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Halloween ll ~ The Sequel

Posted by Angelica on Monday, October 31, 2011

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Yes, I know it’s kind of similar to Happy Halloween, but this one has scenes from the 2010 vlog/slasher film,”Happy Halloween!” starring David Archuleta in which Jazzy gets violent with the pumpkin. Love that. OK, the truth is I spent too much time on that dang Smilebox to move on just yet. Besides, The Voice is so bright and orangey, one of David’s favorite colors!

David Makes Us Scream?

Invited to a party

On the night of Halloween

Wondered just what tricks they had

In store to make us scream.But when I opened up the door

I found a nice surprise

A David theme was going on

Much to my delight.But I couldn’t figure out just how

He’d blend with Halloween

David is far from scary

Though he often makes us scream.And then to my surprise I heard

Coming from speakers above

A howling sound that filled the air

In a voice I really love.‘Twas David’s voice heard echoing

Amid the ghoulish sights

No costume did he need for this

Among these spooky lights.For someone made an mp3

So much to my delight

David’s voice and Halloween

Are paired for us this night.

Poem by MT

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My Kind of Crazy ~ Confessions of a Sufferer of ODD

Posted by Angelica on Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looking back now, I think I’ve always been a little OCD. When I was a child I had to have every doll I owned precisely placed around me while I slept, like talismans to ward off evil.  I’ve grown out of dolls, but now I have to touch the lock on a door I know is locked, just to assure myself that it really is. If I fail to do that, a deranged ax murderer will waltz blithely in and kill me in my sleep, if, in the unlikely event I could ever sleep knowing the doors are not really locked, which I could never do. I have to say the word, “out” aloud when I unplug my flatiron because if I don’t, it’s not really unplugged at all and the house will burn down to the ground while I’m away, trapping my poor wailing dog and cat inside. It doesn’t matter that I know for sure that the doors are locked because I can see they are, or that I clearly observe myself unplugging the flatiron. In these two isolated instances, seeing is not believing and my mind will not rest easy unless I act out these little rituals. It’s not even that I’m afraid to be alone, or paranoid about fire or burglars, which I’m not. It’s simply a control thing.  Does that make me crazy?  Well, prob-a-bly. That’s about the extent of my mild case of obsessive/compulsiveness.  I like feeling in control but the fact that I am compelled reveals that I am, in fact, not.  In control, I mean.

Which leads me to compare and contrast my teeny case of OCD with my massive case of ODD.  Control?  Don’t make me laugh.  Ha! Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?  You really think you’re in control?  Because with ODD all that pretense and denial  and self-deception is tossed out, and the door is slammed shut behind us with a bang. (At this point my OCD meekly steps in and touches the lock to make sure, but that’s just me.) How refreshing, how utterly freeing it is to know that not only are you not in control, you never even got a chance to cast a vote. Oh wait, yes, you did, you voted for him. On AI, how many times?  We were told we couldn’t adopt him and in an ironic twist of fate, he has custody over us instead. If you deny it, you lie and the truth is not in you. I know that I am not in control and that sometimes I think I’m crazy but it’s a good place where even your emotions have an echo, and so much space.  He sings to us and we are free and we never will be.

I did not mean to go to the MKOC tour. There were no tour stops scheduled for the Southern states so that’s that, riiiight?  Yeah right. Bless my soul. When the tour schedule was posted on his OS, I found myself compelled to visit the site every day and stare at the dates and venues. One day, I clicked on a concert and then closed the window. The next day I was back, just staring at the page and before I know it, I’m clicking to the next page and then just one more page in the buying process.  I’ll stop before I get to the end, I tell myself.  Just one more and I’ll stop.  Then suddenly my finger is hovering over confirm and something whispers, “Hit it” “NO!!” “Coward, do it!” “NOOOO!!!”  “Yes.” “NOoooOOOOooo!!!!” “You know you want it.”  OK…OK…OK…I give up. I pushed the button. I pushed it 3 times. So at the end of next month, on the day of the tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Plaza I will be flying into New York. I will take in a Broadway show and the sights of that city decked out in all its holiday splendor from street level and the view high above at the  Top of the Roc.  Maybe take a cruise on the harbor. And I will see and hear the magic of the Voice, in Westbury, in Irving Plaza and in Stroudsburg. There are worse things than being a little bit crazy after all these years.

