling and looking at the music on the stand, he was afraid of forgetting some lines. When he finished I was sitting, I didn‚Äôt applaud, I wanted to freeze that moment forever. ¬†¬†David said, “Uhhhhhhh seems that some of you know this song.”

David took his hymnal and sang the last hymn. There were no signs of fatigue, no heavy breathing, no lines on his face. He just had a great peace about him. He stood to the left and sang with all the emotion we know that David has, he closed his eyes and it was like he was telling us a prayer.

When he finished he came to center stage alongside Coello and thanked everyone.  He said a few words, but I think I got lost in the moment.  I only looked at David and my heart already began to miss him.

The same girl who assigned me my seat thanked all those present in the center  Then she asked to give a hand for the Elders, for the President, Madam President and all those who had helped organize the concert.  She invited us to participate in the Center’s activities.  Meanwhile David and Coello remained standing behind her, not knowing what to do. She turned around and told them both to get off the stage and David laughed and left the stage.  When he came into the room all the Elders present surrounded him.  There was no way to approach him.  They led him toward the exit and I could not follow.

Personal observations. (Very personal)

When David came on stage he wore a black suit, white shirt, black shoes and turquoise tie.  His hair was combed back.  An incredible vision.

When David the boss asked the question: Who wants to dance with me? (Not a simple question) we all stood up instantly, he did not insist and we danced with him.

This is for Archies worldwide, not only for American Archies. When David asks you to do something, it’s just that, a desire.  And what mortal can deny David anything?

My only criticism is, David why didn’t you take off your coat?
I think if he did I would have missed my flight.

I just wish that my words reflect what I lived that night.  I hope to have conveyed some of the feelings, happiness, amazement and astonishment.   I know my mom did not put me through literature classes in the summer in vain.

Thanks to all and hope you enjoy.
See you soon David.



























En Espanol

Este segundo viaje a Chile no comenz√≥ dos semanas antes del 13 de octubre, comenz√≥ el mismo d√≠a del primer Devocional, el 15 de julio. Ese d√≠a vi un cartel en las puertas del templo que dec√≠a “Concierto Pop con los Elderes Coello y Archuleta”. Y desde ese d√≠a he planeado mi segundo viaje a Chile.

Ustedes sabr√°n sobre los avisos en facebook acerca de √©ste concierto pop, all√≠ hab√≠an restricciones de edad y de residencia,¬† para estar presente en ese concierto.¬† El mensaje era claro, el concierto s√≥lo era para j√≥venes entre 18 y 30 a√Īos y para los residentes en Rancagua.¬† A medida que pasaba el tiempo mis ruegos por un milagro iban en aumento. Yo pens√© -tengo 3 meses hacia delante para intentarlo todo- y as√≠ lo hice.

Por mi experiencia yo se que toda institución, sea comercial, religiosa, etc es una pirámide y por lo tanto siempre hay una cabeza , que es el responsable máximo. Yo me dirigí hacia la cabeza, y envié un e-mail (en agosto). Dije toda la verdad, mi edad, donde vivo y con quien pensaba ir y el e-mail fue contestado enseguida -pienso que por una cuestión de sistema, están preparados para contestar automáticamente-, mi petición fue recibida y sería contestado a la brevedad.

Terminó el mes de agosto, comenzó septiembre y empezó octubre.
En la pagina del Centro Jas de Rancagua en facebook, se emitieron  formularios para llenar y ser enviados, luego el mismo Centro nos confirmaría la invitación. Por lo cuál nuestro nombres estarían registrados en listas.

Yo no había recibido ninguna confirmación y realmente estaba triste, pero como dice David, siempre hay que esperar lo bueno. Y asi lo hice.
Pero mi paciencia se estaba agotando. Un viernes por la tarde vi en el cuadro de chat de facebook, el usuario Centro Jas Rancagua y escribí para iniciar una conversación.

Me presenté y le pregunte a la persona que estaba en ese momento en el chat, si había habido problemas de sistema con los envíos de confirmación y él me dijo:
CJR¬†¬†¬† -s√≠, hubo problemas pero t√ļ no te preocupes, pronto recibir√°s la tuya-
Gl.      -gracias por atenderme y esperare impaciente.
CJR.   Рdime tu nombre, por favor.
Gl.      -(le dí todos mis datos)
CJR.   -pero Gladys, tu no cumples con el requisito de edad ni los de residencia.
Gl.¬†¬†¬†¬† -(mi coraz√≥n tiene poca resistencia √ļltimamente, desde que vi a David en vivo). Ya lo se, pero como fui al Devocional anterior, pens√© que ten√≠a una chance de presenciar este concierto tambi√©n.

En resumen la persona se presento como¬† Jefe de la ………., (no puedo dar mas datos), yo por supuesto le ped√≠ perd√≥n por tutearlo y empece a decirle se√Īor,¬† hahaha, as√≠ soy yo.¬† √Čl se disculp√≥ por no poder hacer una excepcion conmigo, pero si la ten√≠a que hacer conmigo, tendr√≠a que hacerlo con todas las personas que enviaron sus e-mail desde toda Sudam√©rica.

