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David Archuleta ~ Something in the Way He Moves

Posted by Angelica on Saturday, September 22, 2012

You may think I’m crazy to make an entire post inspired by a tiny gif of David doing the Dougie. Unless you know that, though I LOVED his voice, my “what just happened?” moment came not with “Imagine” or “Shop Around” or “Heaven” but with this right here.

This was my Waterloo.  The thing that sealed my fate and began my four year odyssey into ODD.  I don’t know why. I never even questioned it. It just was. I mean, what the heck is he doing?  LOLOL!!!  But I knew the laugh was on me and from that moment on, I was his fool and a fan for life.  As for the much later Dougie, it was obvious from the complete video that he had never done that particular dance before.  But he picked it up in minutes. Not just picked it up but, well…more on that later. Suffice to say, it gives credence to a theory I have long held: that some day, David will dance. Really dance on stage. Not just for a brief fa la la or a few seconds, causing screams to erupt and then bashfully stopping. But really let loose and have fun with it. The reasons I think this are as follows:

1. His mother is a professional dancer.

2. He has been raised and taught to dance with his mom and other relatives all his life.

3. He was the only male contestant on idol who even attempted to dance in group numbers.

4. It has been reported that an uncle and other of David’s relatives have told some fans that, when it comes to dancing, “David is holding back…way, way back.”

5. He has natural rhythm and grace that often result in sublime moves that I think are completely unconscious. I submit for your approval exhibit A:  Wichita Pink Ribbon Performance, “Works for Me” aka “Mr. Confidence.”  Note the transformation.

And exhibit B:  Grand Rapid “Barriers” aka “Spicy Nacho.”  He ain’t even trying folks.

6. He has stated more than once his admiration for Michael Jackson, for the passion he brought to his performance, whose dance skills are legend.

7. He is Latino and has a heritage and culture of dance that is in his blood, heart and soul.

8.  In a 2012 interview, he admitted there are some songs that he just can not sit still through.  Taio Cruz’s Dynamite is one.

I have always been fascinated by the way some dancers, Betty Grable for one, MJ for another, have a gift for the art that makes it seem so effortless. No movement is wasted or unnecessary.

Ending where I first began, here is the gif of David dancing the Dougie. I watched it one day and was mesmerized. I still find it hard to look away. What is it about the way he moves that is so engrossing? Even in an amateur video that shows him just learning how to do the dance for the first time, there is in it something so compelling, so entrancing, that it calls for, no…demands your attention. Try to look away in less than a minute. I dare ya.

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  1. betsy said

    I suggest everyone listen to Dynamite while watching the gif. :)
    “We gon light this up like it’s dy-no-mite”
    Angelica, I agree with your conclusion. He’s a natural.
    Remember this?

  2. betsy said

    omg something just happened. THIS video was made.
    Nothing to do with dance, and everything to do with voice. AMAZING. CHILLS. BRB DEAD

    credit to davidfankimbee

  3. marlie7 said

    And another video that proves the boy has dancing in his blood:


  4. betsy said

    Is it chat time already? :)))))))))

  5. mlpb3 said

    Wow, love all the vids with David dancing! Thanks for posting “Shout to the Lord”, loved that performance, 2 nights in a row! The songwriter who wrote the song and who first sang it, Darlene Zschech, will be at my church tomorrow night, hopefully she will sing the song. She has visited our church several times. She is from Sydney, Australia. She commented when they did the song that she was very happy they performed it.

  6. emmegirl14 said

    So much to do this morn, and here I am stuck in video vortex. Angelica, loooove the top pic, that is my favorite part of the Bench videos, LOOK at him. And your 8 reasons sound reasonable to me. :) That Dougie has literally haunted me since the first time I laid eyes on it. Counting the months, February 2013 – would make the perfect Valentines Day present. ♥

    I hope hope hope he does even more dancing in his performing. Love his natural, organic rhythms and movements, but would also love to see him all out in a choreographed piece one day.

    My eye opener was this – Zero Gravity Sayreville. That is when I knew he had been holding out on us. And he barely scratched the surface.

    Betsy, oooh love that STTL. I have convinced myself they gave him the solo “nothing compares to you” parts because nothing and no one does.

    (bring on the videos!) :)

    (Admin Abrra edit) I fixed the link.