You must learn day by day, year by year, to broaden your horizons.  The more things you love, the more you are interested in, the more you enjoy, the more you are indignant about___the more you have left when anything happens.

Ethel Barrymore

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Please Welcome Our New Staff Writer!!

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A big smile to welcome our new Staff Writer!  Who can it be?

  We look forward to enjoying even more of her unique talent and wit on

The Voice.  Let’s give her a warm

If you would like to submit a freelance article to be published on The Voice, keeping in mind

what this site is about

send to

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Our Champion for the Champions ~ David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meeting the 50 Champions of @CMNhospitals! What cool kids #celebration11

Actually more than just 50 haha

David is at Disney World in Orlando this weekend for the 2011 celebration of The Children’s Miracle Network, a charity that raises funds for children‘s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. The celebration honors the champions, one child from each state, representing all of the children who benefit from CMN’s efforts.

“Meredith Vieira and David helped get the morning started with a Champion’s breakfast. Pictured here are Texas and Oregon Champions Dustin and Hannah!”  ~ Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Each of these children has been treated for a serious illness at a CMN hospital. This weekend’s celebration affords them the opportunity to catch up with some very special Disney characters and to visit the attractions at Disney World. They will be honored tonight at an awards ceremony and treated to a performance by David, with background vocals by Sunny Hilden, one of David’s songwriting collaborators.

Twitpic from @SunnyHilden: #Celebration11 Lupe & David Archuleta, Meredith Vieira, me & Kelli & Elizabeth from @CMNHospitals ♥

“Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals was founded with two simple goals.
Help as many children as possible by raising funds for children’s hospitals.
Keep funds in the community in which they were raised to help local children.
The organization was founded by Marie Osmond and her family, John Schneider, Mick Shannon and Joe Lake. As of 2011, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have raised more than $4.3 billion—most of which is donated a dollar or two at a time.”

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ODD: Proliferation and Pragmatism ~ World Health Consortium/Quarterly Report

Posted by Angelica on Thursday, October 20, 2011

The present pandemic of ODD or Obsessive David Disorder, as the malady has come to be labeled, is one that is unique in the annals of medical science.  There is currently no cure and though a vaccine is possible, it is highly unlikely that such a program could be implemented globally.  The shrinking nature of our world today, with widespread internet and digital communication, ensures that the dissemination of any vaccine will not outpace the advance of ODD.  Adding to the dilemma is mounting evidence obtained through random trials, that where the condition is known to exist, the sufferers unvaryingly prefer the resulting euphoria over any attempt to mitigate their symptoms. As stated, a vaccine is feasible, but would necessarily involve an alteration in the neural synapses of certain basic primal instincts, i.e., the libido and the emotions. The dangers of such an undertaking can not be overestimated.  It is possible, indeed probable, that such measures, though efficacious, could render the subjects mere shells of their former selves. That this would be a less than optimum outcome is an enormous understatement.

The origin of the disorder is similarly problematic.  Archuleta, the causative factor, is not a virus, though he has been known to mutate at the rate of one with successive tours.  He is, despite speculation and ponderous studies by paranormal psychologists and theologists, a member of the species Homo sapiens. Extensive research to the contrary  is neither empirical, conclusive, or even compelling in its claims that he is extraterrestrial or other than human in nature.  Archuleta himself denies such allegations, but since he is the causative factor of the malady, his words are not scientifically credible.

This leads to a stalemate of sorts. We can not eliminate or even slow the progress of an evolved and evolving entity that by rational analysis  is one of us. To do so is tantamount to impeding our own progress as a  race. Moreover, it has become increasingly clear that we must despair of ever convincing those who have contracted ODD to accept any amelioration of their coveted symptoms.  No fatalities have been reported, excepting one incidence during a performance of “Don’t Let Go,” which has since been disproved. There have been however, numerous documented cases of a brief loss of consciousness, or “Archustupor,” precipitated by a too close proximity to the person of Mr. Archuleta. Therein follows several days where speech skills are severely compromised and tears are common, but tests prove there are no long-term debilitating effects.

In the light of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the only solution may be radical – to do nothing at all. The growing consensus among the medical community is to simply let the disease or “his-ease,” as the case may be, run its course.  Ironically, resistance is not only futile, it may even be counterproductive. Over time, ODD  may prove to be the greatest enhancement to the overall health of mankind since the discovery of penicillin.