Mi coraz√≥n estaba lleno de agujeritos¬† (como dec√≠a una telenovela de adolescentes de mi pa√≠s). Como pude le escrib√≠ a √©ste se√Īor y le dije que los milagros existen y que yo esperaba uno muy grande. Me desped√≠ y con el coraz√≥n acongojado le cont√© mis penas a todos los que quisieron escucharme.

Creo que lloro muy fuerte, por que cada vez que me veían se tapaban las orejas y  mis lamentos se deben haber escuchado hasta el otro lado del continente. Fue una semana dolorosa, pero había algo que me decía, -Gladiola, los milagros existen-.  Ustedes no van a poder creer, pero yo sabía que vería nuevamente a David y que ésta vez sería distinto.

El d√≠a 4 de octubre fue mi cumplea√Īos y ped√≠ un deseo y el d√≠a 5 se cumpli√≥.

Ese día recibí un e-mail, (de la punta de la pirámide, se acuerdan?)

“hemos recibido su reserva, usted es bienvenida a asistir en calidad de nuestras misiones especiales………………… esperamos el 13 de octubre, ………….”

Por supuesto, firmaba la punta de la pirámide y era una invitación incuestionable.

Se imaginan mis gritos, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!me voy a Chile, me voy a Chile !!!!!!!! y así comenzó nuevamente el circulo, avión, hotel, reservas, etc  y finalmente David.
Por todo lo que ustedes leerán a continuación, sabrán que no me equivoque al pensar que ésta vez sería distinto.

He tomado unos dias para acomodar todas las ideas e imagenes que todavia rebotan en mi cabeza. Quizas nadie se dio cuenta pero en un lugar lejano de Chile, en un ciudad llamada Rancagua, especificamente en el Centro Jas, hubo un movimiento, no se de que tipo o de que escala, pero lo hubo, yo lo presencie. Lo causo David con tres movimientos peligrosos para la salud publica, pelear y boxear contra unas sombra, cantar y arrodillarse frente al publico usando un sombrero blanco, estilo Chaplin y bailar salsa al estilo de Celia Cruz, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Pero eso no fue lo mas grave, varias de nosotras perdimos nuestras quijadas, de tanto tener la boca abierta. ( y yo casi pierdo una costilla por agarrar el sombrero que david tir√≥ al publico, !!!!!!!! que¬†verg√ľenza!!!!!!!!!!, peleando por un sombrero a mi edad)


Mi cabeza y mi mente¬†est√°n¬†ahora descansadas y puedo volcar en papel (!!!!! que antig√ľedad!!!, quise decir escribir en la computadora) lo que¬†viv√≠¬†el 13 de octubre a partir de ¬†la 7.30 pm, solo espero que mis palabras sean fieles a todos los acontecimientos de ese¬†d√≠a.¬† He decidido darle la bienvenida a un persona que cambio delante de mis ojos.


 Mi llegada.

Mi llegada fue algo tumultuosa, llegue a Chile muy tarde, a las 12. del mediodia, ( sali de Buenos Aires el mismo dia 13, ¬†a las 7.35 am, con escala en una provincia de mi pais), mi reserva en el hotel no estaba firme, los micros hacia Rancagua sal√≠an despues de las 4.15 pm de la tarde y son dos horas de viaje. El evento como todos saben es en la calle Grecia n¬ļ 319, y el micro me dejo a ¬†la altura del 800. Si alguien de Chile les cuenta que vieron a una se√Īora corriendo 5 cuadras y rezando que las agujas del reloj no avanzaran mas alla de las 6.45 pm, s√≠, esa era yo.

Cuando llegu√© la puerta estaba cerrada, se me hizo un nudo en el estomago, pero se acerco un se√Īor y me dijo !!! buenvenida a nuestro Centro ¬†!!, √©l me abrio la puerta y pase, ya hab√≠a gente esperando en el salon donde se hizo el evento del 15 de julio, me dijo que me siente , que pronto iban a llamarme, por que acomodaban primero a las personas que se hab√≠an anotado, como yo.

Cuando llego mi turno, me acerque a la mesa donde estaban todas las listas, di mi apellido, pero con asombro vi que no estaba anotada. La se√Īora encargada de las listas, me dijo que tenia que llenar un papel y esperar para entrar, yo le¬†insist√≠¬†que¬†hab√≠a¬†sido invitada, pero ella me hablaba en ingles y yo estaba desesperada.¬† Me acorde que hab√≠a impreso los e-mail que me¬†envi√≥¬†el Presidente Mckinley y se lo¬†mostr√©, cuando la se√Īora vio la firma llam√≥ a una miembro chilena, la cu√°l me¬†entendi√≥¬†y cuando ella vio mi nombre dijo:

-ahhhhhhh vos sos Gladys de Argentina, ven conmigo- y me llevo a otro salón mas grande y me sentó en la 4 fila. Mientras caminabamos, le conté que yo había rogado, suplicado, pedido por un lugar y ella me sonrió y dijo otra vez: Рsi ya lo se, te conocemos-

!!!!!!!!!! QUE ALIVIO !!!!!!!!!