  7. Abrra said

    “5. He has natural rhythm and grace that often result in sublime moves that I think are completely unconscious. ”

    I am also a student of the movements of David when he performs on stage. I found these yesterday on tumblr, they are not mine. They are small glimpses of his graceful movements as he delivers a song. He gracefully swaps the mic from hand to hand, giving his free hand opportunities to emphasize a note or a lyric.




    I have devoted many hours of making MGR’s of David doing something memorable on stage. His diva hand is working overtime here to help tell the story of his song.

    In this one he shows some attitude as he swaggers and stomps around the stage in Jakarta. Same song and here he shows a whole different performance.

    He is a natural entertainer. Once he does let loose, I know he will surpass his heroes in voice and dance moves.

    Abrra 552 days

  8. cq#DA2014 said

    Thank you Angelica for the fabuloso post. LOVE BERRIERS!!
    Somehow this post made me so excited(as if I wasn’t excited enough) for David’s future music career!!

  9. fenfan said

    Oh yes that guy can dance! I don’t have time now to go through all the evidence presented in the post and comments but I did click on Dynamite and then glanced down at the Dougie gif. Well I couldn’t look away so I spent 4 minutes watching that gif!!! All I can say is it’s DYNAMITE!!!

  10. emmegirl14 said

    abrra, thanks for the gif’s of the mhs’s – I have no earthly idea why but I have always loved that.
    Your two examples of GGTT are yet another example of his diversity, his crazy talent. I am held hostage by each version. Natural entertainer. Period.

  11. Angelica,I had to read your article quite a few times, I kept getting stuck on exhibit A and forgot what you had said.

    “He is a natural entertainer. Once he does let loose, I know he will surpass his heroes in voice and dance moves.”
    yes! and once he does,Lord have Mercy on all of us!

    You can’t have music and rhythm coarsing through your veins like David doesand not move to it. I think that is why he has always been so expressive with his hands.He has to move the music through his whole body.If his arms and hands were detachable I am sure they could dance across the stage on their own.
    Seeing him let go at MKOC tour was proof he is a natural dancer.He can’t go back now.The rest of the cat has come out of the bag.
    Yoo hoo?!There is no turning back now David! We have seen the tip of the iceburg and we want moooore!

    now, please excuse me whilst I go bury myself in these videos.:)))

  12. mlpb3 said

    A vid with a few clips of his dance moves:


  13. emmegirl14 said

    abrra, thanks so much for the tip on chat streaming. I try to download and it won’t even let me, just get a message that says my Google Chrome browser already includes AFP and keeps it automatically updated, so idk.
    Maybe I’ll get it figured out one of these days. Really appreciate all the help you always give so graciously.

  14. Abrra said


    Forget flash player if you use Chrome. It has it has that built in. Sorry I forgot to mention it. The good news is (I hope) that you can just go to chat now. Try it out? I thought you had been there with us once, so I figured it was your IE or Firefox that needed an updated plug-in of Flash Player. If you still have problems, ask for help ( maybe the child of a friend) from a HS kid or maybe a college student. Trust me they know how to get things working :)


  15. Abrra said



  16. emmegirl14 said

    I have dropped by and chatted a bit a time or two but my video was so choppy and halting I wasn’t seeing what everyone was commenting on. Just frustrating, cause I got alot to say, lol!

    Have family in town tonight, but if they turn in early I can give it a try. :)

  17. SandyBeaches said

    Thanks for replaying the dance videos that are quite special and so much fun!


  18. Djafan said


    Angelica what a coincidence your amazing article is!!!! There sure is something appealing to the raw and natural moves David has.

    Here is one I’ve been watching :)

    Sent from my iPad

  19. betsy said

    I don’t remember how it happened, but I am stuck in the CFTH tour videos. Did you guys know that some of his Ann Arbor BLANK videos, just his voice, have over 10 thousand views?

  20. bebereader said

    So true…all the comments. David has a natural rhythm that cannot be denied. I watched the Dougie gif while listening to “Dynamite! The beat matches up! Been watching for the last fifteen minutes!

    About a year ago, we talked here about hoping that David would dance on his next tour. Well it came to pass but I’m sure there’s a lot more where that came from.