~ Angelica, MD, ODD Specialist

Republished here in its original format from The David Chronicles, September 2, 2009.

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David Archuleta ~ Pied Beauty and the Pied Piper of the PCH

Posted by Abrra on Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tintern Abbey

Therefore am I still
A lover of the meadows and the woods
And mountains, and of all that we behold
From this green earth; of all the mighty world
Of eye and ear, both what they half create
And what perceive; well pleased to recognize
In nature, and the language of the sense,
The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse,
The guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul,
Of all my moral being.

William Wordsworth, 1798

Recently David tweeted a majestic picture from the coastline of California. His comment was about seeing the ocean and mountains in the same scene as he drove along the California Pacific Coast Highway. I thought to myself how nice it was that he had the time to take such a beautiful picture when most of his days are spent in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The view gave him a glimpse of two of the natural elements he enjoys the most.  Seeing them in one place caused such  an excitement that he had to share it with his fans. A connection was made.

View from the Pacific Coastal Hwy. Photo credit David Archuleta

For me there was a message hidden in that picture that I intend to heed. We hear the phrase “Stop and smell the  roses” but do we really make the effort to follow through? Being caught up in a daily routine that allows for little time for things that seem less important, can take the life out of  the moment. David inspired me to take  the long way home and enjoy the sights that the  country roads I travel every day provide. The baled hay sitting in the fields stacked like boxes. Large, orange pumpkins still on the vine, waiting patiently to be selected by a child who is  eager to carve a scary face on it for Halloween. Farm stands who have served their usefulness in sharing the summer’s  bounty with passers-by, now offer colorful chrysanthemums to grace local gardens. These are the scenes that I see most frequently on my ride home each day. I am reminded that I live in a small farming community that is about providing for others. I look forward to the coming days when the leaves turn color and brighten my way with fiery red bursts and shades of russet. This may seem small when compared to the majestic scenery of the California coastline, but it serves my desire to take time out and look around at the beauty of what I have close to home.

Pied Beauty

Glory be to God for dappled things—
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings;
Landscape plotted and pieced—fold, fallow, and plough;
And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.

All things counter, original, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
With swíft, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:

Praise Him.

Gerald Manley Hopkins 1918

“It’s usually the little things that make the big difference in our lives.” David Archuleta, October 6, 2011

Beach in Okinawa

So I am grateful to David, that he is an influence in my life that helps me see things more clearly. If you have had a moment recently where you stopped and took time for a good look at something in your area that gave you great pleasure to observe, please share it with us in comments?

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David Archuleta ~ The Road to Japan

Posted by Angelica on Thursday, October 13, 2011

David Archuleta in Jakarta, Indonesia

“The shadow of his reputation precedes him.”

Sitting in Church a couple of months ago, these words were used in a talk and I wrote them down. I don’t remember the context in which they were used, I only know the phrase alone made a strong impression on my mind.

On July 2, 2011, David performed at the Stadium of Fire in Utah, an event which was broadcast live to over 1 million military personnel all over the world on the American Forces Network. He sang several patriotic songs as only he can, including this medley of “My Country Tis of Thee/ America the Beautiful.”

Video by 8thRowCenter

On July 16, 2011, David embarked on his Asian Tour. Coming on the heels of his SOF performance, it is likely that, once he had the US military’s attention, his subsequent activities might be watched with some interest. YouTube videos of him being mobbed in airports in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Viet Nam soon followed.

On July 29, 2011, it is announced that David is to perform at the Futenma Flight Fair in Okinawa on August 6th. This event was cancelled due to a typhoon but a new one was soon added. Today David is traveling at last to Okinawa to perform at another military installation, Camp Foster, for the Foster Festival this Saturday, October 15th.

Some would call all of this mere coincidence but I disagree. Given the strained relations that on several occasions have resulted in thousands of Japanese citizens protesting the presence of the US military in Okinawa, it seems almost inevitable. David’s reputation precedes him to Japan. A reputation of unparalleled emotional beauty in the performance of patriotic songs and who also, just happens to be very popular in Asia. The US military in Okinawa are good people doing a tough job and walking a razor’s edge to keep the peace in that part of the world, while also trying to  foster peaceful relations with the Japanese. For the most part, they have succeeded but there is much more to be done.

It is not the Japanese tour I have longed for him, playing the huge bustling metropolises of Tokyo, population 8,164,000, or Yokohama, or Osaka.  But it’s a start.