Toda la fila era para mi, asi que elegí el mejor lugar, sin cabezas grandes delante de mí, con una visión directa hacia el escenario, estaba en el paraiso. Podia ver dos pianos, puestos en forma de L, en realidad eran dos pianos, creo que uno de ellos era un órgano.  Luego vinieron un grupo de miembros de la iglesia, eran muchas y se sentaron a mi alrededor, y yo en medio de todas ellas, yo creo que molestaba un poco, luego me dijeron:

– Se√Īora se podria correr un poco, asi nosotras nos sentamos todas juntas???

 Yo dije NO, jajajajaj creo que las asuste, por que fue un no rotundo (acuérdense que corrí 5 cuadras )

La espera

El salon era grande, tenia diez sillas en cada costado con un pasillo en el medio, y 20 filas hacia atr√°s, el lugar se llenaba poco a poco y el bullicio era cada vez mas grande.

El escenario era peque√Īo, ademas de los pianos, habia un¬†micr√≥fono¬†de pie y un atril. Hab√≠an dispuesto pantallas a los costados del escenario para pasar¬†im√°genes. Una de las¬†im√°genes¬†mientras¬†esper√°bamos, era la de un torero, y yo me acorde de David vestido de torero, con un traje de color azul. Creo que me hace bien correr, me acelera la memoria.

Un se√Īor muy joven se paro delante del microfono ¬†y nos dijo que no podiamos tomar fotos ni videos, tampoco gritar, pero si aplaudir. Habl√≥ de las actividades del Centro e invitaba a todos a participar, luego pidio que rezaramos una oracion todos juntos. Al termino de la oracion se fue y vino el mismo presentador del 15 de julio. ¬†El ¬†hizo algunas bromas sobre si cantar o no, pero dijo que ese trabajo se lo dejaba a los talentosos.

Entonces vino a saludar el Presidente Mckinley y nos dio la bienvenida a todos y dijo que disfrutaramos del evento y que ahora daba paso a los Elders Coello y Archuleta.

Subio al escenario el Elder Coello, se sento al piano y toco una hermosa canci√≥n llamada Granada. Me asombr√≥ su ductilidad en el piano, podr√≠a ser el perfecto acompa√Īante para david en el futuro. Y luego ……..


Un Elder lo presento y David entr√≥ con una sonrisa amplia, dijo -hola-, ¬†tom√≥ el microfono y se dispuso a cantar ”¬†You raise me up ”¬†en ingles ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, alguien dijo que con solo abrir la boca, David ya nos ten√≠a en la palma de su mano, y ten√≠a razon. Hace tanto que no lo ve√≠a, dios mio, cu√°nto lo extra√Īaba.¬† Verlo all√≠ tan cerca cantando esa hermosa canci√≥n, el casi no cerro los ojos, nos miraba a todos y se veia feliz.¬† Cuando √©l termino la gente¬†aplaudi√≥¬†y grito y David se retir√≥. Entonces se acerco un miembro de la iglesia y nos dijo que solamente aplaudieramos, que no gritaramos que recordasemos donde estabamos.

Practicamente nos reto como a ni√Īos, pero creo que tenia razon, no era lugar para gritos, y asi lo hicimos, …por unos momentos.

 Luego el Elder Coello, toco el piano una hermosa melodia.

David¬†hace su aparici√≥n nuevamente con un semblante totalmente limpio y descansado, tiene el himnario en la mano y canta dos himnos en perfecto espa√Īol. Otra vez David estaba en su mundo, con los ojos cerrados y totalmente compenetrado. Cuando termino cerro el himnario, lo dejo en el piso, tom√≥ el microfono y se acerco al centro del escenario y nos hablo. No era un discurso, era algo que nos ten√≠a que contar.¬† √Čl dijo que se sent√≠a comodo en Chile, que la desicion de hacer √©sta mision habia salido de su corazon y que √©l amaba lo que √©staba haciendo y amaba la musica. Que hab√≠a sido una desicion muy dificil de tomar. Pero sab√≠a que ten√≠a que hacerlo.

A continuaci√≥n cant√≤¬†What a wonderful world, nunca ni en mis sue√Īos m√°s locos imagin√© que David podr√≠a cantar √©sta canci√≥n. Mi pap√° amaba a Louis Armstrong. Todav√≠a conservo discos de √©l.¬†David cant√≥¬†la nota final yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, que s√≥lo el Gran Satchmo hace. Espero que alguien sepa de lo que estoy hablando, el sonrio todo el tiempo y nos miraba, creo que observaba nuestras reacciones. Yo estaba al borde de mi asiento tratando de ser una esponja, quer√≠a¬†absorber¬†cada detalle, cada minimo movimiento, cada sonrisa. Al final de la canci√≥n dijo -gracias- y todos aplaudimos, no pudimos aplacar nuestros gritos de admiraci√≥n.