    Betsy#1 How could I forget that video from the Hard Rock Cafe in NY? That was the first hint to me that David was holding back on dance moves! When the wrong music came on, he didn’t flinch and leave a long pause until Crush came on. Instead he went with the beat of the song and well you see what happened. I was just thinking, that video was in the early days and the screams from the crowd are deafening. Did he realize back then how much his fans loved him?

    That stage in Sayreville was tiny (I was there.) but David managed to get around and show off some dance moves anyway.

    Here’s my video offering.
    “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” Kuala Lumpur – Asian Tour.
    I think David was a the top of his game performance wise. The whole video is wonderful but watch his dance moves from 3:20-3:40. I hope when he comes back we can see much more of this!

    credit rusharr

  21. emmegirl14 said

    beeeebe, you picked a gem! As soon as the intro is over around the 2:06 mark he becomes a live wire, a little firecracker. And that combo of head/shoulder moves 2:22-2:25, ayeyieyie. Yes, we need to see more, muuuch more!

  22. bebereader said


    Oh yes, I didn’t miss that part at 2:22 ;)

    Bringing the two last comments over from the prior thread:

    Blueberry Ice said….

    Betsy! What a fabulous summary of Nandito Ako … ya highlighted all the best parts! Oh, and who can forget how dashing he looked as he ran to save Anna from the bad guy but then that oh no, how dare they let David get hit & then wanting to dash to his side to render first aid. Sure felt an empty pit gnawing in my stomach when that 5 week run ended, like something was desperately missing … think it was a long time before my body figured out I didn’t have to wake up extra early, lol! So many memorable expressions of David! Yep, definitely gotta have it on HD DVD so we can watch it in one swoop on the biggest screen possible! Who’s gonna bring the popcorn?

    Recently I gave my friend BEGIN. He knows about David only because I gave him the MoTab CD last year and CFTH CD the Christmas before that. Otherwise that is all he knows about David. So we had the following conversation. Me: Here’s a copy of David’s new CD. Him: Oh thanks. Soooo, now you’re on a first name basis, huh? Me: caught off guard (… but thinking what? Was that a hint of a smirk?) Him: Glancing at the cover. I’d sure like to have his hair.
    Me: Lololol! Afterward I was thinking, ha, that’s pretty intuitive for him to conclude that I must be a ‘fangirl’ … you’d almost think it was tattooed on my forehead. Isn’t it nice to know that we are not the only ones who notices his hair!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing all the video’s, pics, gif’s on tumblr, etc. While browsing, I stumbled upon the CASBAA acoustic set he did in Hong Kong. He is just so darn good. It’s easy to lose track of time, thinking just one more video then another and another. It sure makes you yearn for his return that much more. Missing him a bunch too. {group hug}

    Bebe; Loved your “Halo Halo Betsy”, haha! Have you ever had it before ’cause it’s delish. If I recall, didn’t David have that in the restaurant scene with Holly?

    Jans; Have a safe trip. Missed out on wishing you a wonderful b-day … hope it was fabulous!

    Kaycee; Yes, that voice transports you like a “Calgon take me away” moment!

    MT; Whipping you up some chicken soup … feel better soon ok! {hugs}

    Blueberry Ice,

    I’ve never had halo halo but am very curious about it. It has many of the ingredients I like but all thrown together, I’m not so sure. Shaved ice, evaporated milk, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, sweet potatoes and ice cream. It’s a strange combination but I’m adventurous with with food so if given the chance on a trip to The Philippines, I just may give it a try!

    Yes, Josh had halo halo in the restaurant scene with Holly. He also had it before the fire scene when he was a young boy.

  23. bebereader said

    Poof said…

    Hi everyone,
    i am a bit under the weather. I had surgery on Tuesday, so not really up for commenting. Just two comments; #40 sigh. In just a few seconds I am reminded why he is my “guiding light”.

    comment 2; Yesterday my husband burned a CD of BEGIN. for himself for his car. I usually listen to BEGIN at the computer, using my iTunes. He said, that’s not good enough, found my CD and put it in our good stereo. He then sat and listened to the whole thing. He said that this type of song is what David was meant to be doing. Even while he is gone David acquires new fans. It is fun to watch the transformation, from “You really like David don’t you. I like Michael Buble”, to “David can sing anything, can’t he. :)


    Best wishes as you recuperate from your surgery. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    I’ve been noticing lately that more men are coming around and admitting they like David’s music. Good work, poof. Another one bites the dust!!