Back in April of 2010, a Japanese fansite posted the following photo of David in Japan. The story that accompanied the picture was that David Archuleta had finally come to Japan and was there to film a music video. Alas, it was April Fool’s Day and the picture was photo shopped. What is about to unfold this weekend is no joke. His reputation as an ambassador of goodwill, (why does the memory of Bob Hope suddenly come to mind?) precedes him, and by command performance and popular demand, the die is cast.

David will go to Japan.

Photoshop by Pop, All About Archuleta/Japan

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My Kind of Cover ~ David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I had never heard of Nico Vega, the band who opened for Blondie at the concert David recently attended at the Nokia in Los Angeles.  But I’m enjoying their music on YouTube. When David says a band is awesome, I check it out because I usually agree with him and I’m rather fussy in my taste in music. Once in a while I enjoy the music of other artists, but  it’s always temporary. My heart leads me back to what I love the most.

I feel very fortunate that David seems to be fascinated with music from my era, the eighties and nineties, because during that time I was a  music junkie and followed the careers of many artists. I wasn’t obsessively stuck on one like I am now.  ;)

On the Christmas From The Heart Tour, David covered “The Riddle” and “Fields of Gold” two of my favorites.

Salt Lake City/First Night of CFTH Tour! The Riddle is so Archuleta;  it’s as if this song was written for him! It’s a pure message song.

Fields of Gold/Baltimore CFTH Tour

“Imagine watching this from the first row (how lucky was I!!) He was simply breathtaking that night…what a memory!” ~marylee1950/(youtube comment from 1 year ago)

It didn’t take long for these two cover songs to become fan favorites for those who had never heard of them before!  I just know David is cooking up some more beauties like these.  There’s a new cover or two up his sleeve for the My Kind Of  Christmas Tour, especially if the four songs on the Asian Tour Edition of TOSOD don’t get released in the U.S. by that time.

What would I like him to cover? Let me count the songs. Here’s a start:

When A Man Loves A Woman – Michael Bolton
I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith
The Prayer – Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli
Candle in the Wind – Elton John
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – Rod Stewart

Do you have any favorite songs that you’d like David to cover on his upcoming tour?  Take the poll below and let your voice be heard! *

*This post hijacked by Angelica.  Three years people!  Three long years I have campaigned for this song.  Denied!  But this year, THIS YEAR is different.  I have come up with a plan so ingenious, (heehee) so Machiavellian, (oh lol) it can not fail!  Here goes. Y’all take the above fair and unbiased, (snort) poll, choosing whichever answer you like most. Your vote will not be revealed, only the results.  You can vote as many times as you like.  Then someone with a VIP, which I don’t have, gives the results to David, informing him that in a poll on the site, this song won by a landslide margin of  *insert astronomical number here* votes.  Voila! Duh! Done!  Oh lawz, I scare myself sometimes.

Check it out and BELIEVE.  <That’s another song I want for Christmas.  I Polar Express.

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David Archuleta ~ Keys to the Mystery

Posted by SandyBeaches on Saturday, October 8, 2011

For a few years now, we have been asking ourselves and each other about the mystery and the magnetism that surrounds the relationship between David and his fans. In season seven on American Idol, Andrew Lloyd Webber advised David that he should keep his eyes open, but as his soul seeks its freedom, David continues in his own style, reaching his worldwide fans who share some of the same passions and vibrations.

Unable to fall to sleep one night, I did a search and found the keys that might unlock a mystery that has almost haunted me. What I found sounded rather technical, methodical, a little mystical and scientific. As I kept reading, the key piece to the three-year old puzzle was about to be revealed. “Who is he really?” and in the same context, “Who in this world are we?” was at my finger tips.

I found in the different writings that in modern science, the influence of music (or of sound and vibration), touches our senses from without.  So then, what is the source of the influence from within? The key to the secret of the influence of music is hidden in the source where sound comes from. The source that we listen to with relentless admiration is ‘David’.

We know the amazing power of David’s voice over others, so this is where David’s fans play into the mystery. Sensitive people can feel the effects of his voice either by watching him in person or listening to him at a distance. For some who have never seen David perform live, there is an immediate connection because of the sensitivity level of the listener. David’s profound development of mental awareness of feelings and personal motivation is expressed in his speaking, but more especially in his singing.