David se retiró hacia un costado detrás de unas cortinas y el Elder Coello siguió en el piano con tres interpretaciones, eran valses, y creo que eran vieneses. Me saco el sombrero antes semejante pianista, increible.

A continuacion David volvio al escenario y cant√≥ tres canciones, una de ellas era una hermosa canci√≥n cristiana, creo que √©l hizo un arreglo pop, luego vinieron dos canciones m√°s, que eran especificamente pop, ahhh me olvidaba un peque√Īo detalle, las tres canciones fueron cantadas en perfecto espa√Īol.

Nuestros aplausos y gritos ya no pod√≠an ser contenidos de ninguna manera, David solo re√≠a y √©l realmente se ve√≠a feliz. Siguieron dos hermosos himnos. Luego David dijo del Elder Coello, – es un capo- verdad ?- Yo no se tocar tan bien como √©l, pero voy a tocar algo que me gusta mucho-.¬†Thousand miles¬†fue lo que √©l toco en el piano, yo cant√© con √©l todo el tiempo. Era un sue√Īo para m√≠ escuchar por primera vez esta cancion en vivo, nadie me iba a quitar el placer de cantar con David. Aunque fuese el centro de algunas miradas, espere 4 a√Īos para √©sto. Y ahi estaba David, √©l no estaba frente al p√ļblico, el piano estaba de costado, pero √©l al cantar nos miraba y sonreia.

Al terminar como siempre di√≥ las gracias y se retiro. Vino entonces el Elder Coello y toco dos piezas de jazz, muy rapidas, sus dedos volaban por el teclado. Es admirable que David haya encontrado al compa√Īero perfecto en la otra parte del mundo.

Como puedo explicar la temperatura del ambiente, es algo asi como cuando un volcan va a hacer erupcion, no sabemos cuando (sí sabemos donde) pero hay algo en el aire que nos avisa que nos preparemos para las sacudidas, la inminencia del hecho esta cerca.


Cuando reaparecio David, √©l ven√≠a con el microfono en la mano y nos dijo –¬†queremos¬†dedicar √©sta cancion a un matrimonio que ha trabajado “harto” en la organizaci√≥n de √©ste concierto- √Čl mir√≥ a el matrimonio Mckinley y ………..

Los primeros acordes del piano me hizo recordar a una vieja melodia que yo habia escuchado en una pelicula de Al Jolson y !!!!!!!!!!!!! David comenz√≥ a cantarla¬†!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fue hace tantos a√Īos, ¬†era Rock-a- bye your baby with a Dixie melody.¬† David estaba actuando una¬†canci√≥n¬†muy antigua, me traia a mi ni√Īez cuando yo miraba la¬†televisi√≥n¬†con mi pap√°, !!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhh David, siempre¬†tendr√°s¬†mi¬†coraz√≥n¬†!!!!!!!!!!

√Čl en ese momento era un cantante de jazz, se¬†mov√≠a¬†por todo el escenario, de repente fue hacia¬†atr√°s, al lado de Coello, cantaron una frase los dos juntos y ambos se pusieron sombreros blancos, entonces David vino al centro del escenario,¬†empez√≥¬†a hacer unos pasos de baile y se arrodillo como lo hac√≠a Al Jolson y se√Īalo hacia atr√°s, luego se paro y termino la cancion junto a Coello. Luego¬†vinieron¬†los dos al centro del escenario y tiraron sus sombreros al publico. ¬Ņ que paso con el otro David? ¬Ņdonde est√°?, no importa, cualquier David est√° bien para m√≠, pero √©ste David ………… my gosh.¬† La sonrisa de David iluminaba todo, estaba tan¬†c√≥modo¬†y exudaba confianza y mucha masculinidad.

La escala de Ritcher ya se¬†hab√≠a¬†roto hace rato. El¬†par√°metro¬†de sensaciones se¬†pod√≠a¬†medir mirando a mis compa√Īeras de silla, una de ellas¬†hab√≠a¬†podido tomar el sombrero que David arroj√≥ al p√ļblico y dijo, textualmente ¬†– -uffff tengo calor- y la otra dijo – estoy temblando- y yo pens√© AMEN.

(Sí ésto fue algo parecido al la erupcion del Volcan de Krakatoa, imaginense la erupcion del Vesuvio en Pompeya.)


Para aplacar a las fieras voraces (nosotras) David se par√≥ en medio del escenario y Coello toco los primeros acordes de¬†Imagine,¬†hubo un ohhhhhhhhh general ……….imagine there¬īs no heaven………., en ese momento pens√©, yo¬†deb√≠¬†haber hecho algo bueno en √©sta vida, para que Dios me regale √©ste momento.¬†(quizas √©ste primer verso trajo¬†confusi√≥n¬†de creer que √©l cant√≥ ¬†” heaven “).¬† David cant√≥ la¬†canci√≥n¬†entera,¬†ah√≠¬†estaba √©l, casi frente a m√≠, era un sue√Īo verlo cantar Imagine, lo vi tantas veces en youtube. Realmente fue un regalo inolvidable.