  24. Poof, so good to see you♥ I hope you have a speedy recovery. How sweet of your hubby, to burn a cd of BEGIN. for you!

    all this videos are so wonderful….sigh…I have been burrowing all morning, making a nice comfortable space down there now to settle in because that is what always happens to me..making room for snacks and a drink.
    Bebe, that video of EWTRTW! I ended up in Kuala Lumpur for nearly the entire concert♥

    you don’t EVEN know how much we miss you Mr.David James Archie Archuleta!

  25. emmegirl14 said

    poof, hang in there, better days ahead♥
    “my husband burned a CD of BEGIN. for himself for his car” :)

    “you don’t EVEN know how much we miss you Mr.David James Archie Archuleta!”…..copy that.

  26. MT said

    Love this article! And this “David is holding back…way, way back.” Oh my gosh, I hope so, and all the gifs and videos on this page definitely support that theory!

    That video in #1. Yes, definitely a lot he hasn’t shown us. I can’t wait till the inhibitions fall away and he lets loose.

    This guy is definitely worth the wait!

    haha I had a hard time getting past that exhibit myself!

  27. MT said

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I hope you’re all better very soon.

    Between the accident with my eye and then a fall down the stairs resulting in some very colorful spots on my ribs and bottom, it’s been an interesting week. I am such a klutz sometimes. haha So, thanks for the soup!! :) I could use some comfort food.

  28. bebereader said

    I wish I could send you a bowl of chicken soup but that bowl you just received was from Blueberry Ice. I just brought her comment over here. :)

  29. MT said

    oh, lol, In that case …..

    Thank you, Blueberry Ice!!! :)

    And I have to add ,… Angelica, I LOVE that lead pic. It’s one of my favorites from the Bench BTS video. Love, love, love when he throws that hat. ♥

  30. jans11 said

    Love your article,Angelica! David has lots of rythym in that little body of his! And i think he will unleash it even more when he gets back! He has inherited a lot of good musical qualities from his parents! Oh for 2014!

    Thank you Bebe for the bd and safe travel wishes! I’m here in Branson and we’re having a ball. Not as much fun as a David concert, but a person gotta do what a person’s gotta do! haha

    Poof and Mt, here’s hoping for a speedy recovery! <3

  31. Angelica said

    Happy to inspire the posting of all these awesome vids of David in action. The one Bebe posted #20 of EWTRTW….the slide at 3.54 ftw!

    So many singers these days work hard to deliver well-rehearsed, choreographed dance routines almost throughout their entire concerts. It’s entertaining but not a big deal. What has always fascinated me is the way people respond to David whenever he does even the tiniest dance steps. He can do a little something for 3 seconds and the crowd goes wild. I have often wondered what would happen if he didn’t stop at a few seconds. I mean, what if he kept it up for several minutes? I really think there would be actual fainting and crying. I don’t know what it is about some performers that have this effect on an audience, but I do know it’s very rare. Elvis had that kind of physical charisma and used it very effectively. I honestly believe that of all the singers out there now, only David can bring that kind of magic again.

    MT and Poof, feel better soon! Jan, remember, what happens in Branson does not stay in Branson. We want to hear all about it when you get back. Have fun!

  32. FunnyGirl said

    Hellllllo friends!! OHMYGOSH I have been so busy! Something in the way he moves INDEED. I shall not comment since I have been so good lately LOL Ya’ll are hilarious! I cannot WAIT for the next tour. What a flippin love fest that’ll be!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!

  33. SandyBeaches said

    Good Monday morning…oh yes very cool here this morning! Hmmm, Mondays, not my favorite day…

    Anyway, I was looking back over the last couple of years here and I fell upon the most amazing video, one that doesn’t have dancing but is my all time favorite…”Wild Horses”, written by The Rolling Stones, sung by Susan Boyle and produced by Strangerphilosophy..

    I thought that you might liketip once again see this artistic pieceIOC work. I am on my cell if an admin would please add it here!!! TY…


  34. SandyBeaches said

    I am definitely blaming my cell for my errors or can I blame it on being Monday?……


  35. poluck8 said

    I have seen that vedio SandyBeaches, it is lovely!