David Archuleta ~ Joy To The World~And Wonders of His Love

From the earliest of times, it has been said that our breath is our very life and it personifies outwardly. The sound of David’s breath becomes his voice. If there is anything in this world that can give expression to the mind and the feelings, it is ‘the voice’. David makes a deep impression on us because the power that we feel is not in the words but in what is behind the words. We are in awe when David sings in Spanish or in French or Latin.  It is the familiar nuances and the beauty of his voice, not the meaning of the words that has us simply spellbound.

The power of David’s mental awareness of feelings and the motivations in his voice come from the strength of his breath and we feel it and are deeply impressed. His voice creates a resonance of emotion in him (which he sometimes calls a shiver) and that vibration of music that rises and falls is the magic that we hear. The power of David’s voice on a listener depends upon the level of spiritual evolution that he has the unique ability to touch. I don’t believe that there ever will be another astounding emotional song like “Silent Night” that was sung last December.  Every person in the audience felt the emotions that emanated from his eyes, his hand, the tilt of his head, the single hum and the feelings that came from the depth of his soul.

All that is beautiful and in good taste is understood, enjoyed and appreciated by only a few and sometimes this can become a hindrance to a singer’s career development. Today, people follow the crowds instead of the great souls of the music industry and David is one of the most creative and passionate singers of this generation. While some young singers fall from grace due to their growing personal problems, their popularity rises. Maybe in this stress filled generation of youth, there are those who identify with those singers and fewer who are able to identify with brilliant performers.

David has expressed to us a dream he had of performing before thirty people. In this group of listeners, most would be people who are congenial, sympathetic, understanding, and responsive to his music. These fans bring quite a wonderful vibration to him as compared sometimes to an audience of perhaps a different vibration. I can only hope that we could be in that audience of thirty people.

Possibly there will never be another audience of several thousands who were of the same musical spirit as David was in December of last year.  The audience listened intently, they responded, they became attuned to him and they shared in the magnificent musical celebrations. When this happened, a phenomenon was created. What was born there in that cold December can not be unborn. It will be recreated each time he takes the stage__any stage.  Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear will witness once again, the birth of a star.

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Posted by djafan on Thursday, October 6, 2011

Singing sensation David Archuleta announces his much-anticipated MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour for the winter of 2011: The tour kicks off in Westbury, NY on December 1, and concludes in Beaver Creek, CO on December 21. David’s MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour will feature epic orchestral arrangements of both traditional holiday and familiar classics, as well as an assortment of David’s own, melodic pop favorites. The tour promises to showcase more of David’s unique musicality and vocal prowess that his fans have come to love. David has also partnered with VIP Nation to offer VIP Packages on his upcoming tour, including meet & greets and exclusive merchandise.

Posted September 27, 2011 on his Official Site.


Dec 1 (THURS), 8pm:

Theatre at Westbury, Westbury, NY

buy tix now

VIP sold out

Dec 2 (FRI), 8pm:

Irving Plaza, New York, NY

buy tix now

VIP sold out

Dec 3 (SAT), 8pm:

Turning Stone Resort & Casino – Event Center, Verona, NY

buy tix now

VIP sold out

Dec 4 (SUN), 7pm:

Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA

buy tix now

VIP sold out

Dec 8 (THU), 8pm:

Knitting Factory, Boise, ID

buy tickets now

VIP on sale Oct 6

Dec 9 (FRI), 8pm:

Blackfoot Performing Arts Center, Blackfoot, ID

sold out

VIP on sale Oct 6

Dec 10 (SAT), 7.30pm:

Heritage Center Theater, Cedar City, UT

sold out | buy VIP now

Dec 13 (TUE), 8pm:

Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, CA

buy tixs now

buy VIP now

Dec 14 (WED), 8pm:

Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA

buy tix now

buy VIP now

Dec 16 (FRI), tba:

Majestic Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA

buy tickets now

buy VIP now

Dec 17 (SAT), 8pm:

City National Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA

buy tix now

VIP sold out

Dec 19 (MON), tba:

Abravanel Hall, Salt Lake City, UT

buy tix now

VIP sold out

Dec 21 (WED), 7pm

Vilar Performing Arts Center, Beaver Creek,Colorado

Call to reserve tickets 888.920.ARTS(2787)

buy VIP now

All times local unless otherwise noted.  More dates to be announced.

Who’s going? What concert? VIP? Moshing? Any get together plans? Please share in the comments :)

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