.…………………EYE OF THE TIGER.¬†(merece una¬†menci√≥n¬†especial)

Si ustedes recuerdan la canci√≥n, tiene una intro de 50 segundos con muchos golpes de platillos. √Čstos fueron los 50 segundos m√°s asombrosos, m√°s extraordinarios, m√°s reveladores, m√°s ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

David¬†empez√≥¬†a mover sus brazos hacia atr√°s, luego a flexionarlos y a dar golpes de pu√Īo hacia delante con los acordes de la¬†m√ļsica. Y de repente levanto las piernas y daba patadas en el aire como si estuviera haciendo entrenamiento de kick boxing y luego¬†comenz√≥¬†a cantar…………….La canci√≥n tiene muchos golpe de efectos, y david hizo cada uno de ellos. Mientras cantaba, su voz y su cuerpo hac√≠a enfasis en cada nota fuerte, su mano izquierda nunca estuvo quieta. Fue algo fuera de √©ste mundo ver a David totalmente exento de timidez. Todo el escenario era suyo, no quedo un solo lugar sin pisar.

Cuando termino, él se rio y miro hacia el Presidente Mckinley y le pidio disculpas, él dijo- uhhhhh nosotros los msioneros no hacemos ésto, le pido disculpas presidente-

Yo creo que el presidente estaba tan hipnotizado como nosotros. Después de ésto que más puede haber??

Para éste momento ya estábamos en un principio de estado comatoso, nada podía mejorar lo que habíamos visto, pero se sabe que David no tiene límites.

(una pregunta, ¬Ņ ustedes leyeron o prestaron atenci√≥n a la letra de √©sta canci√≥n? yo no se, pero es como que se refer√≠a a alguien? ok, es solo una interpretaci√≥n personal)

¬†Despu√©s¬†de √©sta experiencia, creo que yo estaba fuera de mi cuerpo, hahahaha perdon, lo tenia que decir. ¬ŅQue pudo haber hecho David, que pudo haber dicho???

Contestando la primera pregunta, voy a describir la¬†situaci√≥n, David estaba transpirando, por que en¬†ning√ļn¬†momento se sac√≥ el saco, tampoco lo desaboton√≥, la¬†transpiraci√≥n¬†le¬†corr√≠a¬†por el costado de la cara y como de costumbre √©l se pasaba la manos por la cara y se secaba. Luego para coronar √©sto, √©l dijo:

-uhhhhhhhhhhh ¬†que caliente –¬†√©l quiso decir que el lugar estaba muy caluroso.

Realmente el ambiente estaba caluroso pero no por que hiciera calor alli dentro, el Centro era bastante amplio y agradable. Supongo que hay situaciones que no merecen explicación alguna, verdad??

After this experience I think I was having an out of body experience hahahaha sorry, just had to say. What did David do? What could he have said???
Acto siguiente cant√≥¬†” hero ”¬†en espa√Īol, la versi√≥n de Mariah Carey, hab√≠a tanta dulzura en su voz, acariciaba cada nota. Su espa√Īol era perfecto y recibio casi una ovaci√≥n. Nunca dejo de sonreir.


√Čl pregunt√≥ ¬Ņquien quiere bailar conmigo?, todos nos levantamos la mano y sonaron los primeros acordes de¬†” La vida es una carnaval “¬†de la gran Celia Cruz. David empez√≥ a cantar en espa√Īol y¬†!!!!!!!¬†empez√≥¬†a bailar !!!!!!!!, hizo los pasos b√°sicos de la salsa que ya conocemos, pero todos estabamos de pie batiendo palmas y de repente puso la otra mano en su estomago y empezo a moverse, y a reirse. √Čl se miraba los pies cada tanto y¬†segu√≠a¬†cantando. Espero que todos los archies del mundo alguna vez puedan ver √©sto, nadie tiene derecho a prohibir semejante¬†visi√≥n. Por favor David repite √©sta canci√≥n en tu concierto de bienvenida en 2014.

Cuando termino la canción, él dijo Рme gusta que todos bailen conmigo, en Estados Unidos todos se quedan quietos en sus asientos-.


Es una canción hermosa para escuchar en la voz sedosa de David, él la cantó en ingles. Durante todo el concierto casi nunca cerró los ojos.

Someday es algo digno de escuchar, el pone todo de sí cuando quiere trasmitir algo. Los altos y los bajos de su voz se han profundizado notablemente, cuando canta una nota alta, no hay sombras en su cara, no hay ningun razgo de esfuerzo, todo sale naturalmente. David ha cambiado su postura para cantar, tambien.

Hay momentos que no se como explicarlos, ojala encontrara las palabras, para el momento adecuado.

Como miles de veces antes, cuando le√≠a una recap de alguna fans o miraba un video de algun concierto, yo intentaba meterme en la cabeza y sentir lo que esas personas sintieron. Por eso aqui intento hacer los mismo, tratar de describir cada peque√Īo momento para que vean la grandiosidad de lo que yo v√≠.