  36. djafan said


    I was watching this and just love the way David moves to this. I can’t do it!!! Real raw organic movements reacting to the music in his soul.

  37. djafan said

    And sometimes David standing at the mic is best :)

  38. djafan said

    Beautiful David Archuleta MySpace page. Someone is doing a great job with his Facebook and OS too.

  39. djafan said


    I can see it now…

    David in a white shirt, suit coat, tie and name tag.

    Elder Archuleta
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    His shoes will be worn out and his feet aching from walking all day.
    He’ll wear a backpack, ride a bike, and the scriptures will be his best friend. He’ll smile, talk to random people on the street corners, he’ll eat some amazing food. He will laugh at his companions and eat dinner with the church members. With all the graciousness that is in him, he will pray to find those who are searching to hear about the Lord. He’ll still sing, but it will be in church buildings… someone sitting in front of him during the meeting will get to hear that angelic voice. He will share his testimony with so many. He will offer service to anyone who needs it— no matter if it is raking leaves in a yard, cleaning up after a disaster, or simply baking some cookies to take to an elderly woman. He will come to realize just how amazing he is… finally the words we have been trying to tell him about himself will be realized. With help from God, he will understand his full potential. He will gain confidence in himself and the world around him. Someone will bring him a gift on his Birthday. Tears will stream down his face as he witnesses lives change. He will always remember his world back home and won’t take it for granted. He will remember all of the people who helped him get this far…. and he WILL remember us. :)
    Don’t worry… things are gonna get better. :)

  40. betsy said

    In honor of David being way ahead of everyone else musically, and redisovering a great song well over a year before Glee decided to steal I mean take I mean borrow his idea and cover this song. :)

  41. djafan said

    Betsy ♥

  42. MT said

    Awww … thanks for the well wishes guys. ♥ I’m on the mend and doing much better now.

    So good to see you here!

    SB, I love that video, too.

    That performance of TAGGB is my fave. But the one of ZG makes me crazy cuz I am chair dancing and keep waiting for him to jump and it isn’t happening. LOL

    #40 Yep!

    dja, #39,
    I don’t even know what to say except … Beautiful. ♥

  43. emmegirl14 said

    Betsy (lol), I am an MB EWTRTW addict. Watch it and or/listen to it several times a week.

  44. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    Been very busy over the weekend but managed to lurk (a lot hehe) . Angelica love your post here…yes there’s something in the way he moves” , I was officially certify his fan for life when I watched him sings “shop around” he was ohhh so adorable, confident, handsome, and look fresh …well… he looks fresh all the time actually!!! even on the beach in NA that everyone of us wants to be his “sweat wiper” lol

    Thank you all for the links to those good old memories “moves” haha need a lot of free time to sit and analyse those vids slowly …very slowly…

    Love the whole performance especially the head bopping at 1:10, and the end is WOWWWch?v=eKE7HNLMuPY&feature=plcp

  45. jans11 said

    DJA, I have to say that I was a lucky one to be at that performance in Las Vegas at the telethon! We got to see him 3 times that night! First, when he came up the hallway and he high-fived us all. Then when he came out for song check. (I had to go make a pit stop while the commercial was on,before David came back on and get back in my seat before it came back on live, lol). And then when he sang the actual song. We had so much fun that night! When I found out that David was going to be on there, I called my sister to see if she wanted to fly out with me. So glad that we went, we had so much fun. David has given me so many good memories!

  46. gladys1961 said

    I found this video on ArchuletaAvenueMalasia. It is a close up of WYSYLM

  47. All these videos are so amazing I could just linger here for hours.
    Poco, that video is so clear from DavidArchuletaSpain. I got lost in the vortex for awhile watching different weeks performances So clear, the picture and audio I felt like I was right back there in season 7 all over again.
    I love that little sideways “head bop” at Shop Around. haha I might be wrong but I have never seen him ever do it again either!

    Gladys,another great find! ahhhhh

  48. jackryan4da said

    Natural indeed ANGELICA :) Just like you, as a writer ;)

    Now, how about these moves? Yeah, finally found an HD version of the Idol Tour commercial. Enjoy groovy David -tee-hee

  49. Suzy-Q said

    DJAfan, #39
    I like how you wrote out David’s life as a missionary. Short, true and to the point. You said it all. Thanks!

  50. djafan said

    Jans11, I loved watching all the videos from that event. So happy many showed up for David :)

    MT, I know right? He is busting at the seams holding on to that mic but it allows us to see how much natural rhythm he has :)

    Pocoelsy, Shop Around, one of my favorites. You could see the joy and fun he was having.

    Gladys, What a find!!! Me gusto muchisimo :)

    JR, Another epic find! Thank you bring the link. Love his pouty faces while he dances.

    @davidarchie followers 1,207,119 :)


    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2012
    David Archuleta “Begin” Review

    Hey everybody! DC Dude here! I thought since David A is in our banner for the fall, I might as well review his new CD “Begin”. We play it all time at my work and I’ve really grown to love the songs on this CD. Only one of them is original and all the others are covers. It’s a really cool thing to do and put his voice to some of his favorite songs.
    When I first heard that David was putting out a new CD I thought, “Wait a second…he’s on a mission! How is that possible?” But he recorded it before he left, obviously. Which was a long time ago considering the CD came out a few weeks ago. Another interesting thing I found with this CD was that it wasn’t with his usual recording company of 19/Jive. But I think to do this project, he may have needed to leave.

    It is so hard to pick a favorite on this CD! They are all so good and they each are perfect for David A. I really like “Somewhere Only We Know”. That song is quickly becoming one of my favorites ever since I heard it on Glee. One thing I love about the songs that David sings is that they are all so uplifting. And this album won’t let you down on that one. They all encourage, inspire and lift everyone up. Especially “Be Still, My Soul”, one of my favorite hymns of all time.
    Should you got out and get this CD? DUH! Now, it is kind of hard to find. I haven’t seen it at Target. I’m not totally sure about Wal-mart. I for sure saw it at Barnes & Noble and Deseret Book. Now, Deseret Book stores are hard to come by, so if all else fails, iTunes and Amazon are there too.

    David Archuleta will always be a favorite of mine. And this CD puts him even more up on the list.
    Posted by DC Dude

  51. djafan said

    Hi Suzy Q,

    I wish I could take credit for that but it wasn’t me it was shellelyn, she posted this on her tumblr.

  52. djafan said

    I hadn’t seen this photoshoot picture on display! Isn’t it lovely???!!! I ♥ Bench.


    Earl Beatrice ‏@Yabeee03

    Please stop looking at me @DavidArchie. I’m melting hahaha ))

  53. bebereader said

    Help! Someone throw me a rope! I’m stuck in Gladys’ WYSYLM and I can’t get out! When it comes to David, on most days I keep things under control but sometimes, especially when caught in a vortex on YouTube like today, he blows me away with his voice, his poise on stage and how unbelievably talented he is.

    The comments for that one video (WYSYLM) speak for themselves:

    “People screamed as an abstract expression of extreme admiration and adoration to David’s sincere whole-hearted rendition of the song. You can feel it in your heart and inner most being. His angelic voice and charm enchant his audience with love and emotion beyond words….”

    “he takes your breath away, doesn’t he? simply outstanding”

    “Incredible talent. Thanks for posting this video. You can’t beat vocal perfection that is all I have to say. Anybody can bring instruments on a stage and give us loudness, but this young man’s voice is absolutely amazing and when you get vocal perfection live you know that is real talent. Most singers live are off key. His voice moves my soul and brings tears of joy. My whole family supports and will support DA for life. Can’t get enough of his talent.”

    “He touches my very soul.”

    And how cute is this? “David Archuleta – Dance Moments”

    credit allieandandmarie

    And for Angelica:

    credit 7pmm
    (David at beginning and end)

    JR! Great find! Muchas Garcias haha I mean Muchas Gracias!

    Djafan, Loved that review of BEGIN. ♥

  54. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  55. pocoelsy said

    Sky, DavidArchuletaSpain has some of the best quality of David vids out there, I subscribe their channel and watch em very often :)

    Bebe, You don’t need the rope!!! just stay in there and I join you, I’ve been in the WYSYLM vortex for quite a while now not yet ready to come out …will I ever ready… !!!! dang Gladys “look what you make us do” I have a very busy week and I stuck here…fangirling this young mannnn to no end!!!, oh now I remember it’s Angelica who started the whole thing lol see!!! i never blame myself haha.