Cuando terminó esta canción el recibio una ovacion, algunos nos pusimos de pie. Los sudamericanos somos muy demostrativos y David lo sabe.

David dijo:- tengo que despedirme, pero cuando yo digo √©sto, la gente generalmente dice……………, no se como se dice en espa√Īol?

UNA M√ĀS, UNA M√ĀS, UNA M√ĀS, UNA M√ĀS…………………………………..

David – ok, cantare dos canciones m√°s.


Es una cancion muy hermosa y es casi un himno en mi pa√≠s, aqu√≠ la hizo famosa una cantante que ya ha fallecido, ella era Mercedes Sosa. √Čsta canci√≥n la escribio Violeta Parra, una artista chilena, una inmensa artista chilena.

Cuándo empezaron los primeros acordes (Coello es increible), yo no podía creerlo, solo son 17 segundos antes de la letra, pero yo como argentina conozco perfectamente ésta canción.

Yo no se si estoy haciendo algo bueno en esta vida, solo sé que estoy recibiendo muchos regalos inesperados.

En ese momento yo¬†cerr√©¬†los ojos y escuche a David, cantando una canci√≥n (casi) argentina. En¬†alg√ļn¬†momento cuando sal√≠ de mi trance, vi a david sonriendo y mirando las letras en el atril, por que ten√≠a miedo de olvidarse algunas lineas. Cuando termino, yo¬†segu√≠a¬†sentada, creo que no¬†aplaud√≠,¬†quer√≠a¬†que ese momento se congelara para siempre.

David dijo: Рuhhhhhhh parece que conocen ésta canción-

Luego tom√≥ su himnario y cant√≥ el ultimo himno, no habia cansancio, no hab√≠a¬†respiraci√≥n¬†fuerte, no hab√≠a lineas en su cara, solo hab√≠a una inmensa paz. √Čl no se paro en el centro sino hacia la izquierda y cant√≥ con toda la emocion que sabemos que David tiene, cerro los ojos y era como si estuviera diciendonos un plegaria.

TERMINO. Vino al centro del escenario, di√≥ las gracias junto a Coello, dijo algunas palabras, pero yo creo que ¬†me perd√≠ en ese momento, s√≥lo miraba a David y mi¬†coraz√≥n¬†empezaba a extra√Īarlo.

Subio al escenario la misma ni√Īa que me asign√≥ mi lugar, ella agradecia a todos los asistentes en el centro, pidi√≥ un aplauso para los Elders, pare el presidente y Se√Īora y para todos los que habian colaborado en la organizacion del concierto. Y nos invitaba a participar de las actividades. Mientras tanto David y Coello segu√≠an parados detras de ella, sin saber que hacer. La joven se dio vuelta y les dijo a ambos que bajaran del escenario y David ri√≥. Y se fue.¬† Cuando sali√≥ hacia la sala, todos ¬†los Elders presentes lo rodearon, no hubo forma de acercarse, lo llevaron hacia la salida y yo no pude seguirlo, tome un peque√Īo video, pero eso es todo.

Nos vemos en navidad nuevamente David.


Cuando david apareció en el escenario, vestía un traje negro, camisa blanca, zapatos negros y corbata turquesa, su cabello estaba peinado hacia atrás, increíble visión.

Cuando the boss David hizo la pregunta : ¬Ņquien quiere bailar conmigo?, (no era una simple pregunta)¬†todos instant√°neamente nos pusimos de pie, √©l no tuvo que¬†insistir¬†y bailamos con √©l.

√Čste peque√Īo acto es para los archies de todo el mundo, no s√≥lo para los archies norteamericanos. Cu√°ndo David pregunta algo, es m√°s que eso, es un deseo y,¬†¬Ņqu√© mortal se puede negar a un deseo de David?

Mi √ļnica critica para David es una pregunta ¬†¬Ņpor que no te sacaste el saco?

Yo creo que sí lo hacia, yo perdía mi vuelo de regreso.

ok.  Sólo deseo que mis palabras reflejen lo vivido esa noche. Si logro trasmitir algo de las sensaciones, felicidad, estupor, asombro, sabré que mi mamá no gastó en vano en clases de literatura que tomaba en los veranos.

Gracias a todos y que disfruten la lectura.

Hasta la vuelta David.

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David Archuleta Inspires Gifting

Posted by djafan on Thursday, November 1, 2012

(photo credit: Naree)

David fans are the best gifters ever. ¬†Most of the time they want to remain anonymous. ¬†We want to thank them all who have so selflessly gifted. ¬†Here are a couple of thank yous we’ve received; not all sent them, but as long as they are loving David Archuleta and his music, all is well.

English Translation

Hey guys, it’s Georgette here! Haha, sounds familiar? Well seemed like a good way to start this email since that‚Äôs how David begins his video blogs every time he makes one, and I love how he does that.