    Jr, you’re a pro, thank you :)

    Want to join NA chat sooo bad but duties call, have fun y’all.

  56. gladys1961 said

    sorry, could not resist the temptation, I found this picture on davidarchuletavietnam.

  57. pocoelsy said

    #7 Abrra, you have no mercy!!! a warning would be nice !! :) now I have to sniffing the smelling salt, wipe the cold sweat, stay horizontally pararel to the ground!!! before go back to work !!!

  58. bluesky said

    Angelica… I think you are having too much fun.

    I think you should keep it up.

    *waves to all and sundry*

    I love you guys!!


  59. *to sniff*

  60. #56Gladys, GLADYS !!! you didn’t …you couldn’t…you wouldn’t , now how can I go back to work haha.

    Blusky :) wave back at ya..haha I’m going nuts !!!

  61. gladys1961 said

    sorry again, my strength is exhausted, today is night temptations.
    I’m a sinner.

  62. betsy said

    2 years ago on this day, David performed his songs from TODOD for the first time, in New Albany Ohio. So let’s celebrate that!

    ahhhh the memories of that weekend will never leave me
    Did I really do that?

  63. djafan said

    Betsy, I remember and you were there! And I’m celebrating!

    Love emilyluvsarchie’s commentary!

    SCREAAAMSSSSS… “well now that we got the angry songs out of the way”…. (ALTNOY and STR) david deary …oh i dont even have words for that lol…”down down…” yessss sir!! omgomgomgomgomg yes!!yes yess yesity yess!! thank you thankyou thank you i was dying to hear this!! yesss!! “oh no oh no oh no” oh boy ur too adorable!! for reals davey stop it!!!! ahh the eyebrows!! watch the eyebrows!! seriously!! i love it! he loves soo smooth!! since when did our little “crusher” become such the charmer!? its not right! “i could give up?’ noo dont give up D!! (even tho you do look completely adorable when ur comtimplate giving up..with the little questioning hand motion and the eyebrow raise..just awwwz) “one foot infront of the other no no no nuthins gonna break my stride” aww this is soo catchy!! look at him break free from that mic stad! just look at that!! :) awwww theres just too much amazingness for words right here!! excuse me david? mr. archuleta? sir? do u know what ur doing to ppl?? i beleive u dont!

    This one sound not so great but great visual :)

  64. betsy said

    I remember the sprint to the front lol. In Crocs.
    David, do you realize what we do? :)

  65. djafan said

    Betsy, Please elaborate on “sprint to the front”? :)

  66. betsy said

    If you really want to know. :)
    We got to the place ultra early, it was still dark out. I really didn’t sleep well at all, and we had been out late the night before. ;) ;)
    But a David show. Who can sleep anyway?
    We were first in line. But there were a few lines. So we were first in our line.
    There was no seating, lol just standing and the first ones there – well the first ones there got the best view. :)
    They were like 5 4 3 2 1 GO!

    I had volunteered to run my $%# off and reserve us a spot. There were lots of teens there. I still don’t know I’m not one. :)
    Someone else ran with me.
    We made it and got there first. We were right up against the railing.
    The crazy things we do for David. :)
    But here’s another fun memory. Driving back from the show, we stopped at a rest area. Youtube videos were already starting to come in. We watched one on one of our phones, in the restroom and danced to TODOD IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM.
    So much fun that weekend.

  67. djafan said

    Thank you Betsy ♥ Love these stories. The things we do for David.

  68. MT said

    Thanks for the videos. :) Love Emily’s comment. David always looks like he is enjoying himself signing TOSOD.

    You go girl!! And LOLOL at you guys dancing in the public restroom. hahaha

    PS I stumbled across a song from David’s first album today. “Running” just did not receive enough love from me the first go round, but I’m making up for it now. :)

  69. MT said

    Oh … Betsy … Running could have been your theme song for that night.

    “Just keep on running …. don’t stop ” haha

  70. betsy said

    MT lol. Maybe I’ll have another listen. I was never overly fond of that song. Things change though.
    Maybe sometime in chat I’ll tell a story about the night before, having dinner with D’s band. :)
    It’s been long enough, right?

  71. MT said

    “I was never overly fond of that song.”

    Me either. I know others who were just over the moon about Running and I just didn’t get it. But suddeinly, I do. LOL Go figure. haha But lately it’s been on repeat.

    I think I’m on the …
    “David Archuleta Memory Tour” :)

    Betsy, let me know if you are hearing it differently too.

  72. Betsy,omg so funny! I don’t know what it is but where David is concerned,we seem to find energy and stamina that would match any young’un! haha The only other restroom dancing I have ever seen was on Ally McBeal years ago haha
    great story, and I want to hear about the night before too!
    MT “Just keep on running …. don’t stop ” haha ok Next time I hear that I will be reminded of Betsy’s sprint to the front of the pack.
    I actually really liked Running, but haven’t listened in a while. I need to get that cd out again.♥
    niters all,

    Rest in Peace, Andy Williams♥
    thank you for Moon River, one of my favorite old songs.

  73. gladys1961 said

    I love the close-ups. Davidarchuletavietnam is my source of life, thanks

  74. Abrra said


    I was saddened to read about Andy Williams passing. Just the other night I was looking at some video of the Osmonds for research on an article. The Andy Williams Show helped them get national exposure and stayed with them as they added the last three younger siblings. I have fond memories of so many shows that featured real singers and talented performers.

    I was lurking on twitter for a bit yesterday. I liked these pictures.

    The first one is from Matt Clayton’s blog. It’s a parody of a famous Normal Rockwell painting.


    The next one might be Kari’s? It’s David in studio recording the Forevermore album.


    I didn’t get links because I was on my phone twitter.

    Wandering on tumbler, these 2 pics of Cookaletta made me smile. Cook seems to be protecting David by the arm around his shoulder.



    Enjoying all the videos in the thread. Gladys you might need to have a time out ;)

    Abrra 547

  75. Been rootin’ around in the vortex this morning and woo hoo!
    found a little ‘footwork’ closeup…wait for it. :))

  76. skydancer1x said

    credit for that awesome video to Dustinn09.

    Abrra, Yes! funny, but I thought of the Osmonds immediately yesterday, upon hearing the news. He was to the Osmonds, what Lawrence Welk was to the Lennon sisters.(minus the champagne bubbles of course) ok. I feel ancient now even remembering that bit of trivia.

  77. bebereader said

    Sky, Betsy and MT,
    I kind of forgot about “Running” and I used to love it! “Mafia”
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the only time David sang it live was the last song in the set on his first stop on his solo tour at Virginia Beach.

    credit trudimoon

    Loved that “Barriers” footwork! I think I missed that one too!

    This one is so cute!

    credit chestravis

    RIP Andy Williams :((( “my huckleberry friend”

  78. djafan said

    Gladys, You’ve been busy :)

    I love Somewhere Only We Know. I didn’t know it was charting anywhere!

    ♈danny♈warrior♈ ‏@HausOfArchie
    Somewhere Only We Know (@DavidArchie) peaked #1 spot on Hot10Hot10 Radio Chart in Vietnam. Tonight its #9.

    Vote for David on Wise Radio! They play him all the time!

    Don’t forget end of the month mail to David!!!!

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice
    PLEASE SEND YOUR MAIL TO David Archuleta > FAN MAIL ADDRESS > @davidarchie @kariontour 18 months to go!! #DA2014


  79. marlie7 said

    Bebe #77 – I love that “So Long David Archuleta” video… too cute!

  80. marlie7 said

    Dang – now I have this ferocious desire to get lost in the vortex…..hello youtube, good byyyyyyyyyeeeeeee the vooooiccccccceeeeeee!

  81. Abrra said



    Josh after the fight scene… yeah, he’s smiling. :) Cropped the pic of course. #NAmemories

    I wasn’t expecting to see this. I and my sister were just hanging around the mall, and suddenly we decided to round at bench. Then there it goes. . I wasn’t so sure that it’s still there but my sister insisted that it is. And we end up having some photos. #DA2014

    Tumblr ahji

  82. gladys1961 said

    It is a sacrificial work, but someone has to.

  83. gladys1961 said

    I found it in DavidArchuletavietnam. This is so cute and funny!

  84. hosting pinoy ph mura…

    [...]David Archuleta ~ Something in the Way He Moves « The Voice[...]…

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