I became an “Archie” or “Arch Angel” as I watched the episode of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel 2 years ago. I felt an incredible connection with David and his way of being caught my attention, so I searched for him in Google (as anyone who wants to know a little more about someone LOL) and what I liked the most is that David has Latin family! wow! That shocked me very much, so I quickly went to YouTube and looked for videos of David speaking in Spanish… I was shocked! Not only by his way of speaking, but by its simplicity, humility, passion and all the feelings I noticed when David speaks, sings or simply expresses himself.

I also noticed that David participated in American Idol and came in second place, so I looked for the songs that he sang and all performances on YouTube. What else did I do? Download all the songs obviously! I converted to an Archie at around September, a little before the release of The Other Side Of Down. I remember it very well.

On page there was a countdown marking the days until 5 October. After downloading his songs I looked up the lyrics and I learned them very quickly. The connection I felt with David was very deep… he was not only “David Archuleta” he had become everything and more than I thought. I remember feeling inspired with the lyrics of his songs from TOSOD.

For me David is one in a million.¬† The simplicity and modesty that he shows are a great inspiration for many people. Not many artists are like this. I’m in love with the fact that David sings because he loves singing and music, not because he is interested in fame or anything else that comes with it; He only sings because the music is his life. David can’t imagine doing anything else that is not singing, and I can’t imagine listening to different music than that of David.

It‚Äôs as simple as this, if there is no David, there is no Georgette because David is part of me and I see him as a very important person in my life. The things that he taught me cannot be counted with a finger and I am really thankful for it all. I sometimes think, ‚Äúhow can there be people who don’t like David? Or, people who like David, but don‚Äôt feel as inspired as I am? Don‚Äôt they feel his music like other Archies? It is not easy to say, but I’m sure that if they stopped a moment to listen to any song, the words, it will be an inspiration because what you feel when David sings is contagious… you can see in his eyes, his way of expressing that he has a message behind each song and I am proud to say that I know that message. I now understand the message better.

When David announced that he would leave on a mission for the Latter Day Saints Church, my heart broke… but I couldn‚Äôt be happier! David would be serving his church for 2 years preaching the word of God, the person who has taught me many things I know and I give thanks to him for putting David in my path and now David will reach more people. Wow that is incredible!

To make a long story short. I give thanks to The Voice for all that you do for the fans. Thank you for sending me a copy of Forevermore and the amazing bracelet … David: You’ve become part of my soul.

-Georgette, Venezuela.

Original in Spanish

Hey guys, it’s Georgette here! Haha, sounds familiar? Bueno me pareci√≥ una buena forma de empezar este email ya que as√≠ empieza David sus video blogs cada vez que hace uno, y amo la forma en que hace eso.

Yo me convert√≠ en una “Archie” o “Arch Angel” mientras ve√≠a el episodio de Hannah Montana en Disney Channel, hace 2 a√Īos. Sent√≠ una conexi√≥n incre√≠ble con David y su forma de ser me llam√≥ mucho la atenci√≥n, as√≠ que lo busqu√© en Google (como toda persona que quiere saber un poco m√°s acerca de alguien LOL) y lo que m√°s me gusto es que David tienen familia LATINA! wow! Eso me impact√≥ mucho, as√≠ que fui r√°pidamente a YouTube y busqu√© v√≠deos de David hablando en espa√Īol… Qued√© impactada! No solo por su forma de hablar, sino por su sencillez, humildad, pasi√≥n y todos los sentimientos que not√© en David al hablar, cantar o simplemente expresarse.

También noté que David participó en American Idol y que quedó de segundo lugar, así que busqué las canciones que cantó y todas sus presentaciones en YouTube. Qué más hice? Descargar todas sus canciones OBVIAMENTE!!! Me convertí una Archie al rededor de Septiembre por lo que faltaba poco para el lanzamiento de The Other Side Of Down, lo recuerdo muy bien.

En su p√°gina hab√≠a un conteo regresivo por los d√≠as que faltaban para el 5 de Octubre. Luego de descargar sus canciones busqu√© las letras y me las aprend√≠ muy r√°pido, es que la conexi√≥n que sent√≠ con David era muy profunda… no solo era “David Archuleta”, √©l se hab√≠a convertido en todo lo que pensaba. Recuerdo haber sentido una inspiraci√≥n muy fuerte con las letras de sus canciones desde su primer CD hasta TOSOD. Para m√≠ David es uno en un mill√≥n, su sencillez y modestia que expresa son de gran inspiraci√≥n para demasiadas personas y eso no lo tienen muchos artistas. Estoy enamorada del hecho de que David solo canta porque ama cantar y la m√ļsica, no porque le interesa la fama o cualquier otra cosa que venga con ella; √©l solo canta porque la m√ļsica es su vida, no me imagino a David haciendo otra cosa que no sea cantar y no me imagino escuchando otra m√ļsica que no sea la de David.

De una manera m√°s sencilla: No hay David, no hay Georgette; porque David ya es parte de m√≠ y lo considero como una persona muy importante en mi vida. ¬†Las cosas que √©l me ha ense√Īado no se pueden contar con un dedo y estoy realmente agradecida con todo. A veces pienso, ¬ŅC√≥mo existe gente a la que no le gusta David? O, a la gente que le gusta David, ¬Ņse sentir√°n tan inspirados como yo? ¬†¬ŅSentir√°n su m√ļsica al igual que otros Archies? No es f√°cil decirlo, pero estoy segura de que si se detienen un momento a escuchar cualquier canci√≥n de √©l y entender las letras, lo sentir√°n porque la inspiraci√≥n es contagiosa al igual que los sentimientos que siente David cuando canta‚Ķ se puede ver en sus ojos y en su forma de expresarse que √©l tiene un mensaje detr√°s de cada canci√≥n, y estoy orgullosa de decir que s√© cu√°l es ese mensaje. Y ahora mucho m√°s conozco el mensaje.

Cuando David anunci√≥ que partir√≠a en una misi√≥n para la Iglesia de los Santos de los √öltimos D√≠as, mi coraz√≥n se parti√≥‚Ķ no pod√≠a estar m√°s feliz!! David estar√≠a sirviendo para una Iglesia por 2 a√Īos predicando la palabra de Dios, la persona que nos ha ense√Īado muchas de las cosas que sabemos y le doy gracias a √Čl por poner a David en nuestro camino; y saber que ahora David llegar√° a mucha m√°s gente?? Wow eso es incre√≠ble!!

Para no hacer esta historia más larga me despido agradeciendo a The Voice por todo lo que hacen por los fans, gracias por enviarme una copia de Forevermore y el increíble brazalete… David: Te has convertido en parte de mi alma.

-Georgette, Venezuela.

English Translation

Hello, first of all I want to thank you TheVoiceDavidArchuleta and Blueberry Ice from CA, thanks to you I have this wonderful FOREVERMORE Cd and also to SandyBeaches from Canada for the beautiful bracelet she gave me.  INFINITE THANKS!


For me DAVID is more than an Idol, why?  Because he is simple and humble despite being a famous artist, he has never changed and remains as who he is. I love his personality, so humble and generous to all, it is really admirable.

David is the best singer for me because he has an ANGELIC voice that not many have, his songs are very beautiful and meaningful. He inspires me so much. :)

For me he is a winner.¬† He worked hard to get to where he is :) and he remains the same: the same sweet guy. Nice, humble, simple, charismatic, lovable and cute.¬† I watched him on ‘American Idol’ in 2008 and ¬†I became a fan of David. :)

David Archuleta is without a doubt a complete artist! In addition to a great human being < 3!

– ALWAYS smiles.
– ALWAYS delivers the best in every interpretation.
– ALWAYS supports his friends.
– ALWAYS is proud of his Latin roots. <3
– ALWAYS cares for those around him.
– ALWAYS attends to his fans and talks with them.
– ALWAYS is attentive to everyone.

Thanks to his efforts.¬† He has endured adversities but has been able to overcome :’)

The truth for me, and I dare say that for many of his fans he is an example to follow and a being that inspires us a lot. :’ (D)

Waiting for David Archuleta…


Original in Spanish

Hola, primero que nada muchas GRACIAS a TheVoiceDavidArchuleta  y a Blueberry Ice de CA,  ya que gracias a ustedes tengo este maravilloso Cd FOREVERMORE y también a SandyBeaches de Canadá por la hermosa pulsera que me obsequiaron.  J  ¡INFINITAS GRACIAS!


Para m√≠ DAVID es m√°s que un √≠dolo, ¬Ņporque? porque es humilde y sencillo a pesar de ser un famoso /artista¬† nunca cambio¬† y sigue siendo tal como es, amo su personalidad tan humilde y generoso con todos, es realmente admirable.

El mejor cantante para mí porque tiene una voz ANGELICAL que no muchos poseen.  Sus canciones son muy hermosas y significan tanto,  me inspiran mucho :)

El para m√≠ es UN TRIUNFADOR, lucho¬†MUCH√ćSIMO¬†para llegar a donde el esta :) , y sigue siendo el mismo: el mismo chico dulce, simp√°tico, humilde, sencillo, carism√°tico, adorable, lindo que ¬†ve√≠a en el programa ‘American Idol‚Äô aquel 2008 que es¬† desde all√≠ donde me hice fan de David.¬†:)

David Archuleta es sin duda un artista completo! Adem√°s de un gran ser humano<3!

– SIEMPRE est√° sonriendo.
РSIEMPRE entrega lo mejor de sí en cada interpretación.
– SIEMPRE apoya a sus amigos y cercanos.
РSIEMPRE se muestra orgulloso de sus raíces latinas. <3
– SIEMPRE se preocupa por los que est√°n a su alrededor.
– SIEMPRE atiende a sus fans y conversa con ellos/as.
– Es atento con todos.

Y todo lo que ha logrado ha sido gracias a su esfuerzo, al igual que cualquier persona ha tenido debilidades y adversidades pero las ha sabido superar :’)

La verdad para m√≠, y me atrevo a decir que para varias de sus fans, es un ejemplo a seguir y un ser que nos inspira much√≠simo. :’D

Waiting for David Archuleta…